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This is how I elf

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God I hope not.
The entire point of those characters was that nobody should ever play as them.

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This is how I human

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So, your humans are physics frustrated retards who rage at logic, love WEPON, promote justice and die?

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Rip John Freeman
He had to kill fast, but bullets were too slow.

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Back to the rails, this is how I WEPON.

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Shut up and give me all your monies and fineries.

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This is how I commoner

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Thief from 8bt is a good model for a racist elf who's so convinced of his elven superiority that he doesn't notice that his race lags behind the civilized world.

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you just described average redneck

>> No.21668342

Last time I checked, the average rednecks wasn't "physics frustrated". At least not in the "backflips, bullets too slow and dimension doors" way.

And I hope it stays this way.

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This is how I Thief

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This is how I wizard.

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This is how I Hatred (Everything!!)

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This is how I Diviner.

>> No.21668493

This is how I hatred (vest)

>> No.21668495

I thought that the entire point of those characters was that so long as it's done for the sake of good fun, anything can work.

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Diviner? I hardly even know her!

>> No.21668503

This is how I roll.

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This is how I, least like character of the series.

>> No.21668534

This is how I karmic backlash.

>> No.21668538

Fuck Captcha ate the image

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This is how I That DM.

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This is how I Human Fighter.

>> No.21668649


>Not That DMing like this.

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This is how I thri-kreen

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This is how a man Assassin

>> No.21668735

This is how I gnome

>> No.21668739

This is how I cross-class

>> No.21668748

This is how I bard

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This is how I Slayer

>> No.21668861

This is how I Reek
it rhymes with leek

>> No.21668880

That's how I acquire my animal companion

>> No.21668909

This is how I Arcane Archer

>> No.21668954

This is how I Catch 'Em All!!!!!

>> No.21668978

This is how I alchemist.

>> No.21669019

This is how my wizard introduces himself

>> No.21670014

This is how I elf

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>not wizarding like this

>> No.21670183

this is how I alchemist

>> No.21670207

This is how I DM CoC

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>this is how I DM

>> No.21670267

This is how I Berserker.

captcha: ngireaf oreo

>> No.21670271

>This is how I Crane

>> No.21670281

This is how I bard

>> No.21670282

This is how I Cleric

>> No.21670292

What's the matter?
Too hot for you?

>> No.21670315

This is how I Catachan

>> No.21670905

This is how I BBEG.

>> No.21670937

Bitch please.
That's how I TN PC.

>> No.21671276

This is how I duelist

>> No.21671920

This is how I atrifi- Wait... What's..?

Oh HELL no! NO you DIDN'T-!

>> No.21671927

THIS is how I artificer from now on!

>> No.21671960

How I paladin. Or would, if I weren't a foreverDM.

>> No.21671967

This is how I Commissar.

>> No.21671978

This is how I Commissar

>> No.21671981

This is how I artificer.

>> No.21672009

well that's pretty good ol son.
but sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it's done.

>> No.21672063

Phst. If you had a set of players able to argue the shit with each other YET still manage work togather (and never kill each other), and a DM that could handle that all of their shit, and toss it back. like 8-Bit-T

That'd probably be the most fun campaign ever. It really would.

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Since we've got the Hanako vibe here, this is how I diplomacy

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