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I am having my first game of 6th edition today. I have mostly gotten out of 40k due to GW being cunts but a guy I don't see often wants to have a game with me later today so I am giving it a try.

He is playing CSM and while I don't know is list I know he is not going taking the hades autocannon warbeast or any serious AA because he's always slow to pick up changes to the meta, both locally or hobby wide.

I plan on taking two Storm Ravens in my Blood Angels list each carrying a blood talon having Dred. I am more or less going to be unstoppable due to his over use of Khorne Berzerkers and other melee focused units right? I will be using Dante as my HQ more or less just to screw him over HQ wise because he always overspends on his HQ and the debuff Dante gives will mess with him psychologically during the game.

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So your first game in a long time and your going to take a list your opponent has no chance against? Fuck you, quit war hammer and go play video games with all your fellow 12-year olds.

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I did actually quit warhammer. I am only bothering with this game because I was specifically asked to play.

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Well, sounds like there is a reason you don't see this guy often.

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If the guy already has been playing 6th edition with a 6th edition codex and OP has just bothered to learn the rules for this game and he is already coming out this far ahead tactically then that other guy deserves to be shitstomped.

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Yeah, he lives in a suburb on the opposite side of the major city from the suburb I live in.

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>Friendly game requested by friend
>Cares about the current meta

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

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So now people who aren't rules mongers deserve to be beaten so badly they will loose interest in playing?

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Where did OP say anything about a friendly game?

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Well given the game changed from WW1 in space to WW2 in space and it is glaringly obvious to anyone who has read the rules that AA is now assumed to be part of any list I say it is fair game.

I mean seriously, being Polish Army tier retarded about changes to the way war works is Polish Army tier retarded and deserves to lose.

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He wouldn't. He's a tourneyfag after all.

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AA is only required if the other guy is fielding fliers.

The whole thing is designed to sell models you think you need rather than models you actually want and you're playing right into it. I hope you and your friend have fun, but to me it doesn't seem like you have any interest in that

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If all it takes is 400pts worth of heavy support to make a person's list useless its not the person takes the 400pts worth of heavy support's fault. It is entirely the failing of their opponent.

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Playing right into it? I have not spent a dime on 40k since Blood Angels first came out. I onyl bothered to read the 6th ed book for this game. I realized the Storm Ravens got even better so I took them.

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>got out of 40k out of a hatred for Geedub
>bought Stormravens just for one game

Holy shit, you are the definition of abused addict. McFucking seek psychological help

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I bought the StormRavens when they first came out .....

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You are thinking about stormtalons you idiot. Stormravens have been out sincethe BA codex came out..

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6th edition is great fun. The challenges can be a good laugh and the models getting removed from the front adds a new layer of tactics.

Meat-shield guard allies, hell yeah!!!

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