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Well, I'd say we've done it /tg/ but really the battle has only just begun >>21777250
We started out less than stellar, but we've moved on from there. We have the beginnings of Purple. The sixth colour of magic. This is no super-blue!

Purple is the colour of Mystery, Wonder and Discovery.
Favoured creature types are;
Mutants, Rogues, Explorerers, Horrors, Djinn and such.
Mechanics are... well we are still working on that, but we've gone in the direction of hidden knowledge, some sort of stuff with enchantments and some kinda secret-knowlegde mechanic. Some ideas of reperposing morph.

Come in, get shit done.
On the agenda is hammering out purple's identity and mechanics and investigating it's relations with other colours.

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Purple needs to have a niche. Some non-keyword "thing" that when people read the ability of a card they think "yup, that's gonna be a Purple card"

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Has "Caves" been decided as the basic land-type?

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Here's an idea for a Purple denial card:

Sworn to Secrecy 2P
Reveal a card from your hand. Prevent the next X damage that would be dealt to you or target creature you control, where X is that card's converted mana cost.

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Maybe, I had Caves/Caverns pegged for Brown though, and 'Gyre/s' for purple.

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Think so, horrors of the deep and all that, but we can always change it, for now, it'll do. After all, the lands of the other types often don't perfectly fit the full identity of thier colours.

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Maybe Purple is the nostalgia color? Phasing, banding, Thrulls, Efreets, Djinss, etc

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well to do this, what are the main mechanics of the other colours?
And what fits with mystery, wonder and discovery(horror!)

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Face down cards.

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maybe 'void' or 'vortex' for a land type?

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Considering where it fits with the attached image is also important.

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morph already exists though and it's a blue thing

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>inb4 a thousand and one people posting color names and quoting mechanics

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Feels too white. Specifically a white card from Saviors of Kamigawa

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Abyss? Chasm?

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This doesn't work because the idea of "flipping" is powerful because of what happens when the card is flipped, you dig?

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Looks like >>21779962 is akready too late.

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One of the last posts in the old thread talked about cards having a flat "Secret Cost" as in you play 3 mana to play the card, but perhaps it's face-down until you can trigger it or it's exiled face-down. Basically trap cards that trigger the moment you choose.

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This one feels wonky on me, but I don't know.

Surge of Knowledge 3PP
Look at the top 5 cards of your library, and separate them into 2 face down piles. Target opponent may either choose a pile, or reveal them. If he reveals them, you may choose a pile. The chosen pile goes into your hand, while the other goes to the bottom of your library.

It's a Fact or Fiction, but maintaining a sense of mystery and discovery.

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How about (for a common rarity)
Exile a card facedown at random from your hand. When you next take damage, return it from exile and prevent X damage, where X is its mana cost.

higher rarity example would perhaps cost less and let you choose the card. I don't know I'm bad with mechanics.

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So we talked about Purple being a mystery and doing things in secret, and it was mention that 7 colors feels more natural than six (although I like that 6 has Black/White and Red/Blue opposition) and I'm partial to Deserts as Orange land. Basically, Orange would be the simple no-tricks color (best for noobs) and has Protection, Shroud, Hexproof, Totem Armor, Intimidate, and other avoidance mechanics.

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See, it's the damage prevention. Like, I read this ability and automatically pop to "oh it's a weird white card."

I guess the idea behind Purple could be the same thing for that angle of Suicide Black. "Do what other colors do but pay life" where instead of paying life you pay in timing or something? Still feels really inelegant in comparison to the other colors though.

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morph was introduced in Onslaught block, and was in all five colours. Blue, Green and Red had the most morph cards, but not by much.
You only think it was a blue thing because a few blue morph cards were printed in time spiral. Stop being a newfag.

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Sounds an awful lot like blue to me

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Apparently because those abilities have been used at all, we can't.

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So, since I suck at mechanics, thinking about the Purple character.

Wouldn't he be the classic engima? The Stranger, the Other?
Motives you do not know, he does things, sometimes seemingly at random, others seem planned.
The one who hides secrets.

Paranoia would be the plague of purple characters to my mind, always scared of people finding what they know (in those fallen cases).

I'm not sure what the noble purple would be.
A heroic purple if you will.

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The ones who protect knowledge and contain ancient evils.

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Yeah. Since those abilities have been claimed by all the colors, it would be really weird to give them to one color. Unless you are talking about completely scrapping the current color wheel.

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So like
"Trap Hole"
Destroy Target creature
Secret: 2P (Play this card face down for it's secret cost)
Although I like this, I'm not sure what we should do for activating the card and flipping it face up. I think it should be able to be flipped up at any time, but playing a card in secret only as a sorcery. And I don't know if Secret should cost the same for every card that can be played in Secret, or if each Secret card should be unique, and almost like Miracle cards.

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It can seem a bit like a flipside mirror to it is to my thinking.

Blue is about Knowledge, Purple is the Absence of Knowledge.

Blue got to touch on this and the themes of mystery because the other colours weren't really remotely suitable for it.

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I actually thought it could be like a wizened rogue or explorer.


Like Indiana Jones.

Uncovering the great secrets of the ancient world, using them to overcome his enemies, and then storing them in secret facilities to protect the world from their power.

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your standard purple character is the delver into occult mysteries, who gets gradually sucked in and.. transformed... by what he knows.
Probably a scholor (maybe a historian or explorer) who finds something that doesn't make sense, and as he tries to understand it he becomes more and more withdrawn and odd in his manerisms... after all, working out what's going on is all that really matters.

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Wait, what if we make Purple creatures the kind that get stronger over time?

Like a Purple creature common would be a 1/1 that you can pay P3 to give a +1/+1 counter?

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The idea was to take the mechanic and give it more purple. Like the way red gets draw discard while blue is the King of Draw.

Other colours get to play with the other boys' toys but only one of them own it.

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That's green.

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So in the end, you become the mystery?
Or perhaps, you were the mystery all along.
In searching for knowlegde instead finding no answers, only questions.

I like it.

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Hm, it seems pretty flimsy to have Purple's thing be a keyword mechanic, especially since nowadays those things are being thrown around between all of the colors.

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Does green have cards like I described? I know that it has cards that give +1/+1 counters but how many cards does it have that their point is to get them out early and have them get stronger over time?

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Concept for a caves-based Purple mana icon.
100 hours in MS Paint.

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All colors should have their own kinds of evasion, "Orange" as it stands would just have it more commonly, and without the other colors evergreen abilities (Trample, Haste, Flying, etc). I mentioned Purple having an artifact subtheme, but I'd only like it if it was artifact creatures, and then Orange has Equipment and Fortifications.

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There was a card like that in the previous thread.

What lies beneath
Creature - Horror

WLB is unable to attack unless it has two or more unearthed tokens on it
WLB is unable to block unless it has one or more unearthed tokens on it

Every time a cave you control is played but an unearthed token on WLB
tap WLB and remove three unearthed tokens. Destroy target creature.

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I kinda like this symbol actually.
Thanks a lot!

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I like it. Just because the land is a cave doesn't mean the symbol has to be a cave. Also, a lot of Underdark shit can be purple because Swamps don't really fit.

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Does Purple get any weird alternate win conditions?

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It should. Most definitely it should.

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Hm, well I see this as a rare. If Purple is to get any legitimacy, then it needs a fleet of commons as its base. That being said, I think the idea of "get stronger over time" is a good one and can tie into the whole idea of mystery and whatnot.

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No no no no no no.

We must not get ahead of ourselves. It needs to fit in with what has already been created before it can really start challenging the rules, especially dealing with win cons.

Also, since the advent of Infect the only special one-color-only win con is Mill.

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Archive of the old thread, takes a while to get to the good stuff.

As for a seventh colour, it could balance things, or it could change things too greatly.
Regardless no harm in working on it, though personally One at a time may be a good idea.

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And white's two 'win the game' enchantments, and Phage.

>> No.21780332

I think we should talk about some of those weird mechanics made only for their block and never to be used again.
I think there were some strange ones in Zendikar and Inistrad

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I'm just saying that I like it.

But you're right, of course.

We need to start thinking about what commons are going to be relevant. A purple 1/1 that has a secret is a fantastic idea for a common, IMO. cost of 1P

>> No.21780374

Spells and creatures that are more potent if your opponent has less information (cards) at their disposal.

Hand-size matters.
Exiled cards matter.
Tapped permanents matter.

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Gibbering Hermit
Creature - Human Mystic

Tap Gibbering Hermit. If an enemy player plays an instant before Gibbering Hermit is untapped, he loses 1 life.

>> No.21780408

I would argue that's not entirely color specific but rather card specific, you dig? Like, the win condition is built off of principles that already exist within the color, and then they just threw in a card that says if you are really good at doing what this color is good at doing, then you win the game with a few exceptions for the sake of theme.

That being said, we still need commons. Unique commons that will make people say "Hm, I'm not entirely sure where that would go" which we can respond do "it goes in Purple, that's where it goes."

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A creature that has P and T equal to 8 - their opponent's hand size?

>> No.21780434

Been done.

>> No.21780441

Relying on secret will lead us to a design dead end. It would be like Black having everything revolve around Fear or Blue having everything revolve around Flying. Like we can have it and it can be associated with Purple, but we can't have a keyword be the entire schtick of the color.

>> No.21780445

What hasn't been done?

>> No.21780460

I'm just saying that its a good place to start.
How about whenever X deals damage to target player, randomly take a card from their hand and put it on the bottom of their deck.

>> No.21780464

Counting cards in exile, enchantment artifacts, 'this creature can block other creatures as though those creatures had non abilities'

>> No.21780472


The problem with these is that they are not effects. We need effects that say "Yup, that's Purple"

>> No.21780474

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now, See if this thread is up later. I archived the first with fairly bland tags. MTG, magic the gathering, Purple, tg does stuff.

Anyway. I'd advise focusing on how Purple interacts conceptually with the other colours, may shed some lights on possible mechanics. Also boiling up a really purple planeswalker could help. (I'd say don't make a card, but planeswalkers are actually very easy to identify as their colours.)

>> No.21780489


This can be Purple but once again I don't think it screams Purple, you know?

>> No.21780496

Sounds like a really weird black card. It can work, but doesn't scream that it needs its own color.

>> No.21780526

>Counting cards in exile

This speaks nothing of the effect of the card. Do you count cards then draw? Blue. Do you count then damage? Red. etc.

>enchantment artifacts

Similar problem to previous, no mention of affect.

>this creature can block other creatures as though those creatures had non abilities

This may be interesting. Elaborate.

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When I originally came up with idea of "Secret," it was that creatures could have an ability called Knowing.
A card could be attached to a Knowing creature face down, as a Secret, with its full cost paid.
When the creature fulfils the conditions of its Knowing, the Secret comes into play as an instant would, regardless of its true nature.

I'd rather have ANY CARD be used as a Secret. Having Knowing as a purple specific keyword is fine but having Secret as one as well means that this mechanic would have NO synchronisation with other colours.

>> No.21780545

well our current location (between blue and black) means that there might be some flavorful overlap

>> No.21780559

Then what screams purple to you?

>> No.21780564

Basing an entire color on a keyword is silly.

>> No.21780584

The last one I envisioned as a combination of reach before it was keyworded (this creature may block creatures with flying as thought they did not have flying) and the seldom-used "shadow-reach" on cards like aether web, but extended to all mechanics (intimidate, protection, etc)

>> No.21780599

I am not planning on basing an entire colour on a keyword.

I am discussing a keyword that could be used for a colour.

>> No.21780604

That's why my take on it is that instead of one new color, there should be a whole new pie, with all of the evergreen and set-specific mechanics re-distributed evenly among the alternate color set.

>> No.21780605


That's the problem, I don't know, and I don't think anybody really does. The only thing I can think of is "you play this card now and it gets better over time" but even this doesn't speak much for the actual effect of the card.

>> No.21780610

I would suggest avoid overuse of the Exile zone.

We do not want to turn Exile into Graveyard-II. It is there for punishments(exile target), setbacks(Suspend), or for storing cards for reference(Imprint).

>> No.21780622


Hm. This is interesting but I don't know how much we can do with this and keep it unique to Purple.

>> No.21780625

Don't make a card? but we need to! Someone needs to!

Apologies for being absolute shit, /tg/.

>> No.21780638

Keywords matter? But that's more of a block/set theme (one which I hope to use some time)
Maybe giving things keywords until end of turn?

>> No.21780639

This idea does seem to be the easiest if we want Purple to work, but I think it deserves a new thread since this one is about making Purple work in the current pie.

>> No.21780646


Reversing the turn order then? Skip your next Upkeep phase? Whenever you deal damage with X, put a card in exile that you own on the bottom of your library?

>> No.21780656

This fields weird, but could easily be a B/W thing. It definitely reminds me of Venser.

>> No.21780669

I, for one, would very happily join in on that thread, though I admit my basic idea of an alternate might make me a bit biased and overly stubborn about certain things.

>> No.21780671

Flickering feels too much like venser. But I like being able to superscry based on exile and the removal of types feels Purple to me.

>> No.21780673

Chrysalid Dreamer
Creature- Human Townsfolk
2: turn Chrysalid Dreamer face down [face down creatures are 2/2 colourless creatures]
*His family worry that he sleeps too much. But what will happen if he wakes?*

Reality Shift
Turn target non-purple creature face down [face down cards are 2/2 colourless creatures]
*Your in MY world now, of course you don't understand. But don't worry, neither do I*

>> No.21780676

>Maybe giving things keywords until end of turn

That could be interesting. At the same time, what keywords it gets would define it's color, you know? Like if the guy temporarily gets Flying, why not just have it be a weird blue card?

>> No.21780687

I'd like to see an effect like this
Instead of playing a card you attach it to a creature and put x prophecy tokens on that creature, every upkeep you remove a prophecy token, when its done the spell plays.
Additionally this could kill the prophet, or generate 1/1 tokens to attach itself to.
Not quite sure how it would work, but throwing the idea out there

>> No.21780699

I'll work on a better ultimate. also note that the 'turn target permanent into a ????' doesn't actually target, so it gets around shroud/hexproof.

>> No.21780700


Isn't that fucking Vault Upwards.
Yes good. Reality shift is good.
But what about making things into tokens that O-ring a target? When the token dies, original thing comes back out?

>> No.21780723

Losing/stealing keywords?
Thief of Flight -1PP
Creature- Rogue Imp
1P: Target creatures loses flying until end of turn, ~ gains flying until end of turn.
For each instance of flying beyond the first ~ gets +1/+1[too weird?]

>> No.21780732

>Reversing the turn order

Would be a rare, not something to build a color around.

>Skip your next Upkeep phase

This concept doesn't speak for the ability unless the ability is to skip Upkeep then the problem is that you can't really design an entire color around that.

>put a card in exile that you own on the bottom of your library

Could just be a weird blue, white, or black card.

The idea of skipping phases sounds interesting. New players will know about them in order to play the game, but I guess the problem is how can we base a color around that concept? How do you win by skipping phases?

>> No.21780735

That's just a more complicated suspend.

>> No.21780737

Only Enchant Xs, Equipments, and Fortifications may be Attached to other cards and only particular kinds of cards. (Enchants to their target type, equipments to creatures, and fortifications to lands)

>> No.21780747

Stop saying something is just a weird [color here]. There's going to be fucking overlap. Get over it.

>> No.21780753

>How do you win by skipping phases?

>Enchantment where you choose a phase and make it not exist
>Choose combat
>You have no creatures, and are fighting a white weenie deck

>> No.21780756

>Reality Shift

Pretty sure this card already exists.

>Chrysalid Dreamer

I would be surprised if this one doesn't exist.

>> No.21780768

>You have three of these
>Upkeep, Draw, Combat
>Maniacal laughter as the game is frozen

>> No.21780769

Purple mechanic: Lore

When a permanent with Lore enters play put the bottom card of your library face down under the Lore card. When the Lore card leaves play add the face down card to your hand.

Hell, add it to a spell to do a reverse draw mechanic.

>> No.21780794


Hm, I like the idea of stealing abilities. Like, the creatures just deactivate them but don't get them. It plays up the idea of Void. That could be something Purple.

>> No.21780795

Werid idea.
Roaming Displacer 1p
Tap, pay P; exchange control of rd with creature of converted mana 1

Of course far more amusing if the ability costs: tap, 1:

>> No.21780807

I think Purple's thing should be pulling from the bottom of the deck. It's mysterious since you never really see it in games, its got the whole discovery aspect going on, and its got a nice niche away from blue (Draw 2 cards from the bottom of your deck, ect.)

>> No.21780811


>Lore, Secrets

One more, I think, and we'll have carved out something of a niche, so long as we make Morph a Purple Thing.

>> No.21780821


But the problem is that Purple needs to find something unique. We need to be able to define Purple. We need to give Purple cards that other colors can't do. Without that then the color has no justification for existence.

>> No.21780832

Lore, Secrets, Morph, and Warping.

Warping is an Instant subtype. All Warpings must be resolved before anybody else can put stuff on the stack. You may use other Warpings in response to a Warping.

>> No.21780838

We went over this last thread. You're wrong.

>> No.21780865

Other mechanics could include:

Tap Gibbering Hermit. For every enchantment on the table, draw a card.
Tap Gibbering Hermit. For every Exiled card, an enemy player loses 1 life.
Exile Gibbering Hermit if an enchantment is played. Put a 3/3 Outsider token into play.

>> No.21780875


Hm, maybe Purple could take up the idea of skipping Phases.

Sacrifice this creature, your opponent skips their next combat phase.

Your opponent skips their next Main Phase 2.

It could play up the idea of mind control sorta. Like you are mind fucking them just slightly.

Still feels a bit blue though so we should keep on going to make this color more unique.

>> No.21780885


>> No.21780896


>> No.21780897

Sorry, meant to post this one.

>> No.21780908


Ok, this is cool. Still feels a little bit like a weird blue so let's keep on looking for more uniqueness.

Maybe instead of drawing from the bottom, you just get to move the card from the top of your library to the bottom? To create synergy with "look at top card" effects of other cards/colors?

>> No.21780923

Why am I wrong?

>> No.21780953

Why not?

>> No.21780955

(When this card is cast, exile the bottom card of your Library. When this card leaves play, put all cards exiled this way into your hand.)

This wording is a bit more rules-friendly and allows for adding a number to it.

>> No.21780973

Vessel of Secrets
Creature- Human Mystic
When Vessel of Secrets enters the battlefield, exile a card from your hand face down beneath it.
When Vessel of Secrets leaves play, return the card exiled beneath it to your hand.
*He remembers, so other's don't need to.*

The Dream Of Falling
Legendary Creature- Horror
Morph Xpppp (you may play this card face down as a colourless 2/2 creature. Turn it face up at any time for it's Morph cost.)
When The Dream Of Falling is turned face up, you may turn any number of creatures you control face down.
Face down creatures you control have flying. Face up creatures lose flying.
*In dreams, when you hit the ground, you wake up. In reality, you simply die. The question is, are you sure this isn't real?*

Enchantment- Aura
Enchant creature
When enchanted creature is turned face up, you may turn another creature you control face down.
(face down creatures are 2/2 colourless creatures).
*He draws such beautiful things, it would be a shame to cure him.*

>> No.21780984


Hm, I like that last one. I don't like drawing or losing life since those already are associated strongly with other colors. But the idea of uncontrollably losing a card if a condition is met is pretty interesting.

>> No.21781003

This feels purple, also overpowered, but also purple.

>> No.21781005

I toyed with the idea of purple once and thought they should have a thing of being able to get a lot of mileage out of very little, like being able to salvage a fraction of the mana cost of a creature they destroy (i.e. you destroy something with a CMC of 3 and you get 1 mana that can only be used to pay for purple or generic mana or something)

one other thing I came up with was a keyword (i don't remember what I called it) that required creatures blocking the creature with the keyword to be tapped and they didn't untap untill their owners next end phase. I think I may have called it 'bedlam' or something.

also something about giving your opponents harmful (to them) tokens under their control so they can get around hexproof

>> No.21781019

It also shows the effects of delving into madness.

>> No.21781026

So Nazon Mar is our planeswalker. With a bit of balancing.

>> No.21781033

>Vessel of Secrets

I like this guy.

>The Dream Of Falling

Maybe just have it be "face up creatures lose flying"

>> No.21781038

leave mind control to blue

purple turns its enemies subconscious and imagination against them

>> No.21781058

forgot to mention that I had deserts as purple land and used the moon as symbol

>> No.21781064

Perhaps that could be purple's niche then?

Triggering uncontrollable effects when conditions are met that cannot be countered or mitigated.

>> No.21781072


Hm, maybe have cards that say "when this card is sent to the graveyard/leave play, gain X mana?"

>> No.21781082

The moon is an interesting symbol. Might save that for something else.
Something that's faster than counters, is activated by things occuring that represent the dangers of delving too far, and require delving to gain power.

It's Purple in a nutshell.

>> No.21781097

that works, call it "recycling" when its your creatures and "salvaging" when your are doing it to your opponents creatures

the moon is highly related to madness, lunacy and all

>> No.21781109


We should be really careful with these effects, you know? Like "lose a creature get a slightly better one" is pretty neutral, but we don't want to dip too heavily into draw/discard/bounce and whatnot until there we have a good chunk of Purple to claim the mechanic.

>> No.21781117

Recyling would be better served for something else. Like Brown.

But really, We've got some good flavor already. Let's keep it that way.

>> No.21781133

When x enters the battlefield, exile the bottom card of your libary face down.
When x dies return that card to your hand.

>> No.21781139

just throwing out ideas

>> No.21781140

There was an old mechanic that Richard Garfield worked on, but it never saw actual play.
Gunk cards are cards you put into your opponents hand or library, to take up space in the hand and disrupt the draw step with your junk cards. I think this might be a precursor for something purple could use.
Also, we should have some Madness cards.

>> No.21781161


I like this, keep the mana colorless and avoid destroy effects.

Like, have a 2/3 Defender that turns whatever it destroys into colorless mana.

>> No.21781175

Putting cards into peoples' decks that they do not own never works out nicely when put into effect.

It only works in a vacuum concept.

>> No.21781183


I like the idea of giving Purple tapping into existence itself to draw power from its death. Kind of has a "all bows to the void" kind of feel

>> No.21781188

>ichard Garfield worked on, but it never saw actual play.
>Gunk cards are cards you put into your opponents hand or library, to take up space in the hand and disrupt the draw step with your junk cards. I think this might be a precursor for something purple could use.
>Also, we should have some Madness cards.
Now THAT is something. It's like curses but more devastating.

Warping would be the mechanic we take out if we do that. But I kinda prefer Warping to the Junk cards. I can imagine "Junk Tokens" that can be placed on someone's deck for Brown.

>> No.21781202

I think we are sticking to just trying to make Purple work in the current color wheel

>> No.21781205

>also something about giving your opponents harmful (to them) tokens under their control so they can get around hexproof

this encapsulates madness rather well I think

which is why putting cards that are harmful to control into play under their control would work better

of course more powerful ones should have ways for them to flop back into your control to cause havoc

>one other thing I came up with was a keyword (i don't remember what I called it) that required creatures blocking the creature with the keyword to be tapped and they didn't untap untill their owners next end phase. I think I may have called it 'bedlam' or something.

this also captures the sanity draining feel of lovecraftian beasties.

>> No.21781218

Downsides should punish delving too deep.

>> No.21781230

Inspired Singer
Creature-Human Townsfolk
When Inspired Singer leaves play, turn up to two permenants you control face down.
*The song is over, but the melody lingers on with a mind of it's own.*

Tainted Archeologist
Creature- Human Rogue
If Tainted Archeologist would be put into a graveyard from play, instead return it to play face down.
*Back then, something got into my soul. Hopefully I can keep it there.*

Hostile Dream
Cast Hostile Dream only in your precombat main phase. Turn all lands you control face down (face down cards are 2/2 colourless creatures). Turn them face up again at the end of the combat step.
*Every branch was grasping hand, every stone an eye.*

>> No.21781243

>to be tapped and they didn't untap untill their owners next end phase
Eh, this is a limited mechanic that has already been pretty thoroughly explored in White and Blue. Purple can have it but it won't really be able to solidly define the color.

>> No.21781269

i'm not saying it's something that should define it but it works well with the feel

>> No.21781282

yes! I'd love to put cards in an opponents deck that blows up in their face when they draw it.
Fuck Delver
If you draw this card and do not own it, reveal it and discard your hand.
Target opponent discards 2 cards
Gunk 4P :Target opponent shuffles this card into their library.

>> No.21781292

Wait wait

What about tutoring your OPPONENT'S deck? Just like, I dunno, shoving his entire mana base to the top when he's topdecking?

>> No.21781295


We are getting a lot of mileage out of all this "facedown" business. I think this could really work. Like, if we are able to get enough out of this, we may be able to put Purple in other sets.

>> No.21781314


I don't like this mechanic of putting cards in the opponent deck. There can already be enough confusion when you take control of cards.

>> No.21781333

I like it! If we combo that with gunking, you could gunk up their deck and put all that nasty shit on top of their library

>> No.21781334

Maybe? Its something to consider at least.

>> No.21781341

Nah too mean and powerful. Doesnt feel purple either.

>> No.21781357


Hm, I could see some of the more expensive Purple cards doing this.

>> No.21781365

Gunking is a Brown mechanic, outside of everything we're doing.

>> No.21781372

8PP - Order Target Player's Deck by CMC (Lands have CMC 0) in ascending order.

>> No.21781389

Gunking feels brown. It doesnt fit purple's identity.

>> No.21781393

agreed, gunk is bad

leave it to putting things in their control that fuck things up

like subconscious specters that need to be fed 1 mana or they will eat 1 life or something, or something that makes all hexproof creatures no longer be hexproof unless they sacrifice something to get rid of it, etc

always conditional nasties that force them to choose between two outcomes or something

>> No.21781417

Interesting. We will consider it.

>> No.21781440

>fed 1 mana or they will eat 1 life

Way too black. We need to focus on things that can be seen as uniquely Purple.

>> No.21781468

Alright, what about gunking by proxy? An enchantment that let's you search an opponents deck, name a nonland card, and that card cannot be played? Or a creature that does the same thing? Or even a planeswalker ability or an imprint ability for an artifact?

>> No.21781480

okay, not life then unless it's got black in it as well

more psyche affecting and madness stuff than "physical" affects

>> No.21781525

Eccentric Explorer
Creature - Human Rogue
Land cards come into play tapped.

Ragged Pioneer
Creature - Human Rogue
If the enemy plays a spell that requires more than three lands, he must tap another land to play it. Otherwise counter said spell.

Parasitic Beauty
Enchant Creature
Enchanted Creature gains +1/+1 every round.
If Enchanted Creature exceeds 5/5 at the beginning of the turn, Exile it and put an 8/8 Outsider token into play.

Just a few shit little ideas I thought up.

>> No.21781533

or simply exiling cards after you search their library.

>> No.21781545


Dude, gunking is a bad mechanic. Has way too many cards flying around. Seriously, there have been many times when I needed to be reminded to give back cards that I mind controlled, even by friends. It's just a pain in the butt.

>> No.21781557

Your opponent picks three cards out of their library without showing them to you. You pick one, any card with that name cannot be played untill some condition is met.

>> No.21781568

Players can't cast spells with the same name as a permanent or exiled card.

>> No.21781582

Nevermore. Learn it.

>> No.21781585


Hm, maybe have the Explorer be

Land Cards you control come in to play tapped

2: Turn this card facedown

(I remember a white card that does the exact same thing. That ability is a really powerful one)

I like the Enchantment though

>> No.21781590

I am a bit of a late-comer to this whole debate but I think if we are ever going to get new colors in magic we need to forget about fitting them into the normal color wheel or saying - this feels too "insert color".

Color identities changed and morphed as magic grew, and they are still changing.

But the only way that I can see new colors being added is in a Silver Bordered non-tournament legal set where five brand new colors replace the original 5.

Don't try to come up with what Purple should do by comparing it to RGBUW, think how you would make Purple distinct from Orange Yellow Pink and Brown.

And if the people start buying and playing the cards form the weirdo-color-wheel Wizards will make it official like they did with EDH-> Commander.

>> No.21781596

Nevermore is different than that.

That being said the Enchantment is an interesting one.

>> No.21781601

or you can go back your own thread for that and we'll keep doing this

>> No.21781603

This is not the same as nevermore at all. This is a continuous effect. For all permanents, players can't cast spells with the same name as that permanent. For all exiled cards, players can't cast spells with the same name as those cards.

>> No.21781620

the way I described it only makes cards in their deck useless, there is not actual putting cards into each others decks. It's actually a bit overpowered the way I described it, so cards that could forbid would need to be rare and a little expensive.

>> No.21781628


Got a link?

>> No.21781631


But the point of this whole thread is to create a new color to insert into the color wheel.

>> No.21781643

er, I meant go make one

>> No.21781667

Hey, you know how there are cards with increasing magnitude that are color specific?

Like how with red there is the damage bit that gets more and more powerful the more mana you pay? We need to get that kind of series of cards. I think we already did that with turning cards facedown. What else can we do?

>> No.21781674


I am with you on that but to do that you must also be willing to somewhat redefine what existing colors do.

Each expansion changes what we knew about magic, and people accept it after a bit of griping.

>> No.21781693


btw, mad props to /x/phile for making, like, just about all the cards. Other people helped but goddamn.

>> No.21781729

Conditions. If statements that create effects that can't be countered by standard means.

>> No.21781741


Well, each expansion expanded upon what a specific color can encompass, but never did one color do something better than its home color, you know? Or it does it in a way that is gives it a flair that makes you say "yes, this is red" or "yes, this is green" We are still hammering out what Purple's core abilities will be.

>> No.21781747

I'm personally not the biggest fan of face down, it's too specific and it's borderline keyword stuff.

Still, remind me. What does it take to make a face down card face up again?

>> No.21781756


Oh, like "target creature loses Flying, Intimidate, etc" (like all of those abilities) and then have the number of creatures effected increase based on mana cost?

>> No.21781767


Either the ability to Morph, having another card say "turn face up", or playing it again after it leaves the battlefield.

>> No.21781771


How about doing it in the reverse - Name cards that were printed as a different color, but that would fit into the purple identity had it existed.

>> No.21781774

that seems to be the case

I still want a way to get around hexproof without going for "this ignores hexproof"

>gdomdam division
do you know something we don't captcha?

>> No.21781803


I like it. This would give Purple some nice splash-ability.

The only problem is that you can't target creatures with hexproof/shroud with the spell that would remove hexproof/shroud. It would need to be a sweep.

Maybe like how Green hates Flying Purple hates hexproof/shroud?

>> No.21781808


This does not solve the problem that Purple doesn't have a distinct identity. It needs to claim one before it can start encroaching on other colors.

>> No.21781811

The wording to get around hexproof/shroud is 'Up to X [card types] of your choice'. see: any cloning creature

>> No.21781815

Stuff like...

Jester of the Depths
Creature - Human Rogue
If Jester of the Depths sends a creature to the graveyard without dying, all of your creatures receive +1/+1 excluding Jesters of the Depths.

But wait, you're specifically talking about increasing mana cost. I'll need to think about that.

>> No.21781829

The first one is keyword-based, so is the second one and the third one, I'm not sure. Is this really a good idea?

>> No.21781840

i think putting an enchantment, token, or creature that gets rid of hexproof into play under your opponent's control would do the trick, of course there'd have to be some way for them to get rid of them

>> No.21781854

Fuck All This Bullshit 2ub
Creatures with Hexproof or Shroud can be targetted.

Invincible creatures can be destroyed.

Unblockable creatures can be blocked.

Uncounterable spells can be countered.

Protection doesn't do anything.

>> No.21781869


You have created a wonderful color identity, fluff and flavor wise, so much so that I think there are current cards that fit that flavor.
What I am saying is that it would be easier to see what core mechanics are missing if you see the random fringe cards that already have a 'purple' vibe to them.

>> No.21781873


>> No.21781940


Target X number of creatures. They lose all abilities.

>> No.21781960

Now we need to ask ourselves.

How the fuck would this synergise with other colours?

>> No.21782010

Quite well. Enjoy watching your opponent writhe in pain.

>> No.21782019

well we'd need actual card to go off for that but i think from the base mechanics that have been put forward it'd work well with black and blue and maybe white

i can't see it playing well with green and red is to direct for it

>> No.21782022


>> No.21782029

Fuck All That Bullshit 2wu
Each player can only cast spells during the main phase of their own turn.

Each player can only activate abilities of permanents they control during the main phase of their own turn.

>> No.21782052

Fuck Even That Bullshit 2gr
Non-creature spells can't be cast unless they deal damage.

Each other permanent which is not a basic land loses all abilities.

>> No.21782148

Lets leverage the fact that Wizards owns the IP rights to D&D.

I think that the Derro dwarves fit the Purple color perfectly. (and I think more dwarf cards would be good now that red abandoned them.)

Other 'tribe' ideas include Troglodytes, and Myconids.

>> No.21782166



>> No.21782172

why not invent a tribe, like Morpheans or Figments for some dream/madness things

>> No.21782194


That's a given but we need fodder too.

>> No.21782220

it's a little on the flowery side regarding evocative qualities I guess, but given the portfolio of mystery, madness and what have you, a chain of spells/creatures/etc called Laments perhaps?

>> No.21782303

not sure of the cost but...

Dwarven Oneiromancer
When ever your opponent draws a card outside of their draw phase, you may look at the next X cards in their library.

>> No.21782613

Mutate (or something to that effect)
sacrifice a creature, draw cards till you find a creature and immediately play it, all other cards drawn this way are returned to the library before shuffling it.

>> No.21782663


>> No.21782706

definately green

now if you made it a condition that causes a creatures to turn into a shoggoth token or something when it resovles that'd work i think

>> No.21782803

>>21782303 >>21782303

Stowaway Oneironaut
This card may be played without paying it's mana cost anytime your opponent draws a card outside of their draw phase.

>> No.21782912


Fingers Crossed

Pick three creature cards with a converted mana cost of X or less. Randomly select one and summon it face down. The remaining two cards are placed out of play face down.

The summoned creature gains morph and the ability "When this card is face up return two out of play cards to your hand".

>> No.21782994

We already have a few of those. I'll try and think up some other variations though.

Foul Summons
Exile three creatures. Create a single Outsider token with power that is the sum of their power and defence that is the sum of their defence.

Enchant Creature
The enchanted creature receives -1/-1 at the beginning of its player's turn.
If the enchanted creature dies from this enchantment, Exile it and put a 5/5 Outsider token into play.

Defiled Earth
Search your opponent's hand for a land and Exile it. Put a 3/3 Outsider token into play.

>> No.21783009

For the first one, I meant to type "Exile three creatures you control."

>> No.21783111

I'm also not sure about how I'm overusing Exile. On one hand, it could be a valuable mechanic for the colour - perhaps a creature card which has X/X where X is the number of Exiled cards. On the other hand, it effectively makes it just another graveyard. Should I save the Exile effects for the creatures that die to create these tokens?

>> No.21783119

>re about how I'm overusing Exile. On one hand, it could be a valuable mechanic for the colour - perhaps a creature card which has X/X where X is the number of Exiled cards. On the other hand, it effectively makes it just another graveyard. Should I save the Exile effects for the creatures that die to create these tokens?
I think so.

>> No.21783153

Just a heads up - if you've got any idea for card art for these, shoot it over to me.

I'm saving them as I go to make when I can find the time to sit down.

>> No.21783158

Fair enough.

Foul Summons becomes "Sacrifice three creatures" instead.
Motherhood removes the Exile part.
Defiled Earth places the land in the graveyard instead.


>> No.21783166

And we'd just end up with Threshold effects

>> No.21783185

This might fit Defiled Earth although you may need to edit it.

>> No.21783220

One With Void
One With Void comes into play with X Void counters.
During each players upkeep, that player Exiles the top X cards of their Library, where X is the number of Void Counters on One With Void.
If you have 40 or more exiled cards, you win the game.

>> No.21783242

Mythic Rare of course.

>> No.21783321

Clinging Madness
If a creature would be exiled, instead place two -1/-1 counters on it and return it to play under your control. It's creature type is now Outsider.
"Vacant minds tend to not stay vacant for long."

>> No.21783404




If an opponent plays a spell or activates an ability with targets, they must choose one of their own spells, permanents, or themselves as the target if possible.

Sanity Loss


Until the end of the turn,If an opponent plays a spell or activates an ability with targets, they must choose one of their own spells, permanents, or themselves as the target if possible.

Despair Elemental


Creature- Elemental


When ~ deals combat damage to an opponent, counter the next spell they cast.

Whenever a spell is countered by a spell or ability, put a +1/+1 counter on ~.


>> No.21783422

Servitor of the Depths
Creature - Outsider
Tap Servitor of the Depths, untap a land.

>> No.21783426

Design 10 purple commons. They must be New World Order compatible (in other words they can't be complicated as fuck and should probably be able to be understood at a glance by a relatively new player).

>> No.21783440

(Forgot to add, if you fail this, you have failed to make a new color)

>> No.21783443

i dont think you should called them elementals

Figments sounds better since it seem like some infectious mental entitiy

>> No.21783454

Every color gets Elementals. An Elemental is just an embodiment of an aspect of the particular color of mana.

>> No.21783467

ah, derp on my part then

>> No.21783473

Make that "removed from play" rather than just "exiled." Also remove any abilities that it previously had.

>> No.21783477

yeah that sounds better

>> No.21783506

"Removed from play" is the old way of saying "exiled." I think the words you're looking for are "leave play."

>> No.21783521

Even better, "leave the battlefield."

>> No.21783526

From this thread, I'd suggest:
Gibbering Hermit >>21780865
Eccentric Explorer >>21781525
Servitor of the Depths >>21783422
Defiled Earth >>21782994

Everything else is... just a little too complex.

>> No.21783538 [DELETED] 


>Play PW
>Terminus, and in response, Clinging Maddness

You gain control of all creatures, albeit all with 2 -1/-1 counters.

>> No.21783609

The Void

Enchantment- Horror


Whenever you would draw a card, instead return a card at random from your exile to your hand.

>> No.21783630

that's uh, no, no bringing things back from exile

maybe giving you some generic outsider token for everything you have in exile

but not that

>> No.21783694


The Void

Enchantment- Horror


Whenever you exile a card, you may put a 2/2 Purple Outsider token into play.

>I think it lacks impact. If Purple is going to be the color of Exile, it should do something more impressive than generate slightly-spookier Bears. I'm not saying you're wrong about not bringing things back from exile, I'm just not seeing anything strong about this color.

>> No.21783706

Sour Ground
Tap an enemy's land.

Acolyte of Beyond
Creature - Human Mystic

Churning Soil
Deal 1 damage to every creature.
For every creature that dies from this, the opposing player receives 1 damage.

Hopefully these are a little more simple for everyone's tastes.

>> No.21783737

Most of the exiling you're doing is already done for the purpose of creating shoggoths.

Purple is NOT the Exile colour. Exile does not need to be a major feature.

Exile is just something to keep people from bringing back the same unit over and over again to exploit it for tokens. That's all. There's no need to focus so heavily on it.

>> No.21783766


Well, what is Purple the color of? Are we sticking to what R&D suggested? Or are we just shitting out shitty creature tokens and de-braining things?

>> No.21783787

exile shoudl be pretty heavily involved, though it shouldnt be the main feature

the conditional events should be the main event for purple

>> No.21783840

Purple is supposed to be the colour of cowardice, avarice, sneaking about and generally being a roguish bastard. So the focus is on two main things:

One, face down cards. Morphs, ninjutsu, that sort of thing. Popping "hidden" cards out from what seems like nowhere to harass the enemy and keep them on their toes.
Two, conditions and triggers. If the opponent triggers a condition than an uncontrollable effect takes place. An additional ability on an enchantment or a creature, something that's set off when the requirements are met.

>> No.21783859


So, you can never have Purple Aggro then?

>> No.21783878

Shadow Elemental
Creature - Elemental
(Shadow or Intimidate or Unblockable)
This creatures power and toughness is equal to the number of cards in your exile pile.
X / X
- - - - - - - - -
Cave Angler
Creature - Dwarf Rogue
(Tap Cave Angler) Cave Angler deals 1 damage to target creature, that creature loses Flying.
2 / 2
>"Looks like we're having stingbat for dinner again!"
- - - - - -
Thorny Stingbat
creature - Bat
When Thorny Stingbat leaves play, it deals 1 damage to target creature or player.
- - - - - -
Fungal Vector
Creature - Human Fungus
At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were cast last turn, transform Human Fungus.
1 / 1
- Plant Fungus
When Lichenthrope transforms, put 3 green Saproling creature tokens into play
sacrifice a creature: Lichenthrope fights target creature an opponent controls.
4 / 4
- - - - -
that last one was sort of a fun experiment, but don't discard it immediately. I really like it's flavor, and every color needs some hard hitting creatures.

>> No.21783894

Purple Aggro would be really weird, and probably deal with White.

>From Nowhere
If a card has any "Comes into play" conditions, they are also met by turning it face up.

>> No.21783930

I think the main focus is control first and foremost.

How would you implement Purple Aggro?

>> No.21783972


No idea. But you should be able to do Aggro with any color. It may not be as effective with some colors than others, but it should definitely be possible.

Waiting on your opponent to fulfill certain conditions before your cards are 100% effective troubles me, especially as a main feature of a color. You may think you're controlling them, but if they are the ones who get to make the choices, they are controlling you, make no mistake about it.

>> No.21783994

The idea is that you know when this shit goes off, but they don't.

>> No.21784007

and the conditions SHOULD be designed to force your opponent choose between two things they'd rather not happen

>> No.21784071

It's worth-while since it forces your opponent into a difficult position.

For example, let's say you've got a 2/2 Human Mystic. If they cast an instant on your turn, perhaps it could turn into a 6/6 Outsider. Or maybe it could send one of the opponent's creatures into the graveyard. Or allow you to play a card of equal cost or less immediately.

It's an obstacle that they're either forced to eliminate or work around. It's not good for aggro but it makes for excellent deterrent, bait or punishment depending on how they respond to it.

I'm sure we could make a few cards with triggers based upon your own actions rather than your enemy's.

>> No.21784100

I like the idea of giving purple a reverse ninjutsu where you can sacrifice a human mystic to turn them into a big scary outsider that only stays around for a few turns

>> No.21784112

and by reverse ninjutsu i mean it only works on your own blocked creatures

>> No.21784147

Is all well and good

Just leads to the Vexing Devil problem. If you give your opponent a choice between two things they'd rather not have happen, they'll pick the one they prefer.

That's the thing about making a color out of conditional triggers that your opponent gets to choose. When you need to deal 4 damage, you'll get a creature, and when you need a creature, you'll deal 4 damage.

You need, in addition to that, things that don't give an opponent a choice. Conditional Triggers might be a good Sub-Theme, but the main thing a Color does should be something it can do time and time again.

>> No.21784170

Also, choices should be between stuff like Taking a damage and sacrificing a land, or losing a life and sacrificing a creature. Damage vs creature is a simple decision. Make it less so.

>> No.21784175

Maybe there should be a higher cost that forces both the choices to happen, when you want?

>> No.21784191

Entwine on choices is also a great idea.

It should still be a sub theme but it's a good sub theme.

>> No.21784203

Eager Supplicant
Creature - Human Mystic

If Eager Supplicant is the target of a spell, discard both Eager Supplicant and the spell. Put a 5/5 Outsider into play. Sacrifice it once it has either put an enemy creature into the graveyard or damaged the opposing player.

>> No.21784219


That is even easier. Lose one life and sacrifice a creature every day of the goddamn week and twice on Sunday. You will still not get a good result.

If you want to ruin their tempo by blowing up a land, they'll just sacrifice a creature.

If you want to kill their super beefy creature, they'll just sacrifice a land.

>> No.21784222

Wording issues and some book keeping stuff to look at here, but great idea.

"Put a 5/5 Outsider token with "when this creature deals damage to a player sacrifice it. When a creature dealt damage by this creature this turn dies, sacrifice this creature." into play.

>> No.21784223

That sounds like U/P.

>The Dream Of Falling
This card should exist. I don't care how.

"Figment" sounds like a good name for a fodder creature, though. In standard magic it'd be mono-blue, but it sounds like we're swiping all the Dream fluff from blue. (Which is OK; they won't miss it.)

Simply "Tap target land" for Sour Ground, I think. (It's technically a bluish effect, but there haven't been many cards printed with it lately.)

>> No.21784229

Adjust number to compensate. Lose 4 life and 2 lands, or 8 life and 5 creatures?

>> No.21784271


To be effective, that card would have to be inexpensive to play, but it would have to cost a lot of mana. To actually give you an edge, it should cost like 3-4 mana, but to cost it appropriately, it should be like 6-7.

>> No.21784283

blue is isnt whimsical enough for dreams anyway

That works, but i think making conditions that interact with each other for chain reactions has more of an edge

that and some conditions can resolve in your hand or graveyard

>> No.21784290

Some of this is a bit too wordy.

Perhaps it would be better to just have the token die at the end of your next turn?

>> No.21784316

or put X counters on it, remove 1 counter per turn, and it dies when its out of counters

>> No.21784331

I notice you're giving a gap here.
Let's say 3PP, and complicate a little more. Make it an enchantment that triggers that conditoin the next time you cast a spell, and then sacrifices the enchantment.

To Wit:

>Fool's Dilemma 3PP
>Whenever you cast an instant your sorcery, any opponent may pay 4 life and sacrifice 2 lands. Otherwise, deal 8 damage to target player and they sacrifice 5 creatures.
Vanishing 1.

Vanishing 2.

>> No.21784356

Considering how powerful it is, it shouldn't last that long.

"If Eager Supplicant is the target of a spell, discard both Eager Supplicant and the spell. Put a 5/5 Outsider into play. Sacrifice it at the end of your next turn."

How's that?

>> No.21784361

Posting art for W/P?

>> No.21784376

Delving Deep
P, Instant
Whenever a player suffers damage this turn, he gains that many Madness counters instead.

- like Fog and Holy Day, but with Madness

Mad Muse
2P, Enchantment
Whenever a player with one or more Madness counters would draw a card, remove that many Madness counters instead.

I imagine that Madness counters could be a good resource for Purple - expanding your options, and restricting your opponent's, based on what cards you have in play.

>> No.21784380

Still has to say token, and there's memory issues.
Giving the token an ability that forces the sacrifice is the better way to go, and Vanishing 1 or 2 is a good way to do it.

>> No.21784391

... On the other hand, that works.

"If Eager Supplicant is the target of a spell, discard both Eager Supplicant and the spell. Put a 5/5 Outsider token with Vanish 2 into play."

Even better.

>> No.21784394

suffers damage is a bit odd.
Whenever a player would lose life this turn, etc?

>> No.21784415

Let's not add too many resources and gimmicks and bells and whistles to the class.

>> No.21784423

To the colour, even.

>> No.21784441

First turn card that makes all land come into play tapped. Would be hated heavily in standard/modern. Too many "comes into play tapped lands" in EDH to care in that front, though.

Would it at least be uncommon for an effect like that?

>> No.21784461

Give it a drawback or make it 1P.
I say a high vanishing, but that might be too complex for a common.

>> No.21784469


I'm glad I wasn't drinking, because I would have done a spit-take over everything forever.

Vanishing 1 means it goes away at the beginning of your next upkeep right?

I'm liking it a little bit more, but honestly you'll probably only ever activate that ability once at that mana cost.

Fool's Dilemma: 3P

>Whenever you cast your first instant or sorcery per turn, target opponent may sacrifice 2 lands. If they don't, Fool's Dilemma deals 3 damage to them, and they sacrifice a creature for each life lost this turn.

>> No.21784485

Hey guys, but how about Mind Flayers? Maybe creature type Illithid? Seems like a good fit for a stronger creature for Purple. I think Horror is good enough for an Iconic creature like Dragons, Angels, Demons, and Wurms/Hydras.

>> No.21784503

"If ~ is the target of a spell (or [activated] ability?) while it is on the battlefield, sacrifice it (exile it?) and put a 5/5 Outsider token with vanishing 1 into play."

As worded, there might be question about what happens when you play a spell that targets cards in a graveyard. Not sure about the stuff in parentheses.

>> No.21784522

I'd seen it as a one time bomb that might, with a little planning, be activated more. If you triggered that thing 3 times, your opponent is very nearly fucked.
Imagine that and 3 lighting bolts. It's nothing amazing, but I liked the design space.

Yours is also fascinante, and excellent for an uncommon say. Mine was a bit rare.

Card text on creatures is usually assumed to only apply on battlefield, eg Thalia. But IANAJ.

>> No.21784562


>> No.21784571

1P would still be a bit too cheap and cause a lot of damage still.

Vanishing sounds good though. Makes it so eventually it stops dicking everyone and slowing the match.

>> No.21784586

Figment is weak monster, Horror is strong Monster.
Illithid might fit as Medium ie 3/3-4/4 space, or as utility creatures with the humans.

Flavorwise, a horror is what you get when your creatures go insane. An illithid would start out bigger and have another effect.

>> No.21784587

Dreaming Raider
Creature - Human

If you play an instant, Dreaming Raider gains First Strike until the beginning of your next turn.

>> No.21784589


>> No.21784591

i think a card like that that comes into play for free when someone flickers would be devious

>> No.21784598

If change to whenever.
Also liking.

>> No.21784609

Whenever a creature is exiled and then returned might not work.
Just whenever a creature is exiled?

>> No.21784615


Mind for Murder
1PP, Instant
Pick one:
Destroy target creatureI. Its owner loses Madness counters equal to its converted mana cost.
Counter target spell. You lose a combination of Life and Madness counters equal to its converted mana cost, distributed as you see fit.

>> No.21784636

Activated abilities don't count. That would make this card almost infallible.
Exile it, yes.
In my opinion, Vanishing 2 might be more suitable. Vanishing 1 could lead to it disappearing before you can do anything with it.

>> No.21784639

that works since it would happen more often

Void Escapee?

>> No.21784672

I want to keep it restricted to only combat damage and direct damage spells, so it's worded like that to avoid various 'player loses x life' effects.

>> No.21784673

I can see Illithids having plenty of sacrifice creature effects.
Mind Flayer Slavemaster
Creature - Illithid Rogue
Sacrifice a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature
2 / 3

>> No.21784675

Good name methinks.
Price and P/T?
I am thinking 3P and 4/4, but that mgiht be too good.

>> No.21784688

Makes sense for Illithids, but is not very purple.

>> No.21784695

All right. Actually, here's a choice:

"Whenever you play an instant, Dreaming Raider gains First Strike until the beginning of your next turn."
"Whenever an instant is played, Dreaming Raider gains First Strike until the beginning of your next turn."

>> No.21784728


>Strictly worse than Cancel

R&D wanted Counter Magic to be Purple's Bread and Butter. They were going to give it a purple-shifted Mana Drain for chrissake.

>> No.21784748

I'm starting to think that Purple could be a great card to include a bunch of D&D Aberrations: Hook Horrors, Illithids, BEHOLDERS, Aboleths, Ropers, Chockers etc! They could all be classified as horrors!

>> No.21784771

i think Void Escapee should be a little thing, like a 2/1 or something

counter should be blue's thing, if purple is going to do countering it's going do it through conditions, like you may play the spell or I get X whatever or you take some other penalty or something

>> No.21784779

Illithids strike me as blue, even now.

That's a very nice mono black.

Yeah, I meant 2.

Clarity (1B, Instant)
Remove 3 Madness counters from target player.

... but really, I think Madness counters may be a little too far. It feels like we're trying to eat the entire buffet.

>> No.21784799

I agree on madness counter.

Let's not add too many special keywords. Let's use what we've already got for the most part.

>> No.21784804

madness counters, if they exist, should probably also seep into being blue and black turf, not an inherant thing to purple

and Illithids are too methodical to be purple

>> No.21784849

Creature- Fungus Horror
When Mi-Go deals damage to a player, instead exile that many cards from the top of that player's Library

>> No.21784862


"Counter target spell with converted Mana cost X or less, where X is the number of Madness Counters your opponent has" ?

>> No.21784906

lets avoid madness counters right now

i think purple's most basic counter should be force the other player to suffer it's effects with you or neither of you do

>> No.21784930

>2 / 2
I was starting to get an evil vibe from Purple, so that Black and Purple would be the "Evil" Colors and take some of that responsibility from Black. But some of the flavor of the Aberrations wouldn't quite be Purple.

>> No.21784952

Trying for a purple multicolor to see what it feels like.

> Void Bolt (RP, Enchantment)
> Flash, vanishing 1
> When any player casts an instant, ~ deals 2 damage to a creature he or she controls. If that creature dies, destroy ~.

A small entity that slipped in through a momentary crack in reality? I think I like it.

Something like "Duplicate target instant or sorcery, choosing new targets for the copy, unless its controller pays 0."?

>> No.21785008

no, it's either no spell or you get to duplicate it

purple is no more or less evil than any other color, it just happens to go insane more often

>> No.21785024


Your Opponent chooses one- Copy Target Spell, or Counter Target Spell. You choose the target, and if a spell is copied this way, you may choose new targets for that spell.

>> No.21785067

Call to the Void
Reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a creature card. Exile the revealed creature card. If you do, put all other cards revealed this way into your graveyard.

Put an X/Y Outsider token onto the battlefield, where X is the exiled creature's converted mana cost, and Y is that creature's power. You lose life equal to the exiled creature's toughness.

>> No.21785070

All colors are evil colors, to some degree. (Even White has zealots and inquisitors.) Admittedly Black is more evil than most, but -- let Black have its schtick! Purple is secrets and dreams. I suppose we're stealing some nightmares from black, though.

I swear that's what I meant. (I accidentally an "If they do" clause.)

>> No.21785086

What about some creatures and enchantments with no mana cost or small, but have Echo? We talked about paying for stuff later, and Echo is a pretty close contender. We'd have to make some creatures that punish you for not paying their Echo cost, and others that can reward you for not paying the cost.

>> No.21785134

This is beginning to take more ideas from D&D than I personally care for.

Anyway, I got bored and decided to think up of land names.
P - Cave
WP - Quartz Quary
UP - Corundum Cove
BP - Spinel Sinkhole
RP - Garnet Grotto
GP - Diopside Den

>> No.21785138

purple likes to share

Vexing Figment
Creature - Figment
Activated Abilities that target creatures you control must target Vexing Figment if able to do so.
"Let your foe's imagination do the work for you."

>> No.21785174

Purple isn't necessarily evil. It's just whimsical, curious, mysterious and unknown. Although...

Preacher of the Many Mouths
Creature - Human Mystic

Tap Preacher of the Many Mouths. Sacrifice a Human and put a X/X Outsider token with Vanishing 2 into play.

Is this getting too close to black or green?

>> No.21785248

Overactive Imagination
Your Opponent chooses one- counter target spell or put a figment creature with a converted mana cost less than or equal to the target spell into play tapped under your control.

>> No.21785265

i think it works just fine

>> No.21785286

make it Exile a Human
Whenever a time counter is removed from Outsider, sacrifice a creature (the Outsider is soooo hungry).

>> No.21785335

Echo is a fairly well distributed effect, colorwise, but most of the cards using it are pre-Eighth-edition. Could work, especially with purple's established love of conditional effects.

>mfw super haste is a purple effect

If you strip the "vanishing", it looks like a black-splashed-green effect to me. As is, it'd be a plausible GBP multicolor mythic rare. (Although I think "vanishing 1" would be better here; then you could strip the "Human" requirement.)

You got lost halfway through that, or at least you lost me. What's a "figment creature"? What's its P/T supposed to be?

>> No.21785347

I don't think there's any reason to Exile in this situation. Also, sacrificing a creature every upkeep? Not so sure if I agree with that. Vanishing 2 is more than enough to balance this out. Could even make it Vanishing 1.

>> No.21785352

I'm just stating we're moving away from Roguish behavior.
We should probably have a few more Roguish types in here that aren't full on Cthulhu

>> No.21785373

Sweet Dreams PW?
For each creature you control that does nothing this turn, gain 2 life.

>> No.21785377

Got it. Your suggestions are pretty sensible in this case. This is shaping up to be an interesting colour, if we can keep the buzzwords to a minimum.

>> No.21785406

figment is supposed to be a purple tribe

and it;s more of "oh you want to cast a spell? well I get to play one my dream creatures with a CMC equal to your spell"

>> No.21785433

>>Dream Creatures
>>Nothing from Magi-Nation referenced in this Set.


>> No.21785462

well I have no fucking clue what magi-nation is so please help correct that

anyway, the idea was to help flesh out the purple counter mechanic of "either the spell is countered or I get to do something"

that something may or may not tigger MORE conditions

>> No.21785514

>U mad that the planeswalker isnt Tony Jones is it

>> No.21785537

I think roguery may have gotten lost completely. Which is sad, because I'd have liked the Cave of the Forty Thieves.

Kicker 1P
Target spell's controller chooses one: that spell is countered, or a 3/3 Figment token comes into play under your control. If the kicker was paid, that token has haste.

Oh, a tribe.
> Target spell's controller chooses one: that spell is countered, or you may put a Figment creature card with converted mana cost less than or equal to that spell onto the battlefield.

... that's perfect. It's purple twice over: _you could be bluffing_.

>> No.21785561

I still think some of the Explorer / Archaeologist cards could be Rogues instead of Townsfolk or such. We should certainly make a Deal damage and draw a card from the bottom of your deck Rogue though.

>> No.21785595

well purple is still sneaky, though i think most of purple's rogue would probably be quite mad from pocketing some void gubbinz or whatnot

>> No.21785600

Or on the verge of madness.

>> No.21785604

Yeah. Preacher of the Many Mouths pretty much went full Cthulhu, sorry about that.

Questing Vagabond
Creature - Human Rogue

Questing Vagabond gains +2/+0 and First Strike whenever attacking or blocking an enchanted creature.

>> No.21785624

... Purple is the colour of Murderhobos now?

Someone find me some art of Ashcan Pete.

>> No.21785642

That is perfect.

>> No.21785794

I accidentally a clause again. The exact clause whose absence confused me in the first place, in fact.
> Target spell's controller chooses one: that spell is countered, or you may put a Figment creature card with converted mana cost less than or equal to that spell's converted mana cost from your hand onto the battlefield.

Huh. That gives me an idea. Not sure how to word it.

Creature - Human Rogue
Sneak (You may tap and attack with ~ after the declare blockers step. If you do, opponent gets another declare blockers step, but may not reassign existing blockers.)

It's a reasonably dabblable ability that's still, I think, quite purple.

>> No.21785883

I like Sneak

>> No.21785992

I've noticed that a lot of these things take up a lot of space on cards. We should REALLY try to reduce the words for some of these.

>> No.21785997

Let me try and fix up some more then. We've not lost the roguish element yet.

Forlorn Crusader
Creature - Human Rogue
If Forlorn Crusader is Equipped with an artifact it gains +2/+0 and Battle Cry.

Beguiling Scoundrel
Creature - Human Rogue
Beguiling Scoundrel cannot block.
Beguiling Scoundrel cannot be blocked unless all other attacking creatures are blocked.
Tap Beguiling Scoundrel. Put 3 0/1 Figment tokens in play.

Laughing Monk
Creature - Human Mystic
Whenever Laughing Monk is blocked or blocks, the blocking or blocked creature suffers +0/-2.

>> No.21786041

I realised that too. I'm trying my best to ensure mine are relatively spacious but it's difficult.
Critiquing my own stuff.
Something more suitable than Battle Cry would be nice.
I am really unsure about the wording on Beguiling Scoundrel.
The same applies to the Laughing Monk.

>> No.21786060

Waking Dreamer 2PP
Creature - Human Oneiromancer
All Figments you control gain 0/+2 so long as Waking Dreamer remains in play.

>> No.21786101

Oneiromancer is too specific, make that "Mystic" instead.

>> No.21786118


>> No.21786179

I'm fixing them as I go through them. Proper MTG wording is finnicky.

>> No.21786223

I cannot accept commentary on this card, as it is being cast on me.

>> No.21786231

I see you are also making cards. Shall we pool efforts?

>> No.21786292

Also, someone with Photoshop skills should help us re-design some of the Purple template stuff in MSE - Hybrid cards look fucking UGLY with it.

>> No.21786307

Deathknell Phantom
Creature - Outsider
You may put Deathknell Phantom into play tapped without paying its mana cost when a Mystic creature is destroyed. If you do, it gains Vanishing 2.

>> No.21786316

I thought you guys would have djinn and shit? I see Rogues, Mystics, and Horrors.
Figments are the purple Token creatures, I assume?

>> No.21786324

yeah pretty much

>> No.21786367

Ok let's stop for a second and figure this out.
FIGMENTS are TOKENS. They are meant to be chump blockers and have 0/1. Waking Dreamers are Figment Boosters, providing them with +0/+2 per Waking Dreamers.
Rogues and Mystics are low cost, utility types. They either net cards, or boost your Horrors.
Horrors are low-mid things with insanity effects.
Outsiders are Mid range guys. Very powerful stuff.
Djinn should also be in there somewhere I think. High level, mythics?
That should clear that up, yes?

>> No.21786431

okay yeah, that makes for a nice structure rather than having them all over the place Though figments shouldn't be tokens only. Things like the vexing figment from >>21785138 work well for them.

>> No.21786585

Figments are Creatures and Tokens, but serve as cheap things.
Humans are Mystics and Rogues. Rogues do Draw and Lore effects. Mystics do Secrets. Some Mystics do Morph as well.
Horrors are High range eldritches that focus on Morphs and other purple effects.
Otusders are 8/8 tokens and other monopurple things.
Djinn are mid-high range Utility and Bombs.

>> No.21786638

>> No.21786661

>> No.21786677

>> No.21786687

I still say this is a good idea.

>> No.21786719

Proper wording

>> No.21786745

>> No.21786753

>> No.21786791


>> No.21786793

I can't help but think with the whole "we've got hidden shit going on" vibes I'm getting that there could be a vertical cycle of lands with Hideaway.

>> No.21786807

Thanks. Should be 1/1

>> No.21786813

Also, Eldrazi feel very purple to me, with their "woo, we're outside the normal rules of time and space, woo" thing.

>> No.21786821

We established No Eldrazi.

>> No.21786858


>> No.21786881

Hideaway is an ability on certain lands. It appeared during Lorwyn block. It read "This land comes into play tapped. When this card comes into play, look at the top 4 cards of your library. Exile one of them face-down and put the others on the bottom of your library." They all then had ways to cast the cards for cheap (like one mana) if a condition was met, so Mosswort Bridge had "G, T: You may play the exiled card without paying its mana cost if control have total power 10 or greater."

This screams purple to me. It's a card that could be heinously bad for your opponent if they do something, or it could just be a Llanowar Elves. It's all about deception. If you make it useable based upon what the opponent has or does, then that would fit perfectly with purple's agenda, or at least that's how it feels to me.

>24 suchembr
I think the month you're looking for doesn't exist, captcha

>> No.21786935

So basically, Knowing is Hideaway but Hideaway is a much better mechanic.

I thought it was strictly a land thing. Perhaps it'll be a widespread thing instead.

>> No.21786997

Secrets operate similarly, but it puts a card from your hand into exile.

>> No.21787197

>> No.21787394


>> No.21787406

Lucid Dreamer
Creature - Human Mystic
When ever your opponent draws a card outside of their draw phase, you may look at the next X cards in their library.

Stowaway Oneironaut
Creature - Human Rogue
When ever your opponent draws a card outside of their draw phase, you may put Stowaway Oneironaut into play tapped without paying it's mana cost.

>> No.21787443

Can we make Stoaway Oneronaut use Secrets instead, and have it be able to reveal the Secret when an opponent draws a card outside of their draw phase for free, otherwise reveal it for its CMC?

As for Lucid Dreamer, maybe.

>> No.21787469

I don't have MSE so I'll just be posting text.

Enchantment- Aura
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature can't be turned face down.
*Just an hour. All I want is an hour's sleep.*

Creature- Elf Townsfolk
Whenever a creature is turned face-down, you may gain 1 life.

Grasper at Mysteries
Creature- human cultist
Grasper atf Mysteries gets +2/+2 and has Reach if you control an enchantment.
*I don't seek knowledge, just a glimpse of what I don't know*

The Unknowable
Legendary Enchantment
When you play The Unknowable, exile your hand face down under it and then draw that many cards. p, discard a card: put a card exiled with The Unknowable into your hand.
*This far your knowledge extends, and no further.*

>> No.21787517

Thats what I'm doing. Taking all of this and putting it into MSE.
Is Cultist a new type now? I thought Mystic and Wizard were our things? Shaman is the closest Cultist type as well.

Not sure what the purpose of The Unknowable is. And how did you want to word Lore and Secrets? Right now Lore is Lore X (When this is put into play, exile the bottom card of your library and put it face down beneath this. When this leaves play, put all cards exiled this way into your hand.)

>> No.21787543

bottom X cards*, not bottom card.

>> No.21787571

Secrets are gonna work as Secret: Exile a card from your hand and place it beneath this. On the card itself, there will be a way to cast the secret (possibly for cheaper, or such.)

>> No.21787585

Remember, key mechanics are:
- Triggers and conditions. If you or if the opponent or if either of you fulfils a specific condition, the card will respond with an uncounterable reaction.
- Face down cards. It seems like we're going all-in with morph and claiming it as our own so keep a close eye on it and remember how it works.
- Tokens. It looks like we're going token heavy. Figment tokens are cheap and expendable things used to block more than anything else while Outsider tokens are more powerful and created by removing your own cards from the table.

>> No.21787595

I thought the only two types we had were Rogue and Mystic. But honestly? Anything'll do.

>> No.21787612

>are more powerful and created by removing your own cards from the table.
> Anonymous 11/28/12(Wed)03:44 No.21787595
>I thought the only two types we had were Rogue and Mystic. But honestly? Anything'll do.
I want to stick with Rogue and Mystic being our two types.
I remember. I'm simply documenting whats in the thread and am going to shift it later once everything is set. For example, changing a lot of the creatures to work with Lore to put things into your hand, Secret to get them into the battlefield or Outsiders for Exile Fodder.

Morphing is just one aspect of our facedown strategies. There will be instants that gain bonuses from being played from being flipped and such.

>> No.21787628

Prophetic Dream
Enchantment- mystery
When you play Prophetic Dream, secretly note down a creature you control. When that creature is blocked, you may reveal the note and sacrifice Prophetic Dream: if you do, draw two cards.

Fever Dreams
Enchantment- mystery
When you play Fever Dreams, secretly note down a creature you don't control. When that creature attacks, you may reveal the note and sacrifice Fever Dreams: if you do, that creature's controller discards two cards at random and then draws two cards.

Bringer of Enlightenment
Creature- Bird Horror
Morph- 2pp
Whenever a creature blocks or is blocked by Bringer of Enlightenment, turn that creature face down after combat damage is dealt.

Ancient Curator
Creature- Skeleton Horror
Whenever Ancient Curator is dealt combat damage, draw a card.

>> No.21787655

The Unknowable gives you a pool of [handsize] extra cards you can cast. It's a way of digging for what you need.

Also, i thought cultists was a creature type we were doing, my bad.

>> No.21787693

The list is Rogues, Figments, Djinn, Outsiders, Horrors, Mystics, and some other stuff - Like Construct and such. But Cultist isn't an established one at all.

>> No.21787821


how about some oozes and skeletons, as outliers?

>> No.21787860

Definitely good contenders for non human stuff. Let's also look at the Derro or Kithkin, just to broaden things a bit.

>> No.21787898

Also, definitely throwing Elder into some of those Horrors.

>> No.21787922

Ah, we should consider what lives in caves, things like bats and lizards and stuff.

Also I know people generally don't like browbeat type mechanics, but offering your opponent two different choices could be very purple.

Also on the subject of counters, rather than straight counters, replacement effects. "Oh, you thought that your burn spell was a burn spell? Too bad, it just gives you a token 2/2"

Also, as awesome as the whole horror and dreams are, we shouldn't just be shoggoth themed. Mystery, Wonder and discovery have more than that.

(Also surprises and tricking an oppenent is fun).

On that subject how about a janky Djinn?
Something that gives the oppent the choice of letting you grab the bottom card of your libary or spitting out a token perhaps?

>> No.21787967

Voidborne Devourer
Creature - Outsider
Creatures your opponent controls may not use mana abilities.
Voidborne Devourer destroyed a creature last turn, all creatures with the outsider type cost 1 less to cast.

i think should probably be a little more expensive but I am unsure

>> No.21787976

Lets look into Effect Replacement counters. I like that idea.

We can reflavor cards as needed.

We need to refocus our stuff though, back to the four basic mechanics. Some stuff is going a bit too out of whack.

And on the djinn, how about the face-down fact/fiction?

>> No.21788005

i like both the replacement counters though I still like the idea of letting your oppoent choose to not do the spell or do the spell and you also get to do something.

I could the former being on instants and sorceries while the later is primary on creatures.

>> No.21788075

Another few thoughts, creatures dealing damage to their controllers (due to a spell, effect or ability) isn't really owned or used often by any other colours. It could be the infrequent "burn" of purple.

Also giving your oppenent bad gifts is another thing.
All these fit into mystery, wonder and discovery.
So far we've stuck pretty well to those ideas, but we need to be more than Shoggoths.

White isn't just angels and anthemns. Black isn't just demons and sacrifice.

Screeching Rockdweller
morph 2
When Screeching Rockdweller is turned face up, target creature deals damage equal to its' toughness to its' controller.

The idea of doing stuff with toughness and switching power and toughness sounds fun too.

>> No.21788085

ooohhh I like that, especially since it works with purple's ability to fuck up someone's perception of reality

>> No.21788113

It fits in with the conditionals and flips, that's for sure.

Lets ignore flavor and focus on costs and effects.

What are some conditions that can occur: AN opponent plays a spell? A card is flipped? An enchantment enters the battlefield? A card is drawn?

What can be the effect of those? Tokens? Flipping? Removal of abilities? Token Enchantments on target creature that removes those abilities?

>> No.21788121

Look at the bottom card of your library. If it's a permenant card, you may put that card into play face down, then put a permenant you control on top of your library.

Retreat into the Subconscious
Draw a card, then put target creature you control on the top or bottom of you library.

Devouring Anomaly
Creature- Horror
Morph Xp
When Devouring Anomaly is turned face up, it gets +X/+X until end of turn.
If Devouring Anomaly has power greater than the number of face-down cards you control, sacrifice it.

Creature- Human Mystic
When Reincanator would die, instead put it on top of your library.

Cthonian Mystic
Creature- Human Mystic
Burrow (creatures with burrow may not be blocked by creatures with flying)

>> No.21788135

as an aside- 'burrow' as an in-colour mechanic.
Creatures with Burrow cannot be blocked by creatures with flying.
It feels suitibly underdarky, and is slight evasion.

>> No.21788138

>as an aside- 'burrow' as an in-colour mechanic.
>Creatures with Burrow cannot be blocked by creatures with flying.
>It feels suitibly underdarky, and is slight evasion.
Now we need a burrowing flyer.

>> No.21788181

Lantern Cap Myconid
Creature - Fungus
Burrow (creatures with burrow may not be blocked by creatures with flying)
Lore 1
"They light the depths - but somethings are better left in the dark."

>> No.21788194

Burrow creatures can be blocked by nonfliers correct?

>> No.21788259

seems that way

i suppose we can also have a super burrowing (tunneling?) where they can only be blocked by creatures with burrowing or tunneling. I suppose they could share that with red and green since it'd fit there too.
Bah, getting a head of myself.

well, any chance can be used for a condition

i think it's more come up with the effect first and see condition seems the most balanced and most fitting for it.

Like, creating outsider and figment tokens should happen most often when something is exiled.

Flipping should probably be associated with "bad gifts" or doing what Wintersoul in >>21788075 suggested.

Hm. Adding bad gifts when something rengerates?

>> No.21788297

So when something is exiled, a token should be created.
When a card is flipped, A negative effect should happen. Something loses abilities. Something deals damage.
When an effect happens, you can cast a secret for cheaper?

>> No.21788306

bats, man, bats.

Abbysal Angler
Creature- Jellyfish
Vigilance Reach, Burrow (creatures with burrow may not be blocked by creatures with flying)

Creatures you control get +2/+0 and have Burrow until end of turn.

Cavern Genie
Creature- Djinn
When Cavern Genie blocks or is blocked, look at the top and bottom cards of your library.

Gregarious Dream
Creature- Horror
Whenever you shuffle your library, you may search your library for a card named Gregarious Dream, and then put that card on top of your library after it is shuffled.

The Dream of Searching
Legendary Creature- Horror
Morph XXppp
When The Dream of Searching is turned face up, turn X other creatures you control face up. Turn them face down at end of turn.

>> No.21788329

We should try and add some specifically anti-green features to purple.

Like when someone uses mana abilities you can get tokens or couters.

or makng burrow also do something against trample to give it a little more mileage so its "Burrow (creatures with burrow may not be blocked by creatures with flying or trample)"

>> No.21788341

i feel that any creature with both should make you pick between the two

>> No.21788347

That's suitably WHAT THE FUCK enough for purple.

>> No.21788367

Heh. Then i guess burrowing or flying is cheaper than burrowing and flying.

>> No.21788393

Hoarder of Secrets
Creature- Human Mystic
Lore 3
*It's not what you know, it's what everybody else doesn't know.*

Spiraling Revelation
Whenever a creature is turned face-up, you may look at target card exiled face-down.
*Dare you touch, taste, feel the throbbing enigma?*

Denier of the Unreal
Creature- Human Mystic
If Denier of the Unreal would be exiled from anywhere, put it into your graveyard instead.
*This isn't happening... I'm just dreaming... I'll probably wake up soon...*

>> No.21788404

Hm. I'd make it a seperate keyword: Intangible (creatures blocked by a creature with Intangible lose trample)

>> No.21788644

Just a thought, but we need to look into the effects the other colours have, like what is the themes and motives of white-purple.

Also, know those three styles of decks.
Control, Aggro and combo.
It has bothered me for a while, but now, purple seems to be enable a fourth, not sure what to call it.

Turnabout, Deception, trickery. You win by confusing the game state, information denial and generally flipping the tide around. It isn't really control. You aren't trying to stop or slow down your foe, you are trying to outmanouver.

I've personally felt that magic doesn't really allow you to trick your opponent.

Anyway, rambling thoughts. More importantly how do our mechanics work with the other colours. Like red get draw with random discard, does blue get a variation on lore?

Burrow, if we go with that (it doesn't have horsemanship problems) should be sometimes green.

Black should get some of purple's madness etc...
How does purple bleed into the other colours, and how do they bleed into it?

>> No.21788701

Hmm? we haven't reach the limit of this thread have we?

>> No.21788740

A: Its Six in the goddamn morning
B: I have finals coming up
C: We're nearing the limit. We'll make a new one tomorrow. I'll leave this one up and pick out any other stuff and we can keep going later.

>> No.21788786

Timezones man, brutal things. But yeah, best not to annoy people with orginal do not steal colour threads.

I'll not make it when the time comes, I think I did badly on The OP. We need to collect all the relevant info in one place for next time.

I'll see about collecting what we've got so far best if more than one person does it, I'm likely to forget stuff

>> No.21788804

We've got the email exchange set up. We can pick up the conversation from there, and I'll get something written up about it tomorrow.

>> No.21789009

getting around the horsemenship problem is exactly why i suggested it also be unblockable by something with trample

>> No.21789071

Nah, I think the fact that it can be blocked by everything bar flying is fine (since it can't block flying)

If anything, trample would ignore burrowing creatures entirely.

But I think it works keeping the interaction with flying.

>> No.21790180

You missed the part about how that spell was being cast on me - i.e., I fell asleep.

"Creatures you control have hexproof," even conditionally, is far too strong for 2C.

Also, in Magic, keywords and special terms aren't capitalized specially; so "first strike", "hexproof", "emblem".

Eldrazi are large horrific juggernauts that just destroy everything in their path. Our large horrific juggernauts that just destroy everything in their path (everyone has them) should look and act differently. (So no annihilator, for starters.)

You should be able to force mana symbols with, e.g., [P].

You should be able to conditionalize Lore's reminder text to read "that card"/"those cards".

Insomnia strikes me as green. With different flavor it could be white or blue, though. (Also, the existing card Spy Network needs to be retconned to cost a lot more. Hopefully we don't have to do that much. I think Break Open is A-OK, though.)

I don't generally like turning other people's cards face down with no way for them to turn it face up.

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