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BANG BANG BANG! You're dead!

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Don't muzzle sweep me you dumb bitch!

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Fuck of And, nobody likes you or your impossible to google handle.

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>>21696754 fuck of

Well, that went well. Awesome.

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Just a concerned /k/ommando. I do, however, like this girl. More please.

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Get your fucking finger off of that fucking trigger, you dumb cunt!

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I... I...

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BOOM chick-chick BOOM!

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you monster

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I don't get it.

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Oh Fuck those fa/tg/uys just killed two of our own!

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In Assassin's Creed 3, the final reward of the Captain Kidd mission line is a ring-sized personal shield generator that repels metal.

Essentially, it makes you bulletproof.

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How the fuck are her pants staying up?

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Grenade launcher wins!

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It is too late now to turn back and I regret nothing!
Keep firing!

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Pop pop.
You didn't even see me.

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"Huh? just defusing bombs with a sniper rifle."

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>Fuck of And, nobody likes you or your impossible to google handle.

Within two search term variations:

I like the way this artist does the fleshy bits.

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Sure, and I've got his pixiv bookmarked. It was just wittier than saying "source is 'and'"

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Hello. Goodbye.

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"Papa-One-Nine, requesting immediate suppression on grid 8840528, forest in the open."

"... forest?"

"Bitch is in there somewhere, yeah."


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at least aim before you shoot wildly!

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Step up, posers.

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"BAM, Wow, where did my finger go?"

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What you say?! I Can't hear you over all these loud noises

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>playing ass creed 3
>get a mission where you have to chase down some dude on the horse for liberation.
>they don't move quick enough for the initial chase
>I would literally just run up and pop a nigga and straight run off
>felt hood as fuck
>actually said the text from the picture out loud after the third time of doing this.

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>not automatic

Not grimdark enough

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That has to be one of the coolest .gifs I have ever seen, bravo.

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>using that onomatopoeia for anything but Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken

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Best girl.

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>"Listen, I paid good money for these, I'm not covering them up!"

Also, that blonde girl And draws all the time is apparently named Mustard Seeds. Because the guy has zero sense of how to name things.

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And I late for the game?

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Where is OP girl from?

Ib4 source is utter shit

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I still find it amusing that the whole game is dedicated to diffusing bombs through the city as a loli toting a sniper rifle.

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You've been told like 4 times if you'd read the fucking thread..

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>reading thread before posting

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we are uhh having blowjob parties now! so join in!

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>read thread
>no answer

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Ditto. Everything about his/her art is just so delicious.

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did you not see >>21696966

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Congratulations, you're a moron.

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Yea, but isn't there some source? Or is it just his art with no story basis?

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The story goes "Everyone else has a waifu but mine has to be special. So I will make my own!"

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Hey dumbass, pay attention to people's capitalization. Especially if an odd word is capitalized consistently.

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I can't think of any gun noises!

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Ah, I see.

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Fo an M60?

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Yeah he just draws random shit with no real story. Any allusions to a storyline kind of come from requests people make and their personal stories if they have one for the character. Since you can request his characters doing whatever, these stories are meaningless.

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Have fun with your finnicky unreliable toy. I'll stick to REAL guns thank you very much.

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>Can't think any of gun noises
>No results found for dakka
Do you guys even /tg/?


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A minigun would make something like a VUUUUUUUUUUUUUURM noise, right?

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Well at a glance it looked like the heads would line up perfectly...

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Shut up and eat your damn chocolate, Mustard!

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Did somebody say... Schokolade?

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Get this, Danbooru says that though he draws her, Mustard Seeds is not his original character. Someone else came up with Mustard Seeds, and her name.


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That right there looks like one hell of a party!

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Dat's not BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!, dat's a cluster bomb.

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These guys are primarily anti-tank planes, right?

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Do you even dystopia?

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Close Air Support of all kinds. "Tank-Buster" is just a nickname.

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It never ceases to amaze me how far we've advanced warfare. Nowadays instead of saturation bombing we can just pick off individual vehicle-sized targets.

Like, the Israelis have a system that shoots rockets out of the air using rockets. Sure its expensive as fuck like $50,000 a rocket but goddamn. And we've got laser technology that can possibly do the same thing.

Laser technology. I can't even wrap my mind around the idea that we have chemical lasers that can wreck shells out of the air. I have a pretty fundamental understanding of physics and it just doesn't cover the idea of using beams to swat projectiles out of the air.

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>using beams to swat projectiles out of the air.
Well, technically you're using heat to disrupt the air to swat the projectiles.

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>using beams to swat projectiles out of the air.
You got a source on that? We can use lasers to drop drones, but that works by heating them up until they burst into flames and no longer function, thus plummeting into the sea (or the homes of civilians, as the case may be) but that wouldn't work on shells.

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Burn a hole, damge the projectile, it cant fly and drops like a rock.

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That's not how shells work.

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Lasers drop missiles, not shells.

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I wish that game wasn't dead already

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Look, I probably used the word "shells" wrong. The point is that I'm impressed that we use lasers to stop any fast-moving object. The very idea just doesn't fall within my limited understanding of science in that specific field and I'm working on a civil engineering degree.

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Au contraire, check this out on youtube; watch?v=nVxZ9IHTH2E

It destroys the shells.

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Dude, you can post a youtube link straight without getting in trouble.

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Noted. Thanks.

Though I was thinking about getting in trouble, more about the link not showing up at all. Some sites do that.

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You need to lurk more.

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Wasn't** God dammit.

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Looks like it's not logistically viable, though.

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It's cheaper than the Iron Dome system the Israelis already have in place.

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I know you've come to kill me.
Shoot, you are only going to kill a man.

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That's what they were designed for. With the end of the cold war, they were promoted to basically shooting anything that looked like a threat.
Squads of insurgents, civillian cars, wedding parties, british tanks, american tanks, power lines, anything.
Also, look up the 'highway of death'. A-10s basically did that. That's what happens when you turn them loose on a mechanized force.

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Close air support.

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Didn't he kill a bunch of noncombatants? Like personally gunned down children and shit?

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This thread was underwhelming compared to the original.

To many people talking, not enough gun onomatopoeias

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It's what happens to any force without proper AA coverage. Given enough time, a Sopwith camel with modern bombs could've done the same.

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Is it even out?

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Not quite.
The A-10 is a flying tank. You have AA? The A-10 does not give a fuck. It shoots it 30mm gatling gun and Hellfire missiles at your stuff and your stuff dies.
It's very different from what you are describing; MBTs aren't easily destroyed by conventional bombs.
I vaguely remember one story where an A-10 was damaged over Bagdad; it had over 1.000 bullet holes or so and lost all hydraulics, one engine, half a wing and half of its tail assembly.
It returned to base lol

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The A-10 Warthog can fly with a little more than half each wing blown off and missing a turbine. It's engines are quiet enough that a man cannot hear it until it is withing the strike range of the main gun, and the aircraft typically flies extremely low to the ground, often times inside AA range by the time the strike is underway. It can fly slow enough to ensure that one pass is enough to take out primary targets. It's earned the nickname "Silent Thunder" with everything that entails.

The A-10 is like a goddamned marry sue of aircraft.

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And just like everything effective, The US military is trying to get rid of it.

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silent thunder, Cross of death and The Dragon

it can kill any armored vehicle up to a T64 with its GAU-8... but only from certain slants and ranges, and it can carry a lot of munitions besides its cannon

its a great CAS plane

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you mean the USAF and to be honest they have been trying to get rid of it since what, the early 90s ?

as it is now i think its slated to stay until 2025

and its role in COIN is taken over by the smaller prop planes AFAIK

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Not really. You see, the A-10 warthog is an aircraft built entirely around its main gun, the GAU-8 Avenger. That thing fire 1.5 pound armor piercing bullets at a monstrous rate. So they decided to build a fast moving armored aircraft around it. Like a fucking flying tank.

A sopwith camel, even with modern bombs, just really isn't comparable. Its engine cut out during takeoff or it could crash if its center of gravity was off. A good, if somewhat unreliable, plane for the time but nearly completely useless in today's age. If the Red Baron's biplane could have been shot down by Australian ground fire, who needs AA cover to take down a biplane when well aimed ground fire from machine guns would do?

Was this picture of Kim Campbell's plane what you were tabling about?

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>The A-10 is a flying tank.
Again, it has never been tested against MODERN missile systems. Iraqi shit was...shit. Just like Iraqi APDS rounds were steel instead of tungsten and literally did nothing to the western tanks. It's a very solid plane, but it just wasn't ever put against it's equals, just like western MBT's were never tried against top-shelf russian stuff either (because the countries we fought only got export, down-graded stuff). And the point stands, without any AA you can use a crop-duster for COIN, which is precisely what US Army is doing. Unless we suddenly go to war with...frankly, no one, russians aren't capable of putting up that much shit in the air anymore, we just don't need a flying tank anymore. Especially as the main gun is getting pretty obsolete against modernized tanks, and you don't need air-tank for missile taxi duty.

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It's a complicated political issue.

tl;dr the AF has several major roles, and missile technology is (or has) destroyed several of them.
ICBMs cover the total war department, cruise missiles cover the deep strike department (which infringes on air superiority), satellites and drones cover the recon role, which leaves...ground support, air superiority and strike.

Ground support is unglamorous, and air superiority/strike are getting rolled into one as drones begin to threaten the first part.

The USAF is eating itself, because it's a pilots club that refuses to catch up with 1990s tech and 1960s strategy.

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i wouldnt say that they havent caught on to 1990s tech, its just that noone wants to see his or her job outsourced or minimalised in importance, afterall they do make use of modern tech and strategy

>> No.21700060

Oh, as far as engineering goes, they're frequently the cutting edge. It's the applications and consequences where the AF falls down.

Ironically, ground support is a role that will continue to demand human pilots for a long time. It's simply too dirty and "dangerous" to be popular or funded; and since letting other services provide their own armed fixedwing support would diminish the AF's political role (i.e. reveal them as relying on superior tech to make up for shortsightedness), ground support just...languishes.

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i remember "people" talking about folding the ground pounding parts of the USAF into the army, like back before korea

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The army was chomping at the bit to do their own air support in Afghanistan (because the AF sucks balls at it, in every possible way you can imagine), but that would hurt the AF's raison d' etre.

So instead, the Army is restricted to drones. Small payloads and narrow fields of view are bad stuff for ground support, but you have to make do - so the army is expanding it's drone fleet as fast as it can, and filling the gaps with helicopters.

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wait, i thought the army controlled their own fleet of drones AND rotary aircraft

i know the marines atleast have fleets of both fixed/folding and rotary aircraft

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Manned, armed, fixed-wing aircraft are what the army wanted. Legally/politically, that's a nope.

Why? Helicopters suck at high altitudes, and suck harder at loitering. Drones are, as famously said, like looking through a straw.

A turboprop twin-seater that can take off from small dirt strips, armored against small arms with some light bombs, rockets, and 7.62 guns, capable of cruising around for 7-8 hours, pissing in gatorade bottles, spotting the enemy, and shooting them: that's the technical ideal.

We know that. And it's available off the shelf; but politics is a bastard.

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BANG BANG BANG! You're pregnant.

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well i guess they will have to get their own superhind/apache hybrid ?

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I are the dakka-est. Therefor I'm da boss.

>> No.21700444

Superhinds & apaches are the worst of all worlds here: heavy, high-maintenance, and with little loitering time.

Drones are what it will be.

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I still think the best thing about the air force, is that the NAVY still has the better pilots.

Of course thats kind of by necicity as they have to land on ships.

>> No.21700492

Gotta keep the air-force relevant and all. They're still, still worried about becoming the USAAF again.

Despite the fact that unless we ever go to war with China, Russia or a Western nation, all they're really good for is CAS and about 1 days worth of shooting down rusty Iraqi fighters on landing strips.

Inter-Military squabbles are the greatest, huh?

Captcha, that is an entire phrase. Fuck you. In fact, that's not even a phrase, that's two separate lines. Double Fuck You.

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>(because the countries we fought only got export, down-graded stuff).

And driven by Arabs, at that. Ask ex-Soviet Army folks about jokes they have concerning Arab "soldiers."

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Step it up, plebs

>> No.21700553

The Air Force honestly needs to be subsumed back into the Army.

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And here I thought the thread was going to stay Girls with Guns.

>> No.21701011

>thought the thread would stay on the original topic
Welcome to /tg/. Enjoy your stay.

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>not posting superior gif

>> No.21701402

...is it bad that I've seen that picture so many times that I automatically start thinking of ways to take out the halfling assassin?

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I win. I cheated, but I still win.

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This sort of thing?


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what is this game

>> No.21705084

>30 seconds in google
Material Sniper

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And what gun does this one represent?

>> No.21707788

L85, I believe.

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I kinda want to see an Upotte GAU-8... Just cause.

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