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You...you don't remember who you are.

You are a Magical Girl. That much you're sure of. That much you're aware of.

But you don't remember anything. You can't remember anything.

Nothing, other than the half-muddled memory of a girl with pink hair and black eyes ripping your heart out of your chest.

Oddly enough, you find it comforting. Sure, it's a bit macabre and all, but at least your brain isn't the empty, bottomless void that it currently feels like now.

And it makes you feel just a bit less lonely in your hospital room. At least, you think it looks like a hospital room - the walls are painted a bright, clean white, and the smell of antiseptic is in the air.

You're not sure if a hospital room should have really loud sirens blaring. Or flashing red alarm lights.

Or a series of rapidly-spooling gatling guns hanging from the ceiling, each one leveled at you. Probably moments, seconds from reducing you to hamburger.

You'd move out of the way, but you're manacled down to the bed. There's no slack whatsoever. Whoever calibrated them, you note, knew what they were doing.

What do you do?

[]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.
[]Scream for help.
[]Wait for something else to happen. Try to see if you can remember anything else.

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((Aww, so maybe the surgery didn't go so well. Also hi deculture))

[]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.

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>[]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory.

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>[x]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.

Say that out loud. See if anyone's listening.

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[]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.

Do it calmly. Because those guns don't look friendly from this angle.

Maybe the girl with pink hair's nearby!

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[X]Scream for help.

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Ohhh, blank picture. Neat!

>[x]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory.

Screaming might set of the gatling guns

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Ho god, they wiped us out.

[x]Wait for something else to happen. Try to see if you can remember anything else.
And while waiting:
[x]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory.

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Wait for something to happen
We aren't particularly worried about the alarms since they don't appear to mean anything is happening in our room

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Set EVERYTHING on fire.

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[X]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.

Best thing to do on a Friday afternoon!

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[x] scream for help

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[x]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.
Also, praise be for slightly more reasonable timing.

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[Screams Internally]

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[X] sage this cancerous potatowank you guys call quest
you made Goodwin and Urobuchi cry blood from their dicks. this crap is a shame on both franchises.

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No /a/ already did that
We made them bleed from the anus along with you b the looks

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>[x]Wait for something else to happen. Try to see if you can remember anything else.
Dreams need to be remembered right after awakening.
After you get up, It's too late

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>[x]Wait for something else to happen. Try to see if you can remember anything else.

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Oh man, what a great comeback. want to reword "are you angry" now?

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[x]Examine your surroundings.

Nobody will be able to hear us over the klaxons anyway.

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No, I am quite done.
I just wanted to clarify it so next time you complained you got things right

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Just ignore him. He will go away after a while

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>we woke up sooner than we should have
I wish I had saved those doom Paul images.

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>Saging MGNQ


[X]Examine yourself and your surroundings. Maybe you'll see something to jog your memory. You've probably got amnesia, which sounds like some sort of cheap plot device in some third-rate soap opera.
[X]Scream for help.

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Heh, here is something to watch while we wait for Deculture.


WARNING: Contains the english version of Connect!.

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Here is something else

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Just stop

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ok, can't please everybody.

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>>21500008 >>21500010 >>21500033

You examine yourself and your surroundings, looking for anything that might jog your memory and perhaps give an explanation to your current situation.

Thankfully, the manacle supposed to be securing your neck seems to have been disabled, so you've got some turning room, at least.

You feel like you should be worried about the amnesia, but something tells you that this has happened before, and you'd been very angry about it one time.

...You're wearing what appears to be a Magical Girl costume that's mainly white, with purple and black accents. A bit of a simple design, one could easily draw comparison to a schoolgirl outfit, but it's somewhat...familiar. Pantyhose is riding a bit high, though, and you squirm slightly in futility at that. You hope it's not going to be a recurring issue, that's going to be really annoying.

The only door leading out of the room is, of course, shut, and from the looks of it you'll have a hard time forcing it open. It looks thick enough to stop explosives.

Other than that, you don't see anything of note. Those gatling guns are still spooling, though. And those alarms are still blaring.

There is a sudden, audible click, and then everything stops. The red lights cease their flashing, growing dim. The deafening klaxons trail off into silence. The gatling guns freeze in their motions, and they fold back up into the ceiling with a quiet noise of heavy machinery.


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Oh god my ears
Oh god my heart
Charlotte quest when

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A few more heavier-sounding clicks, and there's a woosh of hydraulics as the heavy metal door slides open - and a rather pretty bespectacled lady with the most curious eyes and skeletal black claws for hands walks through it, a smile on her face. The smile seems to widen considerably so when she sees you looking back at her.

"Murderface! You are awake, finally!" Her voice even sounds pretty, a somewhat pleasant, silky baritone with just a hint of roughness. It's then that she frowns. "I am very sorry. You have been dormant for a hundred years. Everyone you love has died."

You blink at her. Once, twice.

Murderface? That's your name? What kind of name is that?

How do you react?

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"Are you a god?"

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"Right. Well, if I actually remembered anything, including everyone I loved, no doubt i'd be upset.

So, Who are you?"

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More amensia great.

>And you are?

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Ask her why we're tied down and surrounded by guns. Apparently, we are a big deal.

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"I do not appreciate being called like that"

"Are you my doctor?"

Be suspicious. I mean, she has motherfucking claws

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"Why was I asleep in the first place?"

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Rolled 5

"Huh. Amnesia, all my friends dead, and a stupid name. What a great way to wake up. And you are...?"

>> No.21500420

"Can't remember them. They couldn't have been that important." Completely deadpan, of course.

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We need to clarify we don't remember shit, as far as we can tell.

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""Well, this is disconcerting. Who exactly are you, and who exactly am I? And, good god, my voice sounds awful. Am I a smoker or something?"

>> No.21500429

>stupid name
Might as well be an insult.

Lady looks crazy, be wary

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that was pretty good, I don't understand why it provokes such a reaction

>> No.21500434


Head tilt. Blink. Awkward pause.
".... Oh. Okay. Who're you?"

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Oh yes, this is our chance to snark lampshade all the stupider Magical girl shit.

This is going to be great.

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Glare at her.

"Who are you?! "

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Yeah, I thought it was pretty good too. And that Charlotte Connect was a bit hard to listen to, but the rest of it made up for it to me.

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murderface, that name is dildos, who, are you?

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I suppose people just like the sound of the Japanese song better.

>The red lights cease their flashing, growing dim. The deafening klaxons trail off into silence.

Damn, I thought the base was under attack and we would get our "There is no time to explain!" moment

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that name is dildos

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"Who am I?"

>> No.21500528

We are talking to Kharn here though

There is always time to explain, make some lewd jokes, screw some possibly blonde bitches, find something good to eat / drink THEN murder whatever is causing the problem

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>deleting my posts in this heap of shit but not the threads about random transgender and the one with animated trap dick in the op

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Rolled 21

....Do you have pancakes on you?

>> No.21500553

Sadly that implies that we remember something

>> No.21500556

"Ah... Who?"

>> No.21500595

Rolled 32

Man, how do you think midori is going to react to this development?

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Deculture's twitter:
>4chan is erroring out for me for some reason D: I'll wait it out!

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If Midori were particularly clever, she might try to use her Nightmare Mode illusionary barrier to try to draw some stuff out from not-Murderface's subconsciousness.

>> No.21500620

Out of friendzone.
pretty cool?

Now, imagine surprise visit from Iori.
It's gonna be glorious

>> No.21500622

Welcome to an hour ago
That's why the first update took so long

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What's up mod, opinions are not allowed in your favourite quest?

>> No.21500632


Midori is going to be either heartbroken or she's going to capitalize on it as an opportunity to get closer.

>> No.21500646

If she can get to the secret base in Siberia I will be surprised

>> No.21500651 [DELETED] 

I'm breaking any rule? not agreeing is now a legitimate reason for reporting?

>> No.21500658 [DELETED] 

No but shitposting is and always has been

>> No.21500665

No, AFTER we come back.

But I guess Mami would infrom her.
And she could use that possibility to get close again.
Fuck, I don't want any harem hijinks

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>>21500406 >>21500407 >>21500420

The pretty lady with the rather freaky-looking back scratchers for hands and shark peepers for eyes blinks down at you in bewildered surprise, before shaking her head. "Well, ah, uh, that is not reply that I was looking for, Murderface. It was just joke, you know? The thing with the hundred years, that is not true. Everyone you love dying, it is not true either." A soft, if nervous, giggle. "Um, this is joke from you, yes? Surely you are just funning me?"

You shake your head after a few moments, looking back up at her with a slightly disapproving frown. You're not sure you like her idea of a joke much, but it's not as if you remember anyone to be too offended by her sense of humor. You ask her again about who you are, tossing in the question about how long have you actually been knocked out.

God, your voice sounds horrible. What the hell have you been doing to yourself?

"It has only been...ah, six or seven hours, I think, after procedure. You looked very relaxed and peaceful, we decided to let you sleep the sedatives off." The woman waves at someone outside your field of vision, and the manacles securing you to the metal table you've been lying on - it's strange, you've thought it was a comfortable bed the entire time - loudly snap open one by one. You pull yourself slowly up to a sitting position, massaging some warmth back into your hands and wrists.

The raven-haired woman looks at you with some amount of concern, although she doesn't look too worried.


>> No.21500667


>Danger, excitement, tonight on MGNQ

i believe whatever happened during our slumber was bad enough that our mind forcefully locked it away... again.

>> No.21500672

Heh even if Mami informs her she and Midori might be fighting to try and get closer to Murderface.

>> No.21500675 [DELETED] 

Oh dear, this shit is going on /q/.

>> No.21500699


"And...well, your name is Murderface." She says after a while. "Some time ago, you gave yourself the name Chiaki Matsuda. I think Murderface is better, but you seem to like the former a lot more. Is no accounting for taste." A shrug of her slender shoulders in her lab coat. "OH, ah, you are also Warmaster. Still in training, not formally ratified yet, but there it is. And you are also my best friend."

A moment of silence. "You really do not remember anything, Murderface? Are you sure? The...the procedure was a success. It was not supposed to have affected your memory in any way."

Chiaki Matsuda? That...that sounds nice. Way better than Murderface, at least.

Warmaster in training? Well, the training bit sounds a bit dodgy, but...Warmaster does have a nice ring to it.

Best friend? Another surprise. You probably hang out with the weirdest people. She's even got freaky metal legs to go along with her hands.

You shake your head no, which earns you a small sigh from the strange woman with the black eyes.

"I will have Souji look into this. Maybe it is simply temporary, something that we simply need to wait out." She reaches forward with her skeletal hands and carefully, gently straightens the collar of your costume, retying the ribbon there. "I am sure you will be ill-mannered and belligerent once more when it all comes flooding back."

A smile. "For all intents and purposes, then, I am your friend, Murderface. My name is Valnikov Kharn. We have been friends for two years, and I will never betray you."

...You like her already.

How do you react?

>> No.21500717


What's up with your eyes? They look all weird and black.

>> No.21500718

"The fuck am I supposed to do now?"

>> No.21500720


all right, Chiaki it is, the other name is dildos

I will have dildos in here somewhere!!

>> No.21500728

"Should we hug, or is there someone else I should be doing that sort of thing with?"

>> No.21500729

>I will never betray you.

Act with usual indifference towards these things. Perhaps ask why her arms and legs are made of knives.

>> No.21500735

"Wait, why do you specify me? Are you known for betrayals, Kharn?"

>> No.21500739

Ask what the procedure was for and what it did. Then ask what comes next.

We should probably seek out someway to fact check what we've been told, just to make sure no one is trying to take advantage of our failing memory. When talking to people, ask who we are and compare it with what we've already been told to find any discrepancies.

>> No.21500740


"do I have other friends here?"

>> No.21500748

"I still don't know anything.
Where do I live, what do I do for a living?"

"Why am I here?"

>> No.21500764

>and I will never betray you
"Isn't that something most people let others assume? Is there a reason you need to specify that?"

>> No.21500767

It does seem prudent to ask why she is so metal. It's a little distracting.

>> No.21500773

"So. Um. Does this amnesia thing happen often? because I have a feeling it does, but i'm not sure."

>> No.21500774

oh u


How would Double-Amnesiac know this?

>> No.21500778


>> No.21500793

Amnesiac or not, needing to specify that you won't betray someone is odd.

>> No.21500800


"... Can I have a mirror?"

>> No.21500819

We've forgetten the specifics of our life
Not the general idea of being human.

>> No.21500834

Ask about them spikey metal bits and the people that she killed off in jest.

Also, I wanted to post this when it was completed, but I suppose an in progress pic is fine considering she showed up early in the thread.

>> No.21500838

Maybe she simply tried to sound trustworthy?
It's not weird for someone to say that If he really cares.

I don't think It's something Murderface should be concerned about

>> No.21500844

Act a little out of it to fool her. And flirt, FLIRT!!!

"You're pretty. I like pretty things...at least I think I do...well, I like YOU!"

>> No.21500850


>> No.21500851

Acting trustworthy is the surest sign of betrayal! Fetch the paranoia hats, gentlemen!

>> No.21500856

Dat pride of the Motherland.

>> No.21500859

What what?

>> No.21500864

That head is far too tiny.
That is really bad. Please stop posting things like that.

>> No.21500876

Well, since you're asking

"what" as in "are you fucking serious?".
Because you know, that was a pretty stupid suggestion

>> No.21500878

Again, people generally assume everyone is reasonably trustworthy. Having to go out of your way to state that you won't betray someone is odd.
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

>> No.21500892

We woke up strapped to a table with no memory of what happened to us and guns pointed our way, and a woman made partially out of knives was the first thing we saw.

I'm pretty sure it's entirely reasonable to reassure us that she can be trusted. It's worded a little oddly, but Kharn also has a noticable accent.

>> No.21500897

I have never had anyone specifically deny they would betray me.
Especially not someone claiming I've known them for two years.

>> No.21500910

Why? It's pretty obvious she's untrustworthy to our character so acting loopy and flirting to keep her off-balance seems like a good idea.

>> No.21500912

And I also highly doubt you've ever had amnesia.

>> No.21500931


Not really. I mean, sure, It's always possible for Kharn to be an actual traitor.

But come, Is It that weird to imagine someone presenting like that to an amnesiac? A very close amnesiac, at that?

>> No.21500945

Of course not.
Neither have I had autonomous machine guns pointed at me for unknown reasons or a relationship with a god indistinguishable from the elder gods.
This is all conjecture (I believe the word is).

>> No.21501045

Use special skill: Awkward hug.

>> No.21501051

Good. can you give me a breifing on friends and enemies?

>> No.21501056

Are these threads why you never do drawthreads anymore? I miss your drawthreads.

>> No.21501067 [SPOILER] 


Remember the secret ingredient

>> No.21501083

Yes... The secret ingredient.

>> No.21501163

>>21500729 >>21500764 >>21500834

"Hm? Oh, you are asking about these?" The lady named Kharn smiles as she glances down briefly at her own brutally-clawed hands. "Hnn. Well, very surprising. This is actually the first time you have ever asked about them, Murderface." She laughs slightly, before taking your hand with one of hers and helping you down from the metal table. You wince slightly as you feel her cold, skeletal fingers pressing against the skin of your palm, but it's not as bad as you thought. It's almost reminiscient of grasping a loaded gun by the handle.

"Hands and legs were part of the costume at first, when I became a Magical Girl." Kharn says after a moment as she looks you over, fussing about like a mother about to show off her daughter. Brushing lint off your costume here, smoothening some wrinkles on the cloth there.

"It was strange at first, but one gets used to them." It's here that she procures what looks like a penlight from her labcoat pocket, and shines it into your eyes, lifting your glasses up out of the way. "Of course, something happened, and so they are now permanently here. Cannot remove even if I want to. Please open mouth, say aah."

You obey, and she shines the penlight into your open mouth. "Got used to it again, much harder this time. Going to bathroom with these is not very fun." She snaps the fingers of her free hand for emphasis, resulting in a sharp slap of metal that echoes around the room. "Still, one endures. I am alive at least, that is what counts. Close mouth, then, Murderface. Everything is looking okay." A frown. "It is strange, though. Your eyes have not returned to their original color. I was hoping they would."


>> No.21501170


...Huh. Well, that's something to ask. But what bothers you more, now, is something that she specified during her introduction. If you've been friends for two years, then what was the deal with her talking about how she would never betray you? Did that really need to be said?

Kharn pauses for a moment, brow furrowing slightly at you, before nodding.

"...Yes. Yes, of course, Murderface. It is important. One must state something like that. Trust and friendship can be two different things, one has nothing to do with the other. Some people may say otherwise, but this is the reality of it."

That's...well. Her opinion on the matter is decidedly strange, but with how she is and everything, you can't help but think that it's natural of her to think that way.

You look around the room again, now that you're back on your feet. The table with the manacles look like a modern-day torture device, now that you're viewing it at this angle, with the surface shaped sort of like a coffin. You glance upwards at the white, unbroken ceiling where the gatling guns once were. For whatever procedure they had you in for, it must have been something to warrant that kind of restraint. That kind of failsafe.

"Well, I do not know about you, but I am hungry. I think Souji is making us a late breakfast now, I am thinking. Midori and Misaka should already be awake this time, I heard Misaka shouting for Souji earlier." A sad smile briefly curls Kharn's lips. "Maybe some food will help things along. It has been a very long night for you, Murderface."

[]Ask about the procedure.
[]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.
[]Shrug and follow her. You may as well get something to eat, and you're getting tired about the questions.

>> No.21501180


>> No.21501182

>[]Shrug and follow her. You may as well get something to eat, and you're getting tired about the questions.

>> No.21501194

[]Ask about the procedure.

Holy fuck, I need to finish reading the past threads already.

>> No.21501198


"... Can I have a mirror?"

>[x]Ask about the procedure.

"Why was I in that thing in the first place?"

>> No.21501201

>[x]Ask about the procedure.
This is important.

Also, can we ask If we have a family? Or something?

>> No.21501202

>[]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.

>> No.21501203


[]Ask about the procedure.
[]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.

one of these would be fine, preferably both if possible

>> No.21501207

>[]Ask about the procedure.
>[]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.

We need to know what exactly was done to us and it would probably help if we were told about the people we were supposed to know.

>> No.21501219

>[x]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.

>> No.21501221

[x] Ask aboot procedure

She was checking our mouth, but this seems a bit much for a dental procedure.

>> No.21501231

[x]Ask about the procedure, then the people whose names you don't recognize while walking to get something to eat.
We multitaskin'.

>> No.21501237

>[X]Ask about the procedure.
>[X]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.

Also: "My eyes?" and ask for a mirror.

>> No.21501238

[X] The procedure
[X] Our other friends
-[X] For instance, we vaguely remember someone with pink hair. Who was she?

>> No.21501260

[]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.
[]Ask about the procedure
We shall never tire of questions!

>> No.21501262

Its been a while since the quest was this serious.

>> No.21501264


um... what colour are our eyes?

>> No.21501273


this quest is always srs busnss

>> No.21501316

Probably pure black like before

Ask all the questions

>> No.21501353



>> No.21501428

[x]Ask about the procedure.
[x]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.
"What procedure was I in for?
"And you said those names as if I was supposed to know them; friends of mine? Maybe some of these questions will help my memory."

You know, this memory wipe seems much worse than the one we had the very beginning of the quest; a good portion of our self-loathing seems to have been lost as well as other things.
Maybe this is a good thing, and we can do better at being Chiaki Matsuda now.

>> No.21501439

But usually people joke around in this quest.

>> No.21501441

We Homu III now.

[X] Ask about proceedure
[X] Ask about names
-[X] Ask about pink-haired girl
[X] Ask for mirror

>> No.21501447

I'm sure we'll start our cycle of self-destruction soon enough. Pinky noted that we were particularly good at ruining ourselves regardless of being a clone or whatever.

>> No.21501460



>> No.21501463

Chiaki's gone amnesiac again, the jokes will have to wait.

>> No.21501481

At leats until Midori appears.

>> No.21501503

Do we at least remember the tongue thing?

>> No.21501514

We never really knew it in the first place I thought

>> No.21501519

Kharn showed us how to do it a couple threads ago

>> No.21501547

Oh yeah different tongue thing.
I was thinking of the miracle Midori tongue thing which I am guessing was different

>> No.21501568

[x]Ask about the people whose names you do not recognize.

>> No.21501571

>The table with the manacles look like a modern-day torture device, now that you're viewing it at this angle, with the surface shaped sort of like a coffin.

Is that the sarcophagus? because that is very anticlimactic if it is.

>> No.21501584

no, thats the one we asked about. Apparently Kharn can pull it off because of her tongue

>> No.21501603

I thought she just told us that when she was talking to us about spending the night with Midori because it was possibly the last chance we had.

>> No.21501632

>>21501194 >>21501198 >>21501201

Souji? Misaka? Midori? It seems like you should know these people, but don't. Well, you'll be meeting them for this late breakfast anyway, so that's not too high on your priority list. You ask about the procedure instead, what you just woke up from. And what was the deal with the sirens and the military hardware? What kind of procedure needed that sort of...countermeasures?

Kharn is silent as she leads you out of the room, and into a long, steel corridor. Very industrial. Even the floors and walls are steel grating, and there's a real sense of cold, mechanical brutishness about the entire place. You wonder briefly about where you are, but you gather that you're going to find out soon enough. It's not like you're much in a hurry.

It is a bitch walking on steel grating with heels, though. But you're surprisingly used to it.

It takes a few moments for your companion to talk. "Hnn, well, where to start? Our boss sent you here to have the procedure, Murderface. I have explained it to you before you went under, but I will do it once more, just for you." She turns to you and smiles as the both of you reach what looks to be a heavy-duty elevator, one large enough to wheel an entire tank in. "I suppose it is similar to soul attunement, but it is more of...grafting pieces of someone else's soul to another. Forming a permanent link." She presses one of the lit buttons, and the elevator gives a lurch just as its doors close. The sensation of upward movement making your knees buckle slightly.

You glance up at Kharn, who then waves a clawed hand. "Is all very complicated, really. Incubator technology is sometimes hard to explain, and we had to resort to some of it. But that is the idea of your procedure, and it went along fine." She flashes you a grin, one that falls slightly.


>> No.21501653


"Well...mostly fine. We were not counting on your amnesia relapsing as a side effect. Maybe it is unrelated, but..." she shrugs as she digs into the pockets of her labcoat, drawing out what looks to be a rather battered-looking powder compact. "Ah, here. Mirror, you are needing it?"

You murmur your thanks as you take it from her, before pulling it open and looking at your reflection.

...You don't look that bad. Your hair is a bit messier than you'd like, and it's cut rather short. You have a feeling that it should be longer, but this is fine too.

Your eyes are strange, though. Should they be this black? Even the sclera's black. That's not normal at all, is it?

Kharn looks at you with her own black eyes as you give her the compact back, and she shakes her head.

"No," she replies. "No, it is not normal at all." It's then that she smiles. "But, ah, you have not gone crazy yet, so maybe it is."

Yes. That's exactly what you needed to hear.

The elevator doors open, and Kharn leads you out into a less-industrial part of...wherever you actually are. It looks just like the inside of an apartment, really, and it sort of smells like it, too. Very lived-in.

...Is that pancakes you smell? Are there pancakes for breakfast?

You step forward to investigate further - surreptitiously wiping the drool from your lip with the back of your hand as you do so - when a human missile suddenly slams right into your midsection, in a flurry of brown hair, white labcoat and bright blue dresscloth. You grunt slightly in both pain in surprise.

"Murderface! Murderface is back! Murderface is okay again!" You glance down at whatever it is burying its face into your stomach, yelling into your costume, and you realize that it's a small child.

Someone's left their loud, annoying brat of a kid here. Honestly, some people.


>> No.21501656


>> No.21501664


"Ah..." Kharn blinks beside you, but seems unsure of what to say.

"Murderface, this one missed you very much!" The child looks up at you, her face bright and cheerful. Her face split in quite the wide smile. "W-was worried for a moment when useless brother said you were screaming during procedure, but is okay now!"

"S-sempai? Sempai's here?! She's already awake?!" Another voice blurts from the kitchen, and you see a young woman with green hair walk into view, her crimson eyes wide as she looks at you. Smiling as well - she looks like she's been crying for some time - she runs towards you, seemingly eager to greet you even though you have no idea who she is.

She seems to sense that something is wrong, though, and stops a few steps from you, her smile fading.

"Sempai...? Miss Valnikov, what's wrong?" She looks at your companion, who merely shakes her head slightly.

"Nothing is wrong!" The child, now grasping fistfuls of your costume, tugs at you to get your attention. "Murderface is Murderface? Right? You remember Misaka, don't you, Murderface?"

How do you respond?

[]Tell the truth.

>> No.21501667


>Well, you'll be meeting them for this late breakfast anyway, so that's not too high on your priority list.

I fucking LOATHE you people sometimes.

>> No.21501680


I love that image

>> No.21501681

[x] The truth

I don't remember anyone.

>> No.21501685


[x]Tell the truth.

>> No.21501686

>[]Tell the truth.
Amnesia relapse

>> No.21501687

>[x]Tell the truth.

I seem to be at a disadvantage here. Everyone knows who I am, but who are all of you?

>> No.21501688


Amnesiacs are not accomplished liars. Not at all.

>> No.21501690



>> No.21501691

Souls? Boss? Incubator Technology?
You lost me.

[x]Tell the truth.
Before It's going to backfire on us

>> No.21501697

[x]Tell the truth.
"I've lost my memory; apparently, again. I'm supposed to know you, right?"

>> No.21501700

I'm curious as to why exactly

>> No.21501702

Tell the truth
As much as it may hurt these people we cannot keep up a lie when we have absolutely no idea who we even are let alone who they expect us to be

>> No.21501704


Tell the truth.

>> No.21501719

>[x] Glare at those loud and obnoxious people.
>[x] Turn to Kharn

"Who are they? Why are children allowed in this facility?"

>> No.21501721

>[]Tell the truth.
State that we lost our memory. Apparently this has happened before as Kharn stated our that our amnesia relapsed.

>> No.21501723

The truth.

>> No.21501730

This. Maybe ask where the one with pink hair is. There's a distinct lack of technicolor hair in this room.

>what can possibly go wrong asking about pink-haired girl?

>> No.21501740

Looks like Midori gets another part of the Murderface Experience, that fun time when Murderface forgets who she is and who you are.

>> No.21501750

Fine, I'll be the guy.

[x] Lie

>> No.21501764

Might not be all bad for her.

>'I'm your girlfriend, remember?'
>'If you say so'

>> No.21501769

[X] Truth. "Who are you people?"

Don't bully the Misaka, Matsudaface.

>> No.21501787

Because we are going to meet people in a second who we have apparently forgotten about and this will hurt, them probably more than us.
But nuh-uh, lets vote for asking about the procedure Mrs. Steel-limbed-Wonder probably wont tell us much about...

You people are fucking idiots.

>> No.21501794

>loud, annoying brat of a kid
What the fuck, Deculture?

>> No.21501798

We are playing the character, mate.

>> No.21501804

I'd say he's doing a pretty good job of writing a character who has completely forgotten Misaka. I believe Midori had quite some trouble with her in the airport.

>> No.21501805

Well, without the goodwill built up from her feeding our gun addiction, she pretty much is.

>> No.21501816

But Kharn's our friend, she said so herself.

>> No.21501820

Because asking about people we're going to meet either way is more important than our part in white, gun-decorated, facility of death, led by a lady with claws and black eyes.

>> No.21501821


>> No.21501825

>> Looks like Midori gets another part of the Murderface Experience, that fun time when Murderface forgets who she is and who you are.

>> No.21501830

Yeah. And it seems that you forget that under the shell of "not giving a fuck" the character we play actually does give a lot of fucks.
How retarded are you to miss out on that?

>> No.21501852

Well, you seem to forget that Murderface cares only AFTER actually getting close.

>> No.21501865

We have no idea who we are or who these people are. Learning about the procedure that caused this condition is a more pressing matter at the moment.

For real though, calm the fuck down.

>> No.21501885

Being Midori is suffering.

>> No.21501895

>Well, you seem to forget that Murderface cares only AFTER actually getting close.

Yeah. Also did anyone find it curious that we trully don't remember anyone including Mami? Didn't QB say that Mami was the only thing that Chiaki could remember the numerous times she lost her memory.?

>> No.21501904

Currently we don't know how many fucks we give because we woke up with no memory of anything
We do know that we sound terrible, look passable and like pancakes

>> No.21501912

Yeah, as I said, this is a more thorough loss of memory than usual.
Hell, we don't even have a craving for cigarettes, whiskey, and painkiller pills!

>> No.21501914

We're really far from home.

Chiaki can only remember her murderer

>> No.21501915

I think it was stated that we remember Mami, remember that we work as a magical girl, remember that we hate QB, and there's a continued animosity with Sayaka.

>> No.21501926

Well, this one was closer to lobotomy than your usual memory loss.

>> No.21501936

>I think it was stated that we remember Mami, remember that we work as a magical girl, remember that we hate QB, and there's a continued animosity with Sayaka.

Are you talking about the previous times we Murderface lost her memory? I don't think we remembered Sayaka.

>> No.21501938


my god...

>> No.21501939

I believe that is due to the constant mothering and pancakes

No way we could forget that

>> No.21501956

That is a two way thing
Sayaka fucking hates us and we forget everything except that she annoys us just by her existing in the same dimension. Sometimes this is helped along by her doing things like trying to puncture our kidneys the first time we meet her again

>> No.21501958

Pancakes are clearly the only thing that can restore our memory. Fuck these people, lets eat.

>> No.21501959

We remembered Sayaka when she tried to shiv us in Mami's.

>> No.21501960

If I recall, one time we were talking with QB he mentioned that our memory loss had happened before but there was always a few constants that were remembered as I had listed. We don't remember Sayaka, but every time we re-meet her we end up fighting.

>> No.21501972

Because Sayaka is a bitch.

>> No.21501973


it was something along the lines of her immediately latching unto Mami after every amnesia bout.

That can't really happen while they're on different countries.

>> No.21501982

Probably because we shot coobie and went berserk the first time we met.

Also Kirika.

>> No.21502010


>> No.21502022

>Not using this Pic instead


>> No.21502030

This exactly why nobody likes you.

>> No.21502049

Go get amnesia and die.

>> No.21502059

>Your eyes are strange, though. Should they be this black? Even the sclera's black. That's not normal at all, is it?

No sir I don't like it

>> No.21502062

>Any incarnation of Homura

Pick one

>> No.21502068


hard to give fucks about people you don't know

>> No.21502071

Now now, settle down, girls. We don't need this to get out of hand.

>> No.21502074

Oh well
You're going to witch out either way.

And I will be there, watching you as you die yet another time.

>> No.21502076


That makes two of us.

>> No.21502078


Her expression. Those dead eyes are screaming "Oh God, why didn't I go on the pill like he asked".

>> No.21502085

But but our various waifus D:

>> No.21502100

Oh, I understand, but we don't want some rogue mod thinking there's avatarfagging going on, do we?

Dear any rogue mods: That was a joke, please don't ban me.

>> No.21502115


...I really need to shoop this so it has Chiaki rather than Misaka clone

>> No.21502120

..Before or after you fail to save Madoka once again?

Madoka is not a virgin anymore.
Thanks to me.
Enjoy your sloppy seconds.

>> No.21502125

My fucking sides.

>> No.21502133


Succumb to the curse of the Seckendorff's

>> No.21502148

Okay, this getting stupid.

Let's stop

>> No.21502159 [SPOILER] 

I think that is the average reaction of anybody who meets his own Loli-Clone.

>> No.21502166

For the people who aren't sure what it looks like, this is what low level corruption looks like. We're at Dante levels of CUHRAYZEE corruption.

>> No.21502183

Whatever we'll just walk it off. I'm sure nothing bad will happen.

>> No.21502217

>>21501681 >>21501691 >>21501702

"Murderface...does not remember?" The child who calls herself Misaka murmurs as her smile falls, her eyes growing wider. The small hands that had grasped fistful of your costume slowly slackening as she looks up at you. "Murderface does not remember Misaka? O-or Midori?" It's then that you see tears welling up in the young girl's eyes, and her voice breaks just a bit. "Murderface...forgot?"

You look at Kharn, who looks just as much at a loss in this situation as you are. She tries to come to your rescue, however, speaking Russian in soothing, calming tones. It doesn't seem to work, however, as Misaka lowers her head for a moment, twisting fistfuls of your skirt in her small fists - before suddenly pushing you away from her with a petulant shout bordering on a sob. As you backpedal a couple of steps, you catch a glimpse of tears streaking down her cheeks, before she pulls her strange visor over her face. The slits growing green with a small click.

"YOU BROKE MURDERFACE! YOU MADE HER FORGET ABOUT MISAKA!" The girl screams at Kharn, before dashing back into what you think may be the kitchen - the smell of the pancakes are certainly originating from that direction - and you hear a thud, and a surprised groan of pain coming from it. "STUPID OLDER BROTHER! COULD NOT EVEN FIX MISAKA'S PERSON RIGHT! MISAKA HATES YOU!"

"Misaka!" A male voice calls, clearly concerned despite the pain coloring it. "Dammit...Misaka, don't run! Come on, whatever it is, it's only temporary--"

Whoever it was, he receives no reply except a flurry of hurried footsteps, and a door being slammed as hard as a young child could slam it.

And muffled sobbing. Somewhere.


>> No.21502222


"Ah, kids, they are always overreacting, eh?" Kharn tries to break the silence, smiling uncertainly. The young woman with the green hair is still looking at you, although she does look like she's trying to hold back tears. "
Ah, Murderface, this is, ah, Hanegawa Midori, I believe. She is one of your friends, as well. Good friends, just the same as you and I." She smiles encouragingly at the girl. "Now, I will leave you alone for a little bit, I will see what happened to Souji. He is not very good with pain."

Your strange friend with the metallic bits and pieces leaves the both of you in the residential floor's common area. She is the first to speak.

"Sempai...you don't really remember, do you? You don't remember anything? About how we first met?"

You shake your head. Nothing. You should probably apologize for that, huh? You'd think you'd have the decency of remembering after meeting her, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

"N-no, sempai, no need to apologize. It's..." She pauses as she tries to work up a smile. "It's not your fault. These things happen." A moment more, and then she steps forward, wiping at her eyes with the back of her sleeve, before holding out her other hand to you. "M-might as well start somewhere, right? Hanegawa Midori, sempai. I'm formally under your employ as your Callidus. Nice to meet you."

How do you respond?

>> No.21502231

"Calli-what now?"

>> No.21502238


>> No.21502244

I thought I wasn't warmaster yet? Or is this "Employ" Employ?

>> No.21502247

Nice to meet you Midori, apparently I am Murderface or Chiaki Matsuda. I am not quite sure right now

Will that little girl be ok? I didn't want to upset her but I couldn't lie to you and her, you would have caught me out rather quickly I figured

>> No.21502249


>".." Pause "Were we... close?"

>> No.21502250

Calmly reach with hand.
Introduce yourself properly.
"I... I guess you could tell me something about yourself? Or this mess in general?"

>> No.21502262


Shake her hand.

I.. suppose I'm Chiaki Matsuda, but also known as Murderface.

>> No.21502263

"It's all pretty much a blank. It's... It's nice to meet you, too." Awkward hug time.

>> No.21502266

Polite and nice, shake her hand. Apparently these people really do care about us, if this is their reaction to us forgetting them.
"Nice to meet you again, Midori. And yes, these things do apparently happen to me. From what Kharn was saying, this isn't the first time I've forgotten everything and everyone. You'll have to explain a lot of things to me."

>> No.21502268

Shh, It must be a cult thing.
Better be friendly with them satanists

>> No.21502269

"Okay, nice to meet you.

What's a 'Callidus'?"

>> No.21502270

This. I want midori to be happy

>> No.21502279

"Nice to meet you. By the way, what's a Callidus?"

>> No.21502290


Seeing as she is Japanese, even if amnesiac, maybe a formally polite greeting?

"Kharn says my name is Matsuda. Nice to meet you. I'll be in your care from now on. "

Then ask: Do I smell pancakes?

>> No.21502291




um, nice to meet you too i guess, Kharn said you... us are all the same, what does she mean by that

this time we have no idea we're a magical girl?

>> No.21502298

Given that we know we're a magical girl, we probably know what a Callidus is. We should ask Midori to tell us about herself, might jog our memory or at the very least help to start filling in the blanks.
We should of course fact check anything she says with other people's explanations.

>> No.21502308

>Given that we know we're a magical girl,

Do we?

>> No.21502309

No, we know we're a Magical Girl.
First post: >>21499989
>You are a Magical Girl. That much you're sure of. That much you're aware of.

>> No.21502312


>assuming we don't know shit about how the world works anymore

we need to who we are or rather were before we lost our memory.

>newest chapter of Miracle Midori features more violence, betrayal and loss of memory.

>> No.21502317

She was a good Murderface

>> No.21502326

[x] ..Hugtiem now?

>> No.21502334

be polite and efficient. start walking toward the kitchen to get pancakes. as we do get her to talk about herself some more.

>> No.21502353

It's always hug time.

>> No.21502358

We know we're meguca, but we don't seem to know coobie's WH40K-isms anymore.

>> No.21502373

Someone needs to make this with Pinky and Murderface looking terrified.

>> No.21502393

hug time

>> No.21502418


>> No.21502575

Might as well ask this.

>> No.21502800

"It's nice to meet you too, Hanegawa-san. Hopefully this amnesia will not be permanent, and I will recall everything I had forgotten, but until then I am formally in your care."

>> No.21502822

Hahaha, oh wow, aren't you late

>> No.21502862

Did Deculture's intrawebs break again?

>> No.21502864

>>21502231 >>21502279 >>21502249

You reach for her hand and grasp it carefully, giving it a polite shake. She does the same, but she holds onto your hand for just a bit longer before letting go. You have at least the decency to not point this out - it's apparent that your relapse has shaken both her and the kid from earlier. You give her your name - or what you can remember of it - and the green-haired girl nods at this.

"The pleasure is all mine, Matsuda-sempai." Her smile is a bit brittle, but it seems genuine, at least. "Feel free to call me anything you want. You're my sempai, after all. Although, you mostly called me by my family name, but my given name's alright too."

You consider this. Well, maybe her family name can work for now. You're not all that familiar with her, at least not yet. You ask her, after a few moments of awkward silence, just what a Callidus is.

"...You've really forgotten quite a bit, haven't you, sempai?" Midori shakes her head, before answering you by going into a rather informative, albeit slightly longwinded explanation.

>The Officio Assassinorum was a concept created and pushed by a handful of Incubators, led by Kyuubey, in order to bring a semblance of formalization and organization to contractees all oevr the world. This was mainly to keep territorial disputes and infighting to a minimum. It was also a way to legitimize the operation as a whole, raise it from its clandestine underground status, and basically make the entire thing a well-greased machine running on tangible resources and adequate support rather than counting on the mettle of a few bright, but still decidedly fragile Magical Girls. To prevent the heat death of the universe requires more than just a clean heart, a pure Soul Gem and a handful of grief seeds - one also needs synergy. Bureaucracy. Zazz.


>> No.21502865


There is no Chikuwa, so he is not late.

>> No.21502888 [SPOILER] 

>massive amnesia
>left entirely in care of another person
>person who has obsessive crush on you
>Midori's face when

>> No.21502893


goddammit decu

>> No.21502896

Speak of the devil.

>> No.21502898


Oh man, timing

>> No.21502900

keikaku doori

>> No.21502949


>With the Officio Assassinorum came the classification of Magical Girls. Upon contracting, the Incubator would assign the fresh contractee her rank, whereupon her training, care and support would depend on. The ranks are as follows:

>Eversors: Magical Girls specializing in close-quarters combat, or melee.
>Vindicares: Magical Girls specializing in long-range combat.
>Culexus: Magical Girls specializing in anti-magic countermeasures.
>Callidus: Magical Girls specializing in stealth, subterfuge and espionage.

>Two other ranks, Venenum and Vanus, were once part of the group, but had long since been eliminated, more for their limited combat capabilities than anything else. Those who fell into these ranks were put to work as medical staff and/or intelligence, and were kept from active field duty.

"In short, sempai, I'm your ninja," Midori's smile widens slightly. "Er, well, just don't ask me to steal stuff, or anything. I've never been great at shoplifting."

That sort of limits her usefulness some, but you'll keep it in mind.

You ask her, then, if you were at all close. This question silences her for a good while, along with making her go pale just before she reddens.

"We...w-well, as much as I'd like to say otherwise, sempai, Kharn was exagerrating a bit. I'd like to think of us as good friends, although you've...you've always been distant." It's then that she shakes her head. "N-not that there's anything wrong with that, of course! Matsuda-sempai's a professional!"

...Hnh. Something tells you the girl is hiding something, but it'd probably be a good idea if you don't press the issue. You ask about Misaka, instead. Were the both of you close?


>> No.21502955


"...From what I've seen of the both of you? Yes, sempai. She, uh..." Midori glances back at the kitchen, where you could faintly hear muted arguing from. "...She thinks the world of you, sempai. Kinda like a heroic big sister. You could always calm her down just by patting her on the head, like so." She demonstrates it with a hand, patting an invisible Misaka on the head in front of her. "Tried it myself, nearly got my hand bitten off. You? She's cute as a puppy whenever you're around. A puppy that hands out a lot of guns."

...You can't help but feel terrible, now.

What do you do, now?

[]Ask about something else.
[]Go into the kitchen, have some breakfast.
[]Find this Misaka girl and...well, do something about this.

>> No.21502977

[x]Find this Misaka girl and...well, do something about this.

Attempt headpats

>> No.21502978

>Find this Misaka girl, give head pats.

>> No.21502983

>[X]Find this Misaka girl and...well, do something about this.

How can we do anything other than this.

>> No.21502991

>[x]Find this Misaka girl and...well, do something about this.
Loving, guns giving lolita seems like a thing worth the trouble.

Even If she's loud as fuck

>> No.21502999

[x]Ask about something else.
Ask about other important people in our life that Hanegawa knows about. We should at least try to remember people who care about us so we don't make them cry like Misaka.

>> No.21503003

[X] Pet the Misaka
Also make a mental note to talk to as many people as you can about yourself so you can form a better picture of what you are like.
Do you have anything in your pockets?

>> No.21503009

>[]Ask about something else.
>[]Find this Misaka girl and...well, do something about this.

We should ask about how we usually acted and what our normal schedule was. If we try to act like we used to, our memory might come back. We can start by giving Misaka a headpat.

>> No.21503013


[]Ask about something else.

are we at the officio right now? how many more important people did we forget?

>but i think popular demand goes towards Misaka
>i am also fine with that

>> No.21503021

>[x]Find this Misaka girl and... give head pats.

Muscle memory, Murdeface. Even if your brain doesn't know what to do, your body find the way. It will be quite literally moving on it's own.

>> No.21503048

what rank was I?

>> No.21503053

>[X] Ask about something else. "What else don't I remember? Who else have I forgotten?"
>[X] Find this Misaka girl and dispense headpats

>> No.21503057

>[]Go into the kitchen, have some breakfast.
>[]Find this Misaka girl and...well, do something about this.
In order. Maybe some pancakes will jostle our memory, before we try to deal with Misaka.

>> No.21503087

[X] Ask about how we used to act and whatnot. Perhaps our former rank so that we know what our powers are.
Then >[X] Rev up those headpats

>> No.21503101

[x]Ask about something else.
Am I really named Murderface?

>> No.21503105


Kitchen run. It's time for pancakes.

>> No.21503137

>[X] Pancakes. Pancakes solve everything.

>> No.21503165

>People not picking the Misaka choice

You disgust me

>> No.21503166

>...You can't help but feel terrible, now.
Back to business as usual. Like we never missed a step.

>> No.21503173

Yes, the pancakes will let us remember we like pancakes. But there'll be a hole there, as if these were but pale imitations of True Pancakes. Though our mind may not remember, our body does, that only Mami's pancakes are True, and all others are just derivative substitutes.

>> No.21503179

All in a matter of time, man.

>> No.21503186

[]All the headpats

>> No.21503205

find our gun loving little russian girl. and attempt headpats. and try and actually remember something about her instead of being told. maybe mention big pete.

>> No.21503208

The kitchen is also where Souji, and thus answers, are, so,

>[x]Go into the kitchen, have some breakfast.

>> No.21503221

[X] Headpat the Misaka

>> No.21503226


Honestly, she's in the middle of a tantrum and headpats from the girl who just said doesn't remember will probably make things worse.

Give her some time to cool down, guys.

>> No.21503257

Makes sense.
>[X] Rev up those pancakes.

>> No.21503273

I gotta agree with this.
She's in a tantrum right now, and it's probably not going to work out well if we go to Misaka now.

>> No.21503277

>[]Go into the kitchen, have some breakfast.
"Dont suppose I brought anything to read on this trip, Midori?"

>> No.21503278


Sounds like a strong argument for
>[x] Pancakes
to me.

>> No.21503283


yeah let the kid cool down

>> No.21503288



Yes. This. That is glorious. I salute you, sir.

>> No.21503299

oh man, THIS for the amusing side effects

>> No.21503326


>> No.21503334

I'm trying to take a shit here guys. But I like it

>> No.21503343

Holy shit, this!

>> No.21503356

This for the fallout

>> No.21503382


>> No.21503389



>> No.21503406

I'm n'thing this
>midori's face when

>> No.21503413


>> No.21503430

Oh, yes. This.

>> No.21503525 [SPOILER] 


you are all horrible people

i approve

>> No.21503546

>>21502977 >>21502978 >>21502983

As fun and informative that impromptu history lesson was - you think you could guess what an Incubator is, and the contract's easy enough to figure out - you decide to look for the girl that had given you the most crestfallen, brokenhearted look that you'd ever seen. It was the sort of look that bespoke of the world falling around one's ears; of being told a belief-shattering truth, that Santa Claus is not real. That babies never really come from sentient storks. That no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to save her, no matter how much you sacrifice.

...Wait, where did that come from? Anyway. You tell Midori that you'll go ahead and see if you can't do anything to fix the situation between you and Misaka. She seemed a nice enough girl, even if she was a bit loud. Midori nods after a moment.

"Sure, Sempai. I'll just get started on a batch of your own pancakes, so that when you get back they'll be hot and fresh-cooked." She points somewhere to the side. "Our quarters are there, Sempai. Misaka's is the room closest to the one at the farthest end. You can't miss it." She looks as if she wants to say something else, but seems to decide against it and goes back to the kitchen, leaving you alone.

You follow her directions, easily finding her room. It's not that hard, considering there's a giant tusked robot blocking your path to it. A big, awesome-looking robot with spikes and a giant hammer and everything.

[THIS AREA IS CURRENTLY OFF LIMITS. PLEASE TURN BACK.] The giant robot says in a vox-corrupted growl, the slanted eyeslits of its helm blazing crimson.

What do you do? You can still hear Misaka faintly crying inside her room.

[]Turn back.
[]Try to sneak past the awesome robot dude.
[]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.

>> No.21503556

Tiny Pete, no.

>[X] Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude

>> No.21503559

[x]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.

We're on the list, I swear. Check it again.

>> No.21503562

>[]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.

"Oh, come on, pleease?"

>> No.21503580

>[]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.
Tiny Pete's a cool guy, I'm sure he'll understand.

>> No.21503582

>"You will never be able to save her, no matter how much you sacrifice."

Shut up Pinky/Malal/Actual Homu/Lilith.

[X] Reason with the Robot

>> No.21503584

>[x]Turn back.
This place is fucking creepy.

Loli will wait, let her cool off.

Let us eat something

>> No.21503586

>[]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.

"soooo cool, m-maybe just this once?"

>> No.21503589

>[]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.

Hopefully Tiny Pete's person recognition is appearance-based.

>> No.21503592

>[x]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.


>> No.21503593


...Can we leave a message?

>> No.21503629

[X] Try to reason


>> No.21503630

How do we even sneak around or talk with giant, radar-eyed, cold, doing his orders, robot? Shit, let's
>turn back

>> No.21503633

2nd the leave message. Pat robot on head gently.

>> No.21503644


Can we even REACH Tiny Pete's head?

>> No.21503648

>[x]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.

"Does being warmaster make me authorized?"

>> No.21503650

[x]Turn back.

Even Tiny Pete has been turned against us.
Leave a message with him.
"Tell Misaka, I'm sorry I don't remember, but I'd like to get to know her again. Can you do that for me?"

>> No.21503659

If we believe hard enough and maybe grab a ladder.

>> No.21503665

>[]Try to reason with the super cool awesome robot dude.

>> No.21503670

We will climb if we must.

by the THIS IS IMPORTANT HOW HAVE WE NOT check to see if we have a soul gem, and if so, what state it is in. (same for shield, if not too meta)

>> No.21503689

[X]Try to reason
"Do you dare to commit such heresy as to challenge my orders?"

>> No.21503754


>> No.21503773

let's not die today

or ever, if possible

>> No.21503775

Why, for some snot-nosed brat we just met?

If we're really her hero, she'll wait.

>> No.21503801

Leave a message and turn back.

>> No.21503825

leave a message. headpat. it will figure it out

>> No.21503833

We've ruined everyone's life we come across, why not?

We managed to ruin an insane god-witch's day. That takes effort.

>> No.21503842

[x] Leave message
[x] Go eat Pancakes
[x] Troll Midori.

>> No.21503855

[]Leave message
[]Go ask about pinky removing our heart with her bare hand while eating pancake

>> No.21503878

but Midori is the best

even better than Mami

>> No.21503880

We don't know of that.

>> No.21503882


>> No.21503883

Misaka's a good girl. She'll understand, given some time.

Actually, I just wanted an excuse to post this.

>> No.21503915

>risking our lives for a brat feeling we may or may not know

>> No.21503923

I agree.

We obviously like to tease her because we care about her.

>> No.21503937


Woah woah woah.

Midiori's good, but let's not go CRAZY here.

>> No.21503939

That wasn't in character.

>> No.21503988

leave a message, then leave

>> No.21504153 [SPOILER] 

Mami is good for nothing other than pancakes as far as I'm concerned

and since we don't remember her, all we have to do is make sure she dies before we have her pancakes again, and then Midori will receive all of our its forbidden

>> No.21504171

you are sick in the head

decu pls post

decu pls

>> No.21504179

>>21503556 >>21503559 >>21503589

You try to reason with the unbelievably cool robot. Seriously, you have not seen a robot as cool as this guy is. Not only is he huge, hulking and mean, but he's also got the tusks and spikes going on. Black and bronze, now that's a combination. Each clawed fist at the end of its armor-encased armos looking huge enough to rip a car in half. This is how robots should be like, you decide. Nothing sleek or aerodynamic, just huge, singularly-destructive automatons that look just as dangerous as they actually are.

...Unfortunately, try as you might, it doesn't look like it's going to budge anytime soon. It does seem to recognize you, however, the eyeslits on its elephantine helm seemingly tracking your every move.


Well, at least the robot knows your name, which sort of makes up for the fact that you can't fix the situation right now, just like you wanted to. It's probably useful to know that you can, at least, trust the robot to do what he's told, which makes him even more awesome.

You nod at him, and he bangs his massive fist against his equally-massive breastplate, creating a hollow sound like that of a rather deep gong. You'll try again later, probably after you've eaten breakfast. You actually feel rather famished, and this little misunderstanding hasn't helped any.

You hope that things like these isn't the norm. That your amnesia isn't something of a regular deal.

Living like that...well, that doesn't sound like too much fun.


>> No.21504189

Come on, Mami, dont lose your head over this.

>> No.21504195

you wish

>> No.21504199

Reason with robot dude
Then regardless of how that goes eat breakfast and ask Midori where the pink haired one is while eating a pancake

Also we lost all our memories before but Misaka didn't react or we didn't forget about her at the start? Pretty sure we knew who she was the first time it was brought up ( have I discovered a plot hole or just a mystery to figure out? )

>> No.21504215

are you a mahou shoujo

>> No.21504248

decu's back

>> No.21504305


You make your way back to the kitchen after a few wrong turns - and you see Hanegawa Whatsherface - Midori, now your remember - at the stove, wearing a red apron, carefully flipping pancakes. On the dining table, Kharn is somewhat moodily picking at her own pile of pancakes, while a young man with white hair that you fail to recognize is busily typing into a laptop in front of him, his plate of pancakes untouched.

"How'd it go, Sempai?" Midori is the first to call attention to your arrival, and Kharn looks up to offer a half-hearted smile. She seems to be troubled by something. You have the idea that it's about you, but you try not to think about it too much. "Is Misaka alright?"

You report that Misaka is fine enough to have a super cool awesome robot guarding the entrance to her room. You tried to gain access, but you simply just couldn't get through.

"Yeah, she gets like that." The young man says after a moment, his voice somewhat hoarse, but not exactly grating on the ears. "Just leave her alone to cool off. Try again after she'd cried herself to sleep, that usually works." He looks up from his laptop, seemingly glaring at you, before shaking his head and gesturing towards an empty chair. "Sit down, then. Get some breakfast."A moment. "Sorry about fucking up your memory. Wasn't supposed to happen. It's probably temporary."

You take the seat, placing yourself at the opposite end of the small table. Even from here, they look sort of like a couple. Commiserating together.


>> No.21504316

Well, you know what they say...
don't tease if you won't please~

>> No.21504337

> Even from here, they look sort of like a couple. Commiserating together.

tell them they look cute together. people compliment each other, right?

>> No.21504358

And since we have amnesia we can get away with being ultra blunt about it.

"You two married or something?"

>> No.21504366

I like that, and I like this Murderface.

Losing all her memories really got the stick out of her ass.

>> No.21504378

>tell them they look cute together.

Except they dont. One is fucking Albino-Freak and the other has Metal limbs Exorciststyle-eyes.

They look like they are part of some psycho circus ensamble.

>> No.21504387


Nah, he's not albino. He bleached his hair blond. Quite recently. After Kharn arrived in Siberia.

>> No.21504389


This murderface didn't wake up to an empty room littered with whiskey and pill bottles, some bitch trying to shank her when she visits a friend and a hangover that could kill a god

I would expect she is nicer

>> No.21504393

i think we tried to warn ourselves not to go through the procedure via the cellphone. and we failed. spectacularly failed. so we need to send a phone back in time for our next loop with the information we've learned, but put the info in a way that only we would understand, in case someone else gets a hold of the phone

>> No.21504414

I wonder if the admiration of the giant killy robot is a side effect of the witch graft--procedure.

>> No.21504432


Chicks just dig giant robots, dude. You can't explain that.

>> No.21504435

Yeah, but we should still stick to the whole "professional operating professionally" when on the job.
At least, that's what Midori said we were like, all professional and such.

>> No.21504451

Wait, what exactly happened during the procedure?
We should probably get a rundown on it before some unforeseen factor blows up in our face.

>> No.21504461


"Is not your fault. Perhaps..." Kharn frowns. "...No, is impossible. All tests say procedure was 100% correct, perfectly executed. Should have no side effects, temporary or no." She stabs at your general direction with a delicately-wielded fork. "Who we know as Murderface is gone. She is blank slate. Maybe temporary, maybe not. Even if so, we will have to make sure it does not happen again when she comes back for final procedure."

Midori places a plateful of pancakes - lightly buttered, syrup carefully applied - in front of you. "I did my best with this batch, Sempai. Please enjoy them."

You murmur your thanks as the pair continues to talk around you.

"That's a few ways off, don't you think?" Souji glances your way, then back at Kharn. "We're not even sure if that'll be needed."

"If not needed, good," Kharn nods. "But better to be prepared just in case."

You carefully cut a wedge of syrup-soaked pancake with the knife you're given, before spearing through it with the fork. Lifting it to your mouth, you try not to sound too disturbed at what's being talked about on the breakfast table as you chew slowly, carefully. Letting the warmth blossom on your tongue, before swallowing.

These were...good pancakes. Not the best. You've the sudden suspicion that you have tasted much, much better pancakes than these. But in comparison, Midori could have certainly done much worse. They pass.

You turn towards Midori and tell her so. It's the nice thing to do, right?

"T-thanks, sempai." The green-haired girl smiles at you. "It's...I know it's nowhere near as good as Mami-san's, but I'm trying my best to match her."

Ah. That makes sense.

...Who's Mami?

>> No.21504480

>"Who's Mami?"



>> No.21504483

Ask who's Mami and that pink girl ripping our heart, she's our only memory after all

>> No.21504487

>who's mami

>> No.21504495




>> No.21504506

Nah, pink girl was probably a dream.

I mean, those people are monitoring us and we're still alive, right?

>> No.21504513

Oh... oh god...

>> No.21504518


correction ask if Mami is the pink girl ripping our heart from our memory since we seem to find it comforting

>> No.21504522

>who's Mami
"Mami? I...I should know her, shouldn't I."

>> No.21504524

Truly, the most unsettling final line to a thread.

>> No.21504532

and right before a chikuwa as well.

>> No.21504533

>...Who's Mami?

>> No.21504536

And that's it for today's thread! We'll continue tomorrow night!

Thank you for your support once again even with the long hiatus, and feedback is always great! :D

>> No.21504542

maybe. we rememeber only one person. and we remember that we have had better pancakes. and we remember that we are a magic girl. it is not unlikely for us to think these things are related

>> No.21504543

Aw shit, Chikuwa already?

>> No.21504545




>> No.21504552


Fuck you.

>> No.21504553

>...Who's Mami?

>> No.21504556

"Is Mami the one who makes pancakes? I remember that there are better pancakes somewhere out there, is that her?

Does she have pink hair and a penchant for ripping out my still-beating heart?"

>> No.21504560

Nah, that'd be Pinky saying "It's your baby, Homura-chan."

>> No.21504569

I for one welcome our new one night stand

>> No.21504570

thats a pretty awesome line actually. best girl wins and all

>> No.21504571

>not "best"

>> No.21504576



>> No.21504580

Why you gotta do this, bruh?

>> No.21504610

> We'll continue tomorrow night!

That's not so bad

>> No.21504614

Pinky's a goddess, she ain't gotta explain shit.

She also seems to want us all to herself, since she's the only person we remember.

>> No.21504621

T'was really cool, more than usually.

That suspense is great.

but how about choices that actually feel like taking different directions? The story is great but It feels like Bethesda's choice system, everything basically same, as we're back to the other choice the very next post

>> No.21504626

I can't wait for the next time we'll timestop

>> No.21504633 [SPOILER] 

>We don't know who Mami is
YES! All glory to the Midori!

>> No.21504634

You know what we need. We need a cigarette, we need multiple cigarettes at the same time.

>> No.21504652

the fuck are you on about?

>> No.21504654

Naw man, this calls for a CIGAR.

>> No.21504655

>soulgem on choker


>> No.21504657

Thanks for the thread.
It's good to get back to murderface, even if she changed in our absence.

Thread has been archived, don't forget to vote:

>> No.21504659

Thanks for the fun game, Decu.
Haven't read in a while. Great thread to get back in with.

>> No.21504666

We also need to grow our hair back, it doesn't feel the same with them short

>> No.21504673


>> No.21504675


>> No.21504693


>someone beat me to archiving it

in hindsight, i should have seen this turn of event coming but at least we didn't wake up to find our own little private apocalypse taking place, so i'm okay with this.

looking forward to the next thread.

>time for dinosaurs!

>> No.21504724

No worries, Satan.
That just requires us to not cut it.
We could also ask QB to force grow it like he did our arm.

>> No.21504782

Delightful thread.

>> No.21504924

Basically, we reverted to being Girl A.
Our next meeting with Kyuubey might be interesting.

Also, if we don't get our memory back, our personality might develop differently. Especially since we have more people that care about us.

>are tusnder
No captcha, we are not tsundere.

>> No.21504953

Meeting with Kyuubey might trigger some of our memories. Seems like it did last time.

>> No.21504983

If by memories you mean berserk rage, then yes it sure did.

>> No.21504992

what is this from?

>> No.21505021


Probably just as well we'll be calling him on videophone, then.

>> No.21505027

Better than nothing.

an anime called Another

>> No.21505035


it is a sillier version of final destination

>> No.21505082


>it is a sillier version of final destination

Good heavens. I hadn't realised that was even POSSIBLE.

>> No.21505091

it is.

>> No.21505100


We could craft an utterly practical Matsuda. A monster given magical girl form who could make the Incubators go "whoa, that shit is messed up" and make Pinky rethink her policy on ripping hearts out.

>> No.21505178

>Remember the Practical Incarnation from PST

>> No.21505293

I do not recognize this acronym. Mind informing me what it is?

>> No.21505332

Planescape: Torment

>> No.21505482

The Practical Incarnation was boss yo.

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