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Don't see a unified paint/WIP/progress thread, so here we go;

Post your shit, sno/tg/obblers.

It's been a while, but I'm working on my Eldar again. Finished three warlocks last night and based the lot. Will probably go back and highlight their plumes with a brighter red later on. Maybe once I grab the three warlocks I'm missing.

50+ bases to go.. maybe I'll buy a wraithlord after I get them done.

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Looking good. I kind of think green is a poor choice of base rim color though because you've got the green robes.

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Yeah, it was more a choice based on nostalgia that aesthetics.

It's growing on me, though.

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You're colors look a little flat, could use more highlighting and mid range tones.

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still WIP so I didn't bother to clean the pic

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Three-stage highlights are enough for me. These are for tabletop, not display.

Using the old limited edition sergeant for parts? A braver man than I. Do you still have the body?

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That is the body

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Where did you get that torso piece? Or did you just sculpt your own tabard and chest scroll?

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I love the Eldar aesthetic.

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Working on this guy he is either a commissar or company commander.

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The one I am painting is a lot older like 8 years old at least? He came in a pack of 2 veteran SM sgts

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It's Bane.

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that one is at least 8 years old. I was still in high school when it was released along the 4ed codex.

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Bane would make a good IG commissar

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Saw a cheap styro ball. Decided to try make spehs terrain. Results are...okay? Not stunningly good but looks fine on the table. Now I need about 10 more...

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Sure, why not. Been making slow progress with the waaagh lately.

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Pretty cool.

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Work in progress.

Need to neaten up the blue areas before I work on the details.

Highlighting those tiny areas between the lightning trims is a bitch.

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A few of the Warlocks in the OP are over 20 years old now. They're mostly still the current models too.

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I've got the Farseer to match the older warlocks, but I need to repair some damage before he sees paint.

What's really amazing about the model is how he's not even holding a weapon. A 40k miniature with a sheathed sword! No pistol! It's bonkers.

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Work in progress. Also who said khorne needed to be red?

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They've aged pretty well as ranges go, especially compared to the Imperium stuff from that era.

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It's from one of the veteran kits (MKII I believe).

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Some "holo-board" scenery for Infinity.
Got this off a bean-curd snack product from my local chinese supermarket. Add in a bunch of off-cuts and scraps, bam, holo-board for the grand total of 68 British Pence.

But wait, theres more...

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There was also this mad looking bint on the pack as well, so she'll be the next one. Two pieces of scenery for 68p, not bad.

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Well I have a Pair of Dakkajet on the go and this is the one further down the line of being finished. Still a heap to be cleared up Paint wise.

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That's pretty sweet. I need to make some infinity scatter terrain sometime... time to hit the weird chinese shops.

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Finished up my scratchbuilt old-style Necron Wraiths yesterday.

I'm pleased with how the glow effect turned out since this was my first time experimenting with glow effects

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the pair of them. I don't even play Orkz I got them due to getting a good deal on them. 2 for 40 NZD.

I plan on letting a mate use them.

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The packing was really firm as well, meaning I could just glue to top projector piece straight to the wrapper section for that "floaty" look.

Oh and the spicy bean-curd snack was damn tasty as a bonus.

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forgot to add that i have better multiview pics of them on my dA


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And my WIP repose of Kharn due to his mini was starting to show its age and was far too static for my liking.

Still need to sort out his plasma pistol arm and fill some gaps and such.

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She's just going to throw a hissy when they all fly off the table because things aren't going her way

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This is true.

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I love it when the real world leaks onto 4chan

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I know this probably wasn't intended, but I love how grumpy the one on the right looks, with his arms across his chest.

"Fuckin' Cryptek, thinks he's so fuckin' smart, ordering us around all the time. 'Tend to the Catacombs, my servants!' 'Realign the Optimatrix, my servants!' 'Eviscerate the invaders, my servants!' Well, I'll do it, but I'm not happy about it. Fuckin' pussy, why doesn't he do the job himself if he's that great? Sassen frassen rassen..."


That looks badass - nice job!

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artscale chaos lord with Murder sword and the other hand will have the scalathrax brand.

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same lord with black mace and will have a combat familliar feeding on some entrails in his other hand looking like a fly.
Gotta love magnets for the hands, makes it a lot easier than making several lords for different weapon combos.

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