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When was the last time you played a catboy/catgirl?

What was he/she like?

Have you played other catboys/catgirls? What were those like?

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go to bed, colette

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My last catboy was a trap.

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I didn't used to be into catboys, or even catgirls that much, but now they just seem so hot and I want to ERP one.

Was your catboy trap in an ERP? Was he a maid or schoolgirl or something?

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About...5 or 6 years ago.

Lived underground because people with animal characteristics were hunted down in the setting we played in. It was pretty fun, actually. He had the ability to manipulate and harden crystals. Got his head cut off by some psychobitch with razor hands.

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was a little while back, gamma world 4th ed. Basically we were all Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters. I played a Thundercat in platemail made from scrapmetal. He also used a barmace and shield. We had a GI Joe, a Ninja Turtle, and Exo-Suit Pilot. (Exo-Squad)

The GI-Joe had a thing for glam metal and had a penchant for explosives, The Ninja-Turtle Liked Pizza and enjoyed stabbing things with his Tantos, The Exo-Squad guy was our tech.

I played my guy as a Lecherous White Knight, always up for a lay and flirtatious but chivalrous to one degree or another. Basically as time went by we got more and more high tech (laser swords and power armor) and eventually we adventured on the moon, killed some alien invaders and settled down.

My guy got married to a Lunar Princess (7th of 10 sisters, I wasn't anywhere near a shot for the throne), the GI-Joe wound up as Prime Ministor for the Lunar Kingdom, Ninja Turtle guy became spy master and our tech guy became minister of industry.

Cool campaign over all.

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>Was your catboy trap in an ERP? Was he a maid or schoolgirl or something?

No, he was just a wizard in 3.5 Faerun.

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I did once. He was an undead hunter and mentally merged with another character from a parallel world who was an ex-mad scientist now highschool science teacher. He was the only one in the party that had a complete personality merge. He later went on to create a device that merged the two planes into one, causing personality merges of billions of peoples on either side and giving an entire generation of people schizophrenia while he went on to become an industrialist on a lex luthor scale.

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Oh. Well, that's okay too I guess. Why was he a trap?

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I almost played one in Shadowrun but flaked on my group before starting, does that count?

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A better question: Has anyone played a catperson who was not completely lame as hell?

Results thus far suggest "no".

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what about reverse catboy?

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should be a normal cat with human ears and no tail.

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Vlladimir Makarov, angry russian spesscop from the future. Notable exploits include: sideswiping criminals' (and, in f-zero-esque-racing opponents') cars into walls, committing multiple break-ins (but it were criminals' houses and it was approved by superior officer) in order to gather evidence, surviving every single bone in his body being broken and convincing lovestruck steam AI (don't ask) to calm down and not boil everyone in the room.

don't know how lame it is, it was pretty fun.

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>Why was he a trap?

Because he was a 12 year old catboy shota.

Do you need a better explanation?

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It was his wizard mentor, wasn't it? "Okay, for this exercise you pretend to be a witch. Here's a witch's outfit."

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He didn't really crossdress.

He just wore long, flowing, poofy robes that just so happened to look like a dress.

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Fine! At least I can still use my idea, and now I can claim originality!

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though i am not sure about catBOY part, he was 25-26.

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Never, Nonexistant, and No. Purge the Heretic, Suffer not the Xeno to live, etc, etc.

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You would get instantly booted from the group, unless we're playing monster girls.

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you are playing monstergirls?

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I've never played as a player, but as I DM, I had a Team Rocket-eque rival squad of thieves and murderhobos that I intended to antagonize for half the campaign.

The catgirl leader of the group is now swimming under the sea after the rogue decided she was having none of that shit and hunted her down like a dog when she robbed the artificer's house.

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Hey Anon... how about a game of pretend?

no seriously, would you be interesting in roleplaying a scenario like that...?

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Freeform roleplaying a perverted archmage crossdressing and mentoring a <12 year old catboy trap?

This is my fetish.

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Drop me a mail, lets talk.

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An exercise which never ends.

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ITT; Supah Gay

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Is the archmage a catboy too, a catgirl, or just a human?

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Probably a female human.

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There's really only one reason to play as a catgirl/catboy: freeform ERP. Which I engaged in heavily with my catboy character, a hopelessly submissive slave twink. Ah, those were the days.

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I play catgirls regularly. I can't stop, but I try not to be a fetishistic mongoloid who contributes nothing.

I think the most fun I had was being racist to other species, first and foremost lizards.

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I'm running a one on one game for a player of mine. She's a catgirl mage who's been selected by a perverted archmage to be one of her apprentices in a harem of monstergirls and boys.

S' an ERP. /d/ flavor.

[Spoiler]she has to eat the other apprentices to become more powerful[/spoiler]

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I'm playing a catboy right now

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He was just a rogue who wanted to become the world's greatest thief. Nothing fetish fuel about him. It was fun.

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I have never played a catgirl/boy, but if I did, I'd play a middle-aged catboy (more like catman) that's old and scarred, like a version of Greebo, only human. A big brawler. My mom has an old, big cat that's almost like a Norwegian forestcat, who spends all summer fightin' and fuckin', and basically owns the neighbourhood.

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At last, someone is doing it right.

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Average Khajit player then?

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never myself, but our group had someone Pathfinder group had someone playing a catgirl. It was pretty cool, she was a tiefling and the DM implied she was the offspring of one of those invisible lion demons from 3.5, hence the cat features

She did the stereotypical catgirl "nyah!" sounds and was a little excited and bouncy. I thought it was cute, but then OOC I was sleeping with her.

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>more than half of the thread is about ERP

Oh god my sides.

If you're here - and you know who you are.


Captcha : Reason Catsal.

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My most successful and most fun rogue that I've ever played was a catgirl. I was playing it as a sneak and scout rogue and I decided that I would use my bare hands rather than any weapons. By the end of the campaign, I was leading a covert-ops war against a man known as The Spider in the background of the rest of the players doing their hero thing for whatever reason. The only reason I stayed with them was because they needed my help and good, disposable minions are hard to come by.

A friend of mine after that campaign was over wanted to use some of the characters in his game, and he let me have full control of my old character again. This time, I ended up sparking a full revolution, while playing both sides against each other and pulling off a triple bluff to convince both sides I was a friend and ally.

So, yeah, I've played a catgirl. Complete with the personality of a real cat. Everyone was my minion, and I was going to rule as the power behind whatever throne I set up.

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Not actually a catgirl, but still kemonomimi.

She's a bunnygirl. She's also a mercenary. She hangs out with a bunch of manly men mercenaries, and takes the sniper role with her really big gun. She dislikes being short and being teased because she's a girl. She likes platform boots, shooting things, fiery explosions, and beer with caffeine in it.

No, you can't touch them! Hmph.

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But they're so big and fuzzy!

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That pic is pretty cool...

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i got bite by a weretiger once, does that count ?

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But has anyone played a half-fae catperson?

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All those pouches would make Liefeld blush.

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What we're trying to say here is, you're a retard.

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All I ask is catboys that don't look like girls with the tits removed. Is that too much to ask?!

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I had a character who was a ghost girl until she was forcibly turned into a ghost catgirl.

I don't usually talk about it.

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Here, have one - not cangirl can contain this much FABULUS.

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I remember someone posted a character concept for a Shadowrun guy who was a big burly bouncer type who had cat ears and a tail left over from his raver/scene twinky catboi phase that embarrass him to no end like an old tattoo you regret. Say anything about them and he will put you through a wall, though.

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I've played as something inspired by pic related, several times.

Moreover, I've run a homebrew setting in which people with some feline traits (tails, but not nekomimi) are actually the race that most resembles the western european medieval civilizations. The other races take cues heavily from other cultures, (and the only humans in the setting are themed after tibetan mystics)

So actually if somebody wants to play a feudal knight, they have to be a catperson.

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THAT sounds like my kinda catguy.

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I'm playing a catfolk right now, and i play him largely as i would do otherwise - i'm playing a rogue and i play him much like a stereotypical rogue, but like a Khajiit from Elswyr.

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he's wearing a fucking skirt

look at it

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Do Shifters or Catfolk count?

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Gosh... Years ago in a Witchcraft game I played a... High Bast?

Anyway, despite not being a cat and a boy at the same time (more swapping between the two), I guess he's the closest I ever had to qualifying. He forced himself on another party member as a freeloader, rearranged his house and furniture so that every surface was comfortable to lie down on, and generally treated everyone as a dim-witted child who only needed to be brought around to his way of thinking to realize how right he was, and lucky they were for it.

He mostly tried to make other party members happy. Just, you know, some egocentricity meant he never quite got around to imagining their happiness might spring from different things than his.

Fun character; I never got around to char op in that game, so he was next to useless in all major conflicts, though.

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I did not play a cat boy, but I AM playing a cat MAN.

Specifically, the honorable catfolk President Clinton Nimblepaws. He is a level 20 Bard.

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Not really a catboy, more a lionman intellectual.

Who had 12 levels in Berzerker.

Why, you ask, did you have an intellectual berzerker? Because in battle, his instincts take over. That's why. Outside of combat, he's a BHTB, a Big Harmless Teddy Bear. Inside, I've managed to win an intimidate against a Mind Flayer through sheer DM fiat. (and about 17 high rolls on three rounds of Greater Cleave, getting to the Ilithid.)

He died only one level (three sessions) later, while ramming his Greataxe into the skull of an Ice Dragon while protecting the High Imperator's daughter.

He was buried with full military honours as if the greatest general who ever lived had been slain.

Tenor of the Flamelands was, without a doubt, the most fun character I've ever played.

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Sop being lame. I just fucking told you about Clinton:

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>swap between cat and boy
>was a girl cat then

Oh my~
How much barbed dick did your character regret?

>impregnable mlibili
Well at least there's that.

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I just rolled the kitten of a ghost. Not really a catboy/girl. Just a cat. Ghost.

>> No.21675705

Cat or human, the character was still male, although that would certainly have been a fun direction to take.

As was, though, there was already quite enough going on that I never felt the urge to add sex-changes into the mix. Obviously a sign of my wasted youth, but what can one do?

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That's a post made 12 hours ago. The one you linked was made a few minutes ago. Polite sage for offtopic

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I apologize. We should get back talking about fucking cat ghosts.

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>the kitten of a ghost

The cat of a dead man?

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I was creating my character for our weekly erotic role-playing game, a Catfolk otherkin Field Medic in d20 Modern. I disagree with the way D&D/d20 Modern handles race, since clearly race is clearly a social construct, but my character has +4 Dexterity and +2 Charisma regardless.

Certainly my character has studied hard and is doing well with her Emergency Services starting occupation, as evidenced by his Wealth bonus increase of +2, as opposed to those poor souls on welfare, through no fault of their own, victims of centuries of black oppression.

My character has been busy. You see, our campaign takes place in modern-day New Jersey, which has been ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. There have been reports of urban youth knocking on doors at midnight, pretending to be emergency services, and then looting and raping anyone foolish enough to open the door, but clearly I don't believe such fanciful tales. African-Americans add nothing but wonderful diversity to our neighborhoods and cultural enrichment, everybody knows that. They certainly don't add crime and rape, no sir!

Our game session started normally, when suddenly a group of urban youths arrived at my front door, looking for food (don't you dare call it looting!) in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully they heralded their arrival with their culturally enriching music, blared at high volume. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0itOCgJtNVU)

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> Certainly, how may I help you? (Note the use of the gender neutral plural noun here to compensate for centuries of oppression my familial ancestors played no part in)
> Certainly! In fact, if you'll give me a few minutes, I can doll up my wife for you before you enrich her with your diverse genes.
> Such is life in Sandy-ravaged New Jersey 2012.

Also I helped them load up the car with my stuff, and sleep with my wife, since they still hold me responsible for the oppression their ancestors suffered, even though my ancestors played no part in it. I was quite happy to comply.

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Is this how d20 Future does it? I don't have that book yet. Should I get it? Is there an easier way of taking a power armor proficiency, or getting a suit of power armor?

Also, are there any good rules for power armor? I have d20 Mecha by Guardians of Order, but the rules don't really scale well for creating armored suits. The rules seem "off" somehow, though I can't put my finger on it. Maybe my cis-privilege is getting in the way.

Also, are there any advanced rules for healing kits, field surgery, etc? Like a Star Trek medical kit?

Or the rape kits I'll invariably need to use on women in the wake of urban youths rioting in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy?

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So my question is, how do I calculate the Feats my character gets? We decided to play rules-light today, and not worry about levels, but I need enough Feats for my Field Medic character to be able to take Surgery, since it's a prerequisite for becoming a Field Medic. I'd also like to take Simple Firearm proficiency, though I abhor violence against these urban youths since the police are of course quite capable of instantly dealing with any and all lawlessness as it occurs. Also I'd like to take Catfolk Pounce and wear power armor in the future (our campaign world is like the X-Men movies, near-future stuff is allowed) but the power armor proficiency from d20 Warhammer 40,000 (http://www.reocities.com/Area51/neptune/5963/) required the taking of a basic Armor Proficiency first.

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Why are half of the catboys in this thread for ERP games?

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I think you've answered your own question

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A while ago.

Catgirl. Had magical powers that let her turn anything into an explosive (a la Gambit), could create some barrier fields, carried guns. She was a crazy character in a crazy world, played somewhat like pic related.

She tried really hard to be an action movie hero, with mixed results.

>"Okay, note to self: Think up better one-liners for next time."
>"I took a bullet for him. I got my shields up in time, but it's the thought that counts, really."
>"...I guess this means it's time for us to save the world.""

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I'm in a Pathfinder game with a half-fae catboy right now.

>> No.21682598

Oh hey, catgrill thread.

Are these rules good?


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I remember playing a catgirl Druid back in 2E, so before 2000.

>> No.21682676

>First, you need an idea for your catgirl- it needn't be the character your current profile is assigned to after all. Imagine what she looks like, acts like, what she is good at. Once you start to get an idea, it's time to get to the numbers.

Why can't I be a catboy?

>> No.21682727

Looks fun, would play. This is just the character creation rules, though, not the full game system.

You can; the Nonstandard Sex Parts perk lets you be a trap. You'd need to take a flaw, like Meek or Compliant, to not end up behind on perks, but I don't think that'll be inconvenient.

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Forgot this part.

>> No.21682847

>Catgirl Rape Dungeon
I wondered what CRD stood for. I want to play even more now.

>Q. Do I have to play a catgirl?
>A. Short answer? Yes, cat ears and tail nekomimi, not a furry or human. This is largely a stylistic choice but I am sticking to it.

>Q. Do I have to play a CATgirl?
>A. Some other viable species options are included at the bottom of this document.

>Q. Do I have to play a catGIRL?
>A. With the Nonstandard Sex perk you may play a futa or trap, something that is still largely a girl.

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This system represses my homosexuality. If I can't have at least 6 inches of beard on my catMAN I am OUT GOOD SIR

>> No.21682941

>wanting to be a hairy man
Ew, gay! Being the little catgirl is where it's at :3

>> No.21682956

Colon Three?



>> No.21682968

Shave that $ and it'll be time for :o

>> No.21682982

I'd rather shave my beard!

And to preempt that question, no, I am not shaving my beard.

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> not liking guys
> /tg/
You may want to rethink your life.

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Wait, where's Nurgle- wait no I don't really want to see that.

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>> No.21683030

But I want to see your chiselled chin and stern features...

Guys are all very well and good, it's being one that's the issue.

>> No.21683053

Ah, someone needs to bite the bullet, yeah? This is the problem with so much, not just in gaming, but in porn as well; either you find things with exclusively guys, or the guy is an afterthought, a method for the girl to do what she's doing. It's a shame.

>> No.21683091

Well, I had a spec ops catgirl. My friends commented on just how amusing it was that she ran counter to many catgirl stereotypes, infact, she often was in FULL combat rigs which, for her included a gasmask and such, effectively making her just look like a really short person.

my most recent one, if you wanna count is, is my charr in Guild Wars 2, I pretty much play her like a gender bent Francis.

>> No.21683102

Y-yeah, I like partners, doing their stuff together though I don't mind a bit of focus on the girl

>> No.21684338

Why does /tg/ associate catboys with ERP?

>> No.21684355

Because we want to sex them.

>> No.21684371

After playing an online RPG thing with races that have various cultures, I can safely say I'm never, ever touching a catperson again unless I've got a damn good reason. A /damn/ good reason after the shit those people pulled on that race.

Hell, it isn't even what you're thinking. They weren't weeaboos. It was something....worse. Much worse.

>> No.21684376

You realize you have to tell us now?

>> No.21684383



>> No.21684404

Because if they weren't for ERP they'd be like "the Leonine" or at least "cat men".

>> No.21684457


>> No.21684463

I was seeing if anyone was interested, but okay. So you guys know how a popular breed of "That Guy" are the kind of folks that will play a game/session in hopes of fulfilling their sick, sick fetishes. Now, these were a lot like that, I'd go as far as to say that they /were/ exactly that. That's because I've met the woman who created the race.

Anyhow, some details on the shit they did:
>Females and males look different
>Males are large feline humanoids
>Females are busty, curvy, clear skinned, never aging women with human features and cat ears/tail(It says all this in the racial description, I shit you not)
>Females were formerly oppressed, so they turned the tides and now oppress the males.(RAPE IS OKAY WHEN WOMEN DO IT, AM I RIGHT GUISE.)
>Males are routinely raped from ages 10 and up, will be killed if they refuse sex
>Monogamous relationships are banned, any mono cat girl/men will be killed/disfigured
>All forms of incest are allowed. This came up a lot.

>> No.21684472

Now then, /tg/, tell me. Who do you think would come up with such a race?

>> No.21684497

>Females and males look different
Well okay, that's actually not uncommon with shit like this. Gonna have to step it up if you want to horrify me.
>Males are large feline humanoids
>Females are busty, curvy, clear skinned, never aging women with human features and cat ears/tail(It says all this in the racial description, I shit you not)
More than a little animu with the excessive divide, but if everyone was onboard with the idea, maybe...
>Females were formerly oppressed, so they turned the tides and now oppress the males.(RAPE IS OKAY WHEN WOMEN DO IT, AM I RIGHT GUISE.)
... wait what, that's not-
>Males are routinely raped from ages 10 and up, will be killed if they refuse sex
oh jesus fu-
>Monogamous relationships are banned, any mono cat girl/men will be killed/disfigured
>All forms of incest are allowed. This came up a lot.

I would say 'to fulfill sick fetishes,' but this runs far deeper than that. I would say that, AND to push a horrific, utterly psychotic forced free love philosophy with a dash of feminism and a whole lot of mutant babyfucking. Am I on the money?

I'm an amateur /d/eviant, and even I find this excessive. Let alone for a non-fetishy game. The fuck is with these people, man?

>> No.21684527

Well, as a professional /d/eviant, let me tell you... they could have gone a LOT farther, but they showed some restraint and kept it fairly conservative.

But the real reason behind these tends to be fap fuel and no desire to force sick shit onto people. The fantasy and play is nice, actually happening would turn it right off.

>> No.21684531

What the hell?

I bet they threw in the age 10 and up thing after one of them was like 'lol that'd be totally awesome'. Urghl


>> No.21684563

I have no problems with the genders looking different, hell, I thought it was cool sounding at first. The appeal of the game was the rather unique system for new players and the various cultures and races, so I was optimistic that they were just an attempt at a "different" race.

Oh boy oh boy, I was wrong.

Anyhow, some shit I forgot to list.
>Females are trained and given weapons/armor, males...aren't, really
>Male death isn't frowned upon
>Mothers raping their own ten year old sons is common
>As is daughters and mothers getting it on
>Soon intend to kill all the males off and become wandering gypsies who seduce and enslave men

Sounds like a stereotypically evil bunch of players, right? The kind that /know/ what they're doing is well and truly fucked up?

Yeah, it ain't like that. Who wants to hear about the OOC scene surrounding these players?

>> No.21684576

>Males are large feline humanoids
>Females are busty, curvy, clear skinned, never aging women with human features and cat ears/tail(It says all this in the racial description, I shit you not)

That makes no sense.

A typical girl would make the males pretty, bishie, androgynous catboy twinks.

>> No.21684589

Forgot to mention why it's 10 and up. It's because new characters aren't just spawned into the world. For new players to be able to join in, a male and a female must mate mechanically and the resulting children will be played by the players. They age 1 year per week real time, and you get the ability to craft shit at 3, hunt shit at 5, and fuck shit at 10. I do know that their were apparently some ERPing done before the mechanical mating age, though.

>> No.21684596

I absolutely don't but tell me anyway please.

>> No.21684601

Holy tuna, this thread is still alive? /tg/, you certainly have an addiction.

I introduced a character like Katt from BOF2 as an NPC in my fantasy homebrew. Not too much on brains, but plenty good at bashing. Very cliche, but welcomed by the players.

>> No.21684605

I'm more than aware. That doesn't change the fact that it's horrible. And worse, it's fairly mundanely horrible besides the fact that they're catpeople. I just don't get some of /d/'s kinks sometimes.

They thought that everything they were doing was totally justified, didn't they? All the rape, the slavery, the torture, the murder, the disenfranchisement of those who did not agree with their society, and outright genocide, all justified because 'lolwomyn?'

I think that these nutbars did it as a purposefully dehumanizing element of the males. And the fact that I can grok that tactic is terrifying.

>> No.21684615

So she didn't wear pants?

>> No.21684667

The ride never stops.

>They thought that everything they were doing was totally justified, didn't they? All the rape, the slavery, the torture, the murder, the disenfranchisement of those who did not agree with their society, and outright genocide, all justified because 'lolwomyn?'

Close, but no real cigar. The males weren't intended to be put in the game, as best I understand. They were /always/ intended to be these enslaving, raping gypsies. But the game's creator added the males and put them on an island(boats hadn't been added yet). Because this idea was retarded and a pointless fantasy.

You see, the creator just so happens to be an aging woman(31) who, in less than generous terms, is an awful, inhuman hobag. She would arrange players near her to show up and fuck her. Hated her husband(viewed him as oppressing her), who she met at an orgy. And was, and I quote, "Fighting against monogamy from day 1". She'd infiltrate other races and "turn" them, because she was fairly popular and everyone went along with what she wanted. What this eventual resulted in was a "smexy bisexual elf" who had fucked his granddaughter, adoptive daughter, and his great grand daughter.

Some players agree with her because she helps them RP out "hot, lesbian sex". Others agree with her because she posts pictures of her boobs nigh constantly. And others agree because they're idiots.

Any questions before I get to the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were?

>> No.21684715


Actually, she did. I wasn't prepared for the consequences if she didn't wear them around the players.

>> No.21684718

The DM of that game was a hero to cockblock her genocide. He's also the devil for letting the rest through in the first place.

Three questions; where the hell was this kinky gittery-infested game taking place, because this sounds surprisingly elaborate for silly kinky funtimes (turned into horrible societal rapetimes) why does monogamy need to be 'fought' in her opinion (including by KILLING ITS PRACTITIONERS) and why was this hobag such a godawful person? I don't get it. Orgies, fun! A devoted partner, great! Both, awesome! And somehow she turns into that -THING- you describe now. How can one's pscyhe deprecate so much?

>> No.21684746

> I don't get it. Orgies, fun! A devoted partner, great! Both, awesome! And somehow she turns into that -THING- you describe now. How can one's pscyhe deprecate so much?

You come off as very naive. In the rarefied air of the ideal, that might be the case; but in practice, gender issues is a reliable marker for the damaged and distorted.

>> No.21684748

He also has a pink deagle.

>> No.21684759

Can't control your players huh.

>> No.21684785

>because this sounds surprisingly elaborate for silly kinky funtimes (turned into horrible societal rapetimes)

It isn't advertised as silly kinky funtimes. It's advertised a persistent online fantasy world/RPG hybrid. It sounded like it might be cool, since many of my sessions end up feeling...disjointed. I wanted to see how you could simulate a full on setting. But it seems that a large portion of the community just wants to stimulate their nether regions.

As for why she thinks monogamy has to be 'fought', I'd say it's some retarded form of teenage rebellion gone on far too long. From what I've gleamed from conversation in the chatroom, she has a rather strict mother. Best guess I have? Though I'll admit I see this as a consequence of the codependency issues that polyamory reinforces.

Anyhow, if it wasn't /quite/ obvious enough, she uses the gameworld as her validation. It's actually quite depressing. Or it would be, if she hadn't have done what she did.

>> No.21684819

I zig-zag from hopelessly cynical to terribly idealistic depending on situation. Her situation? 'Twould leave me quite happy. Hence, projecting myself into it, I cannot grok why a somewhat similar hominid would go insane from it.

There is no rational excuse. Perhaps that's my failing here, trying to rationalize that which cannot be with the present information. The only cop-out reason I can think of is that she was neurologically broken from the start thanks to fucked up brain chemistry.

I think I'm just trying to avoid the inevitable conclusion that people simply end up broken, evil things like her entirely on their own, without any real moulding from others or genetic disorder. Which is making the idealist in me scream internally.

False advertising. Parental issues. Too much time indulging fantasies. Noted. Now, what'd she do? You're killing me with this suspense, man.

>> No.21684843


Nah, they wouldn't rape anyone. Thems was jokes nigga.

>> No.21684856

>'Twould leave me quite happy. Hence, projecting myself into it, I cannot grok

That shit makes you sound like a giant faggot.

>> No.21684877

Yes, and?

>> No.21684952

>Now, what'd she do?
Tried to get me banned, spread rumors about me, etc. Basically tried to make me into the community's whipping boy. This went on for months and I was none the wiser. In the game itself she tried to screw over a colony I was ruling over(because it was monogamous) and used the fallout to try and get my other characters killed. She also routinely bullies other players into doing exactly what she wants, and will pressure them none stop 'till they cave.

>> No.21684979

Well shit, sorry about the gauntlet of shit you've been through man. At least it's over, righ-

... Wait.

>present tense

This story isn't anywhere near over, is it?

>> No.21685008

Nigger, I wish it was over and done with. It probably won't be until people stop being idiots, or I quit the game.

The moral of the story? Fuck Catgirls(but not with your penis)

>> No.21685015

Any further details to share? About the roleplay, her scheming against you and the other players, anything?

>> No.21685447

no, no. Fuck creepy fetishists. Catgirls are okay.

That said, /tg/, what is your version of catgirlia? How do your catgirls live on average? Because we need god examples to offset that pile of disturbing shit.

>> No.21685466

I've never played a catboy before but my friend has. I drew him like Sylvester from Looney Tunes to mess with him!

>> No.21685506

I've rethought it, and once again, I've come to the same conclusion: I'm not sexually attracted to men.
What was the point of this exercise?

>> No.21685509


>> No.21685520

I made a genteel catboy in Risus. He would dishearten his enemies through philosophical discourse then beat them with his cane and claw their eyes out.

>> No.21685537

To talk about gay things.

>> No.21685679

You got Slannesh and Tzeentch mixed up you colossal faggot.

>> No.21685683

>> No.21685985

>what is your version of catgirlia? How do your catgirls live on average?
CATastrophe. Carefree lives, Indiana Jones style spelunking, and beach parties.

>> No.21686282

What anime is the last panel from?

>> No.21686407

Digimon: Data Squad, I think.

>> No.21689610

I love how I see the pic that's from more here than on /d/.

>> No.21692047

How young does /tg/ like its catboys?

>> No.21695306

Old enough to be uncomfortable in girls clothes, but young enough to pass in them.

>> No.21695316

>> No.21696771


>Old enough to be uncomfortable in girls clothes

Can you be too young to be uncomfortable in girls' clothes?

>> No.21696799

John, John - go to bed.

>> No.21699635

Why is it always half-fae catboys and never half-fae catgirls?

>> No.21700904

Made a catgirl wizard/infernalist which I am currently playing

Problem with authority, strongly individual, but still quite social. Like most cats I've had have been. Except they have not been spell-casters.

>> No.21701418

Yeah, when it's just playing dressup. It needs a while before girls become icky or dressing as one becomes gay.

>> No.21704028

Catgirls are probably sexy enough without needing fae to stay effeminate.

>> No.21707258

Is it always just playing dress-up for half-fae catboys?

>> No.21710991

That depends on Master's instructions.

>> No.21711005

Never really

I prefer to be a wolfboy

>> No.21711035

Last catwoman I played as a direct copy of Felica of Darkstalkers, and she was the epitome of a happy, fun, pleasant sapient being.
She had her man who she adored, her sisters who she did her best to help, and her little world that held on in the storms of life like a lighthouse of hope and goodness.
T'was grand. T'was good.
In a very rivalry-filled and dramatic 4-year campaign she was the only PC _everyone_ liked.

>> No.21713326

>she was the only PC _everyone_ liked.

That's what you think, Sue player.

>> No.21716192

Or somebody just doesn't like catgirls being acceptable to play.

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