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What are your favorite fantasy races?

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orcs, done the noble savage way

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Specifically, of the feline variety.

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Half-fae catboys.

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human, when in a human only world, or really any one-race world I guess.

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Human master race here.

But I do lean towards the Elan when the DM allows.

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why can't bethesda make a cool model for argonians and not just a human with a tail

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obligatory, why would you pick human when you have the option to pick so many other interesting races

captcha: thesanc lobster clambakes.

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They did. People bitched that they couldn't wear boots or face covering helmets.

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well they suck at their art design (and I'll end it there, unlike their sucking).

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Dwarves, followed by humans and half-elves.

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Because fuckin' Dorfs, that's why.

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this guy gets it

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Fucking goddamn shit-stomping Noldor.

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Sauroids, halflings, and troglodytes in roughly that order depending on how I'm feeling.

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Because my actions make me interesting, not my race.

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After reading that recent /tg/ bro's book, Deep Sounding I'll have to say promethean giant dorfs.

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Trollkin. Unquestionably, the trollkin. Apart from Trollkin, dwarves.

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Half-humans in general.

Not half human with a clusterfuck for the other half. And not necessarily just HALF human. Aasimars, tieflings, suli-jann, all of them.

Something about "human plus a touch of something awesome" just strikes me as so much cooler than a separate race altogether.

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I don't like nonhumans.

Am I a racist? I mean, they're not even real.

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You sound like a devout follower of Pelor

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No real reason. I never even played WoW.

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Half-Elves, Humans, 4E Teiflings and Halflings are all my top-tier races.
Just below that are Fey-style Gnomes, Drow that worship spider deities other than Lolth, Half-Orcs and Warforged.

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DnD race? or generic fantasy? Orcs. Dorfs. Oomans. also, loves me some warforged

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I liked WC2 trolls way better than WoW trolls. Brutal, nigh unkillable motherfuckers who ate elves like they were goddamn candy.

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I find it so stupid though that Argonian horns apparently disappear when they put on a helmet. Which is why I generally on wear a hood, because that at least makes sense when it comes to covering up horns.

I know it would suck not being able to wear most boots/helmets but they could just get some special ones specifically for beast races. That would be too much work though, obviously.

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I've always loved halflings. loving them more in the pre-stuff of D&D5 even more.

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I really like WoW trolls, not the whole Rastafarian Caribbean thing, but more like the design. Tall lanky ugly things with pointed ears and husks,.but not too tall. Cunning, maybe a bit crazy.

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Not even special helms, just give argonians their own helm models. They already made them warp funny, how much more work it have been to model in some holes

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Khajiit are the only catfolk I can really stand. Neat race, though.

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Warcraft 2 had the same units reskinned dude.

Well, I think the wizard and deathknight were different, but I could be wrong.

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>Cats? Check
>Catnip-addicted? Check
>Love shiny objects? Check
>References to social stigma against medieval Jews? Check
>Racial predisposition to martial arts? Check
>Robes? Check
Khajiit are fucking awesome.

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>Forgetting barbed dicks

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Mithra or Ecaflip-like.

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Not to mention
>mane khajiit covered in braids from tributes
>obsessed with the moon

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Or that. If all horn types have bases in about the same place, it would be easy to just put a hole there for the Argonian model.

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You forgot the fact that the have a FUCKED up reproductive process. Seriously, a khajiit that looks like Katia can give birth to a quadrupedal cow like creature or a housecat depending on the phase of the moons.

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Morrowind models were fucking terrible and not making a special armor for their legs and head was just lazy.

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Not true.
Rangers with Marksman inflict more damage, Berserkers with Regeneration regain health.
Paladin/Blood Magi and Mage/Death Knight got different spells.
Those are the only differences, though.

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The warping is just a by-product of how 3D models are rigged on to their skeletons.

Creating a whole other model for every helmet would be more of a resource management than how much work it would be. It would require a whole new model and texture set for every helmet. That's quite a lot of extra size.

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Must've been some time since I played.

I don't remember.

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yes. Yes. Exactly.
Dem 20%.
though i think Ecas would have been less exy if they weren't french

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In this order:

Orks (Tha propa kind ya git)

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Let me get to the point here
>Lizard people

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depends on the setting, Naga when allowed.

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You know, a picture is worth a thousand words.


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>Warcraft 2 had the same units reskinned dude.
And that has exactly what to do with their portrayal of trolls and the lore surrounding them in WC2 again?

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I'm down with the 20%. Viera are nice, too. Especially since their asses can power hoverbikes.

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Dwarves, Orcs (any kind, much preferable when they're not anything like Warhammer and Tolkien kind), and Pandaren.

Yes, I am a horrid WoWfag, sue me. I think Pandaren are an awesome race.

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Jack Black

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Thri-kreen is best

all other races are smalltime

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Man, whatever happened to this guy? I want him to draw more.

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>Any female wakfu character ever

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Can I say human?

I dunno, I always like humans in a fantasy setting interacting with the inferior races.

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Planetouched, because pure outsiders are rarely if ever allowed. In the slight cases they are, they have been watered down culturally and/or physically to being more 'human' than a planetouched.

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I love fire

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Muthafuckin Tortles, meng.

Goddamn, I wish there were more available for play. Damn near everyone has their snake/lizard/frog/cat/bear/wolf/rat/crow/tree/rock/water/hamburger bun/bowling ball/pine scented/gym sock races.
Why not turtles more often? Fukken injustice, says me.

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I-Is that a fellow turtlebro?

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Too bad ass, every one would want to play as one and all the other races wouldn't get any attention. Not to mention games would be filled with Ninja Tortles

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Favorite fantasy race?
A race of catboy traps

Favorite race from medieval fantasy games/novels?
Probably Faerun's Moon Elves.

Favorite race from sci-fi fantasy games/novels?
If the Shemarrians count, them.
Shemarrians aren't actually a race, just robot amazons created to appear to be amazonian women with minor cybernetic enhancements, programmed to act as if they were a cultured race so as to throw people off of their true nature.
Otherwise I often have an enjoyment for the truly immortal races, the ones that could not possibly perceive things from the human perspective.

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I have a dream. A dream of fanrasy ODSTs in the form of really fucking angry armored turtlefolk using catapults to launch themselves over enemy fortifications directly into battle.
ODST stands for Ornery Drop Shock Turtle

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Goddamn, I love you.

Sidenote: When are we gonna get a skin for Bubble's that isn't a joke wrapped in garbage fried in pain?

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L5R Nezumi

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>mfw nobody else likes thri-kreen

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I like Sci-Fi bugs species like the Vratix, is that ok?

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It's not a base-race where I come from.
Not that I don't think they're cool. They're cool.
Just not really playable.

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Man, Throkeen are awesome, my one friend played one who's main attack involved carrying heavy weights and jumping on his foes

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I dont play Dota 2, I just collect turtlefolk art. My collection is now 3 pictures strong.

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Bubbles is from Heroes of Newerth, unless what you were saying was an elaborate joke regarding the similarity of all MOBAs, then instead of whatever I said, insert, "HAHA O U".

But yeah, I understand the sentiment. I do the same thing, and only have 2.

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Thri-keen. Goddamn auto-correct

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>unless what you were saying was an elaborate joke regarding the similarity of all MOBAs
Nope, I knew he was from a MOBA, I just forgot which one.

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>dat surprisingly high sneak

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half elves

>> No.21605749 [SPOILER] 

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No need to hide it mate, a couple of people have come out about liking them already

>> No.21605758

Wait, there's a stigma on liking half-elves?

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Lot of orc lovers in this thread...

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I don't really like playing evil characters, but I fucking LOVE tieflings.

Every time I play one its a hard line I got to walk to play a Neutral/Good one without sounding too Mary Stu.

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>Inherently Evil
What are you playing 3.5?

>> No.21606124

Pathfinder, while none of them are inherently evil its hard to come up with an excuse as to why one is not.

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That makes a lot of sense then. Not knocking your system, I just like 4E's take on it a bit more.

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I like both systems, however this is my first pathfinder game and I'm fucking loving this shit.
Even if my character was hard to write.

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Dwarves, Halflings, and Koblods in no particular order.

As someone who is a tad bit shorter than average, I always love taking down people who have the mistaken belief that height = superiority.

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kobolds, goblins, xenophobic or savage elves.

Gnomes can die in a fire, and halflings in volcanoes.

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Merfolk, though they have to be the kind with legs instead of a tail.

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It's only as hard as you make it. Just don't fall into that "but thats what my character would do! So it's cool that i rape this child!" shit.

This board has gotten people so scared of being a mary sue that we don't even get interesting characters anymore.

>> No.21608774

5 Bux this time next year the blank boring default character is the new mary sue

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what's the point?
Unless they have the torso and head of a fish, that is.

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I be not OP, if my name returns as it, lol. I had a very ridiculous PC idea that got nixed just a couple days ago. Not for cheesiness but for lack of undead, :(. A venerable jungle kobold that wanted to animate the bones of five specific creatures, waving a bound sheet of papers that depicted five kobold rangers with said creatures. If a PC had a mind to, they could roll a general knowledge check to find that the papers being waved were a bound coloring book depicting...the Power Rangers (the original ones). He was going to hollow out one of them skeleys and become known as the Kobold of the Black, being dragonwrought of the black lineage. He was a batshit insane kobold whose senility brought people to facepalm. Due to GM not wanting to put many, if any at all, undead, I would be useless and well, I am PC-less at the moment for a campaign starting in two days, sigh

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his name was either going to be Likbut of the Baraun Noz clan or Zak-Zak. Not sure not that it matters now. Couldn't get a 2h axe to use so I was going to have him carry a scythe and convert it to be both a scythe and a crossbow. Almost gave him Perform (dance) and possibly argue with the GM to allow me to use that stat to dodge and attack, lol

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I've played in a lot of games where the setting is either coastal or straight-up aquatic. Having an amphibious character comes in handy in those situations. There's also the fluff consideration, although that differs from game to game.

Does there really have to be a point, though? Asking a person what their favorite fantasy race is kind of falls into the same vein as asking somebody what their favorite color is.

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>its hard to come up with an excuse as to why one is not
Really? Do you have trouble coming up with reasons for humans not being neutral?

>I just like 4E's take on it a bit more.
4e doesn't have a take on tieflings; it has a new race with the same name.

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Dragonmen, it's cliche but I love 'em. Especially the big, beefy dudes. Preferably dressed in next to nothing.

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I wonder how many of the people saying half-fae catboys are being serious.

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Dwarves. Then Ents, Dryads and other treefolk.

>> No.21619700

I didn't say it, but I'd certainly play one.

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4E Eladrin. Fantastic culture and aesthetics, great mechanical options, good fun in any class.
Elorii. Sharper, harder, more military Elves. Not tree-huggers, but fortress-builders, war-masters, elemental creatures with very long memories and deadly Elder Magicks.

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Dorf. I'm fat and hairy.

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Taheen, ya ken.

>> No.21621146

What happened to the taheen when the red king bit the bullet anyways? >>21621050

>> No.21621158

GOBLINS! How can you not love those silly green shorties?

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This thread lacks Lamias

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Humans, lizard-men and orcs.

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I like elves that live long, are pretty but nice, but their race itself is doing badly.

Also, pixies and similar sized creatures that are pretty and nice.

However, I'm not one to play elves or fae like that. I just want to associate myself with that type of race, but not actually be one of them.

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Bad to the gnoll
Bad to the gnoll

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tbh I find utter satisfaction in novels that have elves as a "failing" race instead of the golden age state (e.g. Silmarillion and Lord of the Rings)

>> No.21621441

That happened to me once.

Weirdest morning ever.

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You can never have enough tentacles.

>> No.21621515

I love me some halflings, being small just has so many fun options in roleplayer.

And something about fearless plucky midgets stirs something in my soul.

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>Some girls like to dress like a witch
>Some girls like to dress like a queen
>Best way a girl can dress for me
>Is in a goblin suit (they look so cute...)

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Catgirls,of course!

>> No.21621817

Orcs are good too!

>> No.21621820

Lamia and other monstergirls...

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>> No.21621835

Wait, no, tieflings.

Demon in the sack... Or a devil...

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I love Khajiit.

Damn shame they're about the only catlike race done well.

>> No.21623978

Stuff like mi-go is always cool. Aside from that humans.

>> No.21624067

Non-Dorf Dwarfs.
Seriously, fuck that Tolkien-fanfiction. Not even the Dwarfs that were actually featured in Tolkien's works were that bad.

Dorfs can be fun, but it has spread like a fucking plague to the point where other Dwarfs are often laughed at.
Non-Dorf Dwarfs were always my favourite anyway.

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Dryads, Gorgons, Elves and Lamias. I love them so much that i am trying to come up with a queen for a fantasy story i want to write and i can't even decide which race should i use

>> No.21624342

I'm a big fan of humans with scaled bits, but not entirely scaled (so no dragonborn).
I'm also a fan of lizardfolk that are emphatically not humans with scales.

>> No.21625373

They probably went back into whatever lands they claimed as their own. They existed without him, IIRC. Sort of like the Rods.

>> No.21625386

Oversight corrected.

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That pic somewhat derives from this one.

>> No.21625720

Actually I can't really stand any fantasy race. I am pro human and anti everything else.

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why would that horror from the deep take the time to tie on a bikini top?

>> No.21625758

My favorite are catfolk but I've never really had one as a pc. Not yet anyhow. My most favorite race I've actually played is an elf. Was never actually too fond of elves until I played one.

>> No.21625808

>"I'mma snake-skin boot - boot boot boot..."

>> No.21625952

pic related

>> No.21626170

All the better to corrupt you with, by way of being a safe image to post?

Or just to cover up tentacle nipples.

>> No.21628931

Half Elf (My go to race)
Beastfolk of the canine variety

Fuck I love races in general.

>> No.21628983

I agree, Whenever I make a water Genasi in D&D I make them Merfolk like this

>> No.21628985

Dunmer, because of their crazy culture.

>> No.21628988

It's absolutely God damned ridiculous how good those are in Pathfinder. I hate them reflexively because furry, I hate the fluff, and I STILL find myself thinking of character ideas for the race.

>> No.21629093

I like Genies. They're pretty versatile in their nature, you can play most any role without going against any established function.

>> No.21629132

Ever since I met the Goblin Lacky.
>I play a Mountain,
>Tap for 1 red
>Play my Goblin Lacky
>Bring out my horde.

(also playing this in teams with a blue counter would quickly reduce the life to 0)

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>> No.21632768

Don't forget a Warren Instigator next turn.

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