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Are there any famous old marines? I'm not talking like 300 years old but I mean so old they've got grey hair and wrinkled but still manage to kick ass.

Something about a grandfather marine seems totally cool (like Iacton Qruze).

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The old Apothacery guy from the Ultramarines movie

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Dante is like 1K years old and he still looks good.

Emperor sake. take care of yourselves, brother marines.

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Not very famous, but Severus, Pythol and Carnak in Ultramahreens looked pretty goddamned old.

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>inb4 Bjorn the Fellhanded

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Everyone shat on that guy, he was pretty cool and everyone was a dick to him. Personally, I wouldn't want to be a dick to my medic.

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Chapter Mater Dante
Ulfric the Slayer
High Marshal Helbrecht

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I heard Blood Angels rub gene-seed on their skin every night before retiring to their sarcophagi.

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>Chapter Mater.

OH, so that's how new chapters are born. I had wondered where they got the new marines and shit.

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>wouldn't want to be a dick to my medic.

damn straight. medics drink for free.

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Sidonus from Space Marine looked pretty fucking old. Not sure how old he actually was, but either he was up in the years or Father Time was beating him with the ugly stick.

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Well, he's not going to be growing any older.

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Isn't there a story about a heresy-era Salamanders marine being found trapped under a pile of rubble? I'm pretty sure that would make him a 10,000 year old marine.

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Sidonus is about 225 years old.

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Not counting dreadnoughts, Dante is so old, even other chapter masters remember hearing stories of what a fucking badass he was when they were just initiates.

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The Blood Angels and their successors have unusually long lives, even for Space Marines, so you'll find lotsa them being super old and ass-kicking.

Like, Chapter Master Dante is 1,100+, and Veteran Sergeant Lorenzo is about 850.

So, a Blood Angels Veteran Sergeant is over twice the age of Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines.

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That's... not even that old for a marine.

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It is for a non-Blood Angel or non-Space Wolf.

The oldest active non-drednought Ultramarine is Chaplain Cassius at 400 years old.

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Yes, the dude they find below in the ship in Salamander is from the heresy.

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Logan Grimnar, Champion of Khorne, is over 700 years old apparently.

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Cassius is over 400 years old and is considered ancient. He's the oldest living Ultramarine that isn't a Dreadnought.

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first shot gets fired everyone looks to see the medic is ok

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Every time they enter a building they check to make sure the medic didn't get lost

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>Draigo reforged his weapon using a Daemon Axe
>Calgar uses the punching gloves of a fallen Chaos Champion
>All of them are Champions of Chaos huuurrrr

I should wolf you where you stand, scum.

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>still glows darkly with the power of Khorne, the bloodthirsty God of Chaos.

Seriously, why the fuck isn't he in shit for this. On the other hand, I've got a great idea for a Black Crusade quest.

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also all long fangs ever, their name even comes from a terran space wolf that was consider very old himself name stuck as its a geneseed trait

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I don't see the Titansword or the Gauntlets of Ultramar being described as still glowing darkly with the power of Khorne.

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Using Chaos Weapons seems like a terrible idea anyway.

I can understand the Grey Knights using it, given that they are a codex entirely of bad ideas, but still.

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I wonder why Sidonus doesn't have a command of his own. 225 years of service according to his profile, 50 more that Titus and two campaign studs means he's certainly got the cred for it.

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When landing on a planet, they scoop up all the oxygen and give it to the medic.

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Clearly because its not general knowledge and obviously a Chapter secret.


Doesn't matter. Both of them are of daemonic or Chaotic origin.

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So what age is it estimated a marine can live to?

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The HLoT let a lot of the Space Wolves' 'questionable' activities slide because, at the moment at least, they remain staunchly loyal to the Imperium, and declaring them an enemy would cost far far too much.

The Inquisition let it slide because of a previous SW-Inquisition war which ended with the Inquisition agreeing to butt out of the SW's business, and the SW's stopping their incessant campaign of hindering the Inquisition's 'purges' of corrupted planets.

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>Not mentioning Mephiston is a very minor Deamon Prince of Khorne.

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probably didnt have the aptitude some people make great corporals but shit awful Sargents

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>Both of them are of daemonic or Chaotic origin.
That's making a big assumption for the Gauntlets, bro.

The titansword and wolfwolf are both explicitly mentioned as being forged from chaos shit, but the gauntlets are just mysterious technology that happened to be in the hands of a chaos dude.

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Sidonus simply might not have been Captain material, just age is no guarantee of promotion.. He might have a relatively sub-par grasp of wider strategy when compared to Titus, for example.

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effectively immortal according to some of the heresy fluff

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Once Chaos gets its hands on something, it remains tainted forever.


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Torias Telion?

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Really? I was hoping he was from the original legions, he seemed badass enough to be.

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Old, but younger than Cassius.

I'd guess somewhere between 300-350.

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I wonder how they do that, them space marines. Everyone captain and above is apparently a tactical genius no not like creed. Do they get some rare intelligence-boosting imps or something?

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Does Cypher count, because that fucker is well over 10k.

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Draigo is a powerful psyker who's entire life is dedicated to dealing with the daemonic. It's not too unbelievable that he could clean the taint off Kar'voth's axe, especially in a realm where the impossible is possible. And the Gauntlets may have been taken from a Chaos Champion, but their actual origin is unknown. If they are tainted, then it must be fairly subtle.

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*Whose. Ugh.

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"Age" does not kill them.

The cumulative effect of being stabbed, shot, burned, bitten, poisoned, psykered, electrocuted, asphyxiated and mentally stressed and otherwise injured for hundreds of years takes it toll upon them.

Even then they hardly ever die in bed.

As they degrade one day their reflexes might not be quite fast enough to dodge the bullets and they fall in battle.

Also some marines take to the gene-seed with more compatibility than others and so don't decay the same.

They die when they have no other choice basically.

A few live long enough to claim a pension and die in bed but they are the exceptions.

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Logan has been chapter master for 700 years so he's probably closer to a thousand.

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Everyone Captain and above is a tactical genius because:

A. Centuries of experience.
B. Superhuman brain.

Seriously, their brains are much superior to humans, they can react faster, process information faster, and think faster.

They'd probably chuckle with disdain at a 10x10 rubic's cube.

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>A few live long enough to claim a pension and die in bed but they are the exceptions.
We now need to fluff the Pension Marines

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i think it runs on a meritocracy the best and luckiest get promoted and the unlucky or not as capable die. just like most real militarise in heavy combat really

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A Rubric's Cube is another matter entirely though.

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In the first "Tomb of Fire" novel they have one of those.

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i like the idea of them forming a training cadre travelling the galaxy dropping in on young chapters and putting them through the wringer

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Hmm. This sounds very true, what with them having less than an hour free time, a space marine with 100 years of combat service is going to have to know a trick or two. Is there any notable young marines appointed to command? Like an unusually young Chapter Master or Captain?

>> No.21431165


I think I remember reading bits and pieces here and there about them tending the chapter archives and holding ceremonial positions in fortress monasteries when they get too old to fight.

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Instead of bikes they have motobility scooters with Bolters

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They are already in the fluff.

Usually they retire through injury and just do odd jobs.

One Ultramarine in Chapter's Due became Governor of a domed Agri-World.

A Salamander became an apothecary in the Tome of Fire Trilogy after getting mutilated.

Grey Knights, when they become too broken to fight, become recruitment officers.

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>"Back in my day we has to walk FIFTEEN! kilometers up hill both ways just to get to the heretics and they were 30 meters tall!"

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ragnar blackmane springs to mind rumour has it the great wolf himself is grooming him as a replacement

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>In my days, we couldn't just leave the drop pod back at the field for someone to pick up! No, we had to drag it with us through the lines and get it back on the ship! I tell you, you youngsters don't know how good you have it...

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draw fags where are you when you are needed!!

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Ragnar Blackmane.

Hasn't developed proper fangs yet, hair is not grey.

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That does not jive with the Space Wolves and particularly the Blood Angels being known to live far longer than the others.

If all Space Marines were functionally immortal, then incredibly old badasses would be evenly spread across the Chapters instead of being consentrated in a few Chapters.

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There's Force Commander Vanilla Ice - the youngest Blood Raven ever to achieve such a rank - in DoW2, who potentially succeeds Davian Thule and becomes Captain of the 4th Company. It was hinted that his promotion to Force Commander was part of some nefarious plot of Kyras's, but this was never expanded on or mentioned again.

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Power Walking Sticks and Power Zimmer Frames.

>> No.21431243

im my day you had rhinos and land raiders and that was it none of this drop pod nonsense

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>''I have known my death for TEN of your lifetimes''
>Marine lifetimes are between 800-1000
>yfw Taldeer is 10000+ years old
>yfw Taldeer was present during the Fall

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Well, wasn't he canonically declared a traitor who fled? I heard so at least, but i don't know where it's supposedly from, since there's multiple endings to CR

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Space Wolves and Blood Angels may be better at dealing with stress than the other chapters.

Blood Angels, in the older fluff anyway, are noted for being especially long lived by astartes standards.

High Marshal Helbrecht is the other big exception but his age could be due to time dilation in warp travel. And he travels around a lot. Mostly so he has a legitimate excuse for not having a chat with the Inquisition incase the conversation comes around to 'How many of you lot are there?'.

>> No.21431279

but that's a legitimate answer

>> No.21431283


I think he has canonically deemed a bit iffy on purity and possibly sent to the Eye of Terror for a glory run.

>> No.21431287

>Back in t'day we didn't have none of them fancy Land Thingies, they hand't found the STC for it.

>> No.21431302

>Well, wasn't he canonically declared a traitor who fled?

Him, Angelos and all the other 'Heroes of Aurelia' (confirmed in Retribution). In the Purest of the Pure ending to Chaos Rising it's actually Angelos not Kyras who promotes him to captain. Since their own Chapter Master turned out to be a heretic, I guess Gabe decided to seize command for himself.

>> No.21431310

also they both have a more pack orientated mentality which certainly helps with the stress side of things

>> No.21431320


Blood Angels being less stressed than other Chapters?

"Any day now i might drop into a murderous rage and kill everything with a drop of blood in its veins... Its cool.... Its cool."

>> No.21431330

>Turns out Gabe is a traitor as well.

>> No.21431356


There is the Space Wolf solution: Just keep killing Inquisitors until they learn to stop asking awkward questions.

>> No.21431375

I don't know if the ending to Chaos Rising can be considered canon; i mean some other source must be needed to verify it, since different ending posits different effects, much like how the true traitor can only be verified in Retribution by process of elimination.

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chill brother or i'll paint you black and throw you in with the nutters

sure chaplin its cool

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Maybe they get so old the forget about it.

>> No.21431411

There was a 2,000 year old Black Templar High Marshal, but he's dead now.

>> No.21431415


"This is a fantastic meal, Great Wolf. I have to know, Just what is the mystery herb?"


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Apollo says that Gabriel is the best of the Blood Ravens.

And Abaddon claims that Gabriel is the ''Purist of the Blood Ravens''.

So I guess not.

>> No.21431445

You are now thinking of the 4 yorkshiremen sketch replaced with Astartes.

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All Retribution tells us about Commander Ice is that he supposedly banished Ulkair then was declared traitor by Kyras and disappeared (but left his hammer behind for Diomedes to gift to himself). People often say the crusade of penance ending was canon and Ice and Thaddeus went in the Retribution to the Eye of Terror, but if that's the case why did Sergeant Tarkus, Scout Sergeant Steve Blum and Techmarine Steve Blum get to stay behind?

>> No.21431491

I could imagine Thaddeus being sent to a penance, with his attitude. With the traitor being Avitus, it only seems logical that they might eye him suspiciously too. However, the crusade of penance comes from Chaos Rising's ending when you have a slight corruption, and like i said, i don't know if that can be trusted, since with maxed corruption you escape into the Eye of the Terror, but with near max you are executed by Gaben

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I generally assume that Ice was pure, but Kyras was aware that he knew what he was.
Hence he buggered off to wait for Angelos' signal.
Him and Thaddues just got back late.
Probably due to haircuts.

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If I recall correctly, some Space Marines are lucky... or unlucky enough to survive long enough in combat that their body begins to give way.

They're no longer capable of standard Space Marine feats of power.

So they retire, into the Apotecary, or the Liberarium, or the Forge, or the Archives, or whatever.

Like an administrative worker. Who can still tear the head of a man with his bare hands, though.

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>Scout Sergeant Steve Blum and Techmarine Steve Blum
My sides

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I'll show you taint.

>> No.21431565

FC V-Ice and Thaddeus were the most tainted by the hairesy.

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>Back in my day the Dark Angels wore black.

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I can now just imagine an ancient astartes that got thrown out of the chapter for being too old to be awesome. He joins the local PDF becasue he doesn't want to leave his homeworld but can't stand the thought of not being a warrior.

He looks like a very muscular 80 year old. wrinkles and the remnants of grey hair.

Within his first week at his new base he arm-wrestled the ogryn. Then he went to the local town and started a bar fight with the adeptus arbiters, the entire adeptus arbiters. Then, because it was night time, spent until dawn stalking and jumping out on the recon and infiltration units during training. For breakfast he killed, cooked and ate most of a bear. Then the ogyrn took turn in getting beaten up by him during sparing matches. He was punished by the commissar for inpropped behavior by way of an electro-whip but as he was a child of Dorn it just made him angry that he wasn't doing it right. He then relaxed by rigging the loud speaker in the parade van to play Angry Marines Metal at high volume whilst he performed his rituals of maintenance. Then he drank a bottle of anti-freeze.

>> No.21431734

Is he a crotchety old guy that constaintly complains about how much better things were "back in the day"?

>> No.21431797


Hes a gone a bit odd in his extreme old age.

He is doing all those things he wanted to do when he was a real warrior but the Chaplain kept telling him no.

He may be a bit past it by astartes standards but by god he can still kick as by the standards of the normals.

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what about orks? how long can they live? and every other race for that matter

>> No.21431803


>> No.21431837

From what I recall they don't die, they just get bigger leading to the theory that the Hive Mind is just a giant Ork and the Tyranids are just Squigs that drop off him.

>> No.21431848

Until something kills them.

Given their chosen lifestyle not that long.

>> No.21431869

they only get bigger if they act like a Boss.

Acting like a Boss makes you a Boss.


>> No.21431877


Orks and Space Marines are far closer connected than both would admit to.

>> No.21431925


Nobody knows, all orkz are constantly fightin', stompin', and generally doing shit ending in explosions, so none has ever died of old age. Pic related.


> the Hive Mind is just a giant Ork


>> No.21431966

Suddenly the Looted Carnifex makes more sense!

>> No.21431975


>> No.21432027

While they could technically live to same age, Blood Angels and Space Wolves might just degenerate slower than the rest. Basically a space marine dies only in combat, and the sooner reflexes rust, the sooner the marine dies. So rather than living any longer, they just live in better shape and end up surviving more battles.

>> No.21432045

I suggest you lot read the fanfic about group of Orks using clever espionage to portray themselves as space marine chapter.

>> No.21432082

Speaking of Cyrus, wasn't it mentioned he had been training the Blood Ravens' scouts for about 300 years?
We knew he refused promotion because he liked his job, I guess he also refused age because he liked it hair.

>> No.21432113

Exactly how old was Tarkus? Y'know since he was named The Ancient....

>> No.21432141

is it just spess mahreens that get to be this old or do regular people live to be 3-400 in the year 40,000

>> No.21432160

Regular people get to live for a while too due to the time dilation effect of Warp Travel

>> No.21432178

Most people never travel off-world.

Too expensive.

only the rich can afford rejuvenant.

>> No.21432184

His exact age was never given, but one of the loading screens said he'd served with the Deathwatch for nearly two centuries.

Again, I don't think they ever said how old he was, just that he's a veteran of centuries of campaigning.

>> No.21432187

As best we can tell Space Marines survive until they are killed in battle.
Most people live the same natural lives that we do, but the wealthy can afford rejuvinant drugs to keep them youthful for around 200 years.
Some Inquisitors will push 400 or 500 because they've got an almost limitless supply of rejuvinant sorts of drugs.

>> No.21432195

Rich people can live longer with special treatments. Marines are longer lived than any but upper-tier Mechanicus though.

>> No.21432216

High Lords of Terra live longer than Space Marines as well (aside from those who are assassinated).

>> No.21432250

I would assume that some means of life-extending capacities would exist, albeit likely only up to a max of 150; it seems highly illogical (even by GW standards) that there would be NO advances in the age span of ordinary humans

>> No.21432252


That varies more than space marine age actually.

400 years is a very good run for most space marines, apparently a lot of space marines die pretty early in their careers, and then they tend to get their badass on and live pretty long lives.

But normal people? Hard to say, on some especially bad world people die in their thirties, but otherwise the fluff tends to vary between current day lifespan to 120 or so years. Then you have rejuvenat treatments which again varies a lot from making it possible to live up to 200 years to 400 years depending on fluff.

Then you have the oldest Tech-Priests which apparently can live for a lot longer due to the fact that they are 99.99% machine, some sources have hinted at up to 1000 years.

>> No.21432268

High lords of Terra are about 500 to 1000 years old.

>> No.21432272

Rejuvinant procedures become intensive and expensive as the subject gets older, people with functionally infinite wealth, like the High Lords of Terra, can live for upwards of a thousand years.

>> No.21432283

The Sanguinary Guard also make sure to triple buff their armor nipples.

>> No.21432292


There are lots of replacement plebs.

>> No.21432293

No likely. It must be due to time travel and dilations upon entering and exiting warp space.

>> No.21432310

>it seems highly illogical (even by GW standards) that there would be NO advances in the age span of ordinary humans

Most people live in industrial hell shit holes and die of cancer or black lung or some shit.

>> No.21432319

HLoT can live for 1000 years and again thats not the maximum just what theyve said is "normal"

Some admech guys can functionally live forever what with being almost entirely machine and rejuvanating whats not.

>> No.21432344

Chaos don't really count too much because of the whole "time doesn't really exist in the Warp" thing. A Chaos guy can live for what seems to him like a month and then go back to real space and it's been 100 years. Or he can live for what seems to him like 100 years and in real space only a month has passed.

The warp is weird yo~

>> No.21432348

Speaking of age, I expected a normal guy's lifespan to be a bit longer. I mean, just a millennium ago reaching 50 years was considered a badge of "oh fuck this dude is old".

Now more and more people push to 100 and sometimes above. 38-thousand years later, one would expect the average joe to reach at least 200 years with no rejuvenation or augments (and assuming something doesn't kill you first, ofc).

>> No.21432408

Abaddon has been doing his thing since M30, though. I guess geneseed + blessings of Chaos helps a little.

I wonder if traitor guardsmen / other Chaos'd humans get to age slower.

>> No.21432424

Thats becasue we are not dying of smallpox, bubonic plague, leprosy or tetanus.

>> No.21432450

>one would expect the average joe to reach at least 200 years with no rejuvenation or augments

Not really. People live longer because of healthier lifestyles. In 40k you'd get fed gruel and radiation leaking from a 5000 year old reactor that nobody knows how to fix properly. while preforming back breaking labour in the bowels of a city so massive you've never seen sunlight.

>> No.21432456

If they prove sufficiently useful, possibly.

or they get spawned.

Chaos is like that.

>> No.21432599


Still, 38k years AND living on planets with different biomes should have a bit of impact on evolution.

I mean, if Catachans can be tough enough that their flesh is strong as flak armor, why can't other ethnic groups get a natural buff to age resistance?

>> No.21432636

Because there's not much selection for it. Once you pass on your genes, whatever happens afterwards is neutral, for the most part.

>> No.21432658

When evolution happens, a species evolves stuff that helps them reproduce more. Catachans are tough because that helps them survive to live long enough to reproduce. But evolving to live long times is worse than just evolving to have a shitload of kids by fucking constantly

>> No.21432681

>Still, 38k years AND living on planets with different biomes should have a bit of impact on evolution.

Evolution generally takes over a longer time period.
And a lot of planets have been living in back in the dark ages because of the big apocalypse.

>why can't other ethnic groups get a natural buff to age resistance?

No real advantage to as, breed young and often is the best way to go.

>> No.21432734

How about, aging slower also keeps your reproductive organs working for longer, thus giving you more time to produce offspring?

> and then half of the population was Hefners and MILFs.

>> No.21432766

No. Aging slower means you get smaller populations, which reproduce less and are easier to kill off.

Aging faster is an incentive to reproduce more, and more quickly, which is all that matters.

>> No.21432843


> Aging slower means you get smaller populations, which reproduce less

Think outside the box for a second. Say, what if one attained both "slow aging" and "impossibly active sex drive" genes?

Living up to 300 years won't be a problem with a libido stuck in "POINT TO A HOLE FOR IT OR I SHALL MAKE ONE MYSELF" mode.

>> No.21432872

No, you. The population cap on the environment will be met either way; but the turnover (and thus, rate of evolution and survivability of the population) will be higher with shorter lived people.

>> No.21432964


>> No.21432967

>The population cap on the environment will be met either way

> Imperial Guard constantly drafting
> other colonies that might need more dudes after being attacked by whoever you name
> overall fuckhigh death toll almost everywhere
> 40k
> hitting population cap

>> No.21432985

Guard recruitment probably didn't figure much into their evolution.

>> No.21432988

As far as evolution goes, quantity is quality.

>> No.21433064

Space Wolves are like barbarians.
As long as there are feast to attend, sheldmays to bed and foes to slay, time is just a minor hindrance.

>> No.21434215

Space Marines that become too physically damaged to continue fighting for the legion, but did not accrue enough accolades to become a Dreadnaught, and were not tactically sound enough to become leaders of the Legion join the Astartes Custodiantes. They travel the galaxy cleaning up after battles, and can be contracted by any other Imperium branch to professionally clean their offices. Just don't call them janitors, they still have enough in them to disembowel you with a toilet scrubber, and make it spotless after.

>> No.21435108

>Not wolfing him where he wolfs

Do you even wolf?

>> No.21435131

Brother Cleutin of the Blood Angels. Carries the Red Shroud of Sanguinius. Used to be a sergeant or something when Dante was just becoming a scout.

>> No.21435155

No, they're just viking marines. That's it. That literally sums them up. That's why they're a terrible chapter.

>> No.21435179

You forgot the wolf fetish.

>> No.21438224

Come on, they have more depth than that. One more noun's worth, specifically.

They're viking Werewolf marines.

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