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Cultist-chan appreciation thread

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We've had two of these already, please don't overdose /tg/ with cultist chan, otherwise we will all come to hate her

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Really don't like this rendition of Cultist-chan, who does these?

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This, I already hate xeno and despise Taugirls.

I'd at least like cultist chan to remain tolerable.
The art in that picture is so bad, never post it again please.

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Joey Vegas, and i'll be sure to post it every day

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Yeah nice idea but not very good timing.
The collector dumped his whole cultist folder yesterday so tg is pretty tapped out on it

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Cultist is overrated.

I'm more of a fan of this true, Orky waifu.

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>Implying we don't hate her already.

Hell, I don't really like ANY Waifus.

The only one I sort of like is Blue, but that's because of everyone else around her (Scraplootas).

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You do realize that /tg/ has long since overdosed on Cultist? Perhaps you missed it, so were unaware the lack/low amount of her was due to said overdose. Basically, we can't have nice things because we run them into the ground.

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Not even slaanesh!?

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Fuck, that was meant to be a spoiler image, the joke sort of fails otherwise.

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No waifus. Apart from the ones with external things like Blue.

Slaanesh is not a waifu.

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Talking about Cultist chan. Have her story went any further?

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Never will.

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She doesn't HAVE one.

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Then is like warhammer

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Then why I'm crying?

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Has the waifu-fad finally died? Can we get back to the good old days of funny and interesting OC?

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Slaanesh's great!
I just don't get why everyone is so fixated on the 'sexual deviancy' aspects, while completely ignoring the fact that it's also the god of such delightful things as politicians, clergy and lawyers.

Or better yet, combine them. Imagine a Keeper of Secrets in a suit, serving subpoenas.

But all those drugs, spiked dildos, breasts on top of breasts and tentacles are seriously getting old.

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waifus are immortal

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To be honest GW was the main driving force in the distiling of all the chaos gods down to the their simplest forms.

Slaanesh - Sex
Khorne - mindless violence
Tzeentch - Magic
Nurgle - Poop jokes

Well okay Nurgle was always kind of a one direction god but the other 3 should have many different aspects.

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I don't mean that as a slight against Nurgle, the whole stagnation aspect makes it fit really well.

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>god of politicians

>not Tzeentch

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>Keeper of Secrets
>Changer of Ways
I'd say they both have something going on there.

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Well see that is a difficult one.

You have two types of politician, the ones wanting to get into power who will change their allegance at the drop of a hat...and then you have the ones who already have a name for themselves, or some power, and are willing to abuse it at all costs to gorge themselves on every last thing they can eek out of their position.

Of course there is also a middle ground.

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Have you seen the American Senate and Congress? They're textbook Obstructionists, serving Nurlge to fight any kind of change be it forward, backward or a lateral

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Why would GW try to make Slaanesh just about sex when they're afraid of even showing a single tit (unless it's on a monstrous, clearly non-humanoid beast)?

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What I totally would like to see are chaos legions who are totally....
It is bit hard for me to explain.
What about chaos legions actually encompassing the positive aspects vehemently.
Like.... a chaos legion who are like Kenshiros on steroids.
Or a nurgle legion going full on unicef, but getting shit actually done, conquering the hearts of the living in the name of Nurgle and last shred of humanity.
Or a Tzeentchian , Slaaneshii...
You get what I mean?
No, the gods would actually nod in agreement as they spread the positive aspects.

Haha, as if.

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I miss the old daemonettes.

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Isnt Slaanesh more of a waifbando?

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chainsaw strap on wearing christian soccer moms.

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The think is that he dirrerence between positive and negitave examples of their aspects is mostly scale. For example, Nurgle's bit is that he loves life. A moderate example of loving life would be going around healing people. But when you take that love to an extreme, and love ALL life equally, well, why would you go and murder all those poor microbes? There's plenty of room for passangers in there, once you tweak the body a little, and the rot's no big deal, right? It's just all your little friends showing their love to you.
All things can be good in moderation, but are always negitive takn to their extreme. And Chaos is all about extremes.

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>funny and interesting
>not a waifu
u wot m8? havin a giggle there?

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Then if he loves everybody to the extreme, why doesn't nurgle go out his/her way to research a way that will end in a symbiotic win/win/win situation?
The microbes are loved? Okay, then give them a home.
People rot?
Make the bodycells undergo a symbiosis with the microbes so they both live happy And content without rot.

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Actuuallly, the gods are truly NOT representing themselves.
Lazy they are. Lazy.

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But that would be change. And while we were doing that, there are so many poor microbes without homes that had to suffer alone. We can't just leave them like that! We can just welcome our little friends into our bodies and let them get settled. A little pain is a fair trade for helping all our little friends. Papa Nurgle likes it when we help our friends, he gives us gifts as thanks for our love and keeps us alive so we can be a home for his plagues, so we can spread the love to others.

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