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Because it's been too long.

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While I'm usually the first to suggest something stupid, why does she have spraypaint on her gas mask?

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Why do they paint shark teeth on helicopters and planes?

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Oh, look, it's the shittiest Tank Girl rip-off /tg/ ever came up with.

At least post Blue.

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Because that doesn't defeat the purpose of the aircraft by clogging the one thing it's made for

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Bah, I'll get to the shitty Tau pictures soon enough,

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Don't think I've seen one where the paint was on the filters themselves.

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Oh man, is that James Bond?


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And here I thought I was the only one who remembered her...

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Who could forget chem-chan?

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Necause P40's were dubbed Flying Tigers by the chinese during the manchuko campaign. With the USA having very few forward operations from italy to help get supplies into china. Specifically china resistance to the Dragons(Zeros such, A6M4's IIRC). So it was Dragons versus Tigers.

The Flying Tigers sustained no casualties and came in waves dropping down on patrolling enemy jap aircraft. These were forced to fly low, because their mission was to spot caravans and/or shoot them up. Easy prey for boom and zoom heavy aircraft that would otherwise be caught up to.

Follow or not to follow a pair of P40's that dropped behind them to shoot them up. Miss or not, another wave was ready to come at them, so most of the time they were doomed. Keeping two, then one way into china open for food supplies.

They kept nearly 14 million people fed, that would otherwise starve. They are also the reason china likes us so much. They were hotshots and hard to handle, guys who wanted to prove something. They were sent there as either a joke or a punishment, or just to plain get rid of them. Little did the US air force know that china would be saving us from a 10 trillion debt, making 1/3rd of all our clothes and selling us billions of tons of material every year as a result.

The more you know...

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I hoped nobody would...

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Chem Rat too?
rat ass

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... I remember that too.
But then there are people like me and OP, who never forget.

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My god, I believe it is

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I was literally in the middle of posting furrypyro.jpg when you did.

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Ah, Kelly... not exactly my cup of tea, but she has her place in my collection.

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I was trying to post that imagen when you did. is /v/ joke. >filenames

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We should post Chem-chan and Chemrat more often, so that people who hate Xeno can realize that she's far from being the worst /tg/ OC.

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Honestly I remember worse things.

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I'm pretty sure every /tg/ OC has held the title of "worst /tg/ OC" at one point or another.

My vote goes to Lolfn

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So damn much cheesecake.
Most of it from the same source too...

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Ha, you beat me this time.
Wait a moment, is that my folder? The one from a few years ago? It's in pretty much the same order...

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Xeno is the 'worst' because she pops up the most. Eat enough of the same thing often enough and you'll grow to hate it eventually.

I thought everyone had forgotten about Chem-chan

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oh, yes, I guess it must be.
I should let you take over.

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Sometimes I ask myself why I save some of these things...

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Oh no no, please keep going.

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Because you're the Collector. I'm positive you actually have a folder somewhere labeled "Porn of Me/Collector" sorted by artist or date found.

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I'm one of the only people that liked Kelly.

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Oh man, this thread is good
If perchance you're done posting chem-chan, mind if you dump anything you got on Jubblowski?

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Well... it's a small sub-folder actually... Not much in it, just some '63 really.

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Yeah sure. SFW stuff only I'm afraid. Last time I didn't I got myself a ban.

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I have a couple where the only difference is shirt color.

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I have a lot of Jubbs, she was always my favorite.

About 90% of what I have can no longer be posted on /tg/.

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those image macros are painfully unfunny

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Did anything ever come of Chem-chan or was it just more cheese? Not that there's anything wrong with cheese, mind you, I just know there was some sorta story there for a little while at least.

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Ok, some /tg/ history for the kiddos.

Right about the time that Chem-Chan was at her peak (or possibly the downhill side) of her popularity, there was one guy who kept requesting in draw threads scenes of /tg/ original female characters all hot and sweaty and trying to cool themselves with a small battery operated fan. He was very specific about the SMALL BATTERY OPERATED FAN.

His creepy sperglord attention to detail was burned into my young mind and I am haunted by the memory to this day.

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A dude tried to make a comic out of it. It was basically going to be Tank-Girl, but badly drawn and without humor.

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Jubbs always did have an odd amount of NSFW stuff...
To be expected though, I mean her tits were shown in her original set.

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Stick around, I'm doing a drawfagging of you in honor of this thread. It's been like three years and you're always so much fun.

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Oh yeah... I remember that.

By the way, those 4chan passes are a godsend when you're doing a dump.

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and now you see why Kelly's spin-off series never got the ratings.

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>handheld fan
Now everyone will be looking for it in every picture

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Blast, forgot a picture.
Thank you I suppose?

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I'm totally ok with tha. R34 of Jubbs shouldn't be too hard to find anyways.

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Man... Yeah too many fan pictures...

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I just really liked the style. Shame so much of it was NSFW now that we can't post it.

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>character whose sole defining trait is their ginormous tits
>odd amount of NSFW

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Lord I love Vanilla Coke.
Hey now, Karskin-chan had bigger!

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Hey now, there's room enough in /tg/ for the two of them. Not to mention Blue has like, zero cheese and very little art in general.

I would post Chem-chan, but you guys already used what few pictures I have, so take one more Blue.

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Kasrkin didnt traipse about in nothing but a bikini

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Well... That's fair enough.

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You could always put up a download link on mediafire or something. Hell, I'm trying to look for one of all Chink's art since I recall it being post here about a year ago

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Is mediafire still up?
God I miss Megaupload...

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Last time I checked it is. How else was I to download the Steam Lantern episode of GL:TAS when CN took it down from Itunes like the nazis they are?

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I always thought Chem-Chan art always had too much pandering and too little wanton graphic Natural Born Killers style violence.

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I'll need to look into that...

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Right, so I'm entering the home stretch now, about a dozen or so pictures left.
Unless someone wants me to dump the Kellys too, only about half a dozen of those.
Then I'll move on to Jubblowski.

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Okay, yeah, need this mod. FO3 or NV, I don't care, I have both.

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Bad art, bad art everywhere.

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Here's my Jubblowski folder, it;s only 48 files large, but I'm pretty sure that's most of em that were ever made non-crossovers anyway).


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There are 58 Jubblowski pictures, including crossovers and cameos.

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Screw it, there's only like 2 anyway...

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Dayum shame. Eh, shes better left as just pictures anyways.

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and now I'll go back ot Chem-Chan. Almost done.

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And then there was the guy who wanted Cata-Chan fighting... everybody. That guy was weird.

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Says the guy who obsessively saves images from the internet.
Guess I have no room to talk.

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Cata-Chan fighting everybody? What, like her fighting Krieg-chan and shit?

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See >>21528558
I also have some of her fighting that Chaos Ogryn lady.

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Oh hey look at that, 2am.

Right then, I believe I owe one of you gentlemen some Jubblowski?

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Chemrat was the superior version. At least /tg/ tried mixing Skaven with post apocalyptic, rather than just "Tank-girl in 40K".

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I do believe this one is the first, but the file drawfaggit uploaded way back when had them in this order...

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Ah well I can imagine why. If you dye her hair blonde, put a tooth in her gap , give her the face paint and take away the twin/pig-tails and she'd look like a rule 63 of Alex from SF3, although thats probably more of me looking too into it.

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Probably the latter. The original Cata was a small thing. Got changed pretty early on though.

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God damn it I KNOW I selected a picture that time!

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I really need to fix themes names someday...

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I have no idea what is going on here.

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Oh, yeah, some backstory. The first instance of Jubblowski.
The Commissar got a report that /tg/ was corrupted with Chaos. Jubblowski was trying to keep him from blamming the board.

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Oh, and it wasn't until AFTER that that we gave her a name.

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A few Lil' E crossovers...

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>her first appearance is stripping nude before we even get a name
And yet you wonder why there is so much porn of her...

>> No.21528857

I'd almost forgotten what flood defections errors were like.

>> No.21528858

Name is awfully fitting for a girl with a big rack.

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Well I never said I was surprised, just that she had a lot, even for a /tg/ character.

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Oh yeah, the lesbian Tau. I'd forgot about that one, and her sister.

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A few NSFW ones I need to skip...

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I'm helping!

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What's the image limit these days? Last I checked it was 150.

>> No.21528926

Huh, this totally reminded me of this shitty pic I drew a year or two ago. Don't think I ever uploaded this here, so yeah. Enjoy a sketch from my horrifying weeaboo days.

>> No.21528942

It has been added to the collection, thank you.
I always love adding new things.

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Hmmm, one posted in another thread, have to skip that one.

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I wish the timer from the Firefox Extension still worked. Would make this even easier.

>> No.21528975

Oh well, not like 30 seconds is THAT hard to keep track of.

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Cameo appearance.

>> No.21528984

Well not for me it doesn't. And it's enabled. First thing I checked.

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Wait a second... I'm using 4chan X, not the Firefox extension.
Did I mention it's almost 3am?

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>> No.21529014

Im using 4chanX as well. Works just fine for me.

>> No.21529021

Welp, then I have no idea what my issue is.

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4:42 over here. And I have all the time in the world... I wonder whatever happened to this drawfag. Does he/she still frequent/post here and does he/she have an art blog or deviantart or something?

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>> No.21529037

The Drawfaggit?
I'm pretty sure he just kinda left. Few years ago. Thought I saw him once or twice, but I'm not sure.

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>> No.21529052

I don't think i've seen actual porn of her, unlike most everything else. Just her in that IG bra.

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>> No.21529081

I can assure you it exists. There's half a dozen pictures, at least, that I won't be posting.

>> No.21529088

Pity, I really do like his drawfaggin.

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>> No.21529099

he defiantly had an entertaining style

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Alright, there you go. Jubblowski is done. With the exception of the NSFW.
Let's see here, I only need 7 hours of sleep, my D&D game isn't until noon. I have about an hour before I have to go to sleep, 4am local time. Any short requests?

>> No.21529136

Sorry. I got overambitious and it's too late. I'll catch you next time. Had fun, anyway.

>> No.21529155

Overambitious? Also I'm pretty much always here so I'll see it eventually.

>> No.21529162

So where would one go to find this clearly not heretical material? /tg/booru seems to be lacking it (and Jubblowski overall).

>> No.21529165

And what do you do that allows you so much free time? Creepy basement dweller or what?

>> No.21529178

Eh, I'll clutter a bit with a thumbnail of what I have. Collecting ain't easy, but it's necessary.

>> No.21529184

Awesome, many thanks to thee oh humble Collector, hope your D&D game goes well.

>> No.21529217

Ha! I like it! I'll keep an eye out.
Well I'm TRYING to upload it onto mediafire, but I'm not sure if it's working or not.

>> No.21529242

Aha! Now I remember how this works!
Full time used bookstore clerk actually. And my apartment is above ground thank you.

>> No.21529256

That profession is oddly suiting. I hunt down used bookstores when I travel, maybe I'll run into you some day. The code phrase shall be "Purple Bananas".

>> No.21529279

Well if you ever find yourself in a used bookstore near the US Mexico border, I will take you for pie on my lunch break.

>> No.21529283

fix her neck, it's far too long and thick

>> No.21529297

I noticed that, thank you. I'm going to do a red line to find all those errors (and probably start from scratch out of frustration) when I'm not distracted from bedtime. Good night and good posting.

Duly noted. The quest begins.

>> No.21529326

Well, I best be off to bed myself. Goodnight all of you.

>> No.21529364

One thing I've noticed is that whenever the Collector does one of his famous picture dumps, the thread completely fucking dies when he leaves.

>> No.21529429

I'd like to mention something: if it weren't for /tg/, Warhammer 40k would suck for me.

Thinking of shit like this is why it's fun.

>> No.21529430

Why would they continue? He covers pretty much all the bases.

>> No.21531370

Bump for things that shan't be forrgotten

>> No.21532000

One good bump deserves another.

>> No.21532086

What's the story behind this ork i'm seeing in these chemchan pictures?

>> No.21532157

Miffgrod is a runty ork that for some reason or another thinks Chem-chan is his warboss. Thats about as far as I can remember.

>> No.21532364

Oh man, I haven't seen some of these in years!
Because he steals the life force of threads to sustain himself. I mean, he pays for it with images, but he still drains out it's energy and leaves it to die.

>> No.21533019

>Fuc'Myr and Do'Myr

I wish I saw more of them. Other taugirls have had the spotlight recently.

>> No.21534129

There's a reason you don't see much Fuc'Myr and Do'Myr. If you thought Jubbs has too much wank fodder then the Myr twins will blow your mind.

>> No.21534150

Three way?

>> No.21534177

Heh. I'm not exactly sad that there's so little sfw, but that's what I meant. They don't get much board time.

>> No.21536189

Bump so that nooble/tg/ents can learn something.

>> No.21536704

I could post my worksafe Myr stuff. Won't be many pics though.

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>> No.21536806

I wish kroot-chan had more artwork, she's pretty adorable.

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>> No.21536833

We really need no, not really, but it would be nice a blueberry waifu group shot. I think it would be fun.

Kroot-chan can come too.

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>> No.21536849


>> No.21536869

Mite b kool.


>> No.21536891


>> No.21536900

Last one, the rest are pretty explicit.

>> No.21536942

Strike that, found a few more in my Tau general folder.

>> No.21536977


>> No.21537017



>> No.21537026



>> No.21537072

I had no idea how much heresy was in my Tau folder. SFW are pretty rare in here. It may be more NSFW than my SoB folder.

Well, that's image limit. I'm pretty sure that's just about all of my Myr pics though.

>> No.21537089

Damn you, I lost my heresy folder.

>> No.21537114

It's either Fuc M'yr and Do M'yr or Fuc'Myr and Do'Myr.

I could upload my Tau folder to mediafire, I suppose.

>> No.21537154

well, I'll take it if you're offering. Otherwise, I'm chasing down these names to continue my neverending work of reconstituting my porn supply.

I never expected /tg/ to stop having pornscribbles.

>> No.21537217

Ever since the mod we have had to do with dairy instead of seafood. Cheese has replaced prons.

>> No.21537357

actually, I would like to request that mediafire.

The foolz archive has not these pictures.

>> No.21537367

It's uploading now.

>> No.21537476


>> No.21537552

Allright, it's on the download. Thanks a bunch.

Hey, did you on the off chance collect any of this from a mediafire download yourself? I remember I gave out my impressive pre-computer-problems porn collection a few times on /tg/. Well, whatever, thanks a whole bunch.

>> No.21537564

Nevermind, not from me, FAR too well sorted. Shit. Good stuff though.

>> No.21537757

I did get my stuff from a download, but it was a Megaupload about 3 or 4 years ago that someone (The Collector, if memory serves, but I don't think he had a trip back then) put up in honor of one of /tg/'s birthdays. Since then I've added to and sorted it a bit when I spend time on the board (heavy-handed moderation and the tone of the board changing from creating OC turned me off the board for a couple of years).

>> No.21540202


>> No.21540240

always thought this one was the funnier of the two for some reason.


>> No.21540613

Oh, nostalgia.

When fa/tg/uys were fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls were ca/tg/irls.

And there were OCs everywhere.

OCs fucking OCs.

>> No.21540632

>ca/tg/irls were ca/tg/irls.
Funnily enough, “ca/tg/irls” are a lot of whats wrong with current /tg/.

>> No.21542556

I've been out of the loop for a while, do you mean to imply that the fairer sex is shitting up the board?

>> No.21542666

We have been getting a lot of shitty, whiny camwhores trying to make /tg/ their personal blog lately.

>> No.21542687

Not really. There's less than one whore thread per day.

>> No.21542720


>> No.21542848

I have yet to see one.

>> No.21542880

The women aren't half the problem of the Spaghettilords that inevitably flock to their banner

>> No.21543269

I dont have a problem with people like Esh-Esh, Im talking about girls more along the lines of JElwood who keep cropping up. But this is a good thread and I wont clog it with my bitching.

>> No.21545730

Eh, camwhores come and camwhores go. I seem to recall a similar wave a couple years ago that petered out after a month or so.

>> No.21545793

we've had like two, and one of them wasn't even the person tehy were posting. Some assfag pretending to be jelwood

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