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What's up with this?

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Honestly I have NO idea what happened with that.

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Got any more 3D stuff? Cultist-chan is adorable.

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>Dethklok, Hard Cider, Apple Pie, and The Collector/Cultist Chan.

This is a good night.

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Never tried Hard Cider. How is it?

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I think I have a few more I'll get to... including a REALLY creepy .gif of her walking.

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My favorite drink by far. I love alternative alcohols though. Big fan of Mead, Cider, and things of that nature.

Currently drinking Hornsby's Crisp Apple because it's dirt cheap, $5.99 for a 6 pack. My favorite thus far is Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Had it on tap when I went to San Francisco. I tasted god that day.

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Is there a "Minimum Quality" to the work you save? Or is it all "Welp, fits the subject matter."?

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I'm really just a Rum and Cola kind of guy. Fireball Whiskey is amazing too. Try it in Dr. Pepper and it tastes like candy instead of alcohol. I mean, Fireball tastes like candy anyway, but it's mind melting in Dr. P.

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Did you see the picture you responded with? I think the answer is self evident

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He saved some of technomancer's diaper fetish art in the last thread.

Does that answer your question?

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If it belongs in a collection I have, I save it. With the exception of two Flare Cultist pictures.
Some of the stuff I've saved that people have drawn of me is... interesting. Some Stick Figures even.

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For those wanting the Rule 34

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I've just been reminded by one of my associates that Flare was only 2 years ago. 2010 seems like it was so much longer ago...

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I double this man's recommendation of Angry Orchard. I love hard ciders, but I can only very rarely find ones that don't have this nasty metallic aftertaste.

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Oh Jesus, has it really only been 2 years? Christ, it feels like forever ago.

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Sometimes I feel like that robot from Bladerunner...

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Uh... there were a lot of robots in Bladerunner. That was kinda the point

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The 'Tears in the Rain' robot I mean.
I liked the book too.

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Yeah, but they all had greatly reduced lifespans, to make them less likely to, you know, be treated as living creatures.

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Roy. yeah, I know what you mean.

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I think he's talking about the nature of the replicants approaches to constructed time, which by their very nature might have been artificial. Even with an artificial memory, a short time ago may seem long ago without realizing it due to your personal distortion of constructed time where your mind compares the length of time to all accumulated memories. The more memories you accrue, the shorter time appears to get.

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I KNOW there is a bigger one floating around somewhere, But I can never seem to get my grubby mits on it.

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That list is missing loli D for extra heresy

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You MIGHT be giving me a little too much credit there Tom.

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Only two years?
That can't be right. She was around BEFORE the end of the getinhere threads.

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Possibly. Possibly. But I will continue to assume that everyone is as clever as I would hope they are, it is a much more pleasant world where the benefit of the doubt is worth something.

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Err... of that one?

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Perhaps the end of Flare in 2010 would be more accurate?

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god I miss lolid.
i should draw some lolid porn

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no of >>21633647

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Yeah I meant to post the image, but >>21633691 beat me to it and then I reposted accidentally without the image without reading the error. Or something.

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I miss Jo too. I remember getting an email when he decided to 'retire' from /t/g.

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Hah, that daemonette reminds me of the space pirates.

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/t/g? Maybe I need another 5 hours...

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Ah sorry, didn't mean to screw up your posting of the image.

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In interests of keeping conversation going, anyone else have Cold Days Pre-ordered? Dear god, 10 days, I can't fucking wait any longer. I have that day off too.

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Hey, I assume some of you folks are listening to Pandora while surfing, so I wanted to ask, do any of you, while you're looking for a picture to post, have Pandora cut out?
Only while the window to select a picture is up though.

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I miss our old drawfags like Jo and Muju. Even if muju had the worst's worst case of sameface.

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Muju is back. Only pops up once ever month or two, but I was in a Muju thread just a few days ago.

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Pandora's been a cunt lately, no idea why. But hey, whatever.

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Is that glue?

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Good lord. I'm ALMOST halfway through. ALMOST.

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Mayo bro.

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Probably because of people like me, who use Adblock.

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>That is my fetish...

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Been getting a lot of Black Sabbath and Ozzy on Pandora tonight.
Good job Pandora, keep it up.

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I miss this Meme, so much.

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As someone who has seen Sabbath Live twice, and Ozzy by his self once, and fist bumped Tony Iomi, keep rocking good sir.

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It's older then dirt, when/HOW did it die?

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I don't know when it died, or how, just that I haven't seen it around in forever.

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Oh... Oh you make me jealous! The only live concert I've ever been do was a Weird Al concert when I was in middle school!

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People just forgot about it.

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Yeah, 3 Ozzfests, a Buzz Baked Sale, Recently saw Covenant and The Break Up, as well as Aesthetic Perfection, X-RX, and Blacopz. I'm by SF, so I get to go to tons of concert.

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Ah, and the closest city most bands actually go to is El Paso.

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Rough bro, hit up the Left Coast sometime, I'll make sure you get to a good show.

Don't be surprised when you get attacked by a Schizophrenic Hobo btw. Not if. When.

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Never seen the ocean either...
And I seem to be on nodding basis with all the local Schizo Hobos.

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Love this gif

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Also, just wanted to say; 5 Hour Energy my ass. I got about 2, 2 and a half hours!
Not that I'm even thinking of throwing in the towel.

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Roy Batty, modeled after the actual Roy Batty a rather batshit-crazy mercenary Priscilla had a crush on.

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I was beginning to fear I'd outlasted all the folks from the last thread. And this one.

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Ah nah. I'm still here, just quiet.

Also happy to see no one try to start a fight about saying the replicants in Bladerunner were Robots, which I expected. Kind of amusing

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I had to say something as it's been a while.
Good to see you're still doing your thing, Collector!
I can't really stick around, but whatever.
Righteous stuff, man.

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Don't be quiet. Talking to people is what makes these threads fun.

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Really terms like Robot, Android, Synthetic and Replicant are so mashed together in use and meaning it'd be a shabby fight to have.

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Alas, I have work in 5 hours, and thus I cannot run the full gambit. Carry on, oh Collector, and may the digital magpies forever find roost in your lodgings.

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Sorry bro, started watching "Brave" with the girlfriend. I'll be around though. This movie is fucking adorable.

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I understand. Luckily I have Sundays off, and my D&D doesn't start until noon.

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Haven't seen you in a while man, how's it been?

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Brave is a fantastic movie.
I've been around. Not tripping, of course, but I never left /tg/. Otherwise a small dump a few days ago inspired me to do this tonight.

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Ain't it though?!
I got a little choked up, and that's _rare_.
Brave is remarkable charismatic, with the caveat that there's not enough bear-shenanigans because of all the time spent setting the tale.
Also, CONAN!

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What about you? We mentioned you last thread.

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Oh true enough. But the fact that the replicants were organic, just like Rossum's Universal Robots, makes people claiming they're not robots amusing to me.

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Not to be all Oldfag, but y'know...I miss those days. Kuhlteest and LCB and DoW titles to inspires stories and art.
The fires need fuel, and there's just not enough around it seems.

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Eh? I'm alright I guess. Moving soon. Been a bit busy so haven't been on as much for the last few months.

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I'm surprised we didn't get a lot more outta Space Marine.
We had less out of DoW2 then the first one, but we still got a good helping.

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AH, what neck of the woods are you heading to?

>> No.21634193

Neither spess mehreen or DoW2 were silly enough to warrant memes.

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We got some good laughs out of DoW2 though

>> No.21634220

A quiet little county in Georgia. And oh man, Inquisitor Tom, haven't seen that name around for a while.

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Never been to Georgia. But welcome to the southern half of the country.

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I concur, and I think the problem was the lack of variety and the generally sober tone.
No METAL BAWKES or We CAP-TOORED IT FOR KAY-OSS. The orks were more annoying and generic then interesting and the Chaos Cultists were boring competent and not-crazy.
Was a solid action title, but it lacked...personality. Any kind of quirkiness. SM did the license proud, but wasn't as inspiring.
DoW2 was sort of the harbinger for that, perhaps.

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Well I've spent some time down there before. Uncle always has some jobs needs doing so I do them. But thanks. Course, I'll be on even less than I am now, ah well~

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We all gotta have a life.

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Well I've broken the half way point, but still nowhere near done.

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Good lawd.

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posting over 400 pictures is not the work of the weak of heart.

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Why of course; this however is a slightly different situation involving extremely limited to no access to the internet for about half a year maybe longer.

Good thing I'm bringing along some books.

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Or short of attention span!

>> No.21634328

Going on a Oil Rig or something?

>> No.21634330

I know that. This break will also give me ample time to sort out my character art folders so that when I return I may do so with posts blazing (within captcha limit, of course).

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I'd love to earn that income, but no, just out in the boonies.

>> No.21634350

It's almost 2AM and I'm in no rush until 4.
When you get back to it, I recommend the passes. When you get regular internet I mean.

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We're all pretty strapped for cash, eh?

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I've thought about it, but just haven't been on enough to justify it.

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Also understandable. I'm glad I got one though.

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I saw some people unironically discussing that the other day. Will not be long before someone actually does it in public.

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That's like... the 4th time that's been posted.

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It's probably been done. I've met a couple people from there irl.

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Even cameos are saved and posted!

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I miss our drawfags...

>> No.21634526

Me too, though some are still around. Culexus does Boone-Quest ever so often, and I saw Muju the other day.

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Here, rather. And from other boards as well.

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I met another /co/mrade once.

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Other then Russ up there, who all else is still in here?

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No one you would know. Just someone who has lurked since the catchpa was initiated because of the trouble posed.

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Well glad you're here this morning.

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I think Cultist-Chan looks better with long hair

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Jo did some pretty adorable stuff.

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Gotta agree

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I'm still here. Been around about as long as >>21634620
There as well, never did decide to namefag or anything because I was lazy and didn't really create anything interesting from scratch

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Thanks for being here!

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>> No.21634702

Well that's creepy.

Also, I don't even know if aside from these threads if C-chan is still a thing. Is she still a thing?

>> No.21634704

I believe someone said they originally requested this one?

>> No.21634724

She gets posted here and there still. Yesterday a guy was asking for tips to make a mini of her.
And hey, I got two new pictures tonight.


>> No.21634726

Collector, as always you are a shining example of greatness.

I still remember when you first showed up, those many years ago. God's speed you elegant soul, you.

>> No.21635638

Are those 3d models available on the mediafire? Or somewhere? I'm making a repository of 3d models and character animation at http://erstazanime.com and I'm on the lookout for models (CC preferrably, i.e. no commercial rips) to add

>> No.21637429

Hah, I'm from a little county in Georgia.

>> No.21637467

I hope it's a khorne muffin.

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