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>not playing Orkz

Uncultured swine.

Da Boyz iz best.

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>trying to assault things in 6th edition

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I agree. Quite delicious.

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Wat're ya suposta be? Some sorta bug?

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>Da Boyz iz best
But do they have as magnificent hair as the Eldar?

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Yes. Even better, it's replaceable and comes in a wide variety of colors!

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No need for hair round these parts.

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Da best kolor iz ALWAYZ GREEN.

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Ork Freebooters are the best.

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All that armor...
and it will never be better than a 4+

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Big Mek 'ere, you gitz iz small time.

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anyone got more of these 40k diagram-esque things?

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Did any enterprising grot ever do an Only Waaagh conversion? The classes translate to some degree or another, regiments are replaced with clans and the typical pc taking the crazy train off the rails, fuck yo mission objectives could never find a better home.

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Man sure is dead in here, lets put out some neckbeard bait.

Ork titans outperform Imperial titans by a sizable margin due to their dense superstructure being able to absorb more hits then an Imp titan, and their cost effectiveness in being able to be built over the course of a couple of months or even less time; unlike imperial titans whom the Mechanicus barely know how to make anymore.
I fail to see how Titan legions ever manage to hold out against a Waagggh! large enough to have Gargants.

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Stompas have better armor whereas Titans usually have nicer guns. Thats why you simply use both at once with a little Chaos thrown in for good measure.

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Gargants might have thicker armour, but Imperial Titans have more, better shields. The humans also have reliability and superior tactics on their side, while the Orks have unpredictability and heavier firepower. It's about even.

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Gork almighty, das' garish.

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The red is to make it go fasta, the blue is fer luck, the yellow - aside from being roight flash - is the tribe colors, and the purple feets is so when they drop it from the sky, no one sees it coming.

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Taufag here, I was thinking of getting into Orks since they looked fun.

How good are Kommandos? I like their fluff and want to run them along with a shooty army.

Namely a Blood Axes.

What would you guys suggest I get?

That and my friend/ork player says I shouldn't convert or scratch build some of the vehicles since it'll look crappy and not nice.

I always wanted to make a Stompa filled with LED lights and mini rotors but he's against it saying I should only get GW's kits straight from them.

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Yeah, yeah, I knows my color theory.
But throwin' em all together like that dilutes the affect of the individual pieces, see?

>I shouldn't convert or scratch build some of the vehicles since it'll look crappy and not nice
Da zog? Listen 'ere. There's nothing better than a good and proper orky kitbash. And whether the end product is proppa, or naff, is dependant soley upon the skills of the mek -- i.e. you.

So if he's saying "your attempts at ork kitbashing will suck", he's drawing into question YOUR skill, not the kitbashing process.

Either that, or he's A: a massive faggot GW fanboy that can't stand to see anything other than official Citadelâ„¢ merchandise on the table
or B: He can't kitbash worth a damn, and rationalized it as something inherently wrong with the process rather than admit his own failing.

In any of the above cases, he should be ignored. Go out, get to building, put your heart and soul into it, and show him who the REAL Ork player is.

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Okay, but what should I start out making for an Ork army?

Like I said, I want to do a shooty Blood Axes army, what should I get/make?

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Mechanized or footslogging?

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>I shouldn't convert or scratch build some of the vehicles since it'll look crappy and not nice.
Call your friend a liar. Though, you will need practice kitbashing. Look through the Foolz archives for a tripfag by the name of Big Mek something or other, as he had several good threads about ork conversions and kitbashing in general.

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dis question easy...

firs ting is firs, make lotsa orks
second, make lotsa MORE orks

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Big Mek(s). Kustom Force Field or Shokk attack gun, both have their uses.
Lots of shoota boys.
Lots of lootas.
Maybe some grots to use as tarpits.
Some rokkit buggies or deffkoptas for tank hunting.
Big Guns, Boomwagons, or Killkannon Battlewagons for even more firepower.

Take this with a grain of salt, I'm more an Armoured Krumpany / Speed Freaks guy.

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sorry, me forgot important part

firs ting is firs, make lotsa orks
second, make lotsa MORE orks
third, gets lotsa dakka
whatever comes after third,

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This gif is positively hypnotic. Tricksy Space Elves.

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I'm working on a Bad Moon warband. Led by a Weirdboy who has his will enforced by a group of kommandos. Some of da boyz are whispering that da boss of the kommandos is really in charge of things. We just know we don't want our heads exploded or our throats gashed. Someone kunnin is leading us to bloody good bovvers.

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>not kitbashing everything ever

you ain't got it in you to be a mekboy.

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>Sits back in his lounge chair by the fireplace
>Takes a sip of wine.
>Nibbles on a slice of aged cheddar
>Puffs on his ivory pipe
>Guffaws heartily
>Reaches for the paper
>Pulls out the financial data and begins reading it.

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datz "Kultured" ya git

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