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so I have gotten two warhammer tattoos so far and want another tat... lets hear some ideas

ps anything is game... not just warhammer

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>Getting Alpha legion hydra AND the Aquila

So much heresy.

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>Death to the enemies of the false Emperor

nope, no heresy here

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I dunno man, but I'm almost definitely getting a Mark of Nurgle tattooed on my back left shoulder. Either that or the mark of Slaanesh. And I may get a Symbol of Chaos somewhere, but probably not.

I'd love to get them all, one on each corner in a square, with a Symbol of Chaos in the center ya know for Chaos Undivided but I doubt that'll ever happen. It'd look too weird.

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One of the dark ages vampire bloodline crests from WoD.

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how about something that is just pure awesome

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The Omnissiah would be proud.

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Mark of Slaanesh on your dong.

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and steampunk and 40k is the way to do that?

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i have a titanic growth tattooed above my penis

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Beautiful. Must have cost an arm.

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how does she/he pay the cost of 1G 1 colorless?

to activate the card that is

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"Only in death does duty end"
Under the Aquila

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working on getting two tapped forests next

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Reason being is, I got the aquila years back... then joined the military, MI so felt that Alpha Legion was a perfect fit, also I do a traitor guard army led by the Alpha Legion...

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Alpha Legion fuck yeah.

Introduce yourself as Alpharius.

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Going to be getting that after I am done with basic. Not op but still.

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Lothern Seaguard was here, Space Marines and Eldar are faggots.

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Saw a dude with this tattooed on his bicep once.
I was standing on the curb and he rode by on a bike and I shouted "Rejoice! Your slavery to the false emperor ends today!" after him, he replied "The enemies of man shall not stand before us" as he pedaled away, cool guy.

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Of the two i'd go with slaanesh, but i just don't like nurgle, as a tzeentchian.

Cygnaran eagle is kind cool, but is another eagle.

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Ha! I don't like Tzeentch very much at all, least favorite Chaos God. Guess we're fitting the mold, eh? Nurgle and Slaanesh are tied in my favorites with Khorne insanely close behind them. Tzeentch controls everything, I know, but I hate his randomness. H

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Stop being me.
Also, Nurgle. If you're me, you'll know why.

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Doesn't stop Khorne from beating his ass all the time between Slaanesh making him fap to himself and Nurgle pulling a Snorlax on his plans.

Tzeentch is still bound by what's possible, which is why he's not the only Chaos god. No scenario ends in a single Tzeentch win, even if he eliminated one of the others permanently the other three would destroy him.

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But Tzeentch is the weaver of fates. He already knows what will happen and it only happens because he allows it. That's what's so insane about him. Unless I'm totally mistaking, everything only happens because it's one of his very, very many plans.

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If I was a tattoo person I'd go for something Orky.

If I was a tattoo female person I might go for something Eldar instead.

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I think you mean Tyranid.

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Reminds me of a guy I knew on a forum years back. Got a big Aquila right over his heart. Huge problems ever getting laid ever again.

Not cause he was a nerd. Girls kept thinking he was a Nazi.

Tattoo them on your dick so when you get hard they tap themselves.

He didn't ask for this.

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The way it's been explained to me was basically this. Which makes me think he has Thanos' weakness.

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Get this as a tattoo.

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Do they even have icons/glyphs/whatever?

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Tzeentch i just killed one of your princes.
> or... did you?
Yes Tzeentch, he's right here. He's dead
> or... is he?
Tzeentch fucking stop

I love Tzeentch.

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nope anon was making a joke about tentacles

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Yeah, i tend to find people do thouh. slaanesh and khorne ar kinda tied for second for me, possibly a side effect of playing Eldar, where there is something irresistable about Slaanesh as much as you want to hate them...

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Thats what he'd like you to believe, but the big secret of Tzeentch is that all his plans have no end-game, they just spawn more plans, which then spawn more plans, endlessly. He doesn't particularly care about results, its more like he is pushing a rock down a hill just to see how big an avalanche he can make.

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Chaos Star
Mark of your favorite Chaos God
The Symbol of the Mechanicum

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>Girls kept thinking he was a Nazi.
Yeah, this seems a potential problem. Might be even worse when you explain it

'Nah, it's not Nazi at all. See, it's the Imperium, which is a space empire, kinda Catholic-y and militaristic, super-oppressive and intolerant, with a hard-on for genocide'.

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Exactly, so he still does control everything, or at least has the ability to. Things happen because he allows them to happen.

Yes, and no joke about tentacles silly anon. I woulda said Slaanesh if that were the case.

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>Girls kept thinking he was a Nazi.

A Catholic Space Nazi?

Personally, I'd go for the small mark of Slaanesh in a...discreet area.

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Go away antifa. Not even nazi I know neo-nazis get laid.

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Ah yes. I was just thinking that Eldar symbols, while often cool, would make quite feminine tattoos.

While on the subject: anyone thinking about a Slaanesh tattoo would need to be ready for everybody assuming they were bisexual/transexual/both.

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Yeah, by Nazi chicks. And you don't know where he lives...could be from Israel.

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>neo-nazis get laid
Not by the kind of girls non-neo-nazis would want, I imagine.

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Go away antifa. Don't think people are not aware of your agenda pushing.

Stay the hell away from 40k you fascists. Stop pining to ban aquilas. Stop making up stories about "racists" not getting laid.

Case in point I knew a neo-nazi and he got laid a lot by the best looking women in my area.

He was my friend and ironically I have jewish ancestry.

Life is more complicated than your juvenile outlook.

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Got a grinning Bad Moon from the 2nd ed Ork Codex on my left bicep

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yes go to /pol/

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Yes! Orks are where the cool tattoos is at. We also would have accepted an Evil Sun.

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/pol/ pls go

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Let's ALL go to /pol/!

I hear it's a good time!

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I think it would depend how you did the eldar ones. Simple icons would look feminine but a bit more detail would probably be more masculine. Ot just the saim hann snake. that would be a cool tat...

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>start saying people shouldn't get aquila tattoos
>say they are nazis
>try to tell people they won't get sex for eagle tattoos (?)
>Classic politically motivated PC enforcement from "antifa"
>Gets called out on their ironically "fascist" bullshit
>Antifa respond with pls leave politics out of /tg/ go to /pol/


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One of my friends has Aslan creating the world on his shoulder. It's pretty cool.

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It actually started with one anon mentioning that the not-getting-laid thing actually happened to someone. But thanks for stopping by, /pol/. It's always a pleasure.

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Exactly what I said. This is the same pattern in the last 3 Aquila tattoo threads.

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Not even close to what you said, now fuck off back to /pol/ and stop shitting up this thread.

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calm it down...


all I want is for us to have a conversation about good tattoo ideas and cheerful conversation

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Actually, yeah, some of them would work fine. Saim Hann woud be a good choice.

I hope that person is either bi or fine with people constantly assuming they are...

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dah fuuuck.
that just seems... excessive
I guess that was the point though.

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>Tell funny story about a guy I knew online
>Shitstorm appears

Fuck you guys too.

And the real reason you shouldn't get large aquilas on your chest (or large tattoos anywhere really) is that once you pass 40 you'll start to lose muscle size and tone while your skin begins to sag and age and it'll look really fucking stupid. Even worse if you get fat.

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Altansar seems pretty neutral (the one on top of maugan ra's banner

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>I hope that person is either bi or fine with people constantly assuming they are...
AFAIK, she is.

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hows about you shut up because you are the same type of asshole who ruins tats for people.

Jesus even as the tattoo begin to "sag" it still will look okay on most places.

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Exactly what I said. Please stfu and stop your chronic lying you sociopathic leftwing cocksucking faggot.

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what are you, a 1300's mayan?

>nerdin it up
more like a faggot

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Why would you get the Hapsburg crest as a tattoo?

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Holy Roman Empire represent, yo.

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Soon to be getting Servo-Skull wings, and a whole lot of other geekery on the rest of my back.

The next step for this tattoo is to actually get "Excommunicate Traitoris" branded. Found a place that does it with Angle Iron, and another that does it with a Laser Scalpel. Haven't decided which method I prefer.

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Frankly, Aus-Hun monarchy was one of the brightest eras for both of those countries. Well, especially for Hungary.

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Get on mine level little one.

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