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/tg/, you're my friends, care to cheer me up on my miserable 21st birthday?

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Fuck no.

Go drink yourself to death already.

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Eat a dick, bro.

OP, check this shit out.

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Shit, wait that's dark.

How about this?

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You're going to have to give us an idea what what you want. If you're a 40kid, then I certainly can't.

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Eat a dick buddy.
Here OP, have all the mugs

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Damn, that's dark too.

Hold on OP, I got something...

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Why ya' feelin' blue?
If you're from the States shouldn't ya' be enjoying your first legal beverages?

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it will only get worse from here

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So is that why they rape the shit out of everything?

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Don't worry OP, I'm sure your Hogwarts invitation just got lost in the mail and will arrive any day now

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Ok, I'm bad at this.

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Happy birthday bro. Ignore that first fucker. We're here for you. What's so bad about your birthday?

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Eat a dick man, what kind of reply is that?

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I must have something that's not darkly humorous.

You just wait, OP, one serving of happy comin' up!


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This one is kind of happy ish.

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Remember OP it can always be worse.

You could be CWC or these guys


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Maybe OP likes 40K.

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The dicks. Eat them.

But, serious question OP, where's your booze?

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i want to live on this tomb world

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Where you live at man? If its anywhere east coast U.S.A. Ill be down in a few hours with some brews and bitches. I just got another research grant so Im looking to party down anyway

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What's the story behind this pic? It looks cute and lesbians are hot.

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I know things are hard right now, OP, but they're going to get better. Tell us what you're into and we'll try to get some content to match.

Until then, dogs. Everyone loves dogs.

Happy birthday.

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Here you go Anon. I've had those bad days too, it gets better. Have melons.

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So angry.

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You have yourself a good evening, OP.

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Some men just want to watch the world bagel...

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So doughnuts are bagels.
I'm hungry now, anon.

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ofsance the

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what kind of fucking cunt doesn't appreciate an old fashioned doughnut?

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you're welcome.

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A 7-year old kid.
Also kitten.

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Its like a Godzilla movie before you add water.

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Arya Stark Swagga

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For some reason remembered me of this.

Pic unrelated.

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/tg/ you deliver with laughs. You are the best friends any neckbeard can hope for.

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Rolled 15

my swag is sawggier

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What? I had no feels then... Just turned 31 last month... I'm still just not really feeling the "getting old" thing at all.

Sorry I can't help, Have fun drinking legally in America or some shit like that.

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I thought /tg/ was suposed to be gentlemen but you guys are being dicks to op.

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This thread is like 30% dicks at most... Imagine if this thread was on any other board, the horrors that would ensue.

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From what I've experienced, neckbeards are some of the biggest dicks around.

Like jocks, only more smelly.

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Stark and sudden revelation: YOU ARE POSTING ON 4CHAN.

Even people who post OC in /hc/ are smelly and dickish... They're just the kind of dicks who spread around sex pics of their exes, so it's okay...

Wait, what was I talking about?

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Its why we are good friends with /d/

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No matter how much we want to talk ourselves, up, remember:
This is still 4chan.

I don't have any cute images or anything, but if OP's still here, this is what I recommend.

Get a few friends together, if possible.
Go out and get yourself a bottle of booze or a case of beer, or whatever your preferred poison is. Stay the hell away from the bars, though.
Take said alcohol over to someone's house, (even if it's just your own) and get wasted in the company of friends. Online friends work, too. Heck, hang out on 4chan if nothing else, just don't drink alone.
Drink a bunch of water so you aren't hungover tomorrow. (Buy a gallon jug or something.)
Get a good night's sleep.
And then go back to your normal life tomorrow, hopefully with a clearer head on your shoulders.

Happy Birthday, OP. I hope this helps.

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Sorry I didn't read the rest of the thread so I didn't see the people who weren't being douches.

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Happy Birthday OP. Have something cute!!

>> No.21451076

OP, where are you? Several of us would be willing to help a bro out.

>> No.21451083

Oh, it's your miserable birthday too, huh?

>> No.21451090

I hope this makes you laugh op.

>> No.21451097

I got laid today.

My 2nd time ever

>> No.21451117

Happy Birthday OP!

Have a sexy SoB as my gift to you.

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You're going to get better at it, trust me.

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>not diapered

>> No.21451343

>that scar along the throat
Ouch. Well, at least she survived it.

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Happy birthday mate, I hope things get better
In the meantime, have a screen cap that had me in tears of laughter when I read it the first time

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Happy 21st, anon.

May you live an interesting life, from one anon to another.

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I will provide you with the most underrated gift of them all: ADVICE.

21 is the last big hormonal fuckup your brain will throw at you until 40 something.
>this fuckup has one singular trait, you might become emotionally dependent from someone else, most likely a lover, but it might be anyone from the opposite sex.

I saw the study somewhere, it seems 40% of the population experiences their last huge crush at that age.
>And enter advice: if you suddenly are tempted to do stupid things for someone, even someone you met long time ago, sit back, take a deep breath, wash your face, and DON'T SAY ANYTHING UNLESS SHE ASKS DIRECTLY.

Give strong hints if you want things to happen, and don't let chances slip by, bro.

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Here's a monk, OP.

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Oi!, Oppee, herd ya need sum cheerin'. 'Ere's one lad who messed up real badd at trainin' day!

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Let me find some radically awesome images to draw inspiration from.

Here's axecop riding a dinosaur with sunglasses and chaingun arms fighting aliens on the moon.

>> No.21453134

Here's a guy surfing on a flying alligator. That's sick!

>> No.21453150

Here's a monk scoring a critical hit.

>> No.21453166

Just look at these guys. I wish I was this cool.

>> No.21453200

Holy balls! This nun has a habit of punching sharks!
Puns are great. But giant robots are even better.

>> No.21453220

You know who else doesn't take shit from sharks? Vikings, that's who!

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>> No.21453254

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Oh god my sides.

>> No.21453281

What's better than a giant robot?
100 giant robots shooting lasers at each other!
Seriously, why do you even need to ask?

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>> No.21453309

Oh man, that T-Rex is fucked!
But at least he wasn't wearing feathers like some pansy-ass peacock.

>> No.21453326

Don't try this at home.

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This last image is so radical I need to censor it.
I can't describe it either, because my mind is blown.

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Every MGE thread ever

>> No.21453359

God I would get her number and enjoy my face being in her lap.

>> No.21453370

Hodiggity, 3rad5me

>> No.21453391

Hahahah the antlers on the handlebars.

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Maybe this will cheer you up?

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...what the fuck is this?

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Anarchy in the UK.

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Coney Island. In space. Mind = Blown

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