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>critical failure: cooking hotdogs

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>Using a gas grill at all
Get out.

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>critical success: Stealth

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I know, fucking plebs

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Critical Failure: Bartering.

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I would say that is more of a failure of a spot check. However it isn't a critical in any way.


Go away with your propane and propane accessories, also why charcoal when people can use superior wood?

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not using brats the ultimate bun filler

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critical success: being a weeaboo faggot.

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>local deli makes all kinds of different sausages and brats
>mfw eating them

I can no longer eat regular store bought brats.

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i envy you sir.

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THey have a jalopenos sausage that you can actually taste the pepper and not just the heat from the seeds. It's so fucking good.

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You don't seem to realize where you are, sir.

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Barbecue tiers
>God tier
Slow smoker, wood grill
>edible tier
Charcoal w/soaked chips
>Shit tier

For real, if I just wanted to heat up my meat I;d cook it on my stove.
Man the fuck up and learn the wonders of smoke.

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>not using charcoal

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