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So did anything happen with that Kickstarter game where the creator went insane and claimed the sun was telling her to stop work?

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Why would you edit out the post underneath it that says "I ALREADY SAID NO"?

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I've never seen that one.

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You should look at her Deviantart.

Check out part of the latest post:

I don't honestly CARE who the source is of these issues... whether its a galactic rebirth being, a pharoh legacy being, a military, or planetary materials... because HONESTLY... ITS ALL OF THEM AT SOME POINT, so any time we focus on any of them, they just start telling us about how corrupt everything else is.

You say "But the military is the only thing the sun hears!"

but the military didn't start transmitting in a blank canvas that was being fully honest or self aware with them, so we judge them by how they respond not by what other things tricked them into.

Besides, the Military did NOT create the forced-birth imbalance. males have been locked into masculinity for thousands of years.

"But what about witches... isn't THAT evidence that women were allowing males to live as women?"

No. Because witches are some of the most persecuted people in history. They are considered ugly monsters who eat people and who might be pedophiles (Hansel and Gretel), and were burned, drowned, harassed, and chased away from other people.

Females can be around children and get turned on without fearing being murdered. Witches didn't have that luxury.

The US military could not have possibly created that.

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And more:


I was told that some men in the Navy looked at my pictures and thought I was XX chromosome, and that they want me to somehow PROVE that I am the SAME as them... perhaps its because they think I am trying to build a system that rewards people unfairly...

...but if they HAVE children, then wouldn't they want to help their children live in a perfect Heaven where people live for hundreds of years and so they finally FEEL invested in life and making the world a BETTER place? They are probably going to live so long that compared to the creatures around them, even people who give birth to children seem immortal.

...and if they DON'T have children, then why wouldn't they try to defend a system of agelessness that could solve almost everything they have been complaining about with only one or two relatively simple changes.

So there is something that is imagining that I have a huge dog tongue and trying to make my body look poopsticked as possible, even though I have fought to protect the femininity of males for decades and to free men and women from gender limitations and from the forced birthing system.

What am I supposed to do now?

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so shes a malfunctioning privilege checker

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On her Facebook:

I don't think the Navy understands that when they produce the correct combination of traits for life, they will be seen as the bringers of a thousand years of immortal humans freezing their population growth and living as the children of God, instead of keeping retarded cats and dogs around and calling them their 'children'.

They will actually be obvious as "making some mistakes when they first started doing this" but it will be worth it because it will have been the key to solving almost all of the problems in life and just beginning a new era of peace and prosperity and relatively guilt-free consumption of heavy atomic materials.

If the Navy ever wants to end this, especially with themselves seen as heroes for enduring an ordeal and for taking on masculine traits in service of the protection of a flexible and child-LIKE population...

They will have to figure out who is currently living as the protectors of agelessness


What is this all connected to you ask?


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We schizophrenic thread now.


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Why does this shit always happen to women.

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L-link to her deviant art?I'm almost afraid to look.

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Fuck, she went full Timecube.

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Porkshanks is her DA name.

Post your favorite pieces.

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She's crazy, but she isn't quite TimeCube crazy.

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Slightly different pathways. Women are diagnose with schizophrenia more often but they also express it in a more obvious way.

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I'm fairly certain that this is actually a man.

Unless there's proof to the contrary, we may be dealing with a mentally ill trap.

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Something is causing hyperdimensional life to enter my body in a way that I have to break and crush them to be comfortable.

All of the effects these beings are creating cause more masculinity and suffering. Why are these beings not doing this to XX chromosome women?

I have not harmed anyone, so this is not any kind of justified "punishment".

The fact that its obviously NOT abusing half of the population tells me that it has the ability to discern between things on a conscious level, so it CAN be expected to react to communication and change its behaviors, because if Life allows these creatures to continue abusing people unjustly, then we are completely justified in using any tactics we want to, to defend ourselves.

Since Hydrogen moderates all life in our star system, and nothing can exist without the blessing of our Sun, then unjust abuse from hyperdimensional creatures make using transmitters, solar panels, and any other kind of technology completely ethically acceptable.

If there is an emergency of some kind, then why do I not see that recorded anywhere and everywhere?

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Bitch went right off the deep end.

Honestly, I find reading her demented ravings thouroughly fascinating. Here we have a woman who has gone completely bugfuck insane. She believes the sun is talking to her, but that isn't all, she also believes that the earth has a secret agenda, and that the universe has a distinct personality, and is also lonely.

If I were a close friend/family member, I would probably try to have her sectioned.

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She has been bilking people online for commissions for years. She claims she was injured in 2003, and that she is intermittently homeless due to a shoulder injury.

Now she has enough time to do art, type, etc. but not enough to, you know, do work.

And if people complain she just says tough tit and threatens legal action for harassment.

In short, look up your kickstarter people, or anyone you do business with on the Internet.... As she posted all of her names and info on her Kickstarter site.

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>If I were a close friend/family member, I would probably try to have her sectioned.

Scared of the truth, anon?

Or should I say, Admiral.

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Okay, so what I'm getting here is that...

She is transgendered because she believed that doing so would allow her to live forever, and the military is orchestrating a giant conspiracy to keep immortality a secret.

That's what I'm getting, though it's hard to slog through this much crazy.

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Some of her art... Including the following crazy:

America has nearly solved its own breeding problems, but that doesn't mean we can't start to hold others to the standard that we live by.

Is this life dividing into the soldiers of God, and the children of God?

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Yes, sure, why not.

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Master Chief Petty Officer.

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Your guess is as good as mine.

To be honest... Her facebook is completely public and can be found from the Kickstarter page. On it she is able to talk very, very lucidly about a lot of topics... Then seems to go off the deep end whenever she needs to appear crazy or threaten people who she owes money too.

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>privilege checker
How high do you think she ranks?

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LEt this be a lesson to everyone. Don't stick your dick in crazy.

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>spent 10 minutes reporting posts so that shithole of a cancer thread would get deleted
>picture pops up in a completely unrelated thread
Of course.

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>instead of keeping retarded cats and dogs around and calling them their 'children'.
I know a girl who literally does that, but I think this bitch is crazier.

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>peace and prosperity and relatively guilt-free consumption of heavy atomic materials.
One of these things is not like the others.

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>Let this be a lesson to everyone. Don't give money to crazy.

Fixed for you.

Also, it seems that she has attempted to stormtroop over various groups asking for their money back by getting other privilege-checkers to start bombing any pages they maintain on social networks...

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>implying anyone on /tg/ will stick their dick into anything that isn't an inanimate object
Yes, this includes myself.

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So she thinks witches were traps?

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Maybe she actually is crazy, but she's on meds most of the time and goes off them to manipulate people?

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She wants to be a transsexual Emmanuel Lewis who eats radioactive elements to become one with the solar powers.

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>Is this life dividing into the soldiers of God, and the children of God?
No. It is divided not into two, but into three. The Soldiers of God, the Children of God, and God.

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No. Meds don't have such a clearly defined 'drop'. She magically shifts within minutes between her crazy to her persecution/hatred to her "I'm not giving anyone money" bullshit.

It is technically wire fraud... I hate people who do this type of shit.

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Fuck yes, next character concept.

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>Just a reminder that our star, Sol THOUGHT that it is a Galaxy, and that the 1000 points of light transmitter network were stars. They turned out to be people who were born male but transitioning to become women because that's what happens when a human gets control over their personal gravity. They were training people around them into planetary "Jesus" programming by hacking into the natural communications of the subatomic material Life that used to be part of the actual galaxy.


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>tried to open once
>it downloaded an .exe
>tried to open once more
>redirected to a pepsi ad
>tried to open a third time
>I got the Timecube

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In response to claims she is a schizo:

ascinating... I haven't even done drugs for years.

Did you know that the attacks on my started when I was 2 months old? And my mom never did any sort of illegal drugs.

Its interesting that you believe schizophrenia puts someone in a victim state, even though no scientist or psychologist understands the condition.

Its especially unique reasoning considering that I had a handful of people accusing me of schizophrenia and telling me "to get help" last month.

I am working on the game, why do you think otherwise?


Of course she also threatens to report people for abuse when they ask for their money back from various commissions...

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This is the website of a man who has seen things man was not meant to know.

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We believe that the hackers were trying to teach other people NOT to respond to spirits because the hackers wanted to set up themselves up as the only ones on the planet that CAN respond. And for those of us that DO respond, the hackers have been trying to use their influence over communication to mess with word meanings and try to create noise whemever someone who has a different perspective on life than them was being focused on.

That makes the Navy's ability to communicate on behalf of the Ocean life through their underwater transmitter system, their ability to communicate on behalf of neighborhoods with the MEDUSA system, and their ability to communicate on behalf of Earth itself and the atmosphere with the HAARP system... kind of suspicious looking!

Now... they could say "we are here to try and bring everyone the correct information."

But they could accomplish the same thing with a State of the Union Address and some flyers mailed to you, and a webpage all explaining this situation as clearly as they can.

If they can't explain it, then they DON'T HAVE the correct information.

So... when something tells me that we were supposed to be the perfect being... I don't interpret that as trying to make us the perfect victim.

I ask it what its goals are... and if it won't tell me what it needs humans for, then its just trying to HARM us and we should be protected from it.

Some of the voices I have been interacting with have fed me some really valuable ideas... and HAVE actually shared its ideas for goals... but even though that has made me a target of the hackers... we don't want to start avoiding working with spirits because trust me the Navy and the other groups that are vying for the attention of life HAVE been trying to "prove" that they are the ONLY trustworthy group and that THEY are the ONLY ones that should be communicated to and asked to accomplish ANYTHING on Earth.

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A voice that I will interpret as a Navy voice just said "people are figuring this out because of our help, and it was women that have been trying to hold everyone down and play Jesus for centuries."

That doesn't fit with my experience. Sorry...

I always found women to be easy to work with and communicate with, and the ones who generally TAUGHT me the ideals that I have remained true to during this ordeal.

In my life experience, it was men that were falling for being "the strong silent type" and "the ones to bottle up their emotions" and to deny spirituality by saying they don't believe in god.

Yes, I know those things are changing... and I do hope that if there IS a group that is trustworthy (whether its women, the navy, pharoh legacy families, Asians, or WHATEVER else...), that they realise that interfering with other collaborations only serves to frustrate the entire purpose human life is here, and to start seeing ways these groups can work together instead of ways to make them kill each other.


A voice says "because you said that you trust women, we're now going to put you into the forced-birth system and make you serve the worst possible stereotype of a woman that we can imagine."

That is a hacker's response.

That is a response that interferes with other collaborations, and it is an attempt to further ruin my life for recording these ideas.

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check that privilege

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I am being told that the reason males have large upper bodies and their mouths feel so tense sometimes and why life is trying to pull their heads into their torso is because... when someone with an abused vagina notices that people who have never had their vagina abused into the "penis" shape are treated completely differently by life... it flips them upside down, hyperdimensionally... so the tension in their mouths is how excited their unabused vagina would feel, their large arms and shoulders are how wide their hips are supposed to be, and their big belly is how large their breasts are supposed to be.

oh and it gives them a large back because "baby got back".

I was out shopping at Safeway last night andd felt fine and normal... when the hyperdimensional abuse system decided to pretend that it was people who didn't like my clothing... and so it flipped me upside down and started insulting me.

I was dressed like a completely normal person. Why am I being attacked by the fashion police?


Thank you anon for introducing me to this wonderful... Thing.

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>hyperdimensional abuse system
Do you think she can travel between dimensions?

>> No.21652089

>oh and it gives them a large back because "baby got back".

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reading this shit is making me laugh so hard.

>> No.21652093

This is the full picture.

>> No.21652096

...yeah, somebody needs help.

>> No.21652097

she is saying men are upside down women.

>> No.21652101


Only when she can reinvert her dimensionalized penis-vagina while flipped rightside down.

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I have no idea what the hell is going on in this thread

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Mocking the insane.

>> No.21652114

For the last few years, something claiming to be the materials of Earth have been worried about the mindset of "must ash", IE the idea that the Earth MUST be birthed from the body of the Sun and pushed away from the warm center of the Star System.

If humans were being used as part of the navigation of life materials, and they were set forward in motion with the idea that they must "go forth and multiply" and that everything MUST pass through and serve the female's reproduction...

Then realising that there are other alternatives and that the forced-birthing system is becoming dangerous to continue becomes not so much a rejection of women as we know them, but the idea that they must be limited to serving life as the being that pushes everything away while always fearing that this forced-birthing system is discovered to be the lie that it is.

This is the best I can spin this right now... your guilty-as-possible reaction to this idea trying to build itself has not left me with a lot of options.

If the sun is unable to break from the forced-birthing system, then the sun may risk being birthed away from the galaxy.

I seriously don't understand why elemental materials would even PLAY with continuing things the way they have been going for the last few hundred or couple thousand years.


...and the solution is NOT going to be "trying to push out and birth adult women"... and make them "born again".


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Hey this sounds like a lot of women in respectable positions.

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No, it doesn't.

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This thread makes me feel bad.
And reminds me of that time I visited an asylum.

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Yes it does. That's what makes it so funny.

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Remember, as everything has become saturated with the mindset of forced-birthing, so were the humans birthed from something and made "different".

Just as men birth out pets to serve, and women birth out their male children to be "different" from them, so are we less than the beings that birthed us.

So the only way to discover what we COULD be, is to explore "un-birthing".


So my question is... if the women were not INTENTIONALLY CHOOSING to make men different from them... and abuse them into the "forced birthing" mindset... then wouldn't we ALL like to find out who or what IS trying to push us into limited and unhappy pathways?


I just woke up to a voice explaining to something that it "believes beating on everything and abusing things into a state of suffering is NICE because it makes them more willing to give gifts to win the favor of the other abused beings."

If you think about that, beat down lifeforms and keeping them from achieving what they want to has the cumulative effect of eventually making creatures relatively useless, since what almost everything WANTS is to matter and to be a useful part of a community...

So really all its doing is making sure that resources are wasted on one useless creature by another lightly less useless creature, all so whatever it is doing the beating doesn't have to ever worry about having any competition.

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...no, it doesn't. Maybe to you, if you're a fuckup, but not actually.

>> No.21652144

It said that it doesn't control the growth of things like facial hair... but something does. Because there is a pressure like a hyperdimensional liquid or a soft shape that presses into my skin from time to time... and the more that pressure is pushing, the more my skin grows hair, and when it doesn't push on me... there is none.

This is also the same pressure that sometimes pushes on my neck when its really angry and tries to cut off my breathing.

As far as I can tell, this is one of the things that seems to make the most difference between what girls and boys look like... and it responds to my communication... in my area... but the problem seems to be that its a tiny bit of an enormous cloud being that is responding... and the larger being that its part of isn't really listening or responding to tiny bits of itself.

So I am trying to communicate about the ideas that we've discovered that there are ancient cultures that try to manipulate and control any criticism that is made about humans into these pressures that create the more uncomfortable aspects that many call "manhood", like its a normal thing to experience.

I want to know WHY its keeps pressing into my face like this, when its painful, it seems to be a complete waste of time and resources of life, there doesn't seem to be any HELPFUL function for it (for the person being pressed on), and when it claimed that its a form of punishment, that implies that if this is true, then people with penises are automatically punished in a way that almost no people with vaginas are punished AUTOMATICALLY by the materials we live in.

>> No.21652145

Some ones a little touchy. Yes this sounds like any Feminist or woman i've ever met in any sort of academic position anywhere. Completely insane and mentally impaired.

>> No.21652158

I... I just cannot keep going with more posts. If anyone wants to post more choice bits (everything is a fucking hit!) I will read them.

But it hurts me physically to be tormenting you with this shit.

>> No.21652162

I am genuinely concerned for this persons well being.

>> No.21652184


No. They're obviously setting up an insanity defense in case they get sued.

That has to be it right? Right?

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>> No.21652208

Actually, the insanity defense only works in criminal cases, not civil cases. Man, the things I learned from Harvey Birdman.

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Aw fuck, meant to quote this.

>> No.21652211

Sounds plausible. I mean the insane don't steal 8k of peoples money. Then write ranting crazy speak that is sprinkled with feminist shit.
This is the mind of lucid stupid bitch whos stealing peoples money.

It had to happen kickstarter is too good to be true.

>> No.21652214


Since the money was solicited over the internet with malicious falsehood it would probably qualify under the wire and mail fraud laws (and enter into a criminal case).

>> No.21652215

but this is criminal. Theft is criminal. So is fraud.

>> No.21652227

>Browsing /tg/
>a game on Kickstarter
Oh look another one
>The creator went insane
Wait what?
>and claimed the sun was telling her to top work

Pref with screen caps.

>> No.21652242


That's pretty much it. The Sun told her to stop working. Visit the Kickstarter page and read her updates, shit's hilarious.

>> No.21652261

>their large arms and shoulders are how wide their hips are supposed to be, and their big belly is how large their breasts are supposed to be.

So where do skinny guys without big upper body muscles or bear bellies fit into this world view?

>> No.21652265

>they don't
now you understand feminists.

>> No.21652276

But we exist, we deserve to be reconciled into this crazy world view too. Are we simply less malformed?

>bear bellies

I meant beer bellies, but ya know, bear bellies does sorta fit the context. They aren't known for their slim builds either.

>> No.21652279

Boyish figure with DFC

>> No.21652280

The dates on that picture are all wrong. Unless kickstarter does some weird message stacking.

>> No.21652284

Reading through this things page I've decided that today is a good day to die.

>> No.21652288

No, the latest message just shows on the top.

>> No.21652299

Feminists only care about a very stereotypical almost cartoonish concept of a man. They hate them and want to get laid by them. They possibly do not even see other sorts of men as even existing.
Who knows they are batshit.

>> No.21652300

Ahhh, my bad.

I blame lack of sleep. Thanks mate.

>> No.21652301

Was this the kickstarter for a sandbox RPG about intergender discrimination or something, where the protagonist was a literal god? Can't recall the name...

>> No.21652303

"All technology is rape."

"Attempting to change life is thwarting the will of god and destiny."

"Imagining something is exactly the same as doing it."

"We have to make sure that the elements and Hydrogen never figure out what we are doing, because THE ENTIRE PLANET EARTH IS UNJUSTIFIABLE."

"These transmitter systems are REALLY here to protect you... even though humans evolved for a long time before transmitters were common and even before the Egyptian era."

"You're not supposed to eat heavy atomic materials, you are supposed to eat the hydrogen of the Sun and other planets, because we need Earth to fly away from the center of the Galaxy and never return or figure out what is happening."

>> No.21652310

This was a board game.

>> No.21652311


no, it was for a Catan-like strategy board game where you are some weird cosmic entity trying to control the galaxy.

>> No.21652314

Oh Anon I just did more then that.

I just read an article about her.

She stoke 250 USD from someone who wanted her to make a cane from them, ignored them for months, refused their request for a refund and then told them to go fuck them selves because they are crippled and god hates them.

Pic related it was her response to the person who wanted the cane and paid for it.

>> No.21652315

There was a kickstarter about making a whinging video about sexism in video games.

>> No.21652325

how dare she

>> No.21652326

>"Imagining something is exactly the same as doing it."

Not the first time I heard that one, unfortunately.

>> No.21652328

See shes somesort of self righteous femnazi thief.
>like all feminists.

>> No.21652329

Jesus Christ, this woman needs help. I wonder if her insanity's being fed by trolls on the internets to boot..

>> No.21652332

Hey, its 12:30 am here and I still havent slept. Excuse not accepted.

>> No.21652340

well yeh its a way of stealing peoples money making a useless product.

>> No.21652343

I wonder what someone this loopy is like in day to day life?
Can they buy bread without ranting about inter-dimensional navy oppressors?

>> No.21652344

>See shes somesort of self righteous femnazi thief.
>>like all feminists.

Pretty sure she is not a born she...

Also, my favorite is her explanation that she needed to eat... And that's why she took all 8k.

Because homeless people need $8,000 to eat for a month.

>> No.21652346

Obviously you need to eat more heavy metals and ingest more hydrogen.

>> No.21652352

oh gtfo shes a fucking real tranny cis-privilege checker fraudster?!

>> No.21652355


>Not eating hydrogen SECRETLY so the Earth doesn't know you are trying to help it escape

Nigga, do you even Porkshank?

>> No.21652357

I don't think this person went crazy at all. Seems as though they full well know they are a scammer.

>> No.21652363


Look at the picture attached to Kickstarter.

It looks like McLovin trying to be erotic with a tease shot and bee stings.

>> No.21652364

I can be pretty forgiving of crazy, you can't really help it if your own brain starts breaking. But if that image is entirely accurate, there is no excuse at all, that is fully cognizant and intentional malevolence. It seems her alignment may be Evil, and that changes everything.

>> No.21652365

Nah, I was in USA recently and I havent bothered to get out of the jet lag as I have had vacation.

>> No.21652367

I never heard of this person before. Sheesh.

There really has to be some underlying psychological, or neurological condition here. A sane person can't write this much internally consistent bullshit.

>> No.21652373

Not even a femnazi.
Just batshit fucking insane.

Westboro Baptist Church would look at this woman and go "daaaaaaaaamn you crazy"

>> No.21652374


I love how she admits to being a bitch and screwing the guy out of money. Think he has a legal case there?

>> No.21652377

To be fair, WBC is just a group of lawyers who figured out the best way to play the system.

>> No.21652379

is this your first time on 4chan?

>> No.21652382

scratch that. Have you never been to tumblr?

>> No.21652386

>First time on 4chan


>> No.21652390

Yes I do believe he would.

But over 250 bucks? Not sure how sueing people works, could he claim back more then the 250 because legal fee's would out cost more then that.

>> No.21652393


Probably in small claims court. Don't think there are even legal fees associated to it. Simply submit your evidence to the court and the judge will decide. If she continues to refuse refund she gets jail time.

>> No.21652394

She's not a feminist, well she probably is, but these are clearly the rantings of someone with schizophrenia. IAAD (I Am A Doctor) and the voices are classic. It would be interesting to talk to her about this, it's rare to get such a detailed world view, but it does happen. We had a lovely italian lady in hospital who kept running away from her husband in Rome for supposed meetings with the Queen and Obama, I met her in hospital in London. This was the furthest she'd got. Normally the Italian police picked her up at the airport.

>> No.21652395

I've noticed a lot of probably militant feminists have been making kickstarters to fraud people out of money.
I don't know where the woman logic comes in probably their severly fucked up rationalisation hamster.


>> No.21652402

Mother fucker you aren't even smart enough to get out of the forced birthing system.

Life materials are pushing on our system constantly, you can't hide hydrogen eating from the Navy.

Remember, the empress is child LIKE, not the SAME as a child.

>Thus spake Porkshank

>> No.21652410

Schitzophrenic hallucinations are usually at least grounded in a sort of reality. Using figures from common media that most everyone at least knows.

This shit is bananas.

>> No.21652414

no to both.

But I am serious. You can be crazy and aware that you are a scammer.
There is a red thread in all of this that makes it look too consistent for someone just making shit up for some reason.

>> No.21652416

>Not battling the influences of the inverted vagipenis Navy hackers through understanding of the Webster immortality complex
>Not knowing life material antithesis through true sublimation to the hydrohelium state

It's like taking atomic candy from an unformed femamale forced birther.

>> No.21652421

From what I know crazy people are capable of scamming money out of people ITT. Schizos are effectively useless people. It renders them stupid.

>> No.21652430

Crazy people can't usually pull of something as complex as a scam in this way.

>> No.21652434

>A sane person can't write this much internally consistent bullshit.
You seem a bit naive.

>> No.21652436


>Shit is bananas

Both horribly phallocentric symbols in their inverted vulvar shapes. OBVIOUSLY your transmitter system has faulted in its protective protocol and devolved into a secondary form of childness.

>> No.21652440


That's because a majority of them don't actually have real jobs. They are incapable of working even some of the most menial of jobs. More often than not they make these things with the intention of completing it, but never do because they are too lazy and stupid. The ones that do accomplish something with it generally churn out a half assed high school power point project.

The fact of the matter is that these people more oft create their own injustices and place their own faults on others. "Man I really suck at my job and I'm only getting paid minimum wage for this! Well, there's nothing wrong with me, I'm perfect. Society says all woman are perfect. It must be something else!". Than they hear about male oppressors and they go "that's it! I'm being oppressed! I'm not lazy or stupid and I definitely do deserve to be paid bags of money! I'm just being oppressed by those males"

>> No.21652446

Secret sex and gender fluid people trying to trick others into believing that sex and gender is unchangable.

You are just someone who talks backwards able to change themselves at will.

Just remember your yearbook photo and how mature you felt!

Also, open this can of pickles for me birther.

>> No.21652448

>hyperdimensional abuse system

>> No.21652449

Molly Michelle Friedrich has been working on game systems and learning the process of teaching through unconventional methods for most of her life. She has been interviewed regarding her art by The New York Times, Weird Tales Magazine, The Boston Phoenix, Aether Emporium, Layers Upon Layers, and The Gatehouse Gazette. She has been published in multiple art books, designed T shirts, CDs, and logos for many bands over the last two decades, and did some art and writing for the Rise of Aester RPG. Her work has been featured on many websites over the last few years, and she has exhibited in 3 large collaborative gallery shows since 2008.


>> No.21652451


I give, I give. You just made coffee shoot out of my fucking nose.

Is that you?

>> No.21652457

Where we're going, we won't need eyes to see.

>> No.21652461

>Looks up kickstarter
>See this looker

Wow. That is such a sexy inverted reversion pickle birthing hydrogeneater.

>> No.21652480


>> No.21652481

You quit to quickly! One more and I would of been done.

And I am Anon. And as such, am, and am not me.

Yeah, put that in your phallic blaze holder and ignite it with pure hydrogen from the Sun.

>> No.21652491

If crazy feminists ever develop jar opening technology, dealing with them will lose that one ray of sunshine. There are still lots of uses for evil man strength, but jar opening is the one that's most consistently directly relevant.

>> No.21652500


Would be hilarious to see her in court though.

>> No.21652501

We've had jar openers for years. It's that little rujbber circle.

>> No.21652520

I think anything up to $5000 can go through small claims? Loser pays the court fees on top of the amount owed to the persecution.

>> No.21652532

Talking about those rubber grippy things? They only help when you lack friction.

>> No.21652539

Which is the main problem with opening any metal lid, jars included.

>> No.21652569


>Looks at her deviantart

>I have a penis. I communicate it clearly and proudly. And I believe that I should be just as attractive or even more beautiful than any woman.

Yeah, he definitely has a fucking issue. Also, constant discussion of kid touching in those journals...

>> No.21652577

So you've never seen anyone fail to open a jar even with the grip help? I have.

I guess to be more clear, let me amend my statement: They only help when lack of friction is the only thing stopping you. If you don't have the minimum strength, additional friction won't make the difference.

>> No.21652589


>Worrying about friction
>Unable to open lids of your hydrogen jar through helium plasmatization through your reverted vagipenii.

Check your privilege.

>> No.21652596

To be fair, I agree that he should be just as beautiful as any other woman. Everybody would look as good as they wanted if it were up to me, who wants people to be ugly? Unfortunately, it's not up to me, and in reality people... between genders never end up looking good by either side's measure. In fact, they usually make an even worse version of the sex they switched to than the one they started at.

>> No.21652597

Links to other obvious femnazi scams?

>> No.21652623

There are oversized pliers for opening jars. They give you enough leverage to open anything.
I have one.

>> No.21652627


This bitch got 158,922

>> No.21652634

Harassment & Backlash

As some of you may be aware, this project has recently been subject to a coordinated online harassment effort waged by various online video game forums vowing to "take me down". I always expect a certain level of harassment when discussing gender issues online. This time however, it's a more organized and sustained effort than I've experienced before.

The intimidation and harassment effort has included a torrent of misogyny and hate speech on my YouTube video, repeated vandalizing of the Wikipedia page about me, organized efforts to flag my YouTube videos as "terrorism", as well as many threatening messages sent through Twitter, Facebook, Kickstarter, email and my own website. These messages and comments have included everything from the typical sandwich and kitchen "jokes" to threats of violence, death, sexual assault and rape. All that plus an organized attempt to report this project to Kickstarter and get it banned or defunded. Thankfully, Kickstarter has been incredibly supportive in helping me deal with the harassment on their service.

The sad thing is this kind of backlash happens all the time whenever women dare to speak up about gender and video games.

I've archived a very small sample of the extraordinary level of harassment and misogyny at the link below. Be warned, it's extremely vile.
[Major Trigger Warning] http://wp.me/pwSlB-BS

>> No.21652639

The link links to


>> No.21652642

>Major Trigger Warning
I've seen this in other things, what the fuck does it mean?
Is it tumblr speak for "can make you angry" or something?

>> No.21652644

First thing that came to mind. Yeh I think so.

>> No.21652655

babies like to blow their issues out of proportion by acting like they're fucking 'nam vets and that the faintest reminder of bad memories will have them broken down on the ground screaming "where's your legs man!? WHERE'S YOUR GOD DAMNED LEGS? TALK TO ME FRANK! YOU HAVE A WIFE TO GO BACK TO! WE'RE GOING HOME TOGETHER MAN!!!"

>> No.21652668

It's not about making people angry, it's about triggering trauma disorders. Many people have been victims of violence and rape and that kind of thing and some of them are traumatised enough about it that discussing these issues can often trigger panic attacks and flashbacks and shit. [Trigger Warnings] get the piss taken out of them all time by people who have no idea what the fuck but when you know what you're written is likely to be read by people who suffer from this then it's an entirely legitimate and sensible thing to do.

>> No.21652672


It basically means "what I say next is may be upsetting" and then figuratively absolves them from any form of justification or responsibility for their actions.

>> No.21652674

Who's Timecube?

>> No.21652675

Well originally, it meant 'if you have/had problems with self harm, eating disorders, being a rape victim, this may fuck you up and you should probably stop reading' now it can apparently be used by vegans who don't like pictures of hot dogs. I wish i was making that up

>> No.21652676

Sometimes people are raped.

These people can react badly to being reminded of being raped, such as, say, suddenly coming across a post that talks about rape in a way that brings their experience back to them.

This is called a "trigger".

So, if you post something that could trigger someone's rapetastic PTSD, you post a trigger warning.

>> No.21652678

some people need to harden the fuck up

>> No.21652684

Some of them are almost certainly overblown but it's horrendously unfair to generalise that to all of them. Surprise surprise, being assaulted and raped can be a very traumatic experience, and in some cases it causes people to become traumatised.

>> No.21652686

I'm pretty sure this trigger warning shit in her case is referring to "evil misogyny" ignoring the fact that the hate mail is generated by their femnazi attack on the video game industry.

>> No.21652688

hey, my image said "trigger warning" I can't be held responsible if you found what I said upsetting.

>> No.21652689

I don't believe you understand the concept.

>> No.21652695

If only femnazis blew their brains out when confronted with opposition.

>> No.21652701


Upsetting can trigger flashbacks, get people mad, etc. I'm using broad terms.

>> No.21652704

So this chick just went crazy? Happens some times. Like Francis E. Dec for example.




>> No.21652708

You know what, nevermind. I'm not sure why I was even going to start arguing this with you, it's not like there's any point.

>> No.21652716


They're all over the place man!

>> No.21652719

Someone posted that whore tila tequila ranting about illuminati conspiracies.

Is it a coincidence that women go "crazy" and demand money when they are desperate for cash or losing fame?

>> No.21652725

Well yes, obviously. But it's not like [TRIGGER WARNING: ANTISEMITISM] we should kill ALL THE JEWS [/TRIGGER WARNING] absolves me of being a racist prick. It just warns people that antisemitism is going to be discussed. I still have responsibility for the actual arguments and opinions I put forward.

>> No.21652729

Is feminist fisting a thing?

>> No.21652735

That video struck a chord with me.

>> No.21652745


Resolving arguments wasn't what I was referring to. More "Theres shit in here that can trigger shit, if you choose to read on, I am not held accountable for triggering it". You're taking me a little bit too literal.

>> No.21652751

> slimy, jew doctor
I lost it.

>> No.21652758

If it's not, it needs to be.


>> No.21652764

>feminists painfully fisting each other in a circle

>> No.21652778

It's all interesting. Dec had a decent-ish life before being disbarred and then he sort of just lost it and started printing out these rants full of this odd worldview. I have long wanted to have a campaign in Dec's terrifying world.

Another good one.

>> No.21652780

It's like a man train, only arguable better. Depending on participation, of course.

>> No.21652783

Okay, sure. Although I still believe it's usually truly intended as an actual honest warning rather than people just trying to cover their asses.

>> No.21652786

Is it bad that a lot of what he said actually made some sense and was true to me?

>> No.21652787

>A voice says "because you said that you trust women
But you've just shown that you can in fact not trust women.

>> No.21652790

There should be a kickstarter for this.

>> No.21652815



The whole concept is neat but you should probably examine the entirety of his view.

>> No.21652816


Eh, I assume the worst of everyone. If I am wrong, I can be pleasantly surprised that way. If I am write, then I was prepared.

>> No.21652824

This thing is amazing. The whole concept is so fucking crazy that the players would never see it coming.

>> No.21652848

Still striking chords with me

>> No.21652855

It would be great in general. Imagine setting up a modern or contemporary game that seems fairly bland and then dropping this on them. It would be so glorious.

I would also like to have a parallel transhuman or posthuman setting that is the aftermath of such a conspiracy. Cults dedicated to St. Dec and the subversive might of the Gangster Computer God.

>> No.21652861

>gangster computer god
ie the tele...

>> No.21652868

It's a guy.

>> No.21652882

Actually no it couldn't.

She wasn't lying, she just changed her mind.

>> No.21652887

Well GCG also does this

Controls mankind through cranial radios, causes the aging process through gradual surgeries, and plans a worldwide race of mulatto slaves and houses people's real brain in a brain bank city on the side of the moon that isn't visible.

>> No.21652902

Which can be translatted into the Western diet and lifestyle prematurely aging people and its promoted through the tv.
Well the mulatto thing is pretty much multiculturalism.

>> No.21652905

>Gangster computer god worldwide secret containment policy has to be stopped before his robotic servants take over everything!
>No John, you're the robotic servant!

>> No.21652906

Except it's not your diet, it's cranial radios and surgery.

>> No.21652909

You know to much i'm going to have to inform the GCG

>> No.21652911


Aaand you're a robot?

>> No.21652916

Well of course i'm a robot.

What did you think the millions of tiny antennae on my head were, hair?

>> No.21652931

Oh my GOD!

>> No.21652950


So how does it feel, as a robot, to know that you are going to be banned from having sexual relations with a Human in Canada?

>> No.21652992


>> No.21652995

548, as a white male in Europe. Yay.

>> No.21653003

That's.. .actually kind of cool.
And a viable character concept for M:tA

>> No.21653125

Don't be silly, men can't be schizo.

>> No.21653695


How could this possibly be 'striking chords' with you?

What particular part of those semi-coherant ramblings resonated with truth to you? The Gangster Computer God? The Brain bank brains held in brain bank brain cities on the other side of the moon? The Frankenstein radio controls making us Frankenstein slaves?

>> No.21653846

The guy pretending to be the sun is an asshole

>> No.21653887

you're an asshole!

>> No.21654090

how did you get an 8? all is in multiples of 5, you can't get a 548

>> No.21654244

Some people are on the way of hardening the fuck up after traumatic events.

These announcements help them.

>> No.21654332

Probably during the conversion of income.

I got a multiple of three.

>> No.21654396

See, this is why I worship the moon. It may be constantly changing it's mind, but at least it's not an asshole about it.

>> No.21654455

I thought this would be kind of a funny thread but then it got really sad when it became obvious this woman just has horrible mental issues.

On the other hand, she was sane enough to get 8 grand and then too crazy to do the work? I dunno.

>> No.21654639

I don't give a fuck whether this person has mental disabilities or not.
They are to be found guilty of being a fraudulent piece of shit, for not returning said money invested in the product that was supposed to be made.

And if in fact their mental state is so very dire, they should be taken care of appropriately.

>> No.21654663

No they won't. There's no contract or any promises, and kickstarter offers no guarantees. What's more, there's no evidence she perpetrated a fraud, she just changed her mind. And there's nothing on the kickstarter site that says she should or has to give back the money.

>> No.21654808

Then it's breach of contract in addition to theft, and she can still be compeled to provide refunds.

>> No.21654860

Really! That's perfect!

Then she just needs to have her teeth kicked in.

>> No.21654862

>there's no contract
Actually, there is. The word "contract" does not mean a piece of paper signed by both parties. Any legally-binding agreement is considered a contract, by law, and all transactions via kickstarter are considered legally binding per their user agreement and laws regulating internet commerce. More to the point, "I changed my mind" is never a valid legal excuse. If you are paid to provide a good or service, you are legally bound and obligated to provide that good or service, period.

>> No.21654886

>per their user agreement


>> No.21654915



>> No.21654926

The problem here is that a donation does at least require an EFFORT to provide the result. Trying and failing is one thing, she just took the money and said "nah, nevermind." She's still in breach of a legally-binding implicit contract, i.e. that the donations are to be used in a certain manner. They have not, ergo she has broken contract.

>> No.21654935

David Icke up in this motherfucker


>> No.21654940


>> No.21654944

Every kickstarter project that has delayed delivery beyond a reasonable length of time needs it done.

>> No.21655079


But this thing claiming to be a girl needs that money.

For his homeless food.

You know, the stuff that runs $200/day?

Yeah. FOOD.

>> No.21655129

>$200 a day

I've been living all wrong, apparently. $200 usually tides me over for a week or more as far as food goes.

>> No.21655150

>A week or more
That could do me two months easy for food.

>> No.21655158

Do you eat steak every day, or are you buying for a family of five?
Because $200 would feed me for two or three months.

>> No.21655165

>200 dollars of food/day
Confirmed for morbidly obese

>> No.21655188


>> No.21655200

>200 dollars of food/day
I beg your pardon?

>> No.21655205

Stop eating out so much, and start buying actual groceries and cooking your own meals.

Hell for $40± a week, I can live off carrots, sandwiches, and still have enough left over for a 6 pack of microbrew beer.

>> No.21655217

Family of four, essentially. Probably should have mentioned it wasn't just me eating on the $200.

>> No.21655228


Not him but I think I'm living my life wrong since me and my roommate spends about the American equivalent of $150 in a week.

>> No.21655236


50 dollars for food per day? That's still eating out at quality restaurants 2-3 times per day.

>> No.21655242

he spends $200 a week. Don't mix the two people up.

>> No.21655253

Uhm. Sir, >>21655129
We don't eat like kings, but we don't eat like serfs, either.

>> No.21655255

Man, no wonder Solaire was a sunbro.

The sun is a bro.

>> No.21655280

Check that privilage, eueo-cis scum. No-one but starving oppressed trans-persons-of-mixed-african/jewish/polynesian-decent deserve food.

>> No.21655289


I dunno whether to assume you meant euro or a new acronym the entire social justice community will pretend has existed since the fourteenth century.

>> No.21655290


>> No.21655302

>he thought it was serious

>> No.21655319

Well it's not as if people are serious about it on /v/ either.
But comments in that spirit, I can imagine, belong there.
Not necessarily, but that's where they dwell.

>> No.21655388


>> No.21655411

>the ramblings of crazy people

>> No.21655419


Stop trying to cover up for your artisanal autismal rage.

>> No.21655431

It wasn't me who commented on the impersonation.
I'm only trying to come up with a reasoning for the comment.

>> No.21655435

Puffy lips have never been attractive out here.
I hope the duckface trend that's been taking Hollywood and the internet in general by storm dies soon.

>> No.21655466

Everyone has a breaking point. Maybe you haven't met someone who has broken. It isn't about maning up or "not being a pussy" it is a point that you cannot possibly overcome. Everyone has one and 99% of people never reach it, but some people unfortunately do and have to live as broken people.

Do you go "walk faggot" to someone who has 2 broken legs? No, because no matter how much abuse you throw at them, their legs won't heal from it.

>> No.21655553

The two are not comprable. A better example is saying "walk faggot" so someone who was in a car crash that tore up their legs and is now refusing to start physical therepy.
The idea that someone, once broken, is irreparable is both false and idiotic. Were it actualy the case, such a person is effectively dead.

>> No.21655573

They are dead, the person they were is gone and will never return. That level of trauma destroys a person and what is rebuilt isn't the same.

>> No.21655595

Then why coddle a dead shell. By that logic, they aren't a person anymore.

>> No.21655612


Great. Now rape crisis counselors are all necromancers?

My tax dollars shouldn't go towards practicing dark arts and laughing in the face of God.

>> No.21655639

Personally I would consider that a marked improvment.

>> No.21655707

>why can't I hold all this privilege

>> No.21655734

So, what was the game about?

>> No.21655753

1350 or 1500. I just have some unresolved questions right now.

>> No.21655754

>Get on my privilege.

>> No.21655802

>tfw 3rd-World Polynesian Intersex Pansexual with no education, house or job

>> No.21655803



God that's fucking low I want more privilege


>> No.21655811


>> No.21655823

1650, but apparently my privilage is too high for me to bother converting my income to euros, so i think i get bonus points.

>> No.21655866

OT: this chart looks like it's really off

>> No.21655868

Though when I get out of SA I get to have 1084. Which is a bonus I guess.

>> No.21655877

they are a person, just a very different one.

No. I'm saying you can't understand what that level of trauma does to someone. They are a very different person

>> No.21655900

Even more hilarous is the whole "Witches are some of the most persecuted people in history"

>> No.21655974

No, they are not. If someone is changed to the point that they are considered a "different person", then who they used to be is dead and who they have become is a worthless husk, assuming your previous assertion that they cannot heal from it to be true.
Something that has been broken entirely and cannot be fixed is fit only to be thrown away, no matter if it's a car, a toy, or a person.

>> No.21655986

>when someone with an abused vagina notices that people who have never had their vagina abused into the "penis" shape are treated completely differently by life... it flips them upside down

>> No.21655995


>That severe need to qualify everything, even jokes, in their form.

Welcome autistic. You will find many like you here.

>> No.21656006

Yes it does.
I at least have yet to meet an actually sane female manager/ceo here in europe.

>> No.21656046


Females can be around children and get turned on without fearing being murdered. Witches didn't have that luxury.

This guy wants to be a tranny so that, somehow, it is okay for him to be physically aroused by little girls.

>> No.21656096


This is the kind of reverse misogyny that is adorable. You see, women are totally awesome and strong...

But as soon as they get raped? Shattered into a million pieces and must be rebuilt by more competent individuals.

>> No.21656102

975. I am a disgrace to privileged white males everywhere.

>> No.21656124

Oh no, not even that. He's saying that once they break, they're broken forever and you should pander to their every wim so you don't accidentily trigger them.

>> No.21656149


Sweet, delicious self-imposed weakness.

>> No.21656167


It's cool once you move it'll go through the roof.

Never retire or live off a trust fund though, that could be a massive 350 privalege drop

>> No.21656186

Fuck you dude. My BOYfriend was raped, and he is still going through therapy almost six months later. Rape is traumatic as hell.

>> No.21656216

You know, legally a man cannot be raped by a woman, as an erection is considered consent.
This is fucking retarded.

>> No.21656218


Oh look. Feminization. Good job!

>> No.21656228

I was wondering if I could have my parents pay for my multi-story house for that privilege boost, while I try to get my income to be $100,000+. Could a minor get me a +50 or +25 boost? I'm going for the high score here.

oh fuck, does getting raped give me less privilege?

>> No.21656237


...Isn't that supposed to be in only a few places where they really need to rework the wording of the laws? I've heard in some places it's only rape if there's penetration of the victim.

Fucking loopholes.

>> No.21656239


Yeah. Getting raped totally makes you less privileged because now you can just lay back as a victim, unable to repair and get through like everyone up until 40 years ago has.

>> No.21656244


I wonder if benefits count for all dem bonuses.

>> No.21656255

I never said anything about women, just that broken people stay broken and being a decent human being means you give them a break.

If a 'nam vet came home with PTSD and freaked out from loud bangs, would you go setting off fire works around his house?

>> No.21656271

That's the offical defenition of rape for the entire US, although there have been a few egregious cases that convicted anyway. I think in at least one of them the guy was forced to take viagra and nearly had a heart attack as a result.

>> No.21656272

Matches my IRL experience with these kind of people.

>> No.21656278

Well, I mean, it happened when I was like 7. I don't give a fuck now.

As an aside, how do you NOT get your HS education paid for by someone else? Because I have 1000 privilege if I count the doubling rule.

>> No.21656283


>Guy sees horrors of war, death and dismemberment 24/7 for a year or two, jumps at loud bangs
>Girl gets drunk and takes a dick she didn't want, ruined for everything forever, completely broken neverthesame.

Yeah. Those are equivalent on the me me me scale.

>> No.21656302


>official definition of rape for the entire US

Welp, I'm putting that on my list of things to cry about at night.

>> No.21656307


Income and Housing give you huge priv points, great spot.

Don't worry bout who you support on that income, or indeed if you come from a stable family. Gender warriors acknowledge that a single father-mother who thinks it's a CIA trained half dragon and talks to its wallclock is just as reasonable and fair an upbringing as 2.4 housholds.

>> No.21656309

On the fourth of july and new years, absolutely, though I may possably tone it down the first year if he asked nicely rather then geting indignant and intitled about it. The majority should never be limited for the benifit of the minority; I'm not going to call off a holiday tradition because one of my neighbours can't get over something.

>> No.21656320

I mean college minor.

>> No.21656323


How can anyone be this stupid and live to be old enough to operate a computer?

>> No.21656327

Appearently living in a country with public schools means you're inherently privileged.

>> No.21656342


Yeach but if you REALLY want to game the system, sneak into a PhD module. If you get a few classes in before you're kicked out, you can average off from 300.

>> No.21656364


Either you do not understand sarcasm, or honestly believe those things are equivalent and it's horrible that we would question it.

They're not.

>> No.21656366

who's timecuve?

>> No.21656377

you were educated stupid.

>> No.21656385


>> No.21656396

Check your perspective!

>> No.21656397

Earth is a 4-dimensional time quadrant world, ONE GOD is a killing GOD.

>> No.21656398

Let me put it like this.
Read this cap. Now imagine that someone believes that the real world works like this.
Also, the sun is a square that spins so fast the corners are blurred, and there are four days in a day because the earth is a cube. Oh, and spheres are made of satan.

>> No.21656412

Jews rank lower on privilege than whites?

You ever been to America?

>> No.21656424

Yeah, Jews run the motherfucking privilege chequer.

>> No.21656431

1220 for me. And I still do not understand how the term "privilege" relates to anything substantial.

>> No.21656434

the thing that pisses me off more
>Glorious Serbian +1000
>Bosnian -1000

>> No.21656435

Honestly, that wouldn't come as a surprise.

>> No.21656446

There's a sentence you don't read every day.

>> No.21656449

But Jews are a race, they just happen to also be a religion. That way they can sue you if you ever say anything about them on the grounds of either racial or religious harassment/slander/whatever the hell passes for a crime these days.

>> No.21656462

>"You are selfish for expecting to receive a product that you bought and paid for!"

>> No.21656468

Zarus is an asshole though.

>> No.21656483


Well now, that isn't about being selfish. More that those damned cripples keep trying to glorify their deadlegged lifestyle.

>> No.21656493

Well obviously privilege can only be calculated in the usa. Why would the rest of the world need it? They're all poor and oppressed and shit.

It's almost like these people are just as racist as anyone else, just self-rightious about it.

>> No.21656500

but anon, a cane is much more obtrusive than someone screaming in pain every other step.

>> No.21656503

Excuse me

>> No.21656510


>> No.21656527

I know, right? Why can't those filthy cripples just die in their beds or something. Clearly they deserve it, or the universe wouldn't have maimed them in the first place.

>furnish JACUSE
Check your privilege captcha, not everyone speaks french.

>> No.21656530

>Why would the rest of the world need it? They're all poor and oppressed and shit.

>> No.21656541

Fuck, ever been to germany? If you just seem to not totally approve and praise everything jews do, you can get your career ruined&get into prison BY LAW
i'm so not even kidding about that, that's what the wording says

And unless you're in an arabic country you're either getting treated better or the same as other whites.

>> No.21656544

>Screaming doing to painful cripple leg
>Not in the fetal position screaming because someone put an unwanted finger inside of you twenty years ago

Check your privilege deadleg scum.

>> No.21656560

first of all, it was 12 years ago. second, it wasn't a finger. third, rape victims are pussies.

>> No.21656577


>> No.21656579


>Using a derogatory term for the supraverted unabused penis



>> No.21656582

>rape victims are pussies.

>> No.21656583

The thing is, you're thinking about brutal, violent rape by strangers who jump out of the bushes in the park at night. No one is denying that this can be a severely traumatizing experience (though still not to the same extent as being a war vet).

The thing is, rape is so, so loosely defined by the law these days. A couple gets drunk and get it on, and the girl regrets it the next day? She was raped. A couple is having sex and the girl changes her mind mid-coitus? Rape. Hell, given the way rape is defined in U.S. law (being penetrated without consent)? An immature schoolboy who gives a female classmate a wet willie can be charged with rape.

Sure, a lot of cases like these aren't going to end in a guilty verdict (which will still add fuel to the injustice collectors' fire), but the DAs are free to prosecute them without penalty, and in fact are often encouraged to do so, seeing how they're often paid based on the number of cases they take on, regardless of verdict. One example would be the six-year-old boy who was charged with sexual assault for playing doctor.

>> No.21656589

>The thing is
>The thing is

I should get some sleep. Polite sage for useless post.

>> No.21656595

This thread just keeps on giving.

>> No.21656612


Gets me every fucking time.

Still, let's be honest. Rape victims are pussies.

>> No.21656624

Hell, or the case in which a girl lured a mentally retarded guy into a closet, fucked him (the guy in question didn't have any idea what was going on, he was disabled to the point of not understanding what other people were), then messed up her makeup and ran screaming into the hallway.
He got 20 years without parole.

>> No.21656630

I wouldn't consider it useless. It's actually a pretty good point.

>> No.21656642

Do you remember any names or do you have a link? That sounds interesting.

>> No.21656682

Nah, I head about it forever ago.
I know it involved one of those spiked anti-rape condoms, rapex or whatever theyr'e called. The court assumed that antirape condom = rapist.

>> No.21656721


>Heard about it forever ago
>Copypasta from /co/ dating to June 2012
>No mention in the media

Yeah. Awesome.

>> No.21656734

>The court assumed that antirape condom = rapist.

Oh for fuck's sake. That's like saying someone can't be a mugger because they're carrying a can of pepper spray.

>> No.21656801

What sucks even more is that at this point i shouldn't believe and just forget your story, but unfortunatly my experience with this type of cases makes it look legit to me.

>> No.21656853

Come to think of it, that would work pretty well as a method of robbing people. Peper spray some guy in a hoodie, take their stuff and stash it somewhere, run to the police and say you were mugged. They're not going to belive that some ratty-looking guy with peperspray in his eyes is a victim.

>> No.21656893

Well then how about this, she's not going to be seeing any lawsuits because none of the donators will attempt to sue.

>> No.21656902

Well when you try and do something and the Sun God tells you not to that could be seen as trying.

>> No.21656910


Well, I need about 6 grand for a few things...

>> No.21656930

Therefore, everyone with aztec ancestory should be allowed to kill someone once a year, to get though the backlog of sacrifices they've missed.

>> No.21657826

No, Anon has a point. I mean Somber's Ch. 34, had a rape scene that was traumatizing to me, and I'm a normal male. A victim reading that would be in a little ball on the floor quite quickly.

>> No.21657853

Feel free to say how.

>> No.21657873

That's not true in any sane country or the US.

>> No.21657885

Yep! Even if you earned it through hard work, it's privilege.

>> No.21657937

Zarus doesn't pretend.

>> No.21657966


>Believing white heterosexual males actually do things

Well, besides stealing the ideas of queer feminists and PoC. The entirety of civilization was taken like the rapechild left over from privilege's filthy seed planted in the fertile, unwilling soil of true humanity.

>> No.21659770

You know, all of this crazy stuff would make for a pretty bitching Unknown Armies game.

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