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Is the Admech a purely technological cult? Or are they a collective of scientists of any field?

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Technically they have the Medicae, the "doctors", and I think they have some xenobiologists, but I'm not convinced their competent enough to do either properly.

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They've got Divisio for every scientific field, but tech is still to most important for them

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Most of them are working to maintain technology and produce weapons, but there are cults and cells of researchers and specialists of all flavor.
You just don't hear much from them because they are only very indirectly involved in fighting.

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There's a Magos for Biology btw.

They do heavy research on Tyranids

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There's chemists, (Divisio Alchemys), physicists (Divisio Physic), Biologists (Divisio Biologis). Hell, there're even Linguists (Divisio Linguistica).

It's just most tech priests we see are from the Divisio Technicus.

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They do have specialists for most scientific fields, but a lot of the time "scientist" is a bit of a stretch when describing their role.

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I know that most of the "new" stuff the admech puts out are just rediscovered old designs. Since they don't invent anything new then how advanced can they get? How advanced was DAoT humanity compared to, say, Eldar?

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About the same level, pre-Fall. Humanity could terraform worlds in days, genetically engineere entire species (groxes, for one) and, from what we can gather, were getting close to Culture levels of power

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I highly doubt humanity rivaled pre-Fall Eldar in technology.

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How powerful were the Eldar pre-Fall?
From a source that isn't Eldar, or some human being fucked by the Eldar. If an Eldar told me the sky was blue I'd look up and check

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To give some perspective, pre-fall humanity considered the Baneblade a LIGHT TANK.

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And current Baneblades are considered poor imitations of the original templates.

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That's okay, the modern world thinks the same thing.

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Which means pre-fall humanity was even more retarded.
That thing is far too big to really make sense.
Not to mention anything even bigger.

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>Which means pre-fall humanity was even more retarded.

I think I know how Old Night happened now.

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Yeah, going "Hurr Durr BIG IS STOOPID" in a 40K thread?

The setting has never been a place for "realistically" sized stuff. Get over it. That whining got old since the fucking 90s

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This, most of the time. Bigger is almost always better in 40k. If it isn't then it needs to be bigger.

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When you deploy 20+ story tall Titans in force it wouldn't be that hard to overlook the 320 ton flat tank wandering around spotting targets

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Here's the thing, they do create new tech, it's just hardly ever seen because the galaxy is a big place. One of their test-bed ships did see action during the Gothic War though.

As for how advanced the DAoT was...pretty damn potent. As the Eldar would put it though, they had mastered the science of war, but not the art. Cyclonic missiles, virus bombs, Baneblades were the standard tanks, titans, A.I. controlled robotic armies, all pretty advanced stuff, but still below what the Eldar had.

You must not have read some of the stuff they were running into during the Great Crusade. They found one planet that used droids that shot lightning.

Even after they'd bombarded the place to rubble, the place had defenses that were still frying warlords.

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The Admech has branches for most fields of science, but since they arnt involved in building/repairing tanks and fighting they arn't focused heavily on in the fluff.
There are also prestigious universities around the imperium that probably teach the sciences. University in the imperium is probably reserved for the wealthy, nobles and priests though, as it used to be.

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A lot of the "Hurr, Imperium tanks are bad, only 8mm of rolled steel" crap comes from Forge World designers not having a single fucking clue how tanks work in real life
Sorry, but it pisses me off when that argument comes up

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I think that comment about the art vs the science of war just demonstrates the Eldar failing to understand humanity. The Eldar had long ago perfected war and decided it was to be done as fast and as cleanly as possible. Humanity, by contrast, invested in total war and the complete annihilation of the enemy by any and all means

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>since they arnt involved in building/repairing tanks and fighting
Except that they make and repair ALL of the war machines?

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re-read my post friend, I ment ad mech involved in the non-related sciences such as biology and chemestry, not ad mech who study and work on technology.

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Hey, guess what?

When the Baneblade designs were rediscovered, it was marked as a light tank. A LIGHT TANK.

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Still wrong either way. You seem to think that 40k is just the tabletop game and are ignoring the novels and RPGs.

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Repairs are rarely handled by anyone higher up than an engineseer(the red-robed ones). These are the ones who don't know about the workings of their machinery, but do know the writes and procedures to repair them and sooth the machine spirits

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Actually, I think it's an over simplification of one of the old Imperial Armour source books that said there used to be a godawful number of regiments of the things in the DAoT instead of the relative pittance they have now.

And they're an STC design, and the rule of thumb for STCs is that the current ones aren't quite as good as the originals.

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Pre-Fall Eldar would be more like the Dark Eldar than Craftworlders. They would try to get the most excitement possible out of any battle, with "clean" equating to aesthetically pleasing for them.

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In Total Annihilation, I assume?

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Yeah, already mentioned up there, chief.

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wait, so all add mech always work on tanks and spaceships all the time and never study anything else? so your point is that all the other sciences are barely studied by the admech because they are all too busy building tanks? the novels and RPGs expand the fields the admech work on. they have entire fleets of guys who just go around and explore looking for lost tech. they certainly arnt down in some manufactorum trying to make sure the holy bolts are screwed into the holy plate just so.
I think were having communication problems here. I'm saying that in fluff outside the tabletop, the addmech do stuff outside of just building shit. your saying that my view is limited and that the admech in fluff outside the table top only build shit.

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Craftworld technology is much like the Imperium's, in that it is based on old templates and aren't as good as the originals, IIRC. Don't have any source on hand though, so take it or leave it.

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You guys do know that a lot of the tech used during the DAoT was reverse engineered from superior pre-Fall Eldar designs, right?

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Seriously, it's as if every superior douche who says the big ass stuff doesn't realistically makes sense assumes everyone else is an idiot.


You want realistic--and sometimes I do too--then go whine about it in some other setting that's actually pretending to be "hard" science and shit.

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A lot doesn't mean all, and humans of the time also developed their own tech.

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>And they're an STC design, and the rule of thumb for STCs is that the current ones aren't quite as good as the originals.

That's wrong. STCs are exactly as good as the originals, that's the whole point of STCs, to be able to make the same shit.

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Rule of cool almost always take precedence over reason in 40k.

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If the intended means of manufacturing the design doesn't exist however, it would explain why the new designs are inferior.

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Define "competence."

They can do shit with limbs and organs, mechanical and biologically grown, that would make modern scientists drool.

Just because their idiotic dogmatism limits them in many, many ways doesn't mean that what they can do given said limitations isn't impressive.

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That or the STC could be damaged or incomplete.

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Not always. STCs only show how to build (unless they have the STC manufactory itself) something, but in many cases the AdMech are forced into some shortcuts because some of the knowledge necessary to build the parts of the given STC template haven't been rediscovered.

It's like building a house based on plans, but you have to substitute some of the more expensive material for other, cheaper-yet-good-enough material because of cost/lack of access/etc.

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Its worth noting their dogmatism also regularly saves lives. The ritual to start up the plasma reactor? Sure, it can take a while, but the reactor always runs smoother afterwards. And, considering this is 40K, taking a slow, considered approach to new technology means its must less likely to bite you on the ass

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Even more simply put: You can have plans to make a bulletproof vest, but if you don't have the formula for Kevlar, it'll still be an inferior vest.

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AdMech creates a lot of new shit every year. It's just things not worth describing/not immedietly noticable i.e. new telescopes, communicators, fridges, medical equipment, cogitators, cars and rest of mundane shit. Just because there is no new Titan every hundred years, doesn't mean they sit on their assess and wait for STC. Most of Imperium's war tech dates back to DAoT and Great Crusade era and it's extremally hard to engineer new war machines based on partial designs or corrupted thousands years old data.

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That's why I said "a lot" and not "most" or "all." But a lot is still a lot.

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But the implication was that the stuff humans made on their own was inferior in some way. The conclusion doesn't follow.

Just because some stuff is copied doesn't automatically mean the stuff they didn't isn't comparable.

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They do work on new shit, but a lot of the time they restrict themselves to working with old tech and new uses for it.

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I'm betting that the guys who built shit out of psychic energy were the ones with the superior designs.

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You said that the Mechanicus doesn't have anything to do with building and repairing tanks, which is wrong. The Mechanicus oversees all manufacture and repair of all warmachines. Baneblade threw a tread? Enginseer hops out and does the rite of tread replacement. Titan scratches its paint stomping a Chaos Titan to death? Rite of repainting. Freshly built Earthshaker cannon? Better incense the hell out of it and cover it in purity seals.

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Ah, Warp dickery. The Eldar do have the edge there. Humanity more or less perfected most of their gear in the 20,000 years or so before the Dark Age began, but never truly harnessed the warp the way the Eldar did. Being a psychic species does have it perks

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It does oversee, but thats a very nebulous term. It could be hands on, like on a forge world, or as literal overseer, one Techpriest of medium rank, assissted by a few trainees, making sure everything is on the up and up
Same for repairs, the IG keep combat engineers around for a reason

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Are there competing companies selling snack foods in the more established hive cities, or does everyone who isn't a noble just get government-issued corpse starch rations all day every day?

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The fact that they used their psychic powers for so much of their tech is a reason for why it's not as good nowadays. Slaanesh eats them if they tap into their potential too much.

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"Superior" designs? Yeah, superior in exactly what way?

See, that's the problem with all of those linear guages of "superiority."

Is their fancy wraithbone always better? Are the principles it works on always superior?

Fiberglass is technically a newer and more "exotic" material than, say, steel. Doesn't mean everything made out of fiberglass is more hi-tech than everything made out of steel.

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There are untold billions of people so there are untold millions of Cassius' Snack Shop.

>> No.21441259

Its not really mentioned, but I'd imagine competiting companies. Private enterprise is a thing in the Imperium after all
I'm now imagining a grim dark twix advert. What the fuck brain

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According to the RPGs and novels, there are private corporations, trade companies etc. So I think, the answer to your question is yes.

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You mean Tzeentch, I believe
You've got that a bit backwards. It's more overseeing in a forge since there are menials doing the labor while tech-priests stare at them and turn them into servitors if they fuck up, whereas an Enginseer will be physically working on their charge with the help of other crew members as needed.

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If anything I thought it was the other way around. I'm pretty sure the Eldar in "Priests of Mars" mention using wraithbone as some kind of stopgap for more advanced tech they've lost

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Nah, Slaanesh had dibs on the Eldar. They created her/him/it after all

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I was talking mainly about manufacturing, but the IG don't always have the luxury of enginseers, so make do with what they can

>> No.21441283

that and wraithbone can take less brutal punishment given certain conditions than whatever "inferior" materials the Imperium armours its tanks in.

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Like he said, most of tedious tech jobs is done by menials, servitors and technomats - people trained by tech-priest to work on tech but who don't understand what they are doing. Techno-Magi are overseers and researchers.

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It's indicative of their level of technological that they can basically turn thought into something tangible. Fiber glass, or wraithbone in this case, is not always superior to any given material, though in some cases it may very well be.

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How quaint.

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No, it just means they have more psychic experience, and are thus able to handle psychic materials better.

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Well, psyk fuckery is the domain of Tzeentch since he's the lord of magic. Slaanesh totally loves the Dark Eldar though.

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>most-advanced techno-race ever
>uses sword and shield
le retardio face

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And? Necrons can't turn thought into something tangible. Are you seriously arguing that this proves that the Eldar tech level is greater than Necron tech levels?

All it proves is that psychic race = trend toward psychic materials

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>Not using science swords and shields

I'd shiggy my diggy at you, but it would be beyond your comprehension.

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Oh look another idiot pointing out a stylistic choice in the setting that wouldn't make sense in real life.

Yeah, like the FUCKOFF HUEG tanks, we know you asshat. Get over it.

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In the grimdark future of 40 000th millenium, there are only swords and shields and big ass tanks.

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According to 2nd ed Eldar codex, wraithbone is stronger than both plasteel and adamantium.

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So you didn't read Blame, or anything else by Nihei. Do that and come back.

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And that's how we like, uh-huh uh-huh.

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Key word being 2 ed.

A lot of fluff since then has shown otherwise, but then fulff has always had trouble being consistent.

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>A lot of fluff since then has shown otherwise
Events or characters, sure.. but the base "rules" of the setting are pretty similar to what was laid out in 2nd edition.

>but then fulff has always had trouble being consistent.
That's a recent trend, man.

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You know it's telling that a thread that started out as a question purely about the AdMech's organization, not its tech, gets hijacked by some fags who just have to wank the Eldar's collective cock.

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If by "recent trend" you mean "2nd edition changing some stuff from some of the the first" sure.

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Wraithbone does insulate against psychic energy to some degree, but only psychics can work with it to begin with. Also, it's been implied that their tech, and to an even greater degree pre-Fall Eldar, requires the user to be psychic to be operated.

>> No.21441387

You missed something there, all Eldar souls, by definition, belong to Slaneesh by default. If an Eldar dies without a soul stone on them, bang, straight into Slaanesh's arms they go.
I'm not sure what happens if they're sworn to another gods service. I guess it would depend on how valuable the soul was

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The Imperium is the most advanced race in the galaxy. Why? Well let me tell you - they are not better than Eldar in warp science, they are not better than Tyranids in bio science, they are not better than Necrons in crazy science. That's true. But all these races have focus on one type of tech. Eldars don't really have anything other than their psyk shit, same for the rest. While Imperium uses all types of technology, true, when we compare Eldar and Imperial warp tech then we will conclude that Eldar have better tech. But warp tech is everything for Eldar, while for the Imperium it's just one of the means to achive some end. "We can't use this psychic materials on this newly discovered planet? Well, at least we can make sure that no one else will because we will literally tear the planet to pieces".

>> No.21441401

If they're sworn to another god then it may fight Slaanesh for the soul of the Eldar. Otherwise they go to Slaanesh by default.

>> No.21441402

Because thats all the Eldar fans have left.
/jk, I'm kidding. It was hijacked by discussions about Admech tech first, then the Eldar came into

>> No.21441404

wouldn't be fa/tg/uys without shoehorning lame versus arguments

>> No.21441422

At least AdMech tech is still pertinent to the AdMech itself.

>> No.21441424

>Eldars don't really have anything other than their psyk shit

Yeah they do, look at the Dark Eldar.

And even though they have no psykers what so ever, the Necrons can fuck with he warp pretty hard.

>> No.21441432

And admech tech is related to dark age tech, which seems to be related to eldar tech, which combined with whowasbetter got us to where we are.

>> No.21441440

I was talking about Craftworld Eldar.

>> No.21441444

Isn't that because the Necrons current state was designed to pretty much go "Lol, fuck you Warp"

>> No.21441454

Look guys, the Eldar don't really have tech as it is conventionally thought of. They have what is basically magic. Why would they use tech that can only operate within the laws of physics when they can use magic to do whatever they can imagine? At least, that's what pre-Fall Eldar supposedly did. Nowadays the Eldar can't sneeze without feeling Slaanesh eating away at their souls.

>> No.21441455

They're not quite as advanced, but their lasers are still lasers, their shurikens still use magnets or whatever to fire. They've got actual technology that isn't just WARPDIDIT.

>> No.21441462

And there it is. My point was that someone just had to turn the discussion itno whowasbetter instead of just mentioning that it was related to the Eldar and moving on without turning it into a pissing contest.

>> No.21441477

>instead of just mentioning that it was related to the Eldar and moving on without turning it into a pissing contest.

Some one actually asked how they stacked up though, so that's what was getting debated.

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Yeah, but you certinaily don't think that shuriken gun is better than bolter? That's what I meant - Eldar are better at psy-tech, but when we compare their normal tech with Imperial, they loose.

>> No.21441480

Well it's too late now.

Once someone starts pissing, there ain't no turning back.

>> No.21441486

That's what I mean.

They just couldn't resist and had to ask for a comparison.

>> No.21441496

Asking for a comparison like that is always a guaranteed way to start a pissing contest.

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On wraithbone:

Wraithlords remain some of the most nightmarish things to fight on the tabletop with S10/T8. Given the comparably thin construction of their bodies and how they are made almost entirely of wraithbone, it's sort of telling how durable the material is.

>> No.21441522

>Yeah, but you certinaily don't think that shuriken gun is better than bolter? That's what I meant - Eldar are better at psy-tech, but when we compare their normal tech with Imperial, they loose.

They don't though. Shuricats are supposed to be really good, in terms of being "advanced" then yes they are better than a bolter. Now each is better in certain situations, in the beginning they were as good as stormbolters.

>> No.21441545

How are we supposed to easily compare this then? Stop taking the fun out of this.

>> No.21441552

Can we stick to pre-Fall Eldar and DAoT humanity? Or is there not enough fluff to compare the two?

>> No.21441560


Why is this now compaing Eldar tech with Imperial tech? I thought the issue was how it compared to DAoT humanity's tech?

>> No.21441565

Dammit, ninja'd!

>> No.21441571

Both have degraded, we don't know much about the previous era, so compare with the present.

>> No.21441574

It derailed into this, probably due to a lack of fluff supporting either side.

>> No.21441585

If your gonna go there than you need to look at BFG where wrathbone is only 4 armor while Imperial materials are 5 armor and their pure adamantium prows are 6 armor.

Also compare this to Necron living metal which also armor 6 all around and can heal all critical damage on a 4+

>> No.21441588

The only thing we really have to go on with the DAoT is that it's stuff is always considered better and it threw around more Baneblades (with possibly superior quality) than the Imperium does at present.

>> No.21441589

The Eldar also use psycho-plastics, which their armor is made from. Considering they make some suits that are as strong as powered armor, I'd say the stuff is pretty strong, they just don't like to use alot of it for the sake of mobility.

>> No.21441602

Translation: wraithbone strength is inconsistent.

What a fucking surprise.

>> No.21441608

No, they didn't, but they were able to extinguish stars according to the new FW HH book.
The first Imperium was more advanced than the second, except in one aspect: psykers.

>> No.21441611

As I recall Necron ships were designed to fuck eldar in the asshole because they ignore holofields and their largest battleship can outpace the Eldar's most nimble escourt.
Also their mobility doesn't mean shit when you can fire every weapon you have in any direction you wish at all times.

>> No.21441612

Is it wraithbone, or just the ships construction though?

>> No.21441628

Alternative translation: Wraithbone's strength is linked to psychic strength. A Wraithlord has immense willpower to keep their soul intact after death and throughout their time in the armour. Plus its less area to enhance.
Compare to a starship under fire, where there's a much larger area to psyhically charge while the crew is distracted and under stress

>> No.21441637

Likely the ship's construction. One of the main things Eldar tech has in common is that it is usually slight in its appearance and build. Even their titans are like this.

>> No.21441639

The Mechanicum IS the university.

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Fluff-tsunami inbound.

>> No.21441647

This. How can this be so hard to grasp?

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>> No.21441650

Not entirely. Schola's exist outside the Imperium. Although they tend to either exist in harmony with another organisation (Mechanicus or Ecclesiarchy sponsored, for example) or have a tight eye kept on them

>> No.21441657

Some of their most powerful and sturdy battleships still only have 4 armor so it's probably the wraithbone.

Its not the most durable material but its flexible and light compared to more resilient materials, its great but not perfect. That's usually reserved for Necron technology.

>> No.21441667

and there you have it you cun/tg/obblers

>> No.21441673

As some other guy pointed out, it's pretty inconsistently portrayed how durable Wraithbone is. It seems to have been thought later down the line that it'd be unfair for the Eldar to be as tough as Space Marines.

>> No.21441675

>>Portis Chulhus
Can't possibly imagine what happened to that place.

>> No.21441678

I would say so. Eldar reasoning is "if you can't hit it, you can't kill it," so while they can have the technology to make units that soak up fire like a motherfucker, their natural agility and fast thinking mindset favors quick action, high mobility warfare.

I'm I'm not mistaken, Striking Scorpions exchange their Fleet for 3+ armour. So additional protection usually means less mobility.

>> No.21441686

Wow a handful of new things after 10,000 years. Call when Space Marines aren't using the same armour and weapons.

>> No.21441689

They exist until the moment a war starts in the neighbouring subsector and the Imperium seizes their shit in order to feed bazillions of Army regiments. Then they bankrupt. This makes me wonder. Do banks exist in 40k?

>> No.21441705

Undoubtedly. The galaxy is too big for there not to be.

>> No.21441706

So what, shitface?

One of the questions was, before the thread descended into versus wankery, was whether they have made new stuff instead of just copying old shit.

We now have a fluff answer for that.

>> No.21441714

>>Mk VIII armor
>>no longer using vulcan-pattern bolters
>>marines are constantly making new tank variants
You were saying?

>> No.21441725

Call when you get the point of the discussion.

Question: >>21440915

Answer: No, they have made new stuff.

So what if it's a handful?

>> No.21441729

Nope, it's a cult, political body and scholastic institution. But there are a lot of scholams and universitariates in Imperium that have nothing in common with AdMech

>> No.21441735

To be fair, not much has changed in the armor design. Some new designs are apparently worse than the ones made pre-Heresy.

>> No.21441740

>>>Mk VIII armor

Stick a collar on MK.VII

>>no longer using vulcan-pattern bolters

No noticeable difference.

>>>marines are constantly making new tank variants

By switching guns around.

All that's really new is the Asscannon, Plasma Cannon and Storm Bolter..

>> No.21441761

I'm not sure, maybe for army branches and such, but regarding tech/physics/biology/any other relevant science (except theology) AdMech is the way to go. May be that some low class universities on the fields exist though.

In the new fluff, SM Legion organisation was applied from ancient Roman studies on war, so it isn't quite a stretch of imagination that they'd have applied the same principle in civic structure. Hell, the Emperor Himself could have been Augustus.

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>> No.21441780

Well, sure, if the Romans were genetically-modified uberhuge supersoldiers with weird tech.

I.e., nothing like the fucking Romans.

>> No.21441792

How much have the Necrons, Eldar or Orks come up with during the past 10,000 years?

Reason why humanity is in the technological gutter is quite simple:
1) War. Stuff gets blown up, manufacturing crippled, records lost.

2) Heresy. Unorthodox technology means unorthodox thinking and unorthodox thinking begets heresy. Not automatically, but a mind that's willing and able to think outside the box is also open for suggestions and dark whispers.

3) Admech. Like any organization with power, Admech also wants more power. It's in their best interest to have monopoly on tech, because it gives them power. Teaching the masses about tech and allowing other factions to take over research and development is giving away their power to others.

4) STC. You'll note that about all the non-STC things developed pale in comparison to actual STC designs. STC tech is just that good, so it's far more productive to search for working STC designs and modify existing ones than to try and develop totally new things from scratch.

>> No.21441801

Definitely. Just look at House Krin in Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader

>> No.21441802

There should be a Squat version of that or something. Whoever does the moneylending in the Imperium.

>> No.21441810

Not Chapters, Legions!
I. e. Centurions etc. At least at the start of the Great Crusade. After reunification with their primarchs, the organisations changed so much that only an Imperial bureaucrat could find his way around.

>> No.21441811

No, Mk VIII is still the best design, it's just that the artificers have had more time to mess with the older suits, upgrading and fine-tuning them.

Some things, like Cataphracti-Pattern terminator armor were better in some areas(like defense), but fell short in other areas(like mobility).

The vast majority of older suits are kept in storage and brought out for ceremonies instead of being used in battle.

I believe there are some interface upgrades as well. Now they can play Angry Birds while killing heretics.

>> No.21441815

I think the Admech uni's are like Oxbridge, or the Ivy League if you prefer. The best of the best get into them, and only if they are good enough or their family has enough pull to get them in

>> No.21441828

Actually no. Mk. 8 is suppose to sort of the best of the bunch fixing all the faults of the other patterns. Mk. 7 is like the workhorse armour. Mk. 3 is still good as a front line assault armour, because it's so durable. Mk. 2, I believe, is also held in high regard, but in actual combat performance is might not hold up to Mk. 7-8. Mk. 4 and 6 were more or less wartime scraped together kits that only had their ease of manufacturing and repair going for them.

>> No.21441838

Hah, thats brilliant
"Yes! Finally"
"What is it brother, did you finally kill a thousand heretics?"
"What? Oh, no, sorry, just got all three stars on Angry Eagles. Those relic stealing Groxes never saw what was coming"

>> No.21441840

So, you're saying a bunch of apes could have turned an M4 Sherman into a Firefly?

>> No.21441849

I want believe it's still you-know-who, just for the fun of it.

Imagine when an inquisitor finds out they haven't been paying homage to the Emperor.

>> No.21441853

I wonder what it's like for the students. Are there fraternities and stuff like that? Do they get to walk around freely, or is everyone confined to their study-cubes when not in class? Do they receive lectures via screen or hologram, or are there classrooms to attend? There really should be some writefaggotry about this.

>> No.21441855

Given how big the IoM is, there are likely independent groups that do mining, gunsmithing and what have you.
However, these groups would likely be contained to a sub-sector due to them simply lacking the logistical ability the Admech has. Also these groups will likely never replace the Admech, simply because they also lack the sheer industrial ability the Admech already possess.

>> No.21441857

No, the AdMech recruits either from the menial population in their territory or from people who walk into their "churches" and recruitment "chapels" expressing interest to learn the precepts for the Cult Mechanicus.

They're a religion, and their education is structured as more church-like than university-like.

>> No.21441874

Do they have to deal with technophiliac Engineseers and the like?

>> No.21441878

Basically, AdMech schools are like Seminaries, not universities.

>> No.21441884

They're equal parts religion, interstellar corporation, shipping concern, research firm and university. I can see them having uni like structures within the Mechanicus umbrella.
Largely because, like >>21441853, I want to see some writefaggotry about uni's in the Imperium

>> No.21441887

No, because they're ALL technophiliacs

>> No.21441893

Depends entirely on the planet. Each one is allowed its own method of government and free market (or lack thereof), so long as they obey and adhere to the Imperium's general rules and demands.

As long as you all love the Emperor and provide them with the designated amount of supplies and soldiers, they could give two fucks whether your planet is democratic or autocratic.

>> No.21441895

Pre fall human MBTs confirmed for bolos.

>> No.21441904

Well, I've been planning to make a parody comic mocking those "high school student" shows.

Basically high school life. If the high school were actually a Mechanicus Techseminary

>> No.21441914

That would also explain why techmarines take so long to fix equipment. Too much time spent designing new levels and beating the ones the other techmarines designed.

"Brother, how long before this most holy bolter can be sanctified?"

"In good time, Brother Martellus from the Blood Ravens just released a map update."

*MotF walks over*

"Why aren't you two working on wargear?"

"Brother Martellus just released a new map pack, sir."

"Oh...carry on then. Just send me a copy when you finish updating."

>> No.21441921

The rival school being the local Schola Progenium.

>> No.21441928

That, and they spend three days chanting and lighting candles around a tank just to give it a simple oil change.

>> No.21441939

The Chapter Master would object, but he just started playing the Imperium wide game of RISK held between the High Lords of Terra, whichever chapter masters are online and the various Warmasters

>> No.21441943

You do realize that in the middle ages the Church was quite central to education and they did do more than just look into the Bible for answers. Great deal of great scientists from the past have been clergy, lived in monasteries, etc.

Of course it's in Admech's interests to have like-minded people, but only the most like-minded reach any position of power. Lowly adepts and one notch above servitor workers are surely not sporting as massive boner for knowledge as a Magos.

>> No.21441944

Hey, always read the instructions, and work in a well lit area
Common sense that is

>> No.21441945

Who always beats them at sports, and thus they do panty runs on the Sororitas dorms. Or pull pranks like disabling door controls to the chem-toliets.

>> No.21441960

Now I want to see AdMech students sneaking out in the middle of the night to sneak a peek at the Sororitas. Seriously, high school life and university life in 40k; why isn't it a thing yet?

>> No.21441963

Thats what he's saying. The Mechanicus, as a religion centred entriely around knowledge and the divinity it brings, would gladly educate volunteers in the same way the medieval churches did.
As for knowledge boners, all Admech members by nature worship knowledge and the power it brings, but only the most adept, politically and mentally, survive into the highest leadership

>> No.21441965

Wait, so basically Revenge of the Nerds, AdMech style?

>> No.21441973


>> No.21441975


>> No.21441984

>Revenge of the Nerds, AdMech style

Fund it.

>> No.21441987

True, but they're chanting grease lightning.

(And come on, the 3000 miles myth is essentially starting a whole new set of rituals.)

>> No.21441997

I'm now picturing some Admech High students getting involved in some Weird Science type shenanigans to try and get invited to all the Schola Progenium parties.

>> No.21441998

Would modding be considered tech-heresy?

>> No.21442001

This. There's really 2 criteria for a planet to belong to the Imperium: Pay tithes, abide by Imperial Law. Bonus points for acknowledging the Emperor as their supreme god, but that's more Ecclesiarchy dickery than actual letter of the Law.

Apart from that a word can be a buzzing trade hub, a medieval society or a place where you have to praise the Emperor every few minutes or the thought police will drag you away. Governors are free to rule their worlds as they see fit, as long as the Imperium gets its tithes and nothing major goes down.

>> No.21442005

Anything worth doing right is worth taking your time on. Besides, I'd imagine they make sure to clean all the old oil and contaminants out before adding new oil.

Also taking a break and letting the machine spirit on the land raider play once in a while.

>> No.21442009

All I can think of is a stern, ex-General type, constantly bemoaning the antics of the Mechanicus

>> No.21442020

The uniform of AdMech High would look like a modern hoodie.

But in red with a white cog-teeth-pattern at the fringes

>> No.21442031

SIR, the adeptas sororitas just found this in their changing room!

What is it?

It appears to be a automated motion-pict-taker on legs


>> No.21442034

I'm getting vibes of /tg/ taking a shit thread and filling it up with win.

>> No.21442035

Girls wear the same hoodie, but with schoolgirl skirts.

You know, just because.

>> No.21442040

only for low ranking menials.
Modding is privilege given to full fledged tech priests because only they know the proper rites and rituals

>> No.21442046

The uniforms would probably be unisex robes. But skirts, man, like, why the hell not?

>> No.21442048

Cue perverted Magos teacher with constant peeking attempts using a mechadendrite-mounted optic.

>> No.21442059

The joke is that the hoodie looks kinda like the robe (at least the hood part), but is more "teen" in appearance

>> No.21442066

instead of pot and booze they could get high on binaric stimulants injected into their brain through plugs

>> No.21442072

I get that. I'm just very bad at being fun, is all.

>> No.21442076

"And remember, going commando is pleasing to the Omnissiah."

>> No.21442078

Come on man, everyone knows you shouldn't do plugs!

>> No.21442082

>AdMech High thread hijack

see this is the kind of hijack I can get behind.

>> No.21442096

Cue Very Special Episode

>> No.21442099
File: 64 KB, 466x636, 1333921537353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's one with legs? Who could be that stupid.

I'm okay with this.

>> No.21442113

Retired Lord General Vernonus Wormer, Head of the local Schola: Cut the horseshit, son. I've got their disciplinary files right here. Who dropped a whole truckload of blank bolts at the Sororitas target practice? Who delivered the Biologis cadavers to the alumni dinner? Every Candlemas, the trees are filled with mechandrites. Every spring, the toilets explode.

Greg Marmalard: You're talking about Admech, sir.

Lord General Vernon Wormer: Of course I'm talking about Admech, you TWERP!

>> No.21442131
File: 936 KB, 1843x3423, GET IN THE FUCKING BAG!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its what we do. Read that troll thread about the Dark Lord that was archived
Also, another example of /tg/ win

>> No.21442132

Do drugs, not plugs! Stick to substances you can filter!

>> No.21442142

The head of the AdMech school should be a senile old Magos who keeps talking to his servo-skull.

>> No.21442160

on the downside, instead of hitting kids across the hands with rulers for misbehavior, they probably use actual cattle prods

>> No.21442174

Except the beskirted female novices.

They get paddled.

>> No.21442175

Notice her throat is slit.

>> No.21442186

Hey, I was in that thread! By the Emprah did it turn out good.
>Old man brings his hand up to his chest.
>His relatives hold him up to keep him from falling over. He regains his composure.
>Death sees it from afar.
>The old man tries and his relatives act as if Death is referring to someone else.

>> No.21442193

Fuck yeah her throat is slit!

>> No.21442207
File: 35 KB, 472x750, AsuReiHoodies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like what asuka is wearing here.

Except with a more schoolgirl-style skirt and mechanicum red-with-white-cogtooth-pattern on the hoodie

>> No.21442211
File: 43 KB, 250x250, I pet my servo skull.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21442219

That's what I was thinking of, yeah.

>> No.21442223

Nah, everyone gets shock treatment if they go commit anything deserving of physical punishment.

>> No.21442233

Except for the ones with the electo implants. That would just be counterproductive

>> No.21442236

His servo skull is obviously the only thing holding the school together. And there should be a servitor or something who acts like Hagrid or Lurch or something.

>> No.21442240

shes secretly a suicide girl

>> No.21442243

But....but..paddling high school techpriestess ass?
Come on man, I built a servitor and everything

>> No.21442247

This pleases the Ominissiah.

>> No.21442253

roombas everywhere

>> No.21442258

The Sororitas from the rivaling school get paddled. Admech chicks get electrocuted.

>> No.21442268

Wait, that thread was archived?


>> No.21442270

No, paddling is a mechanical leverage motion, thus pleasing to the Omnissiah.

>> No.21442286

"Mr. Skullsy thinks perhaps we should just do both!"

>> No.21442290

>Are you seriously arguing that this proves that the Eldar tech level is greater than Necron tech level?
Mate, you *just* said technological progress isn't a -10 to +10 scale.

>> No.21442297

There will be a starcrossed romance between a Sororitas chick and an AdMech nerd.

Being 40k, it will only end in tears.

>> No.21442301

Maybe they're forced to go without an oil change for awhile? Or they have their detachable implants removed for a time?

>> No.21442312

i'm amused by how fast admech university went from animal house shenanigans, to fetish fuel.

>> No.21442314

Electrify the paddles? Why, it could work!
Mr Skullsy you've done it again!
Now, wheres my camera?

>> No.21442316

They ran out of all from all of the masturbation.

Cue guest appearance by Faptau

>> No.21442317
File: 326 KB, 1035x707, 1332066938392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like where this is going

>> No.21442320

I think there's some writefaggotry that is basically this. It's about a SoB and a techpriest dealing with the aftermath of a drunken encounter.

>> No.21442326

>of all

I mean, of oil

>> No.21442327

we ran out of similies

>> No.21442328

what the fuck's wrong with her mouth?>>21442317

>> No.21442329

Eh, schoolgirls in sexy red robes, hits a lot of fetish keys for me, and for a part of /tg/ it seems
Maybe, for the worst offenders, they temporarily replace their hands with crappy models. Or make them use inferior technology in class

>> No.21442335

Oh? Do tell me more

>> No.21442345

These are still novices.

Most of them don't get replacements yet. Just maybe one or two additional artificial limbs and optics

>> No.21442357
File: 155 KB, 900x695, 1336262805377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21442360

Teachers' pets or the nerdier students probably get slightly more enhancements.

>> No.21442365

So we fuck around with their artificial limbs, like I said. Or glitch their optics. Make them see everything in shades of blue or something
Personally, I'm still voting for electropaddling that admech ass

>> No.21442377

That should be "F... F... FOR THE OMNISSIAH!"

>> No.21442378

not sure if heresy

>> No.21442380

could always reprogram their gastric system to give em a wicked case of the craps

>> No.21442384
File: 562 KB, 898x942, 1282274051700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found an example

>> No.21442393

>argument on electrocution vs paddling
>resolved with electropaddling

Isn't a happy compromise grand?

>> No.21442397

Its almost like you don't want to see techpriestess arse being electropaddled

>> No.21442404
File: 141 KB, 1024x575, 1336263673274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21442418

See? Told you it would end in tears.

and decapitation

>> No.21442427

Found the link for "Hangover Mechanicus." It's incomplete from what I gather, even though the writefag said he'd finish it at some point. Anyway, enjoy.


>> No.21442443

"We can rebuild him... we have the technosorcery."

>> No.21442447
File: 264 KB, 800x700, 1345931967439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21442449

Ah hah! Thank you sir
Christ, these Sororitas are a little praying mantis esque

>> No.21442453
File: 31 KB, 480x600, 1_January.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fukken Techpriests

>> No.21442458

And so began the adventures of the 6 Million Throne man

>> No.21442463


She looks more like a White Mage

>> No.21442470

"Compromise, my friend, is the essence of diplomacy, and diplomacy, is the cornerstone, of love. Sweeet looove!" But seriously, electropaddling is probably the best way to go.

>> No.21442482
File: 147 KB, 500x400, 1345927790964.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone in the Mechanicus with rank wears white

>> No.21442486

Yandere Sororitas dating sim with Tech-priest protagonist?

Yes, please.

>> No.21442494

Now I can only think about the AdMech students getting decapitated by the rivaling Sororitas as a running gag. Every time something is chopped off they get a new mechanic limb.

>> No.21442495

It's actually anyone in the Mechanicus in civilian service wears white. Since Warhammer is about ALL WAR ALL THE TIME the red-robed military Mechanicus members are seen most often.

>> No.21442497

Student Prefect, natch.

>> No.21442499

Nah, adepts of war wear red, the rest white

>> No.21442516

That makes that Asuka and REi in hoodies pic up there actually work. Hells yes.

>> No.21442519
File: 108 KB, 406x607, Imperial Guard Primaris Psyker zapping some motherfuckers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are psykers and techpriests friends?

>> No.21442529

No, they wouldn't be in high shcool.

They'd be Black Shipped

>> No.21442532
File: 1.12 MB, 738x1001, 1328123715772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

White is the colour of the official robes of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
Red is for the Secutors, Enginseers Militat, and other warrior priests.

So thanks >>21442447 for fulfilling my fetish... accuracy.

>> No.21442535
File: 304 KB, 992x1034, 1319047738834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dear god, did you just ask for a 40k version of School Days?

Okay, time to assemble the cast.

I think they just tolerate one another.

>> No.21442544

I can easily see that the students get strapped to some XBAWKSHUEG machine and all it does is electropaddle them, with lightning hitting random bystanders. Or it could just be a repurposed torture device.
>Don't worry, we only use these settings. We wouldn't dream of finding out which ones are lethal.

>> No.21442551

Well, they need implants to fully control their psychic powers, so..

>> No.21442556

The psykers could be the conspiracy nuts and crackheads in every high school movie ever.

>> No.21442564

>40k version of School Days

But you can't deny that it works.

>> No.21442570
File: 41 KB, 473x700, 1351029994861.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're welcome.

So, let's see...crazy sister, likely as the one you want, crazy techpriestess as the one who wants you, random Eldar exchange student, and a few other random characters.

>> No.21442598
File: 122 KB, 756x731, 1318214615157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, and you're character would be a trainee in the Commisant, just because I have a picture for that.

Not pictured is the yandere sister hiding slightly off screen.

>> No.21442600

While we're on a kiddie AdMech kick:

Explorator Gadget. Along with his reliable apprentice Penelope and his trusty servitor skull, Cranium.

His archnemesis will be a Dark Mechanicus Explorator who will only be shown in the dark, with the camera focused on the powerfist.

"Go, go, machine spirit!"

>> No.21442614

Da-da-da-da-dun, Explorator Gadget!

>> No.21442632

The Gadgetinis, if you'll include them, would be Ratling corpses turned into servitors.

>> No.21442652

I remember discussing with a friend how to do a gritty reboot with Inspector Gadget. It ended up being somewhat grimderp and retitled "Insquisitor Gadget." Lots of body horror and transhumanist angst was thrown in just because, with Gadget being almost an Alucard ripoff.

>> No.21442671

well I'm thinking of keeping it somewhat comedic rather than grimderp.

>> No.21442745

NOOOOO!!! Rape and body horror must be abundant, life is meaningless and whatever physical trauma suffered by the characters is nothing compared to how fucked up they are inside! The villains might be bad, but the heroes are just a lesser evil! Not that it matters since the world is messed up beyond fixing and whatever evils they can inflict upon it are meaningless, as they suffer as much because of it as everybody else! Love equates to HATE, and serenity is no more than COLD RAGE!!! The flesh is weak and pathetic; the machine is cold and unfeeling! The sun never goes up and if it does it burns everything it touches to ashes, or everybody gets cancer! RIP AND TEAR AND HUEG GUTS!!!

>> No.21442776

Here, have some milk and cookies and calm down.

>> No.21442797

Sounds emo.

Thus Nuglite.



>> No.21442803
File: 207 KB, 512x711, 1291766492273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21442806

... I'll take the cookies, but I'll have to pass on that milk since I'm lactose intolerant.

>> No.21442813



>> No.21442828

That might have been what started the discussion. There's another pic too which got us talking.

>> No.21442830

Now you MUST take the milk BECAUSE you're lactose intolerate.

It's, I dunno, GRIMDARK and meaningfully angsty or something.

>> No.21442860

There is nothing GRIMDARK about milk.

except maybe chocolate milk.

>> No.21442870

>chocolate milk


>> No.21442873
File: 909 KB, 1275x1650, LatD3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21442879

Nah, it's just stupid to drink the milk if you're lactose intolerant. Grimdark would be if lactose intolerance attracted voiceless abominations from a dark reflection of our nightmares and they tried to kill everyone dear to me, and then killed me after an eternity of torture.

>> No.21442902

And you think it wouldn't?

Have you ever listened to a glass of milk?

Really listened?

Disturbing, sick shit, man.

>> No.21442904

Nah, sounds like every grimdark setting ever on some level.

>> No.21442912

Ia Ia Lacthulhu fhtagn!

>> No.21442916

What problems could a glass of milk possibly have?

>> No.21442925

That would be pretty cool, but instead the poor victim is cursed with a bad case of the shits.

>> No.21442933

>meant to nurture a new life
>its about to be drunk by a neckbeard instead
>life it was meant to nurture is either being raised to be slaughtered and eaten or knocked up and milked repeatedly

>> No.21442934


Like Cthulhu, but with an udder for a face instead of an octopus.

>> No.21442965

You'd be surprised.

>> No.21442985
File: 16 KB, 235x272, sad-milk-787783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21442993

Who was talking about cow milk?

I'd think its problems would be that instead of being drank, it's this unholy abomination combo of glass and nutrients.

Transmilkism, man. Is a milk still milk when it's part glass?

It never asked for this

>> No.21443001

What happened to AdMech U?that shit was cash.

>> No.21443004

So, what do I roll for my san check again?

>> No.21443005

... are all of you high? Or drunk?

>> No.21443012

on milk

>> No.21443017

Welcome to /tg/

>> No.21443029

You wanna hear something unnerving? You know planets? Like that thing you live on? Apparently they sound like the ambient soundtrack of a late 70s underground horror movie.


>> No.21443037

I might do some drawfaggery of it.

If I ever stop being such a lazy fa/tg/uy.

>> No.21443044

That shit was hypertext or something. We're talking about milk now.

>> No.21443058

This is /tg/ remember?

Most most of us are expecting planets to be fundamentally WRONG in one way or another.

We've been conditioned and shit.

>> No.21443067

Fuck! I gotta go, but this thread has taken a turn so many times, I cannot leave without regret in my heart. I love you /tg/, and I'd leave any girlfriend if I had one if you asked me to.

>> No.21443081

This makes me think of how to make a homebrew in which planets are basically eldritch abominations or something.

>> No.21443082

The milk has given you a girlfriend.
Now it asks you to leave her.

>> No.21443089

Aw, shiiit, nigga!

>> No.21443099

Galactus will save the day.

>> No.21443106

Oooh, don't forget that zombie planet!

>> No.21443125

Why stop at planets?

Stars, moons, asteroids, comets, quasars, black holes . . . every damn astronomical body we can think of is an eldritch abomination.

>> No.21443138

Battle Space Eldritch?

>> No.21443237

Ladies and Gentleman, just thought you should know, we are archived

>> No.21443283


>> No.21444100

Guys, what about a setting in which humanity lives in space because all planets are hostile and possess godlike consciosnesses?

>> No.21444142

Again, you read my post wrong, and thus our missunderstand. I said the ad mech who are magos biologists and chemests dont work on the tanks. there are ad mech who do work on the tanks. id even be willing to say the vast majority. BUT. NOT. ALL. OF. THEM. DO. are you one of those guys who believes the ad mech all wear red robes?
sorry I don't mean to be hostile, but you keep missreading what I typed, or at least misunderstood the point I was trying to get across.

>> No.21444294

Are there any Techpriests that concern themselves with sociology?
Just wondering..

>> No.21444350

In the grim darkness of the far future there are no social sciences

>> No.21444442

>that feel when you will always by at the lowest end of all scientific pecking orders

>> No.21444601

Of course there are! MAXIMUM GRIMDARK means you have to have someone who understands these things planning out your hive cities.

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