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tee-hee! dont hit on me, silly gue'la!!! X3 ^^

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Tau women are bald and don't have mammaries.

Stop perpetuating this false stereotype.

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a stereotype isn't false, it's just a stereotype.

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Well excuse me, nerd.

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Shadowsun has a topknot.
And tits.

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False. All tau are big-titted, wide hipped, lewd little blueberry sluts.

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Topknot ok, tits prove it.

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B-but it's not like I was hitting on you because I *liked* you or anything, b-b-baka xeno-kun! I was just doing it so you'd surrender.... i-if that's okay with you, xeno-sama....

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No matter. DFC is fine too.

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Rolled 9

I don't care about proving X fact with Y Fluff. I just want more XX Tau. Post more Blueberries.

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Xeno! stop being lewd!

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Also they wear diapers.

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Rolled 19


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better TRQ

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Rolled 6

Damn. The rest my my FemTau images are pulling 'Duplicate File Entry' errors for the thread over there: >>21728139

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>Xeno! Be more lewd!

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The Tau female
>Small slanted eyes burning with purpose and passion
>Rough wrinkly skin with little moisture
>Beloved fellow sisters and comrades in Tau'va working tirelessly to see the vision of the Aun become a reality

The Blueberry
>Creepy huge eyes hallow and devoid of emotion or intelligence
>revolting moistly smooth skin
>Mammric Glands. Why? Why not, say the Gue'la.
>Exist for nothing more than fodder for the humans sickening desire
>mfw when I am exposed to this disgusting smut daily by lurking around this forum

Such is my suffering. Such is my burden.

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You're sounding exactly like /a/ when you post photographs of porn stars on their board.

Massively hypocritical.

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Wait, you're a Tau!?
Sweet Emperor I've never been so disgust with myself.

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husbando <3

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You're thinking of Smurfs.

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3DPD can't be husbando, you stupid shit.

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What about the boys?

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Go back to /a/, /tg/ is pansexual.

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like japanese men, but bald and blue; very very small warp presence, unlike huge imperial warp presence.

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go back to tumblr.

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Go back to facebook.

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Bad blueberry! Naughty blueberry! Stop that lewdness at once!

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Go back to Myspace.

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I can feel the warp overtaking me!
It's not a pain, really. More uncomfortable where it hits the fabric of my pants.

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If only Tau had hair. Think of the potential.

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Go back to Gaia.

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I heard blueberry

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Nah, dark eldars have a monopoly on asian/gal-o/visualkei/cybergoth/emo haircuts.

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also I'm ten times more pissed off by the fact it's a homosuck character.

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Go back to Neopets.

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Go back to Mordor.

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one does not simply go BACK to mordor

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He's right.The TSA screenings to get into that place are fucking nuts. They won't even let you take a ring on the eagle.

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this better?

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How do you exist in real life if the mere sight of a webcomic character sends you in to rage?

>overrage ogniyen

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Real life is too trivial, not serious enough.

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Don't use husbando if you can't use it right.

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homestuck = good (in a this will burn a couple hours of boredom way) and funny to read

fandom = infuriatingly weird/creepy

learn the difference so that you may hate more accureately.

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/tg/ - Sexually liberal, grammatically nazi

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>fandom = infuriatingly weird/creepy

Because this wasn't a thread about porn of blue alien girls, right? Right?

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eldar call humans "mon'keigh"

tau call humans "gue'la"

are there any alien species in 40k that don't call humans names that sound suspiciously like misspelled words for apes with random apostrophes in the middle?

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Not coloured in, but does this count?

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gue'la=gweilo. Chinese slang for whities.

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I find it kind of funny that /tg/ has basically created an entire race for itself: Faptau.

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I thought Tau only had four fingers.

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indeed, but the guy who drew Blue knows jackshit about the specificities of tau anatomy.

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A lot of drawfags know jack shit about Tau physiology.

It all depends on the picture though, some are better than others.

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this drawing, for example, makes her look at least as big as an ork. Normally, she's be a bit taller than the grot she's holding.

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Sure it isn't gweiro?

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>5 fingers

I puked.

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It could just be a very small grot. They vary a lot in size.

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Really, the original picture is one of the best for actual technical accuracy.

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that's not the original picture, there was one before that, but it wasn't taken into account.

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That was the one which was accepted by most, as it's pretty much exactly what everyone had in mind.

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could be a snotling

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Yeah, I think that was the idea.

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I never really understood the whole lewd tau thing myself.

Then again, Voldermort is dead sexy too now that I think of it….

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As far as I can tell the Lewd Tau thing is that they are perfect for the wide hips look that /tg/ seems to love.

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Who doesn't love a nice pair of child-bearing wide hips?

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Hey, I never said there was anything wrong with it.

Honestly though, hips aren't something most males seem interested in, strangely.

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>Honestly though, hips aren't something most males seem interested in, strangely.

This is news. More for me though, I love a good pair of hips.

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I live with roommates who are normal, especially in the sexuality sense. And they're a lot more into very thin with big tits than any sort of hip action.

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That's odd. Stupid plebians, hip masterrace.

does this make me a hipster

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I'm starting to feel like i'm the only one that likes the Tau for their ascetics, combat doctrine, philosophy and suits anymore.

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Hardly. Men are meant to like a good pair of hips, it's good for the offspring.

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Nope, that's what I'm in for too. Blueberries are just a bonus.

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It amuses me that these kinds of tau are canon, if only because of delicious nofun neckbear tears.

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Nofun neckbeard tears are the best tears.

I assume you weren't referring to the fearsome Neckbear. Neckbears have no tears, or tear ducts. Only claws. Claws, and hatred for all life.

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> claws
> hatred for all life
> live outside of reality
Neckbears are necron flayed ones.

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Flayed ones wear human flesh over their bodies. The Neckbear of Nofun wears flayed one flesh over his body.

>gazed seesfur

Alas, Captcha speaks only in gibberish since his encounter with the Neckbear...

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Aye, twas a typo. I would never think to insult such grand creatures as the neckbears.

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go back to Russia

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Go back to Facetumblrbookspaceinterestgram

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Go back to Go back

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Go back to ot kcab oG

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I'm not from Norway.

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...except for the Ork anatomy, where he has hair himself and not a squig....

I love the image, but it does rustle some jims

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Sooo... can we get back on butts nao?

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We can always get back to butts. It's one of those things you can count on us finding our way to no matter the circumstances.

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How do real Tau females look like?

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Like Shadowsun I guess.

But then again, she's really the only example we come back to. The general Tau female could in fact be curvaceous and cute, and Shadowsun is just abnormally ugly. Would explain her personality.

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>dat facial slit
This tau is Ackbar approved.

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Heh, toot.

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We almost had some about a SoB lesbian-ing an injured female fire warrior back to health and then eloping with her, but it just didn't happen.

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Orks used to have hair all the time. Hell, while its not the best source of canon, DoW1 had ponytailed sluggas. Sure, its out of the ordinary for an ork to have a mohawk, but its not entirely unheard of for them to sport hair.

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Ponytail on orks is typically squig-hair, as pic related. That doesn't mean orks don't have hairs at all though.
Old fluff, they doesn't bother with things like that now.

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And it could easily be a mohawk squig since no one ever said it wasn't. That and 40K fluff is pretty damn amorphous, especially when it comes to the orks.

Anyways, back to the blueberries.

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>tfw I requested one of the few not-horrible diper-fetish pics featuring a delicious blueberry girl by Technomancer

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I enjoy female tau waaay too much. Damn you, /tg/. And thanks.

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