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I want to have my RT group chasing after a rival rogue trader and some eldar in a three way race to find an ancient vault/data-tomb. I think whatever is in it I'll have some waystones to double justify the eldar presence other than that I'm trying to think of what should be inside

I'll probably randomly generate it from a list:
Ancient imperium AI
valuable STCs
Stellar maps to previously hidden/undiscovered worlds

What ideas do you have /tg/?

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another bump

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>dat pic
Why won't they just kiss already and be done with it?

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Sexual tension gets ratings

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The guy on the right looks kinda like Jake Gyllenhaal, or maybe it's just me.

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It's just you.

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Bunker full of archaeotech built on a long lost shrine world that was lost because it's actually a tomb world.

And the bunker has valuable STCs in it and was built directly on top of a big Necron Tomb.

Throw in some Alpha Legion shenanigans and you're good to go.

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>Ancient imperium AI
>valuable STCs
>Stellar maps to previously hidden/undiscovered worlds

I think I love you.

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Ok so the answer so far appears to be use all the ideas I had and then suddenly necrons.

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In times like this I think its appropriate to us the sock STC.

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Also what sort of Alpha Legion shenanigans do you think would be best

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>Ancient Golden Age AI


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No man, just pick one. Don't over do it or you'll water down the "OH SHIT" factor with "Wat?" bullshit.

Chose one and go balls deep. You seem to be keen on Tomb World so make it that.

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Suddenly, BACKSTAB.

Or >Lone marines leading sabotage cultists to the gellar fields while you're in the Warp

Or >you've lost contact with one of your ships

Basically, the Alphas want your ship to disappear for good before it can get word of its discovery back, so they can take it themselves for Alpha Legion Things.

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I'm actually not that terribly keen on it I just happen to have a lot of necron pics and other people picked up on it. I don't know if lolnecrons is that good of a plot point, it does make a good survival horror ohshit adventure though

>No man, just pick one.
Yeah I will just looking to expand possibilites. I agree too much and the whole thing goes wonky

I like it
As far as other ideas go:
>Pre-heresy traitor legions in cryosleep WAT DO
>an ancient ship
>ancient ship idea combined with AI idea
>Lost navigator routes through the warp.

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>us the sock STC
We footwear now

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The party dicks over a rival rogue trader, stealing his map to a word full of archaeotech. Possibly through high stakes gambling, possibly at the request of a planetary governor.

The Eldar step in and try to steal the map, then try to impede the party with repeated raids, manipulation of another world, and the like.

That world full of Archaeotech? Necron Tomb world.

The rivals want profit and revenge. The Eldar want to get the map back, or kill the necrons before they get woken up.

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A machine capable of amplifying a Psyker's talents, allowing them to alter the very strands of fate to their will.

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Was it built by Sir Isaac Newton?

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