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So for an upcoming Pathfinder game I'm rolling up a Half-Orc Barbarian. GM and I are coming up with the world but I love Orcs and really want to make a decent race of Orcs without herpderp Chaotic Evil All The Time.

So /tg/ help me make an interesting Orc race. In the meantime I'll dump what little half-Orc character art I have.

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>Half-Orc Barbarian

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Shouldn't be too hard. Instead of making orcs all "fight everything because we're evil" you could make them all "fight everything because it's our culture." They're not evil, but the best warriors get the most wives, or the biggest house, or what have you. Give them a strong oral tradition about legendary warriors from each tribe/clan. Ritual scarring is a right of passage, and shows strength and valor. Shit like that.

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Sounds like big green horseless Dothraki.

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What's a Dothraki?

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Game of Thrones guys, the ones that are all in to their fightin and rapin and shit.

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Why not just invent a new race?

I kinda don't get this need of like "I like orcs but I dont want my orcs to be like orcs" Is it just for the green muscle dude visual? Otherwise what else is there?

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Eberron had pretty unconventional Orcs.

Honestly you can do a lot with just the default Orc fluff if you play it up. Orcs are Chaotic Evil for reasons, not just because. They contrast well with the better organized, better ordered and more successful Hobgoblins.

Orcs basically have the worst god for any kind of civilization building. They've got a violent society built around the concept of 'face' and revenge-on-revenge but because of their effective theocracy (the priests of Gruumsh don't *factually* rule the tribes but they're the only thing approaching a collective advisory/government group in the whole race) they never institute a rule of law or system to try and deal with this like say the Icelanders did. They're in a state of perpetual anarchy and because they can't organize they get forced into the badlands and shitty terrain. The reason they break out is probably less because they hate all non-Orcs (albeit they do) and more because the only thing worse than a non-Orc is the Orcs that are your enemies.

I ran a short campaign called Orcwar! that wasn't very D&D-ish at all but was fun, based around five main cultural groups of Orcs in the world.

You should also read Orc Stain. And go look at this chick's orc art:

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Any more info on Orcwar!?

Sounds interesting.

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Never seen Game of Thrones... However...

If you want an even more unique version of orcs, make them have a very ritualized culture. Given that they lack the scientific/magical understanding of the world around them, one would assume that they would be something akin to Native Americans. Every major action has a ritual associated with it. Going into a battle? Pray to the ancestor spirits for guidance! Need ideas about your next course of action? Ancestor spirits! Lost you favorite axe? SPIRITS!

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I know OP is a pathfinder guy here, but damn I can see some REAL good opportunities in my 4e games to play around with orcs/half-orcs and Primal classes like Wardens or Barbarians.

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We had a 4E game in a custom setting where the Orcs were a Noble Barbarian/Shamanistic culture engaged in a war with Aztec Drow who used to use the Orcs as slave labour/sacrifices.

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That's bad as fuck. If I wasn't currently running a Forgotten Realms (we're 90% Baldur's Gate grognards, myself included) I'd be so into that.

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It was really just some setting wank, I don't know if I want to get too into it. The five distinct Orcish groups are the ones that remain culturally stable/independent after a huge racial migration centuries ago. The players were all part of the Orcs of the Great Plains, which is vastly the most numerous group and the 'final' one, the society produced after the arrival of the migration to the sort of Orcish promised land.

They're really, fanatically individualistic and the choices of an individual are of utmost importance in their society. There's plenty of loners and small groups but what gatherings and clans you get follow 'kings' who are named after their particular talents like Axeking, Cruelking, Mageking, Beastking, etc. (king is a gender-neutral word to Orcs because it's a word they borrowed from the empire to avoid using the Orcish title which is associated with the super-oppressive, super-authoritarian society the migration broke out from - which still exists, one of the five groups, and is called the Unmoved). Every so often there's a Howl, a huge booming noise from the central mountain range in the Great Plains.

The Howl has absolutely fucking nothing to do with Orcish destiny and is caused by the spawning of a new mother-bug of a weird translucent insect-crab race that live under the plains (these guys are child-snatching bogeymen in Orcish folklore) but to Orcs the Howl is a sign that its time for the kings to duke it out for supremacy and decide which is the Trueking, who'll lead them out of the plains to conquer the earth... which hasn't worked yet, but hey they keep trying. It's sort of a uniquely binding ritual in their society. So the game was about a Howl and the consequences of it.

The other three groups were the Orcs of the First Gate, Orcmen of the Highlands and the Black Orcs (named for their armor, not for any physiological difference).

Like I say, setting wank.

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I can't remember all the little fluff we had going on but there were things like how the Dwarves were split in to two kinds, surface and deep. The two factions had waged a civil war against each other millenia ago and the Deep Dwarves closed off all access to their caves and hadn't been seen since.
The Dragonborn were originally worshippers in a dragon cult who were cursed to take on the appearance of those they worshipped. They promptly said "Fuck you destiny!" and subjugated the world. They were eventually defeated by an alliance of all other races led by the Eldarin.
Gods in the setting were regular dudes who gained a metric fuck tonne of power by absorbing the souls of ancient dragons they killed (this was before Skyrim) and came in two varieties, Elder and Lesser.
The Underdark was created when an Elder God got launched towards the earth and tried to dig his way out.

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>There's plenty of loners and small groups but what gatherings and clans you get follow 'kings' who are named after their particular talents like Axeking, Cruelking, Mageking, Beastking, etc
Oh, and most of these people roll around the plains in huge siege engine/palaces they forcibly have constructed. That's what the whole setting germinated from, this little dungeon idea which was like 'Castle of the Orcish Princess!' and the Castle is a basically a gigantic dirty battering ram pulled by mutant monster rhinos and slaves and with some apartments and treasure rooms bolted on.

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I like it.

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It really wasn't much special, just an idea to avoid the typical fantasy monoculture and then focus on the different cultures of one race.

The players ultimately adopted an agenda to try and unite the Orcs, and to kill the king (now Trueking) they'd backed to prove you didn't need a sacred cause and leader to go raze and loot things.

Another thing to note maybe is that Orcs were way stronger than humans (there were no elves, dwarves, etc.) in this. I had no need to balance races, so an Orc was just straight up faster and tougher and about five times as strong as a human. A single average human soldier was a weak-ass foe to an Orc. Orcmen were weaker, due to generations of crossbreeding.

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Don't be so modest bro, it's actually a pretty good questhook for a traditional party.
>Orc tribes are uniting under a strong leader and casting their eye on the civilised world, thou must stop them.

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Well, I guess? The players were all Orcs though. And they were supporting the Howl, they were in the army, they wanted to conquer the world. They just wanted to do it on their terms.

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