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my computer is working again.
to show my happiness lets start a egypt and arabian thread.
Discuss post immages ecc.
I will share my pics

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Pretty much only got this one.

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does girls with barly/not covered chest count as NSFW?

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Of course not, NSFW is really explicit pics. Think pingas and sex.

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good i will show you the thruth about cleopatra death

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well vaginas might be counting as NSFW

not sure

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Sauce, my good man.


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Sauce, my good man.


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What a waste

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That picture makes me a sad panda.

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this is nsfw though. She has her vagina hanging out too.

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The general guideline is to make sure it's nothing that they couldn't show on public tv without getting fined.

So >>21469834 would be just fine, but >>21469917 likely isn't.

Luckily, there's nobody awake that cares either way, not for a few more hours anyway.

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he draws snuff porno pics

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S'up Egypt bros?

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Is there a reason we care about NSFW? There is a whole horde of artwork that was created on /tg/ that we can no longer share without 3rd party sites because of draconian NSFW rules. It should make you all sick.

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>Is there a reason we care about NSFW?
Because for some reason, /tg/ is a worksafe board, even though traditional games like FATAL exist.

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>implying /tg/ hasn't always been a blue board
>implying no one ever got banned for titties prior to 2011
>implying that NSFW art drawn for a worksafe board is somehow more allowed than regular NSFW art

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Well, this is a blue board.

Another popular tactic is to start a thread in /e/ or /d/ and link it. You'd be surprised what some of the other boards contribute.

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>Because for some reason, /ck/ is a worksafe board, even though erotic cakes like this exist.

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There's two sides of the coin I'm afraid. If we care too much, then we stifle freedom, creativity, and the culturing of a more mature user base that can handle the images without being offended for silly reasons. If we don't care at all though, then we start having people posting NSFW material solely because it's NSFW, and not because of the relevance to the subject or the artistic value is possesses - resulting in a loss of maturity and self control. Moderation is the key, as in all things.

However, this isn't the thread for this topic, so let's continue sharing material for the OP. Anybody got any good Egyptian/Arabian music to use for sessions or inspiration?

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I get that, but being "Worksafe" never stopped us from posting NSFW before, or else most of my SoB, Myr, and Jubblowski folders wouldn't exist. I also be down more than a few /tg/ related motivationals.

The old /tg/ definition of worksafe was basically as long as they aren't in the act of sex. And it worked for a long time. Why don't we just go back to that definition despite the draconian god-janitors?

Pic is closest I could find to Egypt. Cleopatra was Greek though, so I'm gonna count it.

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>thinks janitors are responsible for bans
>doesn't understand how mods work

/tg/ doesn't have a mod. 4chan has several mods that delete content and assign bans based on reports received.

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>implying you're not a massive faggot
>implying anyone actually even considered moderation prior to 2011 because of how little it happened
>implying that we shouldn't be able to post things that were created here and are part of the board culture, regardless of what they may be.

If the porn was so out of hand that these newer draconian mods and janitors are really necessary (and at times it was really out of hand, I'm not gonna lie), it would have been better to make this a pink board.

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all boards should be a pink board. This is 4chan after all.

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Unfortunately it wouldn't make sense to have /tg/ become a pink board, because it's a board based around a hobby that very few people would - or should - find NSFW. Also, if we made /tg/ a pink board solely because some of the things the culture produced were NSFW, then it would set a bad precedent for other boards becoming pink boards as well by the same method. I sure wouldn't want my home board of /co/ be turned into a NSFW board just because we tend to have lots of cheesecake and (mostly) spoilered naughty images.

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Egyptian music

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I don't think that sort of over-dramatization of the other side of the argument is necessary. If we're all to get along and find a middle ground to co-exist on, we should try to understand each point of view and treat the people who have them with some basic respect. This is /tg/, we can have a civilized discussion and debate without resorting to childish tactics

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Someone here never lived during the 70's and 80's. I think you need to look at the /tg/ art of RPG's from then until, oh, right before D&D 3e came out.


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Oh wow, nice find. Very tranquil, and mysterious

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I'm pretty sure this guy, is this guy >>21470199

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The problem is that what became acceptable changed. The users had their own tolerance which stopped just shy of graphic depictions of sex, and even those went unmoderated for the most part. The board started to eventually slip into more and more pornographic material and became more and more off topic, but nobody really cared and most people were content. Then in 2010 or 2011 something changed, and whatever it was, the result was that /tg/ creative soul was ripped from it and everything not MtG, DnD, or WH40k was deleted.

It's gotten much more lax since then, but these NSFW pics were part of /tg/ culture, and I'd rather see the board go pink than have to give up the culture from my once-favorite board.

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I'm quite aware that there's lots of cheesecake in the hobby, but there's a difference between cheesecake and NSFW material - particularly the type being discussed that /tg/ used to share, and the type that we might be better off not sharing on this particular board.

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Hah, I have that album. I could .rar + upload if anyone wants it?

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But see, you're thinking at it in a way where the solution is a bit extreme. There's no reason we can't go back to the way things were before things slipped out of hand, we don't have to become a pink board or stay a blue board with absolutely no NSFW material - there is a middle ground, and we had it for a good while back then. The problem is that we slipped, which resulted in all the late unpleasantness.

If you truly want to help bring things back to the way they were, you have to promote the kind of NSFW material that was acceptable and not purely pornographic, and you have to discourage the NSFW material that is purely pornographic. This will likely bring up a heated debate over where the lines are drawn, but that's good - discussion means that we're working on compromise, and building things up for a better future for ourselves.

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That'd be great, I'm sure a couple anons would be interested in it

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Dammit, I desperately want to run a game set in a pre-Islamic Arabia of Post-Islamic Persia.

Such cool monsters!

Also, I totally have a thing for belly-dancers, even though how they're depicted in art is so totally inaccurate it hurts

Pic not overly related, but still very funny

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Let's pretend that I want to have an in depth discussion of a RP system, complete with scans from the book, fan art, the whole shebang on 4chan; I should do that here on /tg/, yes?

Yes, I should, this goes without saying. /tg/ was created so that traditional game enthusiasts would have a place to discuss their hobby.

But I'm told that if the system I want to discuss in full is Black Tokyo then I need to find a different website to discuss it on. It's /tg/ material that's not allowed on /tg/, nor anywhere else on 4chan. And that's stupid.

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Don't get me wrong, I'd rather see that than the board go pink, but I'd rather the board go pink than where we are now by a long shot.

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Speaking of bellydancers, they were all supposed to have been fat, weren't they?

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Consider this music as well for arabian settings:


Children of Dune's soundtrack is ideal for an arabian/desert setting, well IMO.

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Pathfinder has the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path, which should be right up your alley.

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Nah they can be real pretty

I'd say this one is at least a 7/10 on looks

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>Let's pretend that I want to have an in depth discussion of a TV series, complete with screencaps from the show, fan art, the whole shebang on 4chan; I should do that here on /tv/, yes?

>But I'm told that if the show I want to discuss in full is an adults-only erotic series then I need to find a different website to discuss it on. It's /tv/ material that's not allowed on /tv/, nor anywhere else on 4chan. And that's stupid.

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Never settle for second best, Anon. Join me and others, and help us bring back the old /tg/ we all loved.

Very nice indeed. Prince of Persia has some good ones too, and the first Assassin's Creed game.

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Scans are frowned upon due to copyright laws(one of the global rules is that images must abide by US law, hence why CP and several other things are banned), so posting them isn't smart anyway.

Discussing a system or game experiences is fine, but explicit artwork is not. There is a reason you rarely hear much out of FATAL aside from the occasional thread to roll for stats...which I don't think anyone ever finished doing, come to think of it.

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Putin is speaking with an immortal mageenatu 1802.

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in ancient araby fat girls were considered pretty

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>Black Tokyo

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In ancient times in general, a girl with meat on her bones was considered attractive, because it meant she was likely healthy and/or wealthy from a good diet, and fit for breeding.

Ah, to return to those golden days of yore...

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It is done:


^Meditation music of Ancient Egypt

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In some places they still are. I knew a guy from somewhere in indonesia, I forgot where exactly, who was here in the US for a businness trip. He would hit on girls by saying "Oh fat liver filled with oil, come sit with me and watch the moonlight!" He never really understood why everyone got pissed at him afterwards.

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Gods grant you fortune for your generosity

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Voluptuous is one thing, but the point some people these days get to(would say Americans, but I've seen plenty of Europeans just as guilty of it) is just absurd.

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Aye, as I was saying in an earlier conversation: Moderation is the key, in all things. But hey, some people like that sort of thing.

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True enough. Had a roommate like that once. Greatest wingman ever.

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Last pic from me

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I can't into Arabian night like campaigns, mostly because this happens:
"So how was in the Sultanates of the south?, you and your adventurer guild stopped the Black Pharaoh from rising in his Dark Pyramid and awaken his army of construct and undead?"
"Black Pharaoh? I though we where there to fuck genies, sphinxes and anything with boobs down there".

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The suddenly the Black Pharaoh appears, bursting the main door of the tavern.
"Fools, now you can stop my realm of...Black Egyptian Metal!"
And he does a rift with his bone made electric guitar (which is not an electric guitar per se but a laud which cords have a paraelemental of electricity attached to them).

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Nice one governor

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And Arabian Nights have nothing to do with Egyptians and Pharaohs.

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>Nights have nothing to do with Egyptians and P

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> Captain Obvious to the rescue.
A mummy dark lord fits more into an Arabian like setting than a lich.

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I would like to see more Arab titties.

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We all would.

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Dammit, I had a whole folder of harme girls, but can't find it.

Shit, have some Deja Thoris - She's from barsoom, it's sorta-kinda influenced by the 1001 nights, if you squint.

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Arabian clothes are pretty dull uh

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>those horribly mutilated foot stumps

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Found it! Harem girls were in the Discretion folder!

For an Arabic-themed campaign setting using D&D and or its variants (Pathfinder, fantasy Craft, etc) , which deities would have the best portfolios to model an Islamic empire during the golden age?

I.e. which deities and their portfolios would best represent a militant, and organized religion which offered stable policies on maintaining social order while tolerating other faiths within its territory

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The heck is this series about?

Some dude who accidentally gets saddled with the spirit of a dead harem girl?

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Jesse Cook on walks the night is excellent for an exploration in an arid city, IMO

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For a moment I thought there was a manga of Nadia Blue Water.

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Genies count, right?

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Shit! Forgot my link


Thanks, bro! I'm looking into this now!

It was a Japanese Light Novel (not even translated, IIRC) about a British youth who moved in with his Uncle at the Birish museum of natural history, and inherits a lamp that has an pre-Islamic Arabic goddess of the home and hearth living in it. magical girlfriend shenanigans ensued.

Someone posted it in an art dump, and it looked kind of cute, so I saved it.

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It took this long to post it

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sigh I'm OP and i was banned. (probably cause theat nude cleopatra pic)
I can't contribute to this thread with my awesome pics. Keep it up guys.

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That picture makes me really happy, I dunno.

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Personally I was expecting it to show up within the first 10 posts.

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More dancing girls?

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That's the stuff! Although I wouldn't complain about bigger tits.

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That's a dancing girl build.

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This girl is adorable and I would like to take her home with me.

>> No.21482815

Fuck man, I wouldn't.

Those blades look sharp.

But ineffective, you wanna make them effective, double 'em up, add some leather across the top, and you have a combination drum/facecutter.

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I'm sorry OP, I wish /tg/ was the place you'd accidentally thought it was.

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