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Could we get a Planescape image dump thread going on? I need some ideas for my next game.

Also, general Planescape thread.

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No. Planescape is dead. And nothing cannot revive it.
Also - I don't worship your fucking Lady of Pa...

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Clueless berk got what was coming to him, I reckon.

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I'd love to, but all my PS images are at home.

It's funny how DiTerlizzi's art really defines the setting. Even when it was being published at the tail end of its existence, the lack of DiTerlizzi's art really put me off some of the final supplements (Inner Planes, frex). There's an ethereal, otherwordly quality to his illustrations that made the Planes come alive.

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Elysium and some Guardinal.

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OP here.
I know, DiTerlizzi's art really made Planescape into what it is. So, I'll be dumping some of his art here.

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Did anyone ever get their hands on any of the notes for the sequel to Faction War that was slated for production when TSR went belly up?

I hated the way Faction War broke Sigil into tiny little pieces, but I read in an interview somewhere (with Colin McComb?) that the sequel was supposed to fix everything and re-imagine Sigil in a way that was consistent with the whole line. Too bad it never happened.

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Moving on.

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Tony DiTerlizzi's Planescape character art for some Black Gate magazine, made in 2010.

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Captcha ate the pic, sorry.

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So are all of these by Tony DiTerlizzi? Because I think I found one of my new favorite artists.

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Yep, all of them. Most of them are from Planescape or Dragon magazines. He also did some work for oWoD Changeling and Magic: The Gathering. I'll be posting them soon.

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Hey anyone know when the modron march comes through heOHGODWHY

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Still better than having the Blood War erupt on your front doorstep.

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Orcus, you dick.

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At least you can bargain with fiends.

Modrons- Good luck even talking to the boxes.

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So, I'll post a couple of sketches by DiTerlizzi. These are revisits to his old Planescape art, as in, how those things would look if he drew them today.
This is a slyph, from AD&D monster manual.

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Hah! I love that adventure duet.

I suppose the worst thing would have to be getting stuck on the Infinite Staircase with the Modron March behind you and the Blood War in front.

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Cool. Not to nitpick, but it says 'sprite' on the illustration.

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Where'd you get these? Does he run a blog?

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Oh cool! A Githzerai!

I love those guys and the whole *knowing* bit.

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Huh. Didn't even notice that. It said "Slyph" on the page I found it, and saved it like that.

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He did have a web page somewhere where you could download these. The new one doesn't allow that.
However, there's a Facebook page of his, where he posts some of his work (as in, about a quarter or less). I got most of these from there.

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His color illustrations have much more nuance in them these days, but his sketches are pretty much the same, perhaps slightly more shaded.

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There are some slight improvements, if you ask me. Compare this >>21581652 to this one.

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Yes, he's on facebook.

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I honestly don't see the difference, apart from medium.

But this >>21581681 is much better.

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The Kenku.

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Now that's a wacky looking kobold.

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Based DiTerlizzi

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His females are always so alluring.

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A bored pit fiend.

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Factol of the Transcendent Order.

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Morte, calm yo tits.

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Not sure if Planescape related, but some more of Tony's nice art.

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I'll post more later, if the thread doesn't die in the meantime.

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Then I guess I'll just have to keep this bumped, because I am absolutely loving this art.

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Damn, I love the expressiveness of everything. Some of them actually look BORED or AMUSED, not just "Teeth gritted in the midst of combat."

His only problem is I don't see much "normal." Nonetheless, I'd LOVE it if, say, D&D Next looked like this.

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TEMPEST! That's it, I remember this guy from tempest and some of the Urza blocks.

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Then you should look at the 2E monster manuals, they were illustrated mostly by him.

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I'll try to dig out some more quality pictures, but I promise nothing.
If someone has something to add to the thread, feel free to do so.

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Got the rest of the OWoD changeling stuff?

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I'll try to dig it out.

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You're the man.

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I can't find any in decent quality, I'm afraid. Sorry to disappoint you.
I could run through my Changeling pdfs, and try to post the pictures from there here.

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bump for greatness

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don't let the thread die

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Best setting there is. I always find a way to put some Planescape in all my D&D/Pathfinder games.

Currently preparing a full Planescape campaign in Pathfinder once we finish our current one.

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Oh wow.

I picked up a card game forever ago, when I was young, and had never been able to find out what it was.

It was this.

Cheers /tg/, mystery solved.

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Why is the Grey Waste green and brown? And isn't Carceri a bunch of spheres glued together like a necklace of beads?

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bumping because of pure awesome

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I'm glad to see people are still bumping and posting images in this thread. Dropping the map of the multiverse.

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Lady's will be ???? when ???? of sigil?

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Lady's will be stated when all agree on the pronunciation of sigil

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How about we defer to how the word is actually pronounced.

It's not really a matter of opinion.

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sig·il [sij-il]
a seal or signet.

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S in 'sigh'
i in 'bid'
j in 'jam'
le in 'bottle'

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Try again.

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Well shit.
I take it all back.

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Nix it, berk! If you pronounce Sigil wrong again they'll bang you up in the brick beast and rip your brainbox off!

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I love this guys work.

I heard that his pieces in the 2nd edition Monster Manual were done with what left over paints he had from his college courses while still living in his parents house.

I dunno it's kinda neat. I always liked those pieces, and do think that they were like this struggle he had to put out under pressure... it's kinda fun.

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Planescape is a bad setting. It's only loved thanks to the game.

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Never played the vidya.

Have most of the boxed sets.

Love the setting.

Been running the game since it was new.

What now?

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You should check out the first Monstrous Compendium Annual for 2E. He did all the artwork for it.

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There's a cool list of the different currency you can find on the planes.
That site has some other good info too.

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That piece made water elementals cool for me. About a month ago my players fight some giant elemental water snakes, and now I'm sure I know where the visual comes from.


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So, pre-Faction War Factions VS post-Faction War ones?

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More Mechanus

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Does anyone have a download for that? I'm interested.

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Here you go.

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You have to consider Planescape: Torment was developed two or three years after the setting went out of print. So while I'm sure the game did have its share of influence, those of us who started playing Planescape when it was supported loved it because it was awesome.


I honestly always thought it was some kind of artistic licence or confusion. It is common for commission artists to work without really knowing the whole story, and perhaps the description the artist was given for that piece led to some missmatches.

For instance, Hades is sometimes described as having "dead trees" all over it's first layer, so perhaps that caused confusion and ended with the artists adding living trees.

On the other hand, if you check the drawing, the area does get "evil-er" in the lower section, so perhaps the artist was more inspired by the actual Hades of Greek mythology, and pictured it as an underworld.

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Thank ya good sir!

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Far too you to have played Planescape when it came out. Don't own and have never played Planescape: Torrment.
I love DMing it. I wish I could play it some one one that knew the system.

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I want her clothes. Or at least the dress and sash. Comfy + regal = awesome.

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Is that the very model of a modron major general?

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Spelljammer was here, you guys are cool and all... but do you have Mindflayers with rayguns?

>> No.21593574

Spelljammer is the Prime Material plane of Planescape. So, technically?

>> No.21593576

Technically spelljammer exists within Planescape so...yeah.

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Do you have a tavern run by cannibalistic halflings in which an angel and a demon have a drunk brawl, while a dragon's serving in the kitchen?

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Marry me.

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I've information Elemental, Concordant, and celestial,
I know the Lords of the Abyss, and I quote the ecnounters historical
From Titans Rise to The Bloodwar, in order categorical;

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Sweet. Here, folks. Have another glorious hammership. (since it's on-topic)

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I love you.

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Also: the Marlin (AKA: Jules Verne's lovechild)

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If you look up here, you can see the entire multiverse, even the Phlogiston. And Krynn. And Toril. And...

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Ravenloft is in the demiplanes though.

>> No.21593661

Yeah but a lot of berks in the multiverse would prefer if you just forgot it existed.

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>Grazzt has 3 layers
>Demongorgon, Prince of Demons, has only 1

I wish they would do more with Demogorgon.

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There's a truly epic and well written story set in both Planescape and Ravenloft, the Blade of Innocence:


I wholeheartedly recommend it for reading.

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Check out the last few adventures to to Dragon magazine's Savage Tides. Ppretty epic fight.

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Hey boss.

>> No.21593732

>Savage Tides. Pretty epic fight.
Pretty epic everything. When I ran it I used the "What happens after" as reason for why 4e fluff came into being.

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While I'm posting these, would someone be so kin as to upload the complete Dragon 414?

>> No.21594444

I meant to write "kind", sorry for the stupid typo.

>> No.21594493

Also, Dungeon 205 (or at least the article about Shemeshka) and the new Dungeon 208 (or the article about Fraz-Urb’luu) would be great.

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MFW DiTerlizzi/Etc... will always be shunned in the modern fantasy gaming community for animu or generic CG.

MFW Magic will never have a Planescape Set.

>> No.21594541

Tony did some art for Magic, I posted it somewhere earlier in this thread.

But, yeah, I feel you, man.

>> No.21594572

So, I'll begin dumping some of Tony DiTerlizzi's newer work.

>> No.21594590

Yeah I love every card she did. Even the sillier goblins.

Each illustration is full of so much flavor and inspires so much more than what is there...like each one can be the hook of its own campaign.

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Fuck yeah DiTerlizzi thread!
Contributing some more Planescape art

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Sounds legit

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I'm tempted, I must say. What's the health care like?

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I bet they have great dental


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>Miniature Giant Space Hamster

And on that note, I'll pass the torch on to the next poster

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bump for epic art thread

>> No.21596399

A steady stream instead of all at once.

>> No.21596719

Sweet, love these little guys.

>> No.21596961

>remain ethereal
>on the Outer Planes


>> No.21597042

Do you have by chance the Ghaele from DiTerlizzi?

Also, whaaaaaat

>> No.21597128

Not that poster, but is this the one you're talking about?

>> No.21597228

Nah, I was talking about this one. I don't have it in any higher quality, so I thought that someone else does.

>> No.21597257

Modronic legions.

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>> No.21598406

The wastes

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Is it just me, does does alot more seem to be happening in the Neutral to evil side of Planescape?
I mean I know there _Have_ been adventures where you head up to the beastlands or celesta... but not as much as going into Hell or Limbo. I thought planescape was suppose to make the good side ... interesting.

>> No.21598472


You can't have adventure without conflict. Good aligned planes totally have that. But it's much easier to write conflict in the lower planes. Also that sense of overwhelming danger as you find yourself literally stranded in hell kind of overshadows asgardian petitioners earning your respect.

>> No.21598489

Has anything actually interesting happened in the good realms?

>> No.21598572


I think it's more fun for roleplay heavy groups to explore the upper planes. An ancient silver dragon has challenged all in the beastlands to a battle of wits and the party battles him in a contest of logic to prove their renown.
Or a band of petitioners feel ill represented by the affairs of olympus and fear their community will sink into the lower planes without more direct influence. the party goes to represent the interests of the common man in the court of the gods.

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>> No.21600179

I too am trying for a planescape campaign. Pray tell, are you using the original edition, or would you perhaps have means of playing using 3.5?

>> No.21600230

I saw this thread, and remembered what D&D is supposed to be.

It's not about the system or the edition or the publisher. There is a...mood...to it, one that is sadly lacking in the latest published material.

...Godsdammit, now I feel old.

>> No.21601014

Oh god man... That feel, both what you are referring to and feeling old. I hear ya.

Have more Modorns.

>> No.21601073

One of my favorite adventures I ever got to run was Diplomacy from Dungeon magazine. PCs represent the forces of good in an interplaner debate to win the multiverse's largest diamond mine from the King of the Jann. God damn that was fun. Not to mention the first time in years I got to beat that smug look off of a yugoloth.

>> No.21601822

What Dragon mag was that?

>> No.21601871

>DM declares everything "within nature" since it's planescape
>Druid Lich, here I come

>> No.21601886

Issue 144

>> No.21605446

>> No.21605819

You can easily make a Planescape game in 3.5e, just go through the Manual of the Planes to get some ideas how to do that.

There's some lore, some enemies, something about the planes and so on. There are some modifications to the basic classes, that can easily reflect the nature of the game - for example, the Planar ranger (ranger that gets his bonuses on a specific plane), and the prestige classes like the Athar. You can pretty much run it like a standard game, set in a nonstandard setting.

>> No.21606371

Also, Planewalker has many fan conversions into 3E:

>> No.21606561

Rogue Modron Barbarian. Yes.

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>> No.21606963


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>> No.21609154

Something about these drow just feels right.

I don't know. Is it the males chiseled chin? His holier than thou expression? Is it the females subtle smile, her knowing, seductive expression? It just feels so...correct.

>> No.21609203

This picture is amazing.

I need this as my phone background why is it horizontal

>> No.21609255

Just some info - these are the dark elves (or drow, if you want, they are called dark elves in the book) of Ysgard - they are Chaotic Neutral servants of the godess Eilistraee. They live in the realm of Svartalfheim, and are pretty much based on the elves of Norse mythology (in other words, viking drow).

>> No.21609330

I know exactly what you mean. Looking through the most recent books it's all generic anime-esque characters with asymmetric shields. Fighting meaningless skirmishes in worlds devoid of mystery.

>> No.21609666

all of my penis

>> No.21611203

This is the best art thread since...forever.

Or at least since that Trudvang thread.

>> No.21611365

>>Diterlizzi Thread
>>best art thread

Hell yeah.

>> No.21611469

Fuck yeah, this thread is still going on.

>> No.21611515

Man... meaningless battles devoid of mystery. Nail on the head.

To me, DnD art is the landscape with the Party just looking down on what they're about to go into. You guys know the one, they're parting through the jungle or looking down off of a cliff to the ancient ruins that lay before them, just begging to be explored.

>> No.21612472

Ha. I was going to post this claiming: "Hey guys theres other work out there from 2ed thats good. Look at this."
Then I noticed the "TD" under it's tail. God damn you Diterlizzi...

>> No.21613954

bump for epic art thread

>> No.21614047

DiTerlizzi did all of the artwork for the AD&D Monstrous Compendium Annual vol. 1. It was the first D&D book I ever saw in my entire life.

I didn't know what the game was or how it was played, but his art, with all of its sketchy, whimsical personality, can be credited with pulling me in.

Look at this guy right here. This is my favorite piece from that book. "Dragon - Linnorm - Corpse-Tearer". He's based on Nidhogg from Norse mythology, and if you told most artists to draw this figure, you'd likely end up with your typical, big roaring monster-dragon.

DiTerlizzi took the concept and made it into this smug, grizzled ancient beast who looks more likely to confound a band of heroes with a dubious bargain or riddle than simply attack. A heroic adventure should be as much about testing the heroes' wits as much as their ability to fight, and I think DiTerlizzi had that in mind with every monster he conjured up.

>> No.21614198

I know what you mean. Most modern adventures are only combat oriented, which isn't so bad, but get's boring after a while.

Planescape, on the other hand, made you think. The planes are changed by belief, Gods die because they were forgotten, Angels are selling weapons to the fiends in order to prolong the Blood war... It goes on and on and on. It gives you permission to let your imagination run wild.

You want a ninja, a viking and a wizard in your party, and you want to go to the plane made of clockwork? Sure, why the hell not. This is Planescape, everything can happen.

>> No.21616570

Amma gonna bump this for you.

>> No.21616657 [SPOILER] 

DiTerlizzi based his illustration style on Brian Froud, who in turn was heavily influenced by Arthur Rackham (pic related), who in turn admired the writing and design of William Morris. This style of art goes back to the Victorian preoccupation with faeries, scandinavian folklore and Wagnerian operas. It's funny to see it resurrected in the D&D game.

>> No.21616674


i think you mean "fitting".

>> No.21617561

I think I mean what I mean to say, sir. It's funny to see a hobby of upper class Victorians reincarnated among socially-challenged niche gamers a century later.

>> No.21618475

>>implying that people into fairy tales and fantasy even back in the day weren't also a bunch of socially awkward neckbeards

>> No.21618756

Factol Sarin, alignment Lawful Don't-Fuck-With-Me.
Factol Darius, you're her imaginary friend.
Factol Montgomery, classy as fuck.
Factol Pentar, crazy as shit.

Sigil knew how to put the right people in charge.

>> No.21619888


Let's not forget Factol Rhys, who doesn't care for anything..

>> No.21620056

Well, they thought the Ciphers were a bunch of brainless knee-jerkers, but when shit hit the fan during the Faction War, she made it out of her Maze in like no time at all and had pulled every remaining non-Lady authority figure left in town back together and got things settled down.

To be a member of the Transcendant Order is to give no fucks, yet to strive in the utmost. Strange faction, that.

>> No.21620223

They're the only faction to remain in Sigil after the Faction War, right?

The Athar retreated to the base of the Spire, the Guvners went to Mechanus, and so on, but these guys stayed behind.
Rhys even went on to become a member of the Sigil's City Council.

So, yeah, the addled-coved Ciphers ended up the city's top dogs.

>> No.21622866

Bump for great Justi- Er Law.

>> No.21623959

Orcus: "I'm in your pool, stealing your Modrons."

>> No.21624864

sauce please!

>> No.21625149

>> No.21625162


>> No.21625173


>> No.21625187


>> No.21625206

Sorry for the text in these pictures, I found them on some site that had a Planescape adventure on it, and these were the illustrations provided.

>> No.21625231


>> No.21625244


>> No.21625260


>> No.21625282

Damn, thread's still goin', huh?

Surprised the Lady hasn't shown up here yet...

>> No.21625285

Not really DiTerlizzi, but a nice art of her Serenity, the Lady of Pain.

>> No.21625287

This is still the best githyanki picture ever drawn.

>> No.21625294

>> No.21625306


It's from the downer comics. It's not planescape per say... but the end half of the seires takes place in Sigil.

>> No.21625311


>> No.21625323

And, capped!

Nicely done, /tg/.

>> No.21625327

Godsdamnit, we've reached 150 images. Does anyone want to start a new imagedump thread or...?

>> No.21625350

bump for greatest art thread in a while

>> No.21625372

Capped on one of the most appropriate pictures.

>> No.21625391

Is this archive worthy, /tg/?

>> No.21625408

Sure, why not.

>> No.21625590

Continuing here:

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