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We're still friends, aren't we, /tg/?

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no. go away. i have a new friend.

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Nah, your just somebody I used to know.

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You're too lewd to be friends with anymore, Xeno. All you tau are too lewd.

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No, I found someone else.

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These guys
Are just playing difficult.

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It's not you, it's me. Specifically, it's the fact that I hate everything about you.

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Fuck off you hipster whore

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Oh. I, um... that's okay. I'm sorry we're not friends anymore. I guess I'll just, uh... I'll be in my tomb.


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Sorry, Xeno, Ive moved on to other tau. Schlick Tau, Party Tau, Survey Tau, The Myr Twins, Racequeen Tau, so many other tau...

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And by a new friend, apparently we mean an old friend who's returned and is just as weird and gross and lovable as she always has.

You've changed Xeno.

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I never liked CC. Or Boone. Or any of Culexis's other waifus like Cuddles.

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Kill yourself while you're at it.

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Robots don't have tears and tau dont have souls, so how the fuck do you even cry.

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It's a trick. Bitch used clear eyes before starting the thread.

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You should all be ashamed of yourselves for making Xeno cry.

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The hell we should be.

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and yet I am not.

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Just noticed that the Deceiver has the same head slit as the Tau.

Tau confirmed to be C'tan spawn

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Shes probably going to try to mindshackle us next and have one of her putrid metal spawn brainfuck us into pitying her, the disgusting scow.

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Of course we're friends, Xeno.

I just don't hang around you much because you always end up accidentally killing your mortal friends.

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Still missing 'Blue'. Well, like so many others, her cherry will pop at some point

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Must be on her period or something.

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>Wanting to fuck Blue

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Do necrons bleed necrodermis on their roboperiods? Or does she just bleed more scarabs?

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That depends.

Are you pleasant to snuggle, or are you cold hard metal?

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She is warm like a radiator. She also causes cancer.

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C-can we work on it?
se can get /diy/ on it...

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>She also causes cancer.
In the sense that her threads usually attract trolls and assorted haters?

Or does she actually emit deadly, deadly radiation?

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No, it's the good kind of radiation, like what gave Spider-Man his powers

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We could have stayed friends xeno if you didn't make so many goddam posts about yourself.

It was cute but it got annoying fast and you are getting what you deserve

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But we only ever see Spider Man in his early 20's.

For all we know, he could have died of cancer by the time he was 40.

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Arent shitty trolls deadly?
So both.

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I don't think anyone's ever done a study on the matter.

We need to expose someone to continuous trolling for an extended period of time and observe the effects.

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I thought that was the purpose of all the constant Xeno threads.

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Arguably 4chan in general has that effect.

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then how do you explain this?!

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I suddenly find myself more inclined to be friends with Xeno.

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It's okay, little Xeno, those who were your friends still are.

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>It's okay, little Xeno, those who were your friends still are.

And this amount to:
0 people

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Now throw mud at her and say she has cooties.

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my dick is raw yet I must fap

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No fapping..

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>say she has cooties.
But she DOES have cooties. She fucking births cooties and then enslaves worlds with them.

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Why is this thread still here?

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Because /tg/ likes making retarded taucron girls try to cry.

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didn't spiderman once kill Mary Jane with his radioactive semen?

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He also turned into a giant spider and gave birth to himself once.

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I think at one point they did show a look into his future where he had a daughter and was missing an arm

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That's the best thing about Blue, you won't catch her muckin' about and crying.

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Did somebody say Spider-Man?

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Yes, >>>/b/

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Because i'm sure somebody said Spider-man

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It's not Xeno's fault she's emotionally inexperienced. The alternative would be homicidal sociopathy.

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>The alternative would be homicidal sociopathy.
You say that like its a bad thing. Blue is absolutely adorable when she gets all killy.

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I'll take Blue's stubborn naivety over Xeno's emotional naivety.

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Come now, we don't need to drag her into this mess of a thread.

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If is not her/its fault if she/it never tried to grow up or, at the very least, try to make friends in a different way then there is only option left.


Therefore, she/it belong to the following places:

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Very true. Blue is adorable in a daughter way, not like Xeno fap-bait.

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An autist, for autists.

Blue is an emotionally grounded individual, for emotionally grounded individuals.

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>Blue is an emotionally grounded individual, for emotionally grounded individuals.
Stop this. Blue isn't some sort of equal and opposite anti-waifu, then she would be just as bad as all that shit you are trying to shove her against. Shes just an orky tau who happens to be a member of the most ridiculous ork tribe since Bludflagg. Not to mention orks are about as grounded as a satellite when it comes to, well, anything.

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I was mostly just trying to bait people, I don't mind Xeno much. I just love the Scraplootas.

I wonder if anyone has ever done a Blue/Xeno crossover.

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So is Clementine.

Didn't stop people from making porn of her, though.

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Its just that I saw some try to derail a cultist chan thread with Scraplootas as well as this one and I really don't want them to get ruined by spamfaggotry like that GET IN THE BAG joke already has been.
>I wonder if anyone has ever done a Blue/Xeno crossover.
None besides that picture and some of Xeno Adventure as far as I know.

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more to the point, is there porn?

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I'll shut up then.

Didn't realise about the other threads, the only reason I may have derailed threads like these in the past is because I think actually decent OC like Scraplootas deserve discussion more than endless Xeno circlejerks.

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Guys, were you being mean to Xeno?

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/tg/, please keep better track of your mascots.


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Aaaaaa but I didn't want to bother with going to /co/ today.

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Confound it, you kids stay off my lawn!

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Did someone say lewd tau?

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Awww yiss. I was pissed when Shwig deleted his thread once someone else started participating. More lewd taus!

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I'd start a lewd 40k drawthread if I weren't so damn tired.

Also, you fa/tg/uy are a tad to kinky for my taste.

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tg soon will have me.

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Dammit, Xeno, you see what you did?

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who are you?

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Come back, tiny Xeno!

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(busty) Bump!

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Xeno is not lewd!
And her hair is not like that!

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Facing the wrong way.

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of course we are Xeno. And anybody who says otherwise is evil.

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What sort of particles are produced by a waifu/anti-wifu annihilation?

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None, because such a thing is not possible.

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>Large Hardon Collider

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>What sort of particles are produced

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All of your waifus are belong to us.

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You will never take Blue from us, scum!

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/tg/, I require an explanation as to why there are Xeno threads on /co/.

Granted there's only the one Xeno thread on /co/ right now, but it's not the first one I've seen.

and you shut your mouth and bind your hands, we don't need any more of this "waifu" nonsense.

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Xeno ran away from /tg/ to /co/, /tg/ tried to force her back in her hole, /co/ tried to adopt her. Now she got some new drawfaggotry.

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we doing board crossovers or some such again? You know those work out better when the thread doesn't start with talking in character and attempting role play in /co/, right?

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Well, if they can make her not-shit and take her from the current artist/namefag that keeps pushing her at us like a fratboy's dick in a drunk girl, all the more power to them. Worst case scenario, the board that's got to deal with HSG and nigh-daily rage threads regarding DC/Marvel have another stupid thing to annoy themselves with.

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I have no clue what “we” are doing. I'm just sitting back and watching some guy roleplaying as Xeno cause a bunch of tomfoolery.

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Uhm, I could do with a lewd Elf-ear nibbling drawthread right now.

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well ok then... I guess.

can you explain some things to me about this Xeno thing? It's made of metal, right? It is currently inorganic, correct?
How does it defaecate if it is a machine? I'm not asking for how the process works, I'm more so wondering why that's a thing I see so strongly associated with it.

It makes no sense.

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Because Technomancer is a pervert and likes to demean and humiliate women.

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I am so lost.

So we're either talking about a drawfag, a class/character from 40k, or a wizard who does magic with technology.

Magic would explain the constant diaper stuff I always here about anyway.

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The drawfag, obviously.

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I have a feeling you are talking to a wayward from /co/. It might be best to explain everything in detail to him.

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Okay then.
So there is this guy in France who has quite a talent for drawing.
Aaand a metric fuckton of fetishes.
Including Tau girls in general, BDSM, humiliation, amputation, futanari and diapers.
So many people on /tg/ are varying degrees of pissed about him for 'abusing' his creative powers to produce niche pornography, which is occasionally posted on /tg/.
>>21650385 is his work, by the way.

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If you turn out the light and say "Shas'o Tau'quest" three times to a mirror, then Shas will magically appear and murder you and/or explain the complex mythology behind Xeno.

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primarily from /co/, yeah, but I've lurked /tg/ long enough to pick up on a few of the more notable OCs.

I usually try to keep my distance from Xeno because of all the weird crap I hear, but now it seems I'm going to at least need to become a little familiar with what she is.

so it's because of the porn that there's this... resentment I guess you can call it of Xeno.

there must've been a lot of it posted over a long period of time to cause this much of a split in opinions.

He couldn't have just taken it to /d/?

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Man, how do we get Blue the same kind of attention that gets art of her drawn, but avoid the negative attention that plagues Xeno?

>> No.21662303

do it in moderation without spamming and have a fair number of the requests be about other members of the Scraplootas so people will not direct all their focus on her, thus dispersing negative attention that would only be directed at her onto the entire group.

that's how I think you can try and do it.

or ask /co/ when a drawthread is in a good mood.

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There was porn, roleplay circlejerks, daily threads, standard waifuism, massive lore rape for lore sticklers to get mad at, plus the general resentment of quest related anything. The stars just aligned to make Xeno as hateable as possible and at the same time so very likable to some.

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so basically she's the Maggie/Dipper of /tg/.

Got it.

I've seen about three images of that, one of which has already been posted >>21653443

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>so it's because of the porn that there's this... resentment I guess you can call it of Xeno.

Nah, she's just getting on people's nerves.
The thing is, her constant presence and past overexposure, make some people angry.

And he usually does not post his stuff personally on this board, at least not the NSFW stuff.
It's mostly just random guys trolling around.
This pic originaly had white eyes, which were THE HORROR.
Should have kept them.

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I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but that is the fate of all waifus. Either they fade into obscurity after a few months, or last long enough to see themselves spammed and hated.

>hipgers Lord
That's right captcha, that's right.

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Of course we're still friends xeno

Sorry its just life can be a bitch sometimes

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Have to say that would have been the wise move on their front. After all, it's an open secret that most every /d/eviant is also a fa/tg/uy. We come here to discuss games, and go there for... yeah. Also, here's a monstergirl.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

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Has that artist done any other Blue stuff? I really like that.

>> No.21667363

No, but s/he then went on to make their very own human version of Blue.

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>> No.21667467

On their deviant farts page was some human girl adopted by orks.

>> No.21667496

Oh, well that's shit. At least Blue has a vaguely believable backstory.

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>Well, if they can make her not-shit and take her from the current artist/namefag that keeps pushing her at us like a fratboy's dick in a drunk girl, all the more power to them.

I'm sorry /tg/.

I'll stop my attentionwhoring now, I didn't mean widen the rift between you and your ex-waifu /tg/.

No more lewd pics from me.

>> No.21671879

I don't think he's talking about you, I think he believes that the person who roleplays as Xeno is the same person as the runner of Xeno's Adventure, because he uses the same pictures.

But still, don't make Xeno any lewder than she's supposed to be.

>> No.21673354

Awww, I liked your lewd taus. Maybe just dont do lewd Xenos and stick to regular Lewdtau.

>> No.21673432

Hey, I know you're here.

Remember when you said Blueberries are about fun and are not serious business? Well, I guess this thread totally proves you wrong!

>> No.21673466

If anything, it proves my point; by turning it into serious business, blueberry haters ruined it.

Well, not yet, but still.

>> No.21675317

Anon, listen the fuck up. Never. EVER. Let people stop you from drawing lewd things. When you give in, you lose. Get out there and draw the most lewd, suggestive, titillating, saucy, innuendo-full things you can, dammit.

>> No.21675367

I bet you're one of the guys who threw a fit when degrading porn of Xeno was drawn.

>> No.21675385

Diapers are gross, not lewd.

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>> No.21675447

You're gross!

>> No.21675737

Your mom's gross!

>> No.21675875

Your mom's gross, the race of your grandma!

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