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So let me get this straight: The navigational computers in Imperium battleships look like church organs and instead of speakers, have robotic cherubs. Computers are also giant brass and copper contraptions powered by gears.
But before the long night, everything was super sleek and shiny crystal and glass based shit. What the hell happened?

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Powered by incense and prayers entered into the DOS window

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Emps died and the top heads of the Imperium decided he should be a god.

Going against everything Big E believed in.

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Praise be to the Omnissiah.

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And here comes the very reason we are stuck in a Dark Age of Low Technology.
If these Martian retards stopped hoarding everything and put those thrice-damned STC archives on Mars to some use - even ignoring everything else - we would have beaten everyone and everything back to the galactic fringes millenia ago.

But no, they gotta keep it all!
Fuck the Treaty of Olympus, and fuck the technofetishists who signed it!

'Allied power' or no, the Adeptus Mechanicus are, by their damning inaction, the greatest enemy Mankind as a whole has - more so because they pretend otherwise.

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In their defense, the higher-ups are quite insane and possibly devoted to some alien entity, but who knows if that's even a thing anymore.

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They can't use AI assisted systems and the really fancy stuff takes centuries to build.

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Rule of cool. Sleek shapes and practicality have nothing on space cathedrals servo skulls and cherubs.

although then fluff justifies it as before the rise of the IoM mankind pretty much dominated the galaxy but them fucked around with ai and as the cloche goes the computrons turned on their human masters and pretty much destroyed everything.
Couple this with chaos sticking its beak in everywhere and innovation occurs at a very slow and cautious pace. Then the respect for technology developed into the cult of the omnissiah so fiddling with something in an unorthodox way could not only be dangerous but also heretical.
So if you want a new lighting fixture or really anything in terms of technology, its easier to use sanctified and reliable equipment and then just tweak it to your new needs instead of building something completely new from the ground up.

But mostly rule of cool
The Omnissiah directs our footsteps along the path of knowledge. Praise be to the Omnissiah

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It is kind of retarded how were supposed to believe the computers work

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If the same could be said of the leaders of the Administratum, or Ecclessiarchy, they'd be purged already.

No, that is no defence - if anything, it's a condemnation. They should have been cleansed by bolter shell and promethium fire ten millenia ago, before they became as entrenched as they are now.

If the Mechanicum falls, or Emperor protect, turns traitor, there no longer is anyone to replace them.
It would be the Heresy come again, only without any balance of forces.

And given how structured their hierarchy is, if a Magus goes traitor, so do his subordinates.

Should the Dragon wake? Those self-same networks keeping Mars in touch with other forge worlds can just as well serve to subvert them.
Right now, the whole of mankind is at the mercy of an alien power without knowing that doom hangs overhead.

This cannot stand. Action has to be taken! A solution found!

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>complaining about lack of realism
>in 40k

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Reposting this so everyone can have the mechanicum feels:

Go to "Why is everything so grimdark" part. There you will find the feels.

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People always badmouth the Mechanicus, all the time, but the ungrateful fools don't know what kind of shit they have to deal with.

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Rod logic isn't exactly bullshit; and the computational speed exhibited in the novels is quite good. Futuristic, even.

40k just prioritises radiation resistance and durability over getting the maximum clock cycles.

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>People always badmouth the Mechanicus
Wat. /tg/ fucking loves the AdMech. Unless you meant in-universe badmouthing, then you're spot on.

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Not really. In-universe, everyone that respects the cogpriests will shut their filthy flesh-mouths when they are in their presence.
The ones that don't have bad things coming their way, never before proven so vigorously as with the Soul Drinker novels.

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> Computers are also giant brass and copper contraptions powered by gears

some times, typically they're atom scale crystal stacks who's computing power is measured in kilo-brains.

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The divinity of the god emperor, your comments smell of heresy and idleness liable to breed more heresy.

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this, most 40k tech can be expected to last centuries-millenniums of use. On of the named ships in BFG (Diving Right I believe it was) is ~14,000 years old and still going strong.

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Why is a sleep shape helpful in space?

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I thought ships were pretty much huge gothic cathedrals even before Emps died?

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they where somewhat. but not as much. What are now the Chaos ships are the pre-heresy designs. Around the time of the Heresy the Grand cruiser style ships where new and are a transitional "form" between the old style and the new post-heresy design the imperium uses now.

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Solar winds.

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really that wouldn't be much of an issue for ships to deal with.
It hasn't effected current space probe designs (other than attempts to make sail powered craft)

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Even in interstellar space there are small amounts of Hydrogen that will slow ships down, of course this only matters on voyages many light years long. Another rationale could be sloped armor.

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