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Hi /tg/!!

I am newb to 40k and tg, and i chose Dark angels for my first army. I have a problem in building my army list, so, what must i buy, at least 2000 pts games please. :D

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I hope your parent's wallets are ready.

Polite sage due to post seeming trollish and havimg nothing to add to this thread.

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Have you tried http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Warhammer_40,000/Tactics/Dark_Angels?

Also, your Chapter's going to be fucking awesome next year.

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step 1) sell your dark angels
step 2) buy space wolves
step 3) ????
step 4) profit!

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Just buy two boxes of Dark Vengeance, or the Ravenwing starter set.

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>Not Dropzone Commander

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Well, like any Chaos army you're going to want some Obliterators and Chaos Space Marines in Chaos Rhinos. If you're Ravenwing, Chaos Bikes are really cheap now and you can mount a lord for that extra bit of punch.

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Do you have to shit up perfectly good threads with this dick waving?

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>Dropzone Commander
>Not a game with another player living within the solar system.

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>actually taking this thread seriously when it looks like babby's first troll

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Don't forget your very own Kaldor Draigo!

Paladins aren't nearly as strong as in the previous edition, but they'll do a good job against just about any enemy team, especially for their cost in dollars

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I have no problem finding games sir.

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Yes you do. Go away now.

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>saving the thumbnail
But at this point I'm being nitpicky. Enjoy your tabletop equivalent of ponies

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More than three people know about ponies.

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Thats not necessarily a good thing
>forgot to sage my shitposting my bad guys

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>Dropzone Commander

Holy fuck you are retarded.

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