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Thread Theme: Nostradomus by Judas Priest

Old Thread, that one links to the thread that came before it and so on till the first thread.

Okay this is Fabrique Generale Covolization Quest. 200 years ago an asteroid carrying primitive silicon based life slammed into earth. The Initial catastrophe killed 2 billion people,. the rest died during the resource wars and the famine caused by Earth's shifting climate. Eventually though, the dust settled. The Northa American Continent is now tropic from coast to coast. Your people are a Corporate Cooperative who live in a 500 story tower in the ruins of a city in the midwest. You are allied with Christian Fundamentalist Barbarians, A Biotech Megacorp Remnant, and Faux Roman Republic. You trade with villages and cities, and you are at war with a terrible power.


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The Majesty are a Gestalt AI that can dwell in the 100 ton Battle Satellite THE KING or exist in single Pawn (combat cyborg drones.) They back the rule of Queen Cassandra and The Order of Cincinatus, the corrupt remnants of a prestigious Old American society. The Majesty and The Order control the West coast of the North American Continent.

They are Opposed by the Republic, the remnants of the Old US government and by a Mysterious figure known as the Pawn-King. The Republic controls the east coast and is making a bid on taking territory from The Order. You know next to nothing about the Pawn-King.

recap over.

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Oy vey
I was afraid you decided to skip today

I'm not going to sleep tonight

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Month 19:
Population: 1680
Technology: Robotics, AI, Automation, Comms, Explosives. AntiBallistics, Tasers , Firearms, Hydroponics. Powered Armor, Geddonite Batteries, Tank, Helicopter, Geddonite Farm, Spider Silk Farm, Long Range Missiles, Incendiary, Artillery, Hexapode Locomotion Drive, Durable Aeronautics Construction
Weapons: AntiAir Guns, HMGs, LMGs, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns, Pistols, Combat Knives. Tasers. Grenades, RPG Launchers. AntiMaterial Rifles. SAM Launchers, Incendiary Ammo, Weaponized Gas, Tank Weaponry. Artillery Missiles
Armor: AntiBallistic Vests, Riot Armor, Tueton MK5
Soldiers: Heavy Gun Rovers, Gun Rovers, Power Armor Troopers, 100 Utility Rovers. 67 Tgh+Agl Squads. 3 Brl+Agl Squads. 100 Combat Helos. 100 MBTs. 100 APCs, 100 Cargo VTOLs
Defenses: Aegis Defense System
Cool Stuff: HoloCenotaph, V-Town, Residential Bunkers
The Parish: Allied
D.B.R.L.: Allied
New Sparta: Allied
10 Resource units every turn.

A: Explore
B: Scavenge
C; Construct
D: Research
E: Suggestion

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>B: Scavenge

We haven't scavenged for like, forever. What would we even get if we did that? We cannot gain more than 10RUs per turn anyway. I'm not suggesting to do that, I'm just curious.

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had to pick up groceries. Public transportation sucks mutant donkey balls.

SHMIDTSBURG: Specialized Goods, DBRL Clinic, FG Consulate
RED LIGHT: Specialized Goods, DBRL Clinic, FG Consulate
DRY RIVER: Basic Goods, DBRL Clinic, FG Consulate
TWISTED NECK: Basic goods, DBRL Clinic, FG Consulate
JOHN'S HOUSE: Basic Goods, DBRL Clinic, FG Consulate
NEW SPARTA: Specialized Goods, DBRL Clinic, FG Consulate
Wasteland Reputation: Mixed, liked by some, Feared by others. Genuinely seen as someone not to be trifled with.

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Reading the player discussion I missed at the end of the last thread and hatching plots.

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re-post from last thread's consensus:
1 Ru to developing export variant combat vehicles (Under-gunned and under armored versions of our combat vehicles)
3 Ru to Providing SHMIDTSBURG, RED LIGHT, and DRY RIVER with weapons and training to increase their defensive capabilities in return for mutual defense treaty
2 Ru for power generation and distribution. (Genodite upgrades to o our Nuclear power core)

We kept one RU in reserve and haven't decided on what to do with the Coal Baron. I vote we ask the people we are giving guns and training to ask him to stop.

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Oh, and PNN - can you start posting a number or something for 'scale of action?' Because at this point I've been told that we'll never have more than 10 RUs per turn, but that the size of the RUs might increase. However, I have no concept of what that is relative to the old RU value of thread one.

I'd prefer an integer basically (one RU currently counts for x number of old RUs), but other measures can work too. Adjectives are fine (eg, 'major' or 'huge'), etc. I just want to know how to measure further created economic benefit, basically.

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Nothing worth mentioning, I guess I should just remove the quistionarre and replace it with a "what do?" line of text.

anyway you could try searching for interesting artifacts or useful items around Light City (250 miles leaves a lot of room for old stuff to survive.) or you could try searching for new kinds of geddonite.

Would cost you 1 RU of search efforts but its pretty much guaranteed to grant you SOMETHING worth talking about.

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Reserve RU - specialized goods for John's House, possibly also New Sparta.

Coal Baron - we need more information on the man before we decide anything. PNN, what can the locals tell us about him? Is this typical behavior? Is he merely an ignorant leader with no recourse, or an asshat?

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I can't believe you people spent so much discussing on what to do with a small-time thug in Red Town.
For all its worth, I agree with what you said EL, we can't go around killing/slapping everyone all the time.
I think the coal baron thing will resolve on its own, no need to get involved in that. Just have our people at consulate repair any solar panels that citizens bring us

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Let's get more information for now, just as insurance in case you and I are wrong and he's some sort of warlord.

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Okay remember how I said that clearing out tunnels was something like a 3 tiered action?

Sealing, Clearing, building in. more or less?

At the moment your current RUs equal 5 thread 1 RUs., This is due to your increase in industrial capacity, technological skill, training, and population. I'll inform you when your RUs increase in value.

and let face it, 10 actions per turn is a little nuts, next time I'll be more careful about scaling the number of actions per turn.

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If you can include that in monthly copypasta I'd be obliged.

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>At the moment your current RUs equal 5 thread 1 RUs., This is due to your increase in industrial capacity, technological skill, training, and population. I'll inform you when your RUs increase in value.

also we went from 1 week per turn to one month

>and let face it, 10 actions per turn is a little nuts, next time I'll be more careful about scaling the number of actions per turn.
true dat

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And once again i propose contacting the republic and sorting out our relationship with them. Just send one helicopter and a small team as well as perhaps the fruits of the PURGATIVE project.

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Once again I approve and also add that we ask them about the orbital attacks what what measures they already developed against them and buy/trade for that tech

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Not until we are a secure regional power, no.

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why do people always jump the gun? its like with the majesty base, people wanted to attack it way before we were ready

now you want us to drop trou and grab ankle for annexation

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Meh, they are still far away for that and involved in a heavy war.

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It Turns out Red Light is run by the Catsvallen, an immense old world crime family. They don't control everythintg but they have the most guns and they have a great deal of political influence.

The old Catsvallen Capo goes by the name of Vincent, and Big Vinny is dying from cancer. Not even the DBRL clinic can save him (not for lack of trying on their part.)

It turns out Big Vinny has declared FG and DBRL facilities untouchable for their value to the community, he sees the long term. But there's a problem.

A Bunch of mobsters have lines up behind Tuco Catsvallen and he's of the mind that DBRL and FG have to go if the Catsvallen family is going to remain on top.

The other side of the family has lined up behind Kilroy Catsvallen, who is of the belief that careful investment in FG and DBRL technologies can make Red Light a powerful industrial center.

The thugs breaking up Solar panels are Tuco's men.

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Going through the last thread. Tally of good ideas from it:

-Increase battery power/storage capacity, probably with use of reverse engineered Majesty nanotech. This will increase battery life across the board, the utility of FIRELANCE weaponry, the capacity of our reactive armor to store electrical charge and thus its ability to take more than a small amount of anti-material fire, though obviously only one per layer in the same exact place.

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why does no one here read us history? it is during wartime that annexation is easiest to justify under the extreme conditions. or have you forgotten that the whole continent was once a mess of competing powers and smaller republics that were bought and annexed to create a power?

they're literally a week away anytime they want to be, contacting them is premature

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I'd say we are as secure as we are likely to get. We've kicked out the majesty on our own and have a ridiculously huge and advanced military as well as secure trading routes. We are basically in control of the region, if we wanted to rule it directly i see nothing that could stop us.

Discussing research with the republic could vastly improve our wealth and knowledge and better the living standards of thousands of people.

Why would they attack us, they still got to deal with the majesty. We can't ignore the republicans forever.

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Fabrique Generale time!

>> No.21717936


Hmm, okay. But keep in mind that they would have devote a truly massive force to subdue us, a force that they cannot spare since that would leave them weak for the Order. While we are no where near as strong as Majesty, we have shown that we can stand up against them. The Republic would be committing suicide if they decide that now is the best time to annex us.

But if you're SO against it, then I guess I wont press it.

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Thats something we need to do as soon as possible, i agree.

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Very well. Send a CTF team into the town to negotiate the following:

-Development of life extension technologies for the cancerous Capo, up to and including the prototyping of mind uploading or a body-swap.

-Transformation of the mob power structure into a civilized one that earns them and the community far more; in essence we can offer Kilroy and Vincent a slow but steady transformation to a society where mob control of one town is like arguing over who gets the dry spot in the back of the tribal cave because they will,comparatively, all be living like kings, without having to fight tooth and claw for simple survival and economic stability. Though there may be worthy contests with the likes of Majesty.
-Install electroshock systems on our solar panels that go off when someone tries to smash them.

>> No.21717974

>as secure as we're likely to get
>devote a truly massive force

We have not even solidified relations with the surrounding towns, and if you recall our entire population is around a tenth of what Majesty and the Republic forces each fielded for a single skirmish.

>> No.21717996

yeah, well, okay

do we have a list of actions we want to complete this turn?

>> No.21718036

Directly confronting the mob and asking them to change their way might not go down easily. Old traditions die hard, i doubt they will agree without a fight...

I'd would rather support Kilroy Catsvalen with resources and weaponry so he can bribe the rest of the family on his side.

>> No.21718040

In terms of RU expenditure or cost-free actions?

The intervention with the crime family is top of my list.

For resource expenditure, there is no reason we could not finish the entire trade network with roads, specialized goods, clinics, embassies, the works.

>> No.21718059

I agree that there's a risk, but to avoid a dialogue would be the action of a dictator. We're going to contact the mobsters that have the capacity to think long-term and see what they say. We can fight after, it's not like we would have any problem taking them. However, minimum bloodshed means maximum returns.

>> No.21718090


Yeah, okay, lets do it then.

That's 9RUs for optimizing entire network?

How would we use the last one?
I suggest we continue REVOLUTION (nano-manufacturing)

>> No.21718093

Well, i did not want to fight this out. Just so blatantly favor the group that supports us that the greed will push the others over to our side.

Going in and telling them to stuff their traditions because we are running this town into a new age will only alienate our supporters.

>> No.21718097

1RU to turn basic goods into specialized goods across the board. 1RU to install basic FG consulates and basic DBRL clinics in towns across the board 1RU to upgrade facilities in town. (factories, military positions, better caravans... etc. etc.) 1RU to build a road, from point A to Point B.

ask if anything is unclear.

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More from last thread:

If we want power, we should put solar panels and electromagnetic generators on the Tower to harness the power of the sun and the fluctuations in earth's EM field.

More power can be had by putting smaller versions of these and the rest of the OVERCHARGE system, without the nuclear reactor, on skyscrapers in light city. Really any skyscraper will work.

We also never did get around to building a lightning harvesting system with Geddonite-C on the Tower or anywhere else for that matter.

Honestly, developing a standard system to turn a given skyscraper into a multi-system power generator and distribution node would be the best outcome.

And we need to put shutters or armor on our scrapers (at least the tower), I think. Graphene can double as a bulletproofing surface and a solar panel, if we want. Could even be transparent.

>> No.21718113

The head of their family is dying of cancer. That is a pretty strong argument in favor of their way of life not being sufficient to fix their problems.

Mafia families have gone straight before, and these people may not like their lives all that much. Only one of them wants to stay 'on top' as far as we know.

>> No.21718116

Send someone to remove Tuco. We do not have time for such foolish people.

>> No.21718119

OP, you didn't include the new road in this list >>21717676
Not sure if we should include the factory in New Sparta and Solar Panels in Red Town

>> No.21718121

lets try it and see what happens

i think all it would take is a single one of our gunships coming in to fix the matter if it failed, so whatever, if they say no we can wipe them off the map

>> No.21718133

Aggression without permission or notification will only result in the family itself being likely to decide we are hostile and providing a united front against us.

Once we have their say-so, Tuco may well be removed for us if we hand them some decent guns.

>> No.21718141

what are you, completely willing to destroy our goodwill? our wasteland rep is mixed as it is

>> No.21718157

Hm, we have tunnelling machines now, maybe we can look into geothermal power? Extending the OVERCHARGE Geddonite battery into the ground should lead to more extreme temperature differences and more power...

>> No.21718166


I'm sure we can do it without violence. If all fails, we can resort to good old fashioned bribery. Just like old times!

>> No.21718170

We can develop geothermal later, but it is definitely an idea.

>> No.21718182

i was supporting EL's plan here >>21718121

geothermal would be good to have though less universally applicable, got to have the right geography

>> No.21718183

Yeah. Basically this. Honestly, i dont care how we do it as long as we try to solve this problem peacefully first.

>> No.21718186

Big Vinny (A fat man whose body has been withered by disease) rankles at the noition of becoming a machine, or at least that's how he percieves transhumanism technology. He does however appreciate your offer to intervene on his beyhalf and make what remains of his life easier on him. Apparently he appreciates gestures of courtesy. (which is how he percieves meeting him so that you can get the obstacles in your attempts to make Red Light more profitable out of the way.) He does not deign to comment on changing the way things are run in Red Light, that is his successor's problem.

Kilroy (A young man in his mid twenties, unusually enough his hair is snow white) However is fine with adjusting the Mobster model of rule. (in truth he runs things in much the same manner as some old world governments. He appoints people to positions of relevance base on merit and gives them free reign to do their jobs within a short list of limits) He has no interest in being "The Tallest Midget in the room" as he puts it


>> No.21718214

Speaking of Geddonite:
Geddonite D can "eat" radiations right?
Gamma radiations are in fact high-frequency photons.
Photons are also what light is made of.

We could probably create anti-laser defenses with it.

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File: 171 KB, 800x571, Swank_FNV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps Vinny didn't notice the possibility of having his brain transplanted into another body. Or having his mind uploaded into another biological brain, in effect swapping bodies, perhaps into one cloned from his remaining good tissue to be himself but a few years younger.

But whatever works, we can definitely work with Kilroy. Possibly we can turn him into pic related.

>> No.21718230

Kilroy however demands that in return for modifying his power structure he be allowed to "clean house" without interference. According to him there are a great many mobsters who need to be removed from positions of power if things in Red Light are going to move towards a more progressive power structure. For that he needs a large discount on FG products, and a guarantee that FG and her allies won't stumble in and accidentilly make a very complex game of intimidation, assassination, and appeasement even harder to play.

>> No.21718244

Aside from the fact that plenty of serious radiation is actually alpha and beta particles (orphaned neutrons and protons and electronless helium, basically) and not gamma rays at all, this has a different problem, which is the same one as occurs with mirrors as a laser defense: they may be able to redirect or absorb some energy, but probably only to specific tolerances and under specific conditions/angles.

The best thing so far has been aerosolized copper, because it scatters the light of weaponizeable (infrared) lasers.

>> No.21718262

>Perhaps Vinny didn't notice the possibility of having his brain transplanted into another body. Or having his mind uploaded into another biological brain, in effect swapping bodies, perhaps into one cloned from his remaining good tissue to be himself but a few years younger.

We don't really have any of this tech yet and would need to invest a lot of RUs to and develop it for a long time (probably).

On the other hand, I love the idea of transhumanism, uploading the minds into machines and cyber-brains

>> No.21718271

Okay this right here? Great chance to prototype and sell some scaled down versions of our vehicles and weapons. We even have a nice battlefield and a willing customer to use them.

OI say we sell Kilroy some Scaled Down APCs (no DAUNTLESS or RINGMAIL or LONGBOW) Riot Armor, LMG, HMGs, Assault rifles, SMGs, pistols, grenades, and RPGs.

>> No.21718274

Tell him that we want, in essence, to back him up, and that we'd like to give him the option of involving a contingency force if he needs it, and that the goal for us is setting up a cooperative (ala Sparta, but preferably not quite so brutal).

We can however stay out for a certain period of time, but will be interested in:
1) Getting this done relatively quickly. If it drags on for a year, we're coming in with guns and first-aid kits.
2) Protecting the people, whether by building shelters or whatever else. We could ferry them out for a while, for example.

>> No.21718301


can agree with that

>> No.21718304

Eh, we can upload animal brains as it is with ANUBIS. Transplanting them isn't all that hard either, though removing brain-cancer would be fun for Darwin I expect. We'd have to scan the neuron pattern, back it up, go in with nanotech to remove or modify the fucked up cancer cells, repair the altered DNA, and reinstate the pattern possibly. Maybe even clone and graft on replacement chunks of brain. It'd be a shaky recovery, but if we had to do it to seal the deal it might not be too much work - it's only a few steps ahead of what we and darwin currently do, like reattaching limbs and creating man/machine interfacing, etc.

>> No.21718311

It'll be useful in antirad suits, but not so much in anti-laser defences, especially of Majesty deisgn ssince they're using Infrared lasers, which copper based products are an excellent defence against.

>> No.21718323

We can do that, or get him whatever he wants.

Limited Crownbreaker sales (like less than ten total) are possible, though these will only be single-shot, as single-shot Crownbreakers pose basically no threat to us unless present in large numbers.

>> No.21718332

>whatever he wants
Well, to a point. No tanks, no power armor, no FIRELANCE gear, no artillery, no missiles unless there's a damn good reason.

>> No.21718356

Well, we ARE working on brain uploading via Project ANUBIS and from there downloading it into a Pawn-level artificial body shouldn't be that hard.

Anyways, since it had some supporters i propose project GAIA: using Gedonnite bateries for harnessing geothermal power and producing a prototype generator in Light City should it be feasible.

Seconding that.

>> No.21718360

More good ideas from last thread:

Superheavy tank development, probably with gun-launched missile systems in its main armament, which will need to be multiple FIRELANCE weapons. Two main guns would be good insurance against super-heavy Majesty laser tanks, with a shitload of reactive and laser armor.

>> No.21718366

i'd just not give him crownbreakers. His opponents dont wear power armor so he might as well use assault rifles.

>> No.21718367

>Limited Crownbreaker sales (like less than ten total)


Nothing that can hurt us even in the slightest. Spealing of which, are our people at New Sparta monitoring what kind of weapons they are producing and developing. We cannot have them make anti-materiel rifles, arm their multi-thousand strong army with them and pose a thread to our soldiers.

>> No.21718375

It may well be worthwhile. Though GAIA is less badass than naming it after some firey monster of legend, but whatever works.

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File: 12 KB, 426x430, Fuck_Physics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah right...
On a related note...
Just leaving this here...

I know is OP as fuck but it seemed fun to suggest, also my drawing skills suck balls

>> No.21718385

Forcing our allies and fellow cooperatives to alter weapons development to suit us is detrimental to their ability to be useful in the field in case of a Majesty assault.

It would also make it harder to assimilate them in a merger later. Remember - Sparta is a fellow cooperative, and already distrusts us. In a year they might well join up.

>> No.21718387

I agree. I wanted to call it VULCAN but that name is already taken... So if you have a better idea out with it, you seem to have a knack for naming projects.

>> No.21718400

We already do that. It is very slow even in large quantities, and volume doesn't fix it with any degree of efficiency. It is a dripping faucet of extra energy compared to the firehose we get from conventional generation means.

>> No.21718406

deal. Revised RU expenditure for the month.
1 Ru to developing export variant combat vehicles (Under-gunned and under armored versions of our combat vehicles)
2 Ru to Providing SHMIDTSBURG, and DRY RIVER with weapons and training to increase their defensive capabilities in return for mutual defense treaty
2 Ru for power generation and distribution. (Genodite upgrades to our Nuclear power core)
1 RU for upgrading all basic goods to specialized. (we already have consulates and clinics everywhere)

>> No.21718414

Well, we should still keep eye on things. So in case anything happens we know what to expect.

>> No.21718419

I would just make it one of a set of goals for standard power-development systems including all above-stated means like solar, electromagnetic field, heat differential, fusion, etc.

Then we can name the whole project PROMETHEUS.

>> No.21718422

Kilroy wants Riot Armor with a black cat (his personl symbol) featured prominently on them. (The New Spartans are makinbg use of Riot armor with bundles of twigs, the parishioners have crosses, DBRL and you use your corporate logos.) He wants guns in every shape and size that you're willing to give him, ammunition. Biofuel powered vehicles and a steady supply of ammunition and fuel.

He asks that you give him six months and if he can't get rid of Tuco with the resources you've given he'll let you step in.

In the meantime he wants discounts for his troops in the DBRL clinics (until the fighting is over at least) and for the clinics to treat any civilians caught in the cross fire.

>> No.21718423

Definitely. That's why we've got a consulate. We don't need to do it covertly, to be frank - keeping up on this kind of information will tell us how we can best handle mutual defense.

>> No.21718424

>1 Ru to developing export variant combat vehicles (Under-gunned and under armored versions of our combat vehicles)

Why would we need to spend RU on this? Seriously, it is just removing weapons and armor from existing vehicles, it should take us anything to do it.

>> No.21718429

What do you mean with under armored versions of our combat vehicles? I'd rather not give them APCs, they can have some humvee thing if we can produce one but anything larger should be off limit

>> No.21718441

However if you leave it for a while it will build up even more energy in a (Geometric? Exponential?) way...

Or something like that, like you put it now with 1 Ampere now and after a month you take it with PNN-Know-How-Much KiloAmperes, also tesla bombs somehow

>> No.21718442

We can do that. A discount on products from the town would be useful in return, and DRBL are free to reneg on their medical discount if things get too dicey so he has an incentive to protect them, though we can definitely armor it and upscale our guard presence.

How is he guaranteeing minimum harm to the people?

>> No.21718446

I think he means civilian equivalents of military tech - rough enough to stand a rumble through the unpaved wasteland with the capacity to mount a rifle or two and keep the raiders back, but nothing that would make them a threat to us.

>> No.21718447

I've retconned Geddonite B into recharging like, super fast so we can't do precisely that. But you got a smile out of me, nice one.

>> No.21718468

Okay, Project PROMETHEUS for advanced power systems. Hope it isn'T too unspecific. I suggest starting to invest into this the next month, our power problems won't diminish themselves.

>> No.21718470

Oh, and we can give his enforcers a crash course in being deadlier and more capable against the kind of forces he'll be facing, so as to speed up the takeover. Then when we have firm alliances there we can basically recruit useful black ops guys.

Probably the production phase, so we have the things to sell to people.

>> No.21718480

Don't give him crownbreakers and rpgs, rest of the weapons are good to go. Like >>21718429 we could supply with armored humvees, strapped mounted with heavy machine-guns.
You know, we're supplying a lot of our allies and people in general with riot armor. Maybe we should try to develop something better, not PA level, but still better.
Like Combat Armor from Fallout 2, remember that? It was a step below PA but better than anything else.

>> No.21718501

Export variants are to our vehicles as riot armor is to our power armor.

>> No.21718502

From the last thread:

>Oh...also if I'm right...might not be but our generator was powering our anti missile system before the last attack...you know...the one that kept EVERYONE from getting completely fucked over. I believe it was Equity that pushed us into developing that. Thank you very much for that shit Equity. Saved the damn day.

I'm grateful for the recognition, though in all honesty this kind of shit is why I'm turtling so hard. Right now, anyone with enough missiles or nukes or kinetic orbital drop weapons could tear us wide open. The Republic and Majesty both know that, so we have to do things about it.

>> No.21718503


Oh, and throw in our non-lethal weapons too. Like tasers and shit.

>> No.21718506

That's exactly what I mean, take our APC, strip out all the complex tecyh, no computers, no robotics, nuthin except a ham radio and a compass in the dash board. We give them some lightly armored version with a turrent and a pintle mount. A dozen of 'em would basically make them a Raiders worst nightmare.

>> No.21718522

>We give them some lightly armored version

I'd say we keep the armor as it is, just remove the super advanced stealth shit we have for them.

>> No.21718523

Sure, whatever the GM says will be enough for him but not enough to harm our own forces. Teuton suits can survive RPG fire, by the way.

We can throw in the armor systems, and computers are no bad thing. Robotics is a no, though.

>> No.21718534

Yeah, nix on the stealth tech.

>> No.21718550

Doesn't sound bad. I'm conflicted about selling them to everyone, a bunch of these APCs with a HMG turret could almost wipe a small city if it doesn't have any explosives.. We might want to make sure we only sell to trustworthy persons

>> No.21718584

From the last thread: seismic shutoff systems for our maser power distribution system.

This would be good to fold into the upgrades that will allow them to recharge gunships in mid flight.

Also, we can use EYEBUG's wifi systems to recharge them if we do some research in it: http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/03/31/rca-airpower-recharge-your-android-phone-through-wifi/

Probably not too good for any high-charge devices, but anything that doesn't need a lot of power could do this.

>> No.21718591

One of the other things he wants from you is night ision goggles so he can carry out night ops. He has a few Majesty and Republic produced versions but getting the things on the black market costs a king's ransom.

He'll try to strike at night as much as possible with sniper support and heavily armored troops using shields and SMGs to move in on Capos who won't give in to his demands. That's a basic outline anyway he intends to tailor his plans to the situation at hand.

First an foremost he intends to offer pardons to anyone who joins him and asylum to anyone who stays nuetral in the fight. (Though they'd better bend knee once he's in charge.) Secondly he'll try to send peopel at major risk out of the city or into the clinic or consulate so they'll be out of the line of fire.

Most of all he wants this done cleanly and quietly. Wat is bad for business.

>> No.21718596

You know, now that we're building roads and shit, we should also start making and selling civillian vehicles. Or maybe we could throw in a bus into our caravan networks so that people can easily travel from one place to another in safety

>> No.21718606

In the end, our tech will go to whoever wants it badly enough. However, given how few useful vehicles exist in the wastes, they will likely be treated like horses were in the old west - horse thieves were treated VERY harshly, and owners were extremely protective of their means of transportation.

>> No.21718609

That guy sounds like he'S thinking like us. I say give him what he wants.

>> No.21718625

>He has a few Majesty and Republic produced versions

Stopped reading there: INVESTIGATION TIME!

>> No.21718642

Yeah, except you can kill a horsethief. You can't kill a dude sitting in an APC build by us with anything less than a anti-tank-rocket, which most Wild West cities dont have access to.

But i seem to be the only one conflicted here. I aknowledge that i am outvoted.

>> No.21718645


would he accept training from our officers and veterans for a month before going on full offensive? Would make his force more effective.
And yeah, he can have night-vision. Hell, throw in LONGBOW too (we gave them to Parishenors too, remember?)

>> No.21718654

I'll let you use wifi to recharge minor devices like eyebugs or communicomps, (cellphone sized computers that can display holograms and act as communication devices) not weapons or armor though.

>> No.21718659

I think the humvee idea was the best

>> No.21718670

We're building him large shelters immediately, by the way. He can keep people in those, and they'll have enough amenities that people won't be in trouble.

We'll also build a secure landing pad or bunker where we can drop off supplies at night.

We can give him night optics, yes, especially if he tells us how he got the Republic and Majesty ones and trades us for some of them so we can reverse-engineer theirs.

Very good.

We do badly need public trans and light rail. Thankfully the monorail's coming along.

We need to extend that thing to the airfield, too, if we're going to take it.

The guy probably had employees who collected them off the dead.

Fully automatic Crownbreaker turret. Honestly, just throw in GPS tracking systems that alert the owner and can only be disabled by tearing out the car's battery and half the engine. How's that for security?

And civilian vehicles would not always include APCs. We can sell people humvees, we can sell cities APCs for their security forces if necessary. Or respected and trusted caravanners.

>> No.21718676

>give him night optics
More like sell at a discount.

>> No.21718700


And head-sets with radios in case he doesn't have them.

>> No.21718704

No bad security. Still doesnt stop some trader from buying himself half a dozen APCs, drive off into the sunset and set himself up as the overlord of some backwater city with them. We might want to keep APCs and up limited to allied cities as you suggested.

>> No.21718714

Kilroy would appreciate a small training period for his more discipline enforcers (and maybe a chance to figure out which of hiw newbie enforcers are worth promoting) as such he's willing to accept training by soldiers skilled in night operations and skilled marksmen, as well and general infantry pointers.

>> No.21718721

I suspect any kind of vehicle would be extremely expensive for anyone, let alone APCs
real life APCs cost more than 600 000$, anyone who can afford one in post-nuclear setting can probably afford to take over some backwater town with more accessible means.

>> No.21718723

cool, lets throw that in

>> No.21718727

Great. Will he take the bunker and subterranean landing pad for night-time supply dropoffs and evac of the wounded, especially civilians? Because we'll need time to train his guys anyway, and that'll allow us to build the thing. Preferably covertly.

We'll keep them limited, but if someone tried to do that we'd know exactly where they were. When their APCs needed to be serviced, they'd have to come back to us.

Addendum to business plan - set up mechanic's shops and dealerships in all our consulates.

>> No.21718741


>> No.21718766

I dunno, we are a community with about 2000 inhabitants and somehow manage to have one hundred main battle tanks (more than most smaller countries). I dont think you can bring real world economics into this.

>> No.21718781

Kilroy on aquiring Majesty and Republic night vision devices.

"Look those two guys have been at eachother's throats for 50 years. Think about that, 5 decades with no clear winner. So they began trying to get an edge, hiring mercs left and right. You got men serving in the trenches with Republic Minutmen and Order Loyalists evenntually you'll find someone who is willing to make a little extra barter by doing things they ain't supposed to. Penalty for filching equipment like this -gestures at a pair of republic night vision goggles- is death by firing squad usually. Or being pulled apart by horses if you're an Order Boy.

But even one of these things can make a man a fortune. A raider or a Capo would give his left testicle for the avility to make night time raids on his rivals without hvaing to carry along torches or flashlights.

So yeah I bought the things. Thought I'd have to spend another year scraping together barter before I could put Tuco in the ground.

Then you showed up."

>> No.21718807

From the last thread:

-Further integrate LONBOW systems into our maser power-distribution to allow distribution to fast moving vehicles and aircraft. Probably a bonus on the roll.

-Seismic observation lab for earthquake detection.

-Power supply depots for our forces at our consulates, preferably with full PROMETHEUS systems where possible.

Possibly bad idea from last thread: large numbers of disposable power depots all over the city. Why do this when we could just have recharge rovers and recharge drones? We should research airborne recharge drones, though.

>> No.21718814

We have super-advanced, SCIENCE!-powered, future manufacturing facilities. They are the main reason why we are so powerful and can churn out so much equipment without any cost.

The general wasteland is not that lucky. I mean, before we started lending out trucks for our trade caravans, some people used live-stock to pull wagons.

APCs would be prohibitively expensive for anyone who is not an entire faction.

>> No.21718828

If he gives us sufficient samples of each for reverse engineering we will replace them on a one for one basis for free. Beyond that, he gets a large discount.

We have huge factories and futuristic power tech that is unique as far as we know.

>> No.21718848
File: 549 KB, 1980x1350, 1290801180494.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Then you showed up."

I'd like to imagine that we showed up like some hyper-active car salesman and started offering amazing deals.
Think Crazy Hassan and his used camels

>> No.21718852

Yes, he doesn't have the town in hand so he can't authorize building the drop off airfield at the The Salon (The 12 story hotel that big Vinny Lives in) but he can give you authorization to build it on top of or Near the Cat's Meow. ( A Strip Joint/Brothel that's six stories tall)

>> No.21718862

Okay, i think we wanted to do this? might want to push the export variant combat vehicles back if we need to invest a RU into equipping Kilroy.

Do we need to roll for any of this?

>> No.21718864

Very, very bad, short-sighted idea from last thread: weaponizing SAURON.

Here is why:

-It's centralized. If we don't decentralize it and use it as a weapons-system backbone instead, we strongly risk it being taken out by concentrated strikes.

-It's essential. If we devote something our troops badly need for normal function to weapons systems, we take away their backbone pretty effectively.

-It's a maser, and as such requires time to build up energy concentration. Without collector arrays designed to receive the energy, it would probably just create a heat wave in the area.

>> No.21718873

Pardon the off-topic post, but is that supposed to be any historical figure in particular?
Because if so, I don't recognize him. I'd almost guess Washington, but it doesn't look much like him.

>> No.21718883

I think it is Washington from alternate history of Assassins Creed where he is evil and shit

>> No.21718899

Can Vinny authorize it? If not, do it where Kilroy suggests.

>> No.21718923

okay he's willing to give you all of the majesty and republic night vision devices if only to have uniform equipment.

Anytthing else we need to work out?

oh and as for your 100 MBTs and what have you? You're at your absolute limit in maintaining and fielding those. Even if you advance in terms of tech and population you'll probably never be able to field more than those. Most of them are sitting in warehouses (heavily guarded warehouses) waiting to be used.

>> No.21718948

Very well. I'm going to collect ideas from this thread and put together a revised RU expenditure plan now.

Feel free to initiate Operation BLACK HAND (named for a Sicilian mob family).

>> No.21718971

Hm... did we ever try to put FIRELANCE weaponry into our Goliath tanks? We need more firepower for the Majesty superheavies. Show them why superheavy tanks are a retarded idea.

>> No.21718981

No idea, grabbed it 'caus eI thought it looked cool.

I draw the line at ronald raegan mounted on a velociraptor firing an SMG though. (JFK or bust!)

>> No.21718989

what was FIRELANCE again?

>> No.21719001

I vote that we just accept Kilroy's deal. By the time The Republic shows up I us to have a really good treaty system under way.
OP, can we get the three roads from here and the equipping other cities from here: >>21718406
started since no one disagreed at all?

>> No.21719019

I would say yes. Do the infrastructure now, we can start our research projects next round. Maybe rename power generation and distribution into project PROMETHEUS

>> No.21719025

I'm still confused why we need to spend RU to DOWNGRADE our equipment. It shouldn't cost shit.

Better use that RU on REVOLUTION project (nano-manufacturing)

>> No.21719029
File: 17 KB, 285x214, 285px-Railgun_usnavy_2008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21719056

Us and DBRL unified our equipment a while back right? They can field our tanks and stuff?

>> No.21719069

you aren't dowgrading your equipment,. you're putting in place an infrastructure devoted to selling equipment to trustworthy, well funded individuals who can be trusted to use the equipment you put in their hands. In this case its only partly for modifying the machine designs.

The rest of it is devoted to putting in place an economic and social structure dedicated to making sure this stuff is profitable and doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

I think keeping your weapons out of raider hands is worth an RU don't you?

>> No.21719072

Didn't railguns use too much power to be useful for now?

>> No.21719080

okay, that makes sense

>> No.21719099

yeah, that's also where some of it is coming from, in return you can make use of their genemods and other tech whenever. No one's made major motions towards that though.

>> No.21719105

Well, we have coilguns on our Albatros gunship, so i see no reason not to put them on our MBTs.

>> No.21719113
File: 7 KB, 259x194, harvester.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


"Tiberium is the answer"

Wait! Wrong crystal-type thingy!

>> No.21719134

well, I suggested several times that we set DBRL on developing new and better gene-mods....

yes, but we haven't developed them to that point yet.

>> No.21719168

I think we dont need better gene mods, but we should make an effort to turn all our military into greens. It just has so many advantages...

>> No.21719194

>I think we dont need better gene mods

why wouldn't we need better gene-mods? There is like no reason not to get them.

>> No.21719250

I think we have more and more important research going on at the moment. Solving our energy problems, developing infrastructure, keeping our military up to date... The green modifications are more than satisfying for now.

Maybe i should have written "i think we dont need better gene mods now"

>> No.21719278

We sent 100 Sentinels down to Red Light to serve as Trainers for The Capo Kilroy Catsvallen's Enforcers. The man in question is an interesting figure, quite literally the son of a whore, he was raised in a brothel and was forced to claw his way to the top. He reputedly never lies, is quiet and reserved, is fair in all his dealings, oh and he has a reputation for strangling traitors to death.

We sent 3 Fatboys loaded with equipment down to Red Light and built a series of 2 story bunkers (1 story above ground, one below ground, powered by solar panels and stocked with food and water.) We also erected a wall around The Cat's Meow and built a helipad on the roof. The structure is 3 stories tall but has 4 seperate wings. It resembles a "+" from above and can house 3000 people. (though there are maybe a 3rd of that many people there at any given time.)

Some of the Enforcers were stubborn but a few sound beatings from Kilroy himself made certain that any nay sayers fell in line with Sentinel training.


>> No.21719354
File: 58 KB, 614x600, 1353641085361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have it on good authority that Kilroy Catsvallen rquested, and recieved, personal training from several of our Sentinels. They reported that he'd recieved training from masters of a tribal martail art revolving around knife fighting, basic pugilism (in the style of Old World Boxing,) and that he's quite handy with a pistol.

Within a month we'd managed to build enough Shelters to give half of Red Light sanctuary in the evet of attack and we also managed to give The Black Cat Enforcers an elite corps of well trained, driven troops.

Upon the end of the First Month Kilroy began his campaign by declaring that everyone in the city had to pick on of three sides, His, Tucos, or the Fence. People on his side would be granted Pardons for past crimes, People on Tuco's side would be considered enemies,l and people on the Fence had better stay there for their own good.

Tuco had several of Kilroy's town Crier's shot.


>> No.21719380

PNN, I'm going to need corrected prices in RUs from this please.

Smaller things that will get forgotten later:
-Mass manufacturing of civilian versions of our vehicles and APCs, complete with non-stealth BARDING and GPS security systems for civilian vehicles that cannot be removed without disabling them - at least not without hours of work creating workarounds. 1 RU to specialize mass production and get a dealership and mechanic's shop in Light City as well as a first run of models for sale.

-We need to construct a seismic observation lab for earthquake detection.

-EYEBUG and small device wifi-power upgrade.

-CITADEL: We need to put shutters or armor on our scrapers (at least the tower), I think. Graphene can double as a bulletproofing surface and a solar panel, if we want. Could even be transparent.
Hopefully these can be 1 RU for the lot, but they're small but useful enough to justify getting them for 1 RU each if absolutely necessary.

-GOLIATH/DAUNTLESS/GUNGIR: Superheavy tank development, probably with gun-launched missile systems in its main armament, which will need to be dual FIRELANCE weapons. Two main guns would be good insurance against super-heavy Majesty laser tanks, with a shitload of reactive and laser armor. 1 RU for the development of the heavier frame and adjusting firelance to work with gun-launched missile systems, probably more RUs for the FIRELANCE battery upgrades necessary.

Continued below.

>> No.21719401

Trade network improvements needed:
Specialized goods for Dry River, Twisted Neck, and John's House. 1 RU?
Roads for basically everywhere minus maybe one place. We were thinking of roads to RED LIGHT, DRY RIVER and TWISTED NECK, but where else are they needed? Probably too expensive to finish this turn.
Upgrades at all consulates: dealerships and mechanic's shops, smaller factories, military emplacement (Sparta has the only one, I think), caravan improvements (like wheeled vehicles that aren't powered by coal), possibly communications gear/video links, standard power generation systems from PROMETHEUS. 2 RU for across-the-board emplacement of everything but PROMETHEUS units, I expect.

Wasteland reputation improvements needed: Should start creating mutual defense pacts. This may require resource expenditure for training and armament of local defense forces. Price, please.

The above actions have a projected or proposed combined price of 8 RU, excluding the roads which might bring the total cost up sharply.

Actions this turn:
-'Scavenge' action: anyway you could try searching for interesting artifacts or useful items around Light City (250 miles leaves a lot of room for old stuff to survive.) or you could try searching for new kinds of geddonite.
-STARCARRIER roll. Probably we want it to get some salvage and fabricate more fighters until it reaches the maximum.

Continued with new project goals and long-term matters.

>> No.21719414

Kilroy Responded by assassinating Tuco's Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Grand Parents, and his older children. He drew the line at cousins but made it clear that he had no problems with killing any of Tuco's relations regardless of Race, Religion, Sex, or Age.

Tuco attempted daylight raids on Kilroy's commercial enterprises and found that the shops, workshops, bars, and brothels had been shut down for the duration of his war. His employees had been sent to the Shelters, along with anyone who could have faced so much as a ricochet from conflict with Tuco.

Tuco's men were gunned down like dogs by a better trained, better equipped force. Kilroy made a point of his successes by having the corpses beheaded and piling the heads in the town center.


>> No.21719417

Transportation network related tasks: Roads everywhere, 1 RU per. Monorail extension, probably 1 RU to link the Parish, Darwin, ourselves, and the airport. Airport reclamation will probably also be 1 RU and allow for a lot of cool shit later.

Projected cost: 3 RU.

-Primarily, developing a standard system to turn a given skyscraper (or other facility, though skyscrapers work well for us) into a multi-system power generator and distribution node, complete with SAURON gear.
-Increasing battery power/storage capacity, probably with use of reverse engineered Majesty nanotech through REVOLUTION. This will increase battery life across the board, the utility of FIRELANCE weaponry, the capacity of our reactive armor to store electrical charge and thus its ability to take more than a small amount of anti-material fire, though obviously only one per layer in the same exact place.
-Emplacing solar panels and electromagnetic generators (they use long, magnetically reactive systems that stretch through the length of a skyscraper to harvest energy differentials from small shifts in earth's EM field...Well, 'small' relative to the entire global field; huge for us) on the Tower and elsewhere.
-A Geddonite-C lightning harvesting system would also be useful.
-FIRELANCE defenses are a must for protecting these, as well as seismic/emergency shutoff systems for safety.
-SAURON upgrade (Possibly through LONGBOW? Bonus to roll?) to allow it to recharge gunships in mid flight. Development of aerial recharge drones capable of distributing power to ground and airborne forces, etc.
-Creating copies of this modified OVERCHARGE/SAURON system, as the PROMETHEUS standard, elsewhere in Light City and beyond (consulates?).

Projected cost: 7 RU.

>> No.21719429
File: 11 KB, 212x238, T34Calliope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why having gun lauched missiles instead of a separate rack?
Pic related

Where can i get one?

>> No.21719435

This gives us two free RU this turn and a plan for next turn. I propose we use the two RU this turn to reverse-engineer more Majesty manufacturing systems by building a nanotech lab with 1 RU and cracking open their armor facility or helicopters if we've already sorted the armor stuff. If there's nothing to learn there, we can conduct research on the Pawns.

Comments solicited.

>> No.21719462

Because if your tank can do more than one thing it is useful for more than one thing.

Because we have separate tracks as well as tanks capable of using gun-launched missiles as it is.

And because a tank without good fly-by-wire guided weapons for anti-air support is going to get its ass handed to it by helicopters.

>> No.21719489

see the previously agreed upon plan here: >>21718406

>> No.21719511

Tuco was avariety of things, but he wasn't a coward, and he wasn't a quitter. He made raids on Kilroy's properties daily and managed to kill roughly 60 men.

Kilroy however made his combat operations during the night, and his men were extremely successful. He focused on finding and removing the important members of Tucos operations. Not just by shooting them, but by recruiting them and by intimidating them into withdrawing from the conflict. Every day Tuco grew weaker and Kilroy grew stronger.

about 6 weeks in Tuco had completely lost support from the other branches of the Catsvallen family. He was down to his wife, his children, cousins who were too angry or stupid to accept Kilroy's offer of pardon, and die hard supporters.

Eventually Tuco's wife betrayed him and allowed an elite force of Black Cat Enforcers into the opposition compound. Once there Tuco and his men were captured with tasers and knockout gas.


>> No.21719515

>better gene-mods
While this would be fun and interesting, we need Darwin's help working on biomachines/nanotech right now. What we've begun to recover from Majesty tech will probably allow upgrading that surpasses or equals gene-modification research (which is 200 years old, remember) without the huge cost of developing the next level of genetic modification as is.

However, the OP could say that this isn't the case.

>> No.21719529

I liked the other plan >>21718406 better for now, since i think the EYEBUG, GOLIATH and CITADEL plans dont need to be put into action immediately. Especially GOLIATH, we have barely enough maintenance to keep our current vehicles operating, no need to add more to it just now.

>> No.21719531

Well, the Calliope i posted was to more or less give an idea, just replacing rockets with missiles.

But still the sight of a veritable rain of explosives...

>> No.21719561

Yes, I am revising it. Most of my plan integrates the expenditures in the old one into two turns' worth of spending and adds in ideas from the last thread that were not applied to the old plan.

>> No.21719568

Other than that your plans are good and sensible. Maybe include geothermal energy into PROMETHEUS, since that my pet project.

>> No.21719619

Tuco and his men were taken to the town square, once there they were led to the gallows. Kilroy did not have them hanged however. He made a point of personally strangeling each man with his bare hands. With that business done he had the heads of the dead mobsters reunited with their bodies and he personally paid for the burial of each combatant in the small civil war out of his own combatant.

Tuco's wife occasionally visits his tomb. But over all she keeps herself to the mansion that Tuco left her in his last will and testament.

Things have returned to normal as usual in Red Light and Kilroy has been named "Capo of Capos" and the other branches of the Catsvallen family have agreed to follow his lead. For starters he has created a council to be overseen by the Capo of Capos, but the council does have powers and the Head Capo must accede to their decisions or be replaced by specially trained group of enforcers who owe their loyalty to the family at large rather than any one man.


>> No.21719663

*out of his own pocket.

Bluh. Stupid brain.

>> No.21719665

Mind you, these matters don't need to be seen to in the order I presented.

Certainly the nuclear reactor upgrades should be included in PROMETHEUS, which was an oversight on my part. Geothermal research can also be folded in, but preferably on a later turn.

Vehicle exports were also something I intended to undertake this turn.

The mutual defense treaty needs OP's approval, but may be more or less free (we can get those communities to pay for the entire cost of training and goods, possibly, or at least pay for part of it in exchange for better relations).

The rest of the previously proposed plan agrees with more or less everything I'm proposing, just with less organization.

>> No.21719705

we could further revise in order to get moving on prometheus, power is a big concern

why are we in such a hurry to pave roads?

>> No.21719748

The Enforcers in question are called Watchmen, they are recruited from every branch of the Catsvallen family and they adhere to a strict code of laws laid down by Big Vinny, Kilroy, and a team of Lawyers from FG and DBRL. Any Capo de Capo who strays from these laws will answer to the Watchmen.

As side note the Night Vision Goggles used by Republic and Majesty forces are based on old U.S. Army models, much like the modular Night Vision equipment added to the LONGBOW targetting technology. They're battery powered and have a negative effect on depth perception. The equipment in question is pretty basic and probably meant to be given to auxilliary units.

Business is picking up in Red Light and now we have the city authorities at our backs. So far no complications have arisen thanks to our involvement in local politics.

For Tommorow.

>> No.21719757

I'd like to do everything in the order of the old plan because i hope pumping that much RU into increased trade and profit would make a RU worth more.

It will also improve our standing in the wastes.

We can start including the other stuff you wrote down next month

>> No.21719768

The old plan has 2 points in what basically is PROMETHEUS, just less awesome named.

>> No.21719784

>As side note the Night Vision Goggles used by Republic and Majesty forces are based on old U.S. Army models, much like the modular Night Vision equipment added to the LONGBOW targetting technology. They're battery powered and have a negative effect on depth perception. The equipment in question is pretty basic and probably meant to be given to auxilliary units.

Basically ours are better in every way possible, right?

We should talk with Kilroy about completely replacing their dependance on coal power with environment-clean energy production. And we always could use carbon (coal) for our production so coal industry wont be going anywhere.

>> No.21719787

The old plan upgrades the reactor, yes. Any objection to pursuing the treaty as I outlined above?

>> No.21719806


>> No.21719811

Old plan also has 2 RU in establishing mutual defense treaties and supplying weaponry and training for two towns. If PNN rules that we can also do this without spending RU i certainly wont complain, but i doubt it.

>> No.21719828

We can do that later, but coal mining would be a good source of refined materials for our graphene manufacture and other high-tech carbon needs.

We should install filters and pollution controls and bring their operations up to human safety and environment standards in exchange for a good price on exports.

>> No.21719852

Great write-up, PNN. Can we get your revised price estimates for the priority list here:

We kind of need a reference on what we can pay for under one RU, and whether we can set up mutual defense treaties and have the communities pay for some or all of their materiel and training. Whether this will mean a relations trade-off is of course relevant.

We'll see what he says.

>> No.21719860

1 RU for mass production and I'll throw in the dealer ship/workshop for Light city. Additional dealer ships can be set up in all cities with a consulate for 1 RU.

Eyebug Wifi Power Upgrade will cost you 1 RU.

Shutters, I'll let you install opaque armored shutters for 1 RU, i'll let you develop Armored shutters that have solar panels in them for 1 RU. Installing them will put them in all facilities currently in use.

super heavy tanks are only really viable if you have fission batteries or much, much, more efficient geddonite batteries. Secondly you can only mount so much armor on the things before they can barely move so without nanotech materials you can't armor them... anyway its a long term project.

You can use FIRELANCE weapons in tanks but its gonna require a lot of power so be prepared to have recharge rovers on hand.

>> No.21719910

arming and training the town coasts one RU, you can set up mutual defense treaties with anyone but without good reason and a local figure to keep the treaty together there's a possiblity that the townspeople will skive off rather than report for militia duty when it comes to fighting bandits.

oh, and you spent 1 RU on Operation black hand, but they do have a military unit in the form of the Watchment and Black Cat Enforcers. so they can train up their own military now.

>> No.21719938

>you can set up mutual defense treaties with anyone but without good reason and a local figure to keep the treaty together there's a possiblity that the townspeople will skive off rather than report for militia duty when it comes to fighting bandits.

So we need to go to Twisted Neck, Dry River and Johns House to see whats up and talk to people.
Do we have defense treaty with Red Town? Or are we just allied (I kinda assume that allied means defense treaty too)

>> No.21719980

1 Ru to developing export variant combat vehicles (Under-gunned and under armored versions of our combat vehicles) and setting up a shop in Light City
2 Ru for PROMETHEUS (Genodite upgrades to our Nuclear power core)
1 RU for upgrading all basic goods to specialized. (we already have consulates and clinics everywhere)

This is basically what is left of the old plan. 2 RU up for grabs.

>> No.21719988


I'm proposing that we develop a mutual defense treaty with both Sparta and Red Light, and throw in the coal trade with Red Light as an incentive - we'll clean up their industry, they'll have a steady, large-scale customer in us.

Should also make for cheaper manufacturing of consumer goods, assuming PNN approves.

Incentives for Sparta would be more commercial and civil industry, I suspect, and expanded medical facilities. A community of 25,000 probably needs some upgrades.

>> No.21719996

I still want to know why roads are so great at 1 RU per.

>> No.21720011

That's great, PNN. Care to do the same for >>21719401
and >>21719417
as well, please?

>> No.21720015

I vote 2 RU to finding local Figures to ally with and giving them weapons. (I seriously hope we don't basically have launch a Coup every-time we want to ally with someone.)

>> No.21720020

Trade costs sound spot on. You need roads to John's House, Twisted Neck, Dry River, New Sparta, and Red Light. One RU per Road Route.

Monorails routes cost the same, but I'll let you tie DBRL, The Tower, and The Parish into a single route rather than build 3 new routes.

Prometheus cost will vary, lets just take it one step at a time, figure out what we're doing this turn and assign cost to that action.

>> No.21720022

Frankly, developing better means to create roads would likely bring down the cost.

We have two figures as it is.

>> No.21720024

More trade, more fame, more bang for our RUs and we relocate our MBTs and APCs to a town much faster in case we are needed.

>> No.21720040

Why would we use ground forces in that case? We have a fuckhuge airforce and probably local garrisons. Anyway, if we're going to fuck around with roads we should use the extra 2 RU to complete all five needed roads now, they chew up too much in the way of resources.

>> No.21720042

You are aware of how much work it would take in making a road right? Much less a road over 200 years of debris and ruin with opprotuinistic raiders and gigantic mutant animals.

>> No.21720047

They used to say that all roads led to Rome. We are building roads from us to the local towns, but not from the local towns to us. So the result is increased trade, and virtually all of that trade will pass through us.

>> No.21720058

op, can we have mutual defense in red light and sparta without expenditure right now, and let the expenditures occur later? both have stable and strong leaders and defense forces atm

yeah let's finish the roads now, this will bring costs for integrating a newly discovered settlement way down later

>> No.21720059

Allied Means Defense treaty, pretty much. just ask to set up a defense treaty and I'll lay out terms, you can decide whether or not they are acceptable.

>> No.21720063

5 roads is 5 RU and building roads everywhere will literally make us the center of this region. They are very useful.

>> No.21720082

Alright, guys. Let's build all the roads we can this turn and pursue treaties with New Sparta and Red Light as suggested while circumstances allow. It will free us up to start dealing with important projects next turn.

>> No.21720088

I think thats a good idea. connecting all major settlements through us should count for something. Voting for 5 roads.

>> No.21720096

We can upgrade the reactor as planned and set up a civil vehicle plant, which will make more sense given that we'll have the entire trade and road network built to the point where civilian vehicles will travel without serious problems or wear.

>> No.21720110

>1 RU for mass production and I'll throw in the dealer ship/workshop for Light city. Additional dealer ships can be set up in all cities with a consulate for 1 RU.

what would dealerships give us in each city?

>> No.21720112

Unless there are better ideas this fulfills the standing plan.

Are you in favor of solidifying the trade network now so we can sell more cars, faster, at the moment, and paying for treaties on later turns if necessary?

>> No.21720114

we can even call it project ROME. Even though its a bit pretentious to call building streets a project needing to be named...

>> No.21720130

They would give us more points of sale and more means to reach travellers at the edge of the network with no means of consistently reaching us but the funds to buy a car. Plus mechanic's shops in those outlying cities would allow them to more effectively set up patrols and have a better local economy.

>> No.21720132

Agreed. Except that I'm pretty sure we already have allied with New Sparta and Red Light, So I recommend allying with someone else.

>> No.21720170

Project LUX, I think. It means light, as in enlightenment. Better transportation (with eventual light rail and street lamp upgrades, possibly) will allow our culture and form of government to spread faster and bring civilization up to speed.

From lux ex tenebris, or 'light out of darkness.'

>> No.21720185

We have not yet arranged mutual defense pacts.

>> No.21720206

I was trying to refer to the "all roads lead to rome", but yours is better. Especially since our capital where all roads will lead to is "Light City". Double meanings!

>> No.21720234

One day we'll completely rebuild Light City and have population in the millions.
Where would we get them? I don't know, we'll ship them from China if we have to!

>> No.21720256
File: 132 KB, 768x576, 1353380014275_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carefully programmed and equipped Utility rovers are sent out with STF defense forces and used to clear away debris, hard terrain, and occasionally relocate campers.

A few of the Utility Rovers are destroyed by bandit raids and parts are carried off but their are no human or civilian casualties and vy the end of the month 5 roads lead from Light City to the largest settlements in the area.

Trade has increased and you're making more profits thanks to the simple fact that all of that trade has to flow through light city. FG goods are becoming more and more commonplace across the wasteland. Oilskins and Watergourds are being replaced by FG metal canteens and for good or ill our firearms are becoming weapons of choice for anyone who feels the need to kill someone else.

>> No.21720271


Well, i hope our street network will also increase the population of V-town. Speaking of V-town, do we have an education system set up in it? We really need the new V-towners in our think-tanks, so maybe founding a school for people of all ages would be a good idea. Could also be wonderfully for promoting our religion of humanity, just make religion courses mandatory!

>> No.21720290
File: 2 KB, 63x72, Water-flask.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oilskins and Watergourds are being replaced by FG metal canteens

Good point.
We should build schools and an University. Free education of course.

>> No.21720292

Taking over New Sparta with John required a mutual defense pact between you and John's regime. He's fufilling his end of it by setting bandits on fire and crucufyinbg their crispy remains.

You haven't done anything with Kilroy, the new Capo De Capo in terms of defense pacts though. Simple as asking for terms though, no RU required.

>> No.21720316

The trouble with references to Rome is that it fell, like the pre-impact society we're trying to create an improvement on, due to people not looking out for problems and being greedy imperialists.

>> No.21720348

Alright we should ask what Kilroy wants and what did John of Sparta wanted again?

>> No.21720352

Yeah, but Romes infrastructure was top notch for the time. Some of their roads and bridges are still in use today. There are worse things to aspire to.

>> No.21720367

Let's spend 2 RU on reactor upgrades with Geddonite-D (one development and one emplacement, right?), one RU for across-the-board goods specialization, and 1 RU for our vehicle sales setup with dealerships and workshops in Light City. There don't seem to be objections, I'm fine with pursuing my plan next turn.

Ask for terms with Red Light, offer a cleanup and some modernization of their coal industry and steady purchases of the product in exchange for a cut rate as an additional incentive.

We do have education systems, as well as a secularized spiritual system to keep them concious of the fact that your neighbor isn't an alien presence that requires murdering just because he lives in an apartment building and you live in a bunker or vice versa.

Improving on the present system wouldn't be bad, but we currently badly need power.

>> No.21720396

Their infrastructure was made and maintained by slave labor. Their entire society was a dine-and-dash, grave-robbing, religion-supplanting, hegemonic land-grab and gold-extraction system. Even in the time of the Republic, frankly.

Rome can rest in peace.

>> No.21720401

You know, when it comes to bandits, I have a plan:
We start giving out free radio's to all the local traders and smaller settlements. If Bandits attack, they just call us. We'll vector nearby ground patrols and scramble gunships. Bandits will start drying up fast if they know that they'll have attack helicopters hunting them down 15 minutes after they attack anyone.

>> No.21720428

Assuming the costs are not prohibitive and we can convince most of the bandits to trade in swords for plowshares and settle in V-town, sure. Non-lethal weapons could stand to see more in-field testing.

>> No.21720432

I second this of course. The educational improvements can be done later. Maybe making our schools better and more well known would attract more wastelanders.

By the way, what do you guys think of throwing the marketing department a bone and doing an advertisement campaign? Poor ads guys didnt have anything to do for the past 201 years....

>> No.21720453

Even better, combine these two! When we hand out radios, we might as well do our own variant of wasteland news (together with advertisement, of course)

>> No.21720465

We can include schools in our consulate improvements and certainly we can have recruitment offices in consulates and outposts as well. Papering over Light City a bit would also likely not hurt, but I doubt we're going to have heavy recruitment in other towns.

Advertising will work, but only if we do a cross-advertising deal, for example, advertising Parish exports in a place in the market for wine and luxury goods once we fix their agricultural base, then advertising goods from that location in the Parish or elsewhere until we have a well-integrated chain.

With the road network and vehicle sales, we can advertise services as well. 'Come gamble in Red Light,' etc.

>> No.21720469

News is not a bad possibility.

>> No.21720489

Kilroy wants, specifcally, An alternative to the Coal Power Plant, he's more than willing to turn the wasteland around Light City into a Solar Power Farm if it can get rid of the Coal Power Plant since that is the City's primary source of pollution. Secondly he wants BioFuel engines, loads of them, and BioFuel vehicles and machines powered by either electricity from the solar panels or biofuel. He also wants help against the occasional bandit raid and any attempts by an outside power to annex his city.

In return he'll back your military actions with Enforcers and have his men patrol the roads in search of bandits. (Unlike John of sparta he just entends to have the men shot and dumped on the side of the road.)

oh and yeah, 1 RU for developing Geddonite D Nuclear Fission generator upgrades, and then 1 RU for installing them and optimizing them.

>> No.21720517

The only thing that is worrying me is the possibility of the Majesty intercepting our signal and deciding to bombard our radio tower... They think we have been destroyed by the bombardment, i think KING would be severely pissed of if he knew how comparatively easily we handeled his wrath.

>> No.21720528

we were going to replace the coal plants and vehicles using them anyway so yeah, lets agree to that.

>> No.21720535
File: 124 KB, 950x712, apache_speed_trap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If Bandits attack, they just call us. We'll vector nearby ground patrols and scramble gunships
>scramble gunships

I like the idea

>> No.21720556

I suggest pursuing the defensive contract next round and sticking to the plan otherwise. We have set two RU aside for PROMETHEUS so our Fission generator can be upgraded.

>> No.21720563

We'll give him alternatives to coal POWER so long as he supplies us with coal EXTRACTION and sells us the product of it for cheap; this includes hazmat/safety gear for all at-risk workers and top-tier pollution controls, as well as pollution cleanup for existing problems and an expanded medical clinic to deal with the specialized need stemming from decades of black lung inducing bullshit.

We can give him biofuel/biodiesel generation and engines, and he can have a low government rate on vehicles when we install our delaership as well as an initial fleet.

The rest of his terms are acceptable.

We don't have to brand the news as coming directly from us, and we can decentralize the broadcast system. News stations in every consulate, etc.

>> No.21720570

I remember those signs from when I used to live in the Washington DC area.

Never saw the aircraft, though.

>> No.21720596

Rolled 40

Rolling for PROMETHEUS, btw.

>> No.21720617

Rolled 53

The defensive contract costs us nothing initially, and we'll pursue a separate defense pact next round anyway.

Prometheus roll to develop Geddonite-D radiation shielding and harvesting systems.

>> No.21720624

Rolled 27


>> No.21720634

Rolled 81

Rolling to upgrade nuclear reactor power systems and distribution systems with results of Geddonite-D research.

>> No.21720641

Rolled 58


>> No.21720647


you know you guys can just roll 3d100 and save a lot of trouble?

>> No.21720657

Rolled 41

Rolling to design and mass produce our commercial vehicles, and install a dealership and workshops in Light City.

>> No.21720670

He finds your terms acceptable and is more than happy to continue extracting coal from the mines. He's honestly relieved there's still a demand for the coal since the mine provides many people in town with jobs. However he's shutting down the mine until he recieves safety equipment and the Clinics are upgraded to begin treating Black Lung health complications. The mine's should be back in operation in 2 months.

>> No.21720673

Rolled 83

Rolling for vehicles.

Personal luck factors in a bit.

And the best way to save trouble would be to roll 10d100s for a plan and then reroll just the low rolls individually so people don't feel disconnected.

>> No.21720674

Rolled 29

supporting roll

>> No.21720687

Rolled 66

Excellent. Cheap steel production here we come, not to mention all the other things coal is useful for.

Rolling for specialized goods, assuming that even needs a roll.

>> No.21720720

Rolled 36


PROMETHEUS's rolls were 53 development/81 upgrading.

83 for our vehicles and dealership and repair shops.

66 for goods specialization across the board.

>> No.21720737

Rolling for cheap steel

>> No.21720742

Rolled 66

here's the rool

>> No.21720761

Cheap steel will be the product of getting Red Light's coal mines working now that we've made the deal.

Coal is required to make steel. Cheap coal means cheap steel.

>> No.21720775

Rolled 41

I know that. My dad used to work in a coal mine.

>> No.21720779

Just checking for confusion. Didn't know that you were rolling for anything at all.

>> No.21720782

>Personal luck factors in a bit.

I know there is a fair bit of superstition concerning the rolling of dice, but they are completely random. 3 people rolling separate dies or one person rolling 3 dies is completely the same.
You cannot affect the outcome in any form or way so rolling them in one go is just getting over with it and accepting the consequences.

>> No.21720791

Also, if we have cheap coal, we can then produce industrial diamonds, which is useful in tools.

>> No.21720797

I wouldn't fight /tg/ on this particular superstition. If nothing else, individual rerolls keeps people engaged and makes them feellike they're helping.

>> No.21720806

Not to mention graphene, buckycarbons, nanocarbons, and a whole host of other crap from carchoal art supplies to fertilizer to liquid coal fuel.

>> No.21720810


Fact is, tg dices rolls depend in some way on their timestamps. If you have the rolls at different times, you have more varied results. I think. Might just be superstition.

>> No.21720827

Does anyone know how to turn mined coal into coke? Does anyone know how to make and run a coke-fuelled furnace as opposed to a charcoal fuelled one?

>> No.21720829

If it is timestamp dependent, which is the case with all roll functions, secondary processing of the timestamp will produce different results. But it couldn't hurt.

>> No.21720843

The library of congress archive with its copy of every patent and science textbook and industrial manual published in pre-impact America will probably know. Also we have similar archives from other nations. Also we're a foundry.

>> No.21720844

Finding a use for Geddonite D isn't that difficult, its making the best use of its potential that is troublesome. Use too much of it during shielding and it becomes difficult to extract usable energy from it. Don't use enough and your reactor starts leaking radiation.

Using radioactive wreckage and fission batteries your scientists are able to simulate various levels of radioactive contamination and figure out how much is needed for protection. The batteries also allow them to figure out how to extract the most power from a fission based energy source with Geddonite D used as a shielding element in place of the normal shielding systems.

Once this is done the Geddonite Battery at the core of the tower is used instead of the Nuclear Reactor and the Shielding elemnts of our old reactor are replaced with Geddonite D. The energy efficiency of our reactor has doubled.

>> No.21720900

I think its just superstition.

Sometimes when rolling multiple dice, you can have them all higher than 70, sometimes lower than 30. Most of the times they fluctuate greatly. Just like if you'd have 3 people rolling separately. It is always surprising when 3 people roll and all of them have very high results and equally surprising when they have low results, same with multiple dice rolling.

Anyway, I guess you guys must REALLY love rolling if you prefer to keep it as it is.

>> No.21720925

Every town has a list of things itr wants, anbd a list of things it needs. Getting markleting personel on the ground and sending them into the field so they can assess wants, needs, and room for improvement is integral to our business model.

People have fallen far thanks to the famine and the resource wars. Most people in our section of the midwest thought flying machines were childrens stories before The Republic and The Order started duking in out. We have a responsability to make certain that they take a step into the future. As such we've begun developing and implementing customized marketing plans for all nearby communities.

We've also begun developing civilian vehicles and simpler, GPS tracked military vehicles for our customers. So far the only dealership/workshop is in Light City but we have plans for expansion.

>> No.21720929

I did suggest having the initial roll include up to ten separate hundred-siders and having only the subsequent rerolls be rolled in smaller groups or generated individually.

>> No.21720946

That's everything, guys.

I say we explore John's House next turn, that way OP can do the write-up he's been meaning to about it and put it on the map.

Also New Sparta being on the map would be good.

>> No.21720948

The Pawn-King's Device Is Active!

>> No.21720958

Excellent. Retrieving unanswered questions from last thread.

>> No.21720960

Lets hear what the Pawn King has to say.

>> No.21720968


I bet its warning of incoming Majesty attack, and they will be bringing a lot of pain

>> No.21720977

Questions in case he has time:

"Tell us of other groups like ourselves who have a good chance of creating a third force to break the stalemate and work to ensure that the mistakes of the old world are not repeated."

"Tell us of the locations of the nearest accessible aerospace laboratory or old US national laboratory in decent condition."

"Give us advice, if possible, on how to best disrupt Majesty operations."

"What is the current condition of any existing space stations, moon bases, or space habitats?"

>> No.21721015

"We have no Time, it's too early to contact you but I've already contacted the Director of the FBI through Safer Channels and you have a right to know.

The Majesty has begun collecting resources for its Space Flight Program, no there's nothing you can do. Their launch facilities are located in The Order's Capital, Los Angeles.

In 12 months The Majesty will have enough resources to begin another bombardment. It may be focused on you, they know you're pretty active, they can tell from the simple fact that the area isn't one gigantic radioactive mess.

They'll either wipe Light City off the map or hit Washington DC again, making this 6 times in a row.

They're also likely to launch a real military campaignh against you and your holdings in 6 months.

I suggest you get ready for a storm."

The Pawn-King's Device Has Deactivated!

>> No.21721024

We need to ask: "What is the current status of the war between the Republic and the Order?"

>> No.21721046


We need to finish Prometheus, make deals with the surrounding areas, expand our military systems, create an airship and fixed-wing aircraft fleet, reverse engineer their command/control/communications tech, and create our own space program.

So that's cool.

>> No.21721057

Oh, and probably massively ramp up our AEGIS defense capability.

>> No.21721059

I knew it.

Seriously, we should contact Republic to get their tech to defend against orbital bombardment and then expand AEGIS practically everywhere, to every town and on every building in Light City.

>> No.21721060



Time to contact the republic for military aid, arm up all the other settlements against majesty level threats and finally make leeways on laser technology. We also might want to decentralize our production facilities.

>> No.21721068

We're going to contact their FBI.

We have a communications satellite. Point it at DC and we'll see what happens.

>> No.21721083


I propose a project:

After receiving information of the possibility of another attack on Light City, VENGEANCE will be focused in taking out Majesty's greatest asset: the Autonomos Attack Satellite (AAS) codename THE KING.
All resources will be diverted in the construction of a superheavy FIRELANCE cannon capable of eliminating orbital assects.
Time is the essence and we'll have only one shot at best!
After THE KING has been destroyed or otherwise incapacitated, we'll start researching into other project centered around estabilishing orbital dominance.

>> No.21721097

The King is not their greatest asset.

ANUBIS will be how we break their greatest asset.

We can launch our own king-sized satellite as it is.

>> No.21721108

Before or after another bombardment?

>> No.21721120

I've had a plan in my back pocket that should get us orbital assets comparable to the King well inside of six months. Three months, if it goes well enough.

>> No.21721131

Personally, I recommend Orbital MONEMPB
It stands for Mass Orbital Nuclear EMP Bombardment

>> No.21721140

That'll count as your R&R Angel roll, is this what you'd like to do?

>> No.21721142


does this plan include the very probable possibility that anything that comes even halfway into orbit is going to be shot down by something in the orbit already?

>> No.21721146

Nuclear bombardment will just hurt the wrong people and make them hate us.

Pawns are nearly impenetrable anyhow.

>> No.21721152

I want to put decentralisation on the table. Our advanced production facilities are the backbone of our operations.

They are also all inside of the tower. If the tower is destroyed, we are doomed. We need to build other facilities on the towers tech level and store them in secret and secure underground bunkers in case the worst happens.

>> No.21721157


Whatever is the plan, the important is to not be reduced in a smouldering crater

>> No.21721170

Rolled 84

Sure. Find DC, establish a communications link with their FBI.

It accounts for this possibility by introducing atmospheric launch platforms and other features that should help, yes.

Glad to see that someone aside from myself has come around to seeing the benefit of this.

>> No.21721174

that seems a good idea

>> No.21721179


>> No.21721182

Rolled 24

I would venture to say that smoking craters are bad across the board. Creating any more of them through negligence or use of weaponry strikes me as a waste.

>> No.21721191

Rolled 20

let's talk to them

>> No.21721206

Rolled 97


Do we roll for diplomacy?
Roll for diplomacy then!

inb4 somebody roll a 1, oh the potential hilarity

>> No.21721228

I think your 97 or my 84 is to establish the connection and the diplomacy is for us to handle.

>> No.21721247

Yeah... I had too much D&D this week...

>> No.21721252

Might also be good to start storing large amounts of ambrosia in our and darwins consulates in case we need to use Purge again.

>> No.21721265

We can tell Darwin that manufacturing that stuff can be their responsibility and focus on some other matters, I expect.

>> No.21721269

R&R Angel leaves Little Eye behind to keep an eye on the American Mid-West and angles herself so she can get her communications equipment aimed at Washington DC.

She manages to pick up a variety of broadcasted signals, not the least of which are radio signals (military & Civilian,) Audio-Visual signals (Television Programs,) and encrypted communications.

Washington DC has been wiped off the map, all of the iconic buildings are gone or in ruins. The only upside is that you can clearly see defensive military facilities and what may very well be Bunkers/ From the looks of things the people of Washington DC have built downwards instead of upwards.

You can communicate with these people, what would you like to transmit?

>> No.21721283

A general signal to put us in touch with the FBI or any government agencies in the area so we can discuss concerted action against Majesty and the Order of Cincinnatus.

>> No.21721304

Also, OP, does building five roads, selling everyone cars, and creating specialized goods and marketing strategies for everyone upgrade our scale of action?

>> No.21721363

yes, the conversion rate is now 1>6

R&R Angel pings Washington DC, within a few minutes of being pinged Washington DC pings back and a connection is established.

"This Kenneth Brand of NASA, if you are in fact an entity attempting to communicate with the people of the United States of America please respond."

What do?

>> No.21721370

Speaking of communications...
Could we develop a system capable of simulating orders and battlefield data exchanged by Majesty forces? For example we could use it to lead them in a ambush or diverting their forces against enemies that aren't there

>> No.21721414

Okay, tell them we are FG and ask them if they have heard of the Pawn King. If not we request someone with higher clearance.

>> No.21721424

"This is the Executive Board of the Fabrique General cooperative out of Light City. You'll have records in whatever's left of the National Archives and Library of Congress of our founding and company history. We're contacting you due to a probability of an inbound attack we've received warning of. We'll go through authentication as needed to verify identity."

>> No.21721429

"This is the Fabrique Generale, we have intel that there is an orbital bombardement coming your way or ours."

>> No.21721431

Let's not even mention the Pawn King until we're talking to their intelligence people.

>> No.21721440

This is one of the many prongs of my interest in reverse-engineering Pawn communications and breaking their encryption.

>> No.21721444

Hello, This is Boardmember X of the Confederation of Light, how do you do? (I figured our treaty structure needed a name)

>> No.21721445


Well, thats good. Seconding.

>> No.21721461


>We have no Time, it's too early to contact you but I've already contacted the Director of the FBI through Safer Channels and you have a right to know.

They already know about the Pawn-king and the possible attack.

>> No.21721466

Dont call yourself confeds when you are dealing with the good old USA. Feels bad man.

>> No.21721467

Indeed, it's alot better then mine.

>> No.21721478

yeah, the director of the FBI knows. Not some NASA schmuck.

>> No.21721491

"If you are in fact General Foundries or Fabrique Generale please transmit unaltered Schematics for the Bomb-Rover that were added to the Library of Congresses's list of patents and the National Archives on /3/29/88/. If you Cannot forward these schematics then we will be forced to assume that this is some manner of Ruse."

They're reffering to the base chematics for your gun rovers. Would you like to send the Bomb-Rover schematics?

>> No.21721492

We do not, however, know who the FBI has shared the information with. I can assure you it would be unwise to start blathering to civilians about kinetic bombardments and using codenames - the FBI might not like it, and the Republic itself won't like the risk of panic incited by having such conversations.

>> No.21721509

Tell them we'll do so, and tell them to train one of their spy-sats on a provided location to show off some gun-rover models patrolling the area.

>> No.21721511

Well, you said that is a common design found in every gov building, so...

Uploading data...

>> No.21721512

>They're reffering to the base chematics for your gun rovers. Would you like to send the Bomb-Rover schematics?

they probably already have them anyway

>> No.21721519

Hell, show them our archived originals with the designer notes in the margins.

>> No.21721522

Meh. They are from the government, we might as well give them the bomb rover schematics they already have.

>> No.21721523

Send them.

>> No.21721565

League of Light? Confederate is an accurate description, given the total local autonomy of our members.

>> No.21721579

bleh, keep it "cooperative"

>> No.21721580
File: 129 KB, 740x580, Uss_los_angeles_airship_over_Manhattan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, guys.

Part of my strategic thinking involves an airship fleet, because with modern materials and defense systems, airships are an ideal stationkeeping-capable heavy lifter and possibly even an airbase.

In the 1920s, the US Navy operated a fleet of four airships, two to three of which had complements of recon biplanes that were deployed from onboard hangars and reeled in with a hook-and-trapeze system.

These airships had a useful load of up to eighty tons, but the British R100 airship had a useful load of up to 170 tons or so.

Pic related is one of the American airships, the USS Los Angeles, over Manhattan.

>> No.21721606

Nah, dont call ourselves anything until we hashed it out with the other settlements. But i like League of Light. Or Federation of Light.

>> No.21721635

Unless you have insane point defenses they could be downed so easily it isnt even funny.

>> No.21721643

You don't just send them the standard patent designs. You send the archived original designs, starting with the original four wheeled rover with navigation optics, moving all the way to the manipulator equipped final model with nots by the 6 man team who would later attach a rifle to the original and make the Gun Rovers that are so integral to your early success.

They're really impressed when you give them Satellite coordinates for one of your caravan routes and show them the Gun-Rovers in use.

"Okay this way above my pay grade... Give me a moment."

After a few minutes of waiting you're contacted again.

"This is Colonel Marcus Brown of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. I am told I speaking with a remnant of an old U.S. Contractor, how can I be of service?"

>> No.21721680

Awwh damn. Made it in time. We upgraded the reactor I see. What's the plan, are we upgrading our bombardment defenses next or are there other options?

>> No.21721681
File: 99 KB, 740x620, XF9C_1_aircraft_hooking_onto_USS_Akron,_May_1932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's just remain FG for now instead of claiming to be a political entity.

That's right, yes. Have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegis_Combat_System
>100 separate targets at 100 nautical miles
That technology is nearly 200 years old by now. It's what kept us from being bombarded. Largely, however, smoke screens, radar spoofing, and cloud cover are our friends.

Pic related is a biplane being reeled back in to an onboard hangar.

With the space-age and other advanced materials we have available to us, we could build airships of roughly twice the dimensions of the ones of the US navy fleet or the british designs. This would give them a useful load up to nearly ten times the hundred-ton average of the older vessels.

We could base AEGIS systems on these vessels, as well as creating viable airbases and airborne aircraft carriers. However, the most relevant potential use of these vessels would be as launch systems for atmospheric craft which would fly as high as possible and then activate rocket systems to become spacebourne, and then return to atmosphere wherein they could again use conventional flight technologies, either onboard their airship base or to the ground.

>> No.21721707

We have had some measure of success chasing the Majesty out of Light City and have been warned by a mutual friend that they are likely to retaliate with a full offensive in 6 months. We'd like to coordinate our fight with the government of the U.S.A.

>> No.21721727

sounds SCIENCE!-y enough that I would approve it.

also we want to know if you have any means or tech against the orbital bombardment from THE KING

>> No.21721732

(well it turns out I have to bail guys. Good luck!)

>> No.21721734

"Colonel Brown, we're glad to see the US doing as well as can be expected today. We're here to contact you regarding a warning of an impending attack from Majesty forces. We believe the warning was delivered to the upper levels of Republic intelligence, specifically to the FBI director, within the last few hours. In order to convince you of our seriousness, we will present you with the codename of the party that contacted us as well as orbital capture of a Majesty kinetic and nuclear attack on our location and the subsequent damage and recovery. We are eager to work to mitigate this threat."

Transmit the video or whatever we've got, as well as the Pawn-King's symbol and the more innocuous exchange of information. Also transmit the captured signal from THE KING accusing us of BEING the Pawn-King.

>> No.21721754

Well, as usual your response is better and more articulate. Have to second it.

>> No.21721789

"Well, we've recently gotten in the order's bad books. We stole and reverse engineered a ton of their tech after they started messing with us. They sent a ragtag group of proxies after us, which we crushed with power armor and heavy artillery. Then we wiped out their local presence, a supply base they had been using to sustain their forces in the field against you. They responded by launching an orbital bombardment against us, which we deflected and then detonated a dirty bomb over our city. We had the radiation cleaned up in three weeks."

>> No.21721801
File: 1.21 MB, 2936x2000, Soyuz_TMA-6_spacecraft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now, the third prong of this is the old soviet SOYUZ system.

These are rockets that come in reusable and disposable form, very light and energy efficient compared to the likes of the US space shuttle. The later SOYUZ systems weigh under ten tons; we could probably build one for an RU after reverse-engineering. Adapting such a system to work in tandem with a conventional aircraft or using its relevant technologies and design components in a space-capable upper-atmosphere plane launched from an airborne carrier would allow us to quickly ferry components into orbit. The disposable nature of the system would allow us to lose a vessel or two and still keep emplacing systems, allowing us to launch a network of security satellites and eventually a heavier weapons system...or preferably, subvert one.

Pic related is a late-model soyuz.

>> No.21721836

Dislike it. To much asking for help.

>> No.21721839

The benefit of the above system is the massive eventual savings in fabricating and fueling escape rockets.

The rocket system to get a Soyuz from the ground and into space weighs something like 350 tons, and that's without fuel. One such rocket would take three to four RUs at this point. Launching them off an airship that remains in the sky, and piggybacking said launch on another aircraft, will give us an enormous savings in fuel and rocket systems.

All we really lack is helium, which is why we're going to spend a few weeks securing the old US strategic helium reserve in Amarillo, Texas, which is luckily halfway between Majesty's bases on one coast and the Republic's on the other.

>> No.21721863

there's nothing about help in that statement, though there is an offer to work together...I think you may need to read it again

>> No.21721865

The Pawn-King never sends audio or visual data. He only ever sends text, specically Courier New, and uses a pawn wearing a crown as his personal Sigil. You have one stamped into the metal of your communications device and his Conversations are always accompanied by an 8-Bit Pawn, red, wearing a blue crown.

You send Colonel Brown some of the more innocous responses from the Pawn-King along with THE KING's accusation that you are the Pawn-King.

There's Silence for about 5 minutes and then Colonel Brown responds.

"Okay you've just upped my security clearance significantly. The Government of the United States of America would appreciate it if you made the existence of the Pawn-King a state secret or your equivilent thereof, that said I am to put you in contact with the Director of the FBI, please show Director Khan all due respect."


>> No.21721870

you know, if you want to tell about our accomplishments, we might send them the records of what we did so that they get better idea of the scale.

>> No.21721878

Which parts of it would you change?

>> No.21721894

"Now we hear from our intelligence sources that their next major offensive in six months will be targeting us, which means of course it won't be targeting you. The way we see it, this gives you an opportunity to catch your breath a little, and hopefully devote some resources to dealing with the next major bombardment which is coming in roughly 12 months.

>> No.21721900

We want to maintain some level of detachment here. We neither want them jealous of our industrial capacity nor fearful of our military power until we get a better sense of them.

>> No.21721917

I'll fold that into the dialogue I write for the FBI director, but I don't see how that statement would have changed the degree to which we were or weren't asking for help (though we were really asking for cooperation).

>> No.21721931

After about 15 minutes you are put into contact with a new person, their voice makes them sound like they smoke 3 packs a day and wash each cigarette down with a shot of whiskey.

"Okay you have my attention. If you have any respect for the Pawn-King keep quiet about him, he's the only man in 20 years to stay under the Majesty's radar long enough to steal anything vaguely resembling useful intelligence from The Order. His survival depends on his secrecy.

That said you have my attention, I'd like you to tell me anything the Pawn-King told you about us. He's been noted for his freeness with information concerning certain practices of ours and despite our best efforts he refuses to accept Republic protection or to become a republic citezen."

>> No.21721976

"Ever consider he's their version of you? Playing both sides so that when the time is right they're advantaged?"

>> No.21721978

"I'm sure he must have his reasons.... whatever they are."

anyway, lets get this going, talk about the imminent attack on us and the possible bombardment of either Washington or Light City and how we could cooperate.

Also, I really hope this signal is encrypted as fuck and the KING can't just listen in

>> No.21722026

"Director, we can assure you that the Pawn King said little about the Republic save for mentioning that it had been previously bombarded by kinetic weaponry. With that in mind, we can only suggest that we skip kabuki and focus on creating a strategy to eliminate Majesty's space and air superiority. We'll go through whatever authentication you need us to, and we'll work with your forces to the extent we are able, and a public relationship at the national level is likely in our mutual best interest, but the matter at hand is the impending assault and bombardment. Entire regional populations depend on it."

>> No.21722050

Don't say this.
"He mentioned that you were a decent government but decidedly expansionist in temperament. Still, enemies enemy and all that. You haven't dropped a dirty bomb on us, so you're in our good books right now."

>> No.21722080

let's not give them more information on how to handle us

we have a relevant topic, we can go with it

>> No.21722112


>> No.21722151


>> No.21722164

Aaaaaand we've hit bump limit.

>> No.21722204

"Yeah I heard about that bombardment. Hell I watched it happen on our Sat's. You have my condolences on your dead but the fact remains that you also unleashed a chemical substance that killed innocent wastelanders and Republic personel. I'd like to know how you can justify your actions."


>> No.21722213


The Providence chemical was designed by docter Werhner Von Heim, your most talented chemist. He kept the chemical in question a secret most of the time and falsified data. Eventually he managed to get it distributed as a counter measure for the Majesty' dirty bomb. When the effects of Providence on one one hundredth of the population became apparent he commited suice after leaving his notes, calculations and a letter of apology out in the open where his sone could find them. Werhner knew what effect providence would have, he also knew what the fallout would do. He decided to place the blame of the Revelation deaths on himself and take the need for a lengthy trail away by commiting suicide.

He is succeeded by his son, Erwin Von Heim.

>> No.21722282

"The same way that the disaster relief and space agencies of the entire globe, and primarily its foremost superpower, can't justify a lack of capacity to create a gravatic tether to move the trajectory of the asteroid that caused the impact, director. The same way Churchill could not justify the exposure of cities to German bombardment during the second world war to preserve their capacity to win at a strategic level. The same way FEMA cannot justify its failures and poor decisions in moments of crisis, and the same way the FBI cannot justify the many errors and unethical actions in the more sordid moments of its past, especially under Director Hoover."

"If we're going to waste time with this song and dance, Director, we'll only arrive at the responsibility for allowing the individuals who created Majesty access to the materials to do so, and as those individuals were likely supposed to be kept in check by the portions of the US intelligence community responsible for internal investigation - your agency, in fact. But since we're not interested in culpability when a second bombardment is a year away - a sixth, for your people, director, which is also an intelligence responsibility. So let us instead say that we acted directly and with the best tools available to us, and we have made amends as best we could. If you want to deal with groups that have any degree of conscience in this area, you can deal with us. We certainly have no control over who you place your trust in."

>> No.21722284

that's some background info on the providence chemical, I gues sI forgot to put "what do"

anyway what do?

>> No.21722325

"In the end, however, we have taken responsibility, made public disclosures, undertaken medical research to reverse or forestall the damage, and reached out to the communities in question. I would say that our success rate there, and the people we saved, proves that we are capable enough of understanding the dreaded algebra of necessity."

"Now, if you're asking to gain our measure as a group, you have our answer. IF you're instead going to proceed with a national-level game of conscience-chicken because the Republic needs a superior feeling when it moves against a political foe, you may find us difficult to gain purchase on due to our grasp of history. Do choose, director, because we came to you when we didn't have to and offered cooperation. If we have to do this alone, well, we've done it for two centuries as it is. The fact remains, however, that we'd rather not see Washington go six for six for kinetic bombardments."

>> No.21722327

"The chemical substance in question is known has Providence, a chemical agent made to counter-act fallout radiation. The chemical for the most part is harmless is unless you happen to be allergic to it, which then you suffer an allergic reaction disease known has 'The Revelations." More would have died if we hadn't chose to use it. We are sorry about the Republic's lifes that was lost due to Providence, but it needed to be done to save our region. For Tomorrow."

>> No.21722339

So yeah, those two. Should convince him we're not here for smoke and mirrors.

>> No.21722350

He already knows all that.

>> No.21722361

"That chemical was developed after the bomb was dropped, Director. Also, the Head of the Project deliberately falsified data to win the projects approval. He knew the side effect, but he also knew what the fallout would do. So he took all the data he hid from us, wrote a note, and committed suicide when the side effect was born out. In return I would like to ask you a question, Director: if the republic has access to sufficiently better options for dealing with a population that couldn't possibly be evacuated from the fallout area, that you can sand here and point fingers at us, why didn't you use them?

>> No.21722372

>But since we're not interested
But we're not interested in culpability when a second bombardment is a year away - a sixth, for your people, director, which is also an intelligence responsibility.

>> No.21722389

Fucking multi-thread name-wipeout bullshit.

The problem in telling him that we had a corrupt project leader is that this is simply a pretext to assume we are all capable of such behavior.

>> No.21722421

lets not give in to his urge to pin blame on someone, it gets us nothing but his contempt if we win

>> No.21722455

Fine, but in return I want to ask him this: "Director: if the republic has access to sufficiently better options for dealing with a population that couldn't possibly be evacuated from the fallout area, that you can stand here and point fingers at us, why didn't you use them?"

>> No.21722462

There's a pause, then a rasping sound. You realize it's a chuckle. "Only man I know who has the temerity to bust my balls like that is the Pawn-King. You people just might earn my respect.

Fine, I can accept that you weren't offered much in the way of choices. You were given two shades of shit and you chose a more pleasing shade of brown.

I suppose it could be argued that you saved a lot of lives with that Providence stunt. I'll see that a diplomat is sent over to discuss making reperations for our dead service men.

Fine I'd rather not see DC get hit one more time as well. We always have to pull back and rebuild whenever that happens. The Majesty never hits us with Dirty Bombs. The Pawn-King think it wants to capture the old capital. Says the King personality is the biggest, strongest member of the gestalt and it has an obsession with taking control of old world landmarks."


>> No.21722477

As this anon pointed out >>21722421
Telling him that HE's the bitch with more culpability is just a game of 'no, you're the wrongest.'

My tactic is to say, 'there's no way to explain what we did as just, it was merely necessary.'

>> No.21722491

However, we can ask him about his evacuation capacity, etc.

What he's just told us, by the way, is that he has agents or spies in our area.

>> No.21722503

"Fine you have my attention, and you've got the respect of some of my men after coming back from a Majesty bombardment. Took the whole Republic to rebuild DC after the first one.

But my people have gotten used to living underground and we're getting closer to defeating the Majesty on the ground every day. What precisely do you think you can offer us?"

>> No.21722569

"You wondered why you've recently won an engagment with the Order of Cinnatus? Think closely on why they ran out of supplies so soon.

>> No.21722578


PNN, we need a new thread soon.

"Strategic superiority. The ground battles are worth little when their assets are digital and can be moved to space at any time. If we can formulate a strategy to break their air and space superiority and their bombardment capacity, you may be able to make promising gains elsewhere. We are also likely possessed of better mobility than your people in this region due to our lower target priority. Aside from that, we can access former and current Republic resources and deny Majesty access."

"One of the things we'd ask for in return is the freedom to use the Strategic Helium Reserve in Amarillo."

Please make suggestions about what we want, guys.

>> No.21722588

If he saw the bombardment, he is likely to have noted their lack of a base in the region.

>> No.21722604

I'm gonna sleep for once. So I'm just gonna finish up this conversation with Director Khan and call it a night.

No worries the thread has been archived.

>> No.21722605

"How does shortening your logistics chain by several thousand miles sound?"

>> No.21722620

What does this mean? I hope you're not suggesting we let them park their troops in our backyard, a peacekeeping or support garrison can turn into an occupation force way too easily.

>> No.21722652

Nah, It means we make tons of money selling them the same stuff we sell everyone else so they don't have to ship it in from Detroit.

>> No.21722667

Aside from the fact that they have enough manufacturing capacity to occupy their coast, if we have enough manufacturing capacity to make a difference in our region we can just take the ground ourselves.

>> No.21722686

we're about to reverse engineer nanotech
they don't have nanotech
lets remember that these are the chucklefucks that let the impact happen in the first place and couldn't stop the impact bombardments for fifty years, let alone survive the first one the way we could
all they have is numbers and size, they're almost forced to take over all our shit

>> No.21722734

Dude, chill. I'm just proposing to sell them riot armor and export quality vehicles for their auxiliaries. If they want modern stuff, we'll be happy to produce their designs for them. We just need the schematics.

>> No.21722747

A flare erupts from the corona of Sol! Communication is now impossible for the remainder of the month!

I gotta sleep guys, We'll continue this next thread. I promise.

>> No.21722754

Thanks for the thread, PNN. See you next time.

>> No.21722769

When is next thread btw?

>> No.21722788

Okay what we need to dfo is take all these cities we got and make sure they have a decent military force and people we can trust in charge.

Then we gotta make our own constituition or magna carta. Whatever is more appropiate for us.

Then we can call ourselves the League of Light. I figure each of the cities will be a free entity with its own laws and cultures but we'll all make use of certain laws that no one can break. We'll have a legislative body located in light city and we'll build a system of tunnels under light city, distribute our impotant shit all over the 250 miles or so of light city with access bunkers in certain secluded locations.

Basically we build down, and keep doing that until the Majesty are well and truly bested.

>> No.21722813

Thanks for playing...

and next thread is monday, afternoon, as per usual.

>> No.21722832

Thanks, PNN, fun as always!

>> No.21722837

really not a big fan of the name here
and it's far from time to integrate them into our cooperative or give them complete military forces

possibly we can give them ground forces of any strength, but air or space assets are a solid no

>> No.21722858

Further centralization won't help. We can already see the result of the Republic's interest in centralization.

The same is more or less true of unified governments. Those guys did what you're proposing on a larger scale, with more resources, and have somehow not won for fifty years.

We'll only win by doing something different.

>> No.21722909

Yeah well we're not calling ourselves a confederation. I'm also leery of Federation. (Lookin' at you gene roddenbery.) Eh, just messin' I like League of Light, what do you wannna call it anon?

My point here was that we would take the primitive cultures around us (primitive for their lack of advanced industrialization) and act as the cornerstone for an Empire of sorts. We keep our advanced tech and allow anyone with Pre-Impact levels or tech or knowledge a seat at the big boy's table.

Everyone else gets to act as a recruitment pool and gets food, water, medicine, and civlian goods. Plus livving conditions 100 Times better than what you'll see in the wasteland.

and you're wrong by the way.

Now is EXACTLY the time to make a large political entity. We've just contacted the FBI and the Republic. We need to make ourselves harder to swallow.

How'd the Pawn-King put it?

>Keep your pocker face handy, they're following in the footsteps of their predecessors so they've adopted some of their bad habits.

>> No.21722961

yeah but the Pawn-King said that we couldn't win this fight on the Physical level. Despite Director Khan's blustering I think we can assume that they're still fighting a physical war.

We need to do something different to fight the Majesty, but on a Digital level, we need a weapon to attack the Majesty at the digital level, to attack their Data, the gestalt personalities.

In the meantime we have a war weary US style republic on the East Coast, whats to stop them from devoouring us whole for spare parts despite what the Director of the FBI says?

>> No.21722964

>Fighting the best 20th century Empire at being an Empire

Yeah, no.This is not how we beat the Republic at its various games. You don't win a fight with a wolverine by being a badger.

What we have that they do not is agility. Fucking around with land-grabs will not fix the situation.

You're thinking laterally, about going around the wasteland and grabbing assets. Think vertically. This is the age of space strategy.

>> No.21722999

Anon, bear in mind that I've planned out our AI weaponization and development program in anticipation of it being the game-winner with regard to the conflict involving Majesty.

>> No.21723045
File: 222 KB, 591x443, honey-badger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least we're this kind of badger. But I do agree.

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