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Because magazines are for newfags

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It'd be an awesome gun if all 3 barrels shot at the same time.

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You've got an extra three shots, huh? It won't make up for the wimpy bullets and how long it'll take you to reload. Good luck hitting anything, too.

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That cylinder won't take any longer to reload than any other revolver.

.. you don't actually think you reload a revolver by putting each bullet in individually, do you?

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I'd design it so each of the three barrels had separate triggers, arranged in a way that you could selectively fire one, two, or all three.

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That ugly SOB uses moon clips. Will still take longer to reload.

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Dude. Do you, like, know anything about any gun ever? Seriously. Wikipedia that and delete your comment before /tg/ hunts you down and murders you.

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But I use speedloader clips for my revolver...

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It has a selector switch so you can set it to fire from one or all barrels.

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>using revolvers produced after they started introducing top-break and swing-out

Enjoy your weakened frame and gas leakage, bro.

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>Dude. Do you, like, know anything about any gun ever? Seriously. Wikipedia that and delete your comment before /tg/ hunts you down and murders you.
Says the Nogunz to the pictured pistol's owner.

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But I left there with good reason!

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Because fuck you.

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I'mma fuck you up son.

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Yeah, but you're not the ultimate weapon in your class.

So, Fallout, how's it feel having less of an ULTIMATE WEAPON than 40K?

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anyone have any pics of a 20mm handgun, or an 88mm rifle? these have both come up at the table and i could use pics

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it looks to be closer to a 30mm handgun, but it's the best I could find on short notice.

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I got your handgun, but your rifle's the size of a flak gun. So just look up a Flak 88 and give your player that.

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Wow, there isn't enough barrel on that thing to even chamber a round.

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Explain why the barrel needs to be a certain length.

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You need about an extra cartridge's worth of length to actually get the round out of the mag as demonstrated here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1VD1D1hLsQ

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>Citing Glocknadee as a reason.

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>Cartridge sticks out of the non-existent muzzle
>round fires, cartridge expands as there is nothing stopping it
>bullet flies off in some random direction because it had no barrel to direct it
>expanded casing jams gun

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Assuming it loads with a forward push like that.

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Assuming that the silver bit just above the mag is the bolt is a pretty safe bet. Especially since the space around the charging handle is only occupied by spring.

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so it goes one cartridge length back right onto the firing pin?

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Which pretty much all firearms do, so...

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I so rarely get to post this.

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I don't think whoever made this knows the definition of "submachine gun"

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