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As the space ways prove to be a cruel lot... Commissar Jim Profit know this cruelty all too well, and has become a battle hardened commander, never begetting doubt or hopelessness in his squadron. They look to him less as a general, and more as a father. Who they aspire to be like.

But he feels empty... full of unfulfilled ambitions. Despite being commissar of an entire platoon of infantry, he does not feel like he will be remembered, as anything more then another soldier with garments and badges slightly shinier, and more refined then your typical grunt. Perhaps he asks for too much in this eternity of war and suffering, to be remembered for anything else then another human, battling for dominance in a universe full of menacing monstrosities.

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But he seeks validation anyway, and finds it in some interesting news someone he grew up with, temple assassin code name: LIIVI, has gone AWOL after his departure on one of Krotus's Seven moons.. him, along with fifteen hundred other guardsmen, just wind up missing. Not dead, no message back, just poof... gone. Jim profit squints his eyes, scratches his chin, and smirks a bit.\

"LIIVI was always a weak one.. good with a sniper rifle, but did not have the steel chutzpah it took to survive! We will set a course straight away for Krotus, and return our lost bretherin! High command will undoubtedly reward me greatly for this errand!"

The soldier merely looks around nervously as Jim Profit narrates to himself. His eyes grow a bit wide, as he gulps, and corrects himself."Er...I mean... reward US greatly! Yes, we are a tightly knit family! Now set a course for Krotus!"

The pilot turns to Jim Profit; "But sir... won't high command be furious with us just taking it upon ourselves to investigate this? I'm sure if they thought this was relevant, we would have been called by now--"

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"There is no time! We are ona neighboring planet, and if we act fast, we can be there within ten sun cycles! Fifteen hundred missing guardsmen is not something we should take lightly! now do not question my orders again cadet!"

As they set course for Krotus.. the gaurds being to talk amongst themselves. Sure, 1500 may sound like a lot. But to the guard, that's a drop in the bucket. There has to be more to this.. and there is. Whatever made those 1500 guards men disappear, Jim Profit wants to find out what. Their safe return is minimal in comparison to discovering what secrets the Elder have lying down there on Krotus. IT was assumed that the guardsmen simply perished. But then why were no distress calls received? Surely with an entire infantry just waiting around the corner, they could have called in reinforcements? Something was amiss.. and Jim Profit was going to get to the bottom of it, and earn himself a medal!

As they landed on the sandy dunes of Krotus. Jim Profit walked out of the ship with dozens of infantry men surrounding him from all sides. They trample off a few miles away from their ship, tightly gripping their assult rifles, they were prepared for anything. But instead they found only debris, and silence. The winds were indeed messy, cold, and felt like little shards of glass, blowing against your face. But this was no reason to make 1500 guardsmen disappear, this wasn't even enough to give them the sniffles! Something was not adding up here..

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dude wut.

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What's up with the recent resurgence of the cult of Jim Profit? He was a fuck, he probably continues to be a fuck, and we're no worse off for his absence. If anything, the pretenders to the throne are even worse, and a picture of Shikimaru (as much as I like the guy) should be an instant perma.

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Nothing to see here folks. Report the faggot OP for a rule violation (ban evasion) and move along.

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>Report the faggot OP for a rule violation (ban evasion)
also avatarfagging

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