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What's your favorite nonhuman race in tabletops?

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If I became a half-dragon by becoming a dragon disciple, would that thing fuck me?

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Tits on a lizard? Who the hell thought that would be a good idea? That's even more redundant than the pope's balls. And also incidentially about as likely to lead into deviancy.

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The more pressing issue is how can it talk without lips.

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But dragons need to have lips. How can they sneer without lips to sneer with?

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These are shitty imitation dragons. Barely a notch above kobolds.

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>What's your favorite nonhuman race in tabletops?
Your Mom

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Hrmmm.. Taking a closer look at the loin-cloth, it would seem that it has a bulge...

So, yes, it might administer a fucking upon you.

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I didn't know I was on /v/

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I like genasi.

No real reason. I just like pseudoelementals and the way they can look.

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Dragonborn or lizardmen also work, but nothing beats a few tons of muscled, scaled, armored-like-a-tank firebreathing goodness.

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If not orks, Kobolds

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Trick question. Humans are the best race, no matter what.

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I don't understand. How can they be a notch above the best race?

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Orks. Fucking Orks. They know what they want, where to get it, and die doing it. The simple life.

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Do I have to pick one? It's so hard to choose..

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Them bitches is fiiiiiiiiiiiine

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Kobolds are adventurer fodder. And no one with two brain cells left to rub will give them the dignity of those overpowered feats.

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Kobolds, with lizardfolk and tengu shortly behind.

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Love playing Goblin's in Magic.
Love playing Goblin's in DnD.
Love artwork for Goblin's (except for Pathfinder)
Love how Terry Pratchett portrayed Goblin's in Snuff.
Close second is Dwarves.

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G1/10 Would perform coitus with for the purpose of creating spawn.

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It's looking pretty banged up and injured in that pic. I don't think it could resist you...

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lizard kobolds, gobbies, hobgobbies, dog kobolds, orks, and dorfs in that order.

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Is that supposed to be a giant Praying Mantis?
That bitch gonna eat yo head man, playa don't play dat shit.

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How is it blushing?
It's not like it has a closed circulatory system or anything

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For the love of God, man. What did apostrophes ever do to you, that you would abuse them like this? Did your parents die in the Great Apostrophe Drought of '76? Did a rogue grammarian molest you when you were young? Did you catch a fatal case of Greengrocer's Apostrophe off of some sleazy punctuation hooker with interrobangs tattooed on her tits?

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ye's ye's and definite'''''ly

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>Grammer Nazi

Does it really matta' that much tah' yah'?
(And I yes I realize that I made all of my Goblins possessive.)
Have another Goblin.

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lamias for me but gorgons are a very close second.

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Hey you know what I like? being alive. That's cool. Also not being a rock. Also cool.


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Look up! In the sky! It's sharktits with wings!

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I read Eats, Shoots, & Leaves the other day, and now I can't stop noticing it! Apostrophe abuse! Everywhere! It's like suddenly I'm seeing the fnords, except instead of an Illuminati conspiracy it's poor grammar! Aaaaugh!

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Catboys are the best.

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Yeah, unfortunately the face is... ugh.

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Such a shame /tg/ hates them so much.

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Only if they're half-fae.

Speaking of which, the Fae are definitely my favorite race for tabletop settings. Just only for NPCs; giving that shit to a PC is asking for trouble, and also not possible.

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I'm pretty sure you have abuse fantasies, don't you?

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What about half-fae dogboys?

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Hey, I use them /very/ sparingly. They're my favorite mostly because they're not used all that much in most of the fantasy me or my group has read, and as a result they can provide a lot of interesting and new fluff and folklore. They're definitely the sort of thing you pull out very, very rarely.

Unless you're playing Changeling, I guess. Which we don't.

My favorite race to actually use on a more frequent basis is probably Thri-Keen or Warforged, which have the bonuses of not being creepy and being PC-safe.

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There's something about desert-dwelling tiger merchants that I really like.

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>dat janitor

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Thri-kreens DO have closed circulatory system with two interdependent hearts, and proper lungs linked to spiracles in their sides.

As for why she's blushing, she's obviously in the company of a charming young man she fancies.

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Must be the curse of Giving too Many Fucks.
It's like when a peasent walks past you, you MUST engage in conversation about how shitty their life is how how you can make it better.
I think my DnD group has this curse, too bad nobody wants to play a healer, EVER.
Here I got a wallpaper for you, by the way.

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this seems like its from...some where else

you thought i was going to say elswyr

black marsh master race

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>hating catboys
only when they're half-fae whiny little shits.
It doesn't take much to make your catpeople race badass.
Though i prefer term "catguy".

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I do like aquatic races for some reason. Probably so I can play a literal fish out of water.

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Healing isn't really that much of a requirement. Tell them to soak up some points in use magical device, or hire some underling cleric to do it for them.

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it was actually found that they did that only in captivity iirc

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Precisely. Though make it a hammerhead.

I also have a catboy. He's a ninja James Bond wannabe.

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Such is life for a group of 3 barbarians and 2 fighters.

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Dapper James Bond villain tiger is best tiger.

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that is terrifying

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Mine's 50% catperson 50% russian police detective.

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Did not know that Russian Police Detective was a race.
What is it's specs?

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+infinite kick your ass and being drunk

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Bald: It's weird, but I like it

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Police detective is occupation , but pretty much this. >>21497626

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That delicious spider cult

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I'll take cutebolds over lizardmidgets anyday.

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Lolth are the worst part about drow. So much so that I made a character based on peter the great just because of that.

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More specifically: when they were hungry and being watched while in captivity. Give them a little more privacy, feed them more, and the male is 95% more likely to survive the experience.

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I don't care about Lolth speficically
I just have a thing fetishfor spider iconography

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Insect people or Bird people.

No alternatives.

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Maybe, in order for an arthropod to become as large as it is, it has to evolve a few more traits. Possibly specialized internal structures similar to a skeleton, like in crabs where the muscles are chambered and everything, and a (mostly) closed circulatory system.

I'd assume they'd also need some form of change to their respiratory system as well.

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ork/orc. greenskins in general.

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still doesn't explain how you can blush through an exoskeleton.

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There have been instances where chitin can change color somewhat.

What if the species just evolved color patterns, near the face/neck/chest for obvious reasons, to show a few emotions? I mean heck, one color of blush is enough for people to guess "arousal" or "anger" even.

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Modrons got to play one for a few sessions once. I am so pissed that group fell apart I had way to much fun rping him. pic related I had a drawfag make a surprisingly great pic of him for me

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Lizardmen. Reptiles as people has always just been cool as hell to me for some reason. Dragonborn don't trigger it, though half dragons kinda do. But Lizardmen? Shit yeah son. Reptilian eyes, sharp teeth, claws, scales, all cool stuff. I prefer them more like giant monitor lizard people then crocs or skinks though. Crests are fantastic, of course.

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Actually I have no preference.
The stats, the character they posses, these are my primary traits I look for.
After that, everything is secondary.
Now I wish I could play an eldritch abomination that is behaving totally different, like keeping cats as pets and tending it's multiuniversal garden that inhabits many sapient and sentient lifeforms it micromanages when needed.
Otherwise it wanders the crowd, drawing pictures as an amateur streetpainter.

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Just about any of them. In order, since I like too many:

>Cat-People i liked them before they were trollbait

According to some furries I know, I'm to scalies what metrosexuals are to gay people.

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>According to some furries I know, I'm to scalies what metrosexuals are to gay people.
i chuckled.

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CTRL+F Dromites

Y'all niggas are ignoring dromites!?

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I don't have a favorite as pretty much all of them can look cool or stupid depending who's drawing them, and have traits I like and dislike depending on who's writing them.

The only totally consistent thing is that I've never seen any media with likable trolls, ogres, goblins, orcs or any of that general group of things that are like humans but uglier and usually dumber too.

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I don't want another fetish /tg/
Why do you do this to me?

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Rolled 19

Too bad. That's what you get. Stop by the musclegirl thread in /d/ on your way out to pick up your membership card.

Which reminds me, I should be taking my "save vs. fetish" roll...

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Generally prefer smaller characters. Personal Favourite are star wars Kushibans. Particularly ones that know they look cute, and have no issues taking advantage of this. Though despite the availability operating a Heavy Automatic Blaster Cannon as a one is a bad idea.
You know Disney going to be using those soon anyway.

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Thread needs some propa ork gurlz

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Is there a Cowgirl race?
Because it's the Cowgirl race.

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What i this? Im confuss

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These guys

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I love me some warforged.

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Fuck you, boner. Fuck. You.

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Because of raisins.

Delicious homebrewed raisins.

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Whatever this is

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Lizardmen or birdmen. I greatly enjoy elves in non-traditional roles, too.

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>nonhuman race

Well. Tieflings, I suppose. Especially when I play one that's good aligned. I like the idea that something marked by evil overcomes their base nature and aspires to being something better.

It's a tired trope, and is the plot to about 2983492374 pieces of entertainment, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine.

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I think I might be a closet furry or something because of those things.

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Mah nig.

Play ALL the races!

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Or half-elves.

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I am a lamia guy. Lamias all the way.

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Second. Because futa

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What's with /tg/ and reptiles?

>> No.21501149


They're cold, socially aloof and prefer to be by themselves.

You can see where I'm going with this.

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Dinosaurs are about ten billion times cooler than everything else.

Dinosaur people are about half as cool as that.

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What's not to love?

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Yeah, if you're 10.


Their inability to feel emotions.

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>not liking dinosaurs
What are you, twelve?

>> No.21501250

>he doesn't like dinosaurs

Oh, come on now.

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These are not the same thing, dammit. Do people really still think this?

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Aww fuck yeh, robots.

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This is now a monster girl thread.
Also, goblins.

>> No.21501381

>inb4 Tamani

>> No.21501392

>Do people really still think this?
Not everyone is a pedant.

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I really like croaches, though I'll probably never get a chance to play one.

For something more standard, I do like elves in all flavors, though mostly the high magic kind.

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I've always been a fan of machines.

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>Reptiles originated around 320-310 million years ago during the Carboniferous period, having evolved from advanced reptile-like amphibians that became increasingly adapted to life on dry land. There are many extinct groups, including dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and aquatic groups such as the ichthyosaurs.

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Stop right there, criminal scum. How does it make any sense for a large, active beast like the dinosaurs supposedly were to be a cold-blooded reptile. It is bullshit, I say. Dinosaurs were more bird than reptile.

>> No.21501462

Or maybe our definition of "reptile" needs updating?

>> No.21501466

That would be acceptable. Feathers are a type of scale, technically.

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It's pictures like the one you posted that make me glad I've never came across a Warforged with a crossbow (or firearm, depending on the setting).

Warforged would basically be the most efficient snipers. They don't need to eat, drink or defecate so they can remain in one spot for days, perhaps even weeks without complaint. They have no circulatory system, so there's no pulsing bloodstreams to upset the steadiness of the crossbow, and the wooden components of their body would aid tremendously in blending in.

I should put a Warforged snoipah in my next campaign, in an encounter paying homage to The End from MGS3.

On topic though:
I've always been a supporter of the underdog, and it's hard to get more underdog than the various breeds of Kobolds. For some reason, I can't help but imagine them as being hopelessly optimistic despite all the shit they're put through, like they're convinced that the spiked pit-trap is going to kill that lvl-19 adventuring party.

I also have a raging yet guilty boner for Dragonborn ;-;

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Gonna have to go with this. Bonus points for non-humanoid robots.

>> No.21501525

>Only if your 10

Quite the opposite, and I'm quite angry about it.

When I was a lad, dinosaurs were fucking cool, so were Street Sharks and shoes with the lights in the heel that blinked when you step. These days, whenever I venture into my local shopping center for some odds 'n sods or a steak-bake I always see the toy shops empty (aside from one or two teenagers buying Nerf guns) and the vidya shops packed with children buying cowadooty and whatnot.

Little cunts, stop having fun wrong and liking stuff I don't like!

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>> No.21501565

We obviously need more dinosaur vidya. Turok, hooo!

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>> No.21502126

>not dinocrisis

Your dinosaur vidya is inferior.

>> No.21502193

aww fuck yeah, more robats

>> No.21502372

Ok fine some robots..or robutts

>> No.21502412

If that doesn't count

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>> No.21502447

best robot

head's too big, reminds me of loli.

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>> No.21502484


>best robot

I think you meant this one.

>> No.21502530

Tankgirl is okay, but not as good as the manly, heroic and tragic Bolo.

>> No.21502557

Bolos are pretty fucking rad.

>> No.21502980

Gnolls. And well, monstrous humanoids/"monster races" in general. Kobolds easily come in second, followed by hobgoblins/goblins, etc.


Nah, mantises only do that stuff when creepy scientists sit five feet away watching them fuck.

In the wild or when observed via cameras, there's no partner-eating. They just fuck and that's it.


From all I heard, the last attempt at a modern remake of Turok was pretty godawful.

Maybe it's best if they let that poor sod rest. There's always other dino games that can be made.

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>> No.21503666

Things I have seen, I can't unsee. Things I have learned, I can't unlearn.

Shapeshifters are still pretty cool though. Malleable identity means a life free of most consequences.

>> No.21503671

>Dino Crisis
>not Primal Rage

>> No.21503826

Dis mai nigga.

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fuck off you feathery niggerdick chudmeister

>> No.21505449

Cyborgs, Genetically Altered Humans and Michael McDonald.

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>> No.21505567

Merfolk and other amphibious races. The ocean is pretty cool.

>> No.21505615

Only one? Hengeyokai, I guess. Mechanically they're terrible, but flavor-wise I really like them.

Killoren are pretty neat, too. Same for azurin (i think these count)

Most beastfolk races in general, but Gnolls and Kenku I have a soft-spot for.

>> No.21505691

Do horrifying shapeshifting abominations count?

Seriously, these guys are cool at all stages in the game, and not just combat roles.

>> No.21505733

Always bet on Twelve

>> No.21505777

Ogres. Big, dumb, fat party animals, for whom it's always rape-o-clock.

Stone giant is a close second.

>> No.21506543

warforged sound so fun, its a shame ive never played one.

>> No.21506584

I like shapechangers that can actually get a mechanical effect for their shapechanging, rather than just a "lol you can look like other people".

>> No.21506961


Me too but I insist on calling them Naga. Lamias are actually some vampire-like creature in some mythology or other, I think.

>> No.21507056

Tieflings and Halfelves probably are my favs, i like races that live longer than humans, i like the idea of my character living a long exciting life with a big "continue" when i end a campaign (and my character is still alive). I like the idea of living for more than 1 century and see the future generations and stuff...

But funny thing, i almost always play humans, mostly because rest of the races are alien as fuck (elves in some games), hated as fuck (and i don't like the emo stuff, nobody loves me) or just have LA or some kind of incredible bing downside.

>> No.21507817

Kobolds! I don't know why they just rule, this one is a siege engineer, taking advantage of ballistas counting as crossbows, sizing weapons ftw.

>> No.21507835

>I like shapechangers that can actually get a mechanical effect for their shapechanging,
ain't we all?

>> No.21508199

I'd say dragonborn, then warforged, then thri kreen.

I can't honestly think of a better experience than being a lightning breathing dragonborn battlemind.

>> No.21508232


>> No.21508252

Futanari elvan sorceress

>> No.21508273

This guy beat me to it

>Shiny collectan
>Crazy actan
>Not givan a shitan

>> No.21508292

I have no idea what that means.

>> No.21508332

If somebody tried putting a character into my game with more than one gender, the character would be vetoed. Sans gender issues? Fine.

Homie don't play dat, and no, I'm not going to RP your fetish sex any more than I am anyone elses.

>> No.21508362

Eh, I'd wait till fetishy shit actually happened before I said no.

>> No.21508376



>> No.21508397

You don't put a dickgirl in without trying to have fetish stuff happen.

That's a fact.

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>> No.21508423

Never play Eberron then. >>21503666

(The Sharn book has a hilarious infobit about how most of the bordellos are run by shapeshifters).

>> No.21508434

Thanks for reminding me to check Oglaf.

>> No.21508461

The humanoid bear things are pretty cool.

>> No.21508465

Things are not as cut and dry as people say they are on /tg/. Granted, if they called it a futa, I'd quirk a brow. But if their female PC has a dick, I see evil dick wizard plot hooks. If nothing else, it is a good chance for comedy.

>> No.21508472

Highborn Elves, or High Elves, or whatever you want to call them Eladrin. Basically I like elite white skinned, blonde, tall, thin, pointy eared characters who excel in magic.

>> No.21508494

I love me some tribals

>> No.21508543

>favorite nonhuman race
>posts a humanized version of a lizard

>> No.21508596


please don't make me choose, OP

>> No.21508619


captcha: Brace yiFtisi

>> No.21508650

The only races I've got in my current setting I'm working on besides the Humans are Dwarves, Thri-Kreen, and Kobolds.

>> No.21508692


Posted a bit too soon, meant to add that that should naturally narrow it down to three choices.

Of those three I definitely prefer Thri-Kreen and Kobolds, but if I had to do one and kill the other than I'd probably go with the Kreen. I'm not a gay insectophile but there's something about Thri-Kreen dick that gets me hard.

>> No.21508699

thri-kreen. no one is ever willing to give em a shot. One of my favourite non-standard fantasy races.

>> No.21508757

Thri Kreen are cool as fuck

>Other races are interesting to them
>Interesting in the kind of way a sentient medium-rare steak is to a human
>They are so rigid in personal offense they will kill you for any slight
>4 fucking arms
>murderlization and brutalation

>> No.21508801

Leonin (Magic the Gathering)

Dragon King (Exalted)

>> No.21510069


>> No.21510388

Have another.

>> No.21510417

I would love nothing more to be the mantis-thing or fire-monster-person. Also skeletons are always nice.

>> No.21510446


Mah Gentlemen of good taste!

You know how it is and what it /d/o...

>> No.21510467

I am incredibly disgusted by this.

>> No.21510476

Gnolls, ever since I played one on a whim and he turned into the best character I've ever played.

>> No.21510482

Orcs is best.

>> No.21510522

Well the original mythology for Naga they are an all male race

if your gonna be a stickler for orginal myth dont go haft way


>> No.21510530

What can you say? You go to take a bite of that sandwich and mayonnaise just goes all over the place.

>> No.21510577


Please don't talk that way, this is a civilised board.

Female Naga were called Nagini, they were of the same race.

>> No.21510579

That manages to make it even more disgusting, who the cheesecake fucking batman tapdancing christ puts that much mayo on a sandwich. I am shuddering.

>> No.21510919

I'm just going to grab stuff from the wiki because my classical schooling didn't cover more than a few Roman phases. My SO teach in high-school mostly covered general history of man and Swedish cultural history, so admittedly my real knowledge is poor. Feel free to correct me.

In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (Greek: Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet (λαιμός; laimos), referring to her habit of devouring children.[1]

Some accounts say she has a serpent's tail below the waist.[2] This popular description of her is largely due to Lamia, a poem by John Keats published in 1819.[3] Antoninus Liberalis uses Lamia as an alternate name for the serpentine drakaina Sybaris; however, Diodorus Siculus describes her as having nothing more than a distorted face.[4]

Later traditions referred to many lamiae; these were folkloric monsters similar to vampires and succubi that seduced young men and then fed on their blood.[5]

Zeus then gave her the ability to remove her eyes. The purpose of this ability is unclear in Diodorus, but other versions state Lamia's ability to remove her eyes came with the gift of prophecy. Zeus did this to appease Lamia in her grief over the loss of her children.[6]

In later stories, Lamia was cursed with the inability to close her eyes so that she would always obsess over the image of her dead children. Some accounts (see Horace, below) say Hera forced Lamia to devour her own children. Myths variously describe Lamia's monstrous (occasionally serpentine) appearance as a result of either Hera's wrath, the pain of grief, the madness that drove her to murder, or - in some rare versions - a natural result of being Hecate's daughter.[7]

>> No.21510936

So from that, it's pretty ambivalent.
Not that it matters to me, really. I'll call it whatever you want me to call it, as long as we both get the picture across that it's a woman with a snake lower half.

>> No.21510996




>> No.21511161

A bug woman who is distracted by sucking some dudes dick does.

>> No.21512055


Dragonborn, because of reasons.

>> No.21512117


>> No.21512329


>Implying that is a woman

The pick doesn't show ovipositor, so it could swing either way.

>> No.21512478

Depends on mood. I rotate often, but I like being the only party member of that race at the time but some NPCs of the same race around here and there to stay grounded in the world.
>Flesh Golem
>High Elf
>Warcraft style Troll
>Warcraft style Goblin
>Insectoid fairy
>Spidery things (Drider, Nerubian, once ran just a giant talking spider as a monster race for kicks)

>> No.21512481

Equis, seriously. The Seraph subrace is really nice for its flight, but I prefer the toughness of the Terran. Fuck Ascendant Equis and their high falutan innate magic and wizard favored class.

>> No.21512521

just take the 2 points of LA and play a royal equis. you still get the caster level bump from the ascendant traits.

>> No.21512551

I actually rather enjoy Halfling. Or other Different Sized characters. It gives them a bit of a personality in that people will look at them differently regardless of how you actually are.

>> No.21512946

I actually got the reference. Fuck you both.

>> No.21512962

According to the artist that particular one's a female.

>> No.21513087

now I want to play Fable as a goblin

>> No.21513103

I play one of these.

>> No.21513113


>> No.21513142


Then anything thats short.

I'm weird.

>> No.21513202

Horse (people) with 4 subraces; Flying, Earth, Magic and a more powerful Royal that has the powers of all four.

>> No.21513246

the hell? its like a centaur but smaller.

>> No.21513265

OPs picture has made me recently reevaluate my priorities, with dragonborn now slotted bizarrely close to the top. Any more like it?

>> No.21513325

The original Alaghi, from AD&D, not the wookie looking later versions or the ape-man looking ones. The super wide broad chested yeti like looking ones with horns from The Complete Book of Humanoids

>> No.21513331 [DELETED] 

Honestly? Dwarves or Warforged/Misc. Machine Men. I like Dwarves because they give zero fucks, live in huge underground fortresses, are master craftsmen, and will fuck up anyone and everyone that screws with them.

Warforged because magic robots are kickass.

[I also, as many residents of /tg/, have dirty, dirty thoughts about Dragonborn and Dragons in general./]

>> No.21513347 [DELETED] 

Honestly? Dwarves or Warforged/Misc. Machine Men. I like Dwarves because they give zero fucks, live in huge underground fortresses, are master craftsmen, and will fuck up anyone and everyone that screws with them.

Warforged because magic robots are kickass.

[Spoiler]I also, as many residents of /tg/, have dirty, dirty thoughts about Dragonborn and Dragons in general.[Spoiler/]

>> No.21513358 [DELETED] 

Honestly? Dwarves or Warforged/Misc. Machine Men. I like Dwarves because they give zero fucks, live in huge underground fortresses, are master craftsmen, and will fuck up anyone and everyone that screws with them.

Warforged because magic robots are kickass.

[Spoiler]I also, as many residents of /tg/, have dirty, dirty thoughts about Dragonborn and Dragons in general.[/Spoiler]

>> No.21513376

Honestly? Dwarves or Warforged/Misc. Machine Men. I like Dwarves because they give zero fucks, live in huge underground fortresses, are master craftsmen, and will fuck up anyone and everyone that screws with them.

Warforged because magic robots are kickass.

I also, as many residents of /tg/, have dirty, dirty thoughts about Dragonborn and Dragons in general.

>> No.21513393


Go to Paheal, Danbooru, or just Google "Dragonborn Rule 34".

>> No.21513396

This further reinforces my theory that the depictions themselves play a big part in what people like. I doubt there's any nonhuman race anybody would dislike if it were drawn exactly how they like, and vice-versa.

>> No.21513397

lol lrn2format

>> No.21513410

warforged, aasimars/tieflings, dorfs, catfolk, reptile-people of all kinds, special mention to the corgen.

>> No.21513534

I always play the race the Gm just made.

Guaranted to get buffs next patch.

>> No.21513548

>not listing e621.net

>> No.21513587

Torn between Greenskins and Dragonborn

>> No.21515605


I like you two, you die last.

>> No.21515632

Robots/golems. High comedic potential and a detachment from traditionally human things that even nonhumans do in most settings. Plus CLANK CLANK BEEP

>> No.21515658

Kobolds. Just, Kobolds.

Also, goblins are hilarious.

>> No.21515667

that anatomy is just terrible.

>> No.21515678


>> No.21515686

i love spider mechs

>> No.21515717


>> No.21515725

>Spider mech
>4 legs

>> No.21515733

I was talking about the picture the other anon posted.

>> No.21515748

Big, sexy, muscly dragon men.

>> No.21515751

Oh, my apologies then.

>Spider mech
>6 legs

>> No.21515765

KOBOLD!!! WOOT! yea, that's right Kobold master race. Take a step into our homes, see what shit we bring

>> No.21515796

gnoll is best beastman

>> No.21515876

Ratman Bro, dumpin' rats.

>> No.21515886


>> No.21515891

It is not a big folder though

>> No.21515896


>> No.21515904


>> No.21515908


>> No.21515942

And I'm out

>> No.21516053


>> No.21516074

Dear elegan/t g/entlemen, I'm in need of your advice.
I was arranging my fantasy pics folder (task long overdue) along the lines 'people_elf_wizard' and 'creature_dragon_winged' when I came across a gnoll and had no idea what to classify it (or a kobold, or an orc). So, in your opinion what fantasy races are people and aren't?

>> No.21516697

Well, depends on what you interpret as people? Are gnolls intelligent? Are they worthy of being played as a character?

I would personally define all three of your examples as people, even though I hate orcs and think they should only ever be of generic enemy race status. But they're all intelligent to some degree or another, are humanoid, and could be roleplayed. You wouldn't roleplay an ooze, or a rustmonster (Unless they were enlightened, then go on ahead).

>> No.21516737

I sort my hon-human characters by Genus. IE: Dragontits are reptilian, so their folder goes into the same sub-folder as Lizardmen and certain dragons, and Gnolls are Feliforms, so they're in the same folder with catfolk and Rakashakalakashaka.

For creatures like Orcs and Goliaths, I but them in a sub-folder for 'near-humans'. Warforged and Golems have their own Constructs subfolder.

Answering your question: If it's sentient, it's human enough for the sake for categorization, but try and keep it seperate from actual humans for ease of finding it.

>> No.21516820


Gnolls are people too, maaaaaaaan.

But seriously, a good metric for the purpose of reference pictures and such a categorization would probably be:

Is it intelligent like people? Can it utilize similar tools/armor/etc?

Because while dragons are intelligent they can't really function in a human city without shapeshifting. But on the other hand, assuming there's not a whole kill-on-sight thing going on a gnoll or orc or kobold can totally function in a human city, wear similar armor and wield similar weapons, etc.

Basically if it looks like it could walk around the city, be a guard, a barkeep, etc, it's people.

>> No.21516867


Pretty Easy. person_human and person_humanoid.

>> No.21516924

Eees askin wot da best race iz.
Stupid umie 'course its Da Orkz.

>> No.21517159

>But on the other hand, assuming there's not a whole kill-on-sight thing going on a gnoll or orc or kobold can totally function in a human city

no they cant
especially not >totally

that would be like saying intelligent dogs would be no problem in a urban area, or monkeys running around town wouldnt cause problems

first of all THEY ARE NOT HUMAN
the problem with that is not acculturation or something, the problem is simply that they are of a different species and therefore the more "humanoid"or anthropomorphized they are the more they will be a problem for each other, and the only way to avoid frequent strife, conflicts, wars, riots and extermination campaigns would be to have a hierarchic structure or heavy segregation

the other obvious thing is that they smell, they are fucked up hairy disease carriers and they breed like rats

there is no reason they would not be kept as slaves by the elves and humans, or exterminated

you simply cant let wild animals roam around a urban area, if they are of human level intelligence and ability thats 100 times worse

humans dont even tolerate other humans, why would they ever tolerate a gnoll, unless its owned and trained or has a good reason to be there backed up by shit like paperwork

same goes for humans in orc/gnoll/cobold/wathever majority areas

one way they could function would be if they are a population that is bred for a function, kept by someone the way youd keep fighting dogs or war horses, or if its a small population that has some specific role in local culture or religion etc...

>> No.21517178

>applying any of that tl;dr to fantasy

>> No.21517185


Really now, it makes as much sense as reptilian dinosaurs. Fucking magic, too lazy to 'splain shit.

>> No.21517207


well it would make it better fantasy

>> No.21517237

Yep, many species evolved or developed forms of no verbal communication. Be they pheremones(To many creatures to list), color pallet(chameleon, many insects), or facial movements(Chimps, Humans)

>> No.21517258


>> No.21517272


>> No.21517338


>the problem with that is not acculturation or something [...]

I by functioning in a city I meant that they could utilize the city. As in you know, walk in doorways, utilize facilities, walk down the street without taking it up entirely, wear clothing and armor, etc. Basically if their physiological structure can accomodate all the things people do.

I was taking the question in *absence of social concerns*

But hey, since we're here..

>the other obvious thing is that they smell, they are fucked up hairy disease carriers and they breed like rats

Haha, what. You're really projecting here, bro. Something that isn't human is by no means required to smell or be diseased, or breed like rats. At least not any more than any other filthy muck raking human peasants.

People just didn't smell good in general until the ability to bathe became not-a-luxury.

>there is no reason they would not be kept as slaves by the elves and humans, or exterminated

Unless of course, said humans and/or elves are sane and reasonable people who can work with others instead of carrying out genocidal campaigns but obviously you're not the kind of person who can go without fantastic racism, I guess.

But you could at least be entertaining about it. Sarge manages to amuse in her all-caps rants on goblins and why they need to be exterminated.

>humans dont even tolerate other humans, why would they ever tolerate a gnoll, unless its owned and trained or has a good reason to be there backed up by shit like paperwork

Humans totally tolerate other humans. We'd all be dead otherwise. Tons of nations have access to nuclear weapons capable of ending human civilization in a matter of minutes and yet we endure. People are not so ridiculously hateful as you'd like to believe, anon.

Just because humanity is capable of incredible cruelty and violence does not make it the norm - we abhor these acts because it isn't.

>> No.21519394

I'm going to have to check this out
oh sweet there's a digital version

hell yeah

you are the best, /tg/

>> No.21520335


Man, those snakes are adorable.

>> No.21520362


>> No.21520427

They don't need them. They use traps. Yeah, you could say that that's not fair, but it's something they get a bonus to, and a thing that, by their fluff, they hold in high regard, as a sort of racial art to be mastered; if they don't use some convoluted fucking death traps, then you're doing something wrong.

>> No.21520439

/v/ plz leave.

>> No.21520499

Go to the website mentioned in >>21513548, type "aleisandra" into the search box sans quotation marks. You may very well like what you find.

>> No.21520679

My favorite is Dragonborns.

My favorite to play is a Kookaburra Tengu.

You know you wanna troll that hard.

>> No.21520709

This world.

It is a cruel one.

>> No.21520782


>> No.21520862


>> No.21521023

Is it a biped? Is it a quadruped?

>> No.21523225

Mmm-mmm. Sauce?

>> No.21523322


>> No.21523373

Half-orcs. Especially my fighter that wishes he was human who constantly bags on all the non-humans in our party.

>> No.21523740

sauce on comic? Reverse image search tells me nothing!

Also, Kobold followed by pic related.

>> No.21523842

Comic is Dark Places, http://darkplacescomic.com/.

>> No.21524329


None of what you are saying makes any sense. I, personally, would be completely cool with living down the street from an Ogre family, and so would a lot of people I know. Just because they look different does not make extreme racial violence normal.

What the fuck are you on?

>> No.21524495


>Just because they look different does not make extreme racial violence normal.

Tell that to the Conquistadors.

>> No.21524549


I mean they would obviously have to deal with even more racism than human minorities, but it doesn't mean that "ENSLAVE EXTERMINATE RAHOAH" would be the only possible outcome.

>> No.21524727


>> No.21524830

>not having an account so you can blacklist the things you don't want to see, e.g. all the goddamn ponies

>> No.21525456

one example doesnt make it normal. it does happen a lot, but people working together happens a lot too.

>> No.21527016

Bump to save pics.

Hopefully they're not all dragondickgirls.

>> No.21527743

What the fuck is it with /tg/ and Dragonborn? Seriously.

More on topic: Skeletons.

>> No.21527787

/tg/ is scaly. Also, dragons.

>> No.21527839

Gnomes or Orcs, tough choice.

>> No.21528389

harpies, semi-outsiders(such as tieflings), and dopplegangers
typically the races with more alien mindsets, that can 'fit in' if they try

>> No.21531065

>with breasts
>not actually mammals

>> No.21531739


>> No.21531786

Best DoD race ever

>> No.21531805

How can anyone take that seriously? Totally shits all over immersion for me.

>> No.21531820

Is there an uncropped version of this?

>> No.21531839

They are fucking great with orange sauce.

>> No.21531884

Because fantasy RPG has to be an exclusive club for Tolkien races only? If you are playing with a silly group they will fit in and you can make them work with a good roleplayer/GM.

Playing as Donald the Barbarian could also make for a fun challenge.

>> No.21531970

Originally an injoke from some 70's RPG called Runequest. When porting the system to Sweden the Swedes decided to keep the Ducks.

There is an actual recipe in the fluff for them because humans are barbaric like that.

>> No.21531981

You talking shit about Glorantha?

>> No.21534481

Try /r/ or /d/.

>> No.21534597

It may just be a small centaur.

>> No.21534756

>No one thinks it either a very small child or a mule-centaur.

My favourite is Tieflings, mostly for the look.

>> No.21535475


I really thought you were gonna say niggers

>> No.21535498


>Those tits

God, imagine when she grows up

>> No.21535656

I will when this thread dies, but I'd rather not make a new thread if I don't have to

>> No.21535724


>Liking milk squirting fat orbs
>Being romantically involved with a lizard woman who's clearly a pig disgusting mammal in disguise
>Not chasing after the egg laying hips of a pure dragoness

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