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Are there chaos cults on Terra?

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Terra would be so packed with Psyker Inquisitors that the slightest heretical thought would be picked up on and squashed.

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highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly highly unlikely.

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No. However, it's likely that some people there engage in heretic behavior, considering what we know of the higher-ups of the Imperium.

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No, but there are Tau operatives on Terra.

Believe it or not. According to the 3th Codex, the Tau Tech has reached Terra.

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Looks like Dean Venture

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There's like a trillion people on Terra there's gotta be some chaos cults somewhere in the bowls of the planet.

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> the Tau Tech has reached Terra.
Yes. As spoils of war.

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>bowls of he planet
>Blood for the Blood God!
>Milk for a Balanced Breakfast!

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Nope, the Tech Priests are kinda shocked and horrified that Tau stuff has reached so deep inside the Imperium.

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They're horrified someone took spoils of war they consider to be heretical all the way back to Terra.

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>rogue traders
>no sense of right and wrong

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I'm on Terra (Earth) right now and i'd fuck the hell out of that... Daemonette? Or it's a Bloodletter-ette?

Does this make me a chaos cultist?

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Less spoils of war and more goods of trade and smuggling, seems to me.

The Tau are spreading as much technology and stuff through the imperium as possible.

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I always thought there was an implication that all the holiness of Terra and presence of the Emperor, not to mention all the security, meant there were no *Chaos* heretics on Terra.

However, there is a BL book that mentions an inquisitor stamping out a Nurgle cult on Terra.

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Somehow now i am imagining the Emperor's presence manifest into phisical form in front of heretics and slaying them Lady of Pain style

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and yes.

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Have the Custodes actually fought anything since the Horus Heresy?

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They were involved in the civil unrest after the Hersey.

A lunatic got his hands on the Imperium and he had to be removed.

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They stamped out one of the other big rebellion leaders or something no?

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They stopped someone from blowing up pluto, or something.

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Speaking of the Custodes, do they have better gear than standard Astartes or GK? I'm sure they do, but they don't look like much.

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Does swatting flyes around bigE's corpse count?

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There was that Necron ship that popped up near Mars.

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Emps sits on a webway portal and is the strongest active psyker in the galaxy. I can only imagine how much Warp-related shit must go on in the Palace on a daily basis. Not to mention Dark Eldar hazing rituals.
Then you have your regular infiltrators, assassins and such, since the enemies of man are not very bright.
So they probably fight all day erry day.

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Bolters duct-taped to power weapons and artificer armour is the standard, i think.

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I think they have access to all the good preheresy tech. They still got gravbikes and all that as well as POLEARMS WITH BOLTERS ATTACHED AT THE POINTY END!

Here's a question though. Why do Custodes have pointy Eldar helmets?

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Yes, the Emperor is pretty much an honorary Chaos God.

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Got the specs for that?

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They're secretly half-Eldar, obviously.
Or they want to look like gigantic golden cocks, which is a strong possibility.

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Rogue Trader had stats for them, as well as 1e.

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No, he isn't.

He is a powerful pysker, but no where God Tier.

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A lot of DAoT and consequently Imperial tech can be traced back to reverse engineered Eldar designs.

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he keeps 4 chaos gods away from holy terra

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Terra is inhabited by trillions. Gotta be somewhere.
Also in canon it states that there are people below the planet that don't know even that the Emperor exists.

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>Emperor of Man
>is the beacon that almost all human travel in the warp uses to navigate with
>is one of the reasons the Tyranids came to our galaxy
>Not even the Chaos Gods operate such a beacon

Yea, no, he totally isn't God-tier... and I'm a Chaos worshipper!

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He plugs the Webway breach and directs the biggest flashlight in existence.

Not very impressive.

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>>is one of the reasons the Tyranids came to our galaxy

Lies, only Leviathan was said to be attracted to the light of terra.

>>Not even the Chaos Gods operate such a beacon

The Eye of Terror and whatever Warp rift and storm all over the galaxy.

>>Emperor of Man

Not God Tier.

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>God Emperor of Man

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But he is worshiped as a god and is a big deal in the warp.

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Last time those self-same gods decided they wanted to fuck the Emperor up to show him that some shit don't fly, he ended on permanent life support, with his dreams turning to mockery and ash all around him, powerless to do anything about it.

This was repeatedly stated to be the result of a trivial extertion for the Gods.

You can even look into the Chaos codices - it's clearly stated there that the moment the Emperor bites it, the galaxy ends up merged with warpspace - not by some grand expenditure of effort by the Four, but by simple lesser daemons and native Empyreal xenoforms such as Enslavers acting on their nature.

So yes, He is far away from being as powerful as even Slaanesh, much less the Ruinous Powers Undivided.

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The raw power put out by the Astronomican's 10k sacrificial human psykers is greater than what Emperor can sustain. That's why he only guides it.

If those 10k human psykers are more powerful than a chaos god, Slaanesh would have been slapped down by Eldar when he tried that "fall" thing.

Any debate about Emperor being capable of challenging the powers of chaos in single combat or anything equally stupid was put to rest when a joint alliance of Chaos Daemons and Chaos Marines took over the Emperor's webway and he could not do anything about it even with an army of Custodes and Sisters of Silence at his side.

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Yawn, every Codex is propaganda for the army it describes.

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Not nearly.
Hope and religious devotion, such as prayer, goes directly to Tzeentch.

'Faith in the Emperor' has to be both psychotic AND more 'the Emperor' than 'blind faith' to do anything for him.

You could see just why the Bearers of the Word laugh at the Imperial Ecclessiarchy and it's Fire-and-Faith routines.

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There were no conditionals about it - it stood there as a statement of fact. You can argue about it, or dismiss it, of course - but the truth of the matter remains unchanged.

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Except all of them combined still couldn't defeat the Emperor through the most worthy vassal physically possible once the Emperor got over his love for his son and realized his son had already ceased to exist.

They fled in terror from the backlash of the utter annihilation of Horus, and though the Emperor may be dead, even in death he and humanity are able to keep the chaos gods at bay.

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>They fled in terror

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Here's an almost-definitely-also-retconned but related snippet:

>What the Necrons hoped to gain by this remains a mystery, and various vocal members of the Adeptus Mechanicus have voiced wildly differing opinions regarding the future of the mine complex, ranging from its total destruction to the enforcement of a Perditia zone. Fresh from his expedition to the dead world of Naogeddon, Magos Prime Reston Egal has proved the most strident in his cries for the site’s destruction with fusion bombs and its sealing with ferrocrete, but thus far his demands have been overruled.

>Magos Prime Reston Egal

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And that was AFTER he had been mortally wounded. Had the Emperor been playing for keeps he would have just toasted Horus's mind the moment he heard the news about Istavaan.

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You don't see the chaos gods pulling that trick again, even with the Emperor a burnt out corpse.

Fear. Fear they won't escape next time.

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You're also forgetting the Chaos Gods didn't actually actively do anything. If they showed up themselves that shit would have been over quick. The Emperor is a very powerful man, yes, but when he was still able to walk he specifically did not want to be viewed as a God, only as the Emperor. The masses of the Imperium believe he is a God, but Space Marines know him as the greatest man, not a God.

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While sustaining the Astronomican, no less.

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... Black Crusades. Your statement has just been proven false. Also again, the chaos gods don't actually do much themselves. And they also know that completely destroying the imperium is not good for them because at this point it gives them a large portion of their power.

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Or maybe they've got Abaddon now and Horus is freaking dead beyond resurrection.

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The problem is that the Chaos Gods will never get anything done.
Why? Because they are too much self absorbed in their own obsessions to do anything else!

Nurgle? He's brewing a new disease, cuddling his followers or flirting with Isha
Khorne? Too busy setting up gladiator-style combat for the next thousand years
Slaneesh? Do i even need to explain?
The only one remaing would be Tzeench but even if he decided to "Hey, let's kill the Emperor", he would do that through a series of plans and counter-plans that by the time he's finished the Tyranids will already have nommed everything and moved to another galaxy! TWICE!

That's why The Chaos Gods will never "Just kill him", they are spoiled fucks that mind only their own enjoyement!

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Maybe the Emperor is their enjoyment?

The Emperor holds the Imperium together, if he were to die then there wouldn't be so many Guardsmen and Marines fighting in wars, which pleases Khorne. Without then policy of Xenos hate, there wouldn't be so much Eldar hate, which makes Slaanesh happy. The Imperium is a fun plaything for Tzeentch's plans. The only one who doesn't seem to directly benefit from the presence of the Imperium is Nurgle.

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They're perfectly content with things remaining the way they are. They love the state of the galaxy, with a few exceptions, and only wish for it to remain the shithole it is for eternity and beyond.

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Nurgle's thing is decay, and not just the PLAGUESANDDISEEEEEEASE kind. The Imperium is decaying pretty nicely.

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Failbaddon does nothing but lose...

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The 40k universe is a giant stalemate for a reason, no one side is all powerful compared to any others.

You can argue all you want about fluff, but it's pretty silly.

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Actually, they stopped wearing the goldarmor with red tabards that they had during the Great Crusade.
After the heresy, they stopped wearing armor period. If i'm not mistaken, they look pretty much like the spartans from 300.

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You know what else is decaying pretty nicely? The Emperor's mortal shell.

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I herd they painted their armor black as well.

I'm assuming they're armorless most of the time but put on the black when needed

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A decaying mind... Mental disease? Is there any fluff supporting a Nurgle legion that's just shit-eating crazy as opposed to shitting themselves like crazy?

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The reason chaos doesn't win (aside from plot) is that it's chaos, tzeentch for example is the god of change, revolution and other such things, this means that even though he makes the changes with plans, the plans themselves also changes, collapsing on themselves, this means he can never win against the imperium, when he becomes dominant, he changes to being submissive, after he gains, he looses.

Slaanesh is all about feels, and if the entire imperium is destroyed there wouldn't be any humans to fight, at that point planet-wide orgies would be the norm and everything would spiral out of control.

Khorne simply can't win due to his anger, just that. And even if he did, since there would no longer be any reason for war people would simply run out of things to kill for.

Nurgle dousn't work because of simple science, and the fact that when the imperium dies, so does despair.

Chaos fights for not anything, they don't don't do, they simply do, the question is "what do they do?", and the awnser is "Not any thing", chaos can't fight the imperium to destroy it, since then the chaotic thing would be to not destroy the imperium.

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