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Well, let's talk about crazy things our DMs have thrown at us in games.

>Be playing Dark Heresy
>Party at about rank 2 or so, memory is fuzzy
>Is a Cleric, rest of party consists of a Guardsman, a Psyker, and an Assassin.
>Land on a forge world
>Hangin' out with the local Guard regiment in the wastes outside of the hives
>Investigating the Colonel in charge for evidence of Heresy
>Unsurprisingly, he's a heretic
>Ground rumbles shortly after we find out
>Three Trigons, you heard right, TRIGONS pop out of the ground
>Trigons are being ridden by Khorne Bezerkers

We managed to get through the fight, with some substantial help at the hands of the local Guard Regimental firepower and a well-placed Hallucinogen Grenade against one of the Trigons. Nobody died surprisingly enough.


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I think you've just inspired me to make a conversion on my (still unpainted) Trygon model. Should I?

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Most definitely! And if you intend to make it a Trygon Prime, make sure you have Kharn the Betrayer riding it instead of a normal 'zerker. Or at least a Skull Champion.

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Make it happen.

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