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So I was a year older than most of my friends in high school, and this was in their senior yearbook, I'm glad I don't have a copy. The kids that worked on that years' yearbook should die.

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Uh... I'll fall for it... what's so enraging?

calling warhammer the Hammer board game?

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I don't get it, why am I supposed to be butt hurt?


is that it?

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Or this thread is about derailing itself?

Like talking about waffle armors?

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Rolled 17

its because the kids in charge of the yearbook could not into proper grammar.

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Oh waffles. How I miss thee!

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Pretty sure OP is mad about "it was a tool to solve the form of a table top strategy"

>A tool
A means.
>to solve
it is a means to overcoming a specific or broad set of obstacles
>the form
physical or [abstract] design
>of a table top strategy
a strategy that is on a table top [infer: a strategy game]

It states that "hammer board game" is a means to overcoming the challenge of the design of a tabletop strategy game.

It's somewhat of an inane statement. It probably should read "[Hammer board game] is a means to sharpen one's strategic mind - like chess, go, or many other strategy games."

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Yes yes, we all know that Yearbook Club was the worst club of them all.
>mfw I wasn't even accepted in the international film (anime) club
Thought about GSA, but it seemed kind of gay.

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yearbook was a 'class' at my school. who the fuck would do this shit if you weren't getting a credit ?

same with band.

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When you only use The Hammer Game to solve forms, every form starts looking like a nail.

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The Hammer Game really went to shit after the new edition

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all through high school, I refused to be mentioned in the year book, and refused all photos except the compulsory student ID card. I never attended prom and never joined a club or a team.
I was just an average student who really wanted to get out of high school. Suffice to say that Bryan Adams was wrong. High school was not my "Summer of 69".
Feels mixed feelings. I kinda wish I participated more in high school, but I'm glad I'm out of it. I'm thinking of joining boxing or fencing clubs and I would go out to clubs if there were nights that played music I like. But the bars here are just bars, and all play mainstream music.
When I move to a bigger city, it's going to be like high school without being 16. That'll be good.

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>Join writing and literature club
>Everyone already has their own little group
>President and her friends are officers, do jack shit
>Picture day
>Hey everyone! Let's make funny faces!
>Yeah! Awesome idea! Sounds great!
>Everyone else: polite smiles and erect postures

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