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Who do you think is the best General and Tactician in 40K?

Let us examine a list of the greatest Generals in 40K

Imperium : Ursarkar E. Creed, Leader of the Imperial forces in Cadia
Space Marines :Chapter Master Calgar of the Ultramarines
Eldar : Autarch Yriel of Craftworld Iyanden
Chaos : Lord Abaddon, Warmaster of Chaos
Orks : They are brutes who are incapable of sound strategy and tactics, No Ork character is worthy of being called a General.
Tyranids : The Legendary Swarmlord
Tau : Not a single one of their commanders is accomplished enough to be regarded as a ''Great General''.
Necrons : Imotekh the Stormlord, Phaeron of the mighty Sautekh Dynasty.
Dark Eldar : Excellent schemers and plotters, but they don't show much grasp over grand strategy. None of their characters can be regarded as a General,

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>Chaos: Lord Abaddon, Warmaster of Chaos
You gotta be squiddin'

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> brutes who are incapable of sound strategy and tactics
>Sneaky Gits/Kommandos
in the fluff they make tactics not even the imperium would guese !

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Orks have Ghazgkull, he isn't brilliant by most means but he is cunning

Tau have Farsight or Shadowsun.

Ignoring plot armour Creed wins because infiltrating titans

Counting plot armour marysue Calgar chapter master of the ultra sues lord of suecragge

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And I think a proper WAAAAAAAGH
is a great tactic on its own!!!

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No contest.

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>not Eldrad (who is a dick)

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>Counting plot armour marysue Calgar chapter master of the ultra sues lord of suecragge
who go beaten by the swarm lord at the battle for macragge.

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Eldrad's dead, dude.

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>Space Marines :Chapter Master Calgar of the Ultramarines

Uh, you know that Calgar deferred command to Dante on Armageddon because he recognized him as a superior leader, right?

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Dark Eldar, Vect, Malys, Rakarth. Do you even know what you're talking about?

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Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka motherfucker.
This fucker checked Armaggedon twice.
A high percent of the Imperial forces are derelicted to this planet so he cannot march against Terra.

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>Orks : They are brutes who are incapable of sound strategy and tactics, No Ork character is worthy of being called a General.
Yet, they still pull off all of the actually impressive stuff.
Everyone's fluff but orks (and DE, to an extent)
>He did this totally, positively, absolutely RETARDED thing, but he pulled it off because he's such a genius

Orky stuff
>Tellyportas, not "Hurr, let's drop/teleport right on this area choke-full of hazardous stuff and heavily AA defended / under warp-shielding"
>Tactical nukes on strategic ennemy locations, not "Plan A failed? Exterminatus"
>Fuck-U-Boats surprise runs, not "Ok, let's use Standard Issue Tactic 3, it will surprise them because, clearly, no one has done it before"
>Psychological warfare (actually everyone does it, Snikrot and the guys from the war of Dakka just do it better)

It's basically "Show, don't tell". Orks have plans. Non-greens merely have exceptionnal individuals that are still nothing to write home about.

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Guilliman was also not the best tactician among primarchs, as well. I think it was Lion or Sanguinus that he said was the better tactician.

Doesn't surprise me, Ultramarine figures keeps being wrongly referred to as the best tacticians when really they are just the best logisticians and most efficient.

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>Excellent schemers and plotters, but they don't show much grasp over grand strategy.
Bullshit man.

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He did it out of respect for his senior battle brother, not because Dante was actually better than him.

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>best tactician Primarch
There is no such thing.

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>Tau : Not a single one of their commanders is accomplished enough to be regarded as a ''Great General''.

Puretide. Farsight. R'alai.

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Imotekh the Stormlord

After that most Space Marine Chapter Masters with Creed and the Swarmlord mixed somewhere in there.

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>Didn't mention Shadowsun


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Just Puretide actually. His successors are nowhere near tactical awesomeness.

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Plo'Armorai has saved the Tau with his cunning and genius many times OP

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>Angron is just a good a tactician as Lion


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>Orks : They are brutes who are incapable of sound strategy and tactics, No Ork character is worthy of being called a General.

Someone hasn't read Rynn's World.

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>Tau have Farsight or Shadowsun.

Cite anything impressive they have done.

>Orks have Ghazgkull, he isn't brilliant by most means but he is cunning

Orks rely on the strength of their Boyz rather than the cunning of their chieftains.

Their armies is a mess with each group of them doing their own thing. Almost zero coordination and cohesion.

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>Orks: Ghazghull and other kunnin' boyz.
>Tau: Commander Farsight
>Dark Eldar: Azdrubael Vect. The guy's been top dog for thousands of years because he's smarter than everybody else.

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Alpharius Omegon had/has a pretty good claim to the title of best tactician among the Primarchs.

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>dark eldar
their leader's fluff stops just short of calling him a mortal Tzeetch.

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>implying i said all primarchs have same tactical skill
Basic logic toddler. Use it.

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>Orks rely on the strength of their Boyz rather than the cunning of their chieftains
Their Meks got paroxysmic flashes of brilliance which put them ahead sometimes. They are unpredictable as fuck.

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Shadowsun commanded the third esphere expansion.
And about Ghazgkull, he is cunning as a Gretching.
He ordered the attack with submarines at Hive Tempestora when the Guard though no one would come from the sea.
He is known for macromanagemente, and only fights in big battles.

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>Tau: Not a single one of their commanders is accomplished enough to be regarded as a "Great General"
>Implying Commander Puretide doesn't exist
>Implying he's not written The Art of War for the Tau
>Implying he wasn't such a great warrior poet that he was allowed to become a travelling hermit, teaching the Fire Caste wherever he went.

Not saying he's anywhere near the best in the galaxy compared to the other big names, but Puretides' teachings are the foundations for modern Tau doctrine. He's probably the best they ever had, and if he's still alive/doesn't get retconned in the new fluff, would be one of those rare Tau who've survived for a couple of hundred years.

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isn't vect supposed to be the best thing ever?

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>Ghazkull only cares about big battles.
Well duh, it's not like he's some sneaky pansy who fights skirmishes.

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It's confirmed in the fluff.

Imotekh is Greatest of them all.

Stop arguging already.

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You'd think so, but no. Imotekh is the greatest military mind outside of the Warp, if Brother Ward is to be believed.

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Just out of curiosity, what has Imotekh done that was so brilliant? Didn't he just state "drop pods are stupid" and order the Phalanxes to engage the enemy?

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Where is muh macharius

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You doubt the writings of Mathias Ward?

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I dunno. Retconned?

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Imotekh isn't nowhere near Greatest General ever. Being able to see the patterns in ennemy strategies doesn't change the fact that he suffer from MASSIVE "Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my claws" and from such perfectionnism that he simply can't into orks.

Zahndrek is a much better general, at least his insanity doesn't get in the way of battlefield efficiency.

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If there is a difference, then there is going to be a best.

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Just saying, he's teh greatest evar in canon. Like it or not, that's the way it is.

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Didn't Shadowsun take down a whole SplitterFleet without losing a single ship?

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Is Abaddon more powerful than Horus?

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She did, but considering the fluff on Splinter Fleets I'm betting it was a pretty sorry excuse for one. More like a Splinter convoy than a fleet.

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Even as a Taufag, I don't think that was too impressive in fluff. Out-adapting the nids *was* impressive, but that's more the Earth Caste's victory really. Maugun Ra beat an entire splinter fleet on his own, remember. Somewhat trumps an entire empire beating one.

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Horus had a bigger force at his command, so he's more powerful in that sense. As for physical and sorcerous power, Horus was probably more powerful in that sense as well.

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You got the rules retard.

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Yeah, no. The "greatest evar" doesn't get ousted from his battleship like a bitch.

Imotekh greatest strength is his starting forces. Unlike other Phaerons, his dynasty didn't get shafted by lady luck during the Long Sleep. So he could just snowball by saying "See that? I have more dudes and they are better equiped. Now join me or die". Rinse, repeat.

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Your forgetting that the ONLY way to beat the Stormlord you have to abandon all logic and rationality which is kinda hard for the civilized races of the galaxy.

>he simply can't into orks.

He just can't achieve a lasting VICTORY over the Orks like the rest of the galaxy. They Orks keep coming back to throw their lives at him.

>MASSIVE "Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my claws"

He is an Immortal invincible Phaeron. Very few foes could match him in mortal combat.

At best, this is a small chink in his impressive armor.

>Zahndrek is a much better general, at least his insanity doesn't get in the way of battlefield efficiency.

The Nemesor doesn't possess the brilliance of the Stormlord.

So no...He isn't the superior commander.

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Something that really bugged me, Horus was a champion of Chaos right? Why aren't any of the other primarchs that fell to Chaos champions as well? It's clearly proven that they're almost as powerful as the Emperor himself

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Snikrot. Only Ork the Armageddon Ork Hunters fear.

>> No.21668835

Maugna Ra beat a Swarm of an unknown size, not a Splinter Hive Fleet.

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Horus was the best Primarch. Seriously.
>It's clearly proven that they're almost as powerful as the Emperor himself
I know it says that in the rulebook but that's bullshit. Vanilla primarchs can't hold a candle to Emperor's might. Just by the feats alone.

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It is written in canon that he is the greatest military mind in 40k. Even if the fluff doesn't really show him as anything but an arrogant and incompetent commander, he is still canonically considered to be the greatest. It sucks, but that's just the way it is. Relay your praise/complaints to Mat Ward.

>> No.21668870

Creed already won.

>> No.21668886

Primarchs aren't really that powerful compared to Emps. The guy could destroy stars by thinking about it hard enough, and had more experience than the lot of them put together. And he's immortal.

>> No.21668893

> Even if the fluff doesn't really show him as anything but an arrogant and incompetent commander

Errr...the Codex has a lot examples of him crushing his enemies.

So you will throw all that away and call him incompetent because one SPACE MOROON got lucky?

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> The guy could destroy stars by thinking about it

>> No.21668914

Nah, but lots of characters in 40k have done shit that could qualify them for being the greatest. But he is the greatest, which puts an end to any argument.

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>> No.21668938

No it isn't. It is written in canon that he is a great military mind, PERHAPS the greatest of them. There's more "perhaps greatest X" in 40K than there's dicks in Slaanesh's garden.

>He is an Immortal invincible Phaeron. Very few foes could match him in mortal combat.
Like every other Phaeron ever. Being murder on wheels in duel is what they do, both in fluff and on the table.

As for the rest, Imotekh has a major problem in the course for "Bestest evar" : he never did anything worth noting. What he did is :
- conquer worlds one by one
- give some retarded farseer from Alaitoc the middle finger
- troll the Black Templar and get savaged for it in naval warfare
- kill some no-namers offscreen

Actually potent opponent (Tau Empire, Ultramar, the IoM in general, the Eldars in general) are barely aware of his shit. He probably can stop a Crusade, a full-on assault from a Craftworld or a decently sized Waaaagh!. But he hasn't DONE it yet.

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The butthurt Tau whining in this thread is hilarious.
Enjoy your shitty race that will not accomplish anything ever.

>> No.21668982

Do the Chaos Gods count?
If so, Tzeentch wins this silly contest.

>> No.21668984

Just saying that not only he IS the greatest but also has the fluff to back it up.

Unlike mister Abaddon whose fluff nonperformance paints him as utterly incompetent dispute his background fluff calling him the ''Imperium's Greatest Menace''.

Those who challenge the Stormlord supremacy have no grounds to stand. He is in name and action the greatest of them all.

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Vect could probably been alot better, the problem is that while he is planning/fighting a battle he has to deal with X number of assassination plots, and other schemes to topple his regime. Also DE don't seem to be that interested in actual wars, they are just a mean to get slaves (and riches), get rid of enemies (and allies) + their everyday kicks

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"My penis has increased 4 inches for "bullying" a fictional faction and the players who play with this faction minis and while defending my fictional faction that is better because the writers say so."

>> No.21669182

>>conquer worlds one by one
>He established at empire of 500+, five times the time of the Tau Empire in just 200 years

Yeah no.

You're downplaying the Stormlord's victories on purpose. What do you have against the Sautekh? Why won't you accept what's written plainly for all to see?

>> No.21669208

>implying the 'crons aren't Alpha Legionnaires in disguise

>> No.21669226

>ctrl + f

This board has changed for the worse.

>> No.21669234

>because the writers say so
at least writers are on OUR side. While i can see why you chose tau - self-loathing, abusive childhood - you should just deal with the fact that they'd be dead if authors actually cared about something happening in their tiny fuckoff galaxy.

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Creed lost to Abaddon during the Eye of Terror Campaign. Abaddon actually got his hand on Cadia.

Consider Creed's tactical genius status officially revoked.

>> No.21669276

You are adorable.

>> No.21669277

He hadn't had any coffee that morning, and someone in the Logistics Department had lost his shipment of cigars. How can you expect him to be the Tactical Genius we all know and love when he's still cranky and sleepy because he's not had his coffee, and can't alleviate his frustration with a nice puff of smoke from his cigar?

>> No.21669335

you're not as smart as you think you are.

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>Tau : Not a single one of their commanders is accomplished enough to be regarded as a ''Great General''.

Shadowsun led a fight against a tyranid splinter fleet without losing a single vessel.

Let me repeat that. Not. A. Single. Vessel. Splinter fleets, smaller though they are, still scare the goddamn Imperium shitless, and Shadowsun hit and runs it to death without suffering a single loss.

>> No.21669587

See >>21668798

>> No.21669621

You mean, "what's happening in their tiny fuckoff part of our galaxy".
So far, no race has managed (except the 'nids, and maybe Old Ones) to travel between the galaxies.
The entire WH40k game is set in the Milky Way and parts of the Warp.

>> No.21669627

I feel like OP is a troll

>> No.21669641

The fluff says its a splinter fleet

Do you have any information that says it was a small weak convey or whatever?

>> No.21669690

It explicitly mentions that Horus was the best tactician.

But, after him, id say the lion... because hes still alive... and Sanguinus had other talents....

>> No.21669705

But what about Alpharius Omegon? His strategy and tactics have helped the Alpha Legion survive in hostile territory for ten thousand years and counting.

>> No.21669713

He lost to the Ultramoroons Primatch and then his Legion fractured.

>> No.21669739

They defeated the smurfs and scattered to go into hiding. And again, they've survived longer than any other traitor legion in the Imperium. All thanks to the tactics and strategies of their Primarch(s(?)).

>> No.21669748

>> Orks : They are brutes who are incapable of sound strategy and tactics, No Ork character is worthy of being called a General.
"Do not confuse simplicity for stupidity." -Gabriel Angilos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens.

That said, I question why Inquisitors Coteaz isn't on the list. The man manages the Intel network for an entire sector and stomps out all chaos forces before they become a bigger threat.

>> No.21669850

Assuming it was Alpharius that Guilliman killed. Isn't there a rumour that it was just a regular Alpha Legion marine, and one the Smurfs don't like to talk about?


>> No.21669861


Actually, those cigars were a gift to the Blood Ravens.

>> No.21669880

And yet he never used that awesome power to destroy the traitors fleets attacking earth..

>> No.21669881

Alpharius is alive

>> No.21669882 [DELETED] 

Asdrubael Vect, any Temple Vanus Lord Assasin.

>> No.21669886

And there's like a thousand of him.

>> No.21669888


His fluff entry in the Codex.

>> No.21669890

Asdrubael Vect or any Temple Vanus Assassin Lord.

That is all.

>> No.21669903

In his defense, the Chaos gods were directly involved in the conflict.

>> No.21669907

and has a hardon for pariah women

>> No.21669913


>> No.21669922

The Sisters of Silence.

>> No.21669924

Space Marines: Dante, not only is he the oldest space marine alive, but a complete bad ass with tactics.
>if your going to give tyranids the swarmlord, why not take the time to give orks or tau anything

>> No.21669930

Alpharius was briefly in Dan Abnett's Pariah book, hinted that he's legit because an Emperor's Children saw him and said "what the fuck h4x you're supposed to be dead."
He seems to have taken a liking to Bequin.

>> No.21669942

Couldn't that have been Omegon?

>> No.21669952

Maybe, but I don't think Omegon would have said "I am Alpharius."

Or would he?

>> No.21669958

The Tau have Shadowsun and Farsight.

The orks have Ghazzy, the Beast, Arch Arsonist, and the Overfiend.

What more do you want?

>> No.21669961

I wouldn't put it past him to do it just to fuck with people.

>> No.21669965

The Bad Moon Warlord Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub, former ally of Ghazghkull, is renowned for his sneaky plans (which in the 3rd edition codex was represented by allowing a an Elites or Troops choice to infiltrate or deep strike). He also had the marksmanship of a Space Marine, and rewards slaves for good work. The Mighty Mangler of Bork Warlord Klawjaw too was noted as an ingenious commander who also happened to be completely insane, driven by a desire to heddbutt his homeworld's moon to deff.

>> No.21669998

>mfw when people still won't acknowledge the superiority of Imotekh

>> No.21670003

> ctrl+f logan grimnar
> no results

So leading the first war of Armageddon and being the supreme commander of the imperial forces during the last Black Crusade means nothing?

>> No.21670019

Funfax about Imotekh and Abaddon:

>Imotekh attacks forge world Hypnoth, but Imperial reinforcements manage to tie down his legions for several months. Eventually Orikan the Diviner looks at the stars and deduces that Imotekh should attack Hypnoth's two supply worlds Praedis-Zeta and Nyx. The Stormlord does so, but a Tyranid infestation makes itself known on Nyx. Imotekh manipulates the Tyranids into attacking the Imperials, then retreats. A year later he returns to Hypnoth and his Crypteks disable the planet's defences with a technovirus.

>Abaddon decides to bring down the Imperial Navy dockyard Cancephalus. However, he chooses to attack its supply world Antecanis instead of facing the Naval fortress's formidable defences. His fleet, consisting of both Black Legion ships and those of his allied warbands, breaks through Antecanis's orbital defences after a week. The Daemon Prince Dhar'leth leads the vanguard of the assault on the capital Monarchive, slaughtering his way through the lower levels for sixteen days and sending columns of slaves hundreds of kilometres long back to the Black Legion's landers. Receiving word of incoming Imperial armies, and his fleet already harried by attacks from the Silver Skulls, Abaddon leads the final assault on Monarchive himself, capturing the hive in just two days. Millions of slaves are taken, and Abaddon and his Black Legion depart Antecanis as soon as the first Imperial Guard transports break from the Warp, smashing through the Silver Skulls cordon. Their allies are given no warning, left behind to delay the Imperials. Within a year, Cancephalus is unable to refit even the smallest warships, and Abaddon is free to ravage the sector at will. Antecanis itself is plunged into a seven-year war from which it will never recover.

>> No.21670022


>> No.21670034

Did he outflank Eldar and personally slay an Avatar of War?

No? Then the warp with him!

>> No.21670047

>seven-year war
Er, make that seventeen years. Those abandoned Chaos mreens put up quite a fight.

>> No.21670059


>> No.21670105

Let me devalue and debunk everything you just said by posting The Derpadon!

>> No.21670123

Xanatos vs Tzeentch in a game of wits.
no magic powers/robots to destroy each other.
who wins?

>> No.21670128

That's not Abaddon, merely a cheap imitation. Topknot isn't nearly big enough.

>> No.21670145

The God of Elemental ''Just as Planned''

>> No.21670149

so Xanatos?

>> No.21670157

A reminder.

>985.M41 Conqueror’s Fall
>The Stormlord’s Tomb Ship Inevitable Conqueror comes under attack by a Black Templars fleet whilst en route to the Sautekh coreworld of Davatas. The architect of the assault is none other than Marshal Helbrecht, come searching for a long anticipated revenge upon the warlord who humbled him on Schrödinger VII. A broadside from the battle barge Sigismund strips away the Conqueror’s shields an instant before the Black Templars’ boarding torpedoes strike home and, within moments, the decks of the Inevitable Conqueror are swarming with vengeful Space Marines. Pride compels Imotekh to stand and fight, but his forces are in disarray and so logic wins out, dictating withdrawal. The Stormlord therefore teleports to an escort vessel and makes his escape. Helbrecht is incandescent with fury at this foe’s retreat, but consoles himself by personally setting Imotekh’s beloved flagship on a collision course with a nearby star, and blasting to smithereens those other Necron craft too slow to flee.

>> No.21670213

Why were tons of anons implying that leader = tactician in the first part of this thread?

>> No.21670216


They both go out to have a beer.

>> No.21670217

Pointless gesture.

This won't return back his pride nor his arm.

>> No.21670232

what if xanatos is the avatar of tzeench in the gargoyles universe?

>> No.21670252

>If so, Tzeentch wins this silly contest.


>> No.21670258


Tit for tat. Beloved ancient flagship for pride and arm. Good trade to a space marine. Plus points for making the Stormlord retreat.

>> No.21670262

Might be true, but killing a tombship is a mighty blow to the Necrons.

>> No.21670272

How to make a successful thread on /tg/

>your favorite warhammer 40K faction can't _____

>> No.21670283

Must suck being an craftworld eldar fan man
everyone's better then you

>> No.21670295

The Silent King.
>Unifies the Necrontyr
>Defeats Old Ones
>Defeats C'tan

He has slain races of Gods, he just feels too much.

>> No.21670300

It does hurt quite a bit. It's hard to fanon when the fluff just keeps reminding you that the Eldar are not Ultramarines.

>> No.21670301


>> No.21670303

He still had his flagship hijacked by primitives. And Trazyn has apparently infiltrated to the very highest levels of the Sautekh Dynasty, despite being banned from Mandragora under pain of death. Not looking very good.

>> No.21670307

>No Magic
You may aswell recruit some regular Jackoff then, because Tzeentch was born of Magic, Discovery and Change and therefore IS Magic Incarnate

>> No.21670310

Oh, yeah, the Deceiver. He's a great manipulator and all that. Just not the personification of manipulation and deceit.
Also, if he has a thinking mind and is brewing something up, Tzeentch already knows it, knows how it will end and all in between.
So, Tzeentch > Deceiver.

>> No.21670312

>And Trazyn has apparently infiltrated to the very highest levels of the Sautekh Dynasty, despite being banned from Mandragora under pain of death.

That makes Trazyn a good thief, or Imotekh's security incompetent.

>> No.21670319

>Imperium : Ursarkar E. Creed, Leader of the Imperial forces in Cadia.
>Not Lord Commander Solar Macharius

>> No.21670320

He is no Stormlord.

Only Imotekh is worthy of ruling the new Necron Empire.

This is assuming the ship didn't Phase Out back to its Tomb World.

>> No.21670341

>Also, if he has a thinking mind and is brewing something up, Tzeentch already knows it, knows how it will end and all in between.

According to the FFG Tome of Fate.

Tzeentch can't divine the fate or foresee the actions of soulless beings. The C'tan have no souls, so Tzeentch can not do anything but guess the Deceivers next move.

>> No.21670344

If the victory conditions from BFG are any indication, loosing that meant the marine player had to be tabled to loose.

>> No.21670351

The Slient king would totally Bitchslap Imotekh
>Goes on a Giant Crusade and claims thousands of worlds
>Forgets to garrison troops on said worlds
>Shit hits the fan when he dies, and all his conquered worlds fall to Heresy and Rebellion

>> No.21670366

To be fair, Tzeentch is probably pretty good at guessing.

>> No.21670408

>The Slient king would totally Bitchslap Imotekh

One dude is a weakhearted wandering Nomad. Other one is the Ruthless King of the most powerful Necron Dynasty.

Who's gonna bitch slap who, again? Vote Imotekh 42K!

>> No.21670422

Not good enough.

That's why he needs the Fatweaver.

>> No.21670452

No, but he can calculate the outcome of almost every action, which makes him able to predict the future with almost perfect accuracy.
And that he can think of all the possible scenarios something could happen. And that he has backup plans for his backup plans when something goes to shit.
That's not taking into account the fact that the guy is omniscient, at least concerning the present.
He could easily manipulate and win the WH40k, but he just doesn't give a fuck. As long as shit keeps happening, he is winning.
If he did, everybody would be screwed.

>> No.21670580


I threw this together as my answer. fuck you and your pussy list.

>> No.21670696


But he can't. His very nature is that his grand plan isn't a plan, it's pushing a rock down a hill to see how big the avalanche becomes. Saying 'Tzeentch would win easily if he wanted to' is the same as saying 'This knife would easily beat any longsword in a fight if it was actually the Golden Gun'.

>> No.21670755

>One unit can have scout

>Grey Knight Grandmaster
>D3 units can have scout

Creed it out.

>> No.21670812


Or a squadron of units. Say hello to three Leman Russ Demolishers popping out of nowhere to blast your shit.
Or a BEHNBLEDE. Or a Titan.

>> No.21670816

Tzeentch can't predict the future. He had the chance to, but got scared and gave it to a lieutenant.

>> No.21670829

Tzeentch isn't playing to win, he's playing just to play as long as he possibly can. The other gods are playing the Great Game, but Tzeentch isn't. He's playing a game of his own, and he's playing it against himself. He's movement, and because of his nature he can never allow himself to reach the end. Winning by beating everyone else would be a loss for him, but winning by making sure the game goes on forever is a win as far as he's concerned.

Tzeentch is the only one playing any game, because any thought or any action that strives to move forward is an extension of him. Everything that happens only does so by his design, including and especially the stuff that works against itself. His plans interfere with each other Inception-style, with any successful plan triggering new plans that will either further or counteract whatever was accomplished in the first place. He stirs the pot without ever deciding that it's finished.

Tzeentch can't win by beating the competition because he is the competition, and we are all part of his game plan with only the hope that whatever fate he decides to bestow upon us being one we can enjoy.

>> No.21670840

Grey Dude could do all that up to x3.

>> No.21670848

More like he kept throwing them into the well until one came out.

>> No.21670866

But he decides what happens in the present. He decides what the future holds, but he can't discern it with certainty, because that would mean he could make order out of the Chaos that is Tzeentch. Being able to see the future means he can predict what he's going to do, but he doesn't need to know just to scheme.

>> No.21670884

You guys seem to be forgetting the Scribes mission.

The Staff Quest.

>> No.21670909

You mean the Blue Scribes?

>> No.21670923


If they collect and reforge the Staff, Tzeentch will once more rule supreme over all.

>> No.21670956

Vect > Imotekh.

His Master Tactician lets him seize the initiative on a 4+ against everyone, Imotekh's Hyperlogical Strategy is the same, but doesn't work on Orks.

>> No.21671061

Right...errr son, I'll need to get you debriefed in the Commissar's office

>> No.21671091

Also pride for pride. Logic dictated he withdrew, but Imotekh's pride would have been dealt a major blow at the retreat.

The entry says nothing about it phasing out. If it did, it being in the necron codex would have mentioned the ship phasing out.

>> No.21671143

And in what way does that invalidate the previous posts?

>> No.21671179

These two deserve a mention.

>> No.21671181

Is that like Wayne's World?

>> No.21671193

Damn it Petrikovicus, we defected from the Imperium over ten thousand years ago, remember? "No Commissars around and that's the way we like it," we said? Snap out of it and help me set up this sound system. FOR SLAANESH!!!

>> No.21671246

>And in what way does that invalidate the previous posts?
Not only the posts, but n entity that actively works to contradict itself.

>> No.21671269

Didnt dante stalemate him?

>> No.21671289

The Silent King =/= The Stormlord

>> No.21671307

I always thought Kryptman was a pretty good strategist.

>> No.21671312

Didnt dante stalemate this guy?

>> No.21671331

He just gave the Nids a huge Ork buffet.

>> No.21671367

He stalemated the Silent King and later joined forces with him.

Dante did not meet Imotekh yet.

>> No.21671416

The fuck d'you mean the Tau aren't "Great Generals?" Tau probably plan the most. They either completely annihilate their enemies, or they pull back in an organized manner.
Sure, they're blue space cow communist weaboos who run away the second anything goes wrong, but they're pretty good at planning.

>> No.21671419

>Posts Tzeentch : doesn't want to win
>Fluff : Tzeentch is actively seeking his IWin Button

>> No.21671506


I think you mean for the better.

How about you join them and leave as well, you meme spamming sack of shit.

>> No.21671571

Put their art of war aside and you will see that their Commanders haven't done anything impressive.

>> No.21672040

Are you the same person from "Nice no trophies" image?

>> No.21672086


Ain'Shi: Led the defense of Fio'Vash, and held his ground against a seemingly endless tide of orks. In melee. With orks.

Shadowsun: Destroyed a tyranid splinter fleet without a single casualty.

R'myr: Successfully defended Taros from an Imperial invasion. Also was the first commander to field the AX-01 Tiger shark, which proceeded to rape a Warhound Titan on it's first flight, scaring the other three Titans shitless and causing their retreat.

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