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Last thread

Lets keep these train a going.

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Thread number three... and I have just under 1/4th of the folder left?

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Beep Boop

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Can't remember the last time I had to go into a third thread...

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Oh yeah! I remember this one... Saved it to prove a point...

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Jesus Christ. I saved a Cultist Pony?

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^What I said there.

Just want you to know you're a beloved member of /tg/ Collector, and, like Mr. Rage, are not fucktards.

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Lots of stuff I've never seen.

And the pony was inevitable.

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Why is this one in my... Oh yes, the ball.

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Well thank you very kindly for that! Gives me a feeling of satisfaction, to know my work is appreciated.

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Cuddles and Cultist I recognise, who's the nurse?

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Nurse Verity. The Gnoll and the Human are the same character.
Funny accent, tormented Gnollbard.

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Another old avatarfag, nurse Verity.

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What was the name of the Sister again?

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For the sake of completeness... I know the MLP drawfriends are completely isolated from the drawfags of /tg/, so just thought I'd toss in my bit.

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I WANT to say Bethany. Could be wrong though.

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What the ever loving fuck.

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Oh goody, another pony.
Oh well, that's three new pictures.

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Good to know you yet live.

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What do we have here? A /co/ crossover?

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OH SHIT! Gnollbard! I was just talking about you!
Whoops, meant to post THIS one.

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And another!

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OH SHIT! Getting into the named ones! I might be able to finish this within the hour after all!

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Just though you'd like to know that we're still here and still watching, Collector, keep doing that you do best.

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What I do best... Work dead end retail jobs?

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who the fuck let cultist get drunk?

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I see!

I would like to say, once again, I miss all of your old threads.

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Bad Decision Dinosaur

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There isn't a whole lot to collect anymore GB. Not many new things for old collections, and I'm not a fan of a lot of these new OCs.
But I'll probably be here forever.

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I actually meant post all the pictures.
But I guess that works too.

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More of a hobby/obsession really, but I'm glad you're enjoying it, I know I do.

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I understand. And this isn't the place for -those- sort of threads, either...

But, dread not, I'm sure our day will come again.

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someone should really stop letting him make bad decisions.

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Like a Tubby, Neckbeard-y Phoenix!

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>Rated F for F.A.T.A.L.
Someone should really do a F.A.T.A.L. mod for the FFG 40k games.

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I see a few coming up that have been posted already...

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Oh wow. I just said to myself "Oh wow, that's a really good picture! I should save that!" Idiort.

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The Fanseer is mai waifu

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It's part of his charm.

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So uh

that rar holds everything you got? or is there more that has lots more pictures?

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I'm not The Collector, so I wouldn't know.

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Perhaps... the mod did say they were always welcome on /b/~

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What's her story anyway?

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The Mediafire link I put up?
It's all my Cultist, save the three pictures I got fresh from these threads.

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HERP, meant >>21635142

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meant that for another post, sorry man

awesome, any chance you got any more packs out there?

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First one of this series was posted first thread.

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The Mediafire is new to me, but I have my Jubblowski and Cata-chan up too.

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She likes orks. Like, a lot. She thinks along the lines of Uthan (see pic) in that orks are simplicity perfected and personified. Basically, shes an absolute orkaboo.

Shes also related to Scraploota stuff and acts as a business contact for them, pointing the Scraplootas towards any fight that would benefit her craftworld for what she claims is wholly pragmatic reasons, but she really does love to see orks in action. Because of her massive earboner for all things ork, she is jealous and intrigued and maybe even a little aroused by the presence of Blue since Blue is closer to the orks than she can ever hope to be.

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I see... Alright, I kinda dig it, I run Orks myself.

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.... Fuck, I have an incredibly hard boner right now.

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Has anyone ever told you would make a very interesting changeling the lost NPC?

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No, but I have had people turn me into mysterious figures in mythology.
Feel free to use me in a game if you'd like.

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Goddamnit, I adore that picture...

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You are now going to be an NPC in my game as well, along with Geld Ling, the castrated Asian shopkeeper. Feel lucky.

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It's a real good one.
Awesome, you'll have to tell me about it.

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The faceless magpie king, you might even be plot relevant.

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... hope I'm not a bad guy...
Or at least not TOO evil.

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Fuck, that last panel got me.

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LOT of Christmas pictures I'm realizing.

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A purely neutral party, of course. After all, you're just a collector.

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Its kinda impressive how inventive those threads with little more than an offshoot of a tau slave wat do thread and some rolls from a kustom tribe ork chart.
They ded 'ard muscles, the raw power, the absolute abandon with which they shout a throaty WAAAGH, who wouldnt be an orkaboo?

And lets not forget those impossibly big, broad ears they all sport so proudly.

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The Grandpa cameo in this one always gets me.

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Groovy. Can't wait to hear how the party reacts.

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True Neutral guy with a scrying ball who hangs out at a Druid Enclave. The druids make bangin cider and whiskey. You'll be just fine. They'll go to you to get maps and shit.

Tree tower, made out of crows and magpies. and Trees.

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You guys flatter me.

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Don't expect anything any time soon, but I promise to post a thread about it on /tg/.

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AND the Andrew Sisters? Pandora, you spoil me!

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Hey, it's all gravy. Take your time.

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We are heading into the home stretch folks!
I wanna say a thank you to all you guys and gals who've stuck it out these last... 6 hours.

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Hey, we have been having fun, that's what counts here.

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Alright, it's 4AM, but I can push back the time I wake up for a bit. We WILL finish this!

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AH! Here we go! The creepy walking gif!

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So, just for funsies, I'll be making a back pack with a hose attached to my gasmask for the kreiger costume, going to have a radio and Vox equipment inside. Might take me a bit to get it all together, but I'm sure it's going to look spiffy

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Oh sweet, but be careful, it might be hard to breath.

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Oh Collector, it's like you can't help yourself, even if it's terrible.

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I can't. It would be like... Like asking a Magpie not to take a shiny bauble that's just lying around.

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>> No.21635433

I've got that covered, going to slice the mask on the underside. My face is small enough in the mask to make it work.

>> No.21635436

I'll be happy to add the finished costume into the Kriegers folder.

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but, but,but what if the bauble turns out to be plastic? And if the plastic is really just spray painted crap, what then?

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One of these days for sure. Will probably take it to Dragon Con or someplace fancy like that.

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It's... Shiny. I'm not really seeing where the confusion is coming from. Shiny!

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I don't think I've seen this one posted yet.

>> No.21635478

HAHA! YES! I did it, fuck yes I did it!
I hope you've all enjoyed this three thread spanning image dump! It'll... be a while before I have the energy to do Cultist again.
I need to get some sleep tonight, so I'm going to go ahead and crash now. Good night and stay awesome /tg/!

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Ooh, another one. This has been a most profitable evening.
Thanks again everybody!

>> No.21635489

thanks man

any chance of a archive of your culstist stuff before you go please?

>> No.21635492

Bravo Collector!
Have fun tomorrow!

>> No.21635494

Does anyone else picture, like... the BIRD saying all that?

>> No.21635495

Good night you Extra-Heretic. Thanks for posting.

>> No.21635500

Well he IS the Magpie King.

>> No.21635501

there's one in the opening post of this thread.

>> No.21635514

Thank you Collector! Have a great night!

>> No.21635523

Thanks mate.

>> No.21635607

night, and thanks for putting up with my newfaggery in the first thread.

>> No.21635609

thats all cata chan, unless its in another thread

>> No.21635630

4chan Downloader got quite the workout tonight. Thank you, Collector! Sorry I didn't get here earlier to join in the conversation. Maybe next time. One internets to you, sir!

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Thanks for the work collector

Wish we had days where content like this flowed like beer in a dwarfs hall still but sometimes greatness still shines through

The scraplootas was a perfect example of this but sadly like all good things it came to an end and like all great things it came to that end before it wore out it's welcome

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Do you realize the irony of going full circle to posting 40k on /b/? It's why /tg/ was created in the first place.

Actually, constantly spamming /b/ with all of our 40k porn might prove a point.

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Actually, it's your Cata-chan.

>> No.21638390

The proper Mediafire Link. For real

>> No.21638507

/co/ crossover you say?

>> No.21638603

in fact... I didn't see this one posted in any of the threads either...

>inb4 someone comments on Blue being in the pic and not Xeno

>> No.21638707

I can stand it, but more importantly, why are those four other useless OCs in the picture instead of other waifus?

>> No.21638893

LOL Why does Khorne look like Shredder and Brak had a fucking lovechild ?

>> No.21638906

I'm not seeing it
it's just a marine armor with shredder's helmet.

>> No.21638962

THink it's the teeth

>> No.21638981

Not him but now I see it. Its the teeth and general shape of the head.

>> No.21638991

I dunno what made me see it , but I'm still laughing. Fuck I miss Space ghost.

>> No.21639002

Im imagining everything Khorne says to be in Brak's voice now, so I am too.
Zorak's voice is Slannesh

>> No.21639020

Brak's dad could be Tzeentch. Maybe Moltar for Nurgle , he has a death guard look anyways.

>> No.21639035

Space Ghost himself is the voice be Big E.

>> No.21639050

Rolled 9


>> No.21639080

Hey there sweetcheeks, wanna see why they call me the god of pleasure?

>> No.21639100

because /tg/ isn't /a/.

I was thinking that too.

>> No.21639160

Bombat racing , I dont wanna play Bombat racing !

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>> No.21639571

>> No.21640274

The best Slaanesh, period.

>> No.21640324

Why the hell is Sir Bearington in plate armor?

He's a Rogue.

>> No.21640348

It was /co/ who did the drawing. They missed a few nuances of several characters on there, like tau biology in general.

>> No.21640351

How dare you speak ill of Sir Bearington?! Everyone knows he is the most noble of knights!

>> No.21640408

He's a knight in the "got a formal title for being great" sense, not the "rides into battle on a horse in full plate armor" sense.

>> No.21640479

because the reference given was this, which came from /tg/.

>> No.21641481

>It was /co/ who did the drawing. They missed a few nuances of several characters on there, like tau biology in general.
What about Tau Biology? Or is the Blue Grot a Tau gone orky and I never knew?

>> No.21641507

Well, yeah, even I can tell that's kinda the point of the character and hell I never even heard about her existence until recently.

>> No.21641508

>What about Tau Biology? Or is the Blue Grot a Tau gone orky and I never knew?
<actually just took a good look at said Grot> oh wow... why didn't I see that before...

>> No.21641575

>is the Blue Grot a Tau gone orky and I never knew?
Thats...kinda her whole deal, man.

>> No.21641784

that was the very first picture I ever saw of her. She was so tiny that I honestly thought she was just small, rule 63'd grot painted blue for some reason. So yeah. I'm oblivious.

>> No.21641842

>that was the very first picture I ever saw of her
It was also one of the very first pictures of her. The hooves and /tg/s tauboner should have tipped you off, too.

>> No.21641857

how did she even find that thong?

>> No.21641924

Looted thong. You could say she...lewdted it.

>> No.21642110


>> No.21642479

I missed the 2nd thread but i didn't see this image so here it is in the intrest of comprehensiveness

>> No.21645209

oh, you missed the /d/ thread for all the NSFW stuff

>> No.21645645


>> No.21645693

I was informed today that, in my sleep deprived haze, I posted the wrong mediafire links.
I wish to apologize for that and fix it.

>> No.21645811

Do you have the one where Boreale tells Leandros that "The Codex Astartes names this maneuver Steel Rain"?

>> No.21647190

little late to the party, but ill dump my folder too.

>> No.21647198

>> No.21647207

>> No.21647215

Everyone knows the rape train has no breaks!

>> No.21647216

>> No.21647226

>> No.21647235

>> No.21647241

>> No.21647247

>> No.21647257

>> No.21647267

>> No.21647272

>> No.21647282

>> No.21647291

>> No.21647294

>> No.21647306

>> No.21648305

New Thread >>21648252

>> No.21651524

The internet has brought me to depths I would never have would have reached on my own. Cata-chan and Cultist-chan? I would never have dreamed of fapping to this three years ago.

Sometimes I think I prefer this to "real" porn

>> No.21651575

Wow I just realized that my new girlfriend looks a lot like cutlist-chan. What the fuck have you done to me, /tg/?

>> No.21651600

Get her to cosplay.

>> No.21651637

I just might.

>> No.21651659

Ain't those teeth causing a bit of trouble during certain... activities?

>> No.21651665

I'm sure more than a few of us would appreciate it if you took some pictures.

>> No.21651696

I'll see what I can do. She's definitely not adverse to having nudes on the Internet, so a bit of cosplay should be fine. She might think it's retarded though because she doesn't care about games or anything.

... who has given you head and used teeth?

>> No.21651724

>not liking a bit of teeth now and again
If she doesn't use teeth on her own I'll damn well tell her to.

I'm not that guy though.

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