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This is how we bard
>2 legit 2 quit

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Get out and go back to /b/

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Has anyone else noticed the creep of shitposting?

>Repeat threads
>Copypasta threads (more frequent and less quality than before)
>Namefag hating
>Dumb questions

There's a lot more but that's off the top of my head.

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You just as dun fucked as OP
thx for not saging it and bumping it dumb nigger

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What he said.

Eh, not really. /tg/'s quality seems to be pretty baseline for this time of year.

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The irony.

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/tg/'s quality has been shit for the last 2 years anyway. It is just we get more idiots and trolls in here now for some reason

stealth sage before any faggots cry

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/tg/ is only as good as you make it. Post some quality content, come up with some shit, make up a game you can play on the forum, whatever. Nobody's going to fix /tg/ for you.

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Didn't you see that British documentary on MC Hammer? Dude stole all his shit from some Welsh guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7MC8Lw5e9Q

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this is how I poison apple.

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What? Did that guy actually just die on camera?

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I think he got a heart attack!

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Tried multiple times
It got drowned out by weeaboo quesst, hay GUIZ let's make some shitty insert character or the occasional good thread like Shas'O story time

/tg/ is shit because the good people have left and we have nothing but a bunch of /b/tards, 40kid autists and self important fuckwads

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Nonsense. Make a thread right now about whatever you'd like to do. Game design, make a setting, a non-Anon-kun quest, whatever. Crosslink it to here. I'll contribute.

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And what does that make you?

I've managed to consistently have at least three directly /tg/, not shit threads watched and active at all times when channing for a good long while. Don't know what your problem is.

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