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Where did it all go wrong /tg/? Why was I so hyped? I found this collecting dust on my hard drive tonight, and decided to watch it again to see if I had my head screwed on right the first time around.

It just wasn't good, it was dull, looked ugly, and the bolt guns made an obnoxious noise.

Could it have ever been good? Should a warhammer movies be made about space maroons? Or are there better groups to write movies about first?

I just wish it had been good.

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It could be good if the writing is actually worked on and the budget is around Pixar levels.

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Many 40k spinoffs have either died in obscurity or rotted in hell because they were so bland and obviously an attempt to cash-in on their franchise.

I honestly wish they'd make a decent movie with their world.[/Spoiler]

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It could be good if they didn't choose the most boring chapter.

Pick one with some quirks, for god's sakes. A Space Wolves movie would be kickass. Maybe a movie about the Imperial Fists trying to hold a fortress against Tyranid assault.

Just please not vanilla marines.

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The fact that they were Space Marines lost all impact since they never fought with anything that WASN'T at least Space Marine-tier.

A few hundred Guardsmen and/or of Cultists dying horribly would have gone a long way to showcase the fact that Space Marines are supposed to be the baddest of bad dudes. As it was, it just looked like a normal military B-movie with extra HUGE.

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>Nobody knows that the Ultramarines are Vanilla

Nobody outside the in the know, that is.

DoW survived pretty well.

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I think a 40k movie would be best if the space marines had more of a supporting role.

[spoilers]Just like in the Imperium.[/spoilers]

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It was a decent plot. The canon was remarkably faithful. Where it all fell down in a heap was the budget 3D, and ohmyfuckinggod rushed dialogue. The dialogue sounded like they honestly only recorded one take of each line. John Hurt was the only actor who didn't sound completely flat, and frankly rocked the fuck out of his roll.

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When the fuck are we getting an inqusition movie.

It would be the perfect showcase of the Warhammer 40k universe, allowing people to see everything from humanity, chaos, xenos, fantastic and mundane.

There could be intrigue and battle, brutality and fear, and we wouldn't have to worry about someone's favorite chapter being snubbed.

Or you know we could just adapt Eisenhorn/Ravenor

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The Lord Inquisitor movie is coming along quite nicely. http://thelordinquisitor.com/news/

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Gaunts Ghosts movies wouldn't go astray either, Ghostmaker in particular IMO.

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What a stud.

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You failed at spoiling, but the sentiment is dead on. That's what's wrong with Spess Mehreens.

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>Could it have ever been good?
Probably not. I don't think a good 40k movie could be made, really. Although Lord Inquisitor looks very impressive and I salute the dude's efforts.

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Storywise, Ultramarines suffers because it follows that the stanard space marine plot. Marine arrives at a place, kill some orks or in this case, fuck about in a sandstorm, chaos turns up IN A PLOT TWIST NO ONE SAW COMING, someone will turn evil, a marine will punch a deamon and then all the marines will bugger off. Admitly from the trailer, I thought the main marine was going to be the one who turns evil, since he sound like Ebenezer Scrooge discovering some poor kid eatting scraps out of his bin.

Artwise, I think their biggest problem was trying to be realistic. It works in the DoW trailers because they were 3 minutes long, but trying to make a low budget ultra realistic film over half an hour long is just going to fall into the uncanny valley. If they had gone for something more stylized, like this picture, then it worked better. It would of stood out more and the animators would of had more time to make the film better since they don't have to waste all their time making Blue Marine Number 12's eyebags look just right

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That image is awesome except for the fact that I'm 99% sure Fischig never wore any kind of power armor.....

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He was a minor character, I mean what did he ever do for Eisenhorn?

Also missing Nayl

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I was quite dissapointed in the movie too, they should really give them some budget and make a proper movie.

Also it confused me how in the end the daemon had to be killed so fast. It made sense they couldn't enter the warp with it still on the ship, but they didn't make the jump when the countdown was finished, if I remember correctly.

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That psyker sure got fucked up

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This is what I think.
Inquisition film could be a good mix of action flick, mystery/police procedural, and slasher film all in one.

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>Maybe a movie about the Imperial Fists trying to hold a fortress against Tyranid assault.

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>Just please not vanilla marines.
Imperial Fists are as vanilla as the Ultramarines, you goof.

A decent script and a decent budget are all you need for a good 40k movie. Get the Plastic Wax guys to do it.

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Ultramarines aren't vanilla marines, just derps like you ignore their culture.

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>implying you don't want to see rows of devastators meet a wave of tyranids with plasma cannons, heavy bolters and lascannons

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Start with IG battling xenos. Viewpoint character should be a green IG trooper on his first day who gets wrapped up in an op that goes way over his head. First act "Here's what shit is, here's how this works, here's your enemy," second act is when shit goes down - they're nearly overrun by Tyranids/Orks/Necrons, third act is when FUCKHUEG MARINES show up and the battle escalates to insane heights. If you want the marines to be impressive you're going to need to first establish that the enemy is a threat, then you need to have the marines steamrolling that threat.

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Imperial fists are lame. The next movie should be either dark angels or blood angels or ultras again.

Why? Because they are the most accessible and interesting.

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Sure was vannila as hell in the movie.

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They might as well do the Horus Heresy instead of random Space Marine units.

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Yes, because that movie was the vanilliest vanilla that ever vanilla'd. Sean Pertwee, John Hurt, and Dan Abnett all tried to save it from GW marketing, but they couldn't.

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I somehow doubt they'll make a next movie. But, if for some reason they do, then it should definitely be about the Imperial Guard in the middle of a crusade.

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They should just make a WHFB movie. Much less oversaturated movie genre.

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Now that I have that out of my system, if they want an interesting 40k movie that's going to appeal to more than just fans, they're going to have to move away from Space Marines.

However cool they may be, their best use in a story aimed for someone outside of the hobby would be an unstoppable team of badasses called in when shit hits the fan, not as a bunch of blundering rookies in a poor attempt to connect to the audience.

The problems with the Ultramarines movie were twofold. First, the script was something more fitting for guardsman, not the Imperium's supersoldiers who are supposed to have already been in service for a decade or more and still never seen battle. Second, the CGI looked horrible. I might have worked if nobody took their helmets off, but come on people, pre-2000's CGI looked better than this.

>>eeluste thaddeus

no, captcha, we don't need Thaddeus in a movie.

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Yeah, I agree overall. Honestly, a good movie about IG or Inquisition would be awesome. Spoos Mooroons may be iconic, but best to keep them for the climax. At least for a movie seeking a wider audience.

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>not just making a Space Hulk movie

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Do you have more of these or know who makes em? I only have this one.

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Yep, I have the others in the series, but no idea who did them.

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If you're going to adapt Ghostmaker, I think it work better as a TV miniseries. Get HBO or the BBC to pick it up and you'd have a winner.

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Awesome man, thanks.

Also, I'm beginning to love Sister Flavia

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Ultramarines was just a totally uninteresting movie. Lame, predictable plot, bad visuals, and like half the movie is just shot after shot of them walking around a foggy environment. That's it, just them navigating the environment.

It's especially baffling because marines, especially ultramarines are GW's boys. Yet this movie makes them out to be boring chumps. They stand around in the open, and then get shot. SPACE MARINES!

If they make another 40K movie, it should be a musical. Maybe about a daemonhost who is blind, deaf and dumb.

Also, the whole thing is up on youtube in case anyone hasn't seen it yet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1tn4bO1lHI

Prepare for the most amazing hour and 15 minutes of geriatric supermen walking around and getting shot.

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I always thought adeptus sororitas would be perfect - they're as mortal as imperial guard, but can potentially get as much shit done as space marines. If i had to choose between IG and SM, IG would be a decent war movie at least. The Inquisition as potential to be interesting, but you'd need to convey a lot of background information.

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They need to forget the space marines/chaos space marines/orks triangle, it's pretty boring.
A Movie about Gue'vesa fighting Cron's would be nice

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Man fuck that
I want a movie about motherfucking genestealer cults

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The Inquisition? You start off with an outsider, about 10 minutes of imperial society, then daemons from the fucking walls, in pops Inquisition, outsider is the only person who thought to do something like SHOOT AT THE DAEMON, gets recruited. Then we see him learning Inquisition as he goes.

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But the male teenage demographic can't relate to that.

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Show them this quote with some financial statistics they don't get anyway, you're done.

"Conventional TV wisdom has it that girls will watch shows about boys, but boys won't watch shows about girls. During test screenings, though, boys said they didn't care that Korra was a girl. They just said she was awesome."

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>There will never be a Ciphas Cain movie.

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>dat feel

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ah that would actually work, or rather a ig who remains after the opening scenes as the last man standing. The cut should be about a IG company getting massacred and this guy kills a bloodletter or a chaos marine, and him perhaps getting something on top of him (a dead chaos marine or something). This IG has been in the area long and starts explaining the situation to the marines/inquistitor, about the planet, the attack and so on. He gets taken back to the ship and so the film starts.

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It's better this way if we consider what they would do with him.

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If you include chaos, don't include khorne or tzeentch. I think Nurgle&Slaneesh will be a lot more visually interesting and unusual for most moviegoers - fans have been overexposed to khorne by now and they look just like a generic movie monster for the everyday person.

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What's dat?

Why not make a movie out of the khornate knights - but as an arthaus movie!

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true, but plaguebearers are so distgusting and personal I find female demons to be silly (but hey I don't like DE either). But perhaps this guard using a flamethrower to burn the pile of filth (see follower of nurgle), before passing out might be a good idea / passing out the moment a sm jumps into a demon/chaos marine which is about to finish him of (saying like pray to your gods (raises his gun/ starts swinging his weapon), the guard yells defiant something about the Emperor)

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"I find female demons"
I don't see genitals on Bloodletters, what makes you think they're male?

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talking about Daemonette (female ending).

>> No.21609974

serve him as handmaidens
Those Daemonettes that excel in their servitude may serve the Lord of Pleasure personally as courtesans on his throne.
y seems female (if there are demon genders)

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GW's insistence on Spess Mehrines being the centerpiece is missing the point that the Future Is War Unending and that every battle is D-Day, and that to draw people in you need to start with a perspective they understand. That of Private Green, so fresh from boot that he shines, being blindly hurled against waking nightmares from beyond the stars.

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I recall this movie was all
>theatrical release
then it was
>Blu-Ray and DVD release nationwide
>DVD only
>DVD only in GW stores
then finally
>DVD only via our website

I think they looked at it and realised how shite it was and hoped we would all forget it

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SM says we have report of some minor "insert xeno" incursions, pdf along with a IG regiment has just got massacred "MINOR?!"

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Most IG already have experience as gang members on shitty planets. None really starts blueeyed.

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Yeah that was what they tried with the Ultramarines film, which was silly. IG the only perspective which would work

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You can make bitching CGI in a vidya game.

For example, the cutscenes, voice acting, and general look of Space Marine works visually for the game.

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Depends. Some worlds are ordered to raid new regiments and will just draft people, throw them on a transport, and have them do their training on the way.

Where they draw their recruits from varies, but gangers aren't a hard rule.

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Commissar: "that's right Private, _Minor_."
Pvt Green: "sir, I-"
Commissar: "you doubt yourself? Those men served the Emperor faithfully to their last breaths; you will do no less. You _will_not_falter_, I will not allow it."

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It'd be pretty awesome.

Use the Bluhd Rhavens to get that DoW audience.

>> No.21610220

15 Hours says "hello".

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But you are sure as hell a candidate! 2x profit
One less mischief who kills law abiding citizens and you get someone who has killed before.
captcha wt v/6, a-7. ps. k8. nimolov
>fuck this shit

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Naw, you just need them to make a bolter-based cameo ala SPACE MAHRINE.

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A couple of months ago we had a thread where we outlined A Blood Ravens comedy movie.

Not sure if that's what OP is looking for though.

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SPACE MAHRINE apparently made it's points back, but it was a major investment to start with.
GW has it reasons, presumably, for wanting to do an intro cinema project on the cheap and a tolerance for the half-assedness of the result.

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No doubt, but only Hive Worlds would be able to field them in large enough numbers for an infantry regemint.

Even the death world Valhalla sends out people only halfway through their training...but then they're totally-not-Russia so I suppose that's to be expected.

On that note, the Russians did actually use their own men to clear mine fields in a few instances, mostly former POW's and deserters/criminals.

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It wasn't a "weekend at burnies" movie about the ravens stealing the Emperor was it?

>> No.21610424

Space bandits the Movie
Blood Ravens on a journey to steal as many articfacts as possible
Will include lines
>So I see you have a power sword used by The Emperor, let me take that son you might injure yourself
And so on

>> No.21610427


Still, it shows that you can make a good visual and audio 40k project work with a space marine as a protagonist. I will grant that a vidya game is a different format so a 40k movie would have to be shorter and packed tighter. I think the key point is that SPACE MARINE wasn't a 100% marine on marine combat for fights, and featured being the cavalry for IG.

This doesn't say that a 40k SM movie would work out moneywise, however.

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It was set after Retribution after the Blood Ravens were decimated.

The plot was Captain Ice, and Thaddeus (having been late to respond to Gabriel's call to arms due to Ice refusing to miss his hair appointment) return to Calderis to be given a secret mission.

To make up for their lack of numbers Gabriel decided to ensure the future of their chapter by ensuring the Blood Ravens get the very best wargear in the galaxy and hopefully live long enough so the Chapter will speedily get up to strength.

To that end, Captain Ice and his strike force go around stealing everything not nailed down.

I'm desperately trying to rack my brains to remember how it all ended.
We didn't go full LOL BLOODY MAGPIES XD as I recall.

I also remember that It involved Tzeentch, as portrayed by Tommy Wiseu.

>> No.21610470


IG/Inquisition is probably the best way to go. After that, maybe focus a bit on the more niche SM chapters. Space Yiffs, actually written well, are pretty cool. I have only seen them written well in HH. But actual Vikings and shit are pretty cool.

>> No.21610550

i've always thought that a 40k movie could be pulled off without any real story or dialogue. Just show different areas of a massive planet-wide battle showcasing most of the races/factions fighting one another. All while having a kick ass orchestral score to fit the tone of the never ending grimdark war that is warhammer. i mean, most of my 40k boner comes from just how cool the battles are between varied factions.

I just want to see a greater demon take on a horde of tyranids in high quality cgi. Or a necron lord fighting off a squad of khorne berzerkers...

guess thats what the games are for though...

>> No.21610599


>Tommy Wiseu

Fund it. Fund it now.

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>> No.21610714

"Wht an AMUSING STORY Slannesh"

>> No.21610734

Well Slaanesh was portrayed as a cross between the Stig and Morgan Freeman so I gues he'd have some decent stories.

>> No.21611571

I haven't read any of the books, but aren't space marines supposed to be more clever and faster than a normal human? How come they are fucktards when i read about them& in the movie&vidya gaems?

>> No.21611654


"Oh hai spess mahreens."

>> No.21612222


I kept reading Midas' voice in Steve Blum.

A 2D film would be much more expensive than a 3DCGI one though. Perhaps something in the aesthetic vein of the recent GL and TMNT cartoons? With Aerion's art as the primary inspiration.

>> No.21612309

Answer to this would be appreciated

Watchin the movie atm again, i forgot how well the audio was done

>> No.21612333

>This summer
>You've read all his adventures
>Nicholas Cage is
>Commissar Ciaphas Cain!

>> No.21612361


Because they are more Greek gods than wiser humans. Bigger by nature, and thus their mistakes are far bigger, a difference more of degree than kind.

>> No.21612366

I think they blew the budget getting John Hurt to be the Chaplain.

>> No.21612367

Thanks anon!

>> No.21612408

No problem.

So many people are used to the monotheistic, perfect god, and not the polytheistic, very human god that makes for far more interesting stories. Gods worshipped, not because they are worthy, but because they are powerful and demand worship.

>> No.21612414

you know what would be awesome? a Ciphas Cain TV series by the creators of BBCs Scherlock using the same format. It'd be pretty much the perfect way to do it.

>> No.21612708


Yes, that would be awesome. Who would be Ciaphas Cain, though?

>> No.21612716


Nicholas Cage. It's gotta be Nicholas Cage.

>> No.21612819

it'll have to be someone handsome and British, but who precisely i am not sure.

>> No.21613253

No. It has to be Rowan Atkinson. No one else shall be sufficient enough for the role, and you all damn know it.

>> No.21613522

i think a good 40k film would be about the life of a guardsman who starts out living on a planet like cadia or something, and about how he gets singled out for space marine training
or how a monolith appears under a tau homeworld and starts messing shit up, and the ethereals have to get help from the eldar (a shaky alliance)

>> No.21613541

clive owen would play him

>> No.21613557

I don't know, I think Hugh Laurie might be able to do it.

>> No.21613767


The first time I watched it I was like "The animation is almost as dated as Beast Wars, but HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME" and now it's like "Why did I ever think that was good? DoW had better cinematics."

>> No.21613784


Ultramarines have an entire company of devastators.

>> No.21613804

>mfw Atkinson plays it exactly like Mr. Bean but in a commissar outfit

>> No.21613835

This is why they should make Devastators and Assault Marines troop choices.

>> No.21613849


Haha, do you even play 40K?

>assault marines

Yes. But then BA would need a new shtick or people will yell for them to be folded into C:SM.

>> No.21613866

Sean Bean?

>> No.21613893

Jason Statham!

>> No.21613906

Here you go /tg/


>> No.21613943

To all the Ultramarine haters:

From now on, I resolve to hate EVERY faction and subfaction in the game with equal fervor as you do. If someone mentions an Ork clan, I'll be there to put them down! If someone talks about Blood Angels of Black Templars, I'll be there to remind them of their flaws!


>> No.21613961

They have death company, faster rhinos, deepstriking landraiders etc etc

Devastators and Assault marines as troops is actually fluffy for codex marines.

>> No.21613967

this is like an IG infantry boasting he'll kill a Warboss. Futile and laughable.

>> No.21613976

It would be the best thing ever
>Cain accidentally breaks the golden throne and tries to put it back together with some bubble gum

>> No.21613994


Imperial Guard? All they're good for is DYING.

>> No.21614032

>Assault as troops with jump packs made free
>Devastators as troops with SW/Chaos prices
>Tacticals moved to elite and given Sternguard rules
>Sternguard given artificer armor and turned into special character HQ unlocks

>> No.21614408

>That feel when Ian Watson once almost convinced Stanley Kubrik to make a 40k movie

>> No.21614451

>"What a magpie Stanley was, seizing on whatever I might mention. A book I owned about The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals: he must borrow it. Papal Indulgences; and I was faxing him information. I had written a novel entitled Inquisitor set in the wacky far-future world of Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000; he wanted a pre-publication printout right away. “Who knows, Ian?” he mused. “Maybe this is my next movie?” I arranged for Games Workshop to send him samples of their games and artwork and obtained for him from fantasy artist Ian Miller a portfolio of drawings of monsters. Anything could be grist to the mill, now or at some future date."

>> No.21614484


Well, there's your first mistake.

>> No.21614522

Daniel Craig could make a good Gaunt.

>> No.21614572

They were also the source of the real-world 40k-analogue Commissars.
Which, and this makes my chins wiggle with glee, didn't work. They weren't scarier then the enemy and either were too able to sympathize with their troops to callously sacrifice them or...ended up dead because 20 angry men with even only improvised weapons > one prick with BALLZ OF STEEL.
Political officers worked far better among established officer ranks then they did in actual battle.

>> No.21614592

What about if they set their sights on something a little less ambitious in terms of writing? Like instead of trying to come up with a complete new story that will fight a movie format just adapt the horus heresy into a CGI tv series like the clone wars, except longer episodes of course.

>> No.21614615

But that would be awful, is the problem.
A Deff Skwadron adaptation, on the other hand, would be excellent.

>> No.21614892

Aw man, like 5 out of 10...that wasn't TERRIBLE, but it was pretty bad.

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