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Drawthread ho.

Other drawfriends are welcome.

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Elf Megamilk

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Could you perchance draw for me a before/after pic for one of my shadowrun characters, who suffers from SURGE?

Before: Attractive, suave-looking playboy, blonde hair, blue eyes, swirling a martini and looking like the smuggest motherfucker in the club in his suit and tie.

After: Horrible, man-sized spider monster with eight eyes, mandibles, six arms plus two legs, a thin layer of tarantula-like fur on his body, wearing skin-tight armor and clinging to a wall near a camera.

If it's to much, I understand.

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If you'd be kind enough do my DH character.
He's a heavily armoured knight, with a dragon scale cloak, his main weapon is an unreasonably large Revolver.

>> No.21500801

Character description for my OW character in related .pdf.
In case of remaining questions, ask away, I'll be happy to post reference.

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A slime girl with a plethora of assault rifles, a grenade launcher, an rpg, a thermos, and a large vibrator sticking out of her body. She has short 'hair' and is carrying a machete in her left hand. With an annoyed look on her face.

She's blue, if you do color.

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Could you draw an eldar banshee trying to rise an Imperial energetic weapon, like a nemesis force weapon ?

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Could you draw an eldar banshee trying to use an huge imperial energetic weapon without being able to raising it ?

...Or just a cute eldar banshee, is fine too

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A lady with a coat is kind of like this only switch the red and black, under it she's wearing slacks a white button-up shirt, black waistcoat, and a tie*. She also wears a bandana* covering her face and goggles*. Heavy work gloves*, stetson hat, and cowboy boots.

*Anything with a star is supposed to be red, the goggles are supposed to be silver with a black strap, and ruby lenses.

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A techpriest with a Shinki familiar.

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They already have those. They're called Servo Skulls and Servitors.

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He wants it to be a cute girl though.

>> No.21500898

Despite the fact that cute things don't exist in 40k.... outside of the expectation to be taken seriously.

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But Servo Skulls and Servitors aren't portable robot girls.
>outside of the expectation to be taken seriously.
How ironic.

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Could someone draw a non-template version of this guy please?

Thank you.

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they could be female skulls or servitors though. I mean, the mechanicus doesn't discriminate.

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Skulls are skulls and servitors are too big. Besides, this request goes back to a thread that put forth the proposition that by promising converts portable robowaifus, you can begin the technologic religion AdMech style. And I don't really see why you are arguing this.

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Because NOT MUH 40K

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Could I get a necromancer in a Revival-style tent preaching to an undead congregation? On the stage, he is placing his hand on the forehead of a living man, who looks utterly horrified and whose flesh is beginning to putrefy and rot before his eyes.

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Well that's just silly. I refuse to clog this thread any further by discussing it with you and will instead leave op with one more reference picture of a Shinki. Ill delete them all if the thread fills up.

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Didn't say it wasn't, just said that they were arguing with you because it's not in warhammer 40k. These are creatures of habit, you go beyond their habit, and they will throw shit at you like monkeys at the zoo.

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You're projecting things, man.

If I really wanted to be pedantic, I'd say any shiki-like creation in the Admech would be classified as a servitor to avoid any tech-heresy investigations.

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And you'll get >>21500971

>> No.21501123

No I won't, because that was me. The term "servitor" is very broad.

I'm not really arguing a point here, by the way.

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I'm not saying I like it*, hell if I had any artistic talents I'd draw it out for you here and now, because I think it's cute, but that's how things are.

*40k fan behavior.

>> No.21501174

What happened to the 40k fan behavior that made this?

>> No.21501175

If you like what's on the attached pic, feel free to send me a mail and I'll see what I can do.

I just come here on occasion and don't RP myself, so I know what a Drow looks like but I can't recite the leveled spell list of Drizzt' left testicle to save. So references can speed things up quite a bit.

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That's a rare breed, one that almost never travels these parts.

>> No.21501234

Maybe not anymore, but these parts used to be the breeding ground for these kinds of things.

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Here's some more wrong, bad, 40k

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Here's Commissar Fuklaw, Commissar of the Angry Marines.

Yes, Commissar of a Space Marine chapter.

>> No.21501281

If this is wrongbad, I don't wanna be rightgood.

>> No.21501290

Amen to that, it's why I can't stand most 40k players.

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Howsa bout a pally with short brown hair brown eyes and full plate with some nicks and scratches with a heavy shield sporting a similar look and a glowing long sword with a hilt like a sun with 3 "rays" for the guard and a small spike for a pommel?

>> No.21501323

This is what female Tau are supposed to look like. Anything else is wrongbad.

>> No.21501336

Can you draw a less grimdark version of Guts? maybe a rule 63 if it's needed

>> No.21501341

That would be Finn the Human from Adventure time. He's even got the fake arm.

>> No.21501345

> I can't stand how most 40k players play their game and don't give a shit about cheesecake drawings


>> No.21501349

okay, not that lighthearted. My character is still warhardend and looks it

>> No.21501356

It's on.
It may take a while but this is what I'm doing now.

Just so you guys know


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I'm going to stop spamming images now because I think I've made my point.

Just because something isn't 40k cannon doesn't mean it can't be good, and just because something is 40k cannon doesn't mean it is good.

We should always strive to add interesting bits to everything.

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>I can't figure out what he's saying.
Fine, I'll help you out: I am perfectly cool with stuff like >>21501234. Most 40k players are not, which is why I'm not cool with them.

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Addendum to this: If no drawthread wants to do the before pic, just the after will be fine.

>> No.21501376

I knew what you were saying. What I don't understand is why you give a shit. You have a place called Tee Jee where it's perfectly acceptable to spam Tau cheesecake. Are you pissed 'cause you can't put posters of it on the walls of your FLGS?

Why do you give a shithow other people enjoy their game?

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Tired of seeing sperglords get pissed about it, I suppose it's too much to ask for people to calm their tits, but this gets ridiculous.

>> No.21501402

There's sperglords on both sides of the cheesecake issue, broheim.

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I would like a guy in riot armor (fairly standard stuff, antiballistics armor, ceramic plating, gassmasks, goggle, shield, lots of pouches for ammo, a pistol and a night stick or a taser or some other kind of take down weapon) With a logo on his shield. The logo should basically be a pair of crossed cannons on a Cog with Fabrique Generale where the banner is. I'd also like it if the dude in the riot armor was using an SMG.

>> No.21501726

>no nose slit
You're right, that is wrongbad.

>> No.21501770

>blind as a bat addicted to jackin' off

>> No.21501776

oh and here's a picture of various kinds of RL riot gear. In case you'd like a reference for riot armor.

>> No.21501785

Ah, I see it now. Still really small compared to how the nose slit should look, but at least they included it.

>> No.21501806

If there is a chance, I'd like to request a valkyrie that has become possessed by a demon. She's wearing scale or chain armor that has clearly taken a beating. In several places she's suffered wounds, and more or less looks like she shouldn't be standing naturally. Her posture should be an unnerving marionettish pose, and she looks unnaturally thin and tall. Her left arm is very clearly broken, and swinging the wrong way at the elbow, but she's hefting a polearm with ease in her right arm. Her expression is just vacant, she's staring blankly with her head somewhat tilted.

>> No.21501814

She's got one, it's just a bit higher up on her forehead in that picture, here's another. I'm pretty sure that's my last worksafe pic of Shlicktau.

>> No.21501864


Oh, forgot to mention, If anybody draws this, Please, no boob-plate. Pretty please.

>> No.21501888

but dented scalemail is the perfect way to hide boobplate

>> No.21501906

I-I just wanted a picture of a techpriest and his Shinki, guys. I never wanted all this strife...

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You need to fight for your right to have Techpriests with Shinki servos.

The difference between old /tg/ and new /tg/ (minus all the porn) is that stuff like that was readily created all the time. What fun are drawthreads if you aren't asking for something that's not at least a little but out of the cannon? In cannon stuff is what we have official GW artists for.

>> No.21502093

You need to fight for your right to have Techpriests with Shinki servos.

The difference between old /tg/ and new /tg/ (minus all the porn) is that stuff like that was readily created all the time. What fun are drawthreads if you aren't asking for something that's not at least a little but out of the cannon? In cannon stuff is what we have official GW artists for.

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>> No.21502141

agreed, fuck the haters! Lets see a techpriest and his lewd shinki!

>> No.21502199

can I have a Cannon from Canon?

Or a Canonical Cannon?

>> No.21502208


I want to see my new character. He's pretty much Louis CK as a holy knight of Pelor.

The entire party is a "what if?"... All of the players are playing comics. Carlin the Sorcerer, Mitch Hedburg the Rogue, CK the Paladin, and Patrice O'Neal the Barbarian.

It's been hilariou.

>> No.21502307

I got the forms out for the rule 63 but I got reeeally tired mid drawing so I really didn't smooth it out.

I'm sorry.

>> No.21502341

That sounds fucking hilarious.

>"I just think, that like....well, I mean, it'd be really nice if you could just stop being evil and serve Pelor...or any other good god...or just stop,you know, being evil...so I don't have to kill you.

>> No.21502398

Wouldn't Hedburg make a better druid? Then again, he did steal that golden M...

>> No.21502415 [SPOILER] 

I'll actually do this later

>> No.21502453

>that pic
Eh, I'll take what I can get.
I actually kinda like it.
And thanks for doing the real deal later.

>> No.21502612

That's hilarious... and I'd say that could totally fit into a DH campaign. I'm definetly gonna try and get the GM of the next DH campaign I play to let me use that.

I look forward to the legit shinki, thanks for doin' this bro.

>> No.21502628


Bumping for this request, if anyone would be so kind.

>> No.21503231

thanks man, if you find time, could you consider doing a helmetless version?

>> No.21503425

I am the quest runner and I approve of this request.

>> No.21505813

This thread must live!

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Oh shit.

>> No.21507566


Not quite what was requested but I think that other guy is going to deliver a proper image. I didn't exactly have time to deliver what was requested either way.

>> No.21507585

If the drawfriends are still alive and kicking, can I get a drawing of a wraithlord grapple-locked with a dreadknight in a pretty stalemate fight.

Greyknight and eldar cheerleaders, or wrestling arena ropes are optional

>> No.21507632

I would like a halfling with medium length hair wearing basic cloth clothing, wringing his hands together with a look of greed. If possible.

>> No.21507721

Leopard gecko style, desert-dwelling lizardfolk rogue, if you're not too busy please. There's next to no good lizardfolk art.

>> No.21507882


>> No.21507902

Old man steeped in hatred, bulging with power and wayyy too many muscle augmentations. And maybe a 'modern bride' stuffed into his rear pocket.

>> No.21507936

Pretty much.

But a halfling.

>> No.21508075

Could I get this guy with the hammer over his shoulder, and with a shield that's effectively is the head of a double-bladed axe (picture in my next post) strapped to his left forearm?

>> No.21508098

that gives me a terrorection.

>> No.21508100

Pretty much the head of this as a shield.

>> No.21509567

I may never get my request actually done, but hot damn have I had some laughs along the way.

>> No.21509615

I was the post right before you, how do you think I feel?

Also, what the fuck happened to all of our drawfriends?

>> No.21509667

Can I please get a drawfag to do a contact on of my party members has in Shadowrun 3e?
She has a troll transvestite Drug Dealer contact and because we keep going partying with him/her our gm rolled up her personality and appearance. Hell rolled thoughtful, petulant and dishonest for personality and he/she got edge 48 and appearance 87

>> No.21512387

Bump to keep this thread alive.

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