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I hate you guys so much right now.

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Friend /co/mrade, please allow me to express my sentiments with a traditional /co/ image macro.

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We hate her as much as you do.

I hope she stays there, however. You guys are cancerous enough as is, and you'd be doing us a favor by getting rid of Xeno for us.

Cheers mate.

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Dear /co/,

Please stop blaming us every time our retarded stepcousins shit on the floor.


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We've been getting Homestuckers and Bronies for a while.
This is merely the just retribution for the sins of your fellow users.

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At least its not here yaaaaaay

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Diplomatic immunity, motherfucker.

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Bronies have their own board and I have never seen Hamsteak outside of /co/. /tg/, on the other hand, ruins everything.

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You spawned the horsefuckers. The fact that that fandom exists, and all that implies, is your fault.
If anything, this is just a part of your penance.


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>/tg/, on the other hand, ruins everything.

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Butthurt /co/mrade, pay him no mind. He's probably still asschaffed about Warhammer Wednesdays, even though it's been five years.

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>never seen Hamsteak outside of /co/.
>/tg/, on the other hand, ruins everything.

What kind of bizarro world do you live in? Most fa/tg/uys don't go to other boards at all, unless they're the ones we're friends with (/co/ and /k/ being the biggest ones), and we're the board EVERYONE comes to when they want to gamify their particular interests.

Also, how the fuck have you not seen Bronies and Homestuck on /tg/? The former doesn't happen as often, but the latter still crops up every 10 days or so.

I don't complain about it because 10 days is a long enough buffer for me to not care, but it's here frequently enough that you should have seen it

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Warhammer Wednesdays were on /b/ though, and those times were glorious. Why would a /co/mrade be mad about that?

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>(/co/ and /k/ being the biggest ones)
And /d/. Don't forget /d/.

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Also on /m/ (along with Titan Tuesdays and 40k Friday) and /co/. /b/ usually moved too fast to get a good Warhammer thread going, they were much more prevalent on the other boards before the advent of /tg/.

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And also /sp/.

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To be fair, the 40k vs bullshit is pretty much a wankfest for 40k fags.

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/d/ doesn't count since the posters are largely the same people.

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>I have never seen Hamsteak outside of /co/.
You must not get out much then.
It's caused shitstorms on /v/ and we've had 2 threads in the past few days asking for an HS rpg.

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At least she isnt trying to make a faggot rpg about kissin dudes and bangin equines like those homosuckers and horsefuckers you dumped on us.

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This is why I didn't mention it. Saying "fa/tg/uys visit these other boards once in a while" isn't the same as saying "these two boards are composed of the same people"

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I was about to say. But it was said already.

>in after /d/

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>shitstorms on /v/

In other news, the sun rose in the East this morning.

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We have better monster girl threads here. People come prepared at every turn with lizardtits.

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>even though it's been five years
no it hasn't. That was...

Oh fuck me.
I've wasted my life.

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>ITT: people delude themselves.

She's still here, gents.

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Not according to foolz she's not.

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/tg/, I am ashamed.

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Well you should be, this is a horrible mess that shows no signs of getting better any time soon.

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i like Xeno
she cute

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What are you talking about? It's not our mess anymore, it's /co/'s. She's not posting here, be grateful.

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She'll be back, all that has happened is the illness has spread, more places are infected with the xeno menace.

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Thank fucking god Xeno is dead

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You know, I think shes pretty alright too. So long as she kept it to less than once a week and would at least stick it through her threads instead of disappearing 15 minutes in, I wouldn't mind her so much. Its a shame that she seems to come with a retinue of dedicated shitposters, but the character itself isn't all that bad as people make her out to be.

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Horrible mess. Yeah right. Oh no, we're dealing with original content.

What we've got has nothing going on with boards like /v/ and /x/.

Fuck, /v/ alone has a large and tolerated furry community that does nothing but post porn.

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It's one namefag, not the clap.

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how horrifying

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she's not dead. she's adorabimmortal

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I'm talkign about the character that people sperg over, not the anon who is doing a terrible job RPing as her.

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I feel bad for /v/. They tried to fight the furry menace, they even cried out to mods for help, but in the end moot gave in to dedicated shitposters and let the furries stay.

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this is delicious

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Im talking about both. Grimderp Xeno as well as Regular Derp Xeno alike aren't terrible characters in and of themselves, they are just surrounded by terrible circumstances.

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Who is this Buzzclaw and how does he manage to be such an enormous faggot and for such a prolonged duration?

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>fans ruin everything

welcome to common knowledge

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It is a far cry from what it used to be in 2007.

I would honestly say 2008 is when the entire website shifted, though. And 2010 was a dark year for the entire website.

The whole internet of 2012 isn't what it used to be. I really hate social media and networking and stuff. OC is almost impossible nowadays, and people who would try are too afraid to for it to be the next shitposted thing on Facebook or Reddit. The expanse of internet 2.0 is largely the cause of many problems here.

Fuck, 2008 is why I had to stop going to /x/. I can barely stand being on /v/ any more, and I only went there when the mods and janitors here went fucking mad with power a few years ago.

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Not even the fans. The dedicated shitposters are just as bad.

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If the faggots that ran around shitting up every single Xeno thread would just stop, then there'd be nothing to rage over. She's really not that bad.

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Xeno is terrible period

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play the lie long enough and you become one. they're fans too, now.

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Anything to do with Tau are.

You people gave in to TIDF and let them post their shit here without being berated.

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Dude, this was a self-inflicted wound. I remember when people would post screenshots with a tiny pony hidden in the image, and the thread would explode.

If people hadn't responded to the trolls, we wouldn't probably be here.

/mlp/ gets so many daily posts now that it just can't go back to /co/.

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She started as fanwank and ended as waifu bullshit.

She's the definition of bad character.

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>ITT we discuss a shitty character spawned by a shitty quest thread
>ITT /tg/ posters declare which other boards they visit and that these boards are "friends" of /tg/
>ITT we don't discuss traditional games

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>saging with an image a half hour after the last post

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We could discuss the newer, shittier elf raised by kobold waifu that /tg/ is obsessing over now if you want

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There isn't anything inherently wrong with Xeno, but some obnoxious faggot has clearly found a collection of xeno images and made 'being Xeno' and posting on other boards their thing.

Like, they realized that creating shitty threads where people yell at them is how they will proceed to have fun on 4chan for the time being, because apparently, making interesting threads that people want to post in and talk to them about is too hard to accomplish, so being a faggoty troll who rustles jimmies is good enough for them.

It's sad, really.

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I don't even have a reaction image for this.

Can we just have a moment of silent contemplation, in remembrance of what we've lost?
And then we start figuring out how to make things right.
Who's with me?

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I remember Nazi Week on /v/. It was beautiful.

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The second an image existed of xeno wearing a diaper it was over.

The second someone created a twitter account for Xeno the character was completely dead.

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I think 4chan just got too big, and too public. Any online community starts to go to shit when the population gets too big, too fast. And the circumstances that created early 4chan simply can't be replicated; the net is a different place now.

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4chan was never good. Bring back Snacks.

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>tfw Cod threads are now tolerated
>tfw shitposting everywhere
>tfw /v/ took a nosedive among other nosedives in the last two months or so

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I think the moral of the story is that /co/ sucks.

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I left a while back. Sometimes I miss the place, but its just not my home anymore.

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For example of this, just look at how the smaller and more interest-specific boards (like, say, /tg/ or /d/) are still pretty decent communities as a whole, while any of the heavily trafficked boards (/a/, /co/, /b/, /v/, etc) are some good content mixed in with a whole lot of shit.

The site's fine, and it's not dying or anything, but with more users comes more shitheads, and the shitheads will always have a disproportionately large impact.

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>the most civil threads on /v/ are DmC hate threads

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You already have a quarantine zone, just shove her into HSG somehow.

Anyways, better you than us, and it's your own board's fault for replying.

Happy trails, and remember, the hide function is your friend!

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>implying /d/ and /tg/ have decent communities

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We could send some more shit your way if you like. Hell, if you -really- want we can start invading and destroying every board on this site.

Or, yanno, you can shut your whore mouth.

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>Hell, if you -really- want we can start invading and destroying every board on this site.

That would end poorly for us.

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Just because it's a bad idea doesn't make it not an option.

Bad ideas are sometimes the most hilarious to watch unfold.

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I don't think we have the manpower to do that.
Remember when we tried to raid /x/ with /x/-related material in an attempt to resuscitate the board?
Remember how little that accomplished, even though we had a good chunk of /tg/ and a handful of other boards in on it?

>> No.21723882

>threats on the internet

>> No.21723886

>Having a decent community

Don't kid yourself.

>> No.21723900


Part of the problem with that is that its easier to turn a board to hell than to fix it. Also while I was here for that I, and I think others, didn't really have much /x/-related material to post.

>> No.21724044

I did no such thing because the whole /tg/-tan X /x/-tan thing gets on my fucking nerves.

>> No.21724559

They stay on topic and follow the rules set for them, that's the only requirement for a decent community on 4chan.

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Someone is pissing off /tg/ and trampling on WH40K?


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>To be fair, the 40k is pretty much a wankfest

>> No.21724703

B-But shes doing neither and I kinda like her...

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>not liking tau
>not liking /tg/ tau
>not liking dem hips
>not liking adorable and/or lewd taus
I cannot save this one.

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/co/ncerend citizen, fucking xenotau isn't even under our control anymore. It's now something that we sadly gave birth to and now 2d waifu fucktards are spreading their stubby wings and taking fell flight. Do what you can but know, that xeno is no longer ours.

>> No.21724915

If this is your concern, then I have a novel solution.
We kill the Batcreed.
You see, if we kill the batcWOAH WHERE DID THIS BANEBLADE COME FROM-

>> No.21724959

That was a bad joke and you should feel bad.

>> No.21725013

Yall just over reacting.

>> No.21725279

And then you lost all remaining goodwill. Go home, Gue'la.

>> No.21725311

what if I told you I was home already?

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i don`t think many people realize it but moot himself is the biggest cancer of 4chan and has been for years.
mind hes in charge of all the shit mods, he made the exodus from /b/ that murdered the fuck out of /x/ in 08, he stuck the nazi mod on us and it almost killed /tg/,he has not only allowed furries, but likes them and allows them to flurish.
also he made the pony board but doesn`t bother to police the site when the horsefuckers continue to roam the site.
he also made /q/ which broke the /b/tard dam and is unleashing the plague on everywhere.
seriously, what the fuck moot, what the fuck?

>> No.21725509

>nazi mod almost killed /tg/
Hahahahaha faggot
His reign was the golden age of a /tg/ without ERPfags and porn shitting up the board.
Please, do go on.

>> No.21725549

while in the process got rid of all the writefags, drawfags, and creativity was practically nonexistant while it was going on, in addition he kept killing on topic shit all the time.
yes the elf slave shit was fagotry, but so was the nazimod.

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I liked the xeno art and was ok with her being a /tg/ OC.

but everything else around it was just awful

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Cute pic, sauce?

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>Xeno accepts to go on another board so that /tg/ doesn't get its panties in a twist
>BOOM! a new thread about Xeno, and not even a cute one.

It's as if her sacrifice didn't teach you anything.

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ITT: 'I hate content' the thread

>> No.21730667

No, it's I HATE XENO the thread, get your facts straight.

By the way, I hate Xeno and am glad we exiled it.

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Xeno was content, but faggots like you can't let anybody else have nice things so you have to go and shit all over everybody else's good time.

Fuck you. You are the cancer that is killing /tg/.

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