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It is okay to want to touch it, /tg/. That is the natural response to a face so sexy.

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give me my face back you cock-gargler

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>posting a Borderlands thread on /tg/


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It's okay if you want to look at it, /tg/. As long as you don't touch it. He touches you, not the other way around

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We... we like Borderlands though. It's fun, the setting is cool, and everyone secretly wants a gun that shoots fucking acid-bullets, don't lie to yourself.

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saging because /v/, but this has always bothered me . . .
if the mask is attached to his face, what happens when he moves his jaw to talk?

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Always bothered me that in a game featuring regeneration systems, guns that rebuild once they explode, assassins that can turn invisible and psychic powers, he can't just regrow his face.

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I took it as a stylistic choice of his.

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Rolled 1

It moves with his mouth, the mask is some really advanced shit
He doesn't just regenerate his face because his face was never injured in the first place and its implied he was born really ugly

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Oh god, don't even think too hard about what the instantly-rebuilding guns/people means for that game. ("Why can't I just teleport in the best gun ever?") Really not a game that holds up to any sort of scrutiny, not that that should surprise anyone ever.

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and I died dozens of times in both games, but shoot Roland just ONCE through the chest when I'm not playing him and it's somehow permanent?

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Rolled 4

He was taken out of the new-u system by jack when he killed him

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There is absolutely no reason that anyone in the Borderlands universe should be doing anything other than sitting on their ass enjoying the fruits of a post scarcity society, much less living a life of constant murderhoboing

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naw, it made sense for Teidore to sell a device that can only make one type of gun. Remember that these guns are supposed to be cheap.

then why the FUCK would he leave me in?

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Rolled 14

He wants the pleasure of killing the vault hunters himself especially after you kill his daughter

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He wants to kill you again and again, is the normal reason given. I might have dreamt it, but I think I read the developers wanted to make it clear that the new-u system was a video game artifact available to only the player - hence the sarcastic comments, and the fact nobody ever refers to it in-game.

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Roland's only dead so he can come back in the DLC. Calling it.

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Rolled 4

I'm pretty sure that its tied to the HUD claptrap gives you at the start

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Except that as previous player characters, they've all New-U'd (repeatedly), too.

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I have to say, I liked Jack much better than any other BL BBEG.
I mean, going back to Fyrestone almost physically hurt, seeing all the shit jack put there.

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Most feels-worthy moment of any video game I've ever played:
When the evil, murderous, megalomaniacal bastard trying to destroy everything you know and love begs,
"Please don't kill my baby girl..."
I had to pause the game to think about what I was doing with my life.

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I was actually disappointed to discover that Angel was a siren all along. Especially because she said outright on more than a couple of occasions that she was an artificial intelligence. It means that I have to go back and retcon my Angel/GLaDOS/SHODAN three-way fanfiction.

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oh yeah, and then only after you think about his password to Angel.
"I love you."

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Not Angel/EDI/Cortana? Really, >>21799018?

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Because his face was injured by Siren powers
Also learn to separate the vidya from the plot, it makes things easier to parse

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>Implying EDI is hotter than GLaDOS
>Implying Cortana is hotter than SHODAN

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The one he looted off a dead vault hunter, you mean.

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Entirely. I thought that was a little sketchy, but I didn't really put too much consideration into it. That twist tops almost anything in any game or movie or book I've ever played/seen/read. It completely retcons everything from the original, especially after you collect the ECHO devices. Add location of the Hyperion Info Stockade, and it's just too many feels to handle. The best game I own right now, by far.

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Well, yes, I've no issue with it, just seemed odd that no reason was given. Even the respawn system was given an "Eh, don't think about it too hard and go blow stuff up".

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EDI's got a better body than GLaDOS, who is a potato.

Cortana has tits. SHODAN is just a face.

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>A poor dead vault hunter that had no money to give to Hyperion.

You know what I miss?
The old company power-levels. Like a white Atlas would just straight-up beat a green or maybe even blue Vladov of the same level. Added more complexity.
Also I miss old Jakobs.

It's about the personality, nigga.

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I thought the New-U system wasn't real. Not in-universe, at least. It's a fun and convenient way to restart without breaking flow with RELOADING LAST CHECKPOINT (handy in a sandbox game) but not a single person who dies in the game is ever brought back by one and nobody ever seems to acknowledge they exist outside of the moments you use one. Ergo, they don't 'really' exist, they're just there for you.

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>implying AI sex isn't completely digital anyway

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Yeah, I have to admit, at the end of that game I felt really... conflicted.

I mean, sure, Jack was an asshole and a sociopath, but he thought he was doing good. It's just that havine been literally born and raised by Hyperion, he was so fucking brainwashed that he thought anyone without a suit and five-figure salary was worse than human and dragging down society.

And when you think about it, while he was overzealous as all shit, he wasn't exactly wrong. There wasn't a single person on Pandora that didn't have someone they wanted dead. Even the most sympathetic charachters straight-up ask you to kill someone at some point.

In the end, there are no heroes, or good guys on Pandora. Only Bastards, Bandits, and Badasses. I suppose that out of the three, you're lucky you get to be the third.

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Yeah, I never really felt bad about putting him down. To me, he was ruining Pandora; getting rid of the wild exhilarating lawlessness of it for mediocrity and boredom. Didn't help that I hated Hyperion weapons and that bullshit reverse recoil either.

Only worse guns were Jakobs ARs and Dahl snipers (fuck you I don't want to shoot 5 times when I'm zoomed it, dammit).

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At least you're going to murder the fuck out of something with a Dahl. What in the fuck are you supposed to do with a single-shot assault rifle? Fuck.

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THIS. Seriously, what the fuck is the point of a "burst while zoomed" sniper? The point of sniper, its epitome, is one shot one kill. So, first shot kills, the rest are bullets wasted? Thats absolutely retarded. I wonder what gearbox was thinking...

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Pavi, you might want to rethink the whole, "face mask" thing. Its pretty weird.

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The point is, Dahl and Jakobs make up for their single shitty weapons by having every other gun they make be great. Or at least usable. Think about what would happen if the company and gun were switched (Jakobs sniper and Dahl AR? FUCK YES)

Other companies make all good guns and one shitty one. Hyperion makes all shitty guns and one good one, their shotguns.

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I'm a fan of their SMGs: a few stray shots, and you're pouring bullets into things dead-center. Though I do prefer Maliwan SMGs sometimes.

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>Hyperion makes all shitty guns and one good one, their shotguns.
The Conference Call may very well be mankind's greatest achievement.

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Their SMGs are great at sustained fire, but they suffer the same problem every other hyperion does. You still have to commit 3-5 bullets every time you reload/want to shoot something.

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Wait, so Handsome Jack's face is actually someone else's face stapled onto his? But what determines handsomeness isn't the face itself but the facial structure beneath it.

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>I have never beaten Terramorphous
feels batman.

His real face has the same structure, but it has one eye that's got a cataract and a scar shaped like the vault symbol. He got it from his daughter.

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Moxi references him getting plastic surgery. That could have included improving the skeletal structure of the face.

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Jack's face was fucked up. His mask comes off after you defeat him.

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Kinda funny that it looks pretty much exactly like his mask except for the scar and eye.

I thought it was a kind of Doctor Doom reference.

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Wait, wait, so what was this about Jakobs having shit AR's? Stat for stat, they're superior to nearly every rifle of the same level.

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The semi-auto function is pretty different from what you expect from ARs and I can understand it being jarring. They're good if you want to rely on critical hits though.

Plus I apparently have the clicking finger of the gods.

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High Recoil, Single shot unless you want to tire out your trigger finger, tiny-ass magazine size... Jakobs doesn't make terrible ARs, but I always feel like I'm better served by a powerful Sniper Rifle.

I did find an epic orange Jakobs AR, though, served me well for about 12 levels.

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Yeah but unless you have a macro, semiauto is shitty because you never achieve the firing rate advertised. And clicking fast like that jerks the mouse around enough to throw off my aim.

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The Bitch is pretty good too. But as a rule if you want a precision gun, you don't get a hyperion weapon.

Handsome's Jack's face is the way it is is explained in the arid badlands logs. [spoilers] He originally was a lowly engineer, but the awakening of angel's powers burned his face. He got the only replacement he could find, and used angel to manipulate the events of BL1 [/spoiler]

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>I did find an epic orange Jakobs AR, though, served me well for about 12 levels.
I hate it when you have to retire a long-serving weapon.

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I think the joke is, that's basically what the folks in charge of the huge megacorps are doing (when they're not on suicide quests to conquer everything that doesn't dare submit to them) while making sure everyone else is worse off than them.

Borderlands is basically a sci-fi cyberpunk society from the POV of the equivalent of a third-world country. Does that make Pandora into Space Afghanistan?

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>not putting it in Claptrap's Secret Stash for your next character

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Idk about you, but I've never gotten tired spamming m1 before. I don't see how making 1 click repeatedly is too much of an effort. And I duno if it's because I'm using commando or not, but Jakobs tends to be quite accurate for me, at least far more than manufacturers like Trogue whose bullets spray like shit.

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>not liking EXPLOSIONS in your SHOOTING
what are you, gay?

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More like space africa, I've always thought.

The Bitch is pretty good too. But as a rule if you want a precision gun, you don't get a hyperion weapon.

Handsome's Jack's face is the way it is is explained in the arid badlands logs. He originally was a lowly engineer, but the awakening of angel's powers burned his face. He got the only replacement he could find, and used angel to manipulate the events of BL1

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Retire it? I always just use Claptrap's stash to send it to my other characters when they reach the appropriate level. So far that gun has served my Siren, Mechromancer, and I should really send it to my Assassin next, he's leveled enough to use it.

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It's really more Space Australia, convict labor and all. I was just referring to how every empire meets its doom when they try to invade Afghanistan.

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Oh I still do this. I have a Torgue spingun that is about eight levels out of date by the time you get to sanctuary, but still works for another six afterwards. Just, giving up a great gun hurts. Especially when you have to splash around for a while with greens before you find a good one.

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And then you get guns that you just keep for novelty value, like my Level 1 orange Tactical Hornet that I got from Knuckle Dragger.

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It is totally Australia.

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>To me, he was ruining Pandora; getting rid of the wild exhilarating lawlessness of it for mediocrity and boredom.

What is, "The march of civilization" for $500?

Lawless anarchy might be fun for a gun-toting badass, but it's hell for any sort of proper society. It's like saying the Wild West should've stayed lawless because it was cool.

>> No.21800595

It was cool. Also, do you really want to live in a place where the construction crew may have accidentally installed a miniature concealed turret instead of a miniature concealed camera while they were putting in your showerhead?

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I do this with every orange item I pick up: never gotten rid of a single one (save for a few "Flames of the Firehawk" shields).

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If I want to be in a Wild-west-like world with insane bandits and all too much GUN, I'd go to pandora.
If I want to be in a world full of blue-collar crime and boredom I'd go ANYWHERE ELSE.

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If you want proper society you've probably got hundreds of settled worlds to go to. Pandora isn't so much a nascent settlement as it is a novelty world inhabited by the riff-raff every other planet doesn't really want.

The lawlessness is artificial because it's amusing for the powers that be, I wouldn't be surprised if they televised the wacky hijinks of Pandora for "Common culture."

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Rolled 17

What is "Mr. Torge's campaign of carnage?"

>> No.21800749

There are five, count 'em, five galaxies referred to in Borderlands 2's dialogue. People travel from all over to come to Pandora and die horribly because they can't ever leave since the planet doesn't seem to have a functioning spaceport and Hyperion's materiel delivery system is strictly one-way.

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canon-wise, Pandora is lawless because it is the land that eats corporations. Just look at what happened to Dahl. And have you ever asked Atlas corp what happened to them when they tried to Pandora? YOU CAN'T BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL GONE.
And now Pandora has endured and eliminated another corporation. Hyperion.

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Technically, Atlas happened to Dahl, then the Vault happened to Atlas because hey, how were they supposed to know that it was full of Cthulu in a can?

It's not entirely clear that Atlas is completely gone. They clearly cut their losses and pulled out, but I'm not sure how a major intergalactic megacorporation could be ruined by one world. Dahl certainly wasn't. But facts are facts and Atlas is entirely omitted from the sequel, except to reference them fucking over the Crimson Lance.

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Well, apparently in a DLC you murder the fuck out of Atlas's baws.

>> No.21800976

No, you kill the general who got sent there to deal with YOU. They were stockpiling for total war, but for some reason the board sent one of their nephews, a pre-teen named "Admiral Mikey" to actually be in command. Atlas lost so much materiel in your assault that they just said fuck it and abandoned everything they had planetside.

It's also pretty clear that if you need to escape the law, Pandora's the place to go, like in Axton and Gaige's cases.

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Well, sure, because who the fuck is going to follow you to Pandora?

Wait, brilliant idea for a new character.

>> No.21801292

It can't be that hard to gear up for total war in a post-scarcity society. Also, Admiral Mikey was clearly in command because Atlas didn't give a fuck about the mission. Otherwise why would they have sent an obvious Section Eight headcase like Knoxx?

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I think Pandora did that to him. If you listen to all of his dialog and Echo logs it's pretty clear he goes from a confident, skilled General to just being sick of the planet and being assigned under a kid. It literally wears him down to the point that he thinks suicide might be the only way offworld now.

And the Interplanetary Ninja Assassin CL4P-TP brings him back to fight you again

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When those fruits include respawns, combat augs and acid shotguns, murderhoboing is probably the best way to enjoy them.

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The best question to ask is: why the fuck wasn't Handsome Jack on the new-u system?

It's a freakin' Hyperion run service!

>> No.21805133

Angel probably had something to do with that

>> No.21805175

So dudes, did the Borderlands plot and overall universal depth got better with the sequel? THey so much potential for story in 1

>> No.21808638

Expanded greatly on the universe and characters while still leaving a fuckton of potential for growth but "better" is extremely subjective.

>> No.21808775

No talk about Maliwan sniper rifles.

... i love Maliwan weapons. I got me a shocking sniper rifle, a corrosive autopistol, a flaming SMG, and an explosive shotgun.

... yeah. You heard all that.

>> No.21810156


He's crazy, not egotistical.

>> No.21810971

"better" is most definitely subjective. But I'd still say 'Yes, definitely.' If you haven't played it yet, do so. And be prepared to lose at least 80+ hours doing so.

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