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Let's talk about outlandish weapons, /tg/

How come nobody ever uses a kanabo? I'm not really into japanese stuff in general, but fucking look at that thing. It's a big iron club with little spikes on it. It's super rad.

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I think the Mexicans used to use a similar thing, but ditched them for swords and actual guns.

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It's a big wooden club with iron spikes on it.
I have played in an eastern themed game, the barbarian(yay always DnD final destination...) who used a club, refluffed as a kanabo.
It is just a club, a big one, but still.
The real question is How come nobody ever refluffs their club as a kanabo?
Because it may not fit the theme of the campaign.

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The macuahuitl, another one of my favorites. Two paddles with sharp rocks between them.

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Antihorse weapon. If (or rather, when) the obsidian broke ot could still be a mean club.

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DnD's horrible exotic weapons rules don't encourage people to branch out of the typical weapon set.

"I wanna use a Kanabo."

"What is it?"

"It's a Japanese weapon that is basically a big iron club with spikes on it."

"Hmm, better take a special feat to know how to use it."

"...But it's just a club, basically."

"Exotic name, exotic weapons feat!"

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because unless you're playing a japanese themed setting then they're called maces

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I like the tetsubo too.
Related to your question, usually is because my group plays european medieval fantasy...and would be fucking strange to access to asian weapons mostly because when they break there aren't spare parts or someone who could repair it.

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and weapon focus, and weapon specialization, and ect ect.

It's so anti-cinematic. Every hero can pick up an enemies sword or a spear they found on the floor and put up a decent fight.

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I think that's fair, as long as the setting is somewhere the weapon isn't common. It's not that it's way harder to use than simple/martial weapons, it's more an issue that there's nobody around who could have taught you.

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greatsword or great axe or both!?

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Sword, mace, or axe MAYBE, but I defy anybody to pick up a spear they known nothing about and use it without looking like a total doofus and probably hurting themselves.

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What if my character is a native of the orient of that setting?

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Then they would probably have that weapon feat.

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The khopesh.
You can use this motherfucker to cut, disarm, or removing an opponent's shield by hooking to it.
It exists in the shortsword and longsword variants.
And it's rad as hell.

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Is that a... falx?
Sorry i don't know

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Why would they need an "exotic" weapon feat for a common weapon from their area of origin?

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There's no body around who could have taught you how to use what is seriously just a fluffy club?

Nunchaku, spiked chain, dire flail, two-bladed swords; these are weapons which are justifiably exotic. There is no simple comparison to draw between these weapons and a more commonly used weapon, so it's easy to argue why special training would be necessary.

But anyone who can wield a mace can teach you how to wield a Kanabo. There are so many times where "Exotic Weapon" is applied just because exotic name or origin, not because the weapon requires special training to use.

Also, we're talking about a game where scythes and falchions (among other things) are considered martial, so clearly martial weapons training covers a lot of fucking bases.

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It's funnier when your characters is supossed to be from a particular country and yet he needs to take exotic weapon feats with the weapons of that country...because D&D can't into logic.

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We Tomb Kings now

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You can't hit yourself with a spear. There's just no way for doing it. You have to be somehow retarded to actually manage to be useless with a spear.

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Not only that.
Human raised by elves or dwarves...still don't know how to use elven or dwarven weapons.

Elves or dwarves raised by humans...they know how to use weapons they never saw before

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I keep grabbing it by the sharp part. I've never seen one of these before.

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>rpg's underestimating slings and padded armour
>and not even including the staffsling

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Well, if you go to SUCH extreme case of inability... Then I guess... It'd be possible?

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You know what weapons I don't think I've ever seen used in any campaign I've ever played? The Scythe, Dire Flail, or Quarter Staff.

I don't think any of those are even exotic weapons. People just don't seem to like them.

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The Bian Mace

Chinese bar mace that is made to look like a sword to dupe opponents.

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Dupe them into... what?

>Ha! You thought when I swung it at you, you'd get your head chopped! But instead your skull caved in! You had no idea which injury was about to befall you! I got you!

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Well, just a mere Chinese mace is quite a weird thing. Basically, a masterwork analogue of modern piece of rebar.

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pretty positive 2nd ed had slingstaffs.
and slings were a proven tool of awesome in low level adventures.
at least in my campaigns.

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Forgot picture, dammit.

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It's called a "sword-breaker" mace in China.
Generally it's so heavy that trying to parry it would bend or otherwise heavily damage jian or dao.

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Same thing I was thinking.

"Instead of cutting your arm, I crushed it!"

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you can hit yourself with the non sharp end in the gut

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Because when they go to parry it like a sword they'll get their shit smashed and bent

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Great-Teacher Tommy-Lee Jones.

Wait, what the fuck? Why's he in a jap show?

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>understimating slings
>slings in D&D 5 deal 1d6 damage, 1d8 if you're a halfling
What do you want? 2d12?

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A whole series of japanese ads. They are glorious.

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The only point where a game system should require you to expend XP/feats whatever to use something is when it gives you a new power/capability/thing-you-can-do.

For example you should probably require exotic weapon prof for something that lets you say, trip people at a range (bolas) or grapple with reach (mancatcher).

When we play something a bit more high-tech we have skills you need to tag to be able to use certain things. Like Tech-Use: Radiosystem or Tech-Use powerarmour. This is so that loot doesn't equate to instant and internally imbalancing (unless there is a powerarmour for EVERYONE) powergain.

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>Implying you could even block a chinese sword with another chinese swords without break them or warp them

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With english subs, because not all of us can understand the second moonspeak of earth.

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Dupe you into thinking your fighting a swordsman.

Bian maces were meant to damage blades. Paired with a sword, it served as a sword-breaker.

A true chinese mace looks like this, spherical or octagonal

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Damnit can't find the ep on the .gif

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D&D is just a horrible ruleset, just go with BRP instead.

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Holy shit those were awesome.

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