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Just how big are 40kships really?

I want a once-and-for-all statement.

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Depends on the class of the ship.

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Any vessel large enough to be considered a distinct unit, and not a sub-unit belonging to some greater vessel, is measured in kilometers.

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Ok, to put things in perspective, think of the second Normandy from Mass Effect.

Remember how big that ship was? Yeah?

Well in the Imperium, the Normandy is only as big as a space-bomber.

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Ranging from anything from a very large ocean cargo ship to the size of small cities.

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Nigga the ammunition for an Imperial Ship is larger than the Normandy.

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hopefully this helps

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Only the planet fucking weapons, my lord.

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>Any questions?
Yeah, do people live in the angel ornaments?

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Nah that's pure decoration that just demonstrates how powerful the Imperium is and how much resources it can muster to build a ship of that scale.

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So how large are Craftworlds?

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Those flags are huge. Do you think there's a factory world devoted simply to making the cloth required to drape over space ships for the Imperium?

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The bigger ones are the size of large moons.

The smaller ones might only be a few hundred miles.

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We have forgeworlds for that...

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Seems like an even stupider than usual use of resources for the Imperium.

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There's probably more than one.

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>implying captains don't go "pff, fuck that" and let crew bunk in the already hollow angels.

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Here is some figures from No Know Fear.

'The Aegis of Occluda catches fire, all seven kilometres of it, in its ship cradle.
The battleship Spirit of Konor, seventeen kilometres long and one of the most powerful warships in the fleet of the Five Hundred Worlds, ignites, and then vanishes as critical damage compromises its power plants and vast munitions stockpiles.
The grand cruiser Antrodamicus, twelve kilometres from bow to stern, falling backwards into the atmosphere from its ruptured drydock in a cloud of micro-debris, falling slowly and majestically, like a mountainside collapsing.
Macragge’s Honour. Twenty-six kilometres of polished ceramite and steel armour.

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It's just the tip of the iceberg.

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I mean, I can understand planets getting lost. Empires a big place, and it can happen by accident. But someone, somewhere, someone with a lot of power, decided that ships should be decked out with kilometer long banners. This just seems actively stupid.

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Large moons is kind of a vague measurement.

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choose one. You don't get into 40k just for the grim, but also for the derp, you can't have one without the other.

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The Imperium waste a lot of their resources.

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Nah, the crew would stay away from places like that.

Those kinds of places would be part of a ships 'Lost Decks'.
Entire tribes of feral cannibals that descended from escaped slaves make their homes in sections like that.

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No, I get that the imperium is stupid. Truly I do, which is why I qualified that statement with the part: "stupider than usual". I just didn't comprehend the true depths of stupidity the Imperium of Man has sunk to until I saw kilometer long banners.

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there are never enough banners, angels, and decorations to venerate the emperor.
I know it's because these ships are stupid huge, but the concept of savages living on your ship because it's just too goddamn big is friggin' hilarious

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You have to remember not all ships have that. The Emperor Class is extremely rare, I think there's 7 or 8 remaining in the Imperium. They're the flagships of fleets so expect them to be suitably blinged out.

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Dude, people have forgotten how technology works and are just copying blueprints over and over. There is no logic anymore when an entire race is run by a corpse and you have to break out the incense to change a light bulb.

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in the IG codex it states that the Death Korps sat around shelling a rebellious hive city for 5 years after all signs of life had stopped. The resources of the imperium are both retardedly vast and retardedly ill-used often times.
even though that's a flagship, even the smaller ships have bling and whatnot

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> run by a corpse

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Yeah, the Imperium is supposed to be parody of extreme national pride and fascism. Having vanity projects like kilometer long banners makes sense in that context.

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Its an Empire of a Million Words.

It can do whatever the shit it likes

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It's all kinda like a dystopian episode of Doctor Who.

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>Large moons is kind of a vague measurement.

Intentionally vague. Exact figures have never been given for a craft-world as far as I know.

But several pieces of fluff have compared them in size to large moons.

Our own is fairly large in proportion to the size of our planet. When 40k writers talk about moons that will most often be what they are using for reference.

Unless stated otherwise, I'd guess larger craft-worlds are about the size of our moon.

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The doctor does show up in one of the old 1st or 2nd edition missions.

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that assumes that the angels are hollow, in 40k that is not to be assumed.

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I like to think that Cypher is the Doctor.

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Nah, cypher's just a gigantic tro-

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A few more from KnF.

'Cut in half, the nine kilometre-long cruiser Antipathy vanishes in a ripple of rapidly expanding heat and light as its drives detonate, and six thousand lives disappear with it.

The Gladius, a four-kilometre-long escort from the Saramanth Wing, serially detonates as it draws clear of its slipway, its armoured hull sectioned and chewed apart by internal explosions.

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Smallest Warp-cabable ships the Imperium has (discounting some super-special Archeotech ships the Inquisition might have access to) are around 300-500 meters long, comparable in size to really big real-life ships (supertankers and such). Cruisers are typically around 5 kilometers long, and battleships 10-15 km. Even small ships have several thousand crew members, while the largest have hundreds of thousands. Incidentally, the crew densities of Imperial ships are actually comparable to modern military ships, they're just much bigger as the ships are fuckhuge. Vast majority of the crew will be menials and indentured servants (the Imperium isn't very big on automations; automated loading systems cost more than havign a few hundred slaves haul a macrocannon shell in place).

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>9 km long
>6000 crew
How in blazes do they manage that? Hell, modern supercarriers have almost that much

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i assume they are not counting servitors.

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This is pre-heresy, the ships are more automated then post heresy.
Plus, it is a ship of the Ultramarine Legion, so better crew conditions then Imperial Navy Ships.

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iirc, a lot of the lack of automation stuff is because they haven't recovered STC for it. There was something in one of the books about how Imperium tech was really unbalanced because of STC discoveries, and it used the example of warships having Gellar fields and stellar navigation systems on par with most other races, but their guns were still hauled into place by chains and slaves.
most ships dont utilize as many servitors as slaves, but since >>21634736 said it was pre-heresy ultramar, it makes more sense

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Maybe the Doctor is actually Alpharius?

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If I remember correctly most of the Ultramarine ships destroyed were killed while at 'anchor'. So they might have been running on skeleton crews.

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>not this again

hey guys, What if Omergon is actually Alpharius?

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this is true. i just finished KNF a little while ago.

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What if there never was an Alpharius?

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With Ultramar it might be different, but I can hardly imagine that much of the Imperial Navy allows their crews "shore leave" as it were. Desertion rates would be absolutely horrible

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What if Omegon was Alpharius?

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They were preparing to go to war against the the Ghaslakh xenohold, so they were at high alert at the time. So most of the crews would have been aboard.

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Remember, this is Pre-Heresy (or rather, early Heresy), so the situation is very different from the 41st Millenium.

Pic semi-related.

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Except they were preparing to welcome the Word Bearers with pomp and circumstance. most regiments were still on Calth for the parade.

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>Shore leave
>From the Imperial Navy

If you can get off the ship within three days, you get shore leave!

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>man, fuck vacuums
I feel like this picture encompasses a good portion of the ridiculousness that is 40k

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2 things.

1 he is still within the artificial atmosphere created by the ships geller field.

2: that's Guilliman. he's a primarch and can do what he wants. fuck physics

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still dude. Fighting in space. without helmets
Well the guy I was quoting had said that they were possibly running skeleton crews, so the rest of the crew would have to be...somewhere

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I should also mention that Guilliman himself was shocked he survived.

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isn't there a marine organ for this?

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The Rogue Trader books provide some info.
The smallest I could find was a Viper-Class Scout Sloop, the smallest raider, at 0.95km long, weighing 4.9 megatons.
The largest they provide is the Universe-Class Mass Conveyer, the largest transport ship, at 12km long, and when empty weighing 60 megatons. This is by far the largest ship, a bit under twice the size of most given Grand Cruisers and over twice the size of any Battlecruiser.

All these stats are from the Battlefleet Koronus book. This is by no means the extent of the list of classes of Imperial spacecrafts though.

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yes. it came up in the death guard book where Garro was fighting on the surface of the moon.

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As I mentioned here, >>21634536 Guilliman's Flagship the Macragge’s Honour alone is over double that of the Universe-Class Mass Conveyer.
It seems ship lengths have shrunk since the heresy, as a Lunar class cruiser is mentioned as 5 Kms long, while the pre-heresy cruiser Antipathy is 9 Kms long.

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I think you have your physics mistaken. Contrary to popular belief, you don't vomit your bowels out like a whoopie cussion if exposed to vacuum.

I vaguely remember an article about a cosmonaut's suit fucking up and him being exposed to space for 2 minutes, and he was fine when they got him back in, other than passing out after a bit.

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either that, or fluff for ship lengths is hilariously inconsistent

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yea, but how long was he out there? I can see surviving for a while, but if you're having a more drawn-out affair out there...

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Most likely this.

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Uh... I kinda said 2 minutes. Brb, finding it...

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he's a primarch. they just get to do stuff like that.

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no no, not the cosmonaut
I understand that. I still find it amusing/ridiculous

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i believe that was intentional. Abnett wanted to show that Guilliman, while a tactical genius is also the 40k equivalent of doomguy

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Close enough :

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No, he knew we at /tg/ didn't like him, so he decided to try and make us change our minds by making him do cool shite.

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A lot of the fluff that comprises 40k only points out the more ridiculous examples, and mitigates the normally responses and circumstances.

For instance. The kreig ship shelling a planet for 5 years. That's a vast waste or resources that most Imperial commander wouldn't even suggest as a joke. Buts its internally possibly that one megalomaniac with that much power and lack of supervision would order on a whim without truly realizing the scale of this own stupidity.

The Kilometer(s) Wide banner is anther good example. Those are for not just capital ships, But Flag ships of Grand crusades intended upon taking over inter sectors of space. While the average ship has is still kilo meters long, Their that big because they fucking need to be.
Trade ships carry supply's with the intent of Trading on a PLANET wide scale. Their not bringing enough goods to satisfy a city, Their bringing enough for a fucking planet. And they still fall short of that in anything short of a large fleet.
Military ships are spread thing as it is and often low tech/ unimportant worlds will only see an imperial ship (the only sign the empire even still knows about them) once ever few years, or decades or in rare/ extreme cases centuries.
and IF those planets have rebelled, Be corrupted, or destroyed. Its that's ships DUTY to the throne to pacify it or avenge its loss.
Then theirs the scary shit the imperium fights to take into account....
Ya see where their coming from now?

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>he knew we at /tg/ didn't like him
since when? I'm pretty sure that's just you.

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I've never hated him, ever. But read the Guilliman page on 1d4chan, Ward has made a lot of Ultra Haters over the years.

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it wasn't a Krieg ship, just a regiment or a few. Also, considering that most ships don't have much capability for ground force deployment (which brings up an interesting question) and don't have much orbital bombardment capability, all they can do is note the rebellion/destruction and report it.

so now for the question: are ships even allowed to deploy their marines (as in shipboard infantry, not spehss muhreens) planetside? I wouldn't think so, but i'm not sure

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A few vocal anons exploding with butthurt is hardly indicative of an entire board.

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why hasn't the imperium built a ship the size of a planet yet?

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Just wait for Unremembered Empire to come out.

Guilliman makes a 2nd Imperium and crowns Sanguinus as the new Emperor

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You haven't heard of The Ship have you?

There is only the Ship

The Ship Moves

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I was always fine with him. Although, I'm more of a Space Wolf kinda guy.

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They will insist that their views are the common opinion, though.

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> are ships even allowed to deploy their marines planet side?
Yes, They are. At the discretion of the captain of course.
And Even Merchant transports are armed with Macro-cannons. Which are quite capable of leveling a city in a single salvo or 3. Hives not so much.
As always, Common sense applies. A Frigate isn't about to try and retake a Hive world. or probably even most modern worlds.
But Standard imperial Doctrine is to demand compliance, And if they refuse, Level off one or two secondary city's until they give in, or theirs nothing left. Most Fuedal, feral, deloping, or otherwise low population planets cant really fight back against orbital bombarment and/or are cowed by the GIANT PILLARS OF LIGHT RAINING DOWN FROM THE SKY.
Nothing Gets you on the straight and narrow light giant pillars of life blowing up one city after anther.

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>Yes, They are. At the discretion of the captain of course.
doesn't that violate the whole Guard/Navy split that happened at the end of the horus heresy though? Also, the problem with a single ship trying to bring them into line is that the types of planets that wouldn't have orbital defenses are the same types of planets were most of the population is rural, so destroying cities won't have as direct an effect. Psychologically I agree with you, but if it were a larger planet/one that slipped through the cracks, then a single patrol ship wouldn't cut it.

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Most imperial Vessels Aren't actually guard or Navy. Chartists vessels Make up the bulk of the imperial fleet.
The navy/ IG split is a bit of an odd issue. However Navy has been has been known to deploy along side ground troops in desprate times. That, And When it comes to War, As far as the imperium is concerned, Ever humans Second occupation is infantry.

> then a single patrol ship wouldn't cut it.
Quite so. IF the Psychological warfare doesn't work, Then that ships leaves orbit and passages the message along. Eventually Segmentum and/or Sector command will get around to setting a fleet & ground troops to retake it.

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