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I recently discovered my love for the Warhammer 40k universe and i am wondering if you guys could leave me a pasta or recommend me some good books/etc.
I am currently reading Ciaphas Cain but
i would love a book about an orc's pov if that even exists. - generally about orcs or keypoints in the lore. thanks in advance

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Anything by CS Goto is golden.

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>i would love a book about an orc's pov if that even exists. - generally about orcs or keypoints in the lore. thanks in advance

As far as Black Library is concerned, you have exactly 1 book to look for. DeffSkwadrun. No exceptions. Everything else from Black Library is shit-on-chips for Orks, especially the crappy short story collection book 'Fear the Alien'. DeffSkwadrun is all you have that's worth reading, no matter what shitty marine-wank novel a GW employee will try to thrust into your hands.

For fluff/lore, I advise to stay away from the Lexicanum or other fan-managed lore sites. There are some gross liberties taken in regards to how the Ork tech works, as more than a few neckbeards interpret some in-universe theories as 'hard-written canon'. Your best bet for fluff is to try to get your hands on some of the old Ork codices, especially Rogue Trader or 2e era, though keep in mind some things have been retconned. The current Ork codex fluff/lore is... passable for the most part. But generally speaking can be crap, especially in regards to where it explains that they only travel uncontrollably/randomly through space via Space Hulks (as it would throw the entirety of the 3rd Armageddon war, and the idea of entire regions of space under the control of 1 warlord, out the window).

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What is this heresy?

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Down that path lies only lascannons and disappointment.

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Oh, and Forge World's Imperial Armor 8 is worth paying money for. As is The Rogue Trader supplement 'Into the Reach', which features an Ork player-class and some background.

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Into The Storm.

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Ah, my mistake. Thanks.

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i guess i should avoid CS Goto?
thank you, i will give it a try.

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>i guess i should avoid CS Goto?
Yes. In fact, most of the authors you should avoid, though Goto is by far the worst.

And I can't stress enough to ignore the red/black shirts trying to sell you some shitty paper-back about IG or Marines that has Orks in it. They're always represented as character-less punching-bags, and usually are there to just mask the "real threat" of chaos. Not one is worth reading for Orks, no exceptions. Deffskwadrun is the only thing Black Library has ever made worth reading for Orks. It's a graphic novel, by the way. But still completely awesome. In fact, I can do even better than that... Here, read and enjoy:

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thanks alot

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The first two books in the Space Marine Battles series is about Marines fighting Orks. I found them to both be quite good.

Rynn's World is about the Crimson Fists chapter defending their homeworld of Rynn's World from an Ork invasion.

Helsreach is about Black Templars helping defend Hive Helsreach against invading Orks during the Third War for Armageddon.

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No problem, glad to be of help.

And don't listen to this git:

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The old, OLD, Rogue-Trader era fluff book "Waargh: The Orks" is pretty good, if you can get a hold of it.
/rs/ is your friend.

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Rynn's world read like a fluffed up battle report. The orks are, again, characterless punching bags. They weren't even the reason the Imperial Fists got decimated.

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We only got a bit of him towards the end, but I liked what we got of Snagrod. But yeah, I'll admit that they weren't really Ork books. I should have clarified that they don't have an Ork pov, but are more "generally about orcs or keypoints in the lore".

As far as portrayal of Orks go, I'd say the Ciaphas Cain books does it best out of the novels I've read (Deff Skwadron does it best, period).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the biggest source on Orks is the old trilogy of Rogue Trader era codexes, Waaargh Da Orks, Freeboterz, and 'Era we Go, but since they're so old, some of the canon might be dubious.

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So let's say you wanted to assemble "Da Big Buk o' Orky Know-Wotz".

This would include: (in no particular order)

Ork Codex (4th Edition)
Ork Codex (3rd Edition)
Orks: 'Ere We Go (2nd Edition)
Imperial Armour 8
Imperial Armour Apocalypse II Maybe. It only has a couple of entries on Ork vehicles, it's pretty much all in IA 8 anyway
Waaargh: Orks
GorkaMorka: Da Uvver Book
GorkaMorka: DiggaNob
Rogue Trader - Into The Storm - The Explorer's Handbook
Deff Skwadron
Blood and Thunder

Am I missing anything? Are there any bits of fluff in the rulebooks proper that should be included?

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what are you talking about? A gun that can fire a chainsword 5' away is awesome!


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The Freeboota book is really good, too. It gives you some background on BadMoonz, Deathskullz, and Evil Sunz.

A hell of a lot more than the current book gets you, might I add.

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>Am I missing anything? Are there any bits of fluff in the rulebooks proper that should be included?

I would add in there the clan-listing articles from WD back in the day (It's the WD with the Bretonnian Knight on foot miniature fighting a wyvern). As well as the old Chapter Approved Feral Orks article from 3rd edition.

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>Orks: 'Ere We Go (2nd Edition)

Wasn't that one from Rogue Trader, aka First Edition? Or was there more than one book with that title?

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>Wasn't that one from Rogue Trader, aka First Edition?
Um... yes.
It's listed as Second Edition on Wikipedia for some reason.
My bad.

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For the love of god someone dump Deff Skwadron.
Educate poor OP.

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See this post here:

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>shitty marine-wank novel
Oh look, it's that guy who's always complaining about how his precious Orks are mistreated by the writers, especially in books he hasn't even bothered reading.

OP, the aforementioned "crappy short story collection" Fear the Alien has Iron Inferno, a chunk of which is from the viewpoint of a Blood Axe Kommando Kaptain. Be warned though that there's no dialogue in the story, Ork or otherwise, save for the obligatory "Waaaaaggggh!". The Orks are described as talking (not much, it is a stealth operation), but we only get the gist of what they're saying, so if you're expecting page upon page of hurrlarious Orkspeek it may not be your thing. Personally I enjoyed it for the competence of the Ork character, and the little bits of insight into an Orky mindset.

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Oh look, it's some faggot who wants to pay $10 for a paper back with some miniscule short-story with over half the book dedicated to stuff you most likely won't be interested in. Unless of course you have a hard on for Eldar, Tau, or something else.

Competence in an Ork character is nice. But paying full price for a BL short-story collection book that can be best summarized as "here's your fucking alien novels, now shut the fuck up", is not.

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As unbelievable as it may seem, yes, some people who like to read about Orks also like to read about things that are not Orks.

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I'll look into it.
Anyone know where I can find an archive of all the White Dwarf issues? I really don't want to have to go through each and every single on /rs/ to find what I'm looking for.

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Click on the links for more details on each issue.

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Much obliged, anon.

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* Oh, and obviously if you're looking for something specific or just want to find everything with Orks in it, you can search.

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And I realize this might be a bit difficult for you to believe, but not a lot of Ork fans enjoy reading about favorite faction being written as a go-to punching bag. Take this guy's response to Rynn's World, for instance:
Believe it or not, that wasn't me. And I have actually attempted to read the Marine Battles series, and I couldn't stomach them past the first couple chapters.

So kudos to you if you actually liked Fear the Alien. I personally am not big on Blood Axes or Kommandos, and don't particularly feel like paying any price for what I feel was a half-assed attempt to appease all the players that play 'other' armies than IG or Guard (or Gav's Eldar).

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>IG or marines

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read the soul hunter series and the book Helsreach. Those are my favorite books of all time. I love Aaron-Dembski Bowden hes a great author

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Does Soul Hunter actually have anything to do with Orks? It looks like just another marine novel. And I couldn't stomach Helsreach. It was just a typical punching-bag, characterless ork horde they fought against.

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no orks but you will definetly enjoy it. There is battles though but you get gripped in after the 4th sentence. It is from a Night Lord's perspective.

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>It is from a Night Lord's perspective.

No thanks. I'll pass. If I wanted to read about spess muhreens, I'd have actually enjoyed reading the Horus Heresy series.

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Just found and read a PDF of the Ork portion of "Fear the Alien".

Basically, it amounts to "The orks only won because they did the opposite of what a reasonable commander would do."

So even in a story where they are the focus, they get lambasted. Joy.

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>No thanks. I'll pass. If I wanted to read about spess muhreens

well clearly you don't actually love 40k, because space marines are the main characters.

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>If I wanted to read about spess muhreens

Night Lords are Chaos, CSM and SM are two VERY different series

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>because space marines are the main characters.

Go fuck yourself. I am dead serious. Go Fuck Yourself, preferably with a roto-hammer, or chainsaw, or limb-thresher. Because self-righteous faggots like yourself, with you're "you should like the army I like" are the very reason why I can't stand most marine fanboys. Congratulations, you like the special super-stue army. I don't. And I don't appreciate asshats like yourself trying to shove them down my throat.

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common misconception, alot people think that the 40k books are told from only the imperium's perspective

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>"The orks only won because they did the opposite of what a reasonable commander would do."

That's because Orks are not 'reasonable'. They're not sane. They're not the Imperial Guard, they don't think like humans do and react in the way humans would. They're brutal, crazed aliens that live for the thrill of fighting and use sheer force and low cunning to smash through their opponents.

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And Horus Heresy is about both. I'm well aware that Night Lords are on the 'bad guy marine' faction, along with Iron Warriors, Black Legion, World Eaters, 1k Sons, Emperor's Children, Alpha Legion, Word Bearers, and Death Guard. I don't even like any of the fucking chaos marine legions, or the loyalist chapters, and I know them by name and which are on what side.

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They literally grow by fighting, fuck tactics

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>If you don't like Space Marines, you don't like 40k

I'm going to be forgiving and assume you're trolling. It's perfectly possible to love 40k without liking, or having a strong opinion either way, Space Marines.

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Technically, a lot of Night Lords, especially the ones in ADB's series, aren't Chaos. Or at least they like to think that they aren't. It doesn't matter anyway though, it's about Marines, therefore it must be shit.

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>They're brutal, crazed aliens that live for the thrill of fighting and use sheer force and low cunning to smash through their opponents.

This what imperial fanboys actually believe.

Hell most don't even know what the clans are or that they each epitomize a different fighting style and frame of mind.

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Not all the Marine novels are shit, most of the battle ones are however

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>fuck tactics

Blood Axes were here. You're a colossal fucking faggot.

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Orks live for violence and war. Their entire society is based around fighting. If you think they'd pass up a strong target to attack a weak one, then you obviously don't know the fluff as well as you think you do.

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Hence why I (not the one who you are responding to) stick to my original statement: If I wanted to read a novel about spess muhreens, I'd read the Horus Heresy series. Because then I know which ones would be good to read. So yes, I acknowledge that there are some good ones. But that doesn't mean I personally can enjoy them.

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Right, and I bet you think a full-frontal assault is their idea of a master strategy. Orks are simple, not stupid. And you obviously know jack shit if you think they all act the same simply because you read some short story. Can you even name the clans? Do you even know what their different ideologies are? Are you even aware that one of them regularly takes Imperial forces by surprise with feigned assaults, ambushes, and tactical retreats?

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Any good books from the perspective of aliens dealing with the Imperium?

I'm sick of reading about heroic marines and guardsmen, I want to read something that portrays them as they'd seem to an outside observer, inhuman unstoppable killing machines and legions of fanatics that just don't stop coming and shooting at you with flashlights, and baneblades.

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GTFO, attention-whore!

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There's the Path of the Warrior/wahtever series by Gav Thorpe.

There's also Fire Warrior, but that was a pretty shitty book.

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what? I don't even...

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There's... Path of the Warrior, I guess? I recall someone here saying something about the Eldar in that finding the idea of Astartes horrifying (and not just because their craftworld is getting its ass kicked by them). Perhaps the Fire Warrior novel too.

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>Can you even name the clans? Do you even know what their different ideologies are?

Goffs. The strongest and most aggressive Clan, favouring no-nonsense tactics and sheer aggression.

Bad Moons. The richest Clan, as their teef grow slightly faster than other Orks. Lots of flashy wargear, odd bitz and big gunz.

Deffskulls. Looters and pillagers, favour lots of blue warpaint and tattoos as they consider the colour lucky. Are less interested in the fight, and more the theiving and trading after it. Likely to use a lot of salvaged vehicles and wargear.

Snakebites. Very old-fashioned, somewhat tribal. Lots of well-trained Grots and Squigs, most likely to use Squiggoths.

Evil Sunz. Obsessed with extreme speed. Favour large numbers of Trukks, Buggies and Battlewagons to close with the enemy quickly. They were particularly skilled at destroying Imperial armour columns on Armageddon with hit-and-run attacks.

Blood Axes. Considered unorky gitz by other Orks for their tendancy to ape Imperial tactics and dress. They're the Clan most likely to retreat from battle if outmatched.

No-one is saying Orks don't use tactics. But the fluff has always, always, presented them as going for the hardest, toughest opponents they can find. No Warboss worth his salt is going to lead his boyz against a weak opponent when a stronger one presents itself. They'll use their own tactics and strategies to try and beat that hard target, yes - but they'll still go for it.

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It's DLFG. A well-known attention-whoring trip-fag who back in the day first became known for posting tyranid/sister tentacle-rape erotica.

She frequently trip-fags around /tg/ as if her appearance in a thread or on the side of a discussion is of any importance whatsoever.

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As >>21674622 said, Path of the Warrior/Seer/Outcast is probably your best bet. Outcast has a few interesting scenes of Corsairs interacting and negotiating with humans, so might be especially of interest.

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What'd you do, spend 2 mins paraphrasing what you found on Lexicanum? And joker on the internet can do a quick google-search for "ork clans". But there's more to them than that. Goffs have also been notoriously mistrustful of using any tech that's not "orky". Bad Moons and Deathskulls are the most prone to overwhelm their opponent through sheer firepower. And Blood Axes are the most tactically adept of the clans, who actually would select their targets according to what favors them the most. If a weaker stronghold was not an obvious trap, they'd most likely attack it in order to hit the back side of the stronger point.

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Wow, it's great that you're here to reaffirm what I'm saying. As if your almighty confirmation somehow justifies things more.

Seriously, you're a fucking attention whore. Get lost. Go show off your impressive ability to save character artwork by dumping it all in another thread.

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>Most of the authors you should avoid.

I''ve read the vast majority of the more recent black library and I enjoyed seeing 40k brought to life in all sorts of different perspectives and writing techniques.

From a mighty Space Wolf to a lowly guardsman and more recently Eldar warriors and enjoyed nearly all of the books.

it's nice to actually have some fluff people can agree on and not go GRIM DERP! IT'S NOT LIKE THAT IT SHOULD BE HURP DERP and god knows how many other things people constantly argue over, such as the various functions of weaponry and armour and strength, the warp, psychic powers good god I could go on for ever about how unprecise most of the lore is in 40k.

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>I''ve read the vast majority of the more recent black library and I enjoyed seeing 40k brought to life in all sorts of different perspectives and writing techniques.
>From a mighty Space Wolf to a lowly guardsman and more recently Eldar warriors and enjoyed nearly all of the books.

And that's all fine and dandy if you're looking for a space-wolf, eldar, or guard novel to wank over. But the OP wasn't asking for those now was he? In which case, yes... most of the authors should be avoided.

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The people who have a hard on for SM and shit on every other faction are stupid.

The people who hate SM and can't get it through their thick skulls that 40k is told from the Imperium's perspective no matter how many times it's said are stupid.

My advice OP? Read the 5-6 edition rulebooks and current codices and the ones that came before them. Anything is from1987 is more than likely a crap shoot considering how much has been dropped, ignored, and retconned.

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Being told from the Imperium's perspective is one thing. But 40k isn't about the Imperium's perspective as much as it's about SM. People who hate SM don't need to get anything through their thick-skulls, because most are vividly aware of just how much the setting revolves around marines. Despite there being less than 1 marine for every fully populated world numbering in the billions.

What needs to be pounded into anyone's thick skulls, is that not it's ok if not everyone likes your favorite army. Especially if they're marines. So stop trying to cram them down other people's throats.

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>is that it's ok...

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Op read all this, especially the stuff from Gorkamorka
pic related, my favourite mini-story ever.

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I missed the point,

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You know, I apologize. My response was a more than a bit harsh. I tend to run on a fair bit of cynicism and vitriol, which probably comes from years of being on /tg/. Sorry about that.

>> No.21675976

Apology Accepted Brah, Sorry for being dumb

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