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>Capture a Female Centaur
>Put her in a roboticizer
>Comes out like this

This is why you don't let PC's have roboticizers ladies and gentlemen.

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what have you got against adorable biketuars?

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Our group's THAT GUY is a real glory hog; sudden acts of violence against anyone who questions him, wrote his backstory as being the prince of the most powerful nation in the world, plays a psionic like a license to metagame, all that good stuff. But mostly, his plans are all REALLY stupid and need to involve a lot of violence. You know the type.

Our DM started a new story arc where we go to his homeland, where his horrific playstyle always saves the day.

That Guy:"We need to get into the throne room."
Guard:"Why? What's wrong?"
DM: He WAS a spy! You're a hero!

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They're cooler than normal centaurs. Also you can ride around on one without needing a license.

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I think the best part is if you loose your keys, you can undergo a 'DNA Authentication' to verify ownership.

And by 'if' I mean 'when'.

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Finally a badnik that wont be a useless heap of ass.

captcha: mechreq and

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Heh, it's like the Truman show, but more pandering.

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>not coming out like this

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that sucks
I prefer cute motorcycle chicks

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Actually... the whole idea can just go straight to hell right now.

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Robots in Hell?
I like the way you think..

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Where have I seen this idea before...
Oh yes.

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i wanna fuck the insecure motorcycle elf

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Okay, here's a question:
Is there anything the /tg/ collective DOESN'T want to stick its dick into?

This is a stupid question, isn't it?

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especially traps.

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Realistic, sane human women who are of average to above average appearance.

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>>Capture BigDog utility robot
>>put it into a womanizer
>>comes out like this

This is why you don't let PC's have womanizers ladies and gentlemen.

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You misread his question.

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Only because we wouldn't get it back.

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>Not PetMan

Nigger do you even Swag?

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How about you put a girl unto the car-itizer and you get a car!

Like so

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But Petman is already a man

How about you feed the cores of shape changing robots to angels.

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Robots: More funky than you since forever.

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What if you put all the heroes of man into a robot child!

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Right in the nostalgia, and feels.

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What if you put all the heroes of man into a fat middle person with a nerf gun?

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Fuck I ain't even mad but is there anything the japs WON'T animuitize? Next thing you know, we'll have kawaii uguu power-tool girls or something.

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>kawaii uguu power-tool girls

I just fucking lost it completely and utterly.

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>Implying it's Nostalgia when they are working on Act III.

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I bet there's a porn of that already.

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Yes, you believe this.

Until you realize that the true leader, who replaced the king long ago, is using the prince's idiotic life of mindreading and stabbing to eliminate rivals to his immense expanding power.

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>Joe's spark did not ignite the raging fires on Mankind's heroic soul.

I fucking love Joe, his parts make my heart start beating with courage and power.

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>Next thing you know, we'll have kawaii uguu power-tool girls or something.
Well, you know the "Drill"! They will get HIT ON and DRILLED!!

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You're a little late for that... It wasn't animu or the japs, but there was a cartoon/comic back in the 90's that featured mutated super-heroes, and iirc one or two were merged with tools.

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Looks more like "pizzacutter girl" to me.

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If you wanna take it a step further, all the power tool girls go to an academy that's basically a tool box. MC would be a power drill that's energetic and quirky, a tsundere/haughty ball peen hammer thats prone to hitting the other tool girlsand a yandere hacksaw. All I got right now.
Wouldn't surprise me if there is.
Huh, I think I remember that show

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I would honestly be interested in using a roboticizer in a cliche fantasy game. Make it some artifact from an insane god of crafting, then have it be discovered by some mortal.

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...You realize this means that his playstyle is entirely justified, because this really IS how things work where he comes from.

I don't think he's realized that people who question him outside his home country might not actually be evil, and it's just his country that's completely fucking insane.

This could actually make for a great character.

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I never said it was good.

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Eberron game, shoved a dying sun god through a creation forge we'd previously only fed kobolds through.

Rolled Nat 20 on the Use Device, and as a secondary effect, we roboticized the sun.

Roboticization makes everything better.

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>Act 3

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>If you wanna take it a step further, all the power tool girls go to an academy that's basically a tool box. MC would be a power drill that's energetic and quirky, a tsundere/haughty ball peen hammer thats prone to hitting the other tool girlsand a yandere hacksaw. All I got right now.


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I think that was the point.

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Don't like the sound of the track they've put out. But I'm blaming it on shitty audio.

I still have hope.

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>Implying Hope doesn't ride Alone

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It's not that everyone acts like he does, it's just that the DM set the story up beforehand so that every problem could be solved with his violent outbursts. The King of the country tells him off all the time.

Now that I think about it, it's a lot like how Cartman works in South Park.

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One more for the road since I got stuff to do, an entire episode introduces a new foreign exchange student whos a swiss army knife. Speaks with a heavy accent and perplexes her fellow students with her being a jack-of-all-trades.

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>Implying I'd turn my back on the city.

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A forbidden love between a tool using the metric system and one using the imperial system.

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>Implying that it isn't all going to burn
>Implying that I can't still feel the heat on my skin

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My brother.

It's coming. Look up "Hold Back the Night" on youtube.

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>Implying I won't crush that hope.

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>Implying that there isn't still Hope for man

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>Not sending the entire party through the womanizer, then telling them that they are now playing Maid.

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I didn't know there were so many Protomen fans on /tg/.

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Yeah, the place is riddled with them.

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We don't come up much because when Protomen threads come up, people show up going "HURR DURR GRIM DARK" and they devolve into crap.

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It's hard not to love them.

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Some work was done on a Protomen tabletop once upon a time. I keep meaning to revive it once I have free time.

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No matter how much work is done on it, I feel it wouldn't be able to properly convey the feeling the band can dish out.

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Haha yes, that works swimmingly.
Protoman's the definition of righteousness, heroism and hope. Who wouldn't love him?

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Didn't get any responses another time, but fuck it, trying again

Reign of Steel (GURPS setting, go read it) + the Protomen

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What happens when you robotify an elf?

>> No.21795340

You get an ipad.

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I honestly felt quite bad when I realized that the drum beats going down in Joe's parts represent the heart beat of both the City and Joe himself, and at the end of The Fall Joe's more erratic and strong beat stopped, that shit nearly reduced me to tears when I paid active attention to it.

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Protoman is pretty excellent.

>There will be light.

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No idea...

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disagree, I would gladly stick my dick in a trap or a manly man

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This might help a little


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I'd just like everyone to know, I'd fuck that

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>treadmarks everywhere

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>I'd fuck that
If you stick your dick in the tailpipe, you wind up with burns.

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Does this thread make anyone else think of the Phyrexians and compleation?

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>in the tailpipe

But I exhaust from there!

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It really probably wouldn't. It was going to be more of a basically-no-combat skill-check-oriented classless system where you play some members of a resistance against Wiley's regime. Fighting a robot in open combat would be difficult, even being seen by a Robot Master is practically a death sentence, it would almost work more like a puzzle to figure out your goal (we need to get in the building) and then figure out how to get in with the skills you have (a mechanically inclined character can shut off a security light, strong guy boosts sneaky guy to a high up window he can shimmy in and then unlock the door for all three, for example.)

There was also a push to name all of the skills after Protomen song titles and lyrics. Moving silently during stealth stuff would be Keep Quiet, et cetera.

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Finn didn't let that stop him. I think we should learn from his example.

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I really don't like taurs, and I really don't like the people that would play them or even just the people that think its ok for other people to play them. They bother me on a weird level I don't quite understand.
That picture however is fucking cute. Somehow motorcycles are way more acceptable to me than four legs. Fucking motorcycles are rad you guys. Maybe its because they only have two wheels.

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Your party get defeated by some monsters and wake up as robots.

How do they react?

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>people that play them

Man, if you'd actually look at it from a mechanical perspective, you'd see there are lots of unfurry reasons to play a centaur.

>> No.21796011

well if you're the type to play HORRIBLE DISGUSTING LURID CREATURES because of it's stats. That certainly isn't helping your case.

>> No.21796064


It's a thing that is half person and half horse. The fact that you find it disconcerting is means you associate it with furries. I'm merely pointing out that not everyone does make that association, and that plenty of non-furries do play them.

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hey thats my dick
>oh you can have it back then
well when you are finished with it
>well how about when you finish

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Horses are awful creatures.JUST SAYING. you can't trust horses.

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>> No.21796175

They do bite people when you think they're about to nuzzle you. To be fair, though, horses are retards. I bet retards bite people who try to nuzzle them as well.

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Rolled 375, 444, 73 = 892

you say being part motorcycle is a bad thing


>> No.21796212


No, he's saying you can't fucking trust horses at any given point.

I was raised in Kentucky, Horses are fucking devil beasts, if given ANY chance they will run you down and crush your skull in for daring to breathe the same air.

They aren't retards, most are stupid yeah, but they all have this brutish cunning to them, and they are more than happy to exercise their muscles with fatal results.

>> No.21796318

I suppose that's a reason to be happy it's not a reverse. If the brain's human, there might be a chance that it's not neutral evil.

>> No.21796453

I never tire of swagbot

>> No.21796595

>a reverse

>> No.21796724

Not to mention rape you:

>> No.21796749


I thought that was pretty much unspoken when I said that they are devil beasts.

Seriously, never trust horses, they were used in war for a reason, and it wasn't just because they were fucking big, it was because they would GLADLY slaughter anyone in front of them.

>> No.21796767

Wait, wait, so the objection to centaurs is some kind of... anti-fetish for horses?

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I can just imagine Dr Robotnik calling her a useless heap of junk for not catching Sonic while she hangs her head in shame~


>> No.21796829

I've always wanted to play a superhero whos power is turning into a motorcycle.

>> No.21797065

I turn into a moped.

meep meep

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Rolled 3, 2, 3 = 8


You wanna... get together sometime?

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This may or may not be relevant.
I'm going to post it anyway because I find it hilarious.

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>> No.21797169


Arcee is always relevant.

>> No.21797175

>meep meep

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>> No.21797240


You are now the big robot girl. Wat do

>> No.21797340


Start predatorin on Dudes.

>> No.21797347

Something involving power tools. No mere human could satisfy my big robust lusts.

>> No.21797356

Turn into a Sports car and go find some dragons.

>> No.21797456

superior waifu

>> No.21797483

So what should OP put in the roboticizer next?

>> No.21797500

My waifu could hack the shit out of your waifu.

>> No.21797504


Superior couple.

>> No.21797511


>> No.21797513


I dunno.

If I put in a lizard girl what would it make?

>> No.21797546

What would happen if I put Grieve-tan in the roboticizer?

Would she become general grevious or would she become some in-between state between adorable tsunadre and killer robot?

>> No.21797565

>Not becoming adorable killer tsunderebot.

>> No.21797625

You're making playing a centaur sound much more appealing y'know.

>> No.21797635


Who wouldn't want to play a blood-crazed monstrosity?

>> No.21797703

Elves. French People...

>> No.21797721


Mechagodzilla with boobs?

What if we put Galadriel in it?

>> No.21798012


A self-hating nature-loving robot would be kind of cool.

>> No.21798642

>Capture a Mermaid

>> No.21798679

Splashwo Man already exists

>> No.21798694

Roboticizer? I hardly know 'er!

>> No.21799802

I'll meet your Cyber-Horsemen of Ixion, and raise you a bio-mechanical Nightbane.

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>> No.21800025

Cease your pestering, insect. Accept the coming of your new lord.

>> No.21800064


>> No.21800224

Speaking of which, whatever happened to Techno-Kobold Quest?
We made a few poor rolls sending a team in against our local SHODAN and then the OP was destroyed.

>> No.21800270

source please

>> No.21800399

Google sayeth "Cat-Head Imako"

>> No.21800461

thank you

>> No.21800477

Mine'd promptly crash himself by trying to hack in and see what can be improved.

>> No.21801097

Start drinking.
a LOT.

>> No.21801343

>That series
I wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.21802322


>> No.21803198

A cat is fine too.

>> No.21803244

Is biketaur the proper term for these? They're rad.

>> No.21803289

And what about dudes who turn into full bikes?

>> No.21803319

I think I'm a little bike-curious.

>> No.21803692

do ho ho‚ anon you are so silly

>> No.21803704


>> No.21803748

Bend over Accel.

>> No.21803760


>> No.21803797

Even in death I still roll out!

>> No.21803804



>> No.21803813

Maybe they're just really confused dudebots?

>> No.21803823

i love it

my captcha agrees‚ but feels a necessity for eyelids
'Roloady eyelids'

>> No.21803835


>> No.21803849

Autoboyz, transform and WAAAGH out!

>> No.21803863

i've always wondered whether that actually transforms‚ it could probably be done‚ but it would be hard

>> No.21803883 [DELETED] 


i'm not going to tell you to check your privelege‚ because i never understood what that meant

but choosing to have a feminine body does not make you confused

that is a very outdated concept‚ from the period where homosexuality was considered a mental illness

sage for not related and inflammatory

>> No.21803888

There is another one out there and Im pretty sure it does transform.

>> No.21803897

>Im gonna make an ass out of myself and throw a little tantrum, but then Im going to sage my post so I can claim the moral high ground
Not today, toadfucker.

>> No.21803905 [DELETED] 

dude‚ i'm not trying to be moral high ground or whatever‚ just a heads up which i really could have worded better‚ sorry

>> No.21803920

And I'm saying fuck off, we don't need that overly sensitive tumblr talk around here, especially directed towards a fucking joke of all things.

>> No.21803923

Only because we want their dicks in us more.

>> No.21803926

My PCs usually play as womanizers, though.

>> No.21803949

What happens if you put a roboticizer in a roboticizer?

>> No.21803953

yup‚ yup‚ gotcha‚ i'll avoid this shit in the future‚ whenever anyone sticks their neck out for this sort of dumbass stuff they (and i'm referring to myself here also) get yelled and it just pisses people off‚ as well as making the rest of the trans community look bad‚ again‚ sorry

>> No.21803957

>They aren't retards, most are stupid yeah, but they all have this brutish cunning to them, and they are more than happy to exercise their muscles with fatal results.
In other context, this sentence could be applied to the negro, exactly unchanged.

>> No.21803976

you get a robot that can produce other robots?

now if you put a roboticizer in a womanizer on the other hand ...

>> No.21803984

It does, I've seen the other form. Don't know how much dismantling might be involved, though.

>> No.21803988

You get a roboroboticizer.

>> No.21803995

if you copied the actual tf figure it wouldn't be that hard‚ you could even cut the actual tf down to bare bones and adorn it with the orky gubbinz

>> No.21804000

Oh god, you're STILL doing the fucking noble martyr routine. This right the fuck here is why I cant stand you fuckfaces. No one really gives two damns or a fuck if you want to tuck your dick in some panties and call yourself Susan, just shut the fuck up about it when it isn't fucking relevant in the slightest already.

>> No.21804026

oh fucking chill out i'm trying to say sorry you douche bag‚ fuck off yourself you self righteous twat


>> No.21804031

>you self righteous twat
I just died of irony poisoning.

>> No.21804037

yeah i saw that coming‚ whatever‚ suck my dick tumut

>> No.21804039

Go away.
Shut up.

>> No.21804053

God you sound like a fucknut. The tranny tumblrfag just pointed out that you can't be sexually confused if you're a goddamned genderless robot who can choose their own body type based on whatever the fuck reasons they want. If Optimus Prime decided he wanted to be Optimus Primadonna, there's nothing stopping him because HE IS NOT MALE. Just a few wrench-whacks and, bam, Girlimus Prime.

Get mad at something less retarded than the sexual politics of genderless robots.

>> No.21804054

This thread is about transformers, not trannies you guys. Quit having your little hormonal shitfits and get back to posting robot girls or summat.

>> No.21804068

so back on topic‚ what about a lamia through a roboticizer?

or if you put two things in at once

like‚ and apple and a snake into the womanizer

or‚ a tree and a woman through the roboticizer?

>> No.21804073

Actually, he was ignoring the whole genderless robot thing entirely and saying that boys who want to be the little girl aren't confused, just misunderstood. But once again, that's neither here nor there. Robot gals are here. And maybe a little over there, too.

>> No.21804099

I don't know if apples can get any more womanly, they're like what happens after the flower gets pregnant and the fetuses are surrounded by a delicious placenta thing.
Veggies are disgusting.

>> No.21804109

that robolady is great until you get to the face

right up in the uncanny valley in my opinion

>> No.21804115


>> No.21804117

>like‚ and apple and a snake into the womanizer
Dryad-lamia. Vines-as-snakes for hair, ruddy brown skin, lactates apple juice.

>> No.21804133

porn. now.

if it doesn't exist we need a drawfag to do it.

>> No.21804163

Its not my favorite, but pictures of partially dismantled robogirls that don't feel like guro porn are slightly uncommon so I take what I can get. This is probably my favorite robogirl picture of all time, though.

>> No.21804181

you ever try /d/? sometimes i see a robolady thread or two‚ never open them though

might be a booru or something similar somewhere with lots of robogirl pictures

also‚ while i recognise that picture as high quality art‚ again there is something about it that i find disturbing‚ yet i really do like the design of the girl‚ just wish she were together fully

>> No.21804231

Meh, /d/ never seems to hit my kinks right even on the rare occasions they have a thread about something other than dicks. And to be totally honest, its less of a fetish and more of an aesthetic theme I just happen to enjoy looking at rather than stroking my dick to. Android/gynoids and cyborgs in general, really, though the fairer sex is obviously easier on the eyes.

>> No.21804235

It's probably disturbing because of "oh god, she's being taken apart bit by bit" appearing like mutilation while contrasting with the usually happy (or at least carefree) expression of the robot since it technically shouldn't be harming them.
That's my two cents anyway

>> No.21804254

I get what you mean. I'm a /d/eviant myself, but I understand just enjoying something for look. I like looking at cool designs of things, yet I feel no need to fap over it. I'm not sure what you'd call that though.
Enjoying things that are pleasing to the eye? I don't know.

>> No.21804285

i wasn't really implying it was a kink‚ i was just attempting to suggest a potential source‚ not really the best suggestion‚ shrug

and yeah‚ i get you

occasionally i save a pornographic or 34 image‚ not because i want to fap to it‚ but because i like something about it non erogenous

>> No.21804305

*non erogenously

>> No.21804310

>just wish she were together fully
I forgot to address this, but I kinda like the disassembled aspect of it. It makes me think that someone is repairing her outer chassis for her so shes playing some videogames while she waits. And now I cant find the rest of the images I had like that one.
Eye candy, I guess. I'm not beyond a little cheese of course, but I have never fapped to any of the images I'm posting.
I definitely appreciate the suggestion, but /tg/ has higher quality robot threads more frequently, so there's really no need to try /d/.

>> No.21804324

>/tg/ has higher quality robot threads more frequently, so there's really no need to try /d/.
Speak of the devil, I just found one >>21798691

>> No.21804334

cool man

>> No.21804384

Holy shit.. That gave me like.. half a why-boner. That was just... Something.

Now, the weirdest fucking part is that I've never watched any Utena. I have a vague understanding that it's about girls swordfighting over some brown princess and I've talked to people that have watched it.. But they have never mentioned the part where demonic carwash rollers show up OUT OF FUCKING NO WHERE and start singing while they reconfigure one of the girls into a fucking car.

Uhg.. that whole thing gave me the fucking shivers. Equal parts terrifying and enticing in a way I'm not familiar with feeling.

>> No.21804386

None. Its built like a copy of thee original transformers toy, but with orky bits

>> No.21804403

That would be DC15 save vs. fetish check.

>> No.21804410

i had never heard of utena‚ and i am equally confused‚ can anyone give some context? and why were the singers so focused on the apocalypse and birth?

>> No.21804411

Rolled 3

Welp. I'm fucked.

>> No.21804436

wait, do you get any modifiers? I mean c'mon, you're not even adding your base score!
And stop eating all the Doritos.

>> No.21804445

Thank you, I needed something to revise the design of this with.

>> No.21804456

Rolled 1

Years of browsing /d/ have /d/esensitized me and weakened my resistances to gaining additional fetishes. It's what I get for playing a min-maxed Assmancer.

>> No.21804485

>Rolled 1
I'd say that's pretty definitive.
Enjoy your newly-gained transformation fetish, anon.

>> No.21804486

>min-maxed Assmancer.
ok fuck, I lol'd

>> No.21804501

Funnily enough, /tg/ has a quest about one of those.

>> No.21804505

Are you implying I don't already have a transformation fetish? If anything, I just picked up a specialty in my transformation fetish. I'm going to denote it on my character sheet as "Transformation (Evil Singing Carwashes)" which should give me a pretty good roll on my boner check if that ever comes up.

I'm gonna be hard as diamonds, just you wait.

>> No.21804546

>"Transformation (Evil Singing Carwashes)"
That's probably about as common as diseases. Most DMs don't use them, but for the one that does, he probably uses it a lot.

>> No.21804551


>Transformation (Evil Singing Carwashes)

I had a dream about this once.

Woke up with one of my kidneys missing and my dick sore, but satisfied.

>> No.21804570

How's your stock of androids, /tg/? (male)

>> No.21804612

Robot discussion with anthrocycles.

Late night /tg/ is good.

>> No.21805159

I think the whole involuntary transformation into robot thing is a part humiliation/dehumanization fetish thing, which is probably why it's common. There's always a fear of loss of humanity, and especially when seeing a character disassembled or modified like an object post-transformation (Into a car for example).

>> No.21805314

>You will never have a android girlfriend that will trust you enough to let you meddle with her actuators.

>> No.21805360

>even if you built her yourself.

>> No.21805627


>> No.21807547

Well, that summed it all up rather well.

>> No.21807781

The group decided to track down a rather seedy man who knew something of a disease spreading across the land. They tried to play nice, but eventually they resorted torture...which became deadly when his legs were separated from his body and his head was blown to bits.

Needing that information, they proceeded to stitch his torso onto the body of a horse, slap a fish head onto his neck, and cut off the horses legs for fun, so they could attach tentacles. They performed the interrogation and learned of a way to stop it, then let the poor beast live out its days in a nearby pond.

A friend drew the picture and the group coined the term. The Mertaurpus was born.

>> No.21808085

Sounds like you deserved whatever ass whooping you got

>> No.21808844

Had to reply
It's been hours

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