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Listen all you fa/tg/uys

Need a little help with making a model for Cultist chan. I play a Word Bearers Army and think that adding her into the mix as a showpiece would be fun. Problem is, I can't seem to find a model that resembles her enough. From what I was able to find (from hasslefree minis, necromunda, wargamesfoundry, etc) a lot don't have what I'm looking for. I'm basically looking for a female model in some sort of chainmail bikini, similar to this:


or this


The problem with them, is that I'm not sure if they're the proper height for the game. I'd be stupid to see Cultist-chan towering over my warlord like a goddamn tittied titan.

Do any of you elegan/tg/entlemen have any idea for a base model to convert her from? I'm better-than-average with greenstuff, etc, so moderate alterations wouldn't be that big of a problem. Thanks in advance.

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Bracing for hate.

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someone made this one if it helps

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Yeah Ive seen that one before. Its a good conversion, but I think I'd be able to do a better job. She look pretty agressive in the model, which is fine, but I see her as basically an inept sidekick there for humorous purposes and/or overwhelming adorableness. In game she'd probably be my Sorcerer's Spell Familiar, just because.

I was also looking at this model:

I'd be able to greenstuff on some clothes, and I think the position shes in is more in line with who Cultist-chan is, but Im hesitant to get the model because deep in my brain/the warp, I KNOW there's a better model, I just havent found it, which id why im here talking with you elegan/tg/entlemen. Thanks for the pic, though.

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urban legend sophie from reaper is a little bigger than your typical space marine mini, but IMO the best fit for a starting point. Especially if she is just a show piece.

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I like cultist-chan

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That's not a bad model...any idea if the wings are optional? I can convert the sword into a chaos banner, maybe shave down the legs to make her look smaller...Do you happen to have a comparsion picture that shows how much taller than the marine mini she is?

Also thanks, that helps out a lot.

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I have a soft spot in my blackened chaos laden heart for her as well. I mean, how can you not BAAW at a face like that?

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She's gay weeaboo shit created by a mindset more appropriate for /mlp/.

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the wings are optional yes. I have the mini unpainted myself. I got it for my girlfriend who wanted to paint her as a tiefling. But the mini was a tad too big for the one inch squares

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You are overcome with heresy... which resides in your asshole! I will chase it out with my dick!

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No fun allowed.jpeg

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Well, she does like her some Slaneesh

Nope, not space communists/smurf samurai

You shut your whore mouth, loyalist scum


Pic related, Slaneeshi Cultist Chan

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I tried to post the "Look out, we got a badass over here" image, but it turns out it already exists in a thread on /tg/. Fortunately, the thread I was linked to in explanation was an amusing one.

So thank you, but still fuck off.

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That picture is probably the dumbest looking version of cultist-chan I have ever seen

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Yeah, it isn't the best. Still, there worse out there.

Pic related, for instance.

Also >>21610228
Thanks for the info. If something else doen't come up, I may get that and fashion it out appropriately. I'm still holding out in case theres a better model, but as of right now that one is in the running.

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*sniff* I remember the day cultist chan was born. then i felt even more sad at the fact that im still on /tg/ years later. i mean fuck. If I wasnt married I think i would have protected my virginity well enough to have become a wizard by now.

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In the words of Tzeench, my friend...


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i did up a culstist-chan years ago from all-GW bits, don't know where it is now.

Start with: one of the new plastic daemonettes. Greenstuff on an extra breast, cut off the tail.

Use the best daemonette head you can find; one with the closest hair style. I greenstuffed on some bangs and face-frame thingies.

cut off the clawed feet and replace with guardsman boots.

For arms, old-school dark eldar arms. They'll look like full-arm gloves. Throw on a laspistol and some sort of knife in whatever pose you like.

stick a chaos star on the back.

The result will be bare-assed, so painting on some panties might be advisable.

Being a skinny, purple-haired, scraggly-dressed chaosy female, it's impossible to not recognize as Cultist.

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You may actually be on to something there, my friend. I'll have to try that and see where it goes. Thanks for the tip

For you, Cultist Chan rule 34

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You guys like Cultist-Chan keep a lookout tomorrow night.
Almost 500 pictures will be posted.

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>not posting the futa version
confirmed for gay

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uuuhhhh...thanks but no thanks. I'm cool.

It's a project that benefits from Not Sucking at sculpting. And the face is going to look properly snaggletoothed, but also...well, like a plastic daemonette.

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Even her born is adorable

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>Posts something that doesn't have a penis
>Gets called gay

Can you even into sexuality?

But to soothe the butthurt, here's some Cultist-chan futa, you know, to satisfy your heterosexuality, or whatever

Also >>21610764
I will be eagerly awaiting your contributions

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I remember the day /tg/ was born. How do you think I feel?
Kinda proud actually. Things have changed, people have come and gone, but I still love this place.

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That picture is as erotic as a brick to the nether regions. You can't fap to it, you either say"meh, drawn shit" or say "meh, crap hentai, only fit for the dude who shat that out".

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My dream army is a blob of nothing but cultists, led by (read: chasing after and trying to strangle) Cultist-chan. A bit farther in her personal timeline, but it's still prone to failing hilariously so it's not making her too badass.

CSM doesn't have any human HQs, though. Imperial Guard, maybe?

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>I remember the day /tg/ was born

So you were a resident /b/tard then?

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Who's the artist of that?

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>>21609849 tittied titan.

In order to best represent Cultist Chan, this is what you must do, OP. Look into your heart. You know it to be true.

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Shamefully yes. But it's not like we could go anywhere else back then.

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Could use this, it's 28mm I believe, add lashings of green-stuff (or don't, leave her nude) and apply Chaos stuff....


captcha: osamat lots & acreage-Queenes

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This can only lead to bad things and you all know it.

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True enough.

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I agree, but according to >>21610782 I engage in sexual activity with members of the same sex if I don't post the futa version, so...make sense of that if you can.

Maybe make her a Cultist Champion/Aspiring Champion?

I have no idea, I pulled it off a R34 website. Id certainly like to shake his/her/its hand/tentacle/mating device

I would outfit her with Adora-Beams, Vulcan Assualt Cannons for nipples and many, many banners of KAY-OSS

That's...interesting. I might end up just staring at it and fapping rather than paint it. But, it does have potential...

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>"meh, crap hentai, only fit for the dude who shat that out"
>fapping to your own art

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Actually, some Warpsmiths are human, or were. Well, as human as a freak of warp-mutated flesh and metal can get.

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you could use the "grown up" version cultist chan as a cultist champion
< pic related

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Warrior-tan would stop lisping and start roaring and bellowing her dialogue from underneath a shadowed helmet the moment she graduated from cultist.

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If the futa version has balls and no pussy, its trap.

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You silly western spergings over classification are silly.

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With tits.

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Maybe use lillith hesperax as a base?

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If it doesnt have a pussy, its not a female, no matter how much it beleives it.

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>look Mommy, I'm trolling!

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Libtarding much? This weird ass meme of "Words mean whatever I want them to" is straight Orwellian.

Which is, by the way, what Orwell was warning us about. The manipulation of the language to influence thought.

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I'd still amuse myself to death with that.

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>edgy teenager attempting to sound smart

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The pinup survivor says it has a 25mm base. Are you that fucking retarded that you dont know base sizes for 40k. ITS THE RIGHT FUCKING SIZE FUCKWIT.

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Did someone say cultist-chan?

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>I read 1984 in class last week and it really spoke to me about how intelligent I am

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*Falls over multiple times trying to get to the phone before sex god hangs up*

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Because I think I heard someone say cultist-chan

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>another winning argument

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And when someone says cultist-chan

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Xeno shows up.

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Will we never be free of this cancer?

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There is some wisdom to your words. But even so, why get so worked up about it on this subject, of all subjects? It's just some amateur porn more worthy of a laugh and a d'aw than fappan. If you wish to get so mired in technicality, it's not quite a trap- traps don't tend to have mammaries, and if they do they're so meager as to be DFC- so she'd be a transgirl by most standards.

Trans technically falls under futanari; the term means 'dual form' or some nonsense when translated to English, and refers to both hermaphrodites and MtF transsexuals. So, whether it's a male, if a very feminine male, or a 'female' by subjective postmodern standards of gender, it is still futa. You were incorrect on that point.

Being bi, I couldn't give less of a fuck what someone identifies as or what parts they have so long as the finished product is pleasing to the senses. I ask this; why do you worry about whether someone's fapping to chickdick or boytits? If it turns their crank, hey, ain't no thang. If you really, absolutely must dissent, then settle for the sex/gender compromise of parts/identification, with masculinity/femininity as another gauge on the side. It's far easier than keeping them intertwined into one concept.

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With all that said and done, he does have a point.

Social-justice philosophers are guilty to all FUCK of abusing the loaded term fallacy, redefining words to mean whatever they want, and then acting like their opponents are uneducated when they get called out on it.

sage for offtopic...

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It even has a flashing red strobe to warn people of dangerous exposure to excessive swag!

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Because I can.

...also, Im tired of fapping to futa then it turns into menwithimplants.

But mostly because I can.

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Thats no warning...


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I see. A combination of 'lolitrolu' and spite over something turning your crank that you didn't want to turn your crank, or that turned your crank and then stopped turning it. Just do whatever feels right to you (and your dick) maaan. No need to worry about other people's dicks. Or cunnys, for the not-as-scarce-as-they-appear femanons.

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Me and a friend had a think about it and what we came up with was taking a dark eldar witch for the body and arms and the cachican jungle fighters for the feet and hands (one if them is holding a Granade and we were gonna file it down so it wasn't a man hand so she had a rock). her face and details would be greenstuffed. don't know if any of that was useful but it was what I can remember.

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>Whatever you do, always follow your cock.
Words of wisdom.

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Oh and I found a picture.

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I found a picture too!

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I could see it working if you were shooting for something like >>21611970

Otherwise Lelith looks too -4str for cultist-chan.

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Get out of there, Sergal.
You don't belong there. You are not a breast.

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I am however, serious about the Orwellian shit.

A while back, some idiot posted story where his friend rped a character who hooked up eith some elves in the woods and at the climax, they became hags and murdered the shit out of him.

He said, in the op, that the character was raped to death. He then later said they ripped him to shreds, having led us to beleive that somehow, the hags managed a lethal rape in minutes.

He essentially was trying to cover his ass and claim he made nobmistake in the first place.

But all the OP had to do was go "lolmagic. The hags used his climax to begin some soul/lifestealing magic and began pumping stupid hard, thus draining his life and crushing him to death"

or he could have just said lolmagic.

But nope.

>> No.21613476

...Your argument is invalid.

>> No.21613490

Continuing this.

The idiot could have said that upon the males climax, the hags pussy became as 50 Sandpaper and the juices encouraged freebleeding(hemophilia) while the other two hags either 'kissed' the guy to shut him up or whatever.

But instead, the OP got buttmad and began throwing "sperglord this" and "fuck you thats" errywhere.

The lesson? Lolitsmagic is a perfectly acceptable excuse for borderline impossible shit.

And "Rape" is nonconsensual sex. Violence isnt necessary. A violent brutal death that occurs during coitus isnt rape if cosent was given.


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Makes more sense than following that lump of blood-pumping muscle in your chest.

... Pardon me, but what does this poorly retold story have to do with Orwellian language twisting (besides that vague, sketchy last part about it not being rape) or with the twisting around of gender and sexuality caused by chickdick and boytits?

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