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My paladin fell in love with a prostitute.

It wasn't my decision, I think. I don't really know anymore. I thought that I was in charge of my character, so that even if I let him make decisions for himself, I'd be still able to rein him in if I ever disagreed.

I'm not saying I have split personalities or anything actually serious, or that there's anything special about me at all. It's like when you're doing something wrong, and you fully understand that, but just end up doing it anyway. I just ended up losing control of my character at a pretty bad time, and before I realized just how serious my lack of control had become, it was far too late.

It just started off as a really minor event, something that could have easily disappeared into the background of the campaign. Our party was in a large city, scrounging around for information. A sizable population of 1st and 2nd generation half-orcs lived in the Southern slums as the dregs of society. Most of them were either part of or controlled by a racially-based criminal organization that ruled the underworld of the city, and it was within these Southern slums that our party met Berda.

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Berda was a half-orc prostitute, and was not described as particularly attractive. She did not agree with the Tusk's (the half-orc criminal organization) methods of doing things, and even though the area she lived in was controlled by them, she was willing to give our party a wealth of information.

As soon as we had a good lead to start our next adventure, my party and I were ready to go. But, my paladin wanted to stay. Our conversation with Berda was extending well beyond a reasonable length, and though I urged myself to cut the conversation short, my paladin wanted to find out more about Berda's life within the city.

Thankfully, the DM herself cut the conversation off, and we proceeded to the next stage of the campaign. After taking out a small drug ring, we ended up returning to the slums, where we ended up meeting Berda again. Berda thanked us, and wished there was something that she could offer us as a reward, and there was a bit of tension between her and the paladin at that moment, since she did in fact have something she could offer us.

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The campaign went on, and as we continued to fight against the Tusks' activities, Berda transitioned slowly from a minor character to a major character as the brothel she worked in became our base of operations. The other prostitutes that worked there became minor characters themselves, and our party's rogue, being the kind of person he was, started and ended a quick little fling with one of them.

Now, even though we were trying to help the city, we were a bit of a problem for the brothel, since we spent a good portion of our time battling against people who were their biggest patrons. Berda, having provided us information she obtained from her clients, ended up with having most of her clients either jailed, broken, or dead. Within no time at all, Berda was devoid of johns, because our party had basically removed them all in a systematic process.

I didn't particularly care one way or another, but my paladin was overcome with mixed feelings. He knew he should be upset that he was taking away Berda's livlihood, but he could not deny that he was somewhat happy at the thought of her not working. He chalked it up as just his general dislike for the profession, but even I knew that he was just trying to fool himself.

Berda's problems started to really appear when the brothel matron was attacked by thugs, and upon her recovery she demanded that not only our party leave her building, but both Berda and the prostitute that the rogue had his short relationship with. Berda pleaded, but since she had not brought in any money for quite some time, she was cast out. The other prostitute, on the other hand, had little trouble in convincing everyone she wanted nothing to do with our party anymore just by ridiculing the rogue, and was allowed to stay.

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Though I was more inclined to part ways with the half-orc because we seemed to cause her nothing but trouble, my paladin felt responsible. After our group purchased a new headquarters (a shack that used to be some sort of shop), he offered Berda a position as housekeeper.

By now, our group was in a pretty bad spot. Though we had friends throughout the city along with many who admired our deeds, we had managed to upset each and every last power in the city. The underworld controlled by the Tusks was already sending assassins at us, while the businessmen and officials with ties to the Tusks (an overwhelming majority of them, as we unwittingly discovered) also sought our deaths. I tried to explain to my paladin that we were just putting Berda in danger, but my paladin refused to listen, believing that he knew what was best for her.

So, it only came as a surprise to him when the shop we had been slowly restoring was broken into, and only a single piece of parchment was waiting for us upon our return. It demanded us to arrive by the easternmost dock at midnight without our armor or weapons, or else we could retrieve Berda's body from there at dawn.

Now, the rest of the group had grown attached to Berda, and I myself had grown somewhat fond of her. But this was not a straightforward decision. If handled in the wrong manner, we could all end up dead, and if we walked into this trap, we certainly would.

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Everyone knew my paladin would rush out to save Berda, but I still had enough control over him to keep him quiet and to listen to the other options we had. It was clear that complete refusal was not an option any of us would allow, but as we tried to come up with some sort of alternative, it became less and less clear.

As we struggled to come up with a way for both Berda and us to survive the night, a terrible thought entered my mind. Now, I tried to keep this from the paladin, but when I thought about just how unscrupulous her kidnappers were, and what they were probably doing to her right then, I lost control of him.

Now, an angry paladin can be pretty terrifying. My paladin was beyond angry. Were it not for the barbarian's grapple check, he would have gone looking for her all by himself. Our rogue, being the kind of person he was, thought that the best way to calm my paladin down was to tell him that the prostitute, the one he had relations with, had told him that Berda wasn't even really that great of a person, and he went on to suggest it might not be worth throwing our lives away just for her.

Breaking out of the barbarian grapple, my paladin turned to the rogue, and I'm not sure what would have happened if I was not there in control of him. Since I was there to hold him back, my paladin simply explained that as a paladin, it was ultimately his duty to rescue her.

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I rolled my eyes at his reasoning, because by this time I was tired of him trying to lie to himself. But, it was good enough for the group, and as they exited out of our ruined shop into the street, my paladin did the first thing he could think of before I had a chance to stop him. He began sensing around for the presence of evil, and upon detecting a slight trace, he honed in on it. Without so much as a "Hello" or an "Excuse me," he ran up to the first evil person in his line of sight, and dramatically slammed them to the ground with his shield.

The rest of the party followed immediately behind him, with every player turning to me for some sort of explanation. I struggled to see the situation from my paladin's eyes, since sucker-punching a random bystander didn't exactly mesh with the paladin's code, even if the person was evil. That's when I realized that in a place where the underworld is controlled by a single group, a group that my paladin had business with, that a random evil bystander would not exactly be so random.

It was a swift interrogation. Very un-paladin-like. We learned who his boss was, and where his boss lived. After leaving the man behind unconscious, we went forward, found his boss, interrogated him rather roughly, found out where that man's boss was, and we continued along our direct little warpath.

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The rogue was the first to chirp up that this was an insane plan and they'd likely just kill Berda once they learned what we were doing, but I had enough of an idea of what my paladin was thinking to have a response ready. We had fought against the Tusks and even the City Guards on numerous occasions, and had long since proven that our little band was the strongest fighting force in the city. They would keep her alive as a hostage for as long as they possibly could, because if they didn't already fear the idea of what we would do if she died, they very soon would.

With each fight getting tougher, and our resources dwindling, our fighting became less and less heroic. In the past, it would be him who would remind me that he was a paladin, and there I was having to remind him.

Finally, after breaking into an underground citadel and fighting our way through the halls, we found ourselves within an inner chamber, staring at a scene that... ... ...

...it was painful.

Berda had not been captured.

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Does she still have to wear that dress tonight?

Walk the streets for money?

Does she care if it's wrong or if it's right?

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She was at the side of a massive half-orc, unfettered and unconcerned, without a hint of shame.

I detached myself for a moment from my paladin, because I wasn't ready to deal with what he was feeling, and looked scornfully at my DM. She stared back almost apologetically, and since my paladin was still in shock it was up to me to ask her the question he needed to ask. How long, how long had she been truly working for the Tusks, and even before she answered, I had a feeling that I already knew what it would be.

Our DM, using Berda as her mouthpiece, explained that she had been feeding us information not to take down the Tusks as a whole, but to eliminate factions within it that were rivals to one she belonged to. Her leader had masterfully manipulated us into eliminating all of his opposition, and it was him that had been protecting us from recieving the full brunt of all the people we had angered.

Now, with no one to oppose him, and us within his grasp, there was no need for him to protect us anymore. In fact, there was no reason for him to let us live.

In that humorless moment, all the irony managed to hit me at once when I realized that my paladin, the idiot that he is, could have avoided all of this if he had simply tried to sense the evil that was in Berda. The fool had not once ever bothered to doubt the woman, a prostitute, a half-orc prostitute who knew far too much.

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But, now was not the time to laugh at the poor idiot, because the half-orc standing in front of us was massive, and I was rather angry. I had been only tagging along with the paladin through all the fighting up till then, taking a rather rear-seat view of it all, but now I finally felt the urge to hurt someone. The rest of my group seemed to be of like mind, and were all gearing up to prove that it didn't matter if we had been protected or not, we were still the baddest mother-fuckers in the whole goddamn city.

I hate my paladin.

He had already turned his back on the half-orcs to face my group before I realized what he was doing. This was not the time. He had plenty of times before to realize it wasn't a matter of responsibility, or paladin's duties, or any of the other excuses he came up with.

There he was, turning to defend Berda from his own party, with tears starting to fill up my eyes. My group thinks that I'm crying because of the sheer passion within my paladin's heart, while I'm crying at just how stupid he is and the fact that I have any relation to him at all.

Thankfully, that battle was blissfully quick. My paladin was only told three times to stand down before the rogue rolled around him and struck him hard in the back of the head. My paladin had been at the forefront of every battle until then, his wounds being the most serious of the group's, and even that single blow was enough to remind my paladin of the proximity of death. But, he stood long enough for the barbarian to deliver a blow that, while sympathetic, still sent my paladin into a dream of simpler times.

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When he awoke, I didn't bother to fill him in on what happened, and let the rest of the group explain why the previously pristine chamber could now be mistaken for the killing floor of a slaughterhouse.

I was already starting to plan up my next character (thinking I'd prefer someone with a bit more wisdome and intelligence) when I was surprised to hear that no one in my group was holding my paladin's actions against him. I quickly reminded them that they could have all died, and that my paladin had basically betrayed them during a moment of crisis, but our usually silent barbarian simply replied that it was better that he betrayed his party then betray himself.

At this point, I was furious that no one was going to discipline my character, and turned towards the DM, hoping at least that Berda's death would serve as a suitable punishment for him. I frowned slightly when I saw her small smile, and my frown deepened when she told the paladin that Berda had turned on her leader, having been so moved by my paladin's devotion. Though hurt and unconcious, she would survive.

Unwilling to allow my idiot paladin to get away with all this, I demanded that he would need to seek atonement, for he had broken his paladin vows numerous times that night and had even gone so far as to join the evil side in a conflict. He had greatly sinned, had wronged myself and my party, and he needed to repent.

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My DM nearly laughed, and said that he had repented quite enough just now, and even though he had blurred the lines of what a paladin could do, he had at least acted as a paladin should.

I stifled a groan because the DM seemed rather proud of herself, and when Berda awoke she seemed rather intent on having a long conversation with my paladin. Of course, that bastard was too shy and embarassed to even look at the woman he had so dramatically confessed to, leaving me to stutter and mutter some awkward responses in his stead as the rest of my group poked fun at our coupling.

As we headed back towards our shop, I realized that reasons aside, our group had crushed a fair amount of the Tusks in a single night. As we walked past the burning houses, streets littered with half-orc corpses, and general destruction that my paladin had wrought in the name of love, I started to wonder whether the following days and weeks would really be better because of what we had done that night.

With my paladin and his prostitute walking down the street, holding each others' hands in the morning light, I guessed they might be.

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settle down beavis

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Enjoy your Orc AIDS.

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I'm not reading all of that, sorry
I mean, I tried, but this story is so boring I quit around after the second post.
Someone summarize it please.

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Congrats on almost going Martin Walker.

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Well roleplayed.

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orc aids has enough choppy and dakka to get through that

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paladin banged a half-orc minger, player pretends it wasn't his fetish all along

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This thread, if nothing else, is a pretty interesting insight into the fickle mind of /tg. Usually stories this elaborate garner lots of enthusiasm, not really sure why this one flopped.

Thanks for taking the time to share anyway, OP. I enjoyed it.

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Good show OP, jolly good show.

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I don't know, the way the OP wrote it was a little awkward.

What with him saying that he wasn't in control of his paladin. I know he was most likely trying to make it seem like he was roleplaying his character very faithfully to the point where he felt like he "wasn't in control," but it just came off a little... I don't know, schizoid.

Still, it was a decent story OP. Just didn't really like the way you told it.

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Wait... if she wasn't attractive, what was her customer base like?

Was she just cheap? Did she just cater to orc-fetishist humans and human fetishist orcs? What was the deal with her?

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Well, I'm not sure how to say this, but the whole "I lost control of my character" thing was kind of annoying. That and the rambling style of writing.

>> No.21785457


Yeah, it's weird, I actually liked it a fair bit. Good character development and use.

>> No.21785469

>the whole "I lost control of my character" thing was kind of annoying.

That, pretty much. The story was fun, but the whole "I lost control" didn't come off poetic so much as pretentious.

>> No.21785477

Twas an excellent tale. I enjoyed it, Hope you bring us more stories in the future OP.

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Yeah, I enjoyed the plot of this story - very much so - but the "lost control of my character" thing seems to be a cop-out in case people don't like the story - but it hurts the story in itself by being annoying.

>> No.21785490

I wouldn't even say pretentious, just kind of confusing and off-putting.

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It was a good story, but this.

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I'm kind of the same way with characters that I care about. It's less schizophrenia and more partitioning of thoughts. Your character isn't you, it's another being in another world in another context. If you're RPing correctly, your thoughts aren't your character's, and neither are your character's yours.

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Personally I thought the "loss of control" was interesting. Perhaps it could have been more fleshed out or implemented slightly better but overall it added an interesting dimension to the story and gave it a more organic feel than many other RP stories.

>> No.21785571

I can sympathize to a certain extent, but not to OP's extent.

That's straight up crazy.

>> No.21785584

sure, but it's more that the
>"lost control of the character" "I hate my paladin" "I didn't bother to fill him in"
odd phrases like this made the whole story rather awkward to read.

>> No.21785617

If you read it as a paladin and some kind of angry monkey that sits on his shoulder, it makes a lot more sense.

>> No.21785620

0/10, fallen paladin.

The only proper course of action would have been to slay Berda, your Paladin, in not seeing justice out upon her allowed his sentimentality and selfish wants to cloud his judgement and while clouded judgement can be forgiven if true repentance is had. That you did not at the least cut off all ties to Berda demonstrates not a repentant heart but a heart that wishes it's evil was good. Guilt and repentance are not synonymous.

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Screencap this shit

>the orkbez

>> No.21785681

He redeemed an evil soul through nothing but bull-headed determination and love.

10/10 best paladin, would adventure with.

>> No.21785748

>Paladin, y u love?

>> No.21785749

No thanks, I'll abstain from capping this awkwardly-written tripe.

>> No.21785777


You seem to think that a paladin is just a different flavored knight. He is not, there is a reason why a paladin and a fighter are segregate, a paladin is called to a very different standard.

>> No.21785808

I finished reading very much liking the paladin, but not really liking the narrator.

>mfw i remembered they are the same person

>> No.21786169

> Your RP character is more likeable than you are.

This.... I'm not sure what to make of this.

>> No.21786765

It's not a good thing.

>> No.21786846

Baby's first attempt at some shitty out-of-mind PKD story comes out horribly.

Would have been great if you didn't try to be a pretentious douche.

>> No.21786898

He is also a shitty person, just more likable than you.

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My gangrel got slapped by a prostitute.

>> No.21786942

I got slapped by a prostitute once.

>> No.21786972

Yeah, that weirded me out a little bit too.

Then again, I hear authors say that sort of thing about characters they were writing all the damn time, so I figure if your immersion and emotional investment is high enough, then this sort of shit happens normally.

So it's not really a case of
>OP is schizoid!
and more
>OP is creepy levels of emotionally involved!

>> No.21786980

back in '93 I tried to rob a Roman prostitute using a paintbrush, and received a swift knee if the bollocks and the sort of shame one can only get from a whore laughing at you.

In my defense, I was a vagrant and full-blown alcoholic at at hat point. Also I was shit-faced

>> No.21786996

Sounds like, for you, being a murderhobo isn't even roleplaying anymore.

>> No.21787001

For a moment I thought you were talking about a game you played in '93, set in rome.

I like what I first thought better than the reality.

>> No.21787008

Maybe he got fed up with that kind of encounter and decided to just roleplay it instead.

>> No.21787020

I...guess that makes sense? I've known some authors and they do say that kind of thing.

>> No.21787054


Now it's storytime. I gotta hear how you wound up a drunken vagrant in Rome.

>> No.21787056

I would say it is, I wish my group made characters more likable then themselves.

>> No.21787067

For about 5 years, it wasn't

Yeah, hitting rock bottom blows

Dissatisfaction with Seminary school and some other personal shit filled me with... lets say "wanderlust"

>> No.21787084

>lets say "wanderlust"
Why did the wanderlust leave? What was it like wandering and how far did you go?

>> No.21787090

I've told the story to a few anons, usually during games, but I'll give you an abridged version.

>> No.21787091


TBH, if some of the players didn't make characters more likeable than themselves, they'd not be coming back.

>> No.21787103

The wanderlust left once I discover I loved Ireland and that it made me stop thinking about a young woman I left behind int he states.

>> No.21787118

What do you love about it and why did you leave the woman?

>> No.21787120

Wow. You sound like quite the whiny over-privileged faggot.

>> No.21787127

Actually, that sort of thing is where my Dad learned all his social skills. Turns out that trying to stretch your boundaries in terms of the characters you can play by understanding how other types of people tick helps make you better in dealing with real people.

>> No.21787157


Basically, I got fed up with the process of getting my vocation (I was going to be a priest), and one day, I walked out of class, went to the trainstation and got on the first train out of Toledo.

I'm not, though

I love the bonnie Irish girls, the grog, the accents, the bleak weather, all the fucking green, the people, etc.

I The states for personal reasons. Still, we were never together and it was too late to cancel my move when she might have needed me

>> No.21787177


>Leave US for international walkabout
>Spends years as an expat
>Ohnoes! I had some hard alcoholic times

Over-privileged faggot. Even worse? You don't know it.

>> No.21787215

>I The states for personal reasons
That should have read
>I left the States for personal reasons.

To be more precise, I left because I wanted to be a priest, my uncle lived near a Seminary in Spain, and my family has odd notions regarding familiar bonds and their relation of logic. A big part of why I left, though, was to get away from this girl I'd been pining over for years.

I went to study in a seminary school near some family. I dropped out of school and became am alcoholic hobo. I fail to see how that made me "over-privileged."

>> No.21787224

Why were you going to be a priest? Which religion/sect? What have you become now instead?

What were the most important experiences you had on your travels?

How did she possibly need you?

>> No.21787245

>I fail to see how that made me "over-privileged."
So you know you're not, with enough certainty to contradict someone else, for no reason but "failing to see how you are"?

How can you claim so strongly not to be when you've made clear your ignorance of anon's reasoning for believing you to be?

>> No.21787249

>How did she possibly need you?
She needed heals.

>> No.21787252

I think it's being able to afford going to seminary school in a different country that this anon is bitching about. No matter, though, he's a raging autist.

So, not to bug you with personal questions and shit, but are you still catholic? Was it a "fuck this gay church" thing, or a "maybe this isn't for me" thing that drove you to leave?

>> No.21787258

Yes, Roan Catholic, and lazy catholic. I was never very faithful; I just thought I could do some good as priest.

My most important experiences were probably getting stabbed, and wandering into Chechnya a bit after the fighting started in 04.

She was involved in a car accident in which friends died and she was the driver. She didn't me, specifically, but she needed all the help she could get from what few friends she had.

>> No.21787288

>How can you claim so strongly not to be when you've made clear your ignorance of anon's reasoning for believing you to be?
I feel strongly because he's behaving like a cunt, and I feel that's a good enough reason to disagree with him.

>> No.21787308

I'm culturally Catholic, don;t don't practice my faith. As for my reason for leaving, it was more like "OH GOD I CAN'T STAND ANYTHING ANYMORE I HAVE DO DO SOMETHING!" and then left

>> No.21787314

>Actively weeping over a fictional character, your character no less in which you know exactly what's happening, no suprises, nothing.

Fucking hell OP. I think you need to take a deep breath and step away from PnP for a while, you've taken it to a whole new level of creepy.

>> No.21787317

>Roan Catholic
*Roman Catolic

>> No.21787322

He said nothing more strong than what you're now saying about him, at at least we might have reasons. You don't; you're just contradicting him because you don't like him and because he called you out on something (accurately or not, we don't know) you didn't like being called out on.

>> No.21787334

>Mommy daddy a girl doesn't want me
>Plane Ticket, Spending Money, and all you need
>Wahhh! This is hard!
>Roams around Europe drinking
>Whoa man, that was hard times.

Over-privileged faggot IS over-privileged.

>> No.21787362


It's a hard knock life being rich.

>> No.21787369

Interesting explanation, but you heard Anon: you're a cunt and that makes you wrong, no matter your reasoning.

>> No.21787373


>> No.21787388

It was the "privilege" thing. I hate that social justice GLBT tumblr shit.

>Mommy daddy a girl doesn't want me
close enough
>Plane Ticket, Spending Money, and all you need
yes, not really, and I worked to help my uncle make ends meet
>Wahhh! This is hard!
Not hard, but that'll do
>Roams around Europe drinking
roamed Europe, scraping together just barely enough to exist
>Whoa man, that was hard times.
being a vagrant is not an easy existence, man

>> No.21787404


It's the hard knock life, for us!

>> No.21787412


It's the hard knock life, for US!

>> No.21787422


Steada treated, we get tricked!

>> No.21787425

>Not getting to the bottom of who runs these whore streets and charging the pimp a sin tax to continue his operations less you have is his entire operation shut down. And I don't mean a little money in my pocket either. I mean a sum total of 25 to 50% of whatever money this brothel/pimp is bringing in.

>The "six tax" will go to good causes such as sick children, the hungry, and even using the money to pit gangs against one another.

>If something doesn't go as planned such as corruption, or a sneaky/unwilling sinner, smite everyone.


This is how I paladin. Whilst strutting down the street to Herman Cain's song "I am America".

>> No.21787430


Steada kisses, we get KICKED!

>> No.21787438


>Believing 'privilege' has to be based on tumblrlogic

It's alright Nephew Moneybags. You totally didn't get your mommy and daddy to pay for your International Walkabout, then burn through your money and have to rough it.

You roughed it just as much as Jewel lived in a fucking van.


Over-privileged faggot IS over-privileged.

>> No.21787461

>It was the "privilege" thing. I hate that social justice GLBT tumblr shit.
But still, some people might find reasonless disagreement and dismissal of views to be worse than envy towards those lucky enough to be born into wealthy lifestyles.

Your objection to "privilege" is no more justified than objections to your behavior. So how does that justify your "strong feelings"?

>>This is hard!
>Not hard
I think that's the point.

>> No.21787463

I can play this asinine game, too. Go ahead and tell me some of your hardships so I belittle you like some retarded fuckass.

>> No.21787505


From standin on the altar preachin',
To drivin' some of the hottest cars in Europe has ever seen,
For droppin' some of the hottest verses rap has ever heard,
From the dope spot, with the smoke pot,
Fleein' the hipster scene, you know me well,
From nightmares of a lonely cell, my only hell,
But since when y'all wiggaz know me to fail?

Fuck naw!

Where all my wiggaz with the money slips, drink shots,
And if you with me mom I rub on your tits, and what-not,
I'm from the school of the hard knocks, we must not,
Let outsiders violate our blocks, and my plot
Let's stick up the world and split it fifty/fifty, uh-huh,
Let's take the dough and stay real jiggy, uh-huh
And sip the cris' and get pissy-pissy,
Flow infinitely like the memory of my momma, biggie, baby!
You know it's hell when I come through,
The life and times of Bill Gates,
Neckbeard volume 2, y'all fa/tg/uys get ready!

>> No.21787507

I'll concecde that your first points are correct.

But by "by not hard," I meant that I didn't exactly ragequit/pussy out because my lifestyle was difficult

>> No.21787534

I see, I misunderstood.

>> No.21787549

I'm probably being mocked, but I still enjoyed your post. That said, my family is family is middle to upper middle class at best, and I'm just a freelance artist. Not exactly rolling in cash, here.

>> No.21787570


I was born the youngest of three children to a single mother. I started work at the age of 10 helping to pick vegetables to support my then sick-with-cancer mother after my bro and sis had left or, in the case of my sister, died when our apartment was involved in a multi-unit fire. Sunk myself into reading, learning at a very early age.

I began working out of the farm field as a 14 year old doing stocking for an all-night bodega in our new town. Was homeless from age 12-17, when I left for college after testing out of high school.

In college I received a need-based/merit-based scholarship, and took a full course load while working a job late night (factory work) and one after classes before my other job in a servery. I cobbled together enough money to purchase a second hand PC, my first actual 'adult purchase' which I had to carry with me as I slept on couches or in the boss's break room at the factory.

During all of this time I paid for my mother's apartment five hours away through my factory job, and would Greyhound it back to see her when able to scrounge up the cash. I dated girls who had apartments so I could have a storage space/shower. Fell for one of them, stayed on working maintenance and getting my books paid for through a hardship loan from a professor.

But yeah, your life was just hard bro.

>> No.21787607


Should put 'technically homeless' between 12-17. There were periods where I had a roof above my head for as long as 12 weeks STRAIGHT during that period.

But I still qualified as indigent during the period. Getting placed into a high school was difficult; getting to sit through all of the evaluations required to get my diploma early was damn near impossible.

But I totally know that struggle when you have to wander with mommy and daddy's money bro.

>> No.21787626



>> No.21787641

Thats nothing! When I was a boy, we had to live in a shoe, and our father would beat us to death every evening!

>> No.21787672


>> No.21787678

>I was born the youngest of three children to a single mother
so fucking what?
>I was born the youngest of three children to a single mother
What kind of fucked up 3rd-world country do live in, fuckface? Get your faggot ass out
>Sunk myself into reading, learning at a very early age.
>I began working out of the farm field as a 14 year old doing stocking for an all-night bodega in our new town.

>Was homeless from age 12-17, when I left for college after testing out of high school.
woop-dee-do, I was homeless from age 20 to 25. You were younger? Look at all the fucks i give
>In college I received a need-based/merit-based scholarship, and took a full course load while working a job late night (factory work) and one after classes before my other job in a servery.
during my college years I worked the most menial of labors to stay alive and preferably in cheap youth hostels. Privileged shitstain
>I cobbled together enough money to purchase a second hand PC, my first actual 'adult purchase' which I had to carry with me as I slept on couches or in the boss's break room at the factory.
Not actually going to mock you on this one because I know a bunch of lads who did similar shit
>During all of this time I paid for my mother's apartment five hours away through my factory job, and would Greyhound it back to see her when able to scrounge up the cash
>I dated girls who had apartments so I could have a storage space/shower. Fell for one of them, stayed on working maintenance and getting my books paid for through a hardship loan from a professor.
welcome to a life of A WHOLE DICK-LOAD of college kids

I never claimed my life was difficult, just that my years pf vagrancy were. Now get sand out of your vag

>> No.21787681

Found an old picture of me slumming it in Rome.

>> No.21787688

This thread is going nowhere and taking a lot of posts to do it.

>> No.21787689

I didn't take any money with me.

>> No.21787732


Wow. You are an even bigger faggot than I thought.

Good job privilegefag.

>> No.21787753

Damn, I messed up the beginning. Eh, c'est la vie.

Thanks, shitfaced whore-son!

I'm going to bed; I have a deadline coming up.

>> No.21787764

As a different former homeless person, I feel like we shouldn't be getting buttmad at each other just because some of us originally came from the Rockerfellers and some came from the punchline to a Monty Python joke. Quite frankly, sounds like we've all had some shit to deal with, whether due to privilege or stupid mistakes, and we're all getting by as we need to. Let's just let this drop, call it a night, try and get some sleep and be mad at someone who really deserves it, like the Crazy Bastard OP.

>> No.21787770

Different anon, but come belittle me. I dropped out, have never worked, am being supported by my parents and have no idea what to do in life.

All my friend abandoned me because I'm boring and annoying to associate with and I just browse /tg/ wishing I had fun games but too socially inept and anxious to attempt to find one.

I contend that my life has been and is hard, and that I am "underprivileged", and I challenge you to argue otherwise.

>> No.21787772

I was born the youngest of three childrendad left when I was 13. I started part time work at the age of 16 so i could buy a playstation.

Went to uni at 18 after meeting my current gf who is now my wife. Had financial backing from family but cut that shit out when my mom started getting pissy. Didn't work through uni until the end of final year to network. Afterwards got a job at the place I worked part-time as a Qaulity, Health and Saftey Officer.

It was a hard knock life I tell you what.

>> No.21787783

>Now get sand out of your vag
Sexism. Nice. I can sense the Irish Catholicism from here.

>> No.21787785


Sounds like you're more severely depressed. Have you seeked a councilor?

>> No.21787800

I'd like to say this feels like /r9k/ or /soc/, but honestly the only thing that's remotely close to this cesspool of a thread is Tumblr.


>> No.21787813

Yeah, and yeah, but it was a service for students and had to stop when I dropped out. I don't think it helped, though, and I did have a number of sessions.

>> No.21787825

Stop being sensible, we're being faggots in here.

>> No.21787927

As a schizoid man, I just have to say, that is fucking annoying.

Not even "offensive", anymore than the jokes people make every time they hear the word "pansexual" ("oh, so that means they fuck pans?"; seriously, I hear that joke twice a month). It's not offending, it's just annoying.

You're thinking of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Nothing that starts with "schizo-". Schizoid-affective, schizophrenic, schizotypal, none of it.

Just a pet peeve, but seriously. Use the right words for shit.

...And for the record, I liked OP's story, because it reminds me of how I treat my characters. I've gotten into some interesting IC arguments where I actually disagreed very vehemently with my PC, but spent half an hour arguing to the contrary because that's what s/he thought/believed.

>> No.21787989


> I've gotten into some interesting IC arguments where I actually disagreed very vehemently with my PC, but spent half an hour arguing to the contrary because that's what s/he thought/believed.

.....naaaah man, you're just shitting us.

>> No.21787999

>stop having badwrongfun
>classes are only the one archetype that I personally assign to them, anything else is blasphemy

0/10 would not allow to GM

Not "for me", I mean that if I ran the world, every time you attempted to set up a DM screen, it would light on fire.

>> No.21788039

>> I've gotten into some interesting IC arguments where I actually disagreed very vehemently with my PC, but spent half an hour arguing to the contrary because that's what s/he thought/believed.

I'm guessing you mean, the argued with platers/npcs IC. But the beliefs you were arguing for were you're PC's? Not that you argued with your character?

Because it it's the former, doesn't everyone do that? And if it's the latter, dat be some fucked up shieeeet.

>> No.21788068

The disorders with the Schitzo-prefix are bonkers, man. Shit, even mild Schitzotypal Personality Disorder (essentially mild Schizophrenia) leaves you strange and prone bizarre though patterns

>> No.21788089

I meant the former, and I'm saying that as support for my point: Calling OP schizoid is retarded on multiple levels. The first for being that it's not schizoid that you mean, the second being that it's something /everybody does/. Calling it "pretentious " is just self-deprecating, because you're saying you're such a shit RPer that you /don't/ do that.

>> No.21788137


Yeha but I wouldn't fucking weep/mourn a fictional character bro.

>> No.21788210

Are you saying you've never been genuinely moved by a work of fiction?

>> No.21788227

Damn, son.

Why do you even play roleplaying games if you don't care about the characters?

Seems like a waste of time to me.

>> No.21788246


You are what is wrong with our hobby you overly dramatic 'schizoid' faggot.

Good job.

>> No.21788251


Yes, my OWN work of fiction, no, because I know how it pans out. There are no suprises or twists. How could there be? I MADE it.

You act as thought you're a god who's created sentient life when all you're doing is thinking, "what would I do if I was X doing Y".

When I read that Ned Stark had his head cut in ASoIaF I was like, "...fuuuck." However, when my character got betrayed and stabbed to death in an online PnP I played a few years ago, I felt nothing. Other people were moved by the betrayal of one friend to another, but I just thought, "this is fucking cool AND it'll move the story along."

>> No.21788277


Now this guy gets it.

>> No.21788282


Gee I dunno bro, for fun maybe.

Jesus fucking christ. Do you need emotional attachment to play tag or football you fucking retard.

>> No.21788296



>> No.21788328

Excluded middle.

>> No.21788356



>> No.21788416

a shoe?!
A SHOE!?!?!
No, I and my SEVENTEEN siblings would get woken up at midnight to our father brutally beating our mother, receive a glass of POISON for breakfast, and then go off to the factory to work for 25 hours; a privilege that we paid the owners for!
After we got home, our father would force us to dig our own graves, after which he would CUT us in HALF, and dance a dance of happiness upon our graves. Then, using voodoo magic, he would return us to life, only to brutally murder us again.

>> No.21789370

This.... this is an odd thread.

>> No.21789555

Please let it go away. The arguments about class and hardship are tedious and misplaced, the comments about emotional attachment to characters is belligerent and poorly represented by two to three (suspected samefag) anons, after a decent storytime.

>> No.21790239

The storytime wasn't all that great either.

>> No.21790790

Here you go. It's a nice story, but with an annoying style. I strongly advise having something along the lines of >>21785617
as the picture's filename to justify that annoying "I lost control over my character" crap.

>> No.21791880

>I murdered tons of orcs to get some heavily broken-in pussy, but its okay because they're just orcs
Racists, the lot of you.

>> No.21791963

Some people enjoy power-gaming through a dungeon crawl with friends.
Some people enjoy roleplaying their characters.

>> No.21791979

Hey man, I'm with you. I'm going to get me one of those PETO shirts.

>> No.21793298

Thanks a bunch man.

>> No.21796761

Eh, it could have been the paladin's mount.

>> No.21796768

The four-legged one, I mean.

>> No.21800113

>The arguments about class and hardship are tedious and misplaced
Sounds like what was misplaced was yourself, in a thread that did not suit you.

>> No.21800191

Be sure to back the best kickstarter while youre at it!

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