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Alright ladies and gentleman. I have refreshments, beverages, six hours, and almost 500 Cultist-Chan pictures.
I haven't done this one in a few years but this, this is happening.

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Wonder how long it takes for those 5 Hour energy drinks to kick in?

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Don't do this to yourself.

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It's going to take 4 or 5 threads, but I've already started. No turning back now.

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> Cultist-Chan Marceline
Holy shit my boner just shredded my pants.

I love you OP.

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Man, I am still so thankful for how much easier the Passes make this.

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Has it really been so long that people have forgotten some of these?
Or am I posting these for the first time for some people?

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First time for that picture. I have most of the others in my folder. I'd dump and help you but I don't wanna throw off your groove thang.

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I'm pretty sure that I already have all the cultist pics that are decent and not shitty hentai porn. You know, the ones where she's actually skinny and gawky and snaggletoothed.

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Huh, I was looking for this one to start this thread. It is, after all, the FIRST Cultist picture. Much closer to the top of the folder then I remember.
Well thank you for that, posting them in order as they appear in my folder helps me keep track of where I am.
How many do you have?

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Holy shit, only 93. My folder on my old computer was upwards of 350, but that computer imploded.

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There are only 2 Cultist pictures, that I know of, that I did not save.
Fucking Flair...
Well then sit back and relax, this train is going to be running for a long time.

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this is going to be both horrible and amazing.... somebody should probably get Mr-Culuxes in here o_O;

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Groovy. Just do me a solid and link your new threads when the old ones autosage.

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OH GOD DAMN IT! I hate this diaper stuff.
... Saved.

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Fucking technomancer...Sigh. I'll just crop that a bit, and it might be useful for something or other.

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Can't say I approve of your goal OP, but I do have to respect you commiting to such a hellish challenge. Godspeed, you crazy bastard.

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Of course! And, when it's finished uploading, I'll have a mediafire link as well.

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I've done this before. But that was a few years ago, before Captcha, and probably a hundred or so pictures ago.

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Man, some of these are real blasts from the past.

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So how is everyone tonight?

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I was thinking about getting some tea and listening to Turnabout Jazz Soul and rainymood while F5'ing furiously. This thread is very pleasing to me.

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Let's do this Cap'n.

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I know you're THE Collector, but... Why? Is there no selection in your archival? Would it really invalidate you that much to simply NOT save it?

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Being fine, I'm on the job, watching your thread.

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As I said, since the birth of Cultist, there have only been TWO pictures, that I know of, I have NOT saved. And they were Flair Cultist.
Sometimes I wonder if I should have saved them anyway, for posterity. Thankfully I haven't seen them since, so I've not had the temptation.

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I'm the anon whose car got wrecked last night. Feeling better thanks to a very generous "general awesomeness" thread and a heaping helping of Russian Standard, but still suddenly stressing about moneygolds.

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Doing good Collector, Krieg GF says hello, I've currently got her making a pie. We'll be here all night.

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Doing okay. Currently reading "Monster Hunter International" while I watch the thread. The humor is enjoyable, though the level of detail that the author uses for describing guns is a pretty big tip off that he may be quite the enthusiast.

How is yours?

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Flair Cultist?

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Reinstalled Vtm:Bloodlines. Turned off autosave. Just lost about an hours worth of play because of it. Luckily I guess most of that was skippable conversation.

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Enjoy the show.
I know the feelings of not having money. 13K in debt, just got some collection letters, so now I HAVE to pay, or they'll try to garnish my wages. With this on top of my normals bills, I take home maybe $100 a paycheck after bills, if I haven;t missed any days.
Don;t let it get to you or you'll be driven mad.

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Flair is a bit of Dragon furfaggotry that polluted the board for a while. I shudder to remember those days.

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I think he means Flare, which was some kind of one-winged dragon furryshit that used to cause unbelievable levels of rage on /tee gee/ back in the day.

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I had a Hostess Cherry Pie a little bit ago. Shame about them going bankrupt.
Well... Ah, I see >>21631802 and >>21631803 have that covered. And yeah Flare. Bad Old Days.

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Finishing off the last of my Fireball whiskey, thinking of going to sleep in a bit. Y'know, same-old.

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Collector, do you miss Greenmarine as much as I do?

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Oh man... I love Fireball. Could do with some now. All I have in the house is some plastic bottle vodka that's probably closer to disinfectant then drinkable.

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Wait, what happened to Greenmarine?

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I... I see... I'm tempted to do a search just out of morbid curiosity now... but I think I'll refrain.

Saving most of these myself.

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Yes I do. I never found out what happened either. I have a ton of his stuff.
Apparently a bunch that he didn't even remember drawing.

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FUck yeah bro. Same here

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>saving them myself
Then here you go. Whole collection (minus the diaper picture, just saved that) right here. A little over 100 MB

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>Yes I do. I never found out what happened either. I have a ton of his stuff.
>Apparently a bunch that he didn't even remember drawing.
and the more I read this thread the more I realize how much of a newfag I am...

who is Greenmarine?

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you are, for me. I'm here for you too buddy

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> dem wobbly-ass lines
Looks like the guy who did Ed Edd & Eddy drew this pic.

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You're pretty awesome.

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THANK YOU! This is awesome.

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He got busy with life and went to /tg/chan last I checked. But that was eons ago in internet times.

By the way, at least 20 of the pictures you have were requested by me lol. I normally requested the things with Rhenguard and Cultist, and Cultist cooking. The Muffin one is mine as well. Good times.

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non-validated account.

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Drawfag of great proportion and renown.

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Because it took over a year and a half before the craze spread... Desu got armor, her mates got armor, even fucking haruhi got SoB armor before Cultistchan did.

I kept asking every thread, and then finally 1.5 years later, it gets done.

Here's the result.

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You're welcome.
Wait, what?

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some dude who draws naked chicks.
and, since recently, really cool cartoon characters.

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Greenmarine draws the best tits.

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Ok guys, try the mediafire now. Verified my account.

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Malal. Pleeb.

Necho the doubter.

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Collector, what kind of setup do you have? Raid 0-50,000? How much total storage do you have? Have backups as /tg/'s unofficial archivist?

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Man I used to have stuff EVERYWHERE. Then they started picking off media share sites like flies.
I have one of two spare hard drives with all my collections though, just in case.

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Man, I'm glad I got that 5 Hour. I feel great.

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Well, one of these /tg/ X-masses I'll send you more. I have tons laying around

>Collector with a 5tb Raid 5. Unghhhhhhhh

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Oh man, flood errors. I remember these.

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5 Terabytes? Good lord man!

>> No.21632018

Loyalty and support!

Please link new threads to the old and vice versa?

>> No.21632019

I would also gladly chip in to get collector more space

>> No.21632031

Sure thing, already promised that.

>> No.21632047

Pictures don't take up THAT much room. I still have 28.6 free gigs. Out of 298.

>> No.21632065

I've currently got 3 1/2 TB of stuff just hanging around mostly. We've got a ton of 40 gig PATA drives we were considering turning into a Raid Tower, and then build a custom case around it, to look like Sauron's tower, with the flaming eye and everything.

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Y'know what does take up a lot of room?


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Oh man... oh jeez. The Cultist Warhammer High. I remember listening to "Don't Stop Believing" for like a week strait.

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>Wait, what?
says I can't download because the host account isn't validated...

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I know rules for Cultist-chan exist. Have they been updated to fit 6th edition?

Wouldn't mind converting something up to represent her in fun games and see how long it takes for somebody to recognize her.

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Cultist chan was once considered cancer, trolltheme and horrid.

Now we thrive for her return and things like her because we've strayed too far from the fun ways we used to take for granted.

Those guys who kept fucking up originality and OC, well they finally got their wish. I bet they're not even here anymore, off to reddit or wherever the OC went just to stalk and fuck with them some more.

Yes many of our OC guys went to reddit because of those fucks. If you're there, enjoy /tg/ as it is now. Your /tg/.

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Fixed it for you. Try again.

>> No.21632102

Chaos can take cultists now. Just use her as your cultist champ.

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Now I'm gonna have to go find it. which will result in me looping it. And now I'll have it stuck in my head for at least a month. No regrets.

>> No.21632113

There was a time before them, and there is a time after them.
How long have you be a fa/tg/uy? I know it's gotten bad, but the cranky old man in me wants to say it's been worse. Might not be true, but I still wanna say it.

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>> No.21632129

that's too much responsibilities, and too high stats for her.

>> No.21632133

thanks, downloading now.

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>> No.21632135

Sad days innit? Of course, now we're stuck with people trying to kill the quest threads. sure, a lot of them suck, but then you get guys like PapaN!

People gotta learn to hide threads. Seriously. It's built in to the fucking website now.

>> No.21632138

Or have Dranon as Huron Blackheart and her as the Hamadrya.

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>> No.21632153

>> No.21632159


>> No.21632165

2008-ish, I wan't to say 2007 or so but I never kept track of when I got in.
Been 40k'n since 1999.

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>> No.21632186

Heh, then you're about as old as I man, /tg/-wise. Became a fa/tg/uy in '07. Was, like most 4channers, a /b/tard for a year or two before that.

>> No.21632189

Yeah, I started with Warhammer Wednesdays, but never made it off /b/, then eventually I found my way over here.

I remember Zhaakuvann being a real pain in the ass when I was here for my longest stint. Before him, Jim Profit kept me off the board for a bit too.

>> No.21632199

I got the impression that Cultist-Chan is just a random mook. The only reason Chaos Gods are invested in her is so that they can fuck with Dranon.

>> No.21632210

all dis brannon.

is it just me, or was the late age of cultist chan possbily the best (and worst) of /tg/?

We had greenmarine (and his vulgar display of tits)
we had cultist chat

>> No.21632213

Ah, Jim, Jim Jimmy Jim Jim. We had some determined trolls back in the day.
Really knew how to offend you on a PERSONAL level.

>> No.21632225

Well to be on topic I may as well post the strip that got me to like cultist.

>> No.21632228

Do tell. I heard you can get banned for using that name. What'd he do?

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>> No.21632235

I wanna say that some of us New Fags here are devoted to awesome fun, cool draw threads, interesting conversations, world building, quests, and general awesome.

>> No.21632246

i was taking a break from the net while jim struck.

Though i heard about the aftermath. And that moot email that said "Serously what a dick, if you ever get someone like that again please, just email me"

>> No.21632265

Persistence mostly. And avatarfagging of a most annoying nature. He... well you KNEW he was trolling, he HAD to be, but he presented it in such a way they you always had doubt. That maybe, just maybe, he was being serious.
And he seemed to be able to post in every thread ever at the same time.

>> No.21632279

Cultist-chan invoked daemons that messed up Xeno's nice and tidy tomb world!

>> No.21632289

He was just a total prick, nothing special or different about him. I have no idea why he bothered me so much. But seriously. Zhaakuvaan was the worst.

I was one of the rappers in the Sword N' Board thread where we faced him down in that final battle rap.

>> No.21632290

Plenty of you newfags are pretty good folks, and I'm glad you're in the community.
You are also a minority.

>> No.21632301

>> No.21632302

Well this place that kept a light hearted feel rather than serious thread in serious times as we are now...

Back when we could post what we wanted. Had a reason to browse for hours on end without posting. Get inspired to throw down a clean 50 pics each in a series of threads, spanning five threads or more...

Those were the days, and we were less populated than we were now. Having 170 quest threads a month, the 40k crowd dwindling... The off model gamers like warmahordes etc in low number... We've hit quite an all time low.

You came in a bit late when you didn't get the full autistic fun where you didn't have to think and just participate.

Here's an example.

>> No.21632313

Yes and no. She's supposedly their most loyal servant, and at one point /tg/ decided to elevate her to badass status with being the Warmaster of Chaos Undivided. I think. Still a bit fuzzy on recalling the details from that thread.


>> No.21632332

Lurk moar and you'll be fine.

>> No.21632337

Collector, do you have a screencap of the time someone did the Old Spice Guy meme with Cultist-chan? Because that someone is me, but the file got deleted when my old computer went tits-in-a-blender.

>> No.21632339

/tg/ didn't, some drawfag did, and pretty much everyone else thought it was a really awful idea, which made him butthurt. He left the board soon after.

>> No.21632344

>relating the name to this comic

>> No.21632345

No no. it was mostly WickedStar who decided that she should be bad ass and lose all her fun personality. And so he drew a bunch of the ArchCultist. And some people got on board with it.
I admit that Wicked did pleasing T&A pictures, but I did not like the direction he decided on for Cultist. Still saved the pictures though.

>> No.21632364

They were entertaining, but not Cultist. That's not her destiny.

>> No.21632367

I don't really see the problem with the quests. Good quests stay around, bad ones die and sage as they should.

Wargame threads pop up fairly common, it's not a day that goes by that I don't see at least 1 warhammer and/or infinity and/or warmahordes and/or etc. on the front page.

But let's not argue. Let's just take in the awesome that is Cultist-Chan

>> No.21632368

>> No.21632375

A long long time ago things were different, and we had a lot of fun. Just passing through from /k/ and was reminded of better times. To think where we've come. I still find it hilarious that my primary RPTTG accidentally came together on /tg/ four or five years ago. But things change.
Good to see you're still at your thing Collector. I think you've been at this as long as I can remember.

>> No.21632382


I miss him. Nothing funnier then that guy asking about Loli-cron and the torment we unleashed afterwards.

>> No.21632390

>it's not a day that goes by that I don't see at least 1 warhammer and/or infinity and/or warmahordes and/or etc. on the front page.
>at least 1... front page
Just a few years ago, only having one 40K thread on the front page would be a sign of the apocalypse. Hell, not having at least 4 or 5 was!

>> No.21632401

Ooooh. Got it. Yeah, you can see I didn't exactly do the research on that one and went by memory alone. My bad.

>> No.21632410

God damn, when I'M a benchmark of /tg/ that... that says something.
Remember when he drew the rock?

>> No.21632421

If I saw it, I saved it. And if I saved it, it'll get posted tonight.

>> No.21632424

he comes up sometimes
The latest thing he did was try to do to Xeno what WCKD tried to do to Cultist.

>> No.21632434

> mfw a whole rule 34 folder

>> No.21632435

I'd have to be reminded, but It's up in the memory banks somewhere.

Anyone else want to see a PapaN!/Greenmarine Heretical Love Fest?

>> No.21632445

I can't remember any other face that's ever stuck around. Everyone else moved on or was pushed out. So yeah, if anyone's a consistent benchmark it's you. I can only imagine how low this place has sunk if you're off.
But even with /tg/'s change there's still good here. At the very least there's more BTech threads these days.

>> No.21632447

You know, WKCD is active again. At least on DA anyway.

>> No.21632449

Quest threads used to have fun things. Very few keep that alive these days.

Pic somewhat related.

>> No.21632461

Not really. Back in the old days, every quest tried to be Ruby Quest.

>> No.21632471

Heeeeey, you're still around?
I wonder how much of the old crowd is hanging around in the shadows.

>> No.21632472

I'm just wondering what that says about my life...
I ran a few quests, back in the day. under different names.

>> No.21632474

Then they all tried to be Uguuuuuuuuu Waifu quest at the same time.

Cutest Krieger Quest was entertaining to me.

>> No.21632483

You forget when 40k and star trek quests, Zion Quest had eliminated 40k universe and so on..

Or were you there?

>> No.21632484

>> No.21632492

>Quest threads used to have fun things. Very few keep that alive these days.
>Pic somewhat related.
well, been thinking about doing a quest about colonizing and terraforming a planetary system with some extra stuff tossed in...

>> No.21632496

>> No.21632503

>> No.21632511

Mostly /k/ and /co/ these days, but I come around to check out BTech threads and anything else interesting going on. In regards to anyone else? I can only say for the ones that ended up in my group, who frequent. All in all we ended up in three places from what I could tell. Three-ish of them ended up in a DH group I run every week, a large portion of them just faded back into anonymity, and a bunch of them are a bunch of terrifying IRC free form beasts.

>> No.21632516

Lasers or Missiles?

Which are better in space war?

>I started that craze that seemed to get repeated for weeks

>> No.21632519

Oh shit. I've been at this for an hour and 15 minutes, and I've gotten less then 80 pictures posted?
This is going to be a LOOOONG night. Glad D&D doesn't start until noon tomorrow.

>> No.21632530

I think that was around the time /a/ realized we existed with strike bitches and created a demand for shit.

Also summer.

>> No.21632531

See when he was still doing stuff like this, WKCD was fine...

>> No.21632535

In the old days it used to take 20 seconds between posts. Now it's a standard 30-34 seconds to throw bots off. 40 seconds if you sage.

>> No.21632542

I guess the best way to check would be to push the GetInHere button, but I got a new computer and don't have mine any more.

Hey Collector, you wouldn't have happened to have saved that old thing, would you have?

>> No.21632547

>Lasers or Missiles?
>Which are better in space war?
>>I started that craze that seemed to get repeated for weeks
neither directly. Nanoswarm, serve space and directing swarms for various goodies. Also possibly a human mind uploaded to the initial swarm and unlocking more and more memories as you go along. Just been toying with the idea really.

>> No.21632559

See... now I feel kinda bad. Because I was responsible for one of those waifu quests.
No, it was always about 30 seconds. If you counted to 34 between each post you avoided flood detection.

>> No.21632562

That word is cancer in itself. It was an excuse for trolls to fuck with the usual crowd.

>> No.21632570

God... probably somewhere. But I have no idea where.

>> No.21632574

>> No.21632586

>> No.21632588

I'm doubtful even of that, the janitor put it down pretty clearly at one point and that was the last of it. That was the last any of the various subgroups of the old avatarfags met I think. I remember being accused of being Grandpa Dreadnought, which was amusing.

>> No.21632601

The mod probably avoids banning people since the -entirethreadban- carpetbomb got half of /tg/'s drawfags pissed off all at once.

Avatar roleplay was traditional gaming. I'm sure they would've left at some time anyway. Too bad they didn't have something fun to make them stay.
>like avatar roleplay with OC images they make for each and every new post

>> No.21632602

Well you WERE in the majority of them.

>> No.21632619

>like avatar roleplay with OC images they make for each and every new post
That's how we got the Cletus (I think that was the name) and Silent SOB stories. Those ones were sweet.

>> No.21632626

new fagging again, sorry. Entirethreadban? And people used to rp by drawing up a new avatar for each post? This sounds amazing.

>> No.21632628

>> No.21632632

Yeah, but I hear the janitor has been lightening up a lot lately, so I figure it's worth a shot.

Well, you know, if you find it.
Try under buttons, warhammer, puppets, RP, or faggotry?

>> No.21632633

Collector, which one was it? If it was cutest Krieger, you kicked me right in the D'awww, and gave my girlfriend a Krieg fetish.

Thanks for that.

Also, are you guys talking about this picture?

>> No.21632661

No, wait, not quite. The SOB pictures were different ones they pulled out of a folder, rather then made for each post.
I... might be... I was a big fan of Love and Krieg. I also may have done the Bard Quests with Janice...

>> No.21632663

I remember when we did have OC. A drawfag drew me a couple pics and then offered to do more after I fell asleep. Lost the ones I had, hard drives failures are bollocks.
Admitted, admitted. But that carpetbomb thread was full of all sorts of interesting things. Most of it being most of them being fucking idiots and being overly meta and bitching about the janitor.

>> No.21632664

That, only with more skulls and-

This. I love you Anon.

>> No.21632674

I miss them.

People got all greedy trying to shape /tg/ as their home. The moment something they didn't like pop around, the mods got spammed.

They were doing their job, some of it was seemingly bias. Like now I still can't just post any random roll thread. Forbid if a nipple was showing I'd get that three day ban. Do not collect 500 dollars, do not bug moot with a response to your ban because the short ban length.

I'm sure some christian kid somewhere was scarred for life because of that nipple. Because 1/3rd of the rest of the internet is porn like it always was.
>like the banners at the top of the page showing clit, ass, pussy and tits

>> No.21632681

I still see Russ around every so often.

>> No.21632693

>love you
Welcome. It's not original, I cleaned it up so that one is unique.

>> No.21632694

I think it was two years ago, maybe one. My sense of time is horrifically distorted. But after a lot of the older avatarfags moved on, the rest were joined by what I would claim amounted to a bunch of /b/tard 40kids who drew porn and avatarred it. And not all threads had people with fresh art, I think I only ever had three or four pictures.

>> No.21632703

Here's a little quiz for you folks.
What's the story behind Cultist. As in, why was she originally drawn by Culexus? I posted her first picture pretty early in the thread.

>> No.21632711

Nearing three years ago friend.
I have something with a specific date to know, and it was before that. So I'm certain 3+ years.

>> No.21632713

It was amazing. I mean, there were some awful bits, but all and all it was lighthearted RP and storytelling.

A lot of the great /tg/ stories came from that time. Like when Grampa Dread would sit down and tell us a glorious story of his past.

>> No.21632720

Someone wanted a Malk or whatever the vampire family that flesh molds horrors feeding their flesh horror waffles but didn't think hugefaggot would draw it if it weren't 40k.

>> No.21632724

a VtM cultist

>> No.21632725

Good stuff. Emmy was mai waifu, until Heretical Love came along that is.

>> No.21632726

Ok, I have to ask, how are you posting these? Shouldn't you be getting duplicate file errors? because I've posted both these already.

>> No.21632733

Ahaha, sorry I didn't know you were going to quiz us.

Oops. I'll keep the rest of the topic at bay for others to speak of it.

>> No.21632734

Culteest is designed both in look and sound from the Dawn of War series unit of the same name. I believe the first picture is her sitting at home, sighing about not being invited to the slumber party that Culexus had drawn earlier for other female characters

>> No.21632736

he says on his Deviant art somebody just asked for her and that was just or something... and people LOVED it.

>> No.21632742

That works only because the png, the .jpg on vista/win7 etc bitmaps the image. Check both images closely for color differences.

>> No.21632750

I blame the head injuries and the peyote.
It was a lot of fun while it lasted and I hold no regrets. Especially with the group I got out of it, which is amazing.

>> No.21632753

It's a blue fucking board you illiterate retard. People aren't upset because you're offending their precious sensibilities, they're upset because you're breaking the rules and shitting up a blue board.

>> No.21632759

Yeah, Hugefaggot almost never paid any attention to anything not 4dkay, so he requested his Malkavian drawn as a chaos cultist feeding waffles to a spawn. Because Lawlrandom Malks.

Then, /tg/ fell in love and eternal hatred.

>> No.21632763

The DoW cultist voice was specifically requested, and it was for the guy's girlfriend. Culexus obliged.
The waffles picture came first.

>> No.21632772

Rolled 7

Hwee kahn be pohsteed mohr beecahs hwee cap-tooored eet fhor khayoss!

>> No.21632773

Oh god my boner

>> No.21632777

oh, so they're upset because some people are breaking pointless rules that shouldn't exist in the first place?

>> No.21632778

Yeah I am also the reason this was posted back up.

It doesn't stop /a/, /k/ etc from daytime posting porn. Only until someone posts poopy butts or gore does any mod visit those places.

/tg/ is regularly visited by moot, and as a result mods pay attention to the place more often.

>> No.21632779

>shitting up a blue board
>Obviously doesn't realize that /tg/ was founded on the principals of Grimderp, Monster Girls, and Bitches for Thulsa Doom.

You must be new here.

>> No.21632780

Also meant to add "You get Partial Credit."

>> No.21632808

Moots only been here like... 3 times since he made /tg/!
Granted those threads rocked fucking hard, but he rarely shows his face in these parts.

>> No.21632820

What's the bump limit again? Because, for the first time ever, we may hit that before image limit.

>> No.21632821

Rolled 8

You just won the thread.

>> No.21632822

Regular is a relative term. I can't think of many times he's visited boards other than /b/.

>> No.21632825

Don't forget Klan Klan tits. Giantess porn is here and not on /d/ I don't need any other board! Plus pic related threads.

>> No.21632828

I've seen him on /a/ once or twice.

>> No.21632829

Uh... wut?

Requesting that pic of Cat Moot sailing on the ocean of piss, with /tg/ being unrelated to his interests.

>> No.21632830

I... what? I won my own thread?

>> No.21632841

>> No.21632842

tree-fitty and two hundred, innit?

>> No.21632844

We've got at least another 100 posts to go, the bump limit was increased a while ago.

>> No.21632852

Oh yeah well let me see. Previous cpu died but he had said:
"I like /tg/ this is the only board I can talk to people on anonymously."

So thus, mods payed attention to this corner of 4chan.
>I also blame IP changers spamming the report button

>> No.21632856

Thought it was 150 for pictures?

>> No.21632858

people used to do that in /r9k/ before it got removed. Was a bunch of fun

>> No.21632865

>> No.21632872

Rolled 12


>> No.21632873

Finally, I have material against the freaking "Reporting this quest" ass hats. Thank you.

>> No.21632883

Here you go folks, closest thing I'm going to post to NSFW. because I paid for a pass and I'm not going to lose it dammit!
My 34 sub-folder IS included in the mediafire upload though.

>> No.21632893

Autosage begins at 300

>> No.21632894

Yeah, that's been the norm for a while. You are pretty new here eh?

That mod got fired btw.

>> No.21632895

What do I win?

>> No.21632908

>> No.21632917

>> No.21632926

>> No.21632929

>fix that fucking missing nose for that TAUHUMAN

>> No.21632931

Our eternal love and gratitude, suck it up and keep posting.

>> No.21632933

>Yeah, that's been the norm for a while. You are pretty new here eh?
>That mod got fired btw.
been here for a month or two now. Seriously, rather than lurking once every few months and never posting.

I got brought on for Iron Hearts, and pretty much have been hovering around since then.

>> No.21632947

Dude, I'm not even 1/4th of the way done. Keep posting I will.

>> No.21632954

>> No.21632969

If you like stories, the sup/tg/ archive has a ton of them. Plus, it can give you the background on many of /tg/'s creations.


>> No.21632976

Ok, so I have about 53 NSFW pictures I'm not posting...
That's still over 400 pictures going up tonight.

>> No.21632978

Dumping the Rule 34 and related stuff for you Collector. Enjoy.

>> No.21632986

So any of you folks planing on staying for the long haul? Or just a few threads until 2 or 3 in the morning?

>> No.21632997

Dead link.

>> No.21632999

I'll probably drift in and out, but I've have to beat some people into understanding how to make Battlemechs in BTech. I suspect this conversion may have been too complicated for most of them. Ever have that one? I thought they were more clever than this.

>> No.21633001

Newfag here. I'll be lurking for a while, if only for the occasional tales of the olden days.

>> No.21633012

>If you like stories, the sup/tg/ archive has a ton of them. Plus, it can give you the background on many of /tg/'s creations.
yeah, been slowly browsing it. It's just.. jesus, there is a lot of stuff. Been working my way through Dragon and Skirmish Quests.

If you have any suggestions on other ones to look through, I'd love to have directions, especially on space type quests (I want to avoid being too similar to any, with my plan for nanoswarm quest or whatever I end up calling it if I even run it...)

>> No.21633013

>> No.21633014

I'm staying.
I don't much like Cultist, but this whole thread is giving me wicked nostalgia and that's good every once and a while.

>> No.21633017

Dumping all the Rule 34 Related I have on /d/ currently.

Have to find my Green Marine folder...

>> No.21633025

>So any of you folks planing on staying for the long haul? Or just a few threads until 2 or 3 in the morning?
You bet I am!

>> No.21633030

Did GM ever do any Cultist?
Because if he did I want it.

>> No.21633035

>I have on /d/ currently.
>Have to find my Green Marine folder...
link your green marine folder download? I want to know more about this guy (nsfw or not)

>> No.21633036

Well, all of the Getinhere threads were cleaned out ages ago, but... Well, what are your interests? We can probably point out a few tags to search.

>> No.21633037

>> No.21633045

I know I requested it often enough... I don't remember however.

>> No.21633051

>> No.21633061

Oh hey! For all you guys asking about Flare!

>> No.21633062

No, you have to understand... I have 50 individual hard drives laying around my room
>Pctech fag
I literally have to FIND it.

>> No.21633067

Who's the dragon?

>> No.21633068

Cleared out is the nice way to put it. I remember when they started posting that we weren't allowed to save them anymore because we were shitposters.

>> No.21633080

>No, you have to understand... I have 50 individual hard drives laying around my room
>>Pctech fag
>I literally have to FIND it.
oh, jesus...
that's Flare then?
Space, interesting rp mechanics, crazy ass fantasy worlds. Modern/zombie less so.

>> No.21633083

>50 harddrives

Dang. Where do you get them cheap enough to afford 50 of them?

>> No.21633092

>> No.21633101

I try to look on the bright side of things.
I wonder if we could save new ones under the "Quest" tag...

>> No.21633105

THAT'S Flare.

>> No.21633110

>Ohey, I have this old computer I don't need anymore, enjoy!
>Save Ram, save processor, save fans, save hard drive, browse through hard drive, laugh at feeble attempts to hide porn, move on.

That's... pretty much it. I find them in the trash, thrift stores, etc. If you know how to make Raid arrays, you're good.

>> No.21633122

Bit of an odd question for the house tonight.
Does anyone know what the Goats are supposed to represent in Cake's "Sheep Go To Heaven?"

>> No.21633127

>no caller


>> No.21633143

Oh sweet! New stuff! Thank you!

>> No.21633151

Ah, Torture Device. So angry, yet so terrible.

>> No.21633156

>> No.21633172

And the responses.

>> No.21633176

They represent goats, probably.

>> No.21633187

Then why do sheep go to heaven, but goats go to hell?

>> No.21633197

>> No.21633201

Rolled 7

Simple. The goats represent people who don't follow that religion. :U

>> No.21633203

Have you ever met a goat who was not a total cunt?

>> No.21633209

Because the Goats wanted to be HxC and listen to LeVay and Slayer?

>> No.21633210

Never thought of it that way until tonight.
But then again, I disagree with people who call Cake a stoner band.

>> No.21633223

oh god, you guys have reminded me of the cealing tau threads.

dauym *wipes ttear* those were the days.

>> No.21633225

I wanted a goat my entire childhood. Even tried to negotiate deals with my Grandfather's farmer neighbors for one of theirs, but my parents wouldn't allow it.

>> No.21633236

>ceiling Tau
Oh god, where? Someone get a broom!

>> No.21633244

>I wanted a goat my entire childhood. Even tried to negotiate deals with my Grandfather's farmer neighbors for one of theirs, but my parents wouldn't allow it.

Goats can be really nasty. They can eat anything, and are smart, but they're also jerks unfortunately.

>> No.21633247

My problem may be wild goats. But most wildlife is assholes. I wanted a lot of things until I met them in the wild, in which case instead I wanted a piece. Though some of them I still want. Like a bear.

>> No.21633261

Which is why it would be kept in the back yard, where it's just grass and that ugly bush!
Or I could leave it on grandpa's farm and take care of it on the weekends.
But that was young, 10 year old Collector.

>> No.21633264

>interesting rp mechanics
>crazy ass fantasy worlds
Try looking at the golden and purple threads under "World building" and "Homebrew".

I don't know much about space threads or zombies, but I feel that /tg/ really shines when asked to make something creepy, so that tag is worth a look. Especially The Wall and the story with the Karthaki marching powder.

>> No.21633265


>> No.21633276

>Crazy ass fantasy
Well, nothing gets crazier than Shadowrun. Look up TwoDee's ShadowRun Storytime for a long tale of hilarious laughs. Storyteim also did a recounting about his D&D group and Captain Falcon character, and it ended with hilarious results.

Others, just from score alone:
Undead Logic Gates

Lich vs. PC Rap Battle

Genre-Savvy Wizard

Innocence: Lost Future

>> No.21633280

>> No.21633289

>> No.21633297

>Undead Logic Gates

Is this the Original Deeprot?

>> No.21633303

>> No.21633308

>> No.21633313

By which I mean
And this

>> No.21633317

>> No.21633322

>> No.21633336

>> No.21633342

Not to be That Guy, but I think the actual onomatopoeia was "POMF!"

>> No.21633344

>> No.21633353

I remember a few WHOMPS as well thought.

>> No.21633366

Hell yeah! I love it when I manage to get 2 in the same minute without trying.

>> No.21633375

>> No.21633380

>> No.21633383

>> No.21633416

>> No.21633482

New Thread! There was some... weirdness that went on and a picture was posted and...
Anyway, Follow THIS link.

>> No.21633611

fucking love that game. on another note, shame skeleton quest died

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