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I request a rage image thread. Please make at least a modicum of effort to keep it /tg/-related.

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All right.

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so what's rage inducing about that pic?

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Fuck, I lost.

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Yeah, the guy in the pic is just a mildly awkward dude with kinda shitty taste in vidya. We need at least one character sheet involving a Half-Dragon-Half-Unicorn-Half-Demon he's got built up based around his Sonic OC to get rage-y.

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This isn't /v/, we don't fetishize "rage". Except for the 40kids.

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unless rage is a monster girl

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>Rage thread!
Posts a nerd.

Uh huh. Bye.

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Ribbon is much cooler than Rage, mostly because of tits

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There must be at least one person here with a fetish for MR RAGE. Dem capital letters...

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>Writing more than one sentence about a picture you took of yourself with a webcam
>Taking a picture of yourself with a webcam at all

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Shit taste confermed.

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still not seeing how this would induce rage. do people just flip out at seeing poorly made "original" characters? if so how do you guys even go online

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No one would argue against Cestree being the best.

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>space marine

Blending two existing things is neither original nor creative.

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You call this a rage thread?! I'm so disappointed. Here. Here is the true face of a rage thread.

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Idiocy pisses people off.

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>people who have difficulty realising that I'm more modest than them
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo my brains are leaking from my ears why is this happening

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Hey guys. What is going on in here?

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hence the quotes

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Wow, he's so non-mainstream that he doesn't even conform to the traditional spelling of 'conformity'. Super hardcore rebel right there.

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Oh, Christ, it's Crossed again. I'm out.

Nothing good can come of this.

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Well, Crossed is one of those "special" cases of things that just try too damn hard and go a full circle to hilarious.

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Hah, that's not even scratching the surface.

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That where I lost it, too. Up to that point I was like. uuuuuuuuuugh. Then I was like Raawr.

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But what if we blend, stay with me here, what if we blend /three/ existing things?

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Is there more of this?

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Please, calm yourself my man. You can barely write properly.

At one point of my life, I thought this would have been cool. Then I realized that I don't have the poor charisma and swagger to pull it off.

Someday.... Someday...

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I like how it makes no reference to the man double stabbing the shit out of the dolphin

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Oh my fucking sides someone has to record that shit and deliver that line.

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I actually enjoy crossed. Last time I admitted this I was told to go to bed. How is crossed seen as childish? I don't even know man.

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Fuck that comic, and fuck you.

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That's all standard practice in lung fucking a dolphin

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Just a kid out walk his deer.

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The man is calling out for his mother, so he is clearly not a gentleman who would wine and dine the dolphin.

And really, other than taking a dolphin out for dinner, that really only leaves the dual-stabbing method.

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We need to go derper.jpg

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Yes, sadly. Its called Crossed, and its every single thing wrong with Garth Ennis writ large

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What's wrong with Garth Ennis? Crossed is just 40k's level of grimdark, after all.

Are you saying there's something wrong with 40k?

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is this a /b/ thing? I never go to any other boards except /tg/

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I like Ennis, when he's writing character with violence in it. His Punisher MAX is one of best versions of Castle.
But Crossed isn't grim dark, its GRIMDERP! taken to its worst extremes. Its the final panels of Kid Miraclemans rampage robbed of all context and build up, gore for its own sake with no character to redeem it
I like Ennis, but I can't stand Crossed

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>is this a /b/ thing? I never go to any other boards except /tg/

I assume so, and same.

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Also you all know there a couple Crossed arcs, with different writers IIRC

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It's destroying /v/. Every two posts is that fucking face.
Now they're autobanning for it.

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Don't worry because apparently moot was feeling out of touch and wants us all to know he's still cool with the pogs, gifs and the pop music.

So we can all get a bit of /b/ in our boards, like we want a bit of cancer in our colons right?

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Whats the deal with the face? I was out of the loop all day, IRL shit to do

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Look at the area where Moot puts up announcements just below the main post window.

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>reverse edged katana

what the fuck is the point of that

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I have no goddamn clue. It just showed up.
And now this.

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W-what about?

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Nothing, really. It's complete fiction and I don't think there ever has been one made for use.

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Is that Robin Williams in that commercial? Looks sort of like his face.

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An orc eating a sandwich,.

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Nothing, really. It was just some emoticon moot posted on his twitter account at some point. Then /v/ rageshat itself into oblivion for some reason.

I'm still not entirely sure why. It's all pretty silly.

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It's happpening is an /x/ thing. Generally posted by conspiritards and nibiru believers. Surprised to see it here.

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SE what are you doing
that is not a walrus
it is not amorous
SE please stop

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These people are alive.
10/10 mass fury.

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What happened to Kid Miracleman after his rampage? Did Miracleman stop him?

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The Ron Paul "It's Happening," is all boards.

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Not /tg/, but nothing is more rage-inducing than this.

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pretty sure this HAS to be fake but w/e

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Probably not. As I recall, Washington didn't have a speaking role in that commercial.

I think it's kinda amusing. The whole "it's happening" thing, I mean.

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And this, for something on-topic and recent.

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Fuck I see it too.

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Yeah, it was really hard to read that scene actually. I recommend you read it yourself

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See, I'm OK with this one, because it's clearly meant to be a joke.

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Search your feelings, you know it to be real.

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>Raised by a pack of wild military jets

All of my lols

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/pol/ and /x/ mostly.

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>implying yandere are not depressingly common

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If this story was true, I would be disappoint if he did not engage in a Count-of-Monte-Cristo-esque revenge spree.

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That's just yan-. There's no -dere there at all. You need both.

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>implying /tg/ is the place to start circlejerks about it

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please don't confuse the deliciousness that is yandere with a common bitch

>> No.21661949

no, /tg/s place is to just jerk to it.


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Presumably the -dere side went away after they broke up.

>> No.21661966


That would be a kind of hilarious end to the story.

It's fake anyway, someone should just write up a second part to it.

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The only thing rageworthy in the picture is the silly backwards sword.
Oh, and his hair. But that's just because I have a thing about asymmetric hair for some reason.

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You misunderstand, anon. We debate on a semantic point only.

I believe you much mistaken, sir. The essence of yandere is sick and twisted love right up to the moment she's stabbing you in the stomach while caressing your face. Mere hatred does not qualify. Only love and insanity do.

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>implying you can break up with a yandere

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I got about 2000. Is that enough points to tell you to fuck off?


>not cismale
1/10 would not protest with

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>telling a superior wombyn to f[slur] off

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I lost because this anime

>> No.21662130

> Implying I would want to

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She's serving a meal to him in her underwear and he's downtrodden? Is he fucking gay or something? Also yandere's, are they the cheating type or are they ever faithful?

>> No.21662141

i didn't imply that

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>> No.21662159

Teach me to be as cool as you.

>> No.21662167

0/10 would not operate with

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They're ever faithful. That's the point. They're really fucking batshit about some person, to the point of psychotic obsessiveness, violence, and insanity. Now, they might just kidnap you (for your own good!), taze you (so you don't struggle and accidentally bump your head!), and keep you locked up in their room for months on end (to better protect you from the scary world!), but they'll love you to pieces all through it. Sometimes, and unfortunately, rather literally.

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Homicidal and wholly faithful.

>> No.21662188

ever faithful
and she did kind of kidnap him and tie him to a chair next to the skulls of her parents that she murdered twice . though i can't see what he's upset about either

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One imagines, however, that if you can maintain the balancing act that the sex would be amazing.

>> No.21662209

Like, best sex in the world-tier.

>> No.21662216

You cannot maintain the balancing act, but for the rest of your short life the sex will in fact be amazing.

>> No.21662226


study up on your yanderekology anon

>> No.21662232

I want this thread to go away now.

>> No.21662238

I will say that yandere hentai is some of my favorite. Shame that there's so little of it.

There are different schools of yanderekology, you know.

>> No.21662239

but do people actually want this to happen to them? I just don't get it. is it ironic? are they actually wishing someone would tie them up in their basement and rape them until they didn't fulfill their bullshit expectations for true love and then kill them?

>> No.21662244

Well god damn, I assume that all comes with a top end model and not a cheap knockoff. Where do I sign up for one of those?

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>> No.21662250

because I'm like 99% sure that that is a serial killer.

>> No.21662261

/tg/ is so starved for attention that literally any affection will be good enough.

>> No.21662262

Knives-in-rectum tier

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>> No.21662271

I've seen that, it's a nice theory but I have my doubts it would work in practice. I mean, for starters a yandere is all but guaranteed to check your browser history, what happens if she finds out you were reading tips on how to survive her?

>yandere hentai
Have a double yandere: http://exhentai.org/g/523126/5fab42b5c2/

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It's a fantasy. You know, stuff that isn't real. We fantasize about going on adventures and being murderhobos, but none of us are about to grab a backpack, a sword, and go down into the sewers to kill rats.

>> No.21662288

To the people posting all these "Mary Sue" characters, I'd like to point out that a real Mary Sue would be someone who labored under the impression that their character had some flaws even though they clearly don't. Those are the types of characters that are actually rage inducing. These all powerful types are just attempts at being ironic.

>> No.21662301

Now I'm generally against killing people, I wouldn't even exercise my Castle Doctrine to kill someone for busting into my house.

But that, shit. If some bitch did that to me I'd kill her dead and wait for the cops to come. I'd be PROUD of it.

>> No.21662313

You are lying through your teeth and you know it.

>but none of us are about to grab a backpack, a sword, and go down into the sewers to kill rats.

Speak for yourself, and I'll have you know that I never talk shit on what you do Friday afternoons.

>> No.21662322

big part of it is the unparralleled devotion, these girls will do ANYTHING for you

you can't clear your browser history?

>> No.21662324

more like

>> No.21662331

I just cannot even fap to something without considering the implications for it. Let alone discussing it over the internet.
Also I would totally go adventuring if there was an industry around it and an actual mysterious world to explore.

>> No.21662336

Happy birthday to me.

>Oh god, why here.mp3

>> No.21662339

>People who have difficulty realising that I'm smarter then them

>> No.21662352

And make her even more suspicious? After all, why would you do such a thing unless it was to hide the fact that you were using the internet to cheat on her?

>> No.21662367

>not just deleting the yandere-specific webpages
You'll also have to delete the page-specific cookies, find the website's servers, and pour maple syrup all over them. That's the only way to be sure.

>> No.21662368

> are they actually wishing someone would tie them up in their basement and rape them until they didn't fulfill their bullshit expectations for true love and then kill them

That is only one of many half-way enjoyable possibilities.

>> No.21662375

Will she hold my hand?

>> No.21662387

>implying that all anime is omfg so amazing and deep
>implying all american cartoons are shitty kid's garbage

I lose

>> No.21662396

I've seen a similar story screencapped where the ex alleged rape but the guy had his webcam on by accident and used that to prove it was consensual, anyone got it saved?

>> No.21662408

i just use ccleaner at least once a day, if it's standard practice it doesn't raise any eyebrows

if you want her too

so fucking dawww

>> No.21662421

ah, the good old days

>> No.21662429

Fair enough. I can't really fap to rape, so it all evens out.

Thank you kindly. exhentai taggers don't tag yandere particularly well. Or anything well, come to think of it.

>> No.21662437

>implying you need to go as far as destroying the servers to be safe
See, that kind of effort is why it just won't work. Unless you're exactly as nuts as her you can't maintain that kind of crazy for long. If a yandere ever gets attached to you just accept that your average lifespan can now be measured in weeks and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

>> No.21662452

That guy's troll throttle is stuck at full.

The reactions must've been half realizing what he's doing, and the other half falling for it like a sack of bricks.

>> No.21662464

I know what story you mean. It wasn't sex, she gave him a blowjob because she wanted him to act like he was her boyfriend (or father, I don't remember) so she could get an abortion.

Or I fake my death (or her suicide).

>> No.21662465

Got it right here.

>> No.21662468

I hear ya, I mean if you've got Hath just lying around the first level of tag flagging can be worth it but in general you have to check everything manually.

>> No.21662475

Oh, wow. Been a long time since I've read that name.

>> No.21662488

speak for yourself peasant, those rats didn't kill themselves

>> No.21662490

See, if that's one of the first things that come to mind you just might be able to keep up with her, in which case your love will last until you slip up and don't use enough bleach or something and leave enough evidence you both get caught.

>> No.21662545

Another old chestnut

>> No.21662558


You see theres your problem. Runescape forum detected

>> No.21662568

That, there, in the top right corner. izzat a penis?
Is that a fucking penis?

>> No.21662579

Sapphy has never been a source of rage. She has been a lolcow producing delicious chocolate milk the entire time. Now matter how much she wants you to believe it is regular white moo juice.

>> No.21662581

Hell, I wouldn't even have to fake it. I could just do some clever out-yandereing.

>"You know I saw you smile at that cashier. You never smile like that for me anymore. If you loved me, you'd write down how much you love me, and how you can't live without my absolute devotion to you. I made you this drink. Nevermind why I'm wearing gloves. Don't you like the things I make for you?"

Hooray for exploitation of crazy!

>> No.21662611

As I said, if you can keep up with her in the crazy department, your expected lifespan goes up from "weeks" to "until you fuck up and the police realize just how many people have been killed for talking to one of you too much"

>> No.21662624

What is the best D&D class for a yandere? I'm thinking barbarian.

>> No.21662634

PF Alchemist, go for the Prestige Class where you become Dr. Jekyll.

>> No.21662650

Sorcerer, with her loved one as a familiar.

>> No.21662657

I once played a yandere wizard who had a supercrush on the Fighter with Aristocrat levels party leader.

His arranged marriage fiance ended up as my character's test run on animate dead.

>> No.21662665


>> No.21662667

oh lawd

please tell me you have the keyblade picture

>> No.21662688

She's been feeding him drugged food, so he's been spaced out for three days by that point. He's lucky he's still upright.

>> No.21662693

but familiar of zero is tsundere

>> No.21662718


>> No.21662733


I wish I could curse people like this to be magically punched in the face every time a stupid thought entered their head.

>> No.21662751

How do you hold this? There's blades coming out of the grip...

>> No.21662775

Y'know, I feel almost offended that they didn't also work in a reference to either Digimon, Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh. I guess I'm so desensitized that only raping one canon isn't enough for me to get a rageboner.

>> No.21662778

you see that thin golden stick in the middle? there you go.

>> No.21662779

the litle handle inside the grip-bars is thegrip

>> No.21662788

>His arranged marriage fiance ended up as my character's test run on animate dead.
i like you

>> No.21662804

Didn't rage. Lol'd. This shit is great.

>> No.21662806

If I was there in the court room that day, I would have tapped him on the shoulder, gave him a fist bump, and called him "Mah Nigga." Then probably woulda bought the guy lunch.

>> No.21662822

BESMfag statted that bitch up and gave it a better picture.

The Sword of the Rainbow Dragon
Once the personal weapon of a delusional rainbow dragon who thought herself a goddess and was defeated by the hands of the dragons-layer Johnniass. It is supposedly a powerful elemental weapon capable of burning the souls of those would use it without just cause. The truth behind these tales of its power are unknown, as the rainbow dragon was a lair and a braggart. The weapon is large, heavy and very unwieldy, it is likely that the the rainbow dragon herself could not even use it in battle.

Item of Power +3 (x2 = 6 points)
- Weapon Attack +4 (x4 = 16 points)
-- 60 damage; Muscle-Powered, Penetrating (armor), Penetrating (shields), Unique variable ability (wielder chooses for it to have Burning, Tangle or Shocks for each attack made with it); Melee, Inaccurate x2, Uses Energy x2

- Awkward -1
-- The freakish size and unbalanced shape renders the weapon difficult to use

- Special Requirement -2
-- Wieder must have Super Strength +4 or greater to use the weapon

- Note
-- While the rainbow dragon called it a sword, it does not function like any known weapon, so no melee attack skill specializations apply to its use.

>> No.21662825

Kinda looks like a nose to me, but for the sake of it, Yes, that is a penis.

>> No.21662846

Still not seeing a problem here.

>> No.21662859

>dragons-layer Jonniass
Jonniass Dragonraper, where did you go?

>> No.21662923

/tg/ rage thread, WITHOUT our spiritual liege?

>> No.21662925

For Exalted it's a Lunar with Dot 5 Solar Bond.

>> No.21662942

Why would we rage about him?

>> No.21662952

>implying any of those put together would make me rage
I'm a hipster when it comes to this, the popular stuff just doesn't do it for me. Show me a character who's a shinigami and also Sasuke's long-lost twin sister and got assigned to Slytherin and has 40 badges and I wouldn't rage 1/10 as hard as I would at a character declared to be the 13th Beast Knight.

>> No.21662964

So, basically, all you have to do is banish this thing magically, and it's gone? Piss-poor excuse for an artifact. Just send it to a plane filled to the brim with horrible corrosive magic, curses, and such, and you never have to worry about it again.

I don't mind its master too much, but if you have to banish the weapon, you likely have to deal with its master. So, I dunno, send her to a plane of anti-magic or something. If banishing doesn't work, make a portal, make it move really fast, then WOOSH her into it.

If they're gonna make Sues, they might as well make them unbeatable.

>> No.21662965

This is the first time i have seen this image so i would like you all to know that i have now alerted my entire house by yelling TO MUCH SENSE

>> No.21663161

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that the only parts of that I understood were Slytherin and badges (assuming you mean the Pokemon kind)?

>> No.21663221

Ehhhh, kind of a grey area. First two are from Bleach and Naruto. You'd know them if you paid any attention to anime, but no big deal if you don't.

>> No.21663230

What about the last one?

>> No.21663272

saved that image

>> No.21663459


>>Play alchemist
>>Straight-laced, businesslike Woman
>>Jekyll side is yandere for (party member)
>>Alchemist keeps waking up after transformation with (party member) naked, bruised and tied up underneath her.

>> No.21663477

Not sure. Google search gave me Cardfight Vanguard.

>> No.21663556

It's a /pol/ thing.

>> No.21663587

Well, obviously. Everyone knows a Ruger 10/22 is the proper weapon for rat-slaying in the modern day.

>> No.21663607

.22s are the best for killing anything.

>> No.21663673

Lucifer and Biscuit hammer. this guy is clearly mah nigger.

>> No.21663727

Shinigami could be Death Note or really any of quite a few animes. They're really just shinto grim reapers.

>> No.21663736

They're not the best for killing bears.

>> No.21663762

You can't beat her, she is an awesomely complexed godess

>> No.21663778

they have killed bears with them though.

>> No.21663781

Yeah, but by the Total Sue and mainstream context Bleach is the best bet.

>> No.21663784

Someone post that picture of the grenade shell custom built to fire 10 22.LR. Please, I would but I don't have it.

>> No.21663789

They would die of bashing.

>> No.21663808

I sure as hell wouldn't trust my life to a .22 out in bear country. That's what my .45's for.

>> No.21663810

He has entered the realm of dead memes. Evidentally /tg/ is now "too good" for him.

>> No.21663816

You can kill anything with anything. That doesn't mean a .22 is a good choice for bear. Nor for moose, either.

>> No.21663833

I would if I had the right weapon to shoot it.

>> No.21663843


>> No.21663865

Why did I laugh? What is there to laugh about?

>> No.21663873

Not the one I was hoping for. But still much appreciated kind sir.

>> No.21663925


Oh, I thought he wanted to pretend he was in Persona 4 until I skimmed his text.

>> No.21663976

Rolled 17

I'm going to roll my Bear Lore on that one

>> No.21663999

Is it time again?

>> No.21664008

"You know that, unless you get really fucking lucky, you're probably just going to piss it off."

>> No.21664061

Rolled 18

Well lucky for me, Really Fucking Lucky are my first, middle and last names

>> No.21664101


>> No.21664117

18 huh? That's your shot? It's coming at you faster now.

>> No.21664126

You actually fucking updated that.

I think I'm starting to see what you're trying to accomplish with this... If that's the case, shine on you crazy diamond, shine on.

>> No.21664135

Jesus Christ this gif is amazing. I want to go and play qwop now

>> No.21664150

This is 10/10 A+ Steak Sauce

>> No.21664175

Yeah, read it for sure. You may have to dig for a bit, because it's been out of print for a while and it's taken so long for the legal battle to quiet down.

>> No.21664209

how do you say "qwop" in korean

>> No.21664226

I still am only at 1000.
Suck a disgrace.

>> No.21664266


Sorry to tell you, but all of that stuff is pretty popular.

But still, shit-cakes are still shit-cakes when you layer shit upon shit, so it's all good.


Speak for yourself.

>> No.21664306

>You actually fucking updated that.
Well yeah, obviously.
>I think I'm starting to see what you're trying to accomplish with this... If that's the case, shine on you crazy diamond, shine on.
What do you think it is? Because my initial intent was just to troll tumblrfags but I'd also like it to be a reasonably accurate tool for determining privilege, inasmuch as privilege is actually a thing.

Also I kinda neglected to consider that tumblr is identity based and nobody on tumblr gives a fuck about me.

>> No.21664322

1200? I must be pretty privileged.

>> No.21664329

But that's correct.

>> No.21664331



What is wrong with my life?

>> No.21664334

Like this.

>> No.21664374

start climban that ladder.
I like how it's basically a way to rate how traditionally successful you are. Like, the lower you are points-wise, the worse off you'd be in america. And then Euros. Fucking Euros. Gets me every time.

>> No.21664375

Its alright bro, I'm only seven hundred and twenty five.

We'll get up there some day.

...Some day.

>> No.21664393


Wait, what would you consider one of the grey-collar technical jobs like IT?

>> No.21664410

"other service".

>> No.21664422

I like how you get -50 for being unemployed, as if the wage slave is somehow more privileged than a NEET.

>> No.21664437

>And then Euros. Fucking Euros.
I just used Euros to diminish the weight income has on privilege, since it's still pretty huge. I also briefly considered BitCoins but decided that was too trollish and too distant from reality.

>> No.21664458


But I like my life as it is, why fix something not broken?

>> No.21664489

Miscalculated, 1209

>> No.21664528

How does living with your parents get scored?

>> No.21664579

+200 for not paying for the house, +50 for single room. Also, you add points for your parents income so chances are you're privileged as fuck, cis scum.

>> No.21664600


>> No.21664608

Wouldn't you be happier if the tumblrnet was mad at you for not being fucked up?

>> No.21664673

I have two houses and a boat and I still didn't break 2k.

>> No.21664687

I get 3000 from income.

>> No.21664688


I dunno, to me having a nine to five job, middleclass home, safe neighbourhood, loving wife, two beautiful kids, dog, cat, cars and a nice house with shrubbery and white fencing seems pretty fucked up.

I'm not even trying to sound hipster here, all I want from life is happiness and I get that from having enough money to pay my bills and otherwise enough time to write fiction. I guess I'm a modern day Bohemian, although that term seem to have been taken hostage by hipsters.

I don't think I am normal though, so I guess I am fucked up.

>> No.21664712


Wow, you - or your parents - are loaded.

Can I have some money?

>> No.21664723

How do you get that much? Do you live in a multi-generational home of CEOs and senators?

>> No.21664734

That mindset is extremely fucking typical to the millennial generation.

>> No.21664754

the most you can get not counting income is 2150, meaning your income score is 2075, meaning you make 207500 euros per year, or about $265000
fuck you you rich bastard

>> No.21664757

10/10 would be trolled again.

>> No.21664774


I can live with that.


If you are offended, then I am truly sorry, I am not even trolling.

>> No.21664789



>> No.21664791

I make 300k a year, mafucka! Actually I'm kidding, college-aged white kid going to school on scholarship. Surprisingly our savings are about jack squat because of medical bills, taxes, and the rest. Not that I'm complaining, because I still live a fantastic life.

>> No.21664890

1209 guy here.

Veteran, have a good 40+ a week job with mileage (IT support for small businesses), fully paid for and own my car, have a one-bedroom apt I can pay for myself. Not a bad spot but wouldn't mind a more predictable job at another 20k a year.

>> No.21664941


Offended? No. I just think you sound really stupid.

What's got me is that you remind me of me when I was, say, 16. I was a stupid cunt at that age. I knew shit all about the world back then, but I thought I was really fucking deep and insightful and artistic and free. Looking back on that shit always mortifies me.

I got older and realized that there's a reason why people work 9-5 jobs and want to live in safe neighborhoods. After working night shift and living in a loft in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of one of the biggest cities in the US, I came to find that waking up to helicopters shining their lights into my windows to do felon sweeps and hearing gunshots gets really fucking tiresome. So does wondering how you're going to pay rent for your shithole loft. Or trying to figure out how you're going to get to the crappy grocery store that's 2.5 miles away and bring back food when you don't have a car.

Then I got a civil service job where I get to help people and feel fulfilled. Now, when I'm not a work, I live a pretty typical quiet life and enjoy it immensely.

>> No.21665007

This is the fakest thing I have ever seen.

>> No.21665029


>> No.21665192

Nigga wut?

>> No.21665216

1580 here. I live in a 3 bedroom apartment, just had a life-saving surgery that, without it I would have been effectively paralyzed from lack of potassium and living a constant migraine until my heart stopped or I had a massive stroke, also I lost both my mother and mother-in-law within a week, had my identity stolen 3 days later, I am now raising my little sister and my 2 year old son, and I make just enough to get by. How is my score so fucking high? Methinks you should add in a "debts" and "general health" category. Maybe some meter on general life bullshittery.

>> No.21665364

It's a variety of brown asian, more or less. From the pacific islands.

>> No.21665398

"debt" category would inappropriately lower the privilege of idiots who saddled themselves with tons of student loans. General Health would allow people to take off a ton of points because "my doctor thinks I have autism and I'm allergic to peanuts". General life bullshittery would mean teenage first world problems would drop the rating of many of the most privileged people.

Plus anything subjective fucks the thing over entirely.

>> No.21665587

Actually they're based on western depictions of the grim reaper from what I understand. A modern invention.

>> No.21665592

I know, I'm confused by their privilege counter.

>> No.21665618

How so?

>> No.21665747

Is it? I think I like where that generation is headed

>> No.21665783

You like poverty?

>> No.21665806

Not wanting to live in a white picket fence house with a nuclear family =/= wanting to live in a terrible loft with irregular employment in a food desert.

>> No.21665871

>reverse blade sword


>> No.21666045

1100. How'd I do?

>> No.21666202

It's not poverty if you have enough money to pay your bills, and a minimized cost of living tends to result in the gradual accumulation of wealth in any case (though that may change if everyone starts moving toward a more meager ideal.) It shows a desire to live comfortably within your means rather than a need to continuously gather more wealth, which would likely cut down on debt and increase general happiness especially when combined with the 'Working Class Hero'-like desire for personal fulfillment. Such a lifestyle shows a desire for modesty and cultural advancement, which as an amenable goal.

>> No.21666262

How are the supremely most discriminated against group in the world?

>> No.21666378

Maybe it should also take into account disposable income? Maybe you work a good job, but certain situations mean you don't have much spending money. You could include a comprehensive "debt" category that lists kinds and amounts.

Not having student debt is a pretty nice position to be in, in fact I'd say some folks are privileged to not be burdened by it.

>> No.21666405

I guess they're not, they just wound up with a big negative due to being the shittiest race.

>> No.21666562

AND I just watched the first episode of that. What the fuck have you started for me /tg/?

>> No.21666577

or maybe you shouldnt take that bullshit test seriously

>> No.21666633

Oh god.

>> No.21666659


>> No.21666703


>> No.21666828


>> No.21666834

I... I got 525.
I feel depressed now.

>> No.21667004

I didn't, but as a fellow fa/tg/uy, I have a need to classify and organize things. His chart is broken, and I wanted to point that out, to which his defense was basically, "I don't into your concepts, because anyone that has a problem to go along with their 'privelige' shouldn't count." Well, I have first world problems, but in a first world country, the difference is "I might not be eaten today!" or "I might not eat today..." Yes, one can argue my life is easier. I would say they are right, but as a member of society, we view and judge ourselves based on what is around us, we all have "keeping up with the Jones'" syndrome. I'm behind the Jones' by a good bit. I am not Ndugu in Africa, starving to death, but my quality of life compared to those around me? Not awesome. Also, did being female and bisexual actually count against you? Female is a privelege in a lot of ways (especially in America) where you don't go to jail for doing amazingly horrible, awful stupid shit. Men go to jail for existing too close to bitchy females sometimes. There is inequality on BOTH sides.

>> No.21667043

Why, you're not privileged at all!

>> No.21667116

Oh god damn. That one actually started to give me a headache.

>> No.21667124

>I'm behind the Jones
Doesn't matter, still privileged. The Jones' are likely even more privileged.

>Also, did being female and bisexual actually count against you?
There's a reason the image is pictured in a tumblr border.

>> No.21667156

1025. Meh.

>> No.21667170


It was made ironically by a fa/tg/uy, man.

>> No.21667184

Curse you rich scum!!
You can take my freedom.
But you can never take... MY FOURCHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.21667192

He kind of got killed during the first great smut purge. References to him lead to month long bans since he always lead to fapfic or monster girl porn.

In effect the nazimod and ssjanitor killed him.

>> No.21667218

Do you know what love is?
It isn't the palpitations of your heart as you share in a wordless exchange, basking in the glow of fireworks, his eyes locked to yours, yours to his. That's nothing more than a fancy, possibly fleeting, ultimately meaningless. Incomparable to "love." It isn't the nervous happiness that wells up in every fiber of your being as you try to regain your composure, following in the wake of his charmingly clumsy confession as you stare at your feet. Those are children's games; pale imitations, misconceptions of "love" you play at to while away the time. A mere facade of "love." It isn't even the intimacy you share, locked together in an embrace, sharing your warmth, mouth pressed against his as you force him into you, eyes fixed together in a longing stare. There's passion, yes, as you cling to him bestially, trying to sink in your claws, leave your mark, imprint yourself onto him. And yet you only barely begin to see the enormity of "love."
Love is more than a feeling. More than a desire. More than a need. It's a connection. A bond. A chain, encircling everything of yours: your feelings, your desires, your needs, your actions, your story, everything. Everything of yours, and everything of his. It binds it all together, coalesces towards a single harmonious existence that encompasses you, him, and the love you share, and nothing else. Love means not only the willingness, but the ability to give everything to him, for him. For love. It means taking everything beautiful and everything terrible about yourself and allowing it to wither and die, fester and grow. For love. It means surrender. Absolute surrender. Surrendering yourself to him, having him surrender himself, to you. For love.

I love him. Can you say the same?
Well. I guess you can't say much of anything, can you?
Do you know how I can say that you don't love him?
If you did, why, you'd be the one holding the knife.

>> No.21667261


>> No.21667270

That... is actually really beautiful, but I pictured some poor bastard gone brain-dead, and a lost lover coming back to put him out of his misery. God I am twisted.

>> No.21667297

Oh, wait, my bad. 2812.

>> No.21667327

Heh, your argument doesn't support your conclusion at all.

>> No.21667341


Oh yes. This one. I remember this copypasta.

It's delicious. I wish I was turned on by Yandere, because that is some pure love.

>> No.21667344


I'm pretty sure she's talking to some chick that fucked her boyfriend before/during/after stabbing

>> No.21667349

>Yandere Hanako

>> No.21667352


Pants Status:

[ ] Clean and dry
[x] Wet
[x] Ultra pissed

>> No.21667476

>White Hispanic

I've heard this one a few time before, but I've never figured out just what makes someone "White Hispanic".

>> No.21667481


Louis CK, maybe?

>> No.21667483

Wait, are we using GURPS or D20?

>> No.21667493

I supposse they mean spaniard/italian,etc white.
1050 points right here.

>> No.21667524

is that a fucking pencil holder that fires when you put pens in it?

>> No.21667525

Roll a 3d6 to be safe. Maybe a 1d100 too. Might want to hurry, that bear is closing fast.

>> No.21667537


But those people arent white. They just have a pale skintone compared to your typical latino mongrels. it even looks like a tainted white.

>> No.21667538

fires bullets even

>> No.21667546

It's someone that's both white and Hispanic. Mostly Cubans and Argentinians, but there's a white upper class in almost every Latin American country.

>> No.21667547

No. No it's not. It's a 40mm shell that you load 10 .22lr rounds into, and then when you fire it, all ten .22lr rounds fire at once, like a bigass shotgun blast.

>> No.21667551

You need to add something about physical/mental disability/chronic illnesses and such on there.

Bonus though, can increase privileged for having them treated (if possible). Or live in a country with a reasonably functioning socialized healthcare aka the NHS and equivalents or can afford private treatment.

>> No.21667559

I have internet detected them. They now go under the name kaoru on that forum.

>> No.21667565


Sorry, I had to.

>> No.21667586

Do not apologize, I invited that.

>> No.21667590


You have never seen a trully white person before, haven`t you, american Untermensch?

>> No.21667616

There's a reason that "White" is separate from "White Hispanic" too.

>> No.21667619

No wonder this thread was derailed. All of this shit is FUNNY, not rage-inducing.

>> No.21667653


>1,80m height,
>bright blue eyes,
>pearlwhite skin
>blond hair
>That feel when Herrenrasse.

>> No.21667660

>american Untermensch?
Not that guy and bit off-topic here (we're autosaging anyway; who gives a fuck), but I'm 'murrican my entire family is ridiculously white. I personally am 1/2 WASP, 1/4 Pennsylvania Dutch and 1/4 assorted French and German. My entire family is big on genealogy so I know all of this to be trufax; if I have anything other than those in me then it's going to be before about 1600.

>> No.21667681

What happens with americans and racial fractions?
"Well, I am 2/7 irish, 3/81 mohawk, 6/19 predator and the rest is white."

>> No.21667687

>I personally am 1/2 WASP, 1/4 Pennsylvania Dutch and 1/4 assorted French and German.

Yep. You sound like the mongrel I expected you to be.

>> No.21667696

TFW I am more ubermensch then you, while still being american mongrel

>> No.21667702

Does that somehow preclude me from being ridiculously white?

>> No.21667750

Aww I was excited

>> No.21667792

Now I want to see a china lake shooting them.

>> No.21667795

>>male, female, bigender and agender

I'm a tumblr and what is this?

>> No.21668560

I broke 3000. (3050).

It really is quite nice mooching off my parents.

>> No.21668852

I think that was his point, a Mary Sue based on all that stuff together wouldn't be as rage-inducing as a Lucifer&Biscuit Hammer Sue.

Apparently being a grad student who lives with your parents because you couldn't afford the rent to live on your own is super-privileged.

>> No.21668913

Well, you have parents to live with. And presumably they're rich enough to support you all the way through grad school. SO yeah, that's pretty privileged.

>> No.21668939

Grad school does pay me a salary to be a TA, their financial support is pretty much just a free room, but that chart manages to turn my $20,000/year salary into 1100 privilege (between income, residence and job).

>> No.21668971

That sounds pretty privileged to me.

>> No.21668993

I'm not saying I'm not overall, I mean that's only half my total score, but it seems like this part is overvalued.

>> No.21669232

He rolled 1d20

>> No.21669684

>dat file name

>> No.21669883

I knew a guy, who lost the custody of his kid to his crazy bitch of an ex that went around town spreading lies about him and poisoning their child's mind on how he was an unfit father until the child didn't even want to see him anymore.

His mother dies and her house went to the his kid and his sister's daughter. The house was sold and the profit split. Then his crazy bitch of an ex got hold of the money and spent it all, leaving his little boy no savings for the future.

For years he fought legal battle to get the custody of his kid, not to forget the corrupt system that looked down on his inventions.

Finally, broken and alone, he died in a retirement home, only his sister visiting him from time to time.

Oh, wait, that was my dad and the crazy bitch of an ex was my mother, who never talk about him and all the shit I ever heard about my dad himself admitted to, such as threatening to kill me and my mom if he doesn't get custody, attempting suicide more than once, beating me up and belittling me all the time, the money that my mother "spent" went to a new house where I had a nice childhood with friends and family. My dad was an angry douche who didn't give an inch, was always getting in trouble with the system and had no idea how to handle children.

Oh, and by the way, after his funeral as I had to sort his papers I discovered something new, apparently I was born while he was still married to different woman from my mother.

>> No.21670070


>> No.21670744

1002. Still some way to go.

>> No.21670779

But we all like a little shrubbery!

>> No.21670997


Guy has zero self-awareness.

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