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I have an idea for a brutal and savage Loyalist chapter. But I need a few things answered

Would a Space Marine chapter recruit from the prisons of the Hive worlds the sort of people who can't be allowed into the Penal Legion?

My line of reasoning is thus. They have experience of killing, are probably good with weapons and previous personality traits will be obliterated in the indoctrination process.

It will have prodigious dropout rate due to the relatively advanced age of condemned, but the population of death row on some hive worlds numbers the millions. Depopulating death row to get a couple of new recruits is not a problem.

Anyone any ideas on how to make them as Loyalistly Brutal as possible?
Any other fluff they could add would be welcome.

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I can see it happening. Massive psycho-conditioning to ensure loyalty, maybe close ties to the Eccliarchy.

Make them a successor to the Black Templars and the head honcho needed a bunch of dudes fast and figured out how.

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So the practice of criminal recruitment is not a problem?


Do you think they should be more assault based (RIP AND TEAR THE OATHBREAKERS!) or more stalker scout based?

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...why the fuck everyone tries to make BRUTAL 40k stuff? do you understand that the more merciful and human your creation, the more grimdark it will become?

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So wait you want to make Night Lords, only not as Night Lords?

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Why not have it be both? Strong scout and assault based, with the initiates infiltrating as scouts and assault marines jumping in from behind the scout line when it gets hot.

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The main issue is that the recruitment pool is too small. They'd have to scan the prisons of several dozen hive-worlds, not just one. Genetic compatibility with the augmentations is kind of rare, and Scouts have a high attrition rate,

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Because carving up a hundred thousand nutters on a butchers slab to get 3 new recruits and rendering down the casualties into food and the defects into servitors is within the setting.

Also a bunch of half-mad, repentant, religious fanatics who know they are fighting to God but will always go to hell for their many and varied sins is oddly appealing.

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this kind of stuff happens regularly, marine chapters often recruit the scum of the galaxy as they are the most aggressive and dangerous.

If you want inspiration or to use an existing chapter have a look at the Minotaurs


>The Minotaurs possess a reputation for being unusually xenophobic Astartes, even for the Imperium, as well as often unreliable combatants who do not work well with other Imperial military units.

>Descriptions of the Minotaurs of old describe a force of berserkers that made war with savage abandon and eschewed all contact with other military forces.

>This makes the Chapter a blunt instrument, but one capable of ripping through almost any enemy that dares to stand against it.

They have a massive turnover of marines as loads die all the time. Also their chapter master is brutal, gives Hatred: Space Marines or something.

>The only record of his presence in the war came from pict-footage recovered from battle scans and fearful stories spread by the few Secessionist survivors of the Minotaurs' brutal attacks.

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>The fell Master of the Minotaurs, Asterion Moloc, is a bloody-handed and paranoid Chapter Master who revels in his dark reputation, and his name is a byword for slaughter and destruction carried out in the Emperor's name on a score of worlds. A veteran of hundreds of battles, his body has been heavily rebuilt with cybernetic augments and his sheer spite and malice is enough to allow him to shrug off wounds that would fell a lesser Space Marine. A brutal tactician, Moloc takes pleasure in the utter destruction of his foes, and is most often found in battle at the head of his Chapter's Terminators slamming into the enemy line. He is also a diligent and disciplined logistician and strategist, and a master of siegecraft. Outside of battle he can be found on his brazen throne at the centre of the maze-like chambers of the heavy Assault Carrier Daedelos Krata, surrounded by datafeeds, tabulation Servitors and casualty reports, measuring the drops of blood spilt in pursuit of his Chapter's strategic goals.

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Night Lords

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That's what I find cool about it. They don't have a home world but rather a home fleet that roams around from planet to planet, demanding prisoners. Due to GRIMDARK, I wouldn't see too many planetary governors making a fuss about it.

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Wow, I don't even play 40k but I really want to make a minotaurs army now. That paint scheme. How many kits I'd have to bash though, I don't even know how I'd make it work.

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Recruitment pool isn't that small. The Imperium maintains entire prison worlds for one thing, and combine that with the prison population of a few hive worlds, whoever the Navy and the Arbites have in the lock up, taking on of prisoners from passing ships and the like I could see this working for penitent chapter. Seeking out the doomed, the damned and the lost to replenish their ranks so as to not spread their shame amongst humanity

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>not realizing that you have to be a child in order to be recruited

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Armour kind of looks like Mk5. Not as good in any way as the armour of other, purer, chapters. It is easy to maintain, build and repair and is compatible with parts from almost any other pattern, the obvious exception being Aegis Pattern.

It is left unpainted.


If they are recruiting from death row, from those not even the Penal Legion will take, then either the chapter will execute them by butchery on the Apothecarian work slab or they will die in battle being useful in 100 years time.

They recruit from anywhere with sufficient prisoner population of the utterly damned.

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That's sort of what the Minotaurs do except their whole chapter is deployed as one massive force.

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That guy is a standard model produced by Forgeworld. He comes as a pair with this mother fucker.

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I don't see a problem here. As long as they're proficient killer and no traitors it's no problem. Hypno-Indoctrination up the ass and they're good to go, especially with successors of the Blood Angels (Baal, come on) or Space Wolves or whatever.

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>I'm so Spartan I shit phalanxes!

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This is amazing. Sooooo tempted to pick 40k back up just because of this.

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Not actually true.

It's just easier.

You can recruit from older stock but you get more dropouts and fatalities.

Like the Chapter Repentant gives a shit about the lives of criminals and sinners. The more that die in the Apothecarium the fewer nooses the hangman has to tie. Also the failures are the main source of food and servitors for the chapter.

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Waste of progenoids though. It's not replicating 1:1, but still.

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>close ties to the Eccliarchy

I doubt it. Marines and Ecclesiarchy don't mix. Marines don't worship the Emperor as a god, are pretty independent of the Imperial regulations, etc. Ecclesiarchy has often had problems with Marines and especially their inability to control the Marines in any way.

It's far harder to find kind Marines with a kind attitude and a good view on regular humans.

Many Marines are are brutal and violent, striking without hesitation or remorse and leaving only ruins in their wake. Marines often control their homeworlds completely and those that recruit from various worlds, should be more than capable of recruiting any criminal they want. There might be some politics to deal with, but I'm sure penal colonies and various worlds would gladly hand over their troubles.

I can just imagine a Marine chapter that's like a mix of Riddick and Con-Air.

"Put the human down, xenos scum, or the Ethereal gets it."

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This is just a product of our times. People are seeing the US military as the bad guys.

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The progenoids are only used to cultivate new artificial organs. The new organs are implanted once cultivated.

If there is some sort of fuck up going on the organs are ripped back out and thrown back in the tank and allowed to recover before they are implemented into another murderer.

The defective sinner is terminated.

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>pictured: Marine convertable child

Surely worlds can have juvenile detention as well. Hive Worlds in particular are bound to have plenty of juvenile crime as well with plenty of kids working in penal colonies.

Gene-seeds boost the natural growth of the human body, which is why puberty is the best time. At least in Great Crusade/HH era they could turn adult humans into Marines as well, but they were physically far less impressive, but made up for it in their knowledge and skill.

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>Not using the superior Babby Space Marine.

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>At least in Great Crusade/HH era they could turn adult humans into Marines as well, but they were physically far less impressive, but made up for it in their knowledge and skill.

Wasn't it only half-marines? Like Luther and Kor Phaeron.

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>Marines and Ecclesiarchy don't mix

Not this chapter. They love the Ecclesiarchy. They offer the hope of salvation. They know that they are well beyond any hope of redemption but they can allow others to go to Heaven on their behalf. Some one should go to Heaven, just not them.

The Ecclesiarchy, like every other human they meet, are freaked out by them. Mostly becasue they have a predators stare and look at people like they can already see them dead.

The chapter has, at some point in its history when they encountered a Living Saint, started to see the Emperor as God. They are His fallen children.

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Luther and Kor Phaeron's bodies simply rejected the full process. There were plenty of adults who were inducted into the legions, with the primary example being the Night Lords.

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I'm suprised the Night Lords didn't induct more kids to be honest, considering their inspiration

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I'm suprised the Night Lords didn't recruit younger, considering their inspiration

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they could recruit prisoner babbies, the imperium is such a shithole that if your parent commits a crime it's likely that their next three generations of offspring will be placed into a penal colony and forced into hard labor (even harder than the labor REGULAR imperial citizens do)

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Is there sauce for the Night Lords being adults?

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You know what happened to the last chapter the Ecclesiarchy found savage? They got a crusade launched on them. Too bad it was the Space Wolves and Ecclesiarchy got their asses handed to them.

Not even Black "holier than thou" Templars have anything to do with Ecclesiarchy.

Sisters regard Marines as mutants, so I don't see the rest of the Ecclesiarchy being too far from this view. I can't even remember the last time I've heard of an Ecclesiarchy priest praising Marines. It's always Emperor this and saints that, but never about the Emperor's angels of death. They might live in the popular image, but their message is not exactly being spread by the Ecclesiarchy.

But, hey, you can make anything you like. There's plenty of room in the fluff. I'm just telling you where the wind blows.

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The US military sucks donkey balls and is indeed bad guys.

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The Chapter Repentant also sees itself as an abhorrent pack of mutants. An evil, but a necessary one. Just one more reason they see themselves as damned.

Unfortunately they see every other chapter with this view. They have few allies amongst their peers.

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What? Several priests mention the Emperor's avenging angels in public sermons. Its just politically they don't get on. The Ecclesiarchy are confused by the Marines beliefs but feel they have to at least respect them for being the Emperor's creations and for defending the Imperium, and the Marines are more than a little bemused by these funny men in their cassocks praising the words of a great man as a god

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It's mainly because of the whole, "Marines don't see the Emperor as god."

Chapters that do believe in the God-Emperor, such as the Fire Angels, have no problems dealing with the Ecclesiarchy.

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Fire Angels.

>The Fire Angels are a Space Marine chapter created from Ultramarines gene-seed. They fought on the loyalist side during the Badab War. In one incident during the war, the rebel Astral Claws launched a suicidal counter-attack, in which a squadron of Rhinos broke through an Imperial salient to the Fire Angels' lines and detonated a virus missile, causing more deaths in one day than the Fire Angels had suffered in the war so far.[Needs Citation]

>The Fire Angels are a highly zealous chapter. Fervent believers in the Imperial creed, they do not revere their ancestral primarch (Roboute Guilliman) as most chapters do, believing this to be a form of idolatry. They tend to rely on "basic" Imperial technology and codex equipment, such as rhinos and Predators, while their 1st Company is mostly composed of Sternguard Veterans rather than of Terminators.[1b]

Their fluff in the Imperial Armor book mentions them frequently working with Sisters of Battle and other Ecclesiarchical forces.

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I just haven't come across any.

And at least in Legacy the Ecclesiarchy was more interested in having a monopoly on Emperor related stuff, rather than "preserving" it. Religious extremists aren't really in the "leniency" business. It's more about all or nothing. Ecclesiarchy is more likely to "allow" Marines to exist because they can't just deny them or put a leash on them.

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Fair enough.

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Homie, just play Deathwatch and homebrew these ballers.

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don't even have to homebrew them. Minotaurs are in Honour the Chapter.

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more like
>im so minoan i shit in a labyrinth!

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Well fuck rock those guys.

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