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Painting & fluff thread?

so I have been thinking about grey knights, and how like they are uncorruptable. WEll, maybe the reason is because they have this super cool mind-link ability with each other? but that means if evenm one of them falls, then thety all fall to choas right?

So with that in minds I started on my fallen grey knights. basically what happen is one of them was corrupted and like The Domino's Effect an entire strike group was corrupted.


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in the fluff, not a single GK has ever fallen to chaos.
sage for being an idiot

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sigh. Oh boy, more special snowflake BUT WE FELL grey knights.

Grey Knights don't fall because they are brain washed far beyond what even normal space marines are.

Also the /tg/ fan theory is that if a grey knight is corrupted, the hexagrammic wards imprinted on his bones (canon) make him burst into flames (not canon but awesome)

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My brain is hemorrhaging, the power of chaos is string in you and your grey knights.

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What an awful paint scheme.

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It does need some contrasting colors.

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I do like the power weapon effects ALOT.

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I know this will mostly devolve into a fallen grey knights thread.

However - would Iron Warriors use bikes? Why or why not?

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They do have wards engraved on their bones. They sure as hell aren't for protecting the Grey Knight, because by the time a daemon in touching your bones, it is too late for protection. And all those wards on the armour for keeping things needs be just as good for keeping things in. There's something going on there.

But I made it up back in old Daemonhunters, when the Grey Knights hadn't fallen despite heinous temptations and it was an accomplishment, instead of them not falling because they are MAGICAL SPACE FAIRIES. Ward's shit-arse knights wouldn't need that because they have THE POWER.

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Yeah, to patrol the borders of their strongholds

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Just popping into say:

Justicar Alaric

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Fallen Ward Knights?

Sure, why not!

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Yes. There are pictures of Iron Warrior bikers, and it makes sense for scouting enemy lines or going in for quick attacks at weak points.

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Would an Iron Warriors lord ever ride a bike or is terminator armor pretty much his only MO?

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Iron Warriors have a tendency to go crazy for SIEGAN and SMASH'AN but terminator armour is incredibly rare for even Traitor Legions and bikes are useful. So unless he's even crazier than most Chaos Marines, just hates bikes, or doesn't feel they're useful, there's no reason he couldn't lower himself to use one to get into the fray.

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I ask because I am reading Seige of Castellax and I really like the Iron Warriors in this book.

That said I've already bought my 1500 point CSM list and it makes use of bikers (7) + a lord on bike.

So I am trying to figure out if they'll fit in an IW theme or if I should go back to the drawing board and come up with my own homebrew renegade group.

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Iron Warriors were compared to World Eaters when they assaulted. Even Khorne its the only mark the use in the fluff.Thats because the masters of siege should, you know, break the defenses and enter somewhere at some point, after all the building shit. With great fury, they finally gets to the enemy position in blood and fire. Just picture this:

>A group of Vindicators finally blew a nice hole in the stronghold. Through the smoke, some cultists and slaves, who dying by docens had carried ramps throug the battlefield, fearing the enemy batteries less than their unmerciful masters are putting the ramps on the hole. While the defenders are recovering themselves for the heavy fire and explosions, through the smoke the the chaos lord makes his appearance. He awaited this. He wanted to open that goddamn clam and eat the flesh inside. He wanted to reap and tear the armor and unleash his fury upon the body of his enemy. Leading a big group of bikes and thirsty for blood, the Iron Warriors Lord is finally inside the fortress. The slaughter begins.
Its 40k, silly-mad-max-war-motorbykes are cool and used, no matter how stupid. Period.

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10/10 op

also nice paint job.

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>10,000 posts and gorrillion posts omitted. Click reply to view.

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While I don't think the matter's ever really been brought up in fluff, bikes (and Raptors for that matter) don't strike me as particularly Iron Warrior-y. I'm no expert on the Legion though, so I might be wrong. In any case, you could always say they're mercenaries or warriors from a defeated rival warband who now serve the Iron Warriors, since it's quite common for elements of different Legions and Chapters to work together.

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By the way, if you haven't already, get some Khorne Berserkers. Those bits are gold for Iron Warriors. Chainaxes (pre-heresy answer to assault squad chainswords), chestplates that have that Iron Warrior feel once you shave off the Khorne symbols, and helmets that are perfect Iron Warriors with a little cutting of the bunny-ears.

The gladiator T-visor head can make a good basis for greenstuffing a Mk II helmet on the cheap. Cut off the ears, shave off the sides of the faceplate under the visor or just greenstuff in the space in between the eyeslits and you have a Mk II helmet knock-off that looks the part.

Also, Skull-helmets. Cut off the goofy teeth, greenstuff the jaw area to vertical lines. Legion-style helmet, much?

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Old fluff (read: the birdlike) Raptors were said to come from all of the Traitor Legions. And Iron warriors do have assault squads.

There are canon pics of bikers from the RPG sourcebooks and Collected Visions.

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>Grey Knights don't fall because they are brain washed

So you are saying, the warp and chaos that can materialize the unimaginable, isn't capable of altering some brain washed brains?


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> itsmagicidontgottaexplainshit.gif

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Awesome, I'll pick up a box or two next time I visit my FLGS.

So far I have

4 10 man Chaos Marine Squads (mostly unbuilt, I've finished one squad with 2 plasma guns).

3 Mauler/Forgefiends - 1 is has been built into a dual lasher tendrils Mauler

8 Bike Models - unbuilt.

The list I initially had drawn up (and have had quite a deal of success with) is 4 10 mans, 2x Plasma Each, 2 Lasherfiends, 7 bikes + 2 Melta Guns, Champ with P. Weapon + Bombs, and finally a Lord with Axe/Black Mace, Bike, 4++, Melta Bombs

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Nice. Personally, I'd try and haggle for the new Chosen as they're just incredible, and buy assault marine bitz/repose the 4e chaos marine legs, but I'm a bit neurotic about squatting marines. The Khorne berserkers are actually running and look decent with some reposing. Chaos Warriors from fantasy are also okay for Iron Warriors with a more savage feel. You can cut the studs off the icons you aren't using and glue them to your marines for STUUUUUDDDSSS. Very carefully.

There's a helmet in the chaos marine box with a skull in between and a huge speaker grille. Cut away the skull and horns, replace the horns with another set about the same size (try the head with the stupid spiky ork jaw for disposable horns) and greenstuff the gap. It'll look Iron-warrior'y and much better.

Grey Knights helmets work for Iron Warriors, even if they look a bit ornate. Their power weapons look fairly preheresy too, especially falchions that would make good power swords.

Black Templar upgrade sprues have useful bits for PREHERESY and CHAINS CHAINS EVERYWHERE. Just be careful when slicing off the templar crosses.

Not too experienced about the actual gameplay but can't see anything stupid there.

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Bolters...if you can get vanilla marine bits from someone, try to get their bike boltguns. Glue the clip-bit of a normal bolter on and you have a decent preheresy boltgun.

Cut away part of the bit between the grip and the clip and your boltgun is suddenly much more compact.

Spikes from the chaos chainsword grips work just as well on boltguns.

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What are you? 10?
Or just a 40 year old man child?

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What about a unit of Chaos marines who realize the errors of the way, then get sentenced by an imperial judge to do 500 hours of community service, then get inducted into the ranks of the Grey Knights since they're already really in the know about Chaos. Maybe they even have phone numbers for their old chaos warlord buddies.

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Please stop trying to troll. It's embarrassingly obvious.

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> clip
Brace for /k/ shitstorm

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Shitty plot filled with plot holes written by someone that obviously havent done much research on how brain washing works. All lapped off the ground by some fan boy that is willing to take in anything GW shits out.
While calling someone that speaks facts and logic a troll?

One day Eldrad took a shit and the ship travelled through the warp way and ends up in the emperor's brain. Now all IOM are actually controlled by Eldrad.
Its all true, Eldar magic, aint gotta splain shit

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I always wondered, whats those little pieces of paper on Space Marine armor with the red stamp?
Proof of purity? An award? A "I am a Space Marine " License?

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I do have the new chosen as well (all of a Dark Vengeance actually) there are some pieces I know I'll be using for sure out of that kit.

I didn't think about the WoC helms, fortunately I play WoC in WHFB so I've got plenty of spare bits laying around for them. I'll probably plunder some weapons as well since they have some nice melee weapons.

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>hey u guys i just made a story where darth sidious is on the light side isn't it awesomes?

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Have you never seen the picture this guy is referencing? Its a long running /tg/ gag.

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They're called purity seals. Basically they're that space marines vows and demonstrations of his righteousness. I think they evolved from Oaths of the Moment.

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>Awesome, I'll pick up a box or two next time I visit my FLGS.
I earnestly suggest thinking twice about it. The Berserker boxes are REALLY dated, speaking as someone who owns 32 of the buggers.

The new Raptors however, fit right in with the DV chosen, and are -packed- with usable bits that you can mix in with your regular marines.

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>Its embarrassingly obvious

>Not seeing the joke
>Acting all superior

HAHA, what a sperglo... WAIT. Is your sage a joke? Am I the sperglord?

And then John was the demons.

No, seriously, I dont know how is being serious anymore.

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Guys, how can I fluff my Tau so they that they break away due discovering Old One tech and husks of Slaan that can mind control them?

On a side note for my Daemon army, how can I fluff an Orchestra themed Tzeentch army?

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Honestly I'm buying them just for bits. I'm psyched about the raptors, that said I don't actually like the overall look of the new chosen. There are pieces I love (bolter loading tentacles, amazing weapons, etc) but I dislike the bones (or what appears to be ribbing) on the models themselves.

I may add a box of the new raptors to boot while I'm there. I'm fairly fortunate in that disposable income for me is quite high so I can basically just snag whatever I want/need whenever I hit up my FLGS.

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My World Eaters army worships Nurgle

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>Also the /tg/ fan theory is that if a grey knight is corrupted, the hexagrammic wards imprinted on his bones (canon) make him burst into flames (not canon but awesome)

Imprint said wards into the cranium of every baby born in the imperium as part of the neonatal care. Bam! The inquisition is now obsolete.

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Every time someone posts Iron Warriors, I find it so difficult to stick to Night Lords.

But after playing IG I'm tired of tanks n artillery, so I'm good. Also, I suck at non-metallic metals.

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I'm fairly certain its a fairly superhuman ordeal and probably pretty expensive to boot to have said wards engraved.

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Dated just means you go heavy on the greenstuff. New raptors are neat, but could be so much better.

The berserkers oldschool backpacks are still okay for modern marines with a little creative replacement of the vents, the heads are conversion gold, the legs aren't squatting, and the chestpieces and bitz are decent.

Start cutting on them- mixing them with spare chaos bitz is the way to go, and some of the heads/limbs/weapons just need to be replaced. Bones are easy to cut off though.

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So far I've salvaged the power axe and power fist guys (even if I have no plans at current to use them). The toughest one is going to be the champ since he's cradling his helm, I'm thinking I'll have to cut that entire arm off.

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I found that out of the bunch, the Powerfist guy was the best looking in the bunch.

>> No.21646987

My main point is that the scaling of the Berserkers is a little off when compared to the plastic chaos marine kit. And you'll be getting more spare bits (that are in scale!) in the Raptor kit.

By all means grab a box of zerks to check them out, but aside from a few choice pieces there's not much in the kit.

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Was wondering- is that helmet salvageable or is part of it missing in the hand? The mace is good, head looks decent, and that overall looks like a good "leader" for an army or squad.

The boltermahreen with the Mk IV head- have you considered filling in the gap in the middle of the helmet or leaving it as is?

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Haven't noticed scale issues myself, but you want berserkers for bitz and not assembling them as whole mahreens anyway. haven't seen new raptors yet but the stupid airvents on the helmets have soured me on their headpieces, and they have (okayish) jetpack straps on the chests. Backpacks are good for preheresy assault mahreens, legs have promise for standing marines.

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>is that helmet salvageable
with a bit of careful scalpel work, yeah. You'll need to rebuilt the left hose with some GS, or otherwise cover it up

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I'd just like to point out
>build upon it by playing along

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The air vents annoy me as well. For the champ I risked shaving them and the helmet looked a thousand times better afterward.

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Heh, doing a similar thing.

The original plan was just doing grey knights covered in SoB blood but then I thought what if there wasn't any Sisters on hand?
So I'm working on a small GK force that Wasn't covered in blood.

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